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December 2014



for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment

Quality People continue to provide a recruitment service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk as they have for the

DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: • Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans • Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals • Laundry Service • Maintenance Tasks • Gardening

past 16 years.

Visit our website... Telep hone: 0195 3 4 5 3 6 4 4 Email:

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email:

Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE Tel: 01953 456789


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December 2014

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Cracking Christmas Contact “Making contact happen …and making contact work is one of the most difficult and contentious challenges in …family law” - Baroness Hale, 2006 Making contact work is an especial challenge at Christmas, requiring goodwill on both sides.

Christmas is to be enjoyable, then ALL three components have to be balanced.

Christmas is for families – sharing the good things of life, creating family traditions and making special memories for the children in our lives – and expectations are high.

Most of us have a Christmas budget – in the case of the separated family this has to include budgeting time, not only money.

When parents are no longer together and both want to spend time with their children at the highlights of the holiday season, or provide the best (most expensive) presents or outings, this creates stress. The addition of open or suppressed hostility between parents creates the potential for festive disaster. But this need not be the case. All other things being equal, children love both parents and want to spend time with them both – but children will also have their own friends and invitations, and if

Negotiation and compromise are more effective than conflict, and are more likely to create and maintain a constructive working relationship between separated parents. Be aware of the other person’s viewpoint, focussing on what is best for the children. This is good advice at any time of the year. The Children Act (as amended), encourages parents to reach agreement without involving the courts. In most cases they are required to attempt formal mediation before a court application can be submitted. In the case of problems

Our expert team of lawyers is

here to help • Accident Claims • Clinical Negligence • Commercial • Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment • Family • Landlord and Tenant • Powers of Attorney • Property • Wills, Trusts & Probate

around Christmas that will simply be too late. Contact and residence orders have been replaced by the “child arrangements order” whereby the court decides when and with whom a child is “to live, spend time or otherwise have contact”. The change of emphasis is intended to correct the misplaced perception that, although parents legally continue to share parental responsibility, the parent with whom the child resides has the casting vote or final say. It is presumed (unless the contrary is proved) that a child’s welfare is furthered by having both parents involved in his/her life. The court’s primary concern is the child’s welfare. An increasingly robust line is taken when parental disagreements produce emotional harm in their children. Bearing in mind those legal principles, the following are some practical suggestions for approaching common issues that seem to crop up for clients year after year.

DO put the children’s needs first, second and last – sharing time at the festive season is NOT about point scoring against your ex: The aim is to give the children as great a Christmas with each of you separately as they had when you were together.


insist that your children fit in with how your new partner and their children celebrate Christmas. They may be happy to do so but if not, even if you think they are being influenced, perhaps it would be better for all if they spend a Happy New Year with you instead of a miserable Christmas?


try to outspend your ex on presents and treats – there is no competition: the aim is to give the children a good Christmas. Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

December 2014

DO try to agree beforehand who is taking them to the panto or who buys what – a Wii with no games to play on it will fall


flat. While you may secretly enjoy your ex’s crestfallen expression, you’ll feel differently about your son or daughter’s disappointment. Remember also that sometimes the best things in life can be free.


vary Christmas contact arrangements at the last moment without explanation.

DO give as much notice as possible if you would like something changed, and explain why – and if you are on the receiving end of the request don’t automatically refuse as a reflex reaction: their employer may be making unexpected demands or they have received an unexpected invitation which the children will enjoy. Hopefully you won’t face contact challenges this Christmas. If you do, and the suggestions in this article have not resolved matters, take legal advice as early as possible. This article provides only a general summary and is not intended to be comprehensive. Specific legal advice should be taken in any individual situation. Do contact Anita Sharpe on 01379 643555 or email


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Merry Christmas

to all our customers and readers from the

Dispatch Magazine team

Monsters Play ‘n’ Party Centre Children’s Indoor Softplay Activity Centre MONSTERS LTD. Where little monsters come to play. A secure environment where your “little monsters and angels” can play in safety. Cram packed with adventure and suprises, food and drink for all. Monsters Ltd. is a purpose built play and party area for toddlers through to 10 yr olds. ( Height restriction 4ft 10ins ) Play areas are monitored by trained staff but children remain the responsibility of a parent or guardian and must be supervised at ALL TIMES.

PARTY PACKAGE - When you book your childs party at MONSTERS LTD the price includes: - PARTY INVITATIONS - 1 1/4 HOURS FUNTIME IN TH E PLAY AREA - 3/4 HOUR IN DESIGNATED PARTY AREA - INDIVIDUAL CHOICE OF PARTY MEAL - UMLIMITED SQUASH - PARTY BAG - ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BRING THE CAKE. Monsters Ltd. Units 11/12 Hopper Way Diss Norfolk IP22 4GT Telephone: 01379 641400

WHATEVER THE OCCASION WE CAN DESIGN THE PARTY FOR YOU! (please note that weekend parties are very popular so book well in advance to avoid disappointment)

Email us:

December 2014

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Robert Beck Financial Services Ltd

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Independent Financial Advice Our company is committed to providing a customer care focused service to our clients building up long term relationships with both individuals and families, looking after their financial needs, often over several generations. We moved to Diss (Mere Street, above Costa Coffee) in August 2010, with over 25 years experience, our aim is to find a solution to your financial requirements. Whether it is a review of an existing investment policy, or you wish to look at new investments and savings, then we have a wealth of experience and up-to-date technology to undertake a review. As Independent Financial Advisors, over recent years, we have developed an Investment Reporting Service, offering quarterly investment report, produced within a few days of the report falling due. These reports show all your polices in one place and more importantly, show which investment have increased and which have not. Are you near to retirement? I can help you make the right decision. Looking at were you are invested and help to find the best Annuity. Our company is committed

to providing a customer care focused service to our clients building up long term relationships with both individuals and families, looking after their financial needs, often over several generations. Our clients are spread throughout the UK however we would like to develop new clients more locally. Robert Beck Financial Services Ltd offers a range of services backed by knowledge, expertise and experience. Whether you are concerned about your eventual retirement or simply feel you are paying too much tax, we can help you find ways of making the most of your money for both the present and the future. A small change in the way you manage your finances today can make a very considerable difference to your finances in the future.


Spend or invest your pension? New options from 2015 for retirees

Over recent years, we have developed an Investment Reporting Service, offering quarterly investment report, produced within a few days of the report falling due. These reports show all your polices in one place and more importantly, show which investment have increased and which have not.

If you’re coming up to retirement you have new options brought about by the Budget, which includes giving you access to the cash in your pension.

For more information, get in contact - details on the advert to the right.

Telephone: 01379 741700 • Email:

As Independent Financial Advisers we can explain your new options to you and put together a plan that’s tailored to your individual needs and goals. To find out how we can help you plan a worry-free retirement, have a chat with one of our experts today.

Robert Beck Financial Services Limited

Dentabrite Clinic DentaBrite Clinic is an independent family dental practice in Diss. At DentaBrite Clinic we aim to provide you with the best possible dental care in a warm and modern, purpose built environment. Family dentistry is our focus and our team are always ready to help you feel comfortable and at ease with any procedure

you may require. We offer a range of dental treatments including: · teeth whitening · cosmetic crowns · white fillings · root canal treatment · general dentistry New to our Practice, is our Nervous Patient Programme aimed at providing help to

patients who may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. The treatment is completely drug free and utilizes proven hypnotherapy techniques to help bring about beneficial change. It consists of a course of five sessions, each an hour long, in a dedicated treatment room at the Dental Clinic.

If you wish to book an appointment or wish to enquire about any of our services, you can visit our website at : email or ring Susanna, Vicki or Beverly on 01379652580.

01379 652580 E: | 4 Church Street, Diss, IP22 4DD December 2014


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A Waterfield And Sons - No 1. For Tarmac In Norfolk And Suffolk 74 years of civil engineering excellence from family firm Established 1950, this Scole-based family concern specialises in road reinstatements in asphalt and concrete, hot bitumen spraying, constructing and repairing farm roads and drives, brick weave paving, road construction, kerb laying and private driveways. In addition, the

building division carries out new works, renovations and repairs to commercial and farm buildings to a high specification. Now entering a new era, business is good at A Waterfield & Sons, with much of the company’s work still

coming through repeat business and word of mouth. This success has been fuelled by a highly skilled and very loyal workface, which has allowed the company to successfully win business from bluechip organisations such as Essex & Suffolk Water, Lafarge Tarmac,


Smurfit Kappa, British Sugar & Saffron Housing. For further information and to find out how you can take advantage of A Waterfields & Sons’ expertise, telephone 01379 740255.

Norfolk Woodburners offer the best local service for the supply and installation of:

• •

Wood Burners & Multi-Fuel Stoves

• • •

Flexible Chimney Liners

Main agents for Aga, Hunter & Cleanburn Stoves Twin Wall Chimney Systems Fireplaces Opened Up

For a free site visit and quotation contact us on:

01508 498393 m: 07847 426953 t:

e: December 2014

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Do you have a good sleep routine? It is advised by the National Bed Federation to change your bed every seven years, to ensure that we get the best comfort and support during our sleep. Although the majority of couples openly admit that they change their bed on average every 17 years! Like proper nutrition, a balanced diet and exercise, sleep plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and happy. We need a good night’s sleep to ensure we are feeling fit, thinking sharply and to generally give us the appetite and enthusiasm to make the most of everyday living. What most people don’t realise is that poor sleep and fatigue are the biggest issues that affect millions of people worldwide. When sleep deprivation mounts up, people start feeling tired during the day time which affects our ability to make decisions and helps us make mistakes, have shorter tempers and can make us have slower reflexes. With many of us driving on the roads, this can have devastating effects. The number one key to a good night’s sleep is ROUTINE. Keeping regular hours and going to bed and getting up at the same time every day will help program the body to sleep better. Research from all over the world, confirms that a comfortable, uninterrupted seven or eight hours sleep each night can help reduce stress, boost your mood, your physical and mental performance, cure a wide range of aches and pains as well as slowing down the aging process. A lack of sleep suppresses your immune system making you more vulnerable to infections and metabolic and hormone changes which have the same effect on your body as ageing. According to the University of British Columbia, the average person that requires eight hours sleep per night, just losing one hour of sleep

can lower your IQ by one point the following day. Reduce this to a whole week of six hour nights could lose you 15 points. Sleep is important for the body and mind! This time of year can be the most stressful time of year, Christmas is fast approaching, the mornings and dark and the nights even darker! With December being party season also, the late nights, copious amounts of alcohol and over indulging on food is likely to cause sleep disruption. It is very important to keep that routine all year and even more so during the festive season. If you feel that you are not getting the rest you need, follow these tips and see how much better you feel. Create a restful environment. Keep you bedroom at a comfortable temperature and as quiet and dark as possible. Turn off that iPhone, vibrations and flashes through the night will disturb your you and in your subconscious you will think about that message you’ve just received. Exercise. We all hate it, but regular exercise will help relieve the day’s stresses and strains. Consider taking a walk or going swimming. Cut out stimulants. Tea, coffee and sugary drinks in the evening will interfere with you falling asleep. Try a nice herbal tea or a milky drink instead. Smoking also can take you longer to get to sleep, smokers tend to wake more often through the night. Don’t over indulge. Too much food or alcohol before bed could disrupt your

sleep. Alcohol does help you pass out, but will no doubt interrupt your sleep during the night. Relax. Turn off the television before bed and have some relaxation time. Read a book, have a warm bath or listen to some music. This could help relax you before bed. Remembering to turn off that phone! Don’t worry. Easily said, but laying in bed worrying about jobs you need to do tomorrow will keep you awake, tossing and turning. Have you considered writing a list before bed, all your jobs are on paper and you can cross them off one by one giving you satisfaction. Don’t sleep on an argument. Conflicts are not conducive to putting you in the right frame of mind for sleep. Comfortable Bed. One of the most important factors in a good night’s sleep is your bed. In Sleep Council research, 79% of people saw a direct link between the way they sleep and how they feel the next day. Astonishingly, only 11% thought that

there might be any link between their bed and sleep. It is recommended that your bed should be change at least every seven years, this will ensure you maintain comfort and support every single night. If your bed feels uncomfortable before seven years, look to change it! Did you know that your bed may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from it’s as new state after seven years? Research also showed that beds as little as six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear, not just from body weight and movement but from sweat and debris too. A comfortable and supportive bed is important to assist in achieving those eight, uninterrupted hours. At Sound Sleep, we are fully trained mattress specialists who are able to give you advice on which mattresses are suitable to your needs. We have over 100 beds on display in store and with all the latest mattress technology available we are best placed locally to help aid a good night’s sleep and hopefully make your dreams come true. Information and research provided by The Sleep Council.

December 2014

Sound Sleep Bedding Department

Sound Sleep Bed Warehouse

Come and visit our huge showroom at Aloe Farm - Mile Road - Winfarthing - IP22 2EZ Between Diss & Attleborough on the main B1077 - Look for our bright yellow sign! For mattress advise please call 01953 861177 Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

We are closed Monday 22nd - Friday 26th December

Sunday 10:00 - 1:00

Christmas Opening Hours 27 Dec 10:00 - 4:00 28 Dec 10:00 - 4:00 29 Dec 10:00 - 4:00 30 Dec 10:00 - 4:00 31 Dec 10:00 - 4:00 01 Jan 10:00 - 4:00 02 Jan 09:00 - 5:00

All of our beds and mattresses are NBF Approved for your comfort & safety

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted - Old Bed Disposal Service Available

10 Diss

Susan Whymark Funeral Services A Family-run Funeral Directors Susan Whymark Funeral Service is an experienced and professional firm of Funeral Directors established in 2004. Our company is independent of any other corporations and is truly family run by mother and daughter Dianne and Susan Whymark. We are here to help you through a difficult time. Arranging a funeral can be a very daunting task, as not only is it the final thing you can do for somebody, you may not always know what that person’s wishes were. If you need us, you can expect a warm welcome by our family and experienced members of staff to guide you through the decisions and questions you face. A funeral can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It can consist of many different aspects or be a very straight forward service. The most important thing is that it reflects the person it is being arranged for.

We offer a complete service and believe greatly in giving individual care and time to make the choices you want. Everything is carried out under one roof, from arranging the funeral to visiting our Chapel of Rest and we offer free transport for all those necessary appointments relating to the funeral, should you need it. You can always be assured of a professional friendly service, as our many satisfied customers will attest to. We are here to help make funeral arrangements as painless as possible so do not be afraid to ask questions or query anything you do not understand. If you would like information concerning any aspect of arranging a funeral or indeed a funeral plan, our Eye office telephone number is 01379 871168 and our Harleston telephone number is 01379 851253.


and caring service

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service Susan Whymark Funeral Service is owned and run by the Whymark Family.

Independent Funeral Service serving Eye, Harleston and the surrounding areas

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service

Telephone personally answered 24 hours a day

Eye 01379 871168 Harleston 01379 851253

Independent and Family Run email

Chestnut House, 12 Progress Way, Langton Green, Eye, Suffolk, IP32 7HU And 31 Redenhall Road, Harleston, IP20 9HL December 2014


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MDB Plumbing Local Plumber specialising in bathroom fitting, but carrying out all types of plumbing work, as no job is too small - 24 Hour Call Out At M.D.B Plumbing the focus is on providing a first class service that’s value for money. All work is carried out promptly, safely, and correctly by a team of professional and courteous engineers. Covering everything from the simplest of plumbing jobs, to kitchen and bathroom installations.

• Full bathroom design and • installation • Tiling • General handy man • D.I.Y service Please feel free to call at any time as this is a 24/7 call out business. Call today on 07943 368537 or 01953 669033

Services Include • bathroom plumbing • blocked sinks • central heating equipment • plumbing leaks • emergency plumbers • hot water plumbing • kitchen plumbing • radiator repairs • shower installation • dripping taps • water leaks • water systems • burst pipes • water tanks • Washing machine installation • Dish washer installation

December 2014

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Keeping The Costs Down At Christmas Tips to get you through the festive season Christmas is, regardless of faith or belief, an important time of the year for all families. It gives people the perfect excuse to get together and share some truly wonderful moments. With the UK economy still struggling, however, a large proportion of the population are busy counting their pennies, as opposed to looking forward to the festive season. There are some simple ways that you can still enjoy a great Christmas, however, without suffering from the associated anxiety. Delay Christmas This may sound like a rather extreme measure, but it makes perfect sense. By delaying Christmas for just one week, you can save a huge amount of money on both your food and gifts. In reality, it is the single most straightforward way of saving money. Rather than rushing to buy along with everyone else when prices are at a premium, head to the January sales and celebrate then. You don’t actually have to completely ignore December 25th. You can have a nice meal, share some drinks, play a few board games and watch the usual films and television specials. But you can just save gift-giving for a later date. On top of saving you a lot of money, this will also mean that you have something else to look forward to, after seeing the New Year in. With many sales now beginning on Boxing Day, you may not even have to delay for more than a couple of days.

Focus on What is Really Important Although Christmas should be a time where people feel a little more free with their money, in reality a lot of what we spend is unnecessary. Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean that you are going to have a less enjoyable day. Rather, you simply need to plan in advance and focus on what is important. As with all major festivals the world over, the modern day has seen a major shift towards marketing. Coca-Cola, for example, has been using Santa Claus in advertising campaigns since the 1920s, and was even influential in the way he looks today. This is not the true essence of Christmas, however. The most important thing is having family and friends together. You can probably add to that list good food and exciting gifts. These also, however, don’t need to break the bank. Donate Your Presents This may be stepping into slightly idealistic territory, but donating gifts, rather than buying them for each other at Christmas is a great way to go. This is positive and progressive in so many ways. First of all, it provides a lesson to both you and your children that, regardless of how tough times are now, there are always those less fortunate. It helps you and them to keep perspective. It also means that you make others feel special and wanted at Christmas, and offer them something that they truly

Christmas Visits Bressingham Sun 30 Nov 2014 - Wed 24 Dec 2014 For details of forthcoming events and prices, visit Telephone: 01379 686990

December 2014

need. Sharing a meal with the homeless on Christmas Day can be a good way of meeting new people, experiencing a wonderful environment and truly seeing what the Christmas spirit is all about. On top of giving you and your children so much in terms of joy, this will also help you to limit your spending at Christmas. It is incredibly healthy, especially if finances have been a problem, simply to embrace the truly wonderful things in life - people.


What Are Easments? An easement is a right to do or use something in connection with a property, for example a right of way over a private road or a right to use a drain When buying a property it is important to check whether it has all the relevant rights that are needed for its use. These usually relate to access and rights to use service connections. Absence of the necessary rights can severely restrict the use of a property and cost the owner a lot of money. It is also important to check whether the property is subject to rights in favour of others as this could also affect the use. Most easements are created by deed and would be shown on the deeds to a property or recorded at the Land Registry. It is however possible to establish an easement by other methods most commonly by long use. These easements would probably not be recorded anywhere. Subject to certain preconditions where a right of way has been exercised continuously for more than 20 years the right becomes established. In Norfolk situations often arise where properties have no documented rights even though they have existed for hundreds of years.

had come into common ownership was subsequently sold.

Sometimes a check of the enclosure awards in the County archives will evidence an ancient grant of a right but often the fact that the right has been exercised for many years has to be relied upon.

easement and the area over which the easement is exercised. If an easement is granted in favour of a specified area, the land owner cannot necessarily add further additional land in and claim the benefit of the easement for that as well.

As far as unrecorded rights are concerned these should be revealed by the standard questions asked of any Seller during the house purchasing process.

Furthermore, for an easement to exist land has to be in separate ownership so that the land that benefits from the easement and the land that is subject to it are owned by two separate individuals or organisations. If the two areas come into common ownership then the easement will simply cease to exist and would have to be recreated or re-granted if any part of the land which

When looking at easements it is important to note how they were created, the specific area of property which was said to benefit from the

If an easement is created it is important that a note of the benefit of the easement is registered at the Land Registry as since 2002 registration of easements has been compulsory. The same applies if anyone believes that they have established an easement by long usage. Whilst the Land Registry will not necessarily establish that such a claim is valid, they will make a note on the title of the land which is the subject of the claim that a right is claimed and the nature of that claim. There is a massive amount of case law and literature on easements and property rights in general and the message has to be that when purchasing property or when considering a change of use or expansion of the use of any property advice must be sought as to whether the relevant rights, that are required, exist and will continue to exist in the future.

Diss: 01379 641221 Attleborough: 01953 453143 | | December 2014



Look After Your Income Employment Law, Rental Income and keeping up with Tax Returns Is it just me – or does it seem much harder to be an employer in 2014 than it was maybe 30 years ago? Now of course although I may look and feel 100, in reality I was just starting school then. I did get to help out in my Mum’s office where she was a secretary in the holidays though. It seemed really good fun – the boss seemed to be able to tell everyone what to do and sat in a big office with a big desk and gave orders – got paid a nice big salary and everyone else ran around and did what they were told. (Especially me, my job was to wash the cups up and if I was lucky I got to frank the letters through the machine!) The reality of 2014 seems to be that you really do have to be so very careful when employing staff. Of course all of the health and safety is a good thing – but by the time employers have checked the minimum wage, automatic enrolment

for pensions and real time for pay roll not to mention all of the insurances and tribunals – being an employer is now officially a minefield in my opinion. Now I am sure that if you are an employer – you make sure that as part of your job you make sure that you are au fait with all new legislations – so of course we all knew that from October 2014 real time penalties were going to start in earnest – but if you have less than 50 employees then you have been given a reprieve – until 6 March 2015 and if you have less than 9 employees you won’t get fined until 6 April 2016 – so there is lots of time to get your payroll right – which has to be good news. However you do need to start as you mean to go on – time will soon slip away and you definitely don’t want to get caught out. At KBA we offer payroll from as little as £7.50 (plus VAT) per month depending on requirements - we think this is a pretty good offer even if we do say

so ourselves – so why not come and talk to us about putting in place some preventative measures before those fines really do kick in. And don’t forget paying wages to the right person can be a real tax saving. There have been lots of articles over the last few weeks about the crackdown that HMRC are going to have on any tax payers that they believe may be benefiting from a rental property and not declaring this rent received on their tax return. Don’t forget that even if you rent out your own home and live in another rented house – you still need to declare the rent you receive for tax purposes. Now of course like anything there are expenses and allowances that you can claim as relief so don’t get caught out, come and chat to us – we can help you with your rental income. But don’t leave this until the last minute as authorisations are needed and these can take a while to sort – we really

are a friendly bunch and the initial consultation is free – so why not come and see us and put your mind at rest. But don’t ignore the warnings from HMRC because they advise that they are going to set up a lot of investigative enquiries – so don’t get caught out! And finally – only a couple of months now till the main self assessment tax return deadline – it is getting closer so don’t get caught out by that either! Tax really doesn’t have to be taxing so make sure you have someone on your side to keep you on the straight and narrow. We hope that you might choose us to be your someone – why not give us a call or an email. T: 01953 457173 E:

December 2014


The Gold Shop Gold, Silver, Coins & Collectables!


The Gold Shop is a recent addition to Queens square, Attleborough; although the owner, Adam has had over 12 years experience in buying and selling jewellery, gold, silver, coins and collectables.

The shop has been located in Attleborough for four weeks now and has lots of new stock, which will change daily… So pop in and have a look!


we would like to buy


Our curtains and blinds have a luxurious finish, conveying the highest levels of quality and style.

The Gold Shop serves Diss, Attleborough, Long Stratton, Watton, Thetford, Adam prides himself on managing his Wymondham, Dereham, Swaffham and Come and see our quallity Gold & Silver Jewellery for sale. Coins, Curios, business locally from within the town so all the little villages in-between. and Antiques thatMetail he willDetector always beFinds available to talk Bought and Sold. Anything Considered. toGold his customers and provideScrap them with or Items The shop isAlways in the centre of Attleborough, & Silver Wanted polite customer service and competitive which means that customers can make CASH PAID - COMPETITIVE PRICES prices. use of the various free parking facilities close by.


Bush House, Queen’s Square, Attleborough NR17 2AF

Call to arrange your free home visit. 01603 615945

8 St. Benedicts Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4AG

01953 455415

Haverscroft Industrial Estate, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 1YE

December 2014


Tel. 01953 458030 or 07855 402562



Priory Insurance A look a Public Liability Insurance Public Liability is designed to cover Businesses or Sole Traders for claims made against them by members of the public. With easy access to ‘no win no fee’ Solicitors, claims are becoming more frequent as alleged negligence is tested in Courts. It is therefore essential that adequate cover is provided to ensure that defence costs can be met and protection is provided, as in many cases a large claim could effect personal assets and cripple the business. Our Liability Division handles Employers, Public and Products Liability cover for indemnity levels to £10,000,000. Higher levels are available and can be arranged if required.

We have an extensive specialised panel of Insurers with whom we place this type of risk, including Aviva, Axa, Ageas, NIG Insurance as well as specialist Lloyds Underwriters to ensure you receive the best possible rates. Our experienced staff will ensure that we tailor the policy to meet your specific needs, so you only pay for the cover you need. Whether you are a Sole Trader or Limited Company, large or small, we will provide you with a dedicated account handler who will always be on hand to discuss policy covers. For more information or advice, please feel free to call in to our Wymondham Office.

December 2014


Suffolk & Norfolk Youth Action Suffolk and Norfolk Youth Action look at a number of events over the past month Cinema Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s members of Attleborough Players, dressed up as super heroes, welcoming the arrival of the Elephant Cinema Club to Attleborough. The Elephant Cinema Club was born out of a project originally funded by the South Norfolk Youth Advisory Board. Now a community focused cinema project, in association with our new partner, ‘The Connaught Hall Charity’, in Attleborough, we were able to show two films, throughout Sunday 16th November. We wanted something special for our

and some very special guests, we look forward to welcoming you to Days of Fear and Wonder”.

We can only do this by attracting a patronage of regular cinema goers”. Exchange2

Our second film, shown the same evening, was’ The Fault in our Stars’. Steve Thomas, the Elephant Cinema Club’s Co-ordinator said, this is not the first Cinema in Attleborough! No, the first cinema was situated in the Old Corn Hall, now an Indian Restaurant and storage space for Myhill’s Electrical retailer. Like most things, as popularity declined, in the mid 1940’s, it closed. Who knows, whilst stationed at Old Buckenham Airfield during WWII, James Stewart may

Exchange2, the Harleston Youth Trust, SNYA, and Borderhoppa, the Community Transport Trust, took excited young people and youth support workers on a trip to Pleasurewood Hills over half term. Steve Thomas, Youth Worker, said, “Pleasurewood Hills is a great place to go and enjoy yourself, and we provided full supervision, but allowed the young people their freedom to act responsibly and to check in with us when required. The benefits of such trips are immense for young people as it enables them to interact with a trained youth worker & volunteers, whilst developing independence skills and enjoying a day out with other young people.”

first cinema showing, in Attleborough, so we also teamed up with the British Film Institute’s (BFI) Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder to show ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. This is a three month celebration of film and television’s original blockbuster genre. The season includes over 1000 screenings of classic film and television programmes at over 200 locations across the UK, from outdoor events at iconic British sites, to screenings in multiplexes, local cinemas and community venues. A BFI spokesperson said “Featuring restorations from the BFI National Archive, new BFI publications, DVD releases, an education programme,

have even visited to see himself star in one of his own movies. With the rise of online providers, such as Netflix (in 2013, they reported that a total of 44 million customers had subscribed to their service) less and less people have visited cinemas than they did, say ten years ago. We are trying to recreate the good old days but with popular films, comfy chairs and a licensed bar.” “It’s great putting on a cinema show here in our home town: local people have mucked in to help us by getting behind the project. This has ranged from ‘The Dressing Up Box’, providing the costumes for the photo shoot, ‘The Flower Box’ selling the tickets, businesses and shops displaying our posters and flyers, and even two passing gentlemen helping us hoist our Elephant onto the roof of the Connaught Hall. Now that isn’t something that happens every day of the week!”

This follows on from a summer trip to Quasar Elite and forms part of an Exchange2 Programme funded by local Cllr Jeremy Savage’s SNDC Ward Budget and a Momentum Activity Grant. The trips form part of a new programme for the young people who can attend the Exchange2 Youth Cabin for table football, pool, indoor games and events, or just to hang out.

‘The cabin’ operates as a drop-in centre on Tuesdays starting with outside sports activities from 5pm and indoor activities from 6.30pm, Thursdays also offers free tea and toast from 3pm. Future trips will include the cinema & McDonalds in Norwich. All local young people between the ages of 13 and 16 are welcome to attend the Exchange2 Cabin. YAB

Steve went on to say, “The Elephant Cinema Club is a member of Creative Arts East’s Rural Cinema Scheme; we would like to grow our cinema, offer a Children’s Matinee and show two feature films per month at the Connaught Hall.

December 2014

On Friday, 31st October 2014, SNYA Radio broadcast live from the ‘Gift of the YAB’ conference held at The Kings Centre, Norwich. The ‘Youth Advisory Board’ (YAB) event saw the’ Young

Commissioners’ come together from across Norfolk; seven ‘Youth Advisory Boards’ have been established as part of Norfolk’s strategy to enable local communities to meet young people’s needs. Membership is drawn from all the key agencies locally, together with young people themselves. These boards have a role in pulling together a clear picture of young people’s needs across their district. Young Commissioners, from the Breckland area, kicked off the conference, by introducing a group of traditional African dancers called ‘AFROLUSO’ from Great Yarmouth before the event was officially opened by the Chairman of the County Council, Cllr Brian Hannah. The Conference continued with each area’s ‘Young Commissioners’ giving their presentations about the ‘European Youth Exchange’ trips they had undertaken and personal perspectives on what the YAB had done for them, as individuals. Our SNYA radio team of Jamie Hall, Adam Bethell, Imogen and Verity Humby and Steve Thomas was on hand to provide the entertainment and demonstrate radio broadcasting; whilst other young people, in attendance, danced in the isles. SNYA broadcast live visuals of the event on Youtube and provided a constant update of photos and text on Twitter, for those people who could not be there. Lots of agencies that have provided services or supported the YAB’s were present including: YMCA, Benjamin Foundation, Momentum, Victory Housing, South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group, Family Voice, Brundall C of E Church, MTM Youth Services CIC, Sprowston Youth Engagement Project, MAP, Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD), Mancroft Advice Project (MAP), The Discovery Centre, MIND and the Matthew Project. If you feel passionate about your area, want be involved with the decision making process, and would like to see the best services for young people where you live, then you can get involved by visiting http://www.momentumnorfolk.

@Dispatch_Mag Lions Charity Swim On Saturday, 8th November 2014, SNYA Radio attended the annual Wymondham Lions charity swim at Wymondham Leisure Centre. The event has raised in excess of £30,000 for various local charities such as EACH, Chapel Road School and BIG-C to name but a few. This year, the event, now in its 9th year, is set to raise funds for Nelson’s Journey. SNYA is particular proud to attend this year’s Lions Swim as our Patron, BBC Radio Norfolk’s Stephen Bumfrey, is also a Patron of Nelson’s Journey. Stephen said, “I wanted to support Nelson’s Journey because I knew first hand that bereavement is tough enough to deal with as an adult, but confronting the death of a significant person as a youngster is particularly traumatic. Our first 17 years can shape us for the rest of our lives. It’s essentials to be there for children and youngsters during such a difficult and confusing time.”


Zoe, from Nelson’s Journey, explained that the charity is dedicated to supporting bereaved children and young people throughout Norfolk. Since 1997, they have helped hundreds of children between the age of 0 to 17, who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life e.g. parents, grandparents or siblings. She said that the money raised today would be spent on therapeutic weekends, memory workshops and confidence building for young people who have been affected by a loss. She went on to say that they provide one-to-one counselling and youth clubs for young people in similar situations to themselves. This year’s competitors include, U3A, a staff team from Wymondham College, four teams of Wymondham Guides, six teams of students from Tacolneston, Attleborough, and Wicklewood Primary Schools and a team from Wymondham College Swim School. They are all competing, not only to raise money for this worthy charity but to better last year’s winners, ‘Little Fish’, who set a new record by swimming 91 laps (182 lengths) in their 50 minutes time slot.

The Wymondham Lions award trophy’s, medals, and certificates to the teams that swim the furthest and raise the most money, in each of the senior and junior categories. John Wilde, organiser and host for the event said, “For the seniors, a team from Wmondham’s 4th Guides swam the furthest with 56 laps. The ‘U3A Team’ raised the most, again, with £707 pledged. For the junior teams, the Deep Blue Dolphins from Wicklewood School swam 49 laps but the ‘Most Money Raised Award’ is very tight and will depend on who collects the most

money from their pledges. At the moment Attleborough Cubs are in the lead with £233, but this can change”. The Mayor of Wymondham, Cllr. Collin Foulger, said, “ I have attended the Lions Charity Swim a couple of times in the past, the last time being when I was in Office four years ago. It is good to see people enjoying themselves and putting something back into the life they enjoy” If you are a young person and would like to get involved in similar events to these then drop us an email to office@

The small, friendly school that gets results for individuals Thetford Grammar School is a friendly and family based community, a high achieving co-educational independent day school in East Anglia, from rising 4s to the Sixth Form. The strength of this “all through” school is that it enables us to place great emphasis on a supportive environment, one in which pupils take responsibility for themselves and for each other. Our pupils come from all round the region, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, a testament to our popularity. But come and see for yourselves. Bring your children for a ‘taster’ day with us. Let them be the best judge of whether TGS is the right environment for them. We are confident they will say yes!

Senior School Entrance Exams Saturday 17th January To register your interest in Entrance Exams, request a prospectus or to arrange a visit please call 01842 752840 or e mail: December 2014


Great Deals! Christmas Wishes from Euronics Service only your local independent electrical retailer can provide. We’re switched on.

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Amazon Gym New ownership, New ideas The gym, located in Shropham, opened in late 2008 and was run by Amazon Leisure as a working showroom. This meant that we have been able to offer some of the best fitness equipment on the market and swap equipment around on a regular basis. In August 2014 the gym changed hands and is now owned by Tom Bushell. We still have ties to Amazon Leisure, some of

the best fitness equipment on the market and access to the latest training styles and methods. However now we are a more memberbased gym where the members are our main emphasis rather than that of displaying fitness equipment for sale. This has enabled us to make changes already to our 8000sq foot of space.

Our ethos is that fitness and health is part of a journey. We aim to educate our members through their journey so that they make the right choices in food and exercise. This process is helped by the fact that all of our trainers are fully qualified personal trainers. All the staff members are encouraged to keep their knowledge upto-date and are sent on regular training courses. This year we teamed up with Link to Learning and offer fitness courses from our trainer classroom. Two of our members of staff are now qualified tutors and we will be offering Fitness Instructor, Personal training, kettlebell and more certifications.Check our website or Facebook page for updates. We offer a wide range of different services. Our gym is split into different zones to aid our members as they train. There is a wide range of cardiovascular machines, including 8 treadmills, concept 2 rowers and access to spin bikes. We also boast a large free weights area and a big range of weight machines.

lean mass and body circumferences. Our goal is to assist our members in any way we can. To ensure we do this we offer a wide range of health and fitness supplements. Members or non-members can make requests as we have access to many different products. We are also proud to sell Lamberts healthcare products, UK’s leading supplier of specialist dietary supplements. Once again we can order this in especially. Their range stocks anything from omega 3’s to multivitamins to milk thistle. If fitness isn’t your thing then we have a hair & beauty room offering massages, haircuts, piercings, Botox etc. Our changing rooms are also equipped with standing solariums so you can show off that all year tan. For a free trial session at the gym or more information on joining please contact us on 01953 498444 or check out our website, Let your journey start today.

As part of all of our memberships the member will get an individual gym plan upon joining and we encourage members to review these, free of charge, on a regular basis. As all of our fitness staff are qualified personal trainers we offer personal training on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small group environment to reduce cost. This includes a more bespoke training plan and nutritional advice to help members on their journey. We also provide health checks; measuring blood pressure, body fat, resting heart rate,

December 2014


A Christmas event with all the bells & whistles EVENTS LISTING Blackthorpe Barn Be inspired December at Blackthorpe Barn in Rougham just outside Bury St Edmunds. In addition to being the largest Country Christmas shop in the area, every weekend, until 14th December, it showcases the greatest crafts people in Britain with a truly inspiring display of quality and pure creative talent. There are over 60 exhibitors offering a wonderful mix of fabulous crafts. Plus, huge choice of famous Rougham Estate Christmas Trees are available. www. Event times & dates: Country Christmas Shop Sat 29 Nov - Mon 22 Dec, 9am-5.30pm British Crafts Sat 6 - Sun 7 Dec
Sat 13 - Sun 14 Dec, 10am-5pm 
adults £2, oaps £1, children free, 
season tickets £6 Christmas Workshops: 1: Festive Collage for Families Sat 20 - Sun 21 Dec

3: Wreath Making Wed 3 Dec 
Wed 10 Dec 
Wed 17 Dec

Christmas begins at Blackthorpe Barn and each year the rustic medieval barn becomes home to some amazing festive delights. A Country Christmas Shop absolutely teeming with Christmas decorations, traditional games, Christmas lights, gifts and so much more.

Santas Grotto Weekends between Sat 22 Nov - Sun 21 Dec & Mon 22 Dec - bookings on-line only

Plus, a craft event like no other, showcasing the skills, talents and unique wares of the best quality British Crafts people in the country.

Christmas Trees Sat 29 Nov - Mon 22 Dec, 9am-5.30pm

Also available are the famous Rougham Estate Christmas Trees renowned for their quality and longevity. Not to mention our breath-taking Santa’s Grotto which is destined to deliver even more delights and surprises this year.

2: Felt Making Tues 2 Dec 
Tues 9 Dec 
Tues 16 Dec

Christmas Cafe Sat 1 Nov - Mon 22 Dec
11am-4pm weekdays
10am-5pm weekends Parking and disabled access Parking is free with spaces for 350 vehicles. Blackthorpe Barn has disabled access. Hidden within the mature trees of Rougham Estate, just outside Bury St Edmunds, is historic Blackthorpe Barn. During December the beautiful Barn turns into a festive wonder.

The Country Christmas Shop opens every day until 22nd December, offering a glorious range of essential festive treats from traditional and sparkling baubles, candles and ornaments, fabulous decorative displays and wondrous delights to the most amazing handmade creations.

The focus on British Crafts at the barn continues each weekend until 14th December. With over sixty stalls it showcases pure British talent offering the very best of British handmade crafts. Everything from sculpture and ceramics to leather items, textiles, art and jewellery, many of the crafts people change each weekend. Be quick to choose a famous Rougham Estate Christmas tree. They are nurtured just metres from the Barn. Highly popular they are renowned for their beautiful forms and colours, luxurious shapes and those unmistakable scents. Choose from pot grown or freshly cut, compact and elegant or excitingly large and extravagant, each tree is totally unique. Mistletoe, holly and wreaths are also available.

01953 452622

Est. 1981

Any old iron... and cars and batteries and copper and lead and stainless steel and aluminium and... AmaZINC or what! Find us at facebook: Mellor-Metals twitter: @mellor_metals

Making light work of heavy metals December 2014


Donna Kissinger Estate Agents Exchange Street Attleborough Norfolk NR17 2AB

Wishing our customers a Merry Christmas

T: 01953 454272 F: 01953 457773 E: December 2014


December 2014


December 2014


Not A Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! Gemma from Pink Couture talks about chasing her dreams How many people don’t take that one chance to persue their dreams? Gemma’s was to pursue dressmaking but that meant giving up her 10 year career with Norwich Union in order to start again. So like most, she started on the shop floor learning the basics, meeting clients and got to see first hand the level of service that was being offered at that time. Gemma opened her first studio Ginx Couture in Norwich where she initially catered for all things Bridal and Civil Partnerships. Her career saw her headlining fashion shows in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton and Norwich and featured in an interview on the Sky Wedding channel. The immediate feedback from clients was that it was not just the way their bespoke garments made them feel, it was the whole boutique experience. The process starts with taking a clients initial ideas and then through the use of

mood boards, fabric sourcing, preparing working designs and a few cups of coffee the garments then start to evolve. The process then moves onto pattern cutting and a mock up fitting. After taking a break to start her family, Gemma is back at the cutting table designing and creating all things including wedding garments, prom dresses, formal and occasion wear under her new label Pink Couture. 18 years of blood, sweat and tears have now led Gemma to be looking at up and coming trends with wearable technology starting to become mainstream. Always looking out to be inspired for new creations, a year ago after seeing a project involving illuminated garments,

the idea of incorporating LED’s into her designs was conceived. Several prototypes later and drawing on her husband’s technical knowledge, she has created a stunning wedding dress fit for a princess. “Using this innovation I am excited to be launching this technology into anything a client may desire, the possibilities are endless. A theoretical 16.7 million colours are available! With this in mind we can even have a garment change its own colours by utilising an optical sensor or have it programmed to respond to movement” The result is a unique and stunning designer wedding dress that looks traditional right up to the moment when

you switch it on! “The reaction to the dress from those who have had a sneak preview has been overwhelming.” Says Gemma. “This may lead to expanding the design into other types of clothing such as dance wear.” It isn’t only wedding dresses Gemma creates; she will design a bespoke outfit for any occasion and she can even upcycle old clothing. For the chance to meet Gemma and her team, she is holding a charity fashion show supported by Sainsburys and other local businesses for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice on the 30th November at 2:30pm at Connaught Hall in Attleborough. To book a consultation visit the studio on Eden Lane, Attleborough or call Gemma 07775 603 682

Pink Couture

Fitness Pilates

One of the most sought after fitness programmes of the 21st century Fitness Pilates combines “classic” Pilates technique with remedial exercises to offset postural problems offering a complete work-out for the body that exercises not just the main muscle groups, but the weaker, less-used muscles too.

also improve posture and co-ordination. Other benefits include – less stress and improved concentration, more efficient digestion, increased oxygen intake, better circulation, enhanced immune system, sculpted body, improved flexibility, and increased mobility within the joints.

Exercises are gentle and are designed to put as little strain on the body as possible. An excellent preventative technique that will strengthen your body against potential injury. You will learn to maintain stabilization and increase flexibility and strength in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. This in turn will compliment and enhance any current exercise programme, keeping mind and body working in harmony.

Fitness Pilates focuses on strengthening the centre by teaching the mind and body to recruit “core muscles”, coupled with stretching exercises which are used to lengthen tight muscles, so you can achieve a longer, leaner look and a great shape without creating muscle “bulk”. When the core muscles are strengthened the effects can be very beneficial. They can support the spine, bring stability to the body, protect the lower back, tone the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and overall Fitness Pilates can help fight osteoporosis and help maintain bone density.

So what is posture? It is the alignment between various parts of the body. Good posture underlies all exercise techniques – it is the foundation for movement. In relation to posture the two most important fitness components are flexibility and strength. Through Pilates based exercises you can increase muscular balance and strength and

December 2014

Fitness Pilates combines the suppleness of yoga with the strength building found in the gym and it offers a whole body workout that challenges your body like no other exercise.



Attleborough & District Car Park Maintenance Horticultural Society Completed ahead of Schedule Report on October 2014 Meeting During December members hold their Christmas social, and then regular monthly meetings recommence on Wednesday January 21st.

At the October meeting members and guests were treated to a very interesting talk by Tim Fuller, who owns The Plantsman’s Preference, a nursery in South Lopham. Tim specialises in hardy geraniums with around 600 varieties and grasses, rushes and sedges with about 500 varieties, but on this occasion he introduced us to a range of perennials that he stocks – the criteria being that they should be new, rare and unusual. Backed up by a powerpoint presentation he ran through the key features of each plant and also gave us tips on how to get the best out of them.

He wasn’t afraid to introduce to us highly evolved versions of what some might think of as weeds; for example celandines, deadnettles and clovers – although it would be hard to recognise them as such. Alongside these there were many new species of more familiar garden plants such as asters, campanula, chrysanthemum and lychnis.

Many thanks to Tim for a thoroughly enjoyable talk. At the Table Show entries were down on usual. However it was a successful evening for John Phoenix who took the award for “three cooking apples” and also for his potatoes which won the “any other vegetable” category. Pauline Garrod came first for “three stems of flowers” and Ron Brewer was a winner with his presentation of “autumn leaves”.

Queen’s Sqaure Car Park reopens Breckland Council’s Queen’s Square Car Park in Attleborough opened ahead of schedule. The car park had been temporarily closed to enable planned maintenance to take place. Swift work by the council and its contractor means the repair and resurfacing work has been completed sooner than expected.

The improvements to the car park, which remains free to use, have seen each completely resurfaced and the parking bay lines redrawn. A spokesperson for Breckland Council said: The car park maintenance programme has seen the car park significantly improved, making it more pleasant for local drivers and visitors.

Service only your local independent electrical retailer can provide


Designed to make life easier, Neff appliances make the perfect kitchen partner. Open the door to Neff.

Neff ovens are exceptional because they have been designed by Cooks, for Cooks, who are passionate about food and love spending time in their kitchen. Engineered for durability and built with quality, a Neff oven will never let you down, and with its multitude of features and functions for every dish, it’s like having your own Sous-chef in your home.

Delivered direct to your door with our free home delivery service from your local independent electrical retailer when you buy a selected Neff home appliance. Terms & Conditions apply.*

The ‘Neff’ range has been picked and constructed to provide a number of options for you, so you can create your dream Neff kitchen with ease.

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December 2014


Inspired Flower Design New Floristry Business in Norfolk Inspired by a passion for flowers, a unique creative flare and a love of Norfolk, a freelance florist from Attleborough has already received national recognition of her bespoke designs. Tracey Diplock, from Attleborough, was able to launch her floristry business with the help from NWES, an enterprise agency who specialises in helping people turning their business idea into reality. Inspired Flower Design creates beautiful bespoke floral designs for any occasion in Norfolk and the surrounding areas, offering a personal service to clients for weddings, funerals, bouquets and corporate events “I absolutely adore Norfolk, its flowers and its ever-changing landscape. I’m really excited to be bringing my creativity and my love of flowers together to make any occasion extra special for my customers.” What began as an interest soon turned into more as Tracey worked in a florists shop before studying floristry at night school alongside her job as a manager for a national magazine. However the lure of floristry was too great and she made the decision to follow her dreams and

December 2014

pursue her freelance business. “Working as a freelancer means I have more time to dedicate to each of my clients than many florist shops, and for me there is no better feeling than seeing their smiles as I hand them their bouquets and designs” Tracey said. Having joined the Norwich-based NWES programme, Tracey found this to be very helpful, offering advice and support along the way. Business Advisor Victoria Williamson said of Miss Diplock “Tracey is an immensely talented florist with a real passion for her business, but most importantly is her focus on customer satisfaction, for every design to be one which both she and the customers are proud of.” Inspired Flower Design has already been recognised by national specialist magazine ‘Wedding Flowers and Accessories’ to feature her work, honouring her with a double page spread, and is the preferred supplier for many local businesses. Passion for her trade and focus on customer service are the key to the success of Inspired Flower Design, along with Tracey’s huge determination and pursuit of perfection. “Inspired Flower

Design is going from strength to strength and I am so proud. However my greatest success is immensely personal. I am working on my dream…getting up every day and loving what I do, being happy, fulfilled and raring to go” says Tracey. If you feel inspired by Tracey and would like more information, call 07957 090 506 or email tracey@ Visit or follow ‘Inspired Flower Design’ on Facebook and @InspiredFlowerD on Twitter. COMPETITION - How would you like to be Inspired this Christmas? Inspired Flower Design are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a £50 gift voucher. To enter, follow @InspiredFlowerD and tweet #InspiredXmas, and/or like the ‘Inspired Flower Design’ Facebook page by 10th December 2014 to be in with a chance of winning. Terms and conditions: - Entries must be received by 10th December 2014 - Only one entry per household

- The winner will be selected at random, and notified via either Facebook or Twitter by 15th December 2014 celebrate then.



Attleborough Boxing Club Attleborough Boxing Club Home Show Report The high Quality of the Boxing was the major highlight of the whole evening with some excellent displays of boxing skills, strength and stamina from all 18 Bouts. The packed Connaught Hall audience was very appreciative of the astounding quality that was on display and the atmosphere was electric. A 1st for the Club was that, following a recent rule change in the Sport, Head guards were not worn in the final Senior Event of the evening. Amongst the audience were George

Freeman MP, Robert Kybird Leader of Breckland District Council and Karen Pettit Attleborough Town Mayor. Boxers came from far afield, including Doncaster and Bristol, to box at the show which was very skilfully matched by Head coach and club Matchmaker, Jon Dennis. Home Boxer of the night was Jack Dolan who, despite having a height and reach disadvantage against his opponent was relentless in his approach and won a unanimous points decision.

His performance was run very close by Milo Clay who boxed in the Bout of the night and 2 debutants to the ring for the Home Club, Roni Dean and Connor Holloway, who both stopped their opponents with Technical Knockouts. Other valiant home wins came from boxers Santiago Weaver, Marc Riley, Harry Burst Morgan Flynn and Ben Clarke. During the interval the wine raffle, which was sponsored by Quality People Recruiting and Donna Kissinger Estate

Agents raised £360 towards the local Sophie Warnes appeal which is looking to raise £12,000 to purchase Sophie, who suffers from Cerebal Palsy, a new wheel chair. The club have raised this to a total of £500 and will present this to the appeal organisers at a date to be arranged as soon as possible. The appreciative crowd certainly all went home enthusing about the evening and looking forward to the next show which will be held on 21st March 2015.

Updates on fundraising for Sophie Warnes The Attleborough appeal to purchase 8 year old Sophie Warnes, who has Cerebral Palsy, an electric wheelchair to give her much needed independence received a £1,000 boost with a presentation at Attleborough Boxing Club Gym. Attleborough Boxing Club started the fund raising with a Wine Raffle at their recent Boxing Show in the Town

and topped up the amount raised on the evening to £500 from Club Funds. On behalf of Anglian Demolition MD Lee Storer then matched this £500 and a cheque for the total of £1,000 was presented to Sophie and her parents. Sophie’s parents, Wendy and Michael were delighted to receive the donation

and the appeal fund now stands at £2,400 with a further £4,000 anticipated from a recent charity bike ride towards the cost of the wheelchair which is £12,000. At present Sophie has to rely on people pushing her manual wheelchair around and an electric wheel chair will give her

much needed independence. Further details of the appeal can be found on her Facebook page - “Let’s get Sophie moving” Photograph shows the presentation of the Cheque to Sophie

Left to right - Back Row : Donna Kissinger ( Attleborough ABC Principal Sponsor ) , Lee Storer ( MD, Anglian Demolition, Levi Dennis (Attleborough ABC Boxer ), Peter Neal ( Attleborough ABC Vice Chairman ). Left to right - front Row ; Marc Riley (Attleborough ABC Boxer ), Sophie Warnes, Michael Warnes, Morgan Flynn ( Attleborough ABC Boxer)

December 2014


Peter Pan aka Charlotte Baptie

December 2014



Panto at the Theatre Royal PETER PAN - December 18th 2014 to January 18th 2015 Treading the boards of the Norwich Theatre Royal stage in West Side Story has proved such a positive experience for two of the cast members, they will be returning to the city in December to take on the roles of Peter Pan and Tiger Lily in the Christmas panto. When the curtain rises on the show on December 18, Charlotte Baptie, who plays Rosalia in West Side Story, will be the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan, while Sinead Kenny, who is Consuela in the musical, will be taking on the dual roles of Tiger Lily and Mrs Darling. They join an all-star cast which includes Kevin Kennedy (Coronation Street’s Curly Watts), CBeebies presenter Sid Sloane, Cromer Pier favourite Ben Langley and the venue’s panto mainstay Richard Gauntlett. Ruth Betteridge, who played Cinderella in last year’s show, is also returning as Wendy. Charlotte will be in fine voice for her role as Peter Pan as she has an operatic background having trained in Vocal Performance with the Trinity Laban Conservatoire through a mentor scheme at English National Opera. Previous musical roles have included Phyllis in Iolanthe and Melissa in Princess Ida with the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company at Buxton Opera House.

of that before so that’s going to be the hardest learning experience, but I can’t wait to get started. She has worked with Richard Gauntlett in Gilbert and Sullivan presentations and said: “I hear that Richard has all sorts of things planned for the staging with lots of special effects, so I think it’s going to be hard work but lots of fun too.” After graduating in musical theatre, Sinead made her professional theatre debut in 9 to 5, visiting the Theatre Royal in February 2013 during the musical’s UK tour. She has played Tiger Lily before, in a 2010 Peter Pan panto, while other theatre credits include Christmas in New York, the Olivier Awards 2011 and the Not Forgotten Society’s 90th anniversary concert.

She said: “Getting the part of Tiger Lily has been a big surprise and I am really, really happy to be doing it. I think the character is a strong independent woman. She’s very sassy and feisty, not your standard Disney Princess who is looking for love, although she does fancy Peter Pan. But she is strong on her own terms and not scared of the pirates or Captain Hook, so it will be fun to act, and I hope I’ll get to do as much dancing and singing as possible in the role. “I’ve enjoyed being back in Norwich as much as my first time here last year. I love the Theatre Royal. The stage is probably the perfect size and we always have fantastic audiences here. West Side Story has sold out most nights and we have had a great reception at the end of each show,

Cap’n Hook aka Kevin Kennedy

so I’m looking forward to being back here at Christmas when it is all really festive.” Mark Hazell, of Norwich Theatre Royal, said: “We and the audiences have been very impressed with the high standard of singing, dancing and acting from Charlotte and Sinead in West Side Story here. We’re delighted they are joining our panto cast after what must be one of the longest auditions in history, having been seen on our stage nightly over a two-week period.” While all the main roles have now been announced, the theatre will be on the search for a professional chorus with auditions taking place in London next Friday on September 19. From the 90plus contenders invited to audition, the numbers will be whittled down to four female and four male performers who will play various roles including pirates, lost boys and mermaids. And on Sunday, September 21, an open audition is being held at the theatre in Norwich for young boys to play Michael and John in the show with a playing age of six to ten. More information about the open audition can be found on the home page of the Norwich Theatre Royal website at Listing:

She said she was thrilled to know she will be returning to the city for Christmas: “The Norwich panto is one of the biggest and best in the country so I am really happy to be a part of it.

Peter Pan, Thursday 18 December 2014-Sunday 18 January 2015. Tickets £5.50-£21. Discounts for Over60s, Under-18s and Groups. Underthrees free.

“Being here in West Side Story has been amazing. This is our last venue and we’ve been touring for over a year, so it’s mixed emotions at the moment – we’re all tired from a long run but you become like a family on tour. Norwich is a lovely venue to finish on and it makes it a little less hard to leave when you know you are coming back again.”

Signed performances on Saturday 17 January at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Audio-described performances on Sun 11 January at 1pm and Friday 16 January at 6.30pm.

Charlotte said she was thrilled to be finally taking on a ‘trouser role’ having not done one before. “I’m really excited to be playing a boy - that’s the thing I am looking forward to most and the flying too. I’ve not done any

For more info or to BOOK ONLINE

Relaxed performance especially suited for those with autism on Wednesday 14 January at 5.30pm. BOX OFFICE 01603 630000.

December 2014


Howzat?! Cricketers bowled over by winter league funding New indoor season for cricketers Cricket fans across Breckland won’t be left ‘stumped’ until the warmer weather returns as a new indoor season is set to get underway this weekend. Around 50 of the district’s cricketers are set to participate in the 2014/2015 Breckland Indoor League, which is being funded by a £1,100 sports development grant from Breckland Council. The Norfolk Cricket Board is also supporting the competition by administrating and officiating the league and umpiring each match. It is only the second time that an indoor winter competition has been held in Breckland and comes after the success of the first season, held last winter (2013/14). Last time around the league was organised for under 25’s, however interest was so great that this year’s event has been expanded to include all ages. The competition is open to registered local cricket clubs and eight of Breckland’s cricket clubs have fielded

a six-a-side team. The league will see inaugural winners Old Buckenham return to defend their crown, alongside last year’s runner up Garboldisham and representatives from Mundford, Thetford, Bradenham, North Elmham, Dereham, and Swaffham. The teams will play each other in two groups, with points being awarded to teams for winning matches, scoring a high number of runs, and for good bowling. Supported by Parkwood Leisure, the indoor matches will take place at Thetford and Swaffham’s leisure centres, with the first matches set to take place this Sunday (November 16) and on most Sundays through until the final on January 18. “I’m delighted that we are able to offer people from local cricket clubs the chance to continue competing in the sport they love right through the winter,” said Cllr Lynda Turner, Breckland’s Executive Member for Community and Environmental Services. “Last year’s

(From 2013/14 competition) Thetford batsman Mark Fowler

December 2014

indoor event was a great success and I’m pleased that this time around cricketers of all ages will be able to take part. “Cricket is a great sport which combines individual contributions and teamwork and there are some very highly performing and highly accredited cricket clubs in Breckland. I encourage people young and old to get in touch to see how they can participate in what is traditionally a big part of Breckland community life each summer - and now all year round.” Kevin Denmark, Cricket Development Officer at Norfolk Cricket Board, added: “We’re delighted to join up

with Breckland to support this winter competition. Offering an indoor league means we can add to an already exciting calendar of cricket which offers opportunities to people of all ages and abilities to get involved in playing regularly.” In addition to the £1,100 fund from Breckland to support the winter indoor league, the district council is also match-funding £200 alongside Norfolk Cricket Board to deliver Disability Cricket sessions at Dereham Community Hub, at Rash’s Green in Dereham. This will see table-based cricket matches taking place on a weekly period from January with further soft ball cricket sessions held at Dereham Leisure Centre. To find out more about the Breckland Indoor League and keep track of how your club is doing, or access information about the Disability Cricket Sessions and how to get in touch with your local club, go to:

To find out more about the Breckland Indoor League and keep track of how your club is doing, or access information about the Disability Cricket Sessions and how to get in touch with your local club, go to:



East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, is lending her support to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) new fundraising appeal to build a children’s hospice in the heart of Norfolk.

the history, nature and limitations of Quidenham as well as the vision for the new hospice. Families using EACH care and support services were also in attendance.

On November 25th, EACH launched their £10 million fundraising appeal at the Norfolk Showground in Norwich in the presence of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, who is EACH Royal Patron.

EACH also runs hospices in Milton in Cambridgeshire and Ipswich (The Treehouse) in Suffolk; both of which are better equipped and designed to care for life-threatened children and young people. A new Norfolk hospice will meet the increasing demands for the charity’s services and provide even higher quality care in-line with the other two hospices.

Hundreds of guests from across the county and beyond including individuals, businesses, charitable trusts, schools and community groups were in attendance to learn about the appeal. It aims to raise £10 million to build a new hospice on a 5-acre woodland plot in Framingham Earl to replace the charity’s current facility in Quidenham. The event was hosted by EACH VicePresident and former BBC and ITV news reader Martyn Lewis and included presentations from Graham Butland EACH Chief Executive, who explored

Quidenham hospice is one of the oldest in the UK and has been an incredible home-from-home to many families for more than 20 years. However, the hospice was converted from an old country house and is extremely restricted in its facilities and development. The demand on services continues to increase and care for young people over the last decade has become far more complicated – the charity is

rapidly outgrowing the constraints of the building. The new hospice will offer more choice and flexibility for families, improved care for bereaved families, increased overnight accommodation and private support areas for families. Improved medical and nursing equipment to meet increasingly complex care needs, a hydrotherapy pool, more extensive play and recreation spaces and improved facilities for on-site family support groups and activities. This Christmas, EACH is asking the people of Norfolk to donate £10 to a foundation appeal - if everyone in Norfolk did this, the money raised by this foundation appeal would enable EACH to start building their new hospice: • instead of buying a toy for EACH this Christmas, donate £10 • ask your child’s school to hold a Christmas jumper day for EACH to raise funds

• rather than sending Christmas cards around the workplace make a donation of £10 to EACH – we can send you a big card for everyone to sign and put on your notice board • hold a coffee & mince pie morning for your friends at home or work • ask us for a collection box and save your loose change until you have reached £10 • send a cheque for £10 to the Norfolk fundraising team made payable to EACH To find out more contact the EACH Norfolk Fundraising team: EACH Fundraising, Suite 5, The Old Dairy, Elm Farm Business Park, Wymondham, NR18 0SW. Tel: 01953 666767. Email: Twitter: @EACH_Norfolk or visit:

December 2014


Darts World Champions Return to Norwich for the BetVision Norwich Charity Darts Masters 2015 BetVision Charity Darts returns Saturday 27th June 2015 A host of former World Champion darts stars have signed up for the first BetVision Norwich Charity Darts Masters to be held at Norwich City Football Club on Saturday 27th June 2015. The event itself will be held in the Norfolk Suite providing a fantastic location for a very prestigious event. The event is being organised and promoted by Lord Russell Baker of Little Moulton who is looking to fundraise for the ‘Lord Baker Community Fund’ managed by The Norfolk Community Foundation. The main aim of the ‘Lord Baker Community Fund’ is to promote health and wellbeing; tackle disadvantage; support local solutions to meet local needs; promote community cohesion; develop sustainable and supportive communities and to deliver grant-making and charity support for the current fund beneficiaries that include East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH), Star Throwers Cancer Care & Support, Chapel Road School for Severely Disabled Children and Norfolk Community Foundation, who will also create a Community Grant programme which will be advertised and local community groups will be invited to apply for grants up to £1,000. The World dart stars attending on the evening are Eric Bristow MBE (5 x World Champion; John Lowe (3 x World Champion); Peter Manley (former World No.1 and 3 x World Finalist) and from Suffolk - the youngest ever World darts champion, Keith Deller. The event offers everyone on the night a chance to play at least one of these former World champions and master darts players. In addition there will be a small competition with the darts masters consisting of two semi-finals and a Final on the night – playing for the Norwich Charity Darts Masters Trophy. It is envisaged that this event and competition will become an annual event in Norwich for many years. The trophy itself has been donated by David Willimott from Carmichaels Dart Mart

December 2014

in Magdalen Street, Norwich. David Willimott is the former Suffolk darts champion and has had the privilege to play these players on many occasions. In fact a score card still hangs in Carmichaels Dart Mart when John Lowe played David some years ago; David Willimott will be attending on the evening as a special guest. John Lowe said, “Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, Peter Manley and myself will by playing at the Norwich City Football Club in aid of the Norfolk Community Foundation and other local charities’. It will be a great night, for me it will be a reunion with friends made over many years. I first visited Norwich in the late 70’s and I have to say if ever I was to move from my beloved Chesterfield, Norwich would have been my first choice, not because they have a church for every day of the year and just as many pubs, but because I made friends that became everlasting friends”. John Lowe added, “The 27th June 2015 will have a great line up, but for me it will be the Norwich Big Reunion, see you there my friends”. Lord Baker said, “This is going to be a massive night and one that should put Norwich and Norfolk back where they belong, in the ‘Premiership’ of Darts. We are hoping to raise much needed funds to support local charities and community projects through the ‘Lord Baker Community Fund’, and I am expecting this event to become an annual community fundraising event for years to come, with various darts masters and former World champions attending each year”. Lord Baker added, “The Norwich Charity Darts Masters Trophy will hopefully become a prestigious trophy too, and over the years will bear the names of many World darts stars making the trophy a potential fundraising auction item too in the years to come”. Graham Tuttle, Chief Executive of the Norfolk Community Foundation said,

“The first Norwich Masters Dart Event will be a great event on the Norfolk calendar next year and the Norfolk Community Foundation is really pleased to be working with Lord Baker in such an innovative fundraising event for local charities and community groups across Norfolk”. Steven Ho from Star Throwers said, “We are very grateful that Lord Baker is supporting Star Throwers again with this fantastic darts fundraiser. Russell organised a darts evening in May which was itself a fantastic evening but this one is looking like it will be even bigger and better! Russell’s continued fundraising means a great deal to our charity as it will help us to continue to provide advice and support to cancer patients and their loved ones”. Laura Carver from EACH said, “We are delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of Lord Baker’s fundraising events and thank him sincerely for his fantastic efforts in helping to ensure we can continue caring for children and young people with life threatening or life limiting conditions and supporting their families in the community. Lord Baker’s fundraising efforts are truly inspirational and we urge the public to support his events. They really are enjoyable occasions and what’s more, help to raise much needed funds for local charities”. The BetVision Norwich Darts Masters 2015 is expected to be a sell-out with the VIP tickets already SOLD-OUT. Standard tickets for the evening are still available and these will make ideal Christmas presents for all those darts enthusiasts, so fill your loved one’s stocking this Christmas by visiting the On-line Ticket site – https://ncfdarts. This is your chance to give a special gift to those in your life and the chance of a lifetime to meet and possibly play one of the World’s most iconic darts stars in history - everyone on the night will have

the chance to buy raffle tickets with the lucky winners able to play either Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Keith Deller or Peter Manley. So bring your darts! For further information about the ‘Lord Baker Community Fund’ please visit the Norfolk Community Foundation web site - funds/the-lord-baker-community-fund/


Don’t have a cold Christmas 6 million households cut back on heat while help goes unclaimed Don’t have a cold Christmas: 6 million households cut back on heat while help goes unclaimed Rising energy costs mean the majority of us are reluctant to turn on the heating as the cold snap comes in as fears that we cannot afford our energy bills afflict four in 10 households. Around six million households across England plan to cut back on heating their home this winter due to the worry about the rising cost of fuel. Yet at the same time millions of pounds worth of help is being left unclaimed under Warm Front, the Government’s scheme to help the poorest households in England to make their homes warmer and cut their energy bills. Across England only 11,766 people applied to Warm Front between April and July last year - a huge fall compared to the 133,034 applications received in the whole of the year before. The Government is introducing changes that will make more people and families with children, who are living on low incomes, eligible for the scheme.

December 2014

As the eligibility criteria for help under the Warm Front scheme widens, you may be able to get help this year even if you have been turned down before. As this is the last year of Warm Front, Consumer Focus, Citizens Advice, Age UK and the National Children’s Bureau are joining forces to promote the scheme to make sure that as many vulnerable people and families as possible get this help as the heating and insulation improvements Warm Front offers could help thousands of households to stay warm and well and save up to £600 off their energy bills each year. Jonathan Stearn, Programme Director at Consumer Focus, says: “A cold home can damage your health. So it’s very worrying that high energy prices are leading so many people to cut back on their heating. “We want to make sure that as many people as possible are helped to cut their bills and stay warm and well through the Warm Front scheme this year. We would urge anyone struggling with their bills to find out if they can claim free help.’ Gillian Guy, CAB chief executive, adds: “We’re really worried people are

struggling with their fuel bills because they live in homes that hemorrhage heat. Yet there is lots of help out there to make your home warmer - especially if you are on a low income. Your local CAB can help you apply for a Warm Front grant and Citizens Advice will be helping people save money on their energy bills during Big Energy Saving Week.” Rachel Monaghan, Senior Development Officer for Health and Well-being at the National Children’s Bureau, says some families with children will have to make the choice whether to heat or eat this winter. She comments: “We know many families are struggling to cope with rising fuel bills and are having to cut back on other essentials like food. We also know that growing up in a cold and damp home can have a real effect on children’s health, learning and enjoyment of life. “The Warm Front scheme can help cut bills and keep families warm and healthy, so we urge anyone worried about their fuel bills to find out as soon as they can if they are eligible to receive support.”

Warm Front offers measures worth up to £3,500 (£6,000 if you need oil central heating). These measures are free to most people who receive help from the scheme and can make a big difference to their health and financial well-being, in particular in affording other bills and saving for emergencies. People can find out if they can get free by visiting their local Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK. Alternatively look at switching your energy provider to someone like The Utility Warehouse, who guarantees they will save you money when you switch all your services to them, or they will give you back Double the Difference. It’s a bold statement, but Utility Warehouse do win the Consumer Magazine Which? recommendations time and time again, and more and more people are switching to them. The local Utility Warehouse representative for this area is: Jonathan who you can contact on 07802 690589. They offer a FREE home assessment, so it really is worth spending just 10 minutes to see how much you can reduce your bills by each month. Utility Warehouse says they save the average household around £60.00 EVERY month!

38 Food & drink

Ry’s First Christmas Menu Ry’s Bar & Grill, Attleborough’s newest restaurant, is delighted to announce it’s first Christmas Menu. Available from the 1st November - please book in advance. Prices are just £24.95 per person choosing three courses from the set menu below with coffee and mince pies to finish.



Surf and Turf Kebabs with warm Garlic Butter - Succulent bite sized pieces of beef with king prawns.

Brandy Mocha Cup - A rich, delicious chocolate dessert.

Chesnut & Mushroom Soup - Homemade rich, thick & creamy soup served with a warm roll.

Christmas Pudding - Traditional, homemade and served with cream. Port Trifle - A warming homemade trifle.

Grilled Walnut Bread laden with Pear Parma Ham and Roquefort.

Amaretti Figs with Raspberry Coulis - luscious figs served with amaretti cream.

Mackerel and Horseradish Pate - a moreish pate served with crusty wholemeal roll and rocket salad.

Cheese Board.

MAIN COURSES Individual Beef Wellington served with wholegrain creamed potato and seasonal vegetables. Traditional Roast Turkey with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and parsnip crisps. Cranberry & Chestnut Nut Roast served with two potato mash and seasonal vegetables. Ry’s Christmas Burger - Turkey Fillet stuffed with brie and cranberry wrapped in bacon served with chips or fries.

December 2014

In addition RY’s will also be OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY for a traditional Christmas Lunch 12.30 - 3.30 at a price of £59.95 per person. Booking is available and space is limited.

Call Now on 01953 455511

Handmade by elves in Essex! Ok, our mince pies are actually handmade by the master bakers at Leggs Bakery in Halstead. Enjoy their local flavours this Christmas only at your East of England Co-op.

£1.69 EACH




pop to the co-op P.S. Feast your ‘mince pies’ on our range of Christmas

Sourced Locally products. Look out for them at your local store.

40 Homes & gardens

December 2014



The Fireplace Centre Over past years, Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves have come back in to their own as the focal point of many rooms and for both contemporary modern homes as well as traditional period properties, there are stunning designs to suit all tastes. There is so much scope in style and finish for fireplaces today and one of the best places to realise the truth of this is at the new relocated showrooms of “The Fireplace & Plaster Centre” at Brunel Way in Thetford.Established in 1993, they can offer the consumer professional advise on the most suitable choice of Fireplace & Stove for their home, being the only HETAS Approved retailer in Norfolk & North Suffolk. Here choice has never been greater, with Surrounds manufactured from Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Solid Timbers and Cast Iron, all in different sizes and designs, including Period to Traditional styles through to more Modern and Contemporary styles, offering superb finishes to any rooms. Here you will find over 60 displays complimented by a superb range of Wood Burning & MultiFuel Stoves, natural looking coal effect gas fires, as well as a vast range of Electric Fires. There are even Gas Fires if you have no chimney. This is an ideal place to find new ideas to give your home that very

individual look with the addition of a new fireplace which can even be made bespoke to your requirements. They offer a full and professional installation service, having their own In-House HETAS installers, which has to comply with the current building regulations. Anybody wishing to have a Solid Fuel Appliance installed must have the installation carried-out by an installer who is HETAS registered so as to conform to building regulations, if not, approval from local building control must be sought, which can sometimes be more costly than having “The Fireplace & Plaster Centre” do the work Failure to carry out this will result in your building & contents insurances possibly becoming invalid. The company also offer a professional Chimney Sweeping Service, from their NACS trained InHouse engineers, using the latest PowerSweeping equipment, which is much more thorough than traditional methods, giving a cleaner and more efficient flue.

One of the biggest and best selections in Norfolk and Suffolk!!...


Come and visit our new relocated showroom. Over 60 displays to view. Choose from stone, marble, timber and cast iron. Gas / Electric / Solid Fuel Full installation service by our own in-house installers Norfolk’s only HETAS - APPROVED RETAILER, meaning you get the best advice and installation.

OPEN Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 3pm

Established 1993

01842 766999 29 Brunel Way, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1HP

Email: |

December 2014


South Norfolk Mobility Centre A local, small independent company, making customer service their As we head into the colder weather, you might want to make sure your scooter is serviced in order to keep it in tip top condition for the winter months. We offer a full service, which is undertaken in our workshop. We will collect and deliver for you, and aim to have your scooter back to you within 24 hours. We test the batteries so that you can be confident to know that they are in good condition, or if they need replacing. We stock coats and capes for the scooter user, and if you don’t have a shed or garage to house your scooter, we have scooter covers and protectors. So, you can be well prepared for the winter weather. Please visit http://www. Our opening times are Tuesday through to

December 2014

Friday, 9.30am - 5.00pm. Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. We are situated directly opposite the Household Recycling Centre at, 22 Oakwood Industrial Estate, Harling Rd, Snetterton, Norwich, NR16 2JU Tel: 01953 887777

Contact Care For less than 43p a day, you can maintain your independence secure in the knowledge that you’re never alone. Since 1987, we’ve been helping people and offering reassurance to Clients and those who care about them. We aim to install a Lifeline alarm within 3-5 working days, sooner if it’s an emergency, and we ensure the whole process is easy and straightforward. We’ll make sure you understand how your Lifeline works and what’s involved. www.

The Contact Care Lifeline is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you’re hurt, concerned or in need of advice, press your red button and we can help. Installing your Lifeline alarm is an easy and straightforward process. Here’s what you need: A standard electric plug socket An existing telephone socket – on the

same wall, close to the electric socket At least 2 emergency contacts who are key holders to your home and live locally in case of an emergency The pendant works within 50 metres of the unit we have plugged into the telephone line and, therefore, may be used within the property or garden. The pendant can be worn on a cord around the neck, or as a wrist strap. An appointment can be arranged for us to visit you and demonstrate the equipment before installation. If you prefer, you can self-install your Lifeline alarm with clear instructions included in the pack sent to you. We’re good at what we do. We listen, we give you time and we look at the whole person. We care. For further information, please visit our website: or call Freephone 0800 917 4680.


Lapland Full of activity from beginning to end your family will remember this thrilling, magical day forever!

Fly from Norwich to the still, white wilderness of


where, as every child knows, a very special person and his elves live among snowy forests, husky dogs and reindeer.

Sunday 14th December Adult* £499 Children (2-15) £449 A high quality Day Break to an exclusive resort, which includes thermal clothing, reindeer sleigh ride, husky dog sledge safari, snowmobile adventure, search for Santa, private Santa meeting and lunch. For full details and bookings contact:

01603 428700 The Airport & Castle Mall, Norwich

*Price excludes £10/adult Norwich Airport Development Fee payable at Airport. Newmarket T’s & C’s apply

Issue 33 2014



Keeping Safe in Winter Tips for keeping safe in Winter Getting ready for the cold weather – which can start as early as October – means that you’re more likely to keep warm and well. Here are some things you can do to stay safe and ward off the winter chills. Have your heating system serviced and your chimney swept, or ask your landlord to do this if it’s their responsibility. If you have wood-burning, coal or gas heaters, make sure there’s adequate ventilation. Never block air vents, and get your boiler serviced every 12 months by a gas engineer. Check with your energy supplier for further advice to help you prepare for winter. Our free guide Save energy, pay lesshas tips on insulating and draught-proofing your home. Make sure you know where your main stopcock is and check that it’s easy to turn. If it’s jammed, you may need to

get it replaced. If water pipes freeze they can burst, so you need to be able to turn off the water at the main stopcock.

weather. Some councils provide free bags of the mix, if you or someone else can pick them up. Otherwise you could try a local DIY store.

Have your electric blanket serviced – this should be done at least every three years.

Consider fitting a grab rail if you have steps at your front or back door.

Make sure your smoke alarm is working. You can ask your local fire service to check your home for fire safety. It’s free and you may be eligible to get free smoke alarms fitted. Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in each room that has a gas appliance. Ask your family or friends if they could call or visit you more often if there’s an extended period of cold weather. Keep a mixture of salt and sand handy to put on steps or paths in icy

Live-in Care, The Real Alternative to a Care Home Live-in carers can provide domestic, personal and social care Given the choice, many people would prefer to be cared for in their own home and Able Community Care has enabled thousands of people to exercise this choice. Our experience has shown that having a regular rota of experienced carers in your own home is often a much happier alternative than moving into a care home. Able Community Care provides livein carers whose role is to provide domestic, personal and social care tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. Each live-in carer lives in a person’s home for a fortnight providing a safe, secure and reliable care package. Able Community Care’s objective is to establish two or three liked carers who return on a rotational basis in order to provide a continuous service with as little disruption as possible.

December 2014

Able Community Care also provides live-in ‘home from hospital’ cover, respite care and holiday companions. Able Community Care’s website www. provides comprehensive information, including many moving and heartfelt client comments. There is also an option to sign up for their free email Newsflash, written by the MD. Angela Gifford each week. Angela Gifford formed Able Community Care in 1980 and as Managing Director she continues to benefit this successful company with her long experience of the care sector. Angela is highly regarded as an expert in the field of home care. For a Free Information Pack please don’t hesitate to contact Able Community Care on 01603 764567 or email

Keep simple cold, flu and sore throat remedies in the house. Your pharmacist can make suggestions and also advise you on how to manage minor illnesses. Follow up your GP’s invitation to have a flu jab. Order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time, particularly if bad weather is forecast. Ask your local pharmacy if they offer a prescription pick-up and delivery service. Keep basic food items in the cupboard or freezer in case it’s too cold to go shopping. You could also do your food shopping online and get

it delivered to your door. Keep a radio and torch handy in case of a power cut. Keep your mobile phone, laptop or tablet fully charged, so you can use the battery power if there’s no electricity. If you’re worried about walking your dog in icy weather, contact The Cinnamon Trust they may be able to match you with a dog-walking volunteer in your area.



Winter Safety Tips for keeping safe in Winter When the temperature drops, older adults run a higher risk of health problems and injuries related to the weather, including hypothermia, frostbite, and falls in ice and snow. Stay Indoors when it’s very cold outside, especially if it’s also very windy. Keep indoor temperatures at about 65 degrees. If you have to go outside, don’t stay out for very long, and go indoors if you start shivering. Stay Dry Wet clothing chills your body quickly Wear Layers Wearing two or three thinner layers of loose-fitting clothing is warmer than a single layer of thick clothing.

Shoveling can also be dangerous if you have problems with balance, or “thin bones” (osteoporosis). Ask Your Healthcare Provider If It’s Safe for you to shovel snow or do other hard work in the cold. Falls

Championing dementia in Norfolk

An enjoyable & sociable day out The perfect place to make new friends

It is easy to slip and fall in the winter, especially in icy and snowy conditions.

• Hair salon & barber shop • Reminiscence room

Carefully Shovel Steps & Walkways to your home or hire someone to shovel for you.Do not walk on icy or snowy sidewalks; look for sidewalks that are dry and have been cleared. Wear Boots With Non-skid Soles so you’re less likely to slip when you walk.

• 1950’s kitchen and parlour • Chiropody & sensory therapy room • Art area & exercise hall • Adapted garden

Injury While Shoveling Snow When it’s cold, your heart works extra hard to keep you warm. Working hard, such as shoveling show, may put too much strain on your heart, especially if you have heart disease.

• Mini bus service available

If You Use a Cane, Replace the Rubber Tip Before it is Worn Smooth. You might also buy (at a medical supply store) an ice pick-like attachment that fits onto the end of the cane to help keep you from slipping when

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01953 889 230 A Dementia Centre from


FUN & FROLICS - Is this really a care centre? Happy Residents I hope I’m putting the glue in the right place, I bet they will be stuck to the table

Arts & Crafts

Music Afternoon

Give us some instruments, and a bit of music and there’s just no controlling them!

Carehome! Really? ...Cheers

Cheese & Wine After


Our philosophy is not to fix people, but to find effective environments to empower their wellbeing. Different behaviours are messages which can tell us important things about a person and the quality of his or her life.

December 2014


A lasting tribute in stone We provide memorials of the highest quality and distinction, combining skills of traditional craftsmen with modern machinery.

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December 2014



December 2014

Diss & Attleborough December 2014  

The December 2014 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Diss & Attleborough

Diss & Attleborough December 2014  

The December 2014 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Diss & Attleborough