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Diss Students Get Local Residents To Think “Shop Local” Students from Diss High School brought a splash of colour to the Diss local farmers market on Saturday 8th March. The event, organised by Business Studies students working towards their GCSE’s included music and dance, food sampling, a prize draw, promotional giveaways and daffodils. This was part of a project to encourage local residents to shop and support the abundance of local independent stores in town as well as the farmers market.

The students were tasked with creating a street fest to drive people into town and used a variety of media channels to get their messages out.The students themselves were surprised at the choice of retail therapy available locally and would be using the shops themselves in the future. This was communicated through to fellow students at the high school.

Martin Wilby, deputy leader of the council said: “South Norfolk’s Market Towns play a vital role in the local economy and the communities they serve. This fantastic project supports the work that we are already undertaking with our partners to ensure that our Market Towns are in the best shape possible to attract shoppers, tourists and businesses, now and in the future.”

The students have been busy in the run up to the event researching why people do or do not shop in the town. Some residents in the surrounding housing areas have never been into the town and use out of town supermarkets and the nearby city. Others use the coffee shops and restaurants but do not step over the threshold of the other traders in the town.

Visitors to the street fest were treated to music by local performers. A hamper prize draw collected names and addresses and messages of support from visitors to the town, many of which picked up on the event from marketing activity the students delivered including a radio interview with BBC Norfolk.

“It is wonderful that these students recognise the need to ensure that their local towns thrive while gaining practical marketing experience by working on this project.”

Diss has a wide variety of local independent shops selling just about everything a household needs, including unique and unusual gifts and treats as well as everyday items.

The project is part of South Norfolk Council’s Market Towns Initiative which brings together resources and expertise to support the Market Towns of Diss, Harleston, Loddon and Wymondham.

experience with a marketing agency – The Lively Crew, using research techniques and communicating with business people and others.” “All will help greatly with our studies and work choices in the future. The event was our first and we intend to repeat the exercise in the future to help support the town.”

Sarah Hunt, student said “The experience has highlighted the choice of products available from local businesses around the area, and we worked closely with them to promote the benefits of shopping locally. As students we have gained from our involvement in various ways, including gaining valuable real life work

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