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New Media, New Markets – A Balanced Approach The Internet has enabled Norfolk companies to broaden their horizons, targeting customers nationally and globally. But is there a danger of them losing out by neglecting traditional markets and media? Local design company KSD Associates has the answer, with a balanced mix of online and offline marketing, as well as strong ties with the local community. The world is getting smaller. With online media providing cost-effective access to a national or global marketplace, small and medium-sized businesses are no longer confined to targeting local customers. However, traditional media and markets still have their place in the marketing mix. In a crowded digital arena, supporting websites and email marketing with printed materials can reinforce the message and deliver much better results. What’s more, staying in touch with your loyal local customer base is essential. “It’s a matter of planning a cohesive strategy that integrates online and offline media to target traditional and new markets,” says Kevin Smith, owner of Norfolk-based graphic design agency KSD Associates. “For many

small and medium-sized businesses, the Web remains something of an enigma, complicated by technospeak and buzzwords. We’re here to demystify the world of online marketing and provide straight-talking advice. We can help businesses take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that can be costly and non-productive.” New technology, Traditional values. Whether it’s websites and social media or brochures and mail shots, KSD applies similar fundamental principles: good design, clear messaging and a strong call to action. “New media are an evolution, not a revolution,” observes Kevin. “It’s not about reinventing the wheel. The way you communicate with customers hasn’t changed dramatically. They still respond to a good offer that inspires them, is clearly presented and makes it easy for them to respond. We’ve adapted our skills to embrace the possibilities of this new digital

world and help companies take full advantage of the opportunities that it creates.” Community spirit. KSD prides itself on having strong links with the local community and understanding its dynamic. “We share our experience and expertise from an informed viewpoint,” asserts Kevin. “It’s not just about having the creative and technical skills to produce eyecatching design solutions. We’re firmly rooted in Norfolk and committed to working with local companies to help them continue building a loyal local customer base while widening their reach to target new markets.” KSD has already begun helping to foster community spirit in its home base of Wymondham through membership of the town’s Business Group. This has led to sponsorship of the publicity for the annual carnival, which this year will include the grand

finale of Wymondham’s Got Talent, an opportunity for local residents to show off their entertaining skills to a live audience and a panel of judges, including professionals and local personalities. “We’re delighted to be able to offer our expertise to benefit the local community,” comments Kevin. “Having events such as the annual carnival not only bring the community together. They also attract visitors to the town and help boost the local economy.” There’s much talk about ‘globalisation’ these days. But the term on everyone’s lips could soon be ‘localisation’. In the Internet Age, marketing power is rapidly being devolved to local business communities. With the help of forward-thinking companies such as KSD, businesses large and small can harness that power and make the most of the opportunities. Tel - 01953 601757

April 2014

Diss & Attleborough - April 2014  

Dispatch Magazine for Diss and Attleborough

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