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Divine Teacher, may the whole world follow your Gospel A legacy of peace A key to this desire for closeness to God is peace within one self. It is a virtue that God repeatedly wishes on humanity. Scripture reinforces this on numerous occasions – the angel’s dialogue with the shepherds at the birth of Jesus, ‘On earth peace among those whom God favours!’ (Luke 2:14) and Jesus’ greeting to his distraught and terrified friends just days after his death, ‘Peace be with you’ (John 20:19) are just two examples. However in the present era when the human heart is faced with unprecedented options that can potentially be overwhelming, fragmenting and depressive, peace is a treasure that every heart yearns, yet so often remains elusive. Fr Preca would compare the restless human mind to a stone rolling down a hill or to a squirming fish out of water. Some are never satisfied and so they cannot have enough. Many who are rich want to be richer. Others who have some authority want more control over people. If one experiences some pleasure in life, one can demand that life be a string of successively more gratifying experiences. Fr Preca, in response to this elusive prized treasure of peace, would simply point to his divine teacher and quote “My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives”. (Jn 14:27) It is not the peace that a consumerist world can give but rather the peace that only God can give. All that a person needs is an open heart, a willingness to

Members and Associates gathered in prayer at the monument of St George Preca in the grounds of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

listen and a readiness to pray; as exemplified by Fr Preca himself. The repeated prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, grant me your peace” opens the heart to receive this gift from God. One needs to believe that God can give peace to those who pray patiently for it. A heart that can stay still and mediate on this prayer can delve deep and confront any crisis. If one perseveres in the prayer for God’s peace, slowly but surely, God will give the searching soul awareness of its present reality. ‘We are just pilgrims on this earth and we are not meant to stay here forever’. Undue material attachments or a hurt or grudge that a person is unable to forgive are simply excess baggage that prevents us from experiencing God’s peace and closeness. Poverty and

Meekness are two virtues that Fr Preca extensively preached and wrote about. Letting go of unhealthy stubborn attachments and forgiving others leads to a profound experience of peace; God embracing his sons and daughters in God’s peaceful presence. Embracing George Preca’s legacy The 50th anniversary of St George Preca’s death has enabled the Preca Community worldwide to hold him dear to their heart, to celebrate accordingly and to reflect on his teachings and ideals. His legacy and enthusiasm is still alive and remains effective. Mark Micallef Australia


Preca Calling - February 2013  

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