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Issue 97 November 2015


Wymondham & Dereham

02 | November 2015

Issue 97 Your community magazine

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2015 November | 03

WYMONDHAM Priory Insurance A look at Motor Insurance Whether you are a convicted driver, young driver, or have limited no claims bonus, we can find the policy cover specific to your requirements. We have negotiated special rates with our panel of Insurers for those careful drivers and special introductory discounts for those without any no claim bonus. We are always able to offer instalment facilities. We deal with many leading UK Insurers and Lloyds Underwriters to provide the best possible quotation and cover for our clients, regardless of the risk. Being totally independent means that we are not tied to a single provider and this allows us access to a range of insurance policies from our panel of carefully selected Insurers.

a personal level with your requirements. Priory Insurance Brokers are a locally owned, independent, professional organisation who have been based in South Norfolk for over 40 years. We would be pleased to provide quotations or advice for you and look forward to receiving your enquiry. For more information, please feel free to call in to our Wymondham Office.

Why not let us compare the market for you and deal on

04 | November 2015

WYMONDHAM Kerry Butcher Accountancy Services There is lots going on in the world of tax and finance at the moment There is no getting away from it – the clocks have gone back, the leaves have fallen off the trees, the sun has just downright disappeared and with it any fond hope that we could say it is still late summer. The summer is now so late that it’s turned into autumn with a vengeance. Time to think of some of the nicer things about Autumn – well Guy Fawkes and fireworks, hot chocolate and steaming soup ( preferably not together), cosy woolly jumpers and hats – so have I convinced you yet that Autumn is a nice time of year? I certainly haven’t convinced myself – where did the summer go and why did it go so quickly? Before we know it we will be mentioning the C word (no I am not saying it yet!). So before we get into the busy month of December – wouldn’t it be a good idea if we all got our financial affairs sorted? Now I am sure that as you read this you are now feeling really smug and clever because you are thinking “what could I possibly need to get sorted? I have received my P60 and renewed my tax credits, so I have nothing left to do.” Or you are thinking “well I gave all my paperwork to those lovely people at KBA back in May and I have approved my accounts and tax return and I know exactly what I need to pay in January, so I am all sorted.” Now this may shock you, but, did you know that some people are not quite as organised as you. They may not have quite got their heads round the fact that they need to get their books finished off and work out their profit ready for their tax returns yet. If you are self employed or even just have a few different sources

of income and have been asked to complete a tax return, why not get it sorted now. Just because you get organised and know how much tax is due (or what a lovely refund you will be receiving) doesn’t mean that you need to pay it over to HMRC, no, you could deposit this in an interest bearing account, or you could put it all on the lottery, or a horse (not really recommended!) and hopefully made double before it is time to pay it all to the lovely HMRC. By getting your tax affairs sorted now, not only will you have peace of mind with no nasty surprises, but you will have time to look out anything additional that might be needed to prove an expense or claim some allowances.

deadlines. Did you know that once you become a client with us here at KBA, all those deadlines can be dealt with by us – we will set up reminders for all of your requirements and will simply ask you for any additional information that we need. Now that has to be a good service! Plus our rates are very competitive and you only pay for the work we do and no more.

client entertaining is always a very dodgy area, subsistence, motor expenses and the world of VAT are all very grey. If you are not sure then why not call us and ask? We don’t bite (much) and are a friendly bunch so why not make a November resolution instead of waiting until January – hopefully we can save you time, money and aggravation - plus we make lovely coffee.

We have noticed a much higher rate of queries into tax returns over the past 18 months – it has been in the media and I think it is fair to say that HMRC are getting tough! The best way to ensure that it is not you they pick is to be open and honest – don’t claim for expenses that you know were only “slightly” business related,

Most of all, time means that your tax affairs will inevitably be less rushed and hopefully 100% accurate (as always). Plus another little bonus, did you know that if you claim tax credits and estimated too low in July, if your actual profit is less, you may get an additional amount. Another bonus surely? No more rushing around in January and getting stressed and no more trying to contact HMRC at the busiest time of the year. Of course it is not only self assessment that has deadlines each year – there seem to be more and more deadlines throughout the year for everything now. We have deadlines for real time submissions in payroll, deadlines for submitting end of year returns and P60’s, deadlines for P11D’s, deadlines for VAT returns, deadlines for annual return filing at Companies House, the list goes on and on – and of course there are ever more fines and penalties for missing these 2015 November | 05

WYMONDHAM AB Locksmiths Christmas is coming! The dark nights and mornings are setting in, it’s getting colder and it’s nearly that time of year, yes, you’ve got it. Christmas.

visiting relatives. # Not keeping spare keys by the front and back doors. Take them with you.

It is the time of year where people are starting to get ready for Christmas and getting ahead of the mayhem of shopping.

# Trying to hide valuable items. Keeping valuables on show is an invitation.

But it is also the time of year where people are most likely to become victims of crime. Being cautious during the lead up to Christmas is vital. A few simple steps will help reduce the chances of being a victim of crime. # Keeping doors and windows locked at all times. # Keeping curtains shut and a light on in the evenings while you are at a Christmas party or

06 | November 2015

# Keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour in your area. Even after Christmas, where we put empty boxes of game consoles, TVs and jewellery bags out by and in the rubbish bin. As the opportunists are walking around weighing up their targets, looking for empty houses and easy access, they spot boxes which they will find as useful items to sell. By upgrading your door and window security, you are reducing

the chances of someone just breaking into your home while you are out and taking the items you’ve just bought or received for Christmas. This doesn’t just account for Christmas. All year long, we buy new TVs, iPads, game consoles etc, and it is still important to keep them safe throughout the

year. We can help you by doing free surveys to help eliminate risks of being a victim. So take advantage of our free security surveys and the 15% voucher off the total bill to upgrade the security on your home before Christmas. A B Locksmiths, keeping your valuables, valuable.


The Denture Clinic Professional denture service based in Norwich Martin as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a registered dental care professional, trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to the patient, previously only available through your dentist, although some treatment plans will require a referral from your dentist, partically if you have your own natural teeth remaining. Martin qualified with the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) and has been working with dentures since 1986. Martin is highly experienced in providing cosmetic dentures to his patients, giving advice in a friendly, caring and professional manner. Martin’s advanced knowledge helps him to solve the most challenging of dentures problems. During your first appointment to the Denture Clinic, Martin will undertake a detailed clinical evaluation, enabling the diagnosis

to be reached, in order to create a detailed treatment plan, which is then tailored exactly to your needs. By taking the first steps at the Denture Clinic, Martin is able to offer you the advanced technical and clinical skills needed to carefully design every denture to your individual requirements. For ease and comfort appointments can also be made with a dental practitioner. We follow four principles: * Rebuilding your morale with personal dentures * Patient centered dentistry * Patient controlled dentistry * Highest quality standards in both clinical and manufacturing procedures For more information or to speak to someone from the clinic, visit the website: or call 01603 624071

Les Balls Fencing Services Firewood, Kindling, Hardwood and Softwood Now Available. Bagged up & delivered FREE of charge. Please call for details on FREE delivery rustic lap panel 6x6 £22.50 6x5 £21.50 6x4 £19.50 6x3 £16.50

picket fencing Pointed or Round Top

6x4 £20.00 6x3 £18.00

close board fencing 6x6 £31.00 6x5 £30.00 6x4 £28.00 6x3 £26.00

NEW YARD OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Timber posts, concrete posts, gravel boards, fencing accessories, garden tools, trellis, free range eggs

VISIT US TODAY Mon to Sat 9 to 5:30

free quotation

01603 301617 or 07909 032344 7/8 Denmark Opening, Sprowston Rd, Norwich NR3 4JG

2015 November | 07

WYMONDHAM Sound Sleep Beds Who are you sharing your bed with? It is advised by the National Bed Federation to change your bed every seven years, to ensure that we get the best comfort and support during our sleep. Although the majority of couples openly admit that they change their bed on average every 17 years! Did you know that your bed will have lost over 70% of its support after just 7 years? As we get older our need for comfort and support increases, yet the majority of people do not regularly change their bed even after complaining of backache, poor sleep and even breathing problems. Yes, we all like to hold off spending money wherever possible, but the reality is that people change their sofas far more regularly than their bed. When you think about it, we should spend eight hours or more in bed per night, that time in bed where you need restful sleep to allow our bodies to rest, our muscles to repair and grow and for our brains to wind down to help us function the next day. Do you spend that length of time on your sofa? Support and comfort is a big reason for changing our bed, but there is another factor to consider, hygiene. The grim facts are that we don’t just sleep with our partners, no we also share our beds with house dust mites. Dust mites feed off our skin scales and moisture through perspiration, as the average couple sweats around a

08 | November 2015

pint per night and shed around two pounds of skin per year, our little friends have plenty to eat and drink. Dust mite droppings contain the allergen that causes asthma, which is very bad news for the 2-3 million asthma sufferers in the UK and with around 10,000 dust mites in your bed, that can equate to several million dust mite droppings. In 7 years, you spend over 20,000 hours in bed ( that’s over 850 days; or two years 3 months plus!!), not just lying there, but tossing and turning as much as 60-70 times a night, sitting up and lying down. With figures like that, it’s not hard to see why beds wear out in time. If your bed doesn’t come up to scratch, why not invest in a new one! Take our Bed MOT (Mattress Obsolescence Test) to find out if you need a new bed. Answer yes or no to the following questions. • Is your bed seven years old or more? • Would it be embarrassing if the neighbours saw it without the covers? • Does it make suspicious noises in the night? • Did you have your best recent nights sleep in a bed other than yours? • Are your waking up more frequently un-refreshed and aching? • Do you and your partner

roll towards each other unintentionally? • Are you too close to your partner to sleep comfortably? • Is it sagging? • Does it feel lumpy in the night? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your bed has FAILED its MOT and a trip to Sound Sleep for some new bed or mattress advise is essential. The key with mattress buying is to try out as wide a variety of options as possible to find the most suitable mattress for you (and your partner). Given the amount of time you spend in bed, it is important to spend a reasonable amount of time in store trying out new ones, especially if you have been experiencing pains that could come from your existing mattress. It this instance, it may be worth having a chat with your chiropractor for some advice on what they advise is suitable for your back. At Sound Sleep, we stock a variety of brands and different types of mattresses, for example pocket sprung, memory foam, latex and so on. Each manufacturer has different mattresses that offer different levels of support and comfort. When mattress shopping, it is essential to ask for help.

you in to buying something that may not be suitable. If you are thinking about just a new mattress, before coming to visit us in store, check what kind of base you have and it’s condition, as some bases may be unsuitable for a new mattress. We will of course be on hand to give you the correct advice and information. All of our divans and mattresses are sourced from National Bed Federation members, so what you are buying is exactly what it says it is, it’s made from new and clean materials and it meets the strict British Standard fire regulations. More information can be found at www.bedfed. Once you have chosen a new bed and mattress, don’t forget that pillows are very important too. A cheap, unsupportive pillow can cause neck and back problems. These are just as important as your new mattress. For more help and advice, visit our in store Mattress Specialists who can talk you through all the pros and cons of various mattresses. We also pride ourselves on having the most up to date mattress technology (as well as the old fashioned technology too!). Sleep has never felt so good!! We are highly trained mattress specialists and are on hand to advise you, not to high pressure

* * subject to status - conditions apply


Sound Sleep Bed Warehouse

Come and visit our huge showroom at Aloe Farm - Mile Road - Winfarthing - IP22 2EZ Between Diss & Attleborough on the main B1077 - Look for our bright yellow sign! For mattress advise please call 01953 861177 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

Sunday 10:00 - 1:00


FREE DELIVERY LOCAL DELIVERY - OLD BED DISPOSAL SERVICE Norfolk’s biggest bed warehouse with over 100 beds on display



but why wait til the new year to start all those resolutions that we struggle to keep. Get ahead now and get on top of your fitness. We have several new classes to enhance your membership and keep you in shape, heres just a few..

body. This class consists of 20mins cardiovascular, 20mins resistance, 20mins abdominals to ensure that no stone goes unturned in your quest for

HIIT & Abs: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most

Strength Circuits Load up the weight and get ready for a class with a heavier weights, explosive movements. This will help

from you to get the maximum results. This really is one of those classes that will get you results when you push yourself. The class will end with an abdominal session

Sculpt: An Instructor led full body resistance class using advanced training techniques such as giant sets,

on our website or

to make sure you get the maximum from the class.

Thanks, AG Team

straight to your phone.

Review: NEW Amazon Gym App Were really excited that our long awaited Amazon Gym app is now available to download! Our app enables you to keep up to date

app store or google play, and type in ‘Amazon Gym’ where you will see our logo as the main icon. Then just download as normal will massively enhance your membership. If you have any queries just speak to a member

connect with our coaches. You will also be able to upload your workout pics, check-in to classes and connect with other We’re really looking forward to seeing how you get on with the app. To download to your phone, all you will need to do is head to the



All members that download our app by November 30th will be entered into a draw to win 6 months membership, so get downloading now for your chance to win!!


01953 498444

News November 2015 Sunday







New Sculpt class

01 Try new HIT and Abs class

Check out new 20-20-20 class

Ask for details on PT sessions




Try new HIT and Abs class

Check out new 20-20-20 class



Try new HIT and Abs class

Check out new 20-20-20 class



Try new HIT and Abs class Ask for details on PT sessions

Check out new 20-20-20 class














New Sculpt class Ask for details on PT sessions


06 New Sculpt class





Ask for details on PT sessions

New Sculpt class


20 New Sculpt class




Refer a Friend Coming soon need that extra push or would like to learn more about how to lose weight and achieve your goals. We will push you hard, as well as educate you on how to make the complete mind, body and soul package. We will keep you posted via our website and social media feeds.



Training is more fun if you do it with your friends, and now it could even save you money. For every friend you refer that signs up on a Direct Debit membership you will get ÂŁ1 per month as long as they remain a member at the club. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer so bring them

01953 498444

GENERAL East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) is delighted to be benefitting from the sale of two exclusive bags created by iconic British pottery designer and manufacturer, Emma Bridgewater, to be sold in Waitrose stores to raise funds for the charity’s nook appeal. EACH which provides care and support to life-threatened children, young people and their families across East Anglia teamed up with Emma Bridgewater last year to create two exclusive ½ Pint Mugs ‘Insects & Flowers’ and ‘Ladybirds’ to raise funds for the charity’s nook appeal which needs to raise £10 million to build and equip a new children’s hospice for Norfolk. Two jute bag designs have been created, which are based on the mug designs and will be sold in every Waitrose store across the UK. With the bags retailing at £5, and fifty pence from every sale being donated to the EACH nook appeal, the charity stands to raise £50,000 from this exciting new venture. Graham Butland, EACH Chief Executive, said: “We’re absolutely

delighted with the fantastic support we continue to receive from Emma Bridgewater, and now with Waitrose on board, the relationship just continues to go from strength to strength. “The bag designs are beautiful and due to the huge success of the Emma Bridgewater mugs, we’re confident the bags will be popular with Waitrose customers across the country and help raise valuable funds to support our nook appeal. “We’re rapidly outgrowing our Norfolk hospice in Quidenham which is not designed or equipped in the way our two hospices which support families in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex are. We believe children and families in Norfolk should be able to receive the very best of services, in an accessible purpose-built environment.

“Here at EACH we’d like to thank Emma Bridgewater and Waitrose for their generous support which will help raise funds for the vital EACH nook appeal.” Juliette Toft, Buying Manager, Waitrose, said: “These are gorgeous Emma Bridgewater designs for a truly worthwhile cause. We expect them to be popular with our customers, especially as people look more and more to re-usable shopping bags.” Emma Bridgewater said: “It’s always exciting to see a design which started on a mug brought to life on another product, so when we were asked to design two bags for Waitrose we jumped at the chance and we knew our EACH mug designs would fit the bill. Fifty pence from each bag sold goes straight to the charity’s nook appeal, so don’t choose between the two, buy both!” The partnership between EACH and Emma Bridgewater was encouraged by the charity’s Royal Patron; Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge who introduced the two parties and was personally involved in the design process of the original mugs. Both Emma Bridgewater and The Duchess of Cambridge attended the launch of the nook appeal at the Norfolk

Showground on 25th November, 2014. On 18th February this year, staff from EACH joined The Duchess of Cambridge, to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stokeon-Trent to learn more about the mug project and see them in production. The mugs have been hugely successful and have already raised more than £36,000 for the EACH nook appeal. The bags will be available to buy in all Waitrose stores from Thursday 22nd October, priced at £5 with a fifty pence donation to EACH for every bag sold. The Emma Bridgewater mugs are also on sale and are available from www.emmabridgewater. and Jarrold in Norwich. The Ladybirds ½ Pint Mug retails at £19.95 with a £5 donation, Ladybirds and Insects & Flowers boxed pair £39.95 with a £10 donation and Ladybirds Baby Mug £15.95 with a £5 donation. A limited number of the bags will also be for sale in the network of 17 EACH shops across East Anglia:


Thank You!!! From Inspired Flower Design Inspired Flower Design celebrates their first anniversary by giving every reader a 15% discount for all orders placed online throughout November! Every customer will receive 15% off their order when entering the code ‘DSPTCH15’ at the checkout. You can shop online 24/7 at


e are blooming! Inspired Flower Design, founded by budding freelance florist Tracey Diplock has really seen her business blossom in the last 12 months. Deciding to leave a successful role as a manager of a magazine based in Hertfordshire to pursue

her floristry dream, Tracey admits to initially being nervous with the career change. ‘It would have been easy for me to continue in my previous job, but I would have always wondered if I could have made it on my own, following my dreams to make a successful business from making beautiful floral designs which I am truly

passionate about’ Tracey said. ‘In my first year of trading as a freelance florist I have already been so fortunate to work with some amazing people, whether it be creating memories at weddings, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries or bespoke funeral tributes to remember loved ones.’ Here we catch up with Tracey..... So what has been your proudest moment in the last 12 months? It may sound silly, but when I bought my florist van, and collected it from the sign writers and saw my company name and design down the side it really hit home that the business was starting to grow and it was a very proud moment for me. Even now I get a real sense of pride to be promoting my business every time I jump into the van to deliver one of my designs.

How do you promote you business? I have always found the best promotion of a business to be as word of mouth and positive endorsement from customers that have ordered previously. I have very many customers who return on a regular basis, and I hope they can see that in every design I try to create something special for them. I am also very aware of the power of the internet, and offer customers the opportunity to order directly online at, and also look to promote my business through Facebook ( InspiredFlowerDesign) and Twitter (@InspiredFlowerD). I love to get involved in the local community! Community engagement is really important to me. We took part in the Attleborough Carnival (despite the weather!) which was a great success - our team of flower

GENERAL What inspires you? I would have to say that I draw a lot of inspiration from iconic floral designers and I am a big fan of Pinterest too! I am always amazed by our constantly changing local landscapes and the intricacies of flowers.

girls handed out baskets full of single stem roses to the crowds throughout the procession. More recently, we have also been involved in the town’s ‘Tour of Britain Bike Fest’ working with the Attleborough Business Fun Fest Team and other local businesses.

What is your favourite flower to work with? Choosing one flower is so difficult! I love working with hydrangeas and dahlias for a few reasons; first they remind me of my grandparents, their garden, and my roots! Secondly, the seasons in which they are both available in are super-short, so when they do finally arrive in the workshop I feel like it’s an extra special birthday! What makes Inspired Flower Design different? Working freelance means I am able to offer a boutique environment, and by that I mean we only take on a limited number of

clients. We LOVE working closely with our clients throughout the entire planning process, but the most fun can be at the beginning when we get to brainstorm how we can create something different and unique for the customer. What is your favourite part about being a florist? So many things. The mornings - getting back from the wholesalers just as everyone is heading off to work, making a cuppa and listening to music whilst conditioning the flowers. I find it all very calming, and nothing you can ever experience in an office! Also, it has to be the special relationships I have with my customers. Getting to know each customer, gives me the ability to be creative and uniquely personal in my floral designs. I love meeting people and being apart of something special (whether it be a wedding, valentine, a birthday) ...and of course seeing the customers smile when I deliver. What are you looking forward to in the next 12 months? In addition to working with customers in the area, I am looking to expanding the reach of the business; working with more local businesses. The wedding diary is also getting booked up, so I am very much looking forward

to doing these, as well as taking bookings for 2016/17. Anything you would like to add? Never forget those important dates again! We offer a completely FREE reminder service, all you need to do is simply go to the ‘Remind Me’ page on our website, fill in your special dates and we will contact you in advance of your special day to remind you! I would also just want to say a massive heartfelt thank you for every single one of you that has shown support over the last 12 months or so. I am extremely touched. I appreciate I am a new florist and I am grateful for the local community support, in giving me a chance and trying me - it’s an absolute pleasure to serve you! For more information about Inspired Flower Design, check out the website, or head straight to the Facebook page! Inspired Flower Design Attleborough 07957 090 508

2015 November | 15

GENERAL Active Norfolk Get more active with Active Norfolk If you are between 11 and 25 years old and not very active, we’ve got a great way to help get you into sport. Active Norfolk Satellite Clubs are ideal for young people wanting to get involved in social sport but who are put off by more formal clubs. They are an easy and low cost way of getting involved in a

sport, plus with venues and different sports in and around Attleborough and Diss there really is something for everyone. So if you would like to try something new please visit www. to find a list of the clubs available in your area, or call us on 01603 732 333

Come along and enjoy the fun!

Low cost sport and activity sessions for ages 11 to 25

Find out more about Satellite Clubs at or call 01603 732333 16 | November 2015

GENERAL The Pelican The Pelican Inn Tacolneston The Pelican Inn is a traditional 16th Century pub and has been a family run establishment for 17 years. We have an adjoining restaurant and en-suite bed and breakfast accommodation as well as real ale bottle shop. We are located just 15 minutes south of the historical city of Norwich, in the quaint village of Tacolneston near Wymondham, south Norfolk. Our contemporary dining space offers covers for 40 people comfortably, and is suitable for intimate couples and larger parties of friends and families. We do not double book our tables; we truly believe if you are happy, you will no doubt return, and cramming people in at a quick pace is not our style ‘we are here for the long haul and therefore we hope you are too’.We offer an extensive menu with ‘pub classics’ dishes for those who love a hearty meal, like home

made burgers, home made pies and stews through to locally reared organic produce, seasonal game, fresh fish and vegetarian dishes. The menu is priced from £10-£19 per main meal dish. We also offer on Sunday a delicious roast with all the trimmings. We are very proud to say that our food hygiene as expected was 5/5 following a recent food hygiene inspection.

perhaps business breakfast meetings, birthday parties, or wedding receptions. Prices vary depending on date & time of event. We also have a large garden available for alfresco dining during summer months.

Children are very welcome to dine in our restaurant before 7.30pm and high chairs are available upon request. Our restaurant has received numerous outstanding reviews, and is often fully booked, so it’s always best to contact us to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

In our bar we have a wide range of beverages to suit everyone, with an extensive wine list, 35 whiskeys, 11 gins and a number of other spirits. Not to mention real ales supporting local breweries on rotation. Look out for us in “CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2015”. Every week we have different deals on our beverages, for example “Gin of The Week” where we offer 50ml of a premium gin & tonic for only £6.50! And “Whiskey of The Week” 50ml for £6.50 also. We also have Friday Fizz offers with Prosecco for only £17.50 a bottle!

As our restaurant is a beautiful large space we are also offering the room as a function room available for hire, for

Because of its 15 minute location from Norwich city, our rooms provide an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday

life. With Wifi connection, TV and DVD players, tea and coffee making facilities and hairdryers in every room. Adjoining the main pub and restaurant the rooms are within easy access to its facilities; with the added bonus of enough space to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and make your stay that little bit more personal if required. All residents have their own keys and ample free parking, to come and go as they please. Check in is from 6pm or available earlier by appointment & check out from 10am. We offer twin, double & kingsize rooms priced competitively between £60 - £95 a night including a classic English breakfast. With the festive season fast approaching we have our Christmas Party Menus available. 2 course meal - £19.95 & 3 course meal - £24.95. For parties of 6-30 people.

2015 November | 17

Stop guessing when the time to sell is now!

Now is the time to sell and we will help you achieve the best possible price for your home Let us take the guesswork out of when to sell your home. House prices are strong, demand is growing and stamp duty is reduced. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and intelligence, within your local market so we can put you in the best position to get the best possible price for your home at the right time for you. We have buyers ready to view and we are available every day from 8am - 10pm.

Follow your ... Call us today for your free valuation for properties covering

Dereham 01362 696977

Norwich Golden Triangle 01603 458400 Costessey 01603 604335

Eaton & Cringleford 01603 604030 Sprowston 01603 604334

or go online to

Wymondham & Hethersett 01953 469275 Norwich 01603 761600

Wymondham Light Up 2015 Christmas Lights for Wymondham Light Up Wymondham is a volunteer run group that was set up in response to complaints about the meagre Christmas lights in the town. In the last ten months, with a mixture of grants and fundraising, project leaders Karen Claydon and Karen Speed are now in a position to purchase new lights for the town. ‘This project is something we intend to build on year upon year. A display like Attleborough’s costs tens of thousands and has taken years to reach the stage it is at now. It is not just a case of buying the lights. There is health and safety, the electricity supply, putting them up and down on listed buildings, storage and running costs to consider as

well. It’s a logistic problem. This year we hope the lights we purchase will be the foundation to build upon and we hope the townsfolk will appreciate we have to build the display in stages’. The money raised has been thanks to donations from a business in the town, Wymondham Business Group, the Ex Servicemans Club, Waitrose and the Town Council. Big thanks also to the Green Dragon for holding two fundraising quizzes and to all who have donated in the collection boxes in town. There is still time to donate as the collection boxes are still in place. Donations can also be made directly into HSBC, sort code 40-35-09 account number 34101545.


Theatre Royal Learning and Skills Centre Performing arts project gets under way Plans for a £3 million-plus brand new state-of-the-art learning, training and skills centre at Norwich Theatre Royal have moved another step forward today with the announcement the project has been given the final go-ahead by the theatre’s trustees. The new centre, first officially announced last year, will be built on the site of a soon-to-bedemolished Victorian church hall at the rear of the theatre. It will play a pivotal role in a drive to embed the performing arts in every school in Norfolk by providing access to artsbased education activities for students predominantly in the secondary sector. It will also become a permanent home to the theatre’s highly popular and expanding Theatre Arts Courses, whose youngsters regularly perform on the Theatre Royal stage, and it will provide training courses for local businesses drawing on dramabased techniques to develop 20 | November 2015

leadership and presentation skills in employees. Work on the project is scheduled to start in October, commencing with the demolition of the semi-derelict hall, and is expected to take around ten months to complete, ready for opening in the autumn school term of 2016. Designs for the three-storey construction have now been fine-tuned and will include a flexible performance space with seating for up to 100 people to be used by junior and adult performers from the Theatre Arts Courses. Built to high quality environmental standards, it will house workshop rooms for delivery of courses (including technical theatre skills expected to be run by the theatre’s own experienced staff), rehearsal spaces, two dressing rooms and a light industrial workshop, and office space for the theatre’s education and Arts Courses departments which are

year to see shows at reduced ticket rates. In conjunction with visiting production companies, the theatre’s education One of the appointments will department helps provide be a senior position heading resource packs for teachers up the centre’s activities and and, for around one third of setting a programme of learning those pupils, it also provides a opportunities. deeper learning experience in As a successful regional theatre, the form of pre and post show talks and workshops – a figure it and one of the busiest in the country, the Theatre Royal hosted hopes to almost double with the use of extra space in the new 55 productions (not including centre which will enable it to one-nighters) in 2014/2015 – a thriving programme which in turn cater for larger groups of young drives its work as an educational people. charity which has seen it work Chief Executive Peter Wilson with 92 per cent of Norfolk’s said: “The new building will secondary schools and 90 per be the muscle that will offer cent of its primary schools. the work of the Theatre Royal Its educational arm also provides to thousands of people, especially the young, raising work experience placements for their ambitions, enthusing them students and runs the twiceto participate in the world of yearly Norfolk Schools Project, performance, training them which has so far seen over 100 to cooperate and collaborate, schools create operas from influencing their attitudes to scratch before performing them the world beyond Norfolk, on the Norwich Theatre Royal and expanding their mental stage; plus it is involved in an landscape. ‘umbrella trust’ with Norwich schools Arden Grove Infants “And above all it will be the and Hellesdon High School who work on cross-curricular projects visible symbol of the Theatre Royal’s commitment to place with the theatre and visiting its stability, vision, commercial productions. skills, wide reach, artistic integrity and energies at the An average of 20,000 Norfolk service of its charitable function schoolchildren come into the to improve the worlds in which theatre in school parties each expected to expand with up to four new jobs being created.


it operates by focussing on placing the arts within reach of every child.” New learning opportunities which will be covered in the new centre will include: - Expansion of the theatre’s own Junior Arts Courses, Adult Drama Workshops and Theatre Skills Courses. The Junior Arts Courses are particularly oversubscribed with more than 500 youngsters, aged eight to 16, currently participating, and more space is urgently needed. - Additional learning opportunities for students in the HE/FE sectors, such as facilitating student access to industry practitioners and working designers by connecting them with visiting productions. This also enables the theatre to build on its current educational connections with the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Matthew Bourne, Northern Ballet and English Touring Opera. - Acting as a facilitator in partnership with the Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge, for schools wishing to participate in the ArtsMark award scheme and for individual students taking part in the ArtsAwards scheme. - Offering new technical theatre training courses using the theatre’s own in-house expertise. - Providing a venue for new training courses for local businesses - the theatre has already developed a new three-year training and skills programme called Transform in conjunction with partners National Theatre’s Theatreworks and Olivier Mythodrama and Ideas Centre. - Offering teachers from across the county training in delivering music, dance and drama. The cost of the project is £3.8 million and the centre is expected to be financially selfsustaining once open. Sixty-two per cent of the project’s funding is already secured, with further

grant applications submitted to a number of bodies. In addition to substantial funds committed by the Theatre Royal Norwich Trust itself, grants have also been pledged by The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Norwich Town Close Estate Charity, The Monument Trust, the Geoffrey Watling Charity, The Paul Bassham Charitable Trust and The Foyle Foundation. A public fundraising appeal will be launched this autumn. 2015 November | 21


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ELDERLY The Hearing Care Centre Improving your hearing in time for Christmas There is nothing like the festive season with one social engagement after another. From the Christmas office party, drinks with friends and the buzz of the family gathering on the big day, December is a time for fun and social interaction. But is it? For those experiencing hearing loss, this can be something of an annual nightmare, causing a variety of communication issues! Imagine if you can, being unable to hear speech clearly because Christmas music is being played in the background or not being able to hear the excitement of children opening presents because they are all talking at once and you cannot separate the sounds clearly. Imagine dreading Christmas dinner on a large table with 15 other people

24 | November 2015

because you won’t be able to hear what is being said around you. These are issues a normal hearing person doesn’t normally even consider. Over 119,000 people in Suffolk have a hearing loss but the number is far smaller for those who have sought professional help from their local audiologist. Hearing aids can make such a difference to someone’s quality of life at this time of year. Hearing aids are so much smaller and discreet than they ever used to be and packed full of amazing features that will help during the festive period. You may have thought that with so much noise at a party or family dinner, hearing aids would just make things louder, but modern digital hearing aids

aren’t simple sound amplifiers. They are designed to filter out all the unwanted noise - like the clanging of dishes in the kitchen or the background music - and help you focus on speech. Features such as directional microphones work to reduce the amount of noise allowed to enter your hearing aids. In noisy environments, like at a Christmas party, the system will work to pick up the least amount of noise.

Christmas. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre. The multi-award winning, familyrun company has 20 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. For more information visit www. or call 01473 230330.

If the noise is located behind you, your directional microphones will adapt to pick up sound from in front of you and dampen noise from behind you. If you or someone you know is struggling with hearing problems, don’t struggle through another festive season not being able to join in and have fun. I urge you to book a hearing test now and find out what could be done to help you in time for

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Able Community Care The Alternative to Moving into a Care Home Getting older sometimes means that a person needs to be cared for twenty four hours a day. Such care can be provided in a care home or in a person’s own home. Given the choice, many people would prefer to stay in their own home and Able Community Care has enabled thousands of people to exercise this choice. Our experience has shown that having a regular rota of experienced carers in your own home is often a much happier alternative than moving into a care home. Able Community Care has been providing an alternative choice to moving into a care home since 1980 by providing Live-in Carer Schemes throughout the UK. Our live-in care staff have enabled thousands of disabled and older people to remain happily within their own home. The role of our live-in carers is to provide domestic, personal and social

care tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. Able Community Care’s website provides comprehensive information, including many moving and heartfelt client comments. There is also an option to sign up for our free email Newsflash, written by the MD. Angela Gifford each week, to keep up to date with the latest care information and news which may affect you or your family. If you have any questions about our Live-in Care Schemes please contact us on 01603 764567 or email to For a Free Information Pack, please don’t hesitate to contact Able Community Care on 01603 764567 or email ablemg@aol. com. Alternatively you can visit our website for more information at

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O VER £550,000

Specialist Dementia Care at It’s Best The Beeches care home in East Harling With a number of recent news articles portraying poor care within care homes, especially within the Dementia market, one Norfolk care home in particular is bucking the trend. The Beeches is a registered care home for the Elderly and those suffering from Dementia. The home is set in 2 acres of beautiful gardens in the town of East Harling. All rooms are furnished to hotel standards but are personalised to suit each new resident, with residents encouraged to bring in their own personal belongings. There are 44 bedrooms with a separate specialist dementia wing for 15 residents. The Home provides a range of assisted bathrooms, showers and accompanying mobility aids. The Home also has a number of spacious lounges and a conservatory offering large flat screen televisions. Meal times are an important part of the day and The Beeches offers a full choice of daily menus. A balanced and nutritious diet is offered with emphasis placed on fresh homemade meals. Hot and cold drinks and a range of snacks are available throughout the day. The homes menu is created by discussions between the residents, their families and staff.The Home has an Activities Co-ordinator who organises activities on a daily

basis for the Residents. These are led by resident’s requests and family’s suggestions and have included cinema afternoons, arts and crafts, external entertainment, quizzes and reminiscent based events.



Black Swan International to expand with multi-million pound finance package. Norwich headquartered Black Swan International Ltd has secured a seven-figure funding package from NatWest as part of its continued expansion plans. Founded in 1994, Black Swan currently operates 13 private care homes across Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire − with a headcount of over 400.

 Single En Suite Bedrooms  Permanent, Respite and

Holiday Care Chiropody and Hairdressing in the Town Centre  Individual Centred Care  Home Cooked Meals  Daily Activity  Flat Screen TV in

Resident’s parties are organised on a regular basis and at all times the Home believes in maintaining social interaction between residents, their families and friends. The Beeches is owned by Norfolk based company Black Swan International Limited who have 13 care homes in Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They are an experienced care operator that prides itself in putting residents needs and feelings first. The dignity and independence of each resident is promoted within all of the Company’s Care Homes. For more information, to request a brochure or to arrange a visit The Beeches can be contacted on 01953 717584 or visit their website

 Rooms from £550 per week

Every Bedroom


The Beeches 1 West Harling Road, East Harling, Norwich, Norfolk, NR16 2N Telephone +44 (0)1953 717 584 Fax. : +44 (0)1953 717 584 The funding arrangement and refinancing package with NatWest has enabled the firm to acquire The Beeches, East Harling. Following the deal, Black Swan has embarked on a 12-month re-development programme at the 44-bed care home, including physical improvement works. Tom Lyons, operations manager for Black Swan International, said “The funding stream agreed with NatWest is instrumental in helping us achieve our long-term ambitions, allowing us to invest in our care homes and prepare for future growth.

“It’s an exciting time for the business as we add The Beeches to our portfolio and upgrade the home for the comfort and benefit of residents.” Paul Barford, relationship director and healthcare specialist for NatWest, added: “A passion for putting customers at the heart of their business underpins the Black Swan team’s success. “We are proud to support them through an exciting period of growth, which will further cement the company’s strong position in the sector.”



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