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Divine Teacher, may the whole world follow your Gospel

A letter from an Aspirant My experience in the SDC It was back in 2008 when my friend Boniface introduced me to the Society where I was warmly welcomed. From the very start I felt like I was home, even though it was tough for me because I could not keep up with the catechism I was learning and I did not know the prayers that the others knew by heart. Yet my biggest problem was that I didn’t know how to read or write, but I found a lot of encouragement by the members. As days passed by, I heard a voice inside me calling me to attend at the SDC Centre as much as possible. I used to feel so much at home when I walked into the SDC compound and a kind of a vocation was stirred in me. I want to thank our Founder, St George Preca, for starting the society and I want to pray to ask the Lord to show me if this could also be my vocation, so that one day I will be incorporated as an SDC member. The SDC have helped me to learn many things about saints, about Jesus and about his mother Mary. The saints have tried to do their best to imitate Jesus Christ and this is a great example for

us. I also pray that our heavenly mother, Mary, will guide me and protect me now and in my future. Although my experience in the SDC was good and marked with so much fun, yet it also brought to me a number of difficulties. When I joined the SDC some of my friends left me, others spoke ill of me and turned their backs at me. Even some members of my family didn’t understand why I was frequenting the SDC so much. Unfortunately, I had to break my relationship with a number of friends I previously had. To conclude, I want to encourage all Aspirant to attend the SDC as much as possible because the Society is like a treasure that you have in your hands. One should be proud of this treasure and take every possible opportunity to try to help as many people as possible, who today, unfortunately have either lost God or simply lost hope for their future. Like Paul, Jesus is calling us too to preach to these Gentiles the Word of God, to evangelize to them so that they can start to believe or change the ways that they are leading and turn to Jesus, come to know him better and eventually love him. Julius Klainaina Kenya


Preca Calling - February 2013  

- Review Year 2012