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Divine Teacher, may the whole world follow your Gospel not be alive today. Our country has experienced a long time of peace although in 2007 elections we experienced violence where many lost their lives and homes and children where left orphaned. The Lord has been with us because all this has passed and I would like pray to God so that we will not experience that again. As we approach the year 2013 may we have peace during our elections and elect good leaders. Peace be with you! 2: Many readers have never been to Africa, let alone Kenya! How would you describe the people of this nation, their culture, traditions, religion, and daily way of life? DISAH TITUS OWEGI: Peace be with you all! Kenya, being a country in East Africa has 42 tribes. The most popular tribes are: Agikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin and Luhya and this is due to their participation in active politics. Many tribes in our country practice agriculture and fishing which are the main sources of income to many Kenyans to sustain their lives. The 42 tribes are divided into three groups, namely: Bantus, Nilotic and Cushitic. The Bantus evolved from the Congo Basin while the Nilotic originated from South Sudan and Cushitic from the horn of Africa. Most tribes in our country practice Christianity but a few from the coastal region practice Islamic religion. In this region people try to live in peace and appreciate one another. Some tribes, mostly the Bantus practice circumcision which is the stage from childhood to adulthood. Other tribes like Luo remove their lower front incisors during initiation rites, whereas some tribes unfortunately still practice female circumcision. With those few remarks about the people of our country I can say that it is a privilege to come to this beautiful country Kenya. Thank you for your time. 3: During your holidays, how do you spend your free time? Do you enjoy any hobby? Which books do you like reading most? BRIAN MURITHI: My hobby is playing Rugby and I enjoy my free time playing this most beautiful

game. Sometimes I also watch Rugby games. Regarding my reading, I like reading Biology books, or novels. For my future life I am planning to become a doctor so that I can help the poor. Unfortunately some of them cannot be medicated because of lack of money. I pray to God that he can help me realize this dream. Peace be with you. PETER MWEA: First I would like to take this opportunity to thank SDC Members and also my fellow Aspirants for the good unity we have in our group. During my holidays I usually spend my free time with my books. The books I like reading most are Catholic books about the saints and also school text books. I also enjoy my hobbies playing and watching football with my friends. I also enjoy watching movies here in the Society. 4: Do you aspire to go to college or University after concluding Secondary School? Which area of study interests you most? Which challenges must you overcome to reach your aspirations? STEVEN KALUNGU: I am an Aspirant from SDC Ruiru and I would like to join a University of my choice after completing my secondary education. There at University I would like to pursue a course in engineering. Although attaining this dream is a big challenge, I would like to reach there by overcoming some obstacles that I find in myself like: laziness in reading, bad company which ruins good morals and also poor behaviour. I know that God will help me to reach my goals let my dream become true. Peace be with you all!


Preca Calling - February 2013  
Preca Calling - February 2013  

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