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2008 - 2009

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will spur on your enthusiasm for animal protection and at the same time guarantee that our native animals have somewhere to live.

Our gardens are becoming more and more important in our lives. The garden is the gateway to nature, an extension of our living rooms and a source of relaxation and recovery. But what does a successful garden design look like? There are many answers to this question. Our workshop`s philosophy gets its inspiration from nature. We want to support your natural garden design using our ceramics and to bring the natural charm of our unique materials into your garden.

Denk was established in 1964 by Franz Denk and has since become a second-generation family company. When it comes to materials, we only use especially high quality clay from Germany that we fire in clean gas ovens at up to 1,330 ° C. Our particularly careful and intricate production is the basic requirement for the high quality of our garden ceramics and their 15year guarantee.

Our shapes and models have unique, artistic hand lettering and adhere to bionic and natural principles. It's up to you whether you have a modern or classic garden. Our products fit into your life, depending on the location and surroundings.

All ceramic products in this catalogue are made in our workshops in Coburg. We are proud of our staff, all of whom are masters of their trade. We aim to offer simple yet high quality products that are good value for money and that will keep their value over centuries.

Create eye-catching islands in your garden. The natural shapes and colours of our products appeal to something deep within. At night, our lights bathe the garden in warm light and reveal a romantic world – both summer and winter.

Fabian & Franz Denk

Our fire ceramics combine fire and ceramics. They bring warmth, light and fire into the garden. No other element awakens our emotions like a crackling fire.

July 2008

Animal protection is a major concern for us. Civilisation is forcing more and more animals out of their natural habitat. We hope that our animal protection products


Good to know ®



With CeraNatur , CeraFlam and CeraProTherm , three ceramic developments from our workshops have been patent-protected as DENK brands.

15-year material guarantee offered on all garden lights, garden benches, water towers and all garden ceramics. Detailed installation instructions or descriptions are included with each product.


CeraNatur stands for unglazed and really natural ceramics. It`s pleasantly velvety and, at the same time, ® repels dirt. CeraNatur is frost-proof, weatherproof and colour-fast. We offer a 15-year guarantee on materials. Our “steady shape“ garden furniture and our ® animal protection products are made from CeraNatur .

All of our products are very sturdy, withstand impact and are shock-proof. Glass is either safety glass or protected by ceramic. All lights have been tested and are EC certified.


For cleaning we recommend using soft soap or conventional household cleaners. A fine-pore dry sponge is sufficient for matt glazes and surface dirt. Braziers do not need to be cleaned, because they burn themselves clean.

CeraFlam stands for our unique DENK fire ceramics. No other ceramic material has such exceptional qualities. Natural fire ceramic whose material composition ® is the result of space research. CeraFlam is resistant to heat and aging in the long term. Our braziers are ® made from CeraFlam .

Our glazes are made from coloured clay (engobes) that turn into beautiful, natural, matt and shimmering colours when burned.


CeraProTherm is a further development of our ® CeraFlam ceramics. A really special ceramic has resulted from adding highly temperature-resistant mine® rals and special storage clays. CeraFlam is extremely resistant to fire and temperature changes. This ceramic is also able to store large quantities of heat. Its largepore structure also makes the material extremely solid ® and robust. CeraProTherm is a high-quality hightech material with a hand-made look. Our chimineas ® are made from CeraProTherm .

Our outside lights and our garden ceramics are well equipped for the outdoor life and will last for decades in the house or garden. All ceramic products are made in our workshops in Coburg – Handmade in Germany.

Handmade in Germany


The wax burner


The patented garden lantern for recycling candles

The story of a patented invention

Candle recycling

We have been working on developing a wax-powered garden lantern for years. The problem always is that high quality ceramics don´t make any sense if the customer can´t refill with fuel, i.e. wax, simply and cheaply.

It´s really exciting for the customer: The DENK wax burner is the perfect device for recycling all candle remains. The principle is simple. Old candles, stumps and wax remains are simply placed at the side in the wax burner. The wax is melted by the burner and becomes fuel again.

On the other hand, every household gathers wax remains and candle stumps that are normally thrown away. This is where our invention comes in. All candle remains collected can be easily reused using the wax burner. You simply have to place them in the wax burner and old candles become new light. The wax burner is environmentally friendly, simple and economical to use.

Wicks do not have to be removed. They sink to the base of the brazier where they can´t catch fire. They don´t need to be cleaned up either. The wax burner is patented for DENK.

The wax burner is a long-burning garden lantern whose light can´t be blown out even by strong winds. They can be safely used outside and give off a very beautiful, soft light. The wax burner has a permanent fibre glass wick and comes ready filled with 1kg wax. It can burn for 48 hours.


Handmade in Germany



Wax burner

Wax burner cover

H 14,5 cm · Ø 20 cm · 5,0 kg Filled with 1 kg paraffin wax, permanent fibre glass wick, instructions SFD

Ø 22 cm · 0,75 kg For extinguishing the flame and for protection against rain and dirt SFD-DE

Paraffin Wax 2 kg or 4 kg, for refill 2 kg for 96 hours · SFP2 4 kg for 192 hours · SFP4

Anti-insect oil Especially for the wax burner, 30ml contents, mix of pure essential oils for use in the wax burner, pleasant scent. SFD-AI




CeraProTherm storage ceramic

Unique ceramics are needed to make the DENK chimineas. ®

CeraProTherm is a further development ® of our CeraFlam ceramics. A really special ceramic has resulted from adding highly temperature-resistant minerals and special storage clays. ®

CeraProTherm is extremely resistant to

fire and temperature changes. This ceramic is also able to store large quantities of heat. Its largepore structure also makes the material extremely solid and robust. ®

CeraProTherm is a high-quality high-tech

material with a hand-made look.



made of CeraProTherm® storage ceramic Chimney, tiled stove and cooker – 3 in 1 - Open-fire experience. - The heat retention capacity of a tiled stove brings warmth and comfort to your patio, balcony or garden. - By adding a grill pan, the DENK chiminea becomes a purpose-built cooker.

Benefits of the DENK chiminea - The oven has a one-part body made from durable, heat-resistant CeraProTherm® ceramic. - The oven has a very high heat retention capacity and radiates gentle warmth for hours. - Narrow, compact construction, fits on every patio but can also be used on balconies. - The DENK chiminea can easily be transported by two people and can be placed anywhere. - It can be used with any wood. - Thanks to the built-in smoke convector and the high smoke chimney, there is a very even, clean burn-off with no unpleasant smoke. - Built-in ceramic smoke extractor, like on a tiled stove, for optimum use of the energy burned. - The ceramics are frost-proof and the chiminea can be used outside all year round. - It´s easy to use because there are no unnecessary technological gimmicks. ®

CeraProTherm is a brand of Denk Keramische

Werkstätten KG and is protected by patent law.

Handmade in Germany



As efficient as a tiled stove Ceramic smoke extractors have been built into our chimineas, just like in tiled stoves. Pressure builds up in the combustion area and the hot smoke can release its energy optimally onto the CeraProTherm® storage ceramic. This construction allows the highest possible heat production. The high smoke chimney ensures an even, clean burn-off and prevents unpleasant smoke. The height of the smoke chimney can be adjusted if necessary.

Chiminea H with smoke chimney: 167 cm H without smoke chimney: 104 cm W 34 cm · D 34 cm · 75 kg Included in delivery: Chiminea, smoke chimney, shovel, leather gloves, instructions TEO

Accessories Grills made from enamelled cast iron

Protective hood

Can be used on both sides – smooth side for fish and the corrugated side for meat, very heavy material with high heat retention capacity. 38 x 38 cm, 7 kg TEO-GP

Made from special, durably sturdy HGV tarpaulin material fits the chiminea perfectly. TEO-SH

Base plate made from CeraNatur ® ceramics To protect against sparks and provide a secure base. Modular extension is possible if required. With perforated base so that moisture can drain off onto wooden floors etc. 41 x 41 cm, H 3 cm, 8 kg TEO-BP Diagram with 2 items



Braziers Our braziers are made from CeraFlam®, the patentprotected DENK fire ceramic. No other ceramic material has such exceptional qualities. Natural fire ceramic whose material composition is the result of space research. CeraFlam® is durably heat resistant, stores heat for a long time and does not age. CeraFlam® is only available from DENK. While the term brazier is used globally, the recipe for the ceramic compound is still our well kept secret today.

warmth in no time. You can also use any DENK brazier for grilling and roasting. We offer a matching steel pan with insulated handles and steel grill at a reasonable price, with every brazier. DENK CeraFlam® braziers keep their shape and service life after years of intensive use. The material will not wear. You can keep producing fire until heart's content. There isn't much to think about. The instructions for use supplied are very easy to follow and guarantee the warranty.

DENK braziers can and must be fuelled everywhere outside, both summer and winter. All DENK braziers are transportable. Using a DENK brazier you can create wonderful light, a homely atmosphere and comforting

DENK braziers are used with wood. Wood coal can also be used for grilling.

Mini brazier The small brazier especially for children Ø 24,5 cm, H 13 cm, 2,1 kg, sturdy and safe ZF

Steel pan with ceramic pan holders for Mini brazier Ø 26 cm ZF-PK


Handmade in Germany

Fire for friends Complete with pan brazier Ø 34 cm, H 18 cm, 6 kg, with 3 attachable ceramic pan holders, pan Ø 34 cm FFF

Steel grill for Fire for friends Ø 35 cm FFF-GR


Round base The classic brazier

Ø 45 cm, H 35 cm, 12,5 kg, indestructible, sturdy and safe FS-D

Steel pan for braziers Ø 46 cm STP

Steel grill for braziers Ø 50 cm FS-GR

Three-legged The original brazier Ø 45 cm, H 35 cm, 12,5 kg, indestructible, sturdy and safe FS


Feurio Our largest brazier, child-friendly and safe, indestructible Ø 65 cm, H 32 cm, 23,5 kg, 7 elements made of CeraFlam® ceramics, stainless steel frame, indestructible, sturdy and safe FEU

Steel pan for Feurio , Ø 70 cm STPG

Steel grill for Feurio, 67 x 40 cm FEU-GR



Denk animal protection products made from CeraNatur ® ceramics. The ceramics are very stable, durably frost-proof and mould-proof. They store up heat during the day and radiate it over night. We give a 15-year guarantee on materials.

Nesting holes for wrens and tits Although the wren is the second smallest bird in Europe, its voice would put even Caruso in the shade. The powerful song of the male starts early in the morning and only quietens down late in the evening. To keep their energy levels high, wrens eat plenty of insects. Wrens build their nests close to the ground in hedges and bushes. The DENK nesting holes can simply be hung on the rope supplied, without damaging trees or bushes. The roof and the rope are attached to the body. This makes the nesting hole safe from predators. To clean, pull the roof upwards and then simply wash out the nesting hole. Wrens will also use this hole as somewhere to shelter during the winter. It`s also suitable for tits, depending on the hanging height. Ø 18 cm, H 14 cm, 2 kg, 1 m rope, instructions ZKH

Titmice nesting house We love titmice, because they spend all year with us and they stay in the same place, as long as we provide them with safe places to nest and feed them during the winter. During the rest of the year they eat insects in our gardens and delight us with their chirruping and trustfulness. The secure, heavy roof of our nesting house can be removed for cleaning. Our titmice nesting houses have been designed for all larger titmouse varieties. A small branch can be stuck into the front to make a perch. The tits also use the nesting house for shelter during the winter. Hole Ø 3 cm, H 22 cm, D 20,5 cm, 2,5 kg, instructions NH3-HE

Bat cave Nocturnal bats successfully hunt for insects even in the pitch dark. Sadly of the 25 types of bat native to Central Europe 17 are already on the Red List of endangered species. Bats are finding fewer and fewer shelters and nesting places in our houses and gardens, because the tightly closed roofs and wooden cladding on most houses drive the useful bats out of our gardens. The DENK cave is a natural sleeping and nesting place for bats. Bats can safely sleep and nest in our nest holes without being troubled by predators. The DENK bat nesting boxes can either be screwed on or hung from the back using a hook. L 44 cm, W 26 cm, D 5,5 cm, 7 kg, instructions FMH

Developed, tested and recommended by experts 16

Feeding roof The DENK feeding roof is used as a holder for bird feed dumplings. It looks attractive when hung by its high quality brass chain on branches or in bushes. The feeding roof provides shelter from rain and keeps the food dry and mould-free. You`ll be delighted when the feeding roof becomes the focal point for your garden birds. Set with 2 pieces, Ø 14,5 cm, H 20 cm (with chain), 0,3 kg, instructions FDA (2 pieces)

Bird bath The design meets the needs of Central European garden birds: For smaller bird species – and insects too – the inner rim provides a solid place to stand. Larger birds can perch comfortably on the rubbery outer rim. It is possible to attach a strong branch in the centre to protect the birds against cats and as landing aid. Garden birds still need water to drink, even during colder times of the year. Our bird drinker should be used all year round. Ø 32 cm, H 8 cm, 5 kg, instructions VT

Earwig house The earwig is a useful and harmless insect. They love to eat harmful greenfly that can cause large amounts of damage to fruit and flowers. Earwigs are useful to people as an organic form of pest control. Earwigs are nocturnal and return to their earwig house to sleep during the day. The earwig house will be occupied between the end of April and the end of October. The earwig house should be placed in a shady location, as close to the ground as possible, over a pile of branches. The earwigs will soon get to work. Set with 3 pieces, Ø 3 cm, H 12 cm, 0,3 kg, instructions OWH (3 pieces)

Developed, tested and recommended by experts 17

Hedgehog Ritz The hedgehog is in fact the sort of helper that every gardener would like to have: A night creature, it feeds on insects, larvae, snails and slugs. The hedgehog needs only a quite, hidden corner, where no dogs or cats go. With the Hedgehog Ritz, you ensure an all-year round dry and safe hedgehog nest. The Hedgehog Ritz will be occupied by the hedgehog all year round; especially, however, in the winter for hibernation and in late summer for giving birth to its young. H 14 cm, L 32 cm, W 30 cm, 3,5 kg, instructions IR

Hedgehog snail-shell The DENK hedgehog snail-shell was developed in consultation with a German hedgehog protection society. It is larger than the Hedgehog Ritz, so it`s best suited to big hedgehogs and large hedgehog families. Hedgehogs can safely hide, nest and spend the winter in the hedgehog snail-shell. The thick, temperature regulating ceramic protects hedgehog families in the hot summer and in the cold winter. H 16 cm, Ă˜ 35 cm, 4,5 kg, instructions IS

Toad house During the day, toads hide under damp stones, leaves and steps. Overnight they go on the hunt for food, eating insects. Toads stay in the same place for the entire year and they are not afraid of people. Because our gardens are kept too tidy, toads search in vain for somewhere safe to hide for the whole year. The toad house should be placed on the edges of the garden, under hedges. The back is buried in the ground and covered with earth, leaves and branches. L 31 cm, W 15 cm, H 8 cm, 3 kg, instructions KH

Developed, tested and recommended by experts 18

Bumble-Bee castle Bumble-bees are among the most important pollinating insects. Their temperatureimmunity makes it possible for them to remain searching for food much longer than bees. With the DENK Bumble-Bee castle, these useful creatures can be given a nest which is almost natural and they can be given a specific home in the garden. We have painted the entrance to the BumbleBee castle blue, because bumble-bees are attracted by this colour. In spring, the queen uses the Bumble-Bee castle as nest, in autumn it is used as winter quarter. Nesting wool is included. two-part, H 16 cm, Ø 27 cm, 5,5 kg, nesting wool, instructions HB

Hornet nest Hornets are extremely useful to people as insect exterminators. In high summer a hornet colony will eat 500 grams of insects a day. Every gardener knows the rule: where there´s hornets there´s no wasps. Hornets also present very little danger. Hornets are usually less confrontational than normal small wasps. Hornets are highly endangered and are under special protection. The DENK hornet nesting box gives these useful animals a nesting place that´s as close to nature as possible. That helps this threatened species and aids natural pest control in the garden. two-part with removeable baseplate, L 38 cm, W 18 cm, D 15 cm, 5 kg, instructions HH

Developed, tested and recommended by experts 19


Luxor The ingenious garden light with built in socket The Luxor is a high quality mobile garden light with 5m connection cable and a sturdy and shade-free opal glass dome. If you turn the Luxor over you will find a quality socket inside with maximum 3,500 watt output. If you need a single source of power, you can use a socket in the house and then you can connect Luxor to Luxor, as an easy and cheap way to light up paths, steps, lawns and plants, to suit you. You can connect up to 55 one after the other. Really practical: Thanks to the built in socket, you have a source of power anywhere in the garden, e.g. for electric mowers, hedge shears and Christmas lights. The Luxor technically consists of two parts – the sturdy and particularly robust ceramic lights and the large, screw-on opal glass dome. It is installed underneath with a 60 watt bulb. Energy-saving bulbs can always be used.

Built in socket


H 27 cm · Ø 26,5 cm · 8,2 kg protective conductor · IP 43 230 V · max. 60 W socket: max. 3.500 W opal glass dome · bulb 60 W 5m connection cable · instructions LX-CO


Light house The classic garden light The Lighthouse is a sturdy, high tower house with a secure, square pointed roof. In the top part, four ceramic archways allow plenty of light to escape from all four sides. A ceramic cross lies securely on the base of the lighthouse. It holds the socket, bulb and also a hand-blown heavy crystal bell jar. The Lighthouse design is so authentic and original that it belongs in every cultivated garden and house design.


Light house

LH-CS, auburn/sandstone LH-HE, beige LH-CO, auburn H 80 cm · LxW 30x30 cm · 28 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 100 W Light house low

LS-CS, auburn/sandstone LS-HE, beige LS-CO, auburn H 46,5 cm · LxW 26,5 x 26,5 cm · 10,5 kg · protect. conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Light house wall

LW-CS, auburn/sandstone LW-HE, beige LW-CO, auburn H 40 cm · D 20 cm · B 21,5 cm · 7,5 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V ·max. 60 W Included in delivery: bulb 60 watt · stainless steel screws · plugs · instructions Electricity house

Included in delivery: 2 x built in sockets, stainless steel screws, plugs, instructions SH-HE, beige SH-CO, auburn H 47 cm · LxW 22,5 x 22,5 cm · 7,3 kg · safety class I · IP 44 · 230 V · max. 2.500 W


Mira The Mira has a timeless, modern, precious and healing effect. The secret is in concentrating on a few design elements – the base is square and sturdy, with a square column on top, enclosed by a square platform that incorporates the installation and the settings.

Stella Stella is a perfect light and design solution for original gardens. It´s a light for garden lovers that like to let nature take its course. Its ceramic design is round and octagonal, a little star-shaped and repeats itself from side to side, from base to top.


Mira high

MI-SA, sandstone MI-CS, auburn/sandstone MI-CO, auburn H 93 cm · LxW 28 x 28 cm · 23,5 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Mira low

MS-CS, auburn/sandstone MS-CO, auburn MS-SA, sandstone H 64 cm · LxW 28 x 28 cm · 17 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Stella high

ST-SA, sandstone ST-CS, auburn/sandstone ST-CO, auburn H 89 cm · Ø 34 cm · 22 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Stella low

SS-SA, sandstone SS-CS, auburn/sandstone SS-CO, auburn H 70 cm · Ø 34 cm · 18,5 kg · protective conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Included in delivery: bulb 60 watt · stainless steel screws · plugs · instructions


Riva The Riva light has been relief-carved to create attractive height and depth in the panels along its length. The light´s relief is the specially selected design feature that makes the Riva light, space-saving and almost filigree. The Riva always radiates yet doesn`t dominate.

Campanile The combination of the round and octagonal shape elements gives the light its shape. The Campanile is an attractive garden sculpture by day and a lightradiating tower by night, providing allround lighting. It acts like an individual object in its sphere of influence, incorporated or free standing but also in a group for garden paths, groups of trees, steps and walls.



RI-CS, auburn/sandstone RI-CO, auburn H 83 cm · LxW 24 x 24 cm · 20 kg · protect. conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Campanile

CA-CS, auburn/sandstone CA-CO, auburn H 93 cm · LxW 24 x 24 cm · 26 kg · protect. conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Garda

GA-CS, auburn/sandstone GA-HE, beige H 36 cm · LxW 20 x 20 cm · 8 kg · protect. conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Siena

SI-CS, auburn/sandstone SI-HE, beige SI-CO, auburnt H 36 cm · D 20 cm · W 28 cm · 8 kg · protect. conductor · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Included in delivery: bulb 60 watt · stainless steel screws · plugs · instructions


Beta & Delta A halogen spotlight made from matt, chrome-plated steel has been built into the Beta and Delta lights. The halogen creates a warm, bright light. With 50 watts, the halogen light produces nearly the same amount of light as a conventional 75 watt bulb and lasts twice as long.

Lucca Lovers of classic modern will also love Lucca. It will find lots of fans in this cult area. The Lucca is a pared down, stand-alone light. A shape that is difficult to make and that challenges the ceramics masters.



DE-HE, beige

DE-CO, auburn

DE-BL, natural blue

DE-AN, anthracite

DE-GR, opal grey

Ø 30 cm · D 16 cm · 5,1 kg · safety class I · IP 65 · 230 V · max. 50 W Beta

BE-HE, beige

BE-CO, auburn

BE-BL, natural blue

BE-AN, anthracite

BE-GR, opal grey

H 28 cm · D 14 cm · W 26 cm · 4,1 kg · safety class I · IP 65 · 230 V · max. 50 W Lucca

LU-HE, beige

LU-CO, auburn

LU-BL, natural blue

H 29 cm · D 16 cm · W 19 cm · 4,5 kg · safety class I · IP 43 · 230 V · max. 60 W Included in delivery: bulb 50 watt or 60 watt · stainless steel screws · plugs · instructions Accessories

Double plug socket

Rubber cable with plug

Electronic appliances with a maximum output of 2,500 watts can be connected to the double plug socket. It gives you an additional source of power in the garden, e.g. for lawn mowers and Christmas lights. An electroinstaller can also build in a motion sensor. A double plug socket is available for the lights specified.

You can also place our lights where there is no underground cable, e.g. in winter gardens on patios or in the garden using a rubber cable. We can make drill holes in nearly all stand lights through which can be fed a 10 metre long rubber cable with a welded plug that can be connected to the mains using a normal plug socket. Cable and plug are suitable for outdoor use. An extensive drill hole in the bottom part of the light means that the stand light stays straight, despite the cable. It is possible to change to an underground cable later. The rubber cable with plug can be installed for the lights specified. 10 m rubber cable with welded plug

Double plug socket · 9x16 cm · safety class I · IP 44 · 230 V · max. 2.500 W



Please note: You can either choose a double plug socket or a rubber cable with plug. Both in one light is not possible. 29


Steady shape “Steady shape“ is a group of seating furniture and tables. They are intransient, constant places to relax, take a breather, contemplate life and communicate. The “steady shape“ should stimulate the senses for nature, enjoyment of life and art. “Steady shape“ takes place in gardens, meadows, parks, terraces and winter gardens. The style is excitingly modern, mature and timelessly beautiful. Only two materials are used: CeraNatur® ceramic and hot-dip galvanised anti-rust square bar steel. 30

Benefits: - Decorative garden furniture for the whole year round. - Lasts for decades, no care required, 15-year guarantee. - Doesn`t need to be put away in winter. - The ceramic stores the sun`s energy. - Ergonomic, very comfortable to sit on. - The ceramic parts can be exchanged if necessary.


Bench with ceramic backrest L 131 cm, D 57 cm, H 71 cm, seat height 45 cm, seat depth 49 cm, 68 kg BMKL

Armchair with ceramic backrest L 61 cm, D 57 cm, H 71 cm, seat height 45 cm, seat depth 49 cm, 36 kg SMKL

Side table L 41 cm, W 41 cm, H 50 cm, 18 kg BT40


Bench L 122 cm, D 49 cm, seat height 45 cm, seat depth 49 cm, 46 kg BOL

Table L 125 cm, W 83 cm, H 71 cm, 66 kg ET120



Water tower Our water tower is pleasing to the eye. It represents enjoyment of gardening, garden culture and functionality. It can be used to decorate house walls, garden walls and open areas in the garden. The water tower is a high-fired ceramic item, frost-proof, weather-proof and with a 15-year materials warranty.

The brass tap and the internal brass connecting sleeve (1/2 inch) come preinstalled. A hose connection is fed into the base from beneath and attached to the connecting sleeve. The roof can be removed for installation. The water tower is screwed onto a base and is extremely stable. It´s all very simple. LxW 28x28cm, H 105 cm, 27 kg Water tower including brass tap, internal brass connecting sleeve (1/2 inch), stainless steel screws, plugs, instructions. WT-CO


Handmade in Germany Denk Keramische Werkstaetten Neershofer Strasse 123-125 路 96450 Coburg 路 Germany Fon 0049-9563-2028 路 Fax 0049-9563-2020 路

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