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1/2008 Spies Hecker – simply closer.



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Fit for the future. Refinish professionals from around the world come to the new Spies Hecker Training Center.

What awaits Spies Hecker customers at the new Training Center?

Thomas Melzer, Brand Manager International.

Dietmar Rausch: The Training Center has very strong international ties. This is where customers from all over the world meet our

The best solutions.

Dear Reader, Many things work better as part of a system – something that is becoming more and more obvious every day. In the office and in the workshop, clear procedures make our work easier and we perform better as part of an efficient team. If processes work well together, the quality of the finished product will also benefit. This principle applies perfectly to vehicle refinishing. Ideally you have a well organised work procedure in place, experienced and efficient staff

and paint products that meet the needs of the repair exactly. With this system, the workshop increases its throughput, raises the productivity of its staff, achieves better quality and gains satisfied customers. We at Spies Hecker gear our efforts consistently to workshop practice. By working systematically we deliver the best solutions. An example of this is GREENTEC. This range consisting of putty, surfacer, waterborne base coat and clear coat has successfully set new standards on the market as the

first VOC-compliant product system. Today, we continue to develop paint technology with fully integrated products. This cuts materials usage, is good news for the environment and makes a major contribution to a dazzling finish.

strong support to you and our other customers in over 60 countries of the world.

With the new Permaflex industrial coating system, UV technology for Speed Repairs, digital colour management and our practical range of accessories, Spies Hecker supplies flexible solutions for vehicle refinishing in your business. This way, we will continue to give

Thomas Melzer, Brand Manager International.

Enjoy your read!

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Dietmar Rausch, Training Center International.

experts. It is here that experience is exchanged and practical solutions for the refinishing business are developed. More importantly, the new Training Center is a forum for an open exchange of views among professionals. The focus is on personal exchanges and indepth learning – and all this in a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere. What is your training strategy for the new Center? Dietmar Rausch: Training lays the foundations for higher quality and efficiency in everyday work. Our training sessions are clearly structured while leaving sufficient scope for the questions of our customers. What is special about Spies Hecker

is that we teach small groups concrete skills that can be put into direct practice in the workshop. Whatever the subject – new product systems or repair methods – the seminar is always geared to those attending. This aids the success of the individual

and of their refinishing business. Spies Hecker also sets high technical standards at the new Training Center? Dietmar Rausch: The equipment is based on workshop practice. In other words, we rely on modern but proven technology. This is the only way of effectively training operational procedures, application processes and colour management.




5 T r a i n i n g

C e n t e r

Hand in glove.

The Training Center in figures.

Training at the new Spies Hecker Center. Thomas Mund gently guides the spray gun over the primed wing. “If you keep to the right distance from the object during application, you can reduce the level of overspray. This way you save on paint material,” says Thomas Mund. In the bright, fully glazed spray booth of the new Spies Hecker Center, complete concentration is called for. This is where professionals learn from professionals. Only ten refinishers from Germany follow Thomas Mund’s demonstration. At the paint manufacturer’s headquarters, new skills are acquired in small groups.

Direct questions, informative answers. “What’s the best way to dry base coat?”, “Can clear coat be applied wet-on-wet?” – The questions put to the specialist are highly specific. Thomas Mund responds to his seminar participants. “We provide tips and application instructions that refinishers can put into direct practice in their own repairshops. Our training programme is dictated by practical need.”

In the spray booth, surfacer workstation or in the mixing room – whenever the trainer demonstrates painting processes or repair methods or explains details, he has his trainees’ full attention. Take the mixing room for example, when identifying, mixing and tinting colours or adjusting the clear coat precisely with VHS hardeners. At the Spies Hecker Training Center, the refinishers themselves reach

for the mixing cup and spray gun. This is done under professional guidance and with face-to-face advice and fullscale support. Lessons are taught individually and in line with the trainee’s standard of knowledge. “We demonstrate whatever the business needs for its success, be it basic painting techniques or new technologies,” is the basic approach of Spies Hecker’s team of experts.

Modern technology for the field. At one of the first seminars, the fascination for modern technology is clearly perceptible. “I’m particularly interested in electronic colour identification.” This is a sentence the trainers often hear. Colorimeter, formulation software or weight mix system – here in the mixing

Thomas Mund, Technical Service.

room, the training conditions couldn’t be better. The highly advanced equipment in the spacious, well-lit rooms of the Colouristic Department stimulates the entire seminar group. The participants inspect the scales, mixing bench and industrial spray wall. “Take your sample panel and compare the test finish with the original colour,” Thomas Mund tells his group. The goal of colour training is: “We aim for precision and speed, and explain specifically how the refinisher can make efficient use of modern colour management.”

Total space

2,900 m2

Practical area

1,600 m2

Seminar rooms

310 m2 – 4 seminar rooms

Training capacity

190 persons

3 preparation stations

• Extraction rate adjustable from 10,000 to 20,000 m3/h • 4 sanding arms • 1 mobile extractor

2 car spray booths /

• 4 x 7 m booth floor space each, transparent all round

1 dryer

• Flash-off system for waterborne base coat • Air throughput adjustable from 18,000 to 30,000 m3/h • Dryer (recirculated air at 60 to 80°C)

1 commercial vehicle spray booth

• Flash-off system for waterborne base coat, adjustable up to 36,000 m3/h

1 industrial coating

• 18,000 m3/h flash-off system

spray wall

• Separate 3.5 m2 dryer

Colour mixing room

• 4 weighing systems • 4 mixing benches • Mixing table with 12 sets of scales

The new Spies Hecker Training Center speaks the refinisher’s language – internationally. Professionals from all over the world come together at the paint maker’s company headquarters, swap experience, and learn new and proven painting methods. The verdict after the first training seminar: “We’ve been well looked after, have learned a lot and this won’t be our last visit!”

• 6 infrared dryers • Laboratory dryer Environment / energy

• VOC-compliant products • Energy-optimised installations • Heat recovery • Spray booths emit 50% less CO2 • Environmental certification to DIN ISO EN 14001, quality certification to DIN ISO 16949

Health & Safety

• Separate breathing air system



C u s t o m e r

A c q u i s i t i o n

T o o l s

A perfect match.

Improved with age.

For cleaning, mixing and painting, Spies Hecker has all the right accessories.

People aged 50+ belong to the customer group of the future.

“Efficient and high-grade finishing is only possible with a perfect match of materials and application,” declares Frank Barduna from Technical Service at Spies Hecker GmbH. From his experience, “using the right equipment and materials makes a key contribution to enhanced quality and profitability.” A smooth surface during putty application, residuefree cleaning between spray passes and the precise mixing of filler and top coats are vital: “Each step in the process contributes to the impeccable quality of the overall paintwork.”

All over Europe, consumers are growing older. The number of people over the age of 50 is increasing. Marketing experts call this big-spending generation the “Grey Pound”. Until now, however, they have rarely been specifically targeted by repairshops – a waste of potential business, as various studies claim. But what does the 50+ generation expect of its workshop? With what services can refinishers and bodyshops attract these customers in the long term?

Meticulous cleaning reduces defects. Use silicone remover and cleaner during preliminary cleaning and also between the steps in the process. The special Spies Hecker precleaning and degreasing cloths get surfaces immaculately clean. The Spies Hecker tack cloths reduce the amount of dust particles, thus minimising cleaning.

Precise mixing with Spies Hecker accessories. The stirrers and scaled mixing cups which are matched to the product range have proved to give quick and precise mixing. With the paint filter, the refinisher enhances the quality of the material and helps the final paint finish. Used together with Spies Hecker products, the paint filters are a reliable mixing aid.

Particularly important when mixing materials is the right ratio. “This is where the Spies Hecker Mixing Ratio Disc is an effective help,” the paint specialist underlines. With a simple twist of the disc, this working aid shows how much hardener or thinner has to be added to the surfacer, top coat or clear coat.” The system of accessories is supplemented by the Spies Hecker sample panel. Mixed refinish colours can be compared right at the vehicle. When it comes to application, quality also depends on the finer points. “With the particle remover needle, the refinisher can remove particles from the wet paint film. This way he eliminates the timeconsuming task of remedying paint defects,” says Frank Barduna.

Quick and reliable application. The range of accessories for paint application focuses on health protection and process reliability. Protective goggles, gloves and overalls are important elements of personal protective equipment. Whatever the job – cleaning the damaged area, mixing the material or applying the paint in the spray booth – with Spies Hecker accessories, the bodyshop achieves expert and efficient results. This also applies to the finishing touches. Polishing cloths specially adapted to the product systems are an assurance of lasting gloss.

The Spies Hecker accessory system. Cleaning • Precleaning and degreasing cloths for cleaning the substrate

The tack cloth for reducing dust and fluff

Pressure bottle for silicone remover and water-based precleaner

Air blower for blowing the damaged area clean

Putty application Putty knife (plastic putty spreader)

Mixing Mixing cup and stick, DIN cup and stirrer, paint filter

• •

Spies Hecker Mixing Ratio Disc for achieving the optimum mixing ratio

Spies Hecker sample panel

Paint application Overalls, goggles, gloves

• •

Object thermometer, particle remover needle

Polishing Spies Hecker polishing cloth

The fact is that this customer group of 50+ attach great importance to mobility. Statistics show that over half of them have their car regularly serviced and repaired. “The older and often affluent workshop customers expect a high standard of service and visual presentation,” says a study investigating consumer behaviour. “Grey Pounds are happy to spend more money on their cars. In return they expect an exceptionally good service.”

Simply closer. Where are the opportunities for bodyshop and paint experts? Sascha Kluck, Spies Hecker Bodyshop Management International, says: “The 50+ target group especially expect the workshop to have a clearly structured range of products and services with plenty of punch.” What counts here is mobility of service, highquality repairs, expert staff and solutions that meet their specific needs. Anyone underlining these principles

in the workshop’s advertising will successfully appeal to this target group. It is a marketing strategy that pays off – because once older customers have opted for a workshop, they stick with it, says the study. However, “the personal touch is essential for long-term ties,” Sascha Kluck stresses. This means that the service team should make a special effort to welcome 50+ customers by name, with a self-assured and direct approach. “Grey Pounds then feel at home and are happy to come back.”

Sascha Kluck, Bodyshop Management.

Faultless service for the over-fifties. •

Bright and friendly customer reception, easy-to-read signs, attractive seating with an offer of drinks and magazines.

Customers addressed personally with a fixed member of the workshop team assigned to each customer.

Absolute reliability: Keep to deadlines, clear agreements and solutions that make sense.

A confident approach builds trust. If the service makes a good impression – when assessing the damage, estimating the cost or handing back the vehicle – “Grey Pounds” will be impressed.

Mobility is important: Pick-up and delivery are part and parcel of the standard service.




9 P r o d u c t

S y s t e m s

Spearheading progress.

Creating extra flexibility.

The Spies Hecker product systems make bodyshops more flexible.

Harald Paulussen, DPC Product Manager, on the future of paint development.

on this basis to the specific requirements or conditions in the bodyshop.

The Spies Hecker product systems: •

The GREENTEC product line for eco-friendly, high-grade and efficient vehicle refinishes.

The Speed Repair System for the rapid restoration of minor damage.

The Top Coat Series 600 for the professional painting of commercial vehicles.

The Permaflex system for high-value industrial coatings.

All the same, application will still call for plenty of training. Harald Paulussen: That’s right. New technologies make a lot of things easier. At the same time, the refinisher operates in a competitive field. Good training will therefore stay important if he wants to adapt new products effectively to his requirements.

The pressures on professional vehicle refinishers are greater than ever before. These include the ever tighter squeeze on costs, increasingly tough environmental directives and the growing importance of operational efficiency. In the face of new challenges, bodyshops have to be flexible. Because only those capable of adapting their working methods, materials and processes to change will survive in the competitive environment.

The situation calls for solutions geared to individual bodyshops. Meeting these individual requirements is the primary task of Spies Hecker product development. This is where new materials are researched and product systems developed that are perfectly matched to the needs of refinishers.

What are the main focuses of your research work?

“We are in direct contact with our customers and find out precisely what is required for the painting process,” explains DPC Product Manager Harald Paulussen. Flexible product systems that permit, first and foremost, easy application combined with precise and efficient processing are the result.

What’s the point of product systems?

Harald Paulussen: We develop customer-focused product systems that are flexible and easy to use. Within these systems, the refinisher can interchange the materials to precisely meet his needs.

Harald Paulussen, DPC Product Manager.

Harald Paulussen: Within a single product system, the surfacer, putty and clear coat can be combined to work together efficiently. For example, if the workshop wants to boost productivity, Express Surfacer 5250 could be used to speed up the process. Application can be adapted

The properties of individual products are constantly being improved by our researchers. The old situation of waiting for flash-off between the application of two or even three base coat layers and then the clear coat is a good example. Today, paint films can be applied in just 1.5 coats, with just one gap for flash off before applying the clear. For the bodyshop, this means 25 – 30% less material used as well as time savings of 10 – 15 minutes. And our development work is a constant process. What is the basis of your research activities? Harald Paulussen: Our development work revolves around modern binder technology which permits the optimum flexibility of our products. Today and for the future, we will focus on high solids and very high solids hardener lines. A bodyshop can mix surfacers, top coats and clear coats with hardeners from a single range, with the added advantage of improved stability and durability of the paint finish.

Where do you see the future of product development? Harald Paulussen: Product properties will continue to change. New formulations like nano clear coats will improve surface durability. In the field of waterborne base coat, work will also continue. However, our principle will remain unchanged: We develop products for our customers and respond directly to the needs of bodyshops.



A d v e r t i s i n g C o l o r

T o o l s

Simply quicker. Spies Hecker Color Tools bring extra precision and efficiency into the bodyshop.

Some refinishers know more. Spies Hecker launches a new international advertising campaign.

“The CRplus formula software will be capable of more in the future,” stresses Frank Barduna of Technical Service at Spies Hecker. “What has so far been a tool solely for searching for formulas will also be a way of creating better work processes.” The paint manufacturer Spies Hecker is thus extending its existing computer programme to include a module for precise materials management – with the aim of maximum control in the mixing room. The new module is capable of

Frank Barduna, Technical Service.

accurately and quickly checking consumption of materials, stocks and orders. And all this with a single programme.

Everything in colour – colour identification tools. •

Arriving at the right colour faster with the Spies Hecker ColorDialog spectro colorimeter.

Spies Hecker Color Tools support the workshop with colour identification. With the Color Index, Color Mix Master, the ColorDialog spectro colorimeter and the CRplus software, the benefits of modern technology for vehicle refinishers are to be found in the enhancement of operational efficiency and colour accuracy. In practice, this means that with the electronic Spies Hecker ColorDialog spectro colorimeter, the workshop obtains precise colour data from the object surface and compares them with all existing repair formulas in the CRplus database. The Spies Hecker technology supplies the precise mixing formula in a matter of seconds. Today customers can access up-todate Color Finder information on the Spies Hecker web site at

Consumption of materials and stocks – new programme modules of the CRplus colour software are set to optimise control in the mixing room.

Add-on parts, rims and wings – in the Spies Hecker Color Guide, you can find the matching colour code of all vehicle models quickly and easily.

For visual corrections of colours, the refinisher is supported by the Color Mix Master.

“We’re gradually expanding the application range of our

colour hardware and software,” says Frank Barduna, explaining the German vehicle refinish manufacturer’s approach. In his view, “digital workshop technology will continue to grow in importance. Because only with electronic colour identification, digital formula searching and professional materials management can the refinishing business organise its colouristic processes even more efficiently.”

All the themes of the new Spies Hecker advertising campaign focus on refinishers. What they expect from a modern vehicle finish is the core message of the advertisements, which have been appearing in the press throughout Europe since March 2008. “The growing challenges of the market are also placing extra demands on us as a paint manufacturer,” as Karsten Jürs, Marketing Manager Spies Hecker International, points out. “In product development, colour management and service, we give priority to finding solutions that make work processes in the bodyshop easier and further enhance the business’s efficiency. And this is reflected in the advertising campaign.” Spies Hecker marketing expert Peter Wingen explains: “Our adverts present specific workshop situations and highlight the benefits for the user.” These include easy colour identification with the Color Dialog spectro and CRplus, and the efficient repair of minor damage with the Speed Repair system. They also incorporate professional product training enabling businesses to make effective use of new technologies and the associated working tools. The messages are clear. With finely tuned systems, the vehicle refinisher achieves his goals faster. At the same time, the adverts also make a statement to the market.

Karsten Jürs, Marketing Manager Spies Hecker.

“We’re simply closer to the refinishing business,” stresses Karsten Jürs confidently. Peter Wingen has no doubts: “Our customers will identify with the themes.” The content and images of the campaign follow the trends in paint repairs. This way Spies Hecker also communicates to its bodyshop customers where the world’s leading paint maker sees opportunities for the future. High-quality paints and a close relationship with the vehicle refinishing trade – this has been the philosophy of Spies Hecker for 125 years. Spies Hecker offers its customers in over 60 countries a combination of easy-to-use products, practical solutions and personal service on site.

C a m p a i g n




B u s i n e s s

M a n a g e m e n t

P r o d u c t s

Solutions for successful management.

Industrial coating joins the system.

Spies Hecker provides refinishers with concrete business management expertise. With Colors Unlimited International (CUI) or as a member of the IDENTICA workshop system, businesses receive professional support.

With the new Spies Hecker Permaflex system, the bodyshop can attract new business. Refinishing businesses looking for a lucrative extra source of income would benefit from looking at industrial coatings.

top coat for commercial vehicles. With a few additional mixing pastes from the Series 500 and seven different binders, a broad spectrum of surface qualities can be applied. In addition, a variety of effects and degrees of gloss can also be achieved.” These can be from smooth to textured and from high gloss to deep matt.

Paintwork quality matches object.

Flexible solution for all application methods. Spies Hecker Permaflex is compatible with all application methods for industrial coatings.

Gravity feed gun and HVLP

• • • •

Pressure pot Airmix and airless Electrostatic Rolling and brushing

In addition to work in accident repairs, the coating of industrial objects can make efficient use of the bodyshops’ capacity. Whatever the object – machinery, dispensers or electronic accessories – the extra business calls for the full complement of painting skills. Only with expertise and the right balance of materials is it possible to meet the divergent coating needs of, for example, furniture, containers and agricultural machinery.

More flexibility for industrial coating. Spies Hecker makes starting and expanding industrial coating activities easy with its new Permaflex product system. “The system is versatile but works efficiently with a limited number of products,” explains Harald Paulussen, Product Management and Development Manager. This means “Permaflex is a paint system based on the Permasolid® Series 600

The paint system depends on the requirements of the industrial customer. Frank Barduna: “By mixing the materials accordingly, the bodyshop can quickly and precisely respond to a variety of coating needs.”

Staying afloat. When sales decline, profit dwindles. Anyone wanting to protect his business from disaster has to spot the risks in good time. With costs spiralling out of control, a company can easily face financial difficulties or be critically short of work. With an organised business system, such cash-flow problems can be avoided.

Sales, costs and profits – hard and fast crisis indicators are all-important.

“Once the threshold has been set, the data have to be regularly checked,” the expert advises. Target and actual values are regularly compared. This way, a downward trend can be realistically

Points the bodyshop has to observe:

Another advantage is that Permaflex adheres to numerous substrates such as steel, zinc, aluminium and wood and is compatible with all application methods. With only two primers it is possible to coat a large number of substrates. The new Permaflex industrial coating system will be available to Spies Hecker customers from Spring 2008. Refinishers that don’t need their own mixing system can order ready-mixed colours with the appropriate binders straight from their Spies Hecker distributor. Versatile solutions for industrial coating – the new Permaflex product system creates new openings in the refinishing sector.

other words, the entrepreneur defines his pain threshold for the key management ratios.

“Only by constantly analysing the management ratios is it possible to prevent the business lurching offbalance early on,” explains Michael Zülch, Managing Director of Wolk & Partner Car Consult GmbH. His experience shows that “to correctly interpret the first signs, the financial targets and values have to be precisely set at times when business is buoyant.” In

• • •

Liquidity plan as a check on solvency.

• •

Control of monies outstanding and accounts due.

Compare revenue and costs once per year. Establish the hourly rate calculated for refinishing and body work.

Equity capital check: To stay creditworthy, the workshop needs up to 25% equity.

Michael Zülch: “When things are going well, define how many orders the bodyshop needs at least in order to cover costs.” What are the levels of money outstanding and liabilities? A precise plan of action keeps the business out of trouble. By consulting with auditors, business consultants and tax accountants, the owner can keep his business afloat.

analysed and the entrepreneur can take countermeasures – to prevent a business crisis. Only this way can the workshop equip itself effectively for difficult periods and keep the business on course for success.




15 P a r t n e r s Belgium.


Multi-storey car park. An empty parking space in the centre of town? Forget it! In Belgium, parking spaces are just as scarce as anywhere else in Europe. The Belgian bus and tram operator DeLijn has now come up with a “creative solution” for all exasperated motorists. In an innovative campaign, the company is encouraging drivers to switch to public transport. Playing a central role is the exclusive parking space of an MGB Roadster built in 1972, which rides piggy-back through Belgian towns on the

Hot Rod Hangar.

top of a bus. The roadster was restored by the Antwerp bodyshop and refinishers “Carrosserie Bruno”. Displaying plenty of attention to detail and craftsmanship, the vintage car now has pride of place – on the roof of the bus!

Sleek machines, sparkling chrome and dynamic airbrush design – in Knud Tiroch’s able hands, automotive dreams come true. Muscle cars and hot rods are his hobby, and his work as an artist in Austria has made him something of a celebrity. The designer’s life and his passion have now caught the public eye, with the artist and his vehicles starring in the Austrian TV series Hot Rod Hangar. The ardent car collector uses the latest Spies Hecker UV technology for Speed Repairs. An example is the repair of his 1930 Ford Sedan hot rod generating 1,000 hp. His motto is “Fast cars, fast drying.” When it comes to paint repairs, Knud Tiroch moves into the fast lane with Spies Hecker.


Restoration Monitor. Lights! Camera! Action! – It’s time for “Restoration Monitor”. Live and in colour, your presenter Tonio Darmanin from the Paqpaq TV channel has been reporting weekly on the restoration of a Mini Cooper at a workshop specialising in vintage cars. All of the paint used was supplied by the Spies Hecker importer G. Molton Co. Ltd. – Andrew Grech, Molton’s Brand Manager, reports: “The feedback has been very good and we have been amazed by the interest these features have generated among customers.” The Mini was completely resprayed with Spies Hecker Top Coat Series 275. During the programme, the paint experts explained the process, step by step.


Moving pictures. Hollywood blockbuster “Pearl Harbour” on the road: On behalf of Kurt Nielsen Transport in Denmark, the Swedish airbrush artist Robert Forsgren has painted scenes from the movie on a Mercedes Actros. With fine lines and sharp contours, the creative paint designer has achieved his airbrush project with VOCcompliant Spies Hecker products, from the surfacer through to the clear coat. The amazing result and other work by the same artist can be found on the web at:

European colour trends.

Black is back! Silver loses its top spot – the most popular automotive colour in Europe is black. The comeback of 2007 is celebrated by white.

Hyundai and Suzuki.

Approvals from Asia. With its adaptable product systems, in-depth training and face-to-face consultations, Spies Hecker is making a big impression in Asia. For paint repairs, the Suzuki Motor Corporation and Hyundai have chosen the materials and services of the world’s leading paint maker. The two automotive manufacturers have signed extensive global approvals with Spies Hecker. The cooperation is being backed up by in-depth practical training programmes for Suzuki and Hyundai dealers and importers in consultation with Spies Hecker specialists.

For several years, silver was the undisputed favourite colour of European motorists. However, according to the current DuPont Colour Popularity Report 2007, this colour has slipped to No. 2 in the rankings. In the current hit list of fancied automotive colours in 2007, black has moved up one place and thus deposed silver from the top of the list in most vehicle ranges. Black metallics and pearl effects have really caught on with European car buyers. There are no changes, however, for positions three and four. Grey and blue have successfully defended their previous year’s places. Last year’s surprising success story is white, making a real comeback. Having last set the trend back in the Eighties, shades of white, in the age of iPod and Retro, are on the increase and have claimed fifth place. Red as an automotive colour thus slips to sixth.

Some refinishers know more.

Up-to-date at all times with targeted training at our Training Center. Get to know new product systems and painting techniques, find out about trends on the refinish market and meet other professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Spies Hecker – simply closer. Spies Hecker GmbH • Horbeller Str. 17 • 50858 Köln • Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2234 6019 4050 • Fax: +49 (0) 2234 6019 4100 •

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