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Issue 100 February 2016


Wymondham & Dereham

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We provide a service to REPAIR windows doors and conservatories in Norfolk.


R! E F F O 2 R 3 FO Cracked or misted windows

Broken/cracked or steamed up conservatories

Stiff or damaged door handles and hinges

FREE ESTIMATES No call out charge No job too big or too small SAVE MONEY For an honest opinion and free estimate please call

0800 160 1932

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01603 334014 | All three blinds must be the same type and in the same fabric. Smallest blind supplied free.

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Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

02 | February 2016

Issue 100 Your community magazine

Dispatch Magazine would like to thank all those who have contributed to this issue.

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2016 February | 03


Priory Insurance A look at Home Insurance Your most valuable asset is likely to be your home. Have you ever considered what would happen in the event of a serious fire, flood or theft ? With access to over 200 Insurance Schemes, our fully trained staff will search our panel of carefully selected Insurers to ascertain the correct levels of cover and protection required for your individual circumstances. We can provide cover for just Buildings or Buildings and Contents combined. In addition to standard cover, we can arrange to include Accidental Damage, together with Personal Possessions cover for

items away from the home. If your property is of non standard construction, or you work from home, we can cater for these difficult and sometimes expensive policies, with our expert knowledge and understanding of your individual circumstances. With over 35 years experience in providing Home Insurance at all levels, we would welcome your enquiry and would be pleased to provide quotations or advice. For more information or quotation, please contact Miss Lucy Moy on 01953 602866 or e-mail lucy@prioryinsurance.

The Denture Clinic

Professional denture service based in Norwich Martin as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a registered dental care professional, trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to the patient, previously only available through your dentist, although some treatment plans will require a referral from your dentist, partically if you have your own natural teeth remaining. Martin qualified with the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) and has been working with dentures since 1986. Martin is highly experienced in providing cosmetic dentures to his patients, giving advice in a friendly, caring and professional manner. Martin’s advanced knowledge helps him to solve the most challenging of dentures problems. 04 | February 2016

During your first appointment to the Denture Clinic, Martin will undertake a detailed clinical evaluation, enabling the diagnosis to be reached, in order to create a detailed treatment plan, which is then tailored exactly to your needs. For ease and comfort appointments can also be made with a dental practitioner. We follow four principles: * Rebuilding your morale with personal dentures * Patient centered dentistry * Patient controlled dentistry * Highest quality standards in both clinical and manufacturing procedures For more information or to speak to someone from the clinic, visit the website: www.denturecliinicnorwich. or call 01603 624071


Kerry Butcher Accountancy Services Self Assessments & Tax Returns PHEWWWWWW!!! It’s done and dusted for another year! No not Christmas and New Year – much worse than that! The January self assessment deadline – the looming £100 fine if you don’t file your tax return by 31 January and pay the tax you owe. I think that you can probably tell any accountancy types or relations of accountancy types in late December and January, from the haggard looks on their faces, the grey skin, the look of panic and the 98 extra shots of coffee in their morning lattes. A big thank you to all our clients who have got their information in and waited patiently for us to get to the end of this onslaught, for waiting their turn and for those who were waiting simply for normal services to be resumed! Now we can look properly at new ideas, new ventures, look properly at whether it is a good idea to become VAT registered or even whether you should start up a business at all. For us accountancy types it’s the start of a whole new year – the sun is rising, the snowdrops are blooming and all is well with the world. Now of course, you may still have a tax return to complete, since if you have recently advised HMRC that you will need to complete a tax return, they are duty bound to give you 3 months in which to complete this. But be warned,

this time can soon slip by and before you know it, you too might be facing the dreaded £100 fine and penalties. The general rule of thumb with all things tax is don’t put it off! Of course from April we will have the start of a lovely new tax year with the introduction of such delicacies as dividend tax. At the time of writing, we have not been provided with any information on the dividend tax to be applied. All eyes are on the March budget to see what exciting things it may bring. Let’s hope that the dividend tax is not too high and that those with buy to let rentals don’t suffer too much with the promise of financial costs being disallowed.

you need help with your auto enrolment needs. Did you know - if you are an employee and receive expenses for travelling in your own car, be sure to check the mileage rate you receive from your employer. Did you know that if you receive less than the 45pence per mile HMRC recommended rate for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile thereafter, you can claim the tax relief on the difference. We have completed forms for a number of clients to gain this additional tax relief so ensure that you don’t miss out. Finally, we still have clients who are getting caught out with the current threshold for VAT registration. Be sure to calculate your turnover on all sales that are not outside the

scope of VAT or exempt (zero rated and reduced rate sales must be added) and keep calculating this on a month by month basis. The legislation states that the threshold is calculated on a rolling turnover, this means from February to January, March to February, and April to March etc etc – the period keeps rolling and you must keep checking. Don’t get caught out or you could end up losing 20% of your sales in VAT without ever adding the additional amounts on originally. If you are unsure about this or anything in this article, why not pick up the phone or email us here at KBA. We would love to hear from you so don’t be shy.

The changes that were mentioned in the Autumn Statement have been kept under close wraps and no information has been suggested since. Of course we at KBA will be listening closely in March and will be fully up to date in time for the new tax year. Of course April will also see the end of the payroll year, so if you run a limited company or have employees make sure that you make the most of the personal allowances available before the 5 April. Don’t lose your tax free personal allowance. Of course Auto Enrolment is also looming largely on the horizon, we at KBA can only operate pensions already in place but we can suggest some names if 2016 February | 05


Sound Sleep Beds We hold the secret to a better nights sleep Like proper nutrition, a balanced diet and exercise, sleep plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and happy. We need a good night’s sleep to ensure we are feeling fit, thinking sharply and to generally give us the appetite and enthusiasm to make the most of everyday living. What most people don’t realise is that poor sleep and fatigue are the biggest issues that affect millions of people worldwide. When sleep deprivation mounts up, people start feeling tired during the day time which affects our ability to make decisions and helps us make mistakes, have shorter tempers and can make us have slower reflexes. With many of us driving on the roads, this can have devastating effects. The number one key to a good night’s sleep is ROUTINE. Keeping regular hours and going to bed and getting up at the same time every day will help program the body to sleep better. Research from all over the world, confirms that a comfortable, uninterrupted seven or eight hours sleep each night can help reduce stress, boost your mood, your physical and mental

performance, cure a wide range of aches and pains as well as slowing down the aging process. A lack of sleep suppresses your immune system making you more vulnerable to infections and metabolic and hormone changes which have the same effect on your body as ageing. According to the University of British Columbia, the average person that requires eight hours sleep per night, just losing one hour of sleep can lower your IQ by one point the following day. Reduce this to a whole week of six hour nights could lose you 15 points. Sleep is important for the body and mind! This time of year can hard on us with the long nights and the cold weather so we need to make sure that we are well rested, the following tips may help you get those all important eight hours. Create a restful environment. Keep you bedroom at a comfortable temperature and as quiet and dark as possible. Turn off that iPhone, vibrations and flashes through the night will disturb your you and in your subconscious you will think about that message you’ve just received. Exercise. We all hate it, but regular exercise will help

relieve the day’s stresses and strains. Consider taking a walk or going swimming. Cut out stimulants. Tea, coffee and sugary drinks in the evening will interfere with you falling asleep. Try a nice herbal tea or a milky drink instead. Smoking also can take you longer to get to sleep, smokers tend to wake more often through the night. Don’t over indulge. Too much food or alcohol before bed could disrupt your sleep. Alcohol does help you pass out, but will no doubt interrupt your sleep during the night. Relax. Turn off the television before bed and have some relaxation time. Read a book, have a warm bath or listen to some music. This could help relax you before bed. Remembering to turn off that phone! Don’t worry. Easily said, but laying in bed worrying about jobs you need to do tomorrow will keep you awake, tossing and turning. Have you considered writing a list before bed, all your jobs are on paper and you can cross them off one by one giving you satisfaction. Don’t sleep on an argument. Conflicts are not conducive to putting you in the right frame of mind for sleep. Comfortable Bed. One of the most important factors in a

good night’s sleep is your bed. In Sleep Council research, 79% of people saw a direct link between the way they sleep and how they feel the next day. Astonishingly, only 11% thought that there might be any link between their bed and sleep. It is recommended that your bed should be change at least every seven years, this will ensure you maintain comfort and support every single night. If your bed feels uncomfortable before seven years, look to change it! Did you know that your bed may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from it’s as new state after seven years? Research also showed that beds as little as six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear, not just from body weight and movement but from sweat and debris too. A comfortable and supportive bed is important to assist in achieving those eight, uninterrupted hours. At Sound Sleep, we are fully trained mattress specialists who are able to give you advice on which mattresses are suitable to your needs. We have over 100 beds on display in store and with all the latest mattress technology available we are best placed locally to help aid a good night’s sleep and hopefully make your dreams come true. Information and research provided by The Sleep Council

06 | February 2016

Sound Sleep LTD

meet our dream team..... Andrew Bright

Trish Bright

Amie Bright

Local Family Business - we offer our customers value for money products with a personal service, which often cannot be found in the big high street stores Mattress Specialists - with over 50 years experience in mattress manufacturing and retail, we have expert knowledge on all aspects of mattress technology

Over 100 Beds on Display - with a huge choice of beds we are able to help you make an informed decision on what kind of mattress meets your needs

No High Pressure Sales - we want our customers to feel comfortable when buying their new bed, so we are on hand to assist to provide advice without any pressure to buy

0% Interest Free Credit - available on orders over ÂŁ400 - subject to status Fast Free Delivery - all our deliveries are made by our own team to ensure you receive a service level of 100% and no less. We can also dispose of your old bed or mattress Free Parking - Ample free parking at the door. We are also wheelchair accessible Stockists of Leading Brands - we stock Silentnight, Rest Assured, Sealy, Myers, Slumberland, Salus, Breasley amongst others to provide a variety of different beds

Stock - we hold a big selection of mattresses, divans and bedsteads available to take away or for fast delivery National Bed Federation Approved - all our beds and mattresses are supplied by NBF Approved manufacturers to ensure the product your are buying is safe, clean and honest.

Come and visit our huge showroom at Aloe Farm - Mile Road - Winfarthing - IP22 2EZ Between Diss & Attleborough on the main B1077 - Look for our bright yellow sign! For mattress advise please call 01953 861177 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00

BIG C’s Month of Love Campaign

Have a heart this February and give a bit of time and affection for the Big C’s “Month of Love” campaign. If we whispered “Chocolate” in your ear…could you be tempted? The Norfolk based charity has teamed up with some of the county’s favourite restaurants, as they prepare for lovers to indulge in Valentine’s dinners, to tantalise your tastebuds with some delicious locally produced chocolates in return for a suggested donation. Here’s how to join in. Below are listed the restaurants participating in the scheme. When you finish your meal at any of these restaurants for your Valentine’s, a Kilner jar with delicious chocolates will be arrive on the table. All Big C asks is that you make a donation to indulge in a chocolate of your choice with your loved one? “It’s our 35th anniversary year and Valentines Day so we have to celebrate with chocolates. We hope lots of people will enter into the spirit of the scheme and realise all the money will be used to helping cancer patients and their families right here on their doorstep in Norfolk,” said Clive Evans, Director of Income Generation. The donations will be given to the Big C to help fund its support centres, research, life-saving equipment purchases and education and are all pure profit as all the jars and chocolates have been kindly donated. The Big C is loving support from Norfolk Truffle 08 | February 2016

Company, Gnaw, Digbys and others for the chocolates and Kilner and Lakeland, Norwich, for the jars. The restaurants offering the scheme are: Stoke Mill, Stoke Holy Cross; Pedro’s Texmex Cantina, Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich; No1. Cromer; Marriott’s Warehouse, King’s Lynn. If you are a restauranteur or maker of wonderful chocolates and would like to be involved in this sweet opportunity please call Rachel Francis on 01603 619900.

Th e Ch air and Bo ard of Tru ste es of Big C, Norfolk and Waven ey’ s Ca nce r Ch ari ty, req ues ts the ple asu re of you r com pany at a rec ep tio n to cel ebr ate the ir 35t h ann ive rsa ry yea r. Thu rsd ay 28 Jan uar y 2016 The Bob Cha mpi on Resear ch and Edu cat 6.30 pm

Drin ks and cana pes, followed by the prem iére of the Big C Ann ivers ary Film

ion Bui ldin g

Plea se RSV P to Chri stine Saye r: chris tine. saye r@b ig-c. co.u k

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) Are you looking to get rid of some unwanted Christmas gifts and to clear out some clutter before spring cleaning? East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) has charity shops across the county calling out for donations of good quality items to sell on and raise valuable funds for this worthy local cause. EACH provides care for children and young people with lifethreatening conditions and supports their families across East Anglia. For both families accessing care, and those who have been bereaved, EACH is a lifeline at an unimaginably difficult time. The charity has eighteen shops across the region with six across Norfolk in: Diss, Downham Market, Long Stratton, Norwich, Long Stratton and Wymondham. To ensure all their shop are a success, EACH rely on the generosity of local people to bring in their unwanted items. They are asking for donations of the following clean and good quality goods to sell: clothing, bric-a-brac, modern paperbacks, toys,

jewellery, DVDs/CDs, household linens, retro and vintage clothes and small electrical items. The charity also needs donations of good quality furniture and can collect it free of charge if you’re unable to transport it yourself. You can contact their Retail Distribution Centre on (01842) 821620 for more information. Volunteers are vital to all EACH shops and there are always plenty of opportunities to help out. Volunteering is a great chance to take on a new challenge, meeting new and like-minded people and contribute to your local community. If you’d be interested in volunteering at your local EACH shop please contact the shop directly or call the charity’s Retail Distribution Centre on (01842) 821620 for more information. For a full list of all shop locations, contact details and opening times visit: 2016 February | 09

01953 498444


MON-THU 06:00-21:30 FRIDAY 06:00-20:30 SATURDAY 08:30-16:30 SUNDAY 08:30-16:30



GENERAL Amazon Gym

Are you tired of battling your weight? Nothing seems to work for me!

Does it feel like no matter how strict your diet is or how many times you go to the gym, you just can’t seem to shed the pounds? It’s time to stop trying to lose weight. Really

Stop losing weight... Really!

If you’re serious about wanting to transform your body and feel great you need to stop thinking about weight and start focusing on body composition. Real change needs a new approach.

What you need to know

Your body is mainly composed of muscle, fat and water. When you exercise more or start

dieting, your body composition will change, even if your weight stays the same. This is why: What you need to know Your body is mainly composed of muscle, fat and water. When you exercise more or start deiting, your body composition will change, even if your weight stays the same. This is why: As you exercise more, you develop more muscle mass and reduce fat. Your weight might even increase at a certain point, as your muscle mass increases. Very low calorie diets may force your body into ‘starvation’ mode. Storing body fat rather then burning it. So even if you lose weight, your

fat ratio will increase. Quick-fix, crash dietes may produce speedy results, but the weight loss will be in the form of body water and healthy, lean muscle tissue.

You can manage what you monitor

If you’re serious about transforming your body, the key to success is to focus on building muscle, staying hydrated and reducing your body fat. Body composition monitors help you to understand the true impact your diet and fitness plan has on your body.

gain and hydration levels, you’ll be able to see what’s working and stay motivated, even when your weight stays the same. That’s why, this month we are offering FREE health checks using our body composition monitor, checking blood pressure & heart rates. We will then help yout set your goals, with a plan to achieve them. Review health checks will then be charged at just £15. To book your health just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

By monitoring your progress in terms of fat loss, muscle

2016 February | 11

GENERAL Nicholsons Solicitors Mental Capacity – Importance and Assessment When a person lacks mental capacity, they are unable to create any valid legal agreement – for example to make a valid will.

mental functioning which is sufficient to affect the ability of the person making the decision that is in point (e.g. making a valid will).

relevant to the decision being made;

Challenges to wills on the ground that the testator lacked mental capacity are becoming increasingly common, especially when the will was made (or an existing will was changed) by someone of advanced years.

The second stage involves four further tests, which must all be satisfied to show that the person has mental capacity:

If you are concerned that a family member may be losing mental capacity and there are ‘loose ends’ which should be tied up (such as creating a will or executing a power of attorney), it is important to make sure these matters are dealt with before mental capacity is lost.

When it is feared that mental capacity may be lacking, it is possible for a test to be carried out to confirm the extent of a person’s ability. The test involves two stages. The first identifies whether there is an impairment of

The person must be able to understand information relevant to the decision being taken; The person must be able to retain that information for a period of time sufficient for them to make the decision; The person must be able to evaluate the information

JTD 14111 Nicholsons Advert.qxp_Layout 1 07/01/2015 13:06 Page 1

invite you to their annual

QUIZ EVENING Saturday 12th March 2016 at the Connaught Hall, Station Road, Attleborough Quiz Master Mr Pat Murphy


FISH & CHIPS £8 Choice of fish/sausage/vegetarian pizza

At Nicholsons we can assist you in organising any necessary tests of mental capacity as well as dealing with the preparation of any legal documents required.

Doors open at 7 p.m. for a 7 30 start Bar available (please do not bring alcohol)

**** RAFFLE**** All profit for Christian Aid PLEASE BOOK YOUR PLACE IN ADVANCE by ringing Dorothy on 01953 456211, giving the name of your team and a contact number. Please pay as a group, not individually; cheques payable to Christian Aid.


Attleborough Summer Playscheme Club 99 (a registered charity now in its eighteenth year)

Making a Will is the only way to protect your family and assets for the future.

From Monday 25 July to Friday 26 August

Nicholsons specialise in Will writing, inheritance tax planning, Powers of Attorney and property trusts.

A Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader, Three Assistants & two one to one Support Workers

We pride ourselves on making the whole process as easy as possible either by meeting in our office or visiting you in the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in discussing a Will or any other legal matter contact Ann-Marie Matthews on 01603 478567 or email

Experience with children aged 5 – 11 is essential

SPECIA L OFFER with this simple w advert ill fo or pair fo r £110* r £150*

Salaries: Leader £425 per week Deputy Leader £350 per week Assistants & Support Workers £300 per week

For further details & application form please ring 01953 456211 or 01953 454597

Tel: 01603 478567 Email:

* Excluding VAT

12 | February 2016



If you need a will, Nicholsons make it easy...

Nicholsons Solicitors LLP, 97 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR7 0HF

The person must be able to communicate their decision.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this article, or need help with a legal matter, such as making a Will, contact AnnMarie Matthews on 01603 478567 or email amatthews@

Closing date for applications Friday 11 March Interviews will take place on 8 and 9 April


Excellence in Electrical Delivering a Reliable & also Reputable service across Norfolk & Suffolk › Domestic Services › Commercial & Industrial JASON PECK 01508 488 007 07718 206 110

2016 February | 13

ELDERLY The Hearing Care Treating hearing loss can help keep your New Year’s Resolutions Every New Year brings with it a sense of renewal. For many, this renewal may include New Year’s resolutions pledging that the next year will prove better than the last. The challenge is not making these resolutions, but making sure they do not melt away with the snow as winter turns to spring. Some common resolutions might include reducing stress levels, staying in touch more regularly with family and friends, and being more socially involved. For those who struggle with hearing loss, keeping these and other perennial resolutions may prove challenging. Here are a

14 | February 2016

few examples of how treating your hearing loss in the New Year can help you achieve your resolutions and improve your life.

Reducing stress

Staying stress free in the New Year may seem like an insurmountable task, but we can all do a few things to make sure stress doesn’t dominate our lives. Hearing-related stress can present itself in everyday situations with the potential to significantly increase your overall stress level. If you have become nervous to speak up when clarifying what was said in a conversation,

or avoid loud places for fear of being cut from the conversation, it may be time to address your hearing issues. Finding a solution could help you reduce some of your daily stress.

Staying in touch with family and friends

Staying connected with family and friends is difficult whether loved ones are spread across the country or live just around the corner. If keeping in touch with the important people in your life tops your list of resolutions, addressing your hearing concerns may be a step in the right direction. Being able to communicate with family and friends without worrying about what was said by a loved one over the phone, on Skype, or face-to-face is of

the utmost importance. Not only does it put your mind at ease, it makes conversations with loved ones that much easier.

Branching out

Hearing loss may hinder you from branching out and meeting new people. If you are nervous to extend your social circle because of your hearing loss, addressing the issue in the New Year could be the push you need to make new friends and experience new adventures in the coming year. Have you always wanted to volunteer with an organisation or join a club but have been too self-conscious about your hearing loss? Don’t let apprehension and worry keep you from meeting new people and enjoying all the sights and

ELDERLY sounds that the world has to offer.

Starting a new hobby

Attleborough, Dereham, Eye, Harleston, Thetford, Watton and Wymondham .

Starting a new hobby, whether by yourself or in a group setting, can be both challenging and entertaining. If you would like to learn how to play a new instrument and want to better hear the notes, or if you are taking a class at your local college and want to be able to contribute to the discussion without feeling nervous, having the confidence to address your hearing issues can lead to new talents and friends.

Taking action

If any of the above scenarios resonate with you, your hearing loss could be a barrier to accomplishing your resolutions. It may be time to add another resolution to the list: book a hearing assessment. Seeking help, advice and ultimately treating your hearing loss will benefit not only your physical health but your mental and social health as well. Placing priority on your hearing health will not only help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, but will give you a renewed confidence in your hearing and social life. Invest in your hearing. Invest in yourself. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre. The multi-award winning, family-run company has 20 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk, including

2016 February | 15

ELDERLY Able Community Care The Alternative to Moving into a Care Home Getting older sometimes means that a person needs to be cared for twenty four hours a day. Such care can be provided in a care home or in a person’s own home. Given the choice, many people would prefer to stay in their own home and Able Community Care has enabled thousands of people to exercise this choice. Our experience has shown that having a regular rota of experienced carers in your own home is often a much happier alternative than moving into a care home.

Able Community Care has been providing an alternative choice to moving into a care home since 1980 by providing Live-in Carer Schemes throughout the UK. Our live-in care staff have enabled thousands of disabled and older people to remain happily within their own home. The role of our live-in carers is to provide domestic, personal and social care tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. One of our clients is Kate. Kate was born in 1919 and in 2006 as a result of arthritis and too common falls, Kate and her family had to make a decision

as to how Kate wished to be cared for. Her own wish was to remain living in her own bungalow, to keep up her social activities and to maintain her hobbies. Kate and her family decided to try a Live-in Carer Scheme and since 2006 a continuous, regular, rotational system of liked live-in care workers have supported Kate, now aged 95, and who continues to live happily in her own home. Kate wrote the following comments with reference to the care she received in 2014 on our Customer Satisfaction Form: • “The live-in care workers carry out the tasks that are important to me.” • “I feel comfortable about contacting my Care Manager” (whom she has met). • “I am happy with the service I am receiving.” • “The responsiveness to ‘out of hours’ contact is satisfying and responsive.” Live-in Carers are special people. Whilst living for weekly or fortnightly periods in a client’s home they provide domestic support, personal care and offer companionship. Each of our clients has an individual ‘job description’ and it is the objective of our Care Managers to provide our clients with a regular rota of liked live-in carer workers and also to find for our care workers, clients for whom they have the skills to care for. In addition to providing professionally managed live-in care at home on a long term basis, Able Community Care can also provide the following

16 | February 2016

care packages: • Respite care for family carers who need a well-earned break. • A Carer to accompany a person who wants to go on holiday or to visit relatives. • Long term care to a person who wishes to share the care. For example, Able can provide one or two weeks of care, then the family the next period etc. on a flexible, rotational basis. • A “Home From Hospital” care package offering convalescent live-in care at home. Able Community Care currently provides Live-in, Carer Schemes in over 50 counties and our clients range in age from early twenties to over one hundred years of age. A large number of our care workers have been with us for over ten years and some for over fifteen years. Able Community Care’s website provides comprehensive information, including many moving and heartfelt client comments. There is also an option to sign up for our free email Newsflash, written by the MD. Angela Gifford each week, to keep up to date with the latest care information and news which may affect you or your family. If you have any questions about our Live-in Care Schemes please contact us on 01603 764567 or email to ablemg@ For a Free Information Pack, please don’t hesitate to contact Able Community Care on 01603 764567 or email


2016 February | 17


O VER £550,000

Specialist Dementia Care at It’s Best The Beeches care home in East Harling With a number of recent news articles portraying poor care within care homes, especially within the Dementia market, one Norfolk care home in particular is bucking the trend. The Beeches is a registered care home for the Elderly and those suffering from Dementia. The home is set in 2 acres of beautiful gardens in the town of East Harling. All rooms are furnished to hotel standards but are personalised to suit each new resident, with residents encouraged to bring in their own personal belongings. There are 44 bedrooms with a separate specialist dementia wing for 15 residents. The Home provides a range of assisted bathrooms, showers and accompanying mobility aids. The Home also has a number of spacious lounges and a conservatory offering large flat screen televisions. Meal times are an important part of the day and The Beeches offers a full choice of daily menus. A balanced and nutritious diet is offered with emphasis placed on fresh homemade meals. Hot and cold drinks and a range of snacks are available throughout the day. The homes menu is created by discussions between the residents, their families and staff.The Home has an Activities Co-ordinator who organises activities on a daily basis for the

18 | February 2016

Residents. These are led by resident’s requests and family’s suggestions and have included cinema afternoons, arts and crafts, external entertainment, quizzes and reminiscent based events.



Black Swan International to expand with multi-million pound finance package. Norwich headquartered Black Swan International Ltd has secured a seven-figure funding package from NatWest as part of its continued expansion plans. Founded in 1994, Black Swan currently operates 13 private care homes across Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire − with a headcount of over 400.

 Single En Suite Bedrooms  Permanent, Respite and

Holiday Care Chiropody and Hairdressing in the Town Centre  Individual Centred Care  Home Cooked Meals  Daily Activity  Flat Screen TV in

Every Bedroom

Resident’s parties are organised on a regular basis and at all times the Home believes in maintaining social interaction between residents, their families and friends. The Beeches is owned by Norfolk based company Black Swan International Limited who have 13 care homes in Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They are an experienced care operator that prides itself in putting residents needs and feelings first. The dignity and independence of each resident is promoted within all of the Company’s Care Homes. For more information, to request a brochure or to arrange a visit The Beeches can be contacted on 01953 717584 or visit their website

 Rooms from £550 per week


The Beeches 1 West Harling Road, East Harling, Norwich, Norfolk, NR16 2N Telephone +44 (0)1953 717 584 Fax. : +44 (0)1953 717 584 The funding arrangement and refinancing package with NatWest has enabled the firm to acquire The Beeches, East Harling. Following the deal, Black Swan has embarked on a 12-month re-development programme at the 44-bed care home, including physical improvement works. Tom Lyons, operations manager for Black Swan International, said

Paul Barford, relationship director and healthcare specialist for NatWest, added: “A passion for putting customers at the heart of their business underpins the Black Swan team’s success. “We are proud to support them through an exciting period of growth, which will further cement the company’s strong position in the sector.”

“The funding stream agreed with NatWest is instrumental in helping us achieve our longterm ambitions, allowing us to invest in our care homes and prepare for future growth. “It’s an exciting time for the business as we add The Beeches to our portfolio and upgrade the home for the comfort and benefit of residents.”



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Wymondham & Dereham - February 2016  

The February 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham & Dereham

Wymondham & Dereham - February 2016  

The February 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham & Dereham