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“My peace I give you” A reflection on the 50th anniversary of the death of St George Preca 50 years ago Saint George Preca rested in the peace of his heavenly Father on the 26th of July, feast of St. Anne and St. Joachim. For 82 years he lived in awe of the happy moment that he would see face to face the face of Jesus which is the delight of all the saints. Now 50 years after this heavenly encounter one wonders what the legacy of this recent saint is. What would Fr Preca say to our present times? I imagine that he would just say one simple thing. He will just repeat the starting and ending phrase of the good news “Peace be with you”. This is what the angels said to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus “On earth peace among those whom God favours!” (Lk 2,14) and this is how Jesus greeted his distraught and terrified friends just days after his execution “Peace be with you”. In the present era when the human heart is faced with unprecedented options, that potentially can be overwhelming, fragmenting and depressive, peace is the one treasure that each heart yearns for. How sad it is that people live in a state of perpetual depression or hyperactivity because they get stuck in a rut of endless selfpreoccupation. Fr.Preca would compare the human restless


mind to a stone rolling down a hill or to a squirming fish when out of water. One is never satisfied and so one cannot say that is enough. If one is rich one wants to be richer. If one has some authority, one wants more control over others. If one experiences some pleasure in life, one demands that life should be a string of successively more gratifying experiences. Peace is such a universally priced treasure but yet so elusive. Why is that? Fr Preca would just point again to his divine teacher and quote “My peace I give to you. I do not give it to you as the world gives it.“ (Jn 14,27) It is not the peace that a materialistic world can give but rather the peace that only God can give to those who strive for peace. All that one needs is an open heart, a willingness to listen and a readiness to pray; to ask as a child asks from one’s parent. The repeated prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, grant me your peace” is an antidote for the present malaise. One needs to believe that God can give peace to those that pray patiently for it. Unfortunately patience is not a modern virtue and less so when mental pain seems unbearable. In a frantic need of a quick fix many resort to medicine. Anti- depressants,

The dream of Fr Preca, Joseph Pulo, 2012

as relieving as they may be, can only ease the symptoms, not the root cause of the problem. A heart that can stay still and just mediate on this prayer can delve deeply and confront the real crisis. If one perseveres in the prayer for peace, slowly but surely, God will give the searching soul awareness of its present plight. One is just a pilgrim on this earth, everyone’s days

Preca Calling - February 2013  
Preca Calling - February 2013  

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