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Technology and Service for Paint Experts.

Spies Hecker – simply closer.

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System solutions that move you forward. The growing pressure on costs is making it more important than ever to check your business efficiency. With individually balanced product solutions and services, Spies Hecker helps you speed up your painting processes even further.




Innovative technologies for car repairs. Everything from full resprays to minor damage repairs.

Balanced systems for refinishes and original paintwork on commercial vehicles and small superstructures.

• Efficient waterborne base coat technologies: Permahyd®280/Hi-TEC 480 • High-yield, environmentally compatible priming materials, Top Coats and Clear Coats • Simple to process • High opacity • Rapid drying, effective processes • Special systems for Speed Repairs and painting plastics

• Paint system recommendations for special requirements: - Hi-Class systems - Top of the range systems - Economy systems • Permafleet®Top Coat 670/675 • Broad range of Primers, Surfacers and Clear Coats • For different degrees of gloss and surface textures


Systems for industrial coating that adapt flexibly to all painting needs. • High flexibility thanks to the choice of different Permaflex®binders • For wide-ranging surfaces such as steel elements, window frames, agricultural equipment, furniture, floors and much more besides • Usable on many substrates • For different degrees of gloss and surface textures

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> Trend towards digital tools for colour identification.

With digital colour identification, formula searches at the PC and professional materials management, the bodyshop organizes its processes even more efficiently.

• ColorDialog spectrophotometer • CRplus digital formula database • Formula searches via the Internet • ColorTint PC system • Barcode reader for the data on colour chips

Technical support. > Spies Hecker advisers show you the best solution. To make your bodyshop processes even faster, we provide special coating systems, colour advice and introductory training for new technologies.


• Coating solutions for all metal surfaces and requirements • Integration of new systems to satisfy bodyshop needs • Optimization of bodyshop processes • Technical hotline • Colour advice

> Training that pays off.

Professionals who want to refine their skills are welcome at the Spies Hecker Training Centre. Learn the latest about product systems, painting techniques and efficient work processes. Find out more about the trends in the market and exchange views with painting professionals in a pleasant atmosphere.

• Painting principles from substrate pretreatment through to blending • New product systems, efficient painting techniques • Painting plastics, Speed Repair/UV • Colour trends and Colour management • Energy-efficient operations • Occupational health & safety • Business economics • Supplementary training in the bodyshop

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Accessories/aids. > Paint materials and accessories in perfect balance.

Results are even better and more reliable with Spies Hecker accessories. For smooth surfaces when applying Putty, spotless cleaning between spray operations and the precise mixing of Surfacer, Top Coat and Clear Coat.

• High-performance cloths for cleaning, degreasing and polishing. • Personal protective equipment: Gloves, goggles, painters’ overalls • Balanced working aids: Stirrers, DIN cups, paint filters, putty knives • Special documentation: System overviews, technical datasheets, work posters

Bodyshop system. > CUI, the Know-how programme. Get more out of your business: Colors Unlimited International – the Know-how programme for independent bodyshops and paintshops is a flexible modular system that adapts to the individual needs of the business.


• Comprehensive marketing activities • Professional management consultancy • Help with attracting new customers • Technical support from Spies Hecker experts

> Close cooperation for more business.

Influential car makers have granted Spies Hecker Technical and Commercial approvals for paint materials. These form the basis for all warranty work.

• Technical and Commercial product approvals granted by vehicle manufacturers • Agreements with insurers, leasing companies and fleet operators • Special repair manuals • Technical training

and many other vehicle manufacturers

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Technology and Service for Paint Experts.