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TV Generation I think the fact that people are stationary whilst watching television which is a constantly moving an interesting juxtoposition.

Older than the rings of Saturn I find something about the concept of time being nonretrievable frightening on a similar level to the feeling of insignificance that comes with considering the infinite nature of space. This maybe lost on the patrons of DIY punk shows.

Hours and Hours of Melting Ice With hours of patient frame by frame animation only to have it all backfire comes an intense mixture of frustration, anger and dissppointment. With hours and hours of pastign said frames together to make an image as a fallback comes an image that captures exactly the way I felt post failure.

Crumpolage Didn’t think this would look good but scanning the images and having a uniformed look to the typeface almost makes the type look like criminals in a line-up.



Cityscapes vs narrow escapes but in a digital age Vinyl is all the rage.

The Incoming Potential billboard campagne for i-tunes, advertising the new retro look for the vinyl realistic package.

i-Times Another promo poster for the new look i-tunes concept, more disigned with the idea of going on the apple website leading up to its release date.

High Fidelity minus John Cusack People just love the aesthetics of record collecting and they romanticize the merits of having a large collection, some might call this a character flaw waiting to be taken advantage of.

Key Concepts Believer First attempt at a layout using Indesign, I like the chaotic aspect to the layout but I guess it’s a bit to close to the layout of denis the menace annual.

Bee Forseps Retriever Second attempt after chatting with Brian, much prefer this layout, it’s cleaner less jumbled and has made me understand the value of Indesign as a tool

The Long Road Home Borrowed the concept from David Hockney but elaborated by incorporating aspects of the picture over a period of time to include differing seasons.

Con-Trast Tough Brief yet one of the most rewarding, would love to have had more time to flirt with Ms Illustrator so we could produce a more handsome looking logo child.

My Gracelands for a Burger Two words out of five = Dead and Elvis, never a truer word scarawled down in a classroom.

Creativity and Play  

The main coursework for this first unit

Creativity and Play  

The main coursework for this first unit