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n average, we move five or six times in our lifetime, and in between, we manage to accumulate quite a lot. When it comes to packing it all up, you may wish you were a minimalist! Where to start? The loft, cupboards, or boxes of old photographs, children’s toys and holiday souvenirs? There are so many things that we all keep, especially clothes that will come back into fashion one day, or you may get into again. On one occasion, I was contacted by a surveyor looking at a house we were marketing, to ask whether I was aware of a large pile of empty gin bottles in the attic. I had, in fact, been offered a gin and tonic

on the many times I had visited the house. The wife saved the bottles in the hope that her husband would never find them! With another very old cottage, the wife died, and the husband decided it was time for a sortout, as they had lived there for 50 years. His wife had kept every copy of her local paper, storing them in the spare room where the floor was beginning to bow. In the 1970s, we had various shortages, and people began to hoard. I remember one house with a cupboard stocked full of sugar. Shops had started rationing it to customers, and the owners were worried they may have to get used to tea without sugar. Looking through things, it can transport you back to different times in your life. Why

didn’t you get round to sorting and labelling all those old photos? Nowadays, it is sad to think that history won’t be recorded in this way anymore, as photos are now stored on a phone or computer for a while, but rarely printed.

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