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Guidelines for Smartphone’s and Mobile SEO Based on info graphic data from Microsoft tag, about 51%of Smartphone Users are more likely to buy from those retailers that have specific mobile website but in reality, only nearly 4.8% retailers are having their own website. According to Google’s recent study on “the Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone users”, 77%of Smartphone users used to log on to various search engine websites and social networking sites. It also revealed that 9 out of 10 Smartphone searches ended up in favorable business such as buying a product, visiting a business, etc. It is no doubt that mobile users are fast becoming a phenomenon than what Google has predicted. With over 200 million mobile playbacks on YouTube a day, it proves to be that Mobiles are now one of the important platforms for business. To deeply penetrate Smartphone users market, advertisers and marketers are allocating big budget to mobile. In U.S., E-marketer estimates $1.1 billion of total mobile advertising for this year which is up to 48%compared to 2010. Mobile Search has been accounted for nearly 10%of search budgets wherein Google succumbs 97%of that market. As there are advertising on the web, so it is on mobile. But how can business owners maximize the platform of mobile without advertising? Here are some ways: •

Follow basic SEO Best Practices. Search Engine Optimization is well applicable to mobile sites. In mobile, content, links, keywords and search engine accessibility matters.

Mobile-friendly Website. Decide whether you will present to your existing site or you will have a new mobile site for the mobile users. If most of your customers use traditional mobiles, it is advisable to have a dedicated mobile site for your business. On the other hand, Smartphone’s have the ability to browse most websites just as they can do in a laptop or desktop so there is no need for such customization. In I-Phone, flash content cannot be displayed which targets for HTML5 to that. Although there is large scale of Smartphone users, the number of traditional mobile phone users is fairly very large until now. To have a Mobile-friendly site is crucial for SEO Tactic . If mobile users cannot view your website, then definitely, you will lose to attract more traffic and leads for your business.

Mobile Content & URL’s. Many of webmasters now have their mobile sites detect user agent access through mobile device to serve a mobile friendly site utilizing a varied URL such as: *

* Today, it is not required as website owners can now present content using the same URL that are used in desktop content. With single URL, it offers single destination for link building and it also facilitates social sharing of pagesthrough mobile phones. •

Mobile Keywords. Mobile search query on average are 25% shorter than desktop search. Google’s keyword tool offers mobile filtering option for mobile keyword research tools.

Mobile layout and Format. In order to test if your website is mobile-friendly, there are many tools to test sites on mobile devices. It includes Mobile HTML Code Grader, Keyword Research, Mobile Search Engine Indexing & SEO, Mobile Search Engine Simulation, etc.

Mobile Content. It is also crucial to test the effectiveness of your mobile content. To attain mobile content effectiveness, you have to determine who your customers are, keywords, pain points and interests and social topics.

Mobile Site Map. Websites that serve mobile content provides Google with XML sitemap. Non-Mobile URL’s must not be included while URL’s for mobile and nonmobile content can be incorporated.

Mobile Filters in Google Analytics. Google analytics can be used to track down mobile visitors of a website without creation of filtered profile. One can now gain information coming from mobile devices, mobile operating systems and even mobile carriers. Google Analytics for mobile applications have been designed to implement Google analytics in mobiles. The filters will give you information on how much organic traffic is coming from mobile, how they correspond and if they are converting.

This year, mobile searches are accounted for 25% global searches. With the growing numbers of Smartphone users today, when are you going to optimize your business for mobile marketing and mobile SEO? About The Company:Spiders Watch is leading Mobile Application Development Company have a team of experienced and skilled developers who develop apps for many platform like Blackberry, Android, I-phone. To know more about Mobile Apps Development visit:

Guidelines for Smartphone’s and Mobile SEO  

Based on info graphic data from Microsoft tag, about 51% of Smartphone users are more likely to buy from those retailers that have specific...