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Analyzing Your SEO Competitors Have you ever wonder why no matter what you do, you do not succeed in getting higher ranks in the search engines? Why after all your planning and execution of tactics still you are not satisfied with your SEO campaign? If you are doing the right thing, and still results are not favorable for you, then you might be missing one factor that could make you slam in the competition. If you are in a cutthroat competition, garnering the high ranks and success of your business is really competitive. Yes, your competitors are the one making you slower to climb the ladder of the search engines. If you are in a competitive niche of industry, monitoring your competitors’ activities and tactics can make a lot of difference in succeeding. Whether you belong to a normal or competitive niche of industry, you must know how to handle and face your competitors in succeeding the ladder of SEO.Here are some ways: •

Search your SEO competitors and identify them. How can you do the right strategy if you don’t know who your competitors are? Although in some cases, finding your competitors is not that easy. Your competitors might be the one in your own network that ranks well for your chief keywords or they may be a direct competitor. In most cases, your competitors might be plenty and it would be hard for you to race them all. But why don’t you start knowing and identifying the tough competitors for your SEOcampaign? Here is how and what you should do. Search in Google of your target keywords and list down all the websites that comes out on the high ranks of the search engine. They are no less your main competitors.

Take a tour on your competitors’ sites and analyze them. Now you have a list of your competitors, take the major ones and analyze them. Take note of what makes them rank higher in the search engines. Is it their web design? Is it their web content? Are they using static or dynamic URL’s? Running a competitor’s check would give you a lot of information and clues how tough and how professional your competitors are. This will give you a reason to know why they are more appreciated by the search engines.

Analyze the major keywords that your competitors are using. Using the right keywords is the major concern in the search engines. This is the chief reason why your competitors rank better than you. Identifying keywords is also tough as you would not know what particular keywords that your competitors are using. 

As a guide, try checking if they are using major keywords that your website is using. This will give you a clue to know how they are using the keywords. You can

also refer to website keyword suggestion tool to find out what keywords are working well in their websites. While checking, the advantage of it would be finding the keywords that your site have skipped using so this is the time to pick them and start utilizing it for your SEOcampaign. 

Aside from that, take note how they are using the keywords. Keyword density has major impact on why they are ranking higher than you. Check for Keyword density cloud tool to keep you abreast of this solution. Don’t forget to check also where the keywords are placed. Take note if keywords are used in headings, image tags, URL’s, etc.

Monitor the Competitor’s Back links. Back links credit a lot for SEOrankings. Search for their anchor text, number and origin to help you get information how this aspect affects SEOcompetition. If you do this, you will also get some back links that could work for your site. Why don’t you contact the webmaster now and check if you can also have back links from them. You can use these tools which are free such as Back link summary and Back link anchor text analysis.

Check for more SEO aspects. Identifying and knowing the keywords and back links are not all that counts. Check your competitor’s page rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing and find out how they are performing.

Evaluate your SEO competitors in terms of Social Media. We all know that, social media drives huge traffic for sites. Check social bookmarking if some of your competitors have placed posts there and monitor if it is doing well there. 

You can browse through Face Book and Twitter and check your competitor’s profiles. Unless you became friends you will not know what they are posting. If they have open profile for public, this will be your chance to know what and how they drive traffic.

Lastly, evaluate how your SEO competitors are using PPC ads. Many sites are using PPCads to drive traffic as it is cheaper and more efficient. Google Ad Words is the most common of them where you can see PPC ads. Use the Analyze Competition tool by Google to identify how you are doing versus your competitor’s PPC campaigns.

Checking and evaluating the competition is a continuous and endless process. But if you want to rank higher and to perform better, you better know who your SEO competitors are. Following them how they are ranking and what they are doing to succeed in SEOcampaign could make you perform better by learning from them. So don’t let your site stay where you are right now if you can make it on top. About The Company:-

Spiders Watch is a leading SEOCompany that provides ethical SEOServices to worldwide its client’s. To know more about SEOCompany India pleasevisit: -

Analyzing Your SEO Competitors  

Have you ever wonder why no matter what you do, you do not succeed in getting higher ranks in the search engines? Why after all your plannin...

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