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User’s Intelligence in SEO After having high ranks on Search Engine , garnering high traffics and success on your website, what’s next with Search Engine Optimization? Have you ever tried analyzing your visitors, the leads that count and how it contributes to your website? Do you know how important your visitor is? Do you know how to measure it? Do you have certain data to come up with your insights? It is very crucial that you determine the visitor’s intelligence to know what quality of visitors and leads you are encountering. The data you have gathered gives you the chance to review and arrive on information of your traffic. Here are some ways on how Visitor’s Intelligence can benefit your SEO and advertising network.

 Make your analysis simple. Determine the value of your visitor through Visitor’s Intelligence which can be analyzed through the use of scoring. This way, you or anyone in your organization would understand the worth of your visitors. Visitor Intelligence is the best way to score the visitors. You can assign a value to each keyword, link and page according to the visitors and leads.  Have thorough grasp of the visitors. Visitor intelligence has the capacity to determine the website course of actions. A perfect intelligence system provides demographic, social, behavioral and firmograhic data. It can also give information on job title, website visits, keywords, company size, industry type and many more. Thus, a Visitor Intelligence can provide the visit history of each visitor and other pertinent information. It will give you the insight on what activity you can do in accordance with search personas.  Prioritize and Follow up the visitors. With your gathered data and information, now you can plan the right approach to gain sales effectively. You can now set priority in developing the new leads. You can assign higher score to visitors who are visiting keywords that drive sales and get that chance to follow them up.  Set good relationship with your leads. Don’t appear too annoying and desperate to close a transaction especially that it can be a turn-off factor to your prospective buyers. Be patient and be true when dealing with your clients if you want to have a lasting relationship with them.  Organizing your information. Visitor Intelligence and scoring are platforms for businesses to analyze the visitors and leads on various angles and on what approach must be done next. Without these platforms, it is hard to come up with decisions which are only based on indistinguishable descriptions.

 Polish and Repeat your successful SEO Activities . Visitor Intelligence provides a

better approach on what marketing strategy to do next. With your data gathered, you already knew which keywords are driving leads and advertising leads. With your SEO activities, you will determine which one works for your campaign and which are not.  Bring your SEO Analysis and Keywords to higher levels. With the data that you

have gathered in Visitor Intelligence, you will be able to evaluate your SEO Techniques and keyword performance. It is an efficient way to have better SEO which you cannot make in simple SEOstrategy.

SEOand Visitor Intelligence go hand in hand. It can give you the idea on which SEOactivities are effective to various types of buyers and leads in your website. As SEO is becoming complicated to gauge and predict, it is therefore good to determine what’s really driving your business.

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User’s Intelligence in SEO  

After having high ranks on search engine, garnering high traffics and success on your website, what’s next with Search Engine Optimization?...