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South Yorkshire Business Awards 2013 The Winners

How I started

Training, what do you get for your money‌

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The Network’s New Loyalty Club

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How I started

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Training, what do you get for your money‌

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Important Financial Dates

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Message from the Editors This magazine has been put together to help local businesses get to know each other, a paper form of Networking. The magazine is designed to showcase local entrepreneurs , and also allow business to business interaction. At the back of the magazine, there are contact numbers/email address for contributors, so if you read something and want to get in touch, it is as easy as turning the page.

Upcoming events January 8 Doncaster Brunch Club at the Crown Hotel Bawtry 9.30 - 11.30 9 Sheffield Brunch Club at the Wig and Pen 9.30 - 11.30 16 Sheffield Free meeting at Jury’s Inn 10.00 - 12.00 23 Showroom Brunch Club at the Showroom Cafe bar 9.30 - 11.30 February 12 Doncaster Brunch Club at the Crown Hotel Bawtry 9.30 - 11.30 13 Sheffield Brunch Club at the Wig and Pen 9.30 - 11.30 20 Sheffield Free meeting at Jury’s Inn 10:00 - 12:00 27 Showroom Brunch Club at the Showroom Cafe bar 9.30 - 11.30

March 12 13 20 27 28

Doncaster Brunch Club at the Crown Hotel Bawtry 9.30 - 11.30 Sheffield Brunch Club at the Wig and Pen 9.30 - 11.30 Sheffield Free meeting at Jury’s Inn 10:00 - 12:00 Showroom Brunch Club at the Showroom Cafe bar 9.30 - 11.30 New Start up Expo– Details still to be finalised

The Network We are a pay as you go networking group and use the term 'member' for any attendee who has attended more than 5, of the same meeting, excluding our free events. Available to everyone: ● Free initial consultations with an expert ● Loyalty Card Available to members only: ● Editorial and advert in The Spiderweb Magazine ● Offer on The Network's website ● 3 free mentoring sessions (1 1/2 hours) ● Entry into The South Yorkshire Business Awards (Member of the year) ● Free 10th meeting with the Loyalty card


To The Network’s South Yorkshire Outstanding Business of the Year: The IT Trainer

Charity of the Year: Fable Charity

Successful N Rugge www.rugg

Excellence in C OxyFire M www.ox


re Business Awards 2013 Winners!

New Business: erEds Ltd

Business person of the Year: Dr Sipra Deb

Guest Speaker of the year: Frederika Roberts

Customer Service: Media Creative

Member of The Year: Jason Kelwick

The Network launch's a new loyalty club The loyalty package has been developed by The Network with the key aim of working more closely with SME’s throughout South Yorkshire. The cost of membership is £15 per month or £150 (saving 17%) per annum. Samantha Nicholson, founder of The Network said ‘We have partnered with a number of local and national businesses with the aim of helping businesses to expand and save money’. Be a part of The Network loyalty club and you could benefit from: • Unrestricted access to our online community • Enjoy the discounts and offers from our advertisers and sponsors that are only available to members. • Take the opportunity to profile your business or service and even profile yourself via our weekly newsletter. • Ensure priority notice via our newsletters, highlighting forthcoming events. • Free Westfield membership • Free online accountancy software from Free Agent * • Free accountancy review • Free name badge • 6 Free Brunch Club meetings • 500 Free business cards • Free editorial in The Spiderweb Magazine Exclusive discounts on the following services:

• • • •

Advertising in Spiderweb Magazine (Save £10 off all quarter, half and full page advertising) Accountancy Services (Self-Assessment – £95) Accountancy Software ( 10% discount on Free Agent) Event Management (5% off quotation)

* 3 months free trial plus 10% discount on their monthly subscription for the life of their account (Sole Trader – £15 per month; Partnership £20 per month; Ltd £25 per month all price are plus VAT).

You could save up to – £539** **Excluded some of the exclusive discounts, and is in first year only. *** More offers still to be added

How I Started What a fantastic opportunity that I have been given to place an editorial in this community based magazine. How to start? Well I was born and educated in Sheffield and have worked in Sheffield, London, Oxfordshire and Derbyshire. My working life has taken a variety of twists and turns, from being a Window Cleaner, Gardener, Bailiff, and even Teacher, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Now we take another path into Self-employment, with “We Do Deliver Limited”. The name of which I came up with while delivering a leaflet in Rotherham, believe it or not. To be honest, I am so excited by the opportunity and this is what drives me day in day out. I am determined that the business will be successful, employing and empowering others to join in its success. I also can’t believe how fast the business has grown too, in the last 18 months. It’s been an unbelievable journey. Looking back I would firmly put the growth and success of the business down to developing a simple idea and building a brand behind it. Networking has also played its part, in the growth of the business and I would highly recommend networking to any new and growing business. I would suggest attending a number of them at different times, without committing yourself to joining any particular network. This will get you and your business noticed, placing you in an advantageous position, when someone requires your product or service. My other burning desire is to assist other new businesses to grow and I would love to mentor a couple of businesses and assist them in their development. Sometimes it’s beneficial to bounce ideas off other business minded people who have an interest in helping you and your business, especially over a coffee. Finally, to finish on a positive note; “stay positive and creative throughout the business day don’t waste time and productive energy on the negative or adverse”.

in c lu d e : O u r s e r v ic e s Book k e e pi n g ◊ ol Cr e d i t Con t r ◊ Re a d y ) P a y r ol l ( RT I ◊ V A T Re t u r n s ◊ r e c a s t s ow & P r ofi t fo l hf s Ca ◊ ma t i on s Compa n y for ◊ n t s A n n u a l A c c ou ◊ e n t s S e lfA s s e s s m ◊ T a x Cor por a t i on ◊ or ’s Re t u r n s S u bc on t r a c t ◊ r a in in g Q u i c k book s T ◊

Does Your Business Need a


i l abl e : a v a s e g c y p ac ka n a t n u o h r e e ac c t e v a h We al s o ◊

d o o r so le tr a d er s w h o w a n t to S elf - emplo yed — Per f ec t f equi r e th ei r yea r en d th ei r o w n b o o k k eepi n g , b ut r leti n g . a c c o un ts a n d ta x r etur n c o mp r pa r tn er s w h o w a n t to d o th ei Pa r tn er sh i ps — Per f ec t f o r d e th ei r yea r en d a c c o un ts a n o w n b o o k k eepi n g , b ut r equi r to 3 pa r tn er s. ta x r etur n c o mpleti n g f o r up r mpa n i es w h o w a n t to d o th ei C o mpa n i es — per f ec t f o r c o e th ei r yea r en d a c c o un ts, o w n b o o k k eepi n g , b ut r equi r x r etur n c o mpleti n g f o r up to c o r po r a ti o n ta x r etur n a n d ta 2 d i r ec to r s.

Tel: 07545149327

What we are and what we do The Network is a Business Networking group with a difference, not only do we offer regular relaxed networking events, we also have may other strings to our bow: •

Our networking events are pay as you go, with no annual membership fees, meetings are from FREE

The Network's South Yorkshire Business Awards

Business Exhibitions with guest speakers, these events are FREE to attend but exhibitors (stall holders) are charged a fee

Business Mentoring on a one to one basis (prices start from £15/hour)

Business Courses including - Preparing to start a business course, Bookkeeping for SME’s, Social Media, developing a website – prices vary but maximum is £450 (depends if the delegate if in receipt of benefits) and some are not due to be launched until late October.

Quarterly business to business magazine

Event management service - We have arranged a great deal with Scarlett Parties who offers our members 20% off their event management.

Advice about writing a Press release

Advice with writing a business plan

Help with Financial questions - We have arranged with Nicholson & Co Accountancy, that they will offer our members free no obligation meeting to talk about any financial problems or questions they have.

Special members offers on our website for members by members For more information visit our website: or contact Sam (07545149327) or Becki (07979329560) or email

If you would like to advertise in the next issue, please contact


We offer a full Event management service for both private and corporate clients We can assist with as much or as little as you require We have over 10 years of hospitality expertise

tel. 07939329560

Training, what do you get for your money‌ Although there are some very good and professional training providers around, consider what you might get if your not careful. Out of date or incorrect information from the trainer Large classes resulting in low or non-existent trainer to student contact time. Powerpoint presentations which the trainer just reads through Trainers with very little or no practical experience. No credible explanation about why you do procedures Will you remember in five months from now? Did you enjoy the training or couldn’t wait to get out of the room As an example our area of expertise is first aid training so consider this. If you have never done first aid before, how would you really know the quality of training and information you have received? This applies to sole traders as well as large well known providers, you may well get a good deal, but is it really? Can you afford not to check out your provider and who is actually training you. This is a true story about a well known training provider. The first aid at work course was being assessed by external assessors who worked for a company who maintain there knowledge and skills to a high level. The students on the course all performed out of date procedures in dealing with an unconscious casualty. It transpired that the trainer had little practical experience and had themselves been trained in out of date procedures, in fact over ten years out of date. The students left the course thinking they were trained correctly, or maybe with a few unanswered questions and not as confident as they should be. The consequences of this could result in poor quality treatment or possibly worse. This may lead to action by the HSE and legal action by the injured party. Is it transpires that the training was inadequate or incorrect, then the training provider is to blame. The paperwork for the training was correct, the advertising and sales sounded great, but the training was not . But how would you know? If you get a cheap course, consider this, have the plastic lungs been changed on the manikin? I have come across interesting fungal growths in plastic lungs which have never been changed, do you really want to breathe that in? Are the training bandages clean and reflect what is in your first aid kit, again I have come across trainers using pieces of sponge and dirty bandages to save on cost. Is there a HSE approved manual or out of date photocopies? Is the training information kept up to date or is it an old video etc which the trainer keeps apologising for. Do they consider student learning styles? Do they repeat the same stuff every time regardless of who is on the course. Do they have a pet subject, or teach there version of treatment because they think the new stuff is wrong! I could go on, but just consider the fact that you normally get what you pay for, do you want quality training or just a certificate for the wall? Does any training you invest in; really make a difference to your company or personal performance. Is it the right type of training for you? Can you use the knowledge you gain? Use your training budget wisely.

07860 101907

Mini Ad’s

Event Management Company


The Network Tel: 07939 329 560 Advertise your business here in the next issue for only ÂŁ10 Accountancy

Tel: 07545 149 327

Important Financial Dates By January 5 VAT payment for period ending 30 November due 19/22 PAYE/CIS reports and payments to reach HMRC 31 VAT return due for period ending 31 December Filing deadline at Companies House for period ended 30 April 2013 Filing deadline at HMRC (Corporation Tax – CT600) for period ended 31 January 2013 Self Assessment online filing deadline Balancing payment for the previous years Income Tax First payment on account for this year Income Tax

February 5 VAT payment for period ending 31 December due 19/22 PAYE/CIS reports and payments to reach HMRC 28 VAT return due for period ending 31 January Filing deadline at Companies House for period ended 31 May 2013 Filing deadline at HMRC (Corporation Tax – CT600) for period ended 28 February 2013

March 5 VAT payment for period ending 31 January due 19/22 PAYE/CIS reports and payments to reach HMRC 31 VAT return due for period ending 31 February Filing deadline at Companies House for period ended 30 June 2013 Filing deadline at HMRC (Corporation Tax – CT600) for period ended 31 March 2013

Just remember you are reading this advert and so are your customers. So why not advertise in a space like this from £50, includes direct link to your website:

Quote: SW8 to receive a 10% discount To book your space in the next issue today email us ( or book online at http://

We are here to help you every step of the way Helping you put the pieces together

Co-Owner Becki Jones/Scarlett Parties

Copyright Š 2013 by The Network No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or by information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. Requests for permission or further information should be addressed to the publishers. Published by The Network, Harborough Rise SHEFFIELD, S2 1 RL Tel: 07545 149 327 All information in this publication is published in good faith and cannot be reproduced without written permission. Whilst the publisher makes every effort to ensure that the businesses featured in this guide are of the highest quality, we do not guarantee the services and products from any business featured.

Issue 8

Spiderweb issue 8  

Business to Business magazine Connecting local businesses in South Yorkshire

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