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BRECKLAND HOMECLEAN DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

Issue 106

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Jonathan Horswell @JonathanHorswel

Administration Luke Keable

for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment


Arron Self

Quality People continue to provide a recruitment service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the


Jon Cooper

surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk. Telephone: 0195 3 4 5 3 6 4 4


Brenda Pepper

Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

DispatchMag @Dispatch_Mag Tel 01953 456789 Web Address Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE.

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Original Music and Radio Drama from Four by Four


ether sett music composer, Ken Crandell, is producing some original music for the six new radio plays being performed by local play writing group, Four by Four.

It will be played live by Val Car tmell. The performance will take place at the Fair land Church Centre, Fair land Hill, Wymondham, from 7.30p on Monday, September 12. Tickets are £6 and can be booked in advance by telephoning Richard on 01953 861336. They can also be purchased on the door.


Fun, Safe, Indoor Soccer

new and football isisaa new andexciting exciting football and ball skills programme for andand young and ball skills programme fortoddlers toddlers young children from the ages of 1yr to 5yrs old. children from the ages of 1yr to 5yrs old. is all about FUN and learning real football skills is all about FUN in a safe, indoor environment. and learning real are football skillsfast The sessions structured, in a safe, indoor environment. paced and develop sk ills from basic kicking to controlling The sessions are structured, the fast all parts the from body. paced ball andwith develop skofills


iny Soccerstars sessions are specially designed to give children their first touch with a ball. Our fully interactive sessions use a range of equipment to help children improve their gross and fine motor skills.


We provide a structured programme of football coaching for toddlers and young children. The content of our sessions has been developed by specialists in Early Years learning and qualified FA coaches to encourage the children’s mental and physical development. The programme teaches and develops all the basic football skills and on completion a children will be able to control the ball with all parts of their feet and body. We are passionate about fitness and believe it it vital to encourage children to get involved from a young age. An active life is a happy, healthier life. Tiny Soccerstars provides little ones (and grown-ups!) with the chance to get involved, make friends and learn some great footballing skills in a fun and stimulating environment. For more information or to find a class in your area, visit our website 04 | Wymondham & Dereham


basic kicking to controlling the ball with all parts of the body.

Our sessions are planned to help improve a child’s physical, Our sessions are planned to mental and social development help improve a child’sand physical, through games, equipment mental styles and social development teaching to suit each developmental stage. through games, equipment and Fun sessions teaching styles to suit each Quality one to one time with developmental stage. parent/carer

Tiny Soccer Stars is all about fun and learning in a safe, indoor environment. Fun sessions Improve: Ou r fun siotime ns with Quality one ses to one Coordination are parent/carer planned to help Balance Agility improve: Improve: Motor skills Coordination Numeracy/literacy •Balance Corecognition Colour ordination Agility All • classes are run Ba lan ceby specially trained coaches. skills •Motor Ag ilit Numeracy/literacy Come and haveysome footie fun. •Colour Motor recognition Skills •classes Nu rac All are run by specially Frme ee tast y/Literacy er trained coaches. • seCo lou ss io Re cognition ns r avai lable

Come and have some footie fun.

Fr e

e t as e C ontact J o M archant on 01953 601033 r s es / 07821t030106 s

ions ava ilable

C ontact J o CONTACT M archantJO on MARCHANT 01953 601033ON / 07821 030106 07821 030 106 or



Exclusive mugs and bags raise more than £100K for hospice appeal wo mugs and matching shopping bags designed by iconic pottery designer and manufacturer, Emma Bridgewater, have raised an impressive £102,777 which will go towards transforming children’s palliative care across Norfolk.


The exclusively designed mugs were launched in November 2014 to raise valuable funds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) nook appeal. The partnership between EACH and Emma Bridgewater was encouraged by the charity’s Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge who visited the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke-on-Trent in February 2015 to see the mugs in production. The matching jute shopping bags showcasing the same design were created and sold in stores of Waitrose across the UK. The bags proved a huge success with customers, selling out quickly in many stores. Both Emma Bridgewater and Waitrose kindly donated a proportion of sales to the EACH nook appeal which aims to raise £10 million to transform children’s palliative care across the county, and includes building a new hospice called the nook. The total donated from both sales of the mugs and the bags stands at £102,777.

Lotte Rietveld, EACH Corporate Development Manager, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the fantastic support we continue to receive from both Emma Bridgewater, and Waitrose through the sales of these beautiful mugs and bags. The response we’ve had to both items has been fantastic and has helped to raise the profile of our appeal both in Norfolk and across the

charity has outgrown its current Norfolk hospice in Quidenham. Due to the changing and more complex needs of the children and young people they care for and the increased demand for their services and needs to move to a purpose-built site. The nook will be built in Framingham Earl just south of Norwich and will offer services which are either currently unavailable or extremely limited at Quidenham. A

“ Huge thanks to everyone who bought one of the mugs, which were stocked locally in Jarrolds, and the bags – your support is greatly appreciated.” UK. We’d like to thank Emma Bridgewater and Waitrose for their generous support. “Huge thanks to everyone who bought one of the mugs, which were stocked locally in Jarrolds, and the bags – your support is greatly appreciated. ” EACH provides care and support to lifethreatened children across East Anglia. The

total of £3.5 million has been secured for the appeal so far, but a fur ther £6.5 million is still needed to make the project a reality. For more information on the nook appeal and how you can get involved please visit: or call the EACH Fundraising Team on 01953 666767. Wymondham & Dereham | 05



Sleep well this Sleeptember t Sound Sleep we promote Sleeptember every September, but in fact every month should be Sleeptember. Sleep is one of the most important things in our daily routine, second to food and water, but it is the one thing that the majority of us don’t get enough of. Its not just a comfortable bed that is required, its the correct sleeping environment and the way that you behave in the evenings that can affect the way you sleep.


don’t drink too much wine! Perhaps turn off the television and read or relax in a hot bath, this helps our body wind down before bed. If you are stressed about things to do tomorrow, right a list that way your brain can wind down too.

• We need at least six hours of sleep a night to recharge your batteries and learn new things the next day scientists have claimed. Light, dreamless sleep which can take up half the night allows our brain to recharge our learning capacity.

By changing a few things in life and getting a good nights sleep will make you feel happier, feel healthier, look better, perform better and think better.

• A recent French clinical study to compare sleep on a new bed versus an old bed showed that both young and old experience not necessarily more sleep but better quality – that is, less disturbed and more recuperative sleep – with three times fewer physical movements and two times fewer micro-awakenings being recorded.

“ By changing a few things in life and getting a good nights sleep will make you feel happier, feel healthier, look better, perform better and think better.” Our bodies are a ver y complex machine and need looking after so they can run effectively, sleep allows our body to rest and regenerate, also sleep is required for muscle growth and repair and even assists in weight loss. So what can you do to ensure you get a great night’s sleep? Firstly, your bedroom has to be the right temperature (not too hot or too cold), it needs to be quiet and dark and most of all, it needs to be free of distractions. Turn the television off standby and turn off that mobile phone. Lights, flashes and vibrations will bring us out of deep sleep and maybe even wake us up. No text or facebook post is worth breaking your sleep for. Now that your bedroom is the correct environment, the bed needs to be supportive. Just because it looks ok, doesn’t mean that it is giving you the correct support, especially if it is over seven years old. Its wor th thinking that £1000 over 7 years is just 40 pence per night, or for a really good new mattress of approximately £500, that is just 20 pence per night. That’s all it takes to keep our bodies comfortable so we can perform to the best of our ability every day! The things we often forget about is the few hours before we go to sleep. Instead of over indulging on food and alcohol and too much television, do some exercise after work followed by a satisfying meal and 06 | Wymondham & Dereham

• Adding regular moderate exercise to a daily routine for 16 weeks showed middleaged to older people could fall asleep about 15 minutes earlier and sleep roughly 45 minutes longer. • One in 10 people attribute poor sleep to a bad bed.

Here are a few Sleeptember sleep facts:

• Majority of Britons (70%) now sleep for seven hours or less per night with more than a quarter (27%) experiencing poor quality sleep on a regular basis. And the number of Britons getting just five-to-six hours per night has risen dramatically in the past three years: more than a third of us get by on that amount of sleep compared to 27% in 2010. • Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when trying to lose weight. People who shifted their sleeping pattern from less than six hours to between seven and eight hours a night put on 2.4kg less weight over a six year period. • 51% of adults struggle to nod off or remain sleep. Women suffer far more than men with 75% reporting problems compared with 25% of men • A bed may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from its ‘as new’ state after 10 years. It also showed that beds as little as six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear not just from body weight and movement but also sweat and debris such as skin, scales, hair etc. • One in six women acknowledged that their tiredness was caused by an uncomfortable bed. And seven out of 10 women would be prepared to pay £500 and considerably more to buy a new one.

• When replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep. • Ergonomic studies have shown that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. Before trials only 15% said they would buy a larger than standard bed while afterwards, 50% said they would. A new bed doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it is proven that a new one can help you sleep better and improve your wellbeing and help your body rest and repair. Remember, you can just buy a new mattress as long as your base is suitable (for example solid, with no springs or dips in) but do bear in mind that old divan bases can be a great place for dust mites to live which produce the allergens that aggravate asthma and other breathing related issues. At Sound Sleep we have over 100 beds on display for you to try, so come in and have a chat with one of our Sleep Council Approved mattress specialists to help you get the right firmness and comfort to give you a great night’s sleep that will last for the next seven years!

Facts and figures provided by The Sleep Council

Sound Sleep



up to



OFF MARKED PRICES on Slumberland Beds & Mattresses*

SLEEP CENTRE NOW OPEN IN STORE 0% Interest Free Credit - Credit & Debit Cards Accepted Free Local Delivery - Old Bed Disposal Service Mile Road - Winfarthing - Near Diss - IP22 2EZ For mattress advice or information call us on 01953 861177 find us on the main B1077 between Diss & Attleborough between Diss & Attleborough Look out for the bright yellow signs

Showroom Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00 Bank Holiday Monday 10:00 - 4:00

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Sound Sleep Dream Team


KERRY BUTCHER Should I Go Limited

ust can’t quite believe that we are in to September already. Only a few minutes ago it seemed as if i was Easter. August was busy here at KBA – no time for a day at the beach or to eat icecream but that may have been just as well since accounts contain far fewer calories! One of the most popular questions that we have been asked here at KBA over the last few months is “should I go limited”? Of course there is no “one size fits all” answer to this but I thought I might just run over some of the benefits of forming a limited company.


Incorporation of a limited company is the first issue and one that can easily be taken care of by us here at KBA. It’s important to establish who is going to be involved in the company and who should be a director. There is no longer any legal requirement for a company secretary position but you can appoint one if you want to. Being a director will mean that you have some or all of the responsibility for the company in some capacity but it is being a shareholder that gives you a return on the company’s profits, according

to the number of shares that you hold. Most small limited companies only have a few shareholders and a few types of shares. These shares dictate how the dividends may be declared. Most small limited companies will have director/ shareholders who will work in the company and take remuneration in the form of a salary and a dividend declared based on profits made at the end of the financial year. If you speak to a director of a small limited company then they will probably tell you that they were advised to take a lower salary and then top this up with a dividend at the end of the financial year. This is because unlike being self employed, a salary based on PAYE is a cost in a limited company which is a tax deductible expense. Therefore if you take a small salary from your company which is at your personal allowance threshold, you don’t pay any personal tax on this salary plus you will save on corporation tax too! Win win! Even better, if you declare a dividend on profits in your limited company, you will only pay tax at 7.5% on these dividends as long as your total income remains in the 20%

bracket, plus the first £5,000 of dividend allowance is tax free for each shareholder. If you have a family company where you are all shareholders, this means £5,000 for each shareholder as long as there are sufficient profits to declare the dividend in the first place. As you can see there are some good advantages to having a limited company but there are negatives too, the accounts are more detailed and therefore more expensive, the company is a separate legal entity and therefore responsible for its own tax affairs as well as you as an individual and borrowing monies to support the company is not always easy when it has limited liability. It’s really important that whatever you decide – it works well for you and your situation. Needless to say – if you need help making decisions – why not talk to a nice friendly accountant! Enjoy the September sunshine – it’s always lovely weather in September so why not make the most of it – before the days get shorter!

Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

08 | Wymondham & Dereham


GARDEN MACHINERY vice ty Ser ll Quali oA T ir a & Rep rden & a Your G achinery M n w La

T : 01603 811 808 / 07799 847 026 E :

3 Station Lane, Hethersett, Norwich, NR9 3AX

AMH Plastering, Artexing & Coving

Reliable and professional plastering service. Plastering



New Builds


Artex skimmed smooth

Free Quotes Fully Insured Competitive pricing


For more information contact Andrew Tel: 01842 558546 Mob: 07769946950 Email: Visit:

All the girls wore yellow, her favourite colour It’s the little things that make a funeral special

Here for you every hour of every day

01362 692233

for your local funeral director

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HIGH SPECIFICATION BUSINESS UNIT ROOKERY BUSINESS PARK, ATTLEBROUGH • 3,100 sq ft Business Unit for immediate occupation on popular Business Park. • Rent only £19,000 per annum. • Well presented warehouse/light industrial space with roller shutter. • Open plan office with separate meeting room, server/storage room, kitchen, wc’s. Carpeted, air conditioning, CAT 5 lighting and window blinds. • Ample parking. CCTV and security gates. • 3 year initial lease. 6 month break clause. ALL ENQUIRIES G R A N G E P R O P E RT Y. C O . U K

10 | Wymondham & Dereham



01245 360715




elcome to the first Rooker y Business Park feature. Take time to read through the expansive ser vices and products the businesses on the park can offer you; you may be surprised what we do!


We are situated along Silver Street in the picturesque setting of Besthorpe between both Wymondham and Attleborough. The business park is situated within

building which have lasted relatively unchanged is the Farm house. Ever since then we have been expanding our ser vices, initially into rearing and processing Turkeys and then onto the largest project we have ever encountered: the transformation into Rooker y Business Park. From the arrival of Wolf Brewer y, Rooker y Farm took the form of a business park. The conversion of the former

“ The park boasts one of the largest solar schemes in the south of England with a 370 kw output per hour, per year.”

minutes from the A11 south and nor th bound which makes it easy to access from any direction. History Initially, Rooker y farm was purchased by the late Mr Jack Frost in 1983 to expand the size of the arable farm. The images shown above show just how far we have come in just over 32 years. The only

Turkey sheds into industrial units was completed in 2006. Since then, Wolf Brewer y has moved to other premises and in its place a plethora of businesses have joined us. Some of the mar vellous transformations can be shown by the conversion of the straw barn at the rear of the site into what is now the Norfolk Academy of Gymnasts, opened by medal-winning

Olympian Beth Tweddle in 2009. The ver y latest addition to the park is the new office building from where the business is run; as a family-run business. There is almost always someone on call during the day, whether in the office or by phone. Our Record-Breaking Business Park The park boasts one of the largest solar schemes in the south of England with a 370 kw output per hour, per year. All this means that tenants receive cheaper electricity and the surplus is directed into the national grid in order to power your daily lives. Off the back of the “solar success” we have embarked on a fur ther 5 megawatt solar park (with the company Solar Centr y) constructed on our land, covering approximately 25 acres, away from the sight of residents and tenants. This latest edition has produced enough clean energy to power 1500 homes. It is an investment for the park and in the future of sustainable energy. What our business park can offer you as a customer The park has 30 tenants with a vibrant mix of enterprises. We pride ourselves in suppor ting local Wymondham & Dereham | 11


as well as national businesses: ranging from car hobbyists, gymnastics, upholsterers, the Besthorpe Motor Company to Ikea, Alliance Health Care (Boots) and Nationwide Platforms. Have a look at the map on the centre pages to find out exactly what we can offer you and in the surrounding pages within this feature are just some of the businesses on site.

12 | Wymondham & Dereham

We star ted as a family-run business and, even with the expansion of Rooker y Farm, we have kept that family ethos going. What star ted off as an arable farm has been thrown into the 21st centur y, into the industrial and information age. Our aim is to continue welcoming change and innovation and making sure that we give the surrounding towns a fine resource.

Do you want to rent a unit for self-storage? Rooker y Business Park has recently opened a self storage facility for those people who need a secure place for shor t or long term storage. It is the newest addition to the range of ser vices we can offer. If you have a business which needs secure premises to house your product or ser vice, with the added benefit of a close-knit community of business people, feel free to contact me on 01953 452154 OR 07770933234



Commercial Metal Fabrication Specialists abri-Coat Limited are commercial metal fabrication specialists offering a range of fabrication, sheet metal and powder coating ser vices across East Anglia.


Since we star ted trading in 2012 we have built up a reputation of high quality wor kmanship and customer ser vice, as well as going the extra mile to meet tight customer deadlines. our aim is to provide an excellent quality product and ser vice from star t to finish, all with a competitive price in mind. To achieve this, we provide many of our ser vices inhouse giving us flexibility and control over the ser vices that we offer.

Our services are bespoke and we manufacture products to each of our customer’s requirements to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations. We have a wide range of tooling allowing us to work on a range of sheet metal fabrications including panels, brackets, boxes and enclosures to name a few. MIG TIG and spot welding is available. We have the facility for cutting, drilling, tapping, welding and grinding allowing most fabrication work to be undertaken from a single bracket to complete fabrication projects. we offer metal fabrication services for a variety of different metal products including mild steel and stainless steel using a range of materials including angle, bar, hollow section, sheet, and weldmesh. We

provide bespoke metal fabrication services tailored to our customers’ requirements. Offering prototyping, small, medium and large production runs, we work with sheet metal ranging from 0.6mm to 6mm thick up to 2500mm in length. We provide an in-house electro-static powder coating service. We have a range of colours and finishes available. We use the latest powder gun technology to ensure an even coat of powder and a high quality of finish. With a booth and curing oven capable of handling parts of up to 3 metres we can powder coat one off fabrications up to larger volume production runs. All finished products are inspected to ensure our high quality and packed with suitable protection using a range of packing materials.

Wymondham & Dereham | 13



Vehicle Body And Paintwork Repair Car Care Centre


They carry out paint chip and body repairs from their premises at Rookery Business Park in Silver Street, Besthorpe, near Attleborough. Their new, bigger unit can accommodate up to 10 cars and, now that their ChipsAway franchise is getting its name known in its much larger territory, Rob and Barry Hussey are flying along.

ob and Barry Hussey’s new ChipsAway vehicle body and paintwork repair Car Care Centre has gone from strength to strength since they opened it.


The father-and-son team moved from Ipswich where they created a successful business to its new base in South Norfolk last December and has been building up the new franchise territory which includes Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall, Thetford, Watton, Attleborough, Wymondham, Diss and West Norwich.

Rob Hussey has been an owner of a Chipsaway Franchise for 9 years with son Barry joining 5 years ago. Even though the ChipsAway name is well known, it was not the case in the new franchise territory as there has not been a constant presence. Barry Hussey said: “Getting this place going here and getting the word around was a lot of work. “We have basically star ted a new business and it has been hard work. Now the ChipsAway name is getting known in the area it is all coming together.”

ChipsAway repairs include: -Dents -Vandalism -Stone chips -Parking damage -Fading caused by sun bleaching -Damage caused by bird droppings -Accident damage -Alloy wheel damage All Repairs are 100% Colour Matched and even come with a Lifetime Guarantee. They can also apply Supagard Paint Sealant to lock in the original gloss and protect the paintwork guaranteed for 3 Years. Rob and Barr y Hussey’s ChipsAway franchise is based at Rooker y Business Park, Silver Street, Besthorpe, near Attleborough, NR17 2LD. Telephone: 07908637532 Email: or visit the website at: www.chipsawayrobandbarr

ChipsAway CarCare Centres specialise in repairing everyday car paint and bodywork damage and because we don’t deal with major crash repairs, we don’t have the expensive overheads that a traditional bodyshop might have - meaning we can pass these savings onto our customers

For a free no obligation repair estimate, pop into our Carcare Centre or call 0800 028 78 78 and 07908 637532

FIND US HERE ChipsAway Car Care Centre, Unit 1a, Rookery Business Park, Silver Street, Besthorpe, Attleborough NR17 2LD

14 | Wymondham & Dereham



As a local company, we supply several private and public bodies with vehicles including: East Anglian Water, Norwich Council and the Norfolk Constabulary. But our main focus is to supply individuals with a great car, a fantastic service and a excellent aftercare.

e have been in the motor business for more than 20 years and at Rookery Business park for little over 5 years. We are situated towards the rear of Rookery Business Park, just behind the Norfolk Academy of Gymnasts. We specialise in second-hand cars to suit all budgets.


For individual customers we can offer you an all-inclusive warrantee on every car bought, the length of which varies depending on the car. Each bought car will receive a fresh service from our in-house team and we pride ourselves on our face-to-face customer care; come and down and see for yourself!


Sumla Design Has Been Based In The Rookery Business Park For The Last 3 Years


ffering quality restoration and upholstery; Sumla Design is owned and run by Sue Hewitson.

Sue has been a professional upholsterer for the past 8 years, her interest in the craft stemming from designing her home in her free time and a keen interest in interiors and fabrics. A move to Norfolk 13 years ago resulting in a career change from engineering to upholstery.

We also offer a bespoke soft furnishing service with blinds, curtains, and cushions being a speciality. But the more unusual the project- the better. Sumla Design also offers upholstery and soft furnishing courses; the upholstery course is ideal for the DIYer or hobbyist who has an interest in upholstery. We cater for all skill levels and due to the style of teaching, you are guaranteed to have your project finished just the way you want it.

Before and After

Professional resoration, upholstery and soft furnishings •


Large selection of fabrics avaliable by the metre



Bespoke curtains and blinds made to order • Upholstery, curtain and blind making courses avaliable

Unit 20C, Rookery Business Park Besthorpe, Attleborough Norwich, Norfolk NR17 2LD

small class sizes, tailored to your requirements

T: 01953 459988

Unit 19, Rookery Business Park

___________________________________________________________________________ 07952 854288 Silver Street, Besthorpe NR17 2LD

Wymondham & Dereham | 15

22 21 19 20C 20B

29 31

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12 J.C. FROST & CO





18 17

12 16 11 15










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8B 8A 7













16 | Wymondham & Dereham





Professional Agricultural Sprayer Engineers grikel star ted trading in 1996 and soon recognised the need for a specialist crop spraying engineering service in East Anglia.


Agrikel is a friendly, helpful, forwarding looking small team of dedicated professionals that have vast experience between them. We have built our reputation over the last 2 decades on prompt customer service. We moved to our new premises in November 2014 due to an increase in customer demand. The new premises has allowed us to expand our services and the equipment we can work on to include larger machinery.

The increased workspace has allowed us to expand our par ts and agricultural consumables stores. Due to the demand for our bespoke services we have developed a fully dedicated area for the Design and Build of innovative farm machinery and accessories.

products including gloves,coveralls,paper rolls and rag. We offer a made while u wait service for hydraulic hose assemblies from a wide stock of fittings and hose. T: 01953 450279

The team are regularly attending update courses to ensure they can adapt to the ever changing sprayer application technology. We also stock sealey tools and a wide variety of hoses for garden,irrigation and pond use We undertake all welding and fabrication work and stock all ppe and cleaning


Supplying Granite Worktops To Norfolk And Suffolk. small independent family run stone works, based 15 miles from Norwich. We have over 30 years experience within the stone industr y. With our small team we can offer a ver y personal ser vice thoughout your project.


Our stone suppliers, impor t granite from all over the world. So if we haven’t got it, we almost cer tainly know someone who has. We are authorised suppliers of Cimstone and Emperior Quar tz. Who offer a wide range of quar tz colours to choose from. We offer a full templating, supply, and fitting ser vice for granite worktops, allowing us to see your project though from star t to finish. With have such a wealth of experience, we can offer a kitchen fitting ser vice too. One project we have recently taken on was Dental surger y refit, with stunning results. If you would like a free no obligation quotation please use the contact details at the bottom of the page. Have the size of worktops you require or even better a kitchen plan, together with a rough idea on colour. We can provide a quote based on the information you give us. If your project requires the ‘wow factor’ and you would like a company who’s attention to detail is the same as your s, then look no fur ther! From placing your order you will speak to the same people thoughout your project. Allowing us to offer a great professional wor king relationship. Offering suppor t and guidance thoughout.

Wymondham & Dereham | 17


CLOWES NASH AUCTIONS LTD 40 Years Of Auctioneering And Valuing Experience lowes Nash Auctions Ltd is a family r un business based at Rooker y Far m Business Par k in Besthor pe . We have over 40 year s of auctioneer ing and valuing exper ience and car r y out a monthly public auction at Swardeston Village hall, along with two to three online auctions of fine watches, diamonds, jeweller y and vehicles each month via


At our public auction, you will find a range of house clearance items, furniture, jeweller y and sundries for sale. We can also provide you with a house clearance ser vice, with any

saleable items being entered into our public auction. In addition to this, for over 40 years we have been auctioning a range of found and lost proper ty on behalf of Norfolk Constabular y. These items include bikes, jeweller y and a huge range of other goods. We have also auctioned a number of items for HMRC . Details of these sales can be found in the auction column of the EDP. For our online auctions we offer a full auction ser vice , including preauction photos, descr iptions of items (agreed with vendor pr ior to sale), along with adver tising and promotion via our comprehensive mailing list.

This is place to find something tr uly exquisite. We sell a huge range of high end and prestige goods online, including designer watches, diamond jeweller y, handbags and vehicles. If you would like fur ther infor mation on our public or online auctions please email us at: Find us on Bidspotter : Click on Auctioneers and scroll down to Clowes Nash Auctions Ltd to take a look at our latest auction and sign up to our mailing list

Tel: 01953 607 380 Email:


Clowes Nash Auctions Ltd has over 40 years experience in auctioneering and we will happily sell your items! We have over 40 years of auctioneering and valuing experience and carry out a monthly public auction at Swardeston Village hall, along with two to three online auctions of fine watches, diamonds, jewellery and vehicles each month via

If you would like further information on our public or online auctions please email us at:

Rolex Presidential - Solid 18K White Gold Diamond Encrusted - Sold for in excess of ÂŁ40,000

Clowes Nash Auctions Ltd, Rookery Business Park Silver Street, Besthorpe, Attleborough Norfolk, NR17 2LD

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A Look at Motor Insurance...... hether you are a convicted driver, young driver, or have limited no claims bonus, we can find the policy cover specific to your requirements. We have negotiated special rates with our panel of Insurers for those careful drivers and special introductor y discounts for those without any no claim bonus. We are always able to offer instalment facilities.


We deal with many leading UK Insurers and Lloyds Underwriters to provide the best possible quotation and cover for our clients, regardless of the risk. Being totally independent means that we are not tied to a single provider and this allows us access to a range of insurance policies from our panel of carefully selected Insurers. Why not let us compare the market for you and deal on a personal level with your requirements.

Prior y Insurance Brokers are a locally owned, independent, professional organisation who have been based in South Norfolk for over 40 years. We would be pleased to provide

quotations or advice for you and look forward to receiving your enquir y. For more information, please feel free to call in to our Wymondham Office. Alternatively, visit our website:

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Services include: • Permanent, consistent team of knowledgeable, friendly and animal-loving staff • 24-hour emergency cover provided by our own vets at one of our sites • Choice of appointment times throughout the day • A choice of weekend appointments available • Experienced Exotic Vet and nurse within the practice • Great value nurse clinics • Dog training • Microchipping





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Fertilising Weed Control Moss Control Scarification Hollow-tine Aeration Overseeding Top Dressing Lawn Renovation

! h t n o m a 6 From ju st £

Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy really makes a big difference. Find out how Tom Thumb’s seasonal treatment plan can keep your lawn looking lush, green, weed and moss free for less than Doing It Yourself!

telephone: 01842 250 026

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VOLVO S60 D4 R-DESIGN By Tim Barnes-Clay – Motoring Journalist - Tweeting @carwriteups FAST FACTS • Max speed: 143 mph • 0-62 mph: 7.6 secs • Combined mpg: 72.4 • Engine: 1969cc four-cylinder 16-valve turbo diesel • Max. power (PS): 190 • CO2: 102 g/km • Price: £34,295

PROS ‘N’ CONS • Comfort √ • Power √ • Kit √ • Looks √ • Image X

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wedish car maker, Volvo, has never quite had the same allure as its German executive rivals. It has never looked as antagonistic as Audi, nor as belligerent as BMW, or as big-headed as a Benz. And that’s a great thing.


You see , the Scandinavian brand does things its own way, and that’s at the ver y core of why British motorists go for Volvo – even though they could for the same money get something a tad sexier. Take the Volvo S60; it’s ver y much a thinking per son’s car. And that’s not to say that German motor s don’t attract smar t people. The S60 offer s some of the most accommodating and sumptuous seats on the motoring mar ket. Seats you can imagine a college lecturer sinking into before lighting his pipe and mulling over the day’s events. It’s the kind of car he’ll then cr uise back home in while tuned to Classic FM.

This four-door saloon car is by no means bland though; it can still satisfy your gratification sensors. Let’s face it, Scandinavian design is generally attractive. This is evident in the cabin and exterior of the latest S60. Step inside, and the simple-to-use switchgear contributes to an ‘in-charge’ motoring experience. The general effect is warm and serene, like being in a Swedish house on a chilly evening. The Volvo S60 D4’s colour themes correspond delightfully with the backlit white controls in the dashboard and elsewhere in the saloon. On the exterior, the Volvo S60’s kerbside presence is strong, thanks to an expressive face, powerful horizontal lines at the front and rear, a wide grille, daylight running lights and LED taillamps. The large saloon looks par ticularly fetching in Volvo’s R-Design get-up, as tested here. This is the trim level that adds suspension enhancements as well as spor ty design touches.


On the go, the S60 D4 R-Design, mated to a manual sixspeed transmission, has oodles of power and torque . This means it pulls well in all gear s. Indeed, it feels quick, with zero to 62mph arriving in 7.6 seconds. The top speed is 143mph. It really is a fast car that also has lots of grip, even though it’s only front wheel drive . More impor tantly, though, the Volvo S60 has a fuel tank that just keeps on giving. The official combined mpg is 72.4 – and after a 450-mile tr ip from Nor thamptonshire to Newcastle and back, I can honestly say I still had half a tank of diesel left!

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Tech-wise , the S60 has ‘Sensus’ fitted. This is the name Volvo uses for its HMI (Human Machine Interface) functionality, and the Sensus Connected Touch accessor y is a fair ly recent addition. It allows connectivity and inter net in the car and tur ns the seven-inch display into an infr ared, beam-scanned touch screen. This means it can be used even when wear ing gloves - a wor ld fir st in car s - and useful on frosty mor nings! Connection is made either via a car-mounted dongle or your smar tphone . It gives you access to full inter net browsing (except when motor ing along), inter net streaming of music , on-line Google Map and Search, weather infor mation, an App Store for new functions and updates, as well as a Volvo ser vice locator. It is also possible to share a Wi-Fi networ k with other occupants in the car. The S60 D4 R-Design, reviewed here , came in Lux Nav tr im, so it’s at the top of the Volvo S60 r ange - and the pr ice-tag of £34,295 reflects that. Add in some optional extr as and you’ll soon be looking at nearer £40,000.

• Mercedes Independent Specialist • Prestige Car Servicing • Diagnostic & Repairs • Ecu Performance Remapping

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Hearing aid use linked to better cognitive function ew research has suggested that enabling people to hear better could have a positive impact on the functioning of their brain.


Conducted by a team at Columbia Univer sity Medical Centre, the study found that older adults who used a hearing aid performed much better on cognitive tests, compared to those who didn’t use a hearing aid. These findings could be significant to those involved in elder ly care as more than half of adults over the age of 75 experience some degree of hearing loss. They also highlight the impor tance of older people being able to engage with the local community and being as socially active as possible. By looking at 100 adults with hearing loss - of which 39 used a hearing aid - between the ages of 80 and 99, the team was able to determine that these

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resources had a significant impact on their cognitive abilities. Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) was used to measure cognitive function and all par ticipants were required to give vocal responses to verbal commands. The research also revealed that cognitive function was directly linked to hearing ability in people who didn’t have a hearing aid. We know that hearing aids can keep older adults with hearing loss more socially engaged. They provide an impor tant bridge for them to the outside world.

to book a hearing assessment with zan audiologist. By Karen Finch RHAD FSHAA FRSA, Hearing Care Centre Ltd The Hearing Care Centre is a multiaward winning, family-run company looking after all your hearing needs from 22 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. For more information call 01473 230330 or visit www.

This study clearly suggests that using a hearing aid may offer a simple, yet cr ucial, way to slow down or even prevent the onset of dementia. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss we encourage you

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Your independence is our passion Get out & about with a scooter! SCOOTERS

ith summer well under way we are here to give you the best assistance we can when it comes to choosing either a mobility aid or daily living aid. We hold a large range of items such as walking aids, bath lifts, sock aids, cushions and bathroom and toilet aids such as raised toilet seats and padded toilet seats.


Our larger items include wheelchairs, powerchairs, mobility scooters and rise and recline lift and tilt arm chairs. We aim to help you to keep independent and mobile at an affordable cost. With 10 years experience behind us, we would love to show you our range of products and let you experience for yourself how you could benefit from the help an aid could offer.

Keeping you mobile and able to get out when walking long distances is not possible Boot scooter Comes apart into 4 or 5 pieces for easy transportation in the car/public transport. Top speed 4mph. Battery typically gives a range of 8 - 10 miles on a full charge Road scooter Used on roads or pavements. Ideal when the user wishes to use the scooter from home. Top speed 8mph. Features: Swivel seat, Adjustable tiller, Electronic brake.


Come and challenge us to help you!

Buy local and get the backup you deserve In house repairs and servicing Expertise and in depth knowledge Individual needs put first Get the backup you don’t get with the internet

SOUTH NORFOLK MOBILITY CENTRE 01953 887777 Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-5pm

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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Which? have now added themselves to the thousands of customers who recognise that, in Cloudy2Clear you are dealing with a business that you can really trust. Cloudy2Clear who recently celebrated their 10th Birthday, replace misty glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window.

Norwich manager Lee Rixon believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering a trustworthy and credible service at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has steamed up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type

of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. Stephen continues ‘We also GUARANTEE that an average quotation will take no longer than 20 mins, with little or no disruption to your home’. ‘These things seem simple but not enough companies do it and it’s great that someone like Which? has

endorsed our philosophy. Locally Cloudy2Clear service Wymondham and Dereham and surrounding areas. So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Lee a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer Than 20 MINS!!!

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Need a locksmith? 24/7!!

Kingfisher Locksmiths No call out charge OAP Discount Tel 01953 602255 Mob 07958 315661

A Norfolk Trusted Trader!

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Wymondham & Dereham September 2016  

The September 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham and Dereham

Wymondham & Dereham September 2016  

The September 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham and Dereham