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My answer for question 21 which is illustrate something overwhelming in size. I have done this illustration at A0 size, the intention was to print it out and get it framed then hang it somewhere, either a local venue or maybe even the University, I have included a QR code in the illustration which links to my website so hopefully creating more traffic. Unfortunately I had issue’s with the printing of it and ran out of time to correct this before the deadline. Lots of artists create illustrative images in a similar style to this however few are experimenting with scale. I would like to potentially start selling huge works to see if there is a demand for oversized imagery.


A very literal response to the question what is a Shaman. I have incorporated Shaman symbols and various elements that help difine Shamanism based on my research. I wanted to make a set of two colour screen printed posters so I can sell them via my online ETSY store. I am trying to build up my store with various products to sell. Getting my designs ‘out and about’ is paramount to building awareness. The more frequent the images are viewed the easier the style will become recognizable. Thus building the public’s interest. Designs in this style are popular within the poster art community and artists like Kevin Tong, Tom Newell and Mathew Lyons all seem to be in great demand. The style also transaltes well for magazine spreads.

10. I found some great images online, Artist Judith Braun makes some amazingly textural images using fingerprints and charcoal, I decided to use a similar technique but with ground up chalk in different colours. The design is pattern based so could be adapted for lots of different uses i.e background to a website or magazine spread or potentially even converted to a fabric for use in clothing. Again I think it would be fun to take this to the extreme and do it on a huge scale. Time permitting maybe I would have made more of this piece and stretched the boudaries of scale. In retrospect I would have spent more time getting the contrast and colour levels correct. As it stands at the moment the black isn;t black enough and the colour starts to pixilate where I have made the hue to high. The professional quality for said uses of this piece is lacking unfortunately. Contextually this technique could be applied to most things and this particular firewok design could be relevant to articles or anything to do with firework night, or maybe even childrens wallpaper.




This is the hospital where I was born, I have contacted them and have offered to donate this illustration to them to put up in their new wing. This isn’t exactly the typical externalisation however it will still be seen and I will sign the work with a QR code for my site thus still hopefully building some awareness. The hospital were very slow getting back to me on this hence why it hasn’t been done in time for the deadline.

42. I really wanted to experiment with hand drawn typography as this is an area I haven’t touched on to much so far and is a big part of poster design. The concept of the organic looking type is supposed to be a metaphorical juxtoposition between the physical and the mental, i.e the words look like the physical as they are slimey and fleshy but they represent the mental which is the psycological qualities you would gain through leading a full existance. The physical represents the mental giving the design the theme of internalisation. This gave me an idea for internal olympics which I may expand on at a later date. This is also a poster I will get printed up and sell via the ETSY store.


I felt that to go straight ahead and make a piece of book art for this piece would have been too easy, I decided to take the question literally and use a book to make a seperate piece. I found an old copy of Deliverance and decided to make a poster promoting the movie. The green dirty colour of the background represents the water and the deep red represents the blood, both are big factors in the movie I have e-mailed the Curzon cinema and also prince Charles cinema in regards to their screenings and promotion of old films. I have inquired as too wether they would be interested in using my design should there be an upcoming screening for Deliverance. I am yet to hear back. Bit of a long shot.






For a lot of the images I have created this semester I have tried to take the approach of book covers, editorials and advertising as this is an area I struggle with and will be potentially very neccesary when I leave University for employment. I have used the fact that we have so many briefs to answer this semester as an opportunity to make quick simple pieces of work to try and get better at giving simple images more drawing power using shapes, textures and colours.


The application for an image like this could again be editorial, magazines such as Vice or any cultural commentary based publication could aply an image like this. That being said it could work just as well for an NHS campaign against tetanus.

1. 14. 20.

I like giving a satirycal edge to work as I feel people identify more quickly with humour and this can translate well in terms of being memorable



The what is your favourite colour piece is inspired by advertisments made by Fallon like the Sony Bravia bouncing balls or the piant canons in the high rise. I think using bright colour in contrast to little to no colour is really effective at creating an immediate bridge to an audience. I am finding that combining humour and colour is a difficult way of communicating but is ultimately one of the most effective ways. Fallon as an agency have shown that this technique can be extremely successful.


meant as a satyrical comment on war and how there is no good or bad side. It is in all animals nature to war and we are no exception






Again this is an image that could be translated into an editorial, or even an event poster/ad campaign. Rather than creating a gravestone that was literal I wanted to create an image based on the headstone idea. I felt the torso was a fitting homage to Sagmiester and I am really pleased with the tone and perspective of the image. It was a hard slog carving the typography into the torso only to find it was not visible once photographed. I persevered by rubbing paint into the gauges which although worked was frustrating as now the image looks like it has simpy been drawn on. Another case of a fail but thankfully not a complete fail.



I wasn’t particularly adventurous with this task as I felt the images that come from a pinhole camera are enough. The brief called for the camera to be made from something disposable and as the classic matchbox is disposable I didn’t feel the need to take this side further, the photo’s were of old camera’s taken in a vintage camera shop, the idea was that it would be an interesting journey of the old recorded by the new made out of the old. Unfortunately the pictures aren’t clear so the message would have been lost. So instead I used the images as stills behind the text in my answer to questions 25 and 41. Failure turned into something productive.

12. 9. 21.

For question 12 I wanted to do something completely 100% inappropriate, but the response I got after posting the design online made me realise that it was remedial in the context of what is considered taboo these days. Everything has been done it seems and this design seems redundant. I would have attempted something a little more subversive had time not been an issue. But as it stands I still like the design purely on an aesthetic level. I think the type sits nice within the framework of fleshy lady parts. For the logo question I chose my own bands logo for these days fame is objective. And it meant I could turn the photo into a banner for future releases or web pages. For question 21 I wanted to propose a fun brief that centered on illustration, as I feel that illustration is something that has been sorely overlooked in the course so far. Also I think it would have been a good way for people to learn composition, perspective and use of colour.


For this task I opened up an online ETSY store and connected it to my facebook, tumblr and twitter accounts. I announced the availability of the postcard sets in the morning and by the afternoon they had sold out. I have as it stands bought nothing with the money as I plan to use it to make more postcards and sell them too as these sold out so quick. This showed me that you can find an audience for most things that are aesthetically pleasing or artistically based so long as you are looking within the right communities.



This I invisage as a billboard campaign, the subject matter can be suited to fit anything from deoderant to clothing as it encompasses a desirable side of life which companies like GAP and drinks companies have been using to sell a lifestyle rather than a product. The image cunjures up memories of being young and free whilst the text is something everybody connects with making it have universal appeal and a wide demographic.

8.16.17. 24.26.27 37.39.46 50.48.51 44.55.


I used this question as an opportunity to make a promotional music video for my band which is why it answers question 5 as well. The idea of the video is that you are veiwing the world through the eyes of some sort of animal (it’s eluded to that its a werewolf, through the eye and moon visuals) but at the end of the video it becomes clear that it’s not a wolf at all it’s just me in a onezie. The response to the video has been fantastic with it getting almost a thousand views in two weeks. In order to extrenalize the video. I wrote a press release and contacted several music magazines and online sites in order to promote the video. In the end it had also been tweeted by the new features editor for kerrang magazine and by PR girl for rocksound Lucy Freeman.







This video was a real lesson learned. It was such a simple concept but as I found out even simple concepts can have more than their fair share of failure. The first attempt at this failed as on the day of filming I found out my housemate had thrown away my helium tank. We re-scheduled for the following week, how ever I had lost the nosel for the tank, we percevered without it. And then we found out that the planes were too heavy, by the time we had got three planes into the air we had run out of balloons and helium. Getting the super-8 footage developed meant sending to Germany and waiting three weeks, when it came back it then had to be converted to mini DV, I then had to rent a mini-dv camera in order to capture the footage. The camera I had rented was not compatible with macbook pro’s so I then had to go out and buy an adapter. Eventually I finished it and am now really pleased with the results. I think this could be a good advertising campaign. It could work well in a number of contexts. I was also really pleased about getting people involved, a local art collective called genrebomb helped me and since we have agreed to work on projects in the future.

I arranged for a local venue to let me have a viewing on their premesis on a night they would usually be shut. I contacted everyone on the course to see if they would like to show their films, with the few replies I recieved I edited together all our videos and made feedback sheets for the audience. The turnout on the night wasn’t huge due to the lack of time to promote. We showed the films and got the audience to fill out their sheets. The feedback was mostly positive with the main criticism being that question 30’s video was too long, looking back now I feel I got carried away with the musical track accompanying the video and realise that it would benifit from more editing. Given the chance to do it again (and I probably will) I will get more videos and make more of an event out of it.

57. I have made multiple copies of the publication. I decided that I would use the publication as a chance to promote my own work. I chose to put in as many of the 56 questions as I felt worked. I wanted the book to be full of ideas and visual stimulant in order to raise my own profile within the design community. The book is full of QR codes for people to easily find my work online and I have connected my online store with all the usual social networks I have under the moniker of Spilt Milk. The book connects to the sites and vice-versa. This raises my online presence and also gives a tangible element so people can purchase work off me or get in contact easily if they want to commision me. I have sneakily left copies in the TATE gift shop however I was unable to document due to security. I am also selling them through my ETSY store. Since joining all the networks together, selling the postcards and releasing the videos I have seen a dramatic rise in the activity and amount of people my reach stretches to.

E VA LUAT I O N A daunting task the 56 questions brief. As I normally take my time over work this was going to stretch my creative capabilities but I felt optimistic at the beginning of the term. This was going to be a good device to get my stamina and speed on track. As being able to churn out ideas and work quickly is going to be a necessity in the world of swapping money for work. I understood the value of the lesson being taught here. What I did not foresee however was the impact this work environment would have on my drive and my enthusiasm. Probably the hardest thing I found over the course of this semester was staying on track and sticking to the schedule. Making two pieces of work everyday became draining and I lost my enjoyment for design. In hindsight now I look back and realise that it is a skill in itself to be able to work to a decent enough standard regardless of how you feel or how much you don’t feel. I have a growing interest in filmmaking and with the purchase of a super-8 camera and a 7d I have found a real passion within design in an area that has a large outreach. The process of editing and being able to visualise something from the beginning and seeing it through to the end is extremely rewarding, and is a great way to see life from another perspective. Some of the things I have had to buy to make my ideas possible this term are things I never thought I would have to purchase. But this unpredictability and randomness has such an exciting side to it, I literally cannot wait for this semester to finish so I can pursue personal projects. In fact my only criticism of this semester would be that lack of freedom awarded due to time constraints in order to follow Independent practice. Many ideas have had to be shelved for the time being. It has been a challenge to make every piece of work relevant in some way not just within the context of the brief but to apply it to the context of the outside world and what it could potentially be used for. At times I have simply had to do the first thing that came to mind just to get the ball rolling. This is extremely out of my comfort zone, but this is good. Comfort zone bad. Getting used to new environments and ways of working good. There

are a lot of pieces that I am less than happy with but still feel they retain merit of some sort. Again s new skill is to be comfortable with not being 100% happy with everything as this is just going to make me feel bad and it is not a realistic perspective to have. I have felt it necessary to distance myself at times from university this semester as I have found methods and approaches there counter productive for me as an individual. This in itself is a lesson I feel and I do not regret doing this, more so, I regret having to. I am aware that I may have high expectations and do sometimes view the world differently to others but this semester has made me realise that I need to control my own actions and stop trying to control other peoples. And to stop getting disconcerted every time someone or something lets me down. This semester for me has seen the highest rate of failure on tasks and this has helped me learn to deal with stress better and how not to treat other people. My biggest downfall however has being contextualising and making the work available to an audience which unfortunately was the intent of the semester. I got blinded to the bigger picture due to the scale of the brief. I had prioritised the individual pieces of work ahead of the point of the semester, which lead to me being late off the mark externalising my work. I found it extremely hard to think of ways to get the work ‘out there’ and although I was extremely conscious of the importance of the work being put into this arena I still failed to engage to my full potential. I could make excuses and blame the poor structure of the semester or blame the tutors but ultimately the information was there all along for me to see. Based on this I have realised that I need to put more value on the principles of the course rather than the aesthetics. In conclusion this semester has had the highest highs and the lowest lows of the course so far. I can honestly say I have enjoyed this the least but have probably produced some of my best work to date. The juxtaposition of this daunts me to what lies ahead but also fills me with determination.

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