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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Search In today’s world, SEO is not only taking its action in the internet but taking its wide presence in the Mobile Search market. This is the reason why web designers and developers keep on improving their tactics and techniques in order to confine this market. No less mobile search is a mounting sector in the market. However, mobile search has its own rules far extraordinary from the rules of the traditional desktop. So if you have a website, you must give importance to this growing industry if you don’t want to be left behind in the scenes. Here are some important points to remember to build a strong impact in the mobile search industry. •

Take note of short keywords or shorter key phrases. Mobile users when they want to search in the mobile search use only short key phrases or keywords. The trend now especially on mobile users is to type as short and quick as possible. This is the reason why search inquiry is just restricted to 1 or 2 keywords. If your site doesn’t qualify on the search engines on how the mobile users are searching, then you are missing a lot of opportunities.

Mobile search is local search. It is understandable that mobile users are using the mobile search just to search for the things just around his place and not on the other side of the world. If for example, he is searching for a mall to shop, he will just type Shipra Mall for example. This is a good hint for sites to work on local search results in mobile market.

Tapped the most popular search for the mobile users. Mobile users don’t go to desktop or check the directory to search for something if they already have mobile search. As people are too busy with many things today, they want to have something at hand to rely on when searching for their needs. Since in mobile, one can easily get the latest news, financial information, sports and many more, mobile users would of course find the relevant sites appearing on the mobile search engines. If your site is not optimized for mobile, then it is obvious that you are missing a lot of potential customers. What you can do, optimize your website one for desktop and one for mobile searches by creating two different versions of your site.

In mobile search target the top 3 for your site. When Mobile users are searching for something in the mobile search, what comes on the first page of their screen would be lucky to be the potential site that one would be visiting. Mobile users don’t want to search again and again or to scroll down again and again. What comes on the first page on the screen would be their top most choice so ensure your site is optimized to appear on at least the top 3 of the mobile search engine.


Follow the mobile standards. Mobile standards are unique from the desktop standards. So if you want your website to be spiderable, you need to follow it by heart. Keep track of the mobile standards on guidelines of W3C.If you don’t follow the mobile guidelines, your site would still be in the mobile search but it will be transcoded. Being transcoded means you lose your chance to be included in the search engines.


Preview your site on mobile devices. Out of the myriads of sophisticated mobiles today in the market, it is not possible to check in every mobile device on how your site looks. But the key is at least doing check it on the most popular mobile devices. Make your site user-friendly as possible.

Mobile search would soon be raising its usage and importance in every mobile user. So if you want to get more traffic and sales for your site, start optimizing your site the proper way. About The Company:Spiders Watch is leading Mobile Application Development Company have a team of experienced and skilled developers who develop apps for many platform like Blackberry, Android, I-phone. To know more about Mobile Apps Development visit:

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Search  

In today’s world, SEO is not only taking its action in the internet but taking its wide presence in the mobile search market. This is the re...