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Susan Whymark

Funeral Service Susan Whymark Funeral Service is owned and run by the Whymark Family.

Independent Funeral Service serving Eye, Harleston and the surrounding areas

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service

Telephone personally answered 24 hours a day

Eye 01379 871168 Harleston 01379 851253

Independent and Family Run email

Chestnut House, 12 Progress Way, Langton Green, Eye, Suffolk, IP32 7HU And 31 Redenhall Road, Harleston, IP20 9HL

02 | September 2015

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DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

Editor Jonathan Horswell Advertising Editorial

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for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment Quality People continue to provide a recruitment

Tel 01953 456789 Web Address Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE.

service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk. Telephone: 01953 4 536 4 4 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

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04 | September 2015

DISS Diss Museum Diss Museums Basil Abbott reminisces about old cinema See the website Norfolk at the Pictures for memories of the old cinemas and what it was like to go there. There will be a book published and a feature-length film, as well as many events. Diss Museum provided an article, posters and programmes and I was invited to be interviewed for the film. I confessed that my whole image of women came from seeing Three Coins in a Fountain at the age of four. They were so elegant and beautiful that I had been looking for someone like that ever since. At Saturday morning pictures I recalled the Crazy Gang in Alf’s Button Afloat. It was a pre-war film and looked it. But I never forgot those zany, uncle-figures, in trilby hats and three-piece suits and behaving like 11 year olds.

In the equally old Westerns anyone in a white hat was cheered, while those wearing black hats and moustaches were booed unmercifully. War films were popular in the late 40s and early 50s. People who had lived through the war must have known what a sanitised version they were; but somehow they were accepted. Veterans walked out of The Bridge on the River Kwai. All those well-fed, whistling actors bore no resemblance to the diseased, emaciated wrecks forced to work by the Japanese. In the films no British soldier ever shot a prisoner, raped a woman or plundered a town.

and could see that they divided in quality between his pre-army and post-army days. Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole had something that the films from GI Blues onwards lacked.

By the early 70s the queues had dwindled and the light finally went out on March 3rd 1973. The last film was How To Steal a Diamond in Four Uneasy Lessons (also known as The Hot Rock).

Diss Picture House used to have two houses a night, with queues for popular titles like The Young Ones (1961) with Cliff Richard.

In this Robert Redford, George Segal picture a memorable image was of a helicopter flying among the skyscraper tops. By way of creepy premonition, the mantra used to hypnotise someone was, “Afghanistan Bananastan”.

But, generally, the public seemed to regard the re-written history as part of a kind of national justification of what had happened. We saw nearly all the Elvis films

2015 September | 05


A lasting tribute in stone We provide memorials of the highest quality and distinction, combining skills of traditional craftsmen with modern machinery.

Vinces Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4YS 01379 652211

06 | September 2015

DISS Jackamans Solicitors Where there’s a Will there isn’t always a way Cases involving wills seldom make headlines, but the recent case of Ilott v Mitson is the exception. Many European countries have forced heirship provisions whereby you have to leave a proportion of your estate to family members. In England there is no such obligation, and we are proud of our testamentary freedom. What changed? The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 enabled persons supported financially by the deceased, to successfully challenge their will where the court agreed that the will contained insufficient provision, taking into account the needs of all dependant parties.

Ilott V Mitson is remarkable because the deceased mother had not financially maintained Mrs Ilott, a married woman with her own family, with no expectation of inheriting (her mother wrote letters telling her she wouldn’t get a penny).

when Mrs Ilott’s father died prior to her birth, although the court stated this was not relevant. This case may be appealed to the Supreme Court, and overturned, or looked at as an anomaly in the future. Time will tell.

The Court of Appeal decided Mrs Ilott should receive £163,000 – roughly 1/3rd of the estate (allowing her to buy her home), ruling that the mother need not owe any moral duty to maintain the daughter: it was enough that the daughter was poor and her mother well off. Mrs Ilott’s successful challenge did not adversely affect the interests of other dependants as the beneficiaries were charities.

It is still important that people make wills. Mrs Ilott would have inherited everything and the charities nothing, if her mother had not done so. Most importantly people should take legal advice where family members have conflicting claims for financial provision.

For further information contact Lorna Denton-Cardew on 01379 643555 or email at This article provides only a general summary and is not intended to be comprehensive. Special legal advice should be taken in any individual situation.

It is possible, for example, to provide for a new spouse without disinheriting your children.

The estate was partly funded by “death in service” benefits paid


Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts & Probate personal attention guaranteed

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

2015 September | 07

DISS East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) Business boost needed for Norfolk children’s hospice dream As Summer draws to a close, and people return from their holidays refreshed and relaxed, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) is hoping to inspire people to use their new-found energy to raise funds and awareness for the nook appeal.

last year, resulting in the production of mugs to raise funds for the nook appeal. The beautiful mugs continue to sell extremely well and so far have raised £31,815. You can buy them from Jarrold in Norwich or online at:

We recently launched our ‘cook for the nook’ fundraising initiative; encouraging baking, dining and socialising in aid of the appeal. We’re the chosen charity partner of the North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival at Holkham Hall on 5th and 6th September and we’re encouraging Norfolk residents to put their culinary skills to the test. With The Great British Bake Off back on our TV screens – why not join in the fun and host your own competition to raise funds!

We also had a garden in the prestigious Royal Marquee at this year’s Sandringham Flower Show and were awarded a ‘Large Gold Medal’ by the judges. Our ‘nook appeal garden’ was viewed by the thousands of visitors to the show including Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Our Royal Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, encouraged a partnership between EACH and ceramics manufacturer Emma Bridgewater

The design told the story of our £10 million nook appeal to build a new children’s hospice to meet the demands for our services across Norfolk. The EDP is our media partner and gave us the opportunity, thanks to the show committee, to exhibit at the show. The garden was designed by Roger Gilles of Barefoot & Gilles and Simon’s Landscaping

Ltd and Practical Plants Ltd built and planted the garden. We’re inviting local artists to enter our LoveArt Competition to raise funds for the nook appeal. By entering the competition, artists will be donating their artwork which will be auctioned off. The winning competition entry will be hung in the nook with a plaque inscribed with the artist’s name and title of the piece. Entries are now open and must be received with a completed entry form by 1st November. We also have a number of established fundraising initiatives which continue in popularity: ‘the nook foundation appeal’ asking people donate £10 to help us start building the new hospice, ‘the nook business network’ asking businesses to raise £10k, £15k or £25k and ‘friends of the nook’ asking 250 people to give £1,200 a year for three years to help us reach a target of £900,000 to pay for the family suite at the nook and future services at EACH. We also have a number of organised events to raise funds

and there’s plenty to choose from in the next couple of months including: Water Babies 10th Birthday Bash on 13th September from 1pm – 4pm at Hayman Lodge, Catton Park, Oak Lane, Norwich. On the day fun activities for all the family with stalls and games and lots of prizes to be won. Free Entry and all welcome - please bring a picnic and blanket. Pamper and Shopping Evening on 25th September from 6:30pm – 10pm at Cringleford Primary School. An evening of therapy and crafts to help raise money for the nook appeal. £15 for table plus a raffle prize. £1entry on door for general public. If It’s Laughter You’re After on 3rd October from 7pm – midnight at Poringland Community Centre. Proper Norfolk Show - straight from the Princes Theatre, Hunstanton. A fabulous show full of music, fun and frolics starring Olly Day, and Nigel ‘Boy’ Syer with Special Guest Maria Willis. Tickets are priced at £18.50 which includes a fish and chip supper.

DISS The Strictly Norfolk Ball on 16th October from 7pm – midnight at Sprowston manor Marriott Hotel, Wroxham Road, NR7 8RP. Black tie event. 7pm arrival for 7.30pm dinner, £50 a ticket includes 3 course dinner, live entertainment from the Lee Vasey Band, Casino, Auction and more. All proceeds to EACH the nook appeal and GOSH The nook appeal Halloween Party Ball on 31st October from 7:30pm – 1am at Oasis Sports & Leisure Club. Live Band Sophie G and the Good Times and DJ and Disco with Reflex Roadshow. Includes raffle and Charity Auction. Dress code – Evening Attire or Fancy Dress. To find out more about any of these initiatives and events please visit:

DISS Sound Sleep Beds Sleep well this Sleeptember At Sound Sleep we promote Sleeptember every September, but in fact every month should be Sleeptember. Sleep is one of the most important things in our daily routine, second to food and water, but it is the one thing that the majority of us don’t get enough of. Its not just a comfortable bed that is required, its the correct sleeping environment and the way that you behave in the evenings that can affect the way you sleep. Our bodies are a very complex machine and need looking after so they can run effectively, sleep allows our body to rest and regenerate, also sleep is required for muscle growth and repair and even assists in weight loss. So what can you do to ensure you get a great night’s sleep? Firstly, your bedroom has to be the right temperature (not too hot or too cold), it needs to be quiet and dark and most of all, it needs to be free of distractions. Turn the television off standby and turn off that mobile phone. Lights, flashes and vibrations will bring us out of deep sleep and maybe even wake us up. No text or facebook post is worth breaking your sleep for. Now that your bedroom is the correct environment, the bed needs to be supportive. Just because it looks ok, doesn’t mean that it is giving you the correct support, especially if it is over seven years old. Its worth thinking that £1000 over 7 years is just 40 pence per night, or for a really good new mattress of approximately £500, that is

10 | September 2015

just 20 pence per night. That’s all it takes to keep our bodies comfortable so we can perform to the best of our ability every day! The things we often forget about is the few hours before we go to sleep. Instead of over indulging on food and alcohol and too much television, do some exercise after work followed by a satisfying meal and don’t drink too much wine! Perhaps turn off the television and read or relax in a hot bath, this helps our body wind down before bed. If you are stressed about things to do tomorrow, right a list that way your brain can wind down too. By changing a few things in life and getting a good nights sleep will make you feel happier, feel healthier, look better, perform better and think better. Here are a few Sleeptember sleep facts: • Majority of Britons (70%) now sleep for seven hours or less per night with more than a quarter (27%) experiencing poor quality sleep on a regular basis. And the number of Britons getting just five-to-six hours per night has risen dramatically in the past three years: more than a third of us get by on that amount of sleep compared to 27% in 2010. • Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when trying to lose weight. People who shifted their sleeping pattern from less than six hours to between seven

and eight hours a night put on 2.4kg less weight over a six year period. • 51% of adults struggle to nod off or remain sleep. Women suffer far more than men with 75% reporting problems compared with 25% of men • A bed may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from its ‘as new’ state after 10 years. It also showed that beds as little as six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear not just from body weight and movement but also sweat and debris such as skin, scales, hair etc. • One in six women acknowledged that their tiredness was caused by an uncomfortable bed. And seven out of 10 women would be prepared to pay £500 and considerably more to buy a new one. • We need at least six hours of sleep a night to recharge your batteries and learn new things the next day scientists have claimed. Light, dreamless sleep which can take up half the night allows our brain to recharge our learning capacity. • A recent French clinical study to compare sleep on a new bed versus an old bed showed that both young and old experience not necessarily more sleep but better quality – that is, less disturbed and more recuperative sleep – with three times fewer physical movements and two times fewer micro-awakenings being recorded. • Adding regular moderate exercise to a daily routine for 16

weeks showed middle-aged to older people could fall asleep about 15 minutes earlier and sleep roughly 45 minutes longer. • One in 10 people attribute poor sleep to a bad bed. • When replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep. • Ergonomic studies have shown that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. Before trials only 15% said they would buy a larger than standard bed while afterwards, 50% said they would. A new bed doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it is proven that a new one can help you sleep better and improve your wellbeing and help your body rest and repair. Remember, you can just buy a new mattress as long as your base is suitable (for example solid, with no springs or dips in) but do bear in mind that old divan bases can be a great place for dust mites to live which produce the allergens that aggravate asthma and other breathing related issues. At Sound Sleep we have over 100 beds on display for you to try, so come in and have a chat with one of our Sleep Council Approved mattress specialists to help you get the right firmness and comfort to give you a great night’s sleep that will last for the next seven years! Facts and figures provided by The Sleep Council

Why should you come to SOUND SLEEP BED WAREHOUSE?

            

Local Family Business Mattress Specialists for over 22 years Friendly Sales Team Over 100 beds on display in store Fast Free Delivery by our own staff No High Pressure Sales Ample Free Parking at the door Feel Free to come and Browse No Obligation to buy Stockists of the UK’s Leading Brands Silentnight Official Stockist Stock available to take away National Bed Federation Approved Beds

Come and visit our huge showroom between Diss & Attleborough on the main B1077. Aloe Farm - Mile Road - Winfarthing SAT NAV users: IP22 2EZ For mattress advice please call us on

01953 861177 Open 7 days a week All of our beds and mattresses are NBF Approved for your comfort & safety

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted - Old Bed Disposal Service Available

ATTLEBOROUGH Almary Green Workplace Pensions: peak time for small businesses Increasing numbers of small business are now affected by new workplace pension rules. Alison Rudd looks at what compulsory auto enrolment entails. Despite a high profile media campaign, recent statistics show than many small business owners have no real idea of their obligations under the new workplace pension rules. However, there is no option to bury your head in the sand: there are rigorous penalties for those employers who fail to put a qualifying scheme in place at the right time. Many smaller businesses will have already received notification of their “staging date” – the date on which they will have to

start automatically enrolling their workers into a qualifying scheme. The notification should arrive at least twelve months before the business’s specific staging date in a letter from The Pensions Regulator. The two main elements of the new regime are that firstly employers must automatically enrol all of their eligible staff into a qualifying scheme and secondly that the employer must make contributions into their employees’ funds. Every employer is affected – if there is at least one employee, the business must offer a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS). Selecting a suitable scheme isn’t straightforward. There

are a multitude of choices from traditional insurance companies through to NEST – a Government-backed multiple employer scheme that offers basic functionality – along with new providers that offer suitable solutions. A financial adviser can help an employer select a scheme, but they will charge a fee for their advice service. As a starting point, The Pensions Regulator offers a step-by-step guide for employers on its website at www. What some employers have failed to realise is that there is a considerable task facing them in the preparation stage: selecting a suitable scheme, establishing default funds, getting software and systems in place and adjusting staff terms are just a few of the elements involved. Those employers who already have staff pension schemes in place are not exempt from the task – they too will need to make adjustments to their existing schemes and, in some cases, new schemes may need to be set up. It’s important to remember that failure to provide a qualifying scheme on time and enrol staff members into it will attract substantial fines. Employers must assess all of their staff to establish their status – the assessment covers not only permanent employees but also part-time, temporary and seasonal workers. Workers who are classed as eligible will have to be auto-enrolled into the scheme but all other employees have a right to join the scheme. The employer has no choice about auto-enrolling staff, but staff members themselves do have the option to opt out, if they really want to do so. However, the employer is expressly forbidden to encourage employees to opt out. Even if the employee does opt out, the employer is required to automatically re-enrol him or her into a scheme at least every

12 | September 2015

three years – and the process of opting out has to be repeated, if desired. There is also a requirement to keep staff members up to speed with what the rule changes mean for them and to ensure that they understand their options. Under the new rules, the employer is obliged to make contributions into the scheme for the vast majority of the members. Minimum contribution levels for both employer and employee are outlined in the rules and are set to increase between now and 2018. The new Workplace Pensions regime is having a huge impact on the pension planning of Britain’s workers. Thousands of small businesses will hit their staging dates during the latter part of 2015 and into 2016. Understanding the responsibilities and benefits well in advance of staging dates will help both bosses and workers prepare properly and make sound decisions for the future. To discuss any aspect of your financial well-being, contact Alison at alison.rudd@ or call 01603 706740. Alison can be found at the offices of M+A Partners, Cyprus Close, Attleborough most Wednesday and is happy to arrange appointments there or in clients’ own homes.

ATTLEBOROUGH Kerry Butcher Accountancy Services There is lots going on in the world of tax and finance at the moment In the past August has been known as “Silly Season” – when everyone is on holiday and no real decisions or work gets done. Here in the KBA office, it definitely hasn’t been silly season, it has been “Work like a Trojan season” but we are not complaining since we love what we do and would hate it if we were not busy. I am sure that many of you feel the same, there are not that many of us any more that qualify for the 5.6 weeks statutory holiday anymore – being employed can sometimes be looked on as a luxury! More and more of us are becoming self employed, or forming partnerships and limited companies and “going it alone”. If you are one of these people then welcome to our world and we wish you all the very best – we hope that you will thoroughly enjoy your business and it will prove productive and rewarding. If you have recently registered as self employed then you would be quite right to think that you should perhaps contact the tax credits office to tell them about your change in employment status and to estimate your first profits. But be careful, the rules regarding being self employed have changed relating to tax credits. Previously if you were self employed, subject to a few rules, you could claim working tax credits and you would qualify as long as your self employment was an activity that was classed as “qualifying remunerative work.” Since April 2015 these rules have changed and now instead of just getting paid for the work that you do, you have to prove that your business is actually trading on a commercial basis and that you are intending to make a profit. It seems that HMRC think that self employment is a grey area and one where business owners

can make frequent losses and claim these to receive tax relief. It also seems that some individuals who register as self employed are, in the eyes of HMRC, simply pursing a hobby. Now we all know that it is not easy to make a profit, especially in the first few years of self employment, so the best way to prove to the tax office that you are a serious business is to produce evidence that you really are trying to make a profit. Producing a business plan is always a good idea, as well as having clear cut plans for the future and ideas on how to grow and increase your sales and most importantly, your profitability. Try to keep on top of the book keeping, keeping good records, plus try to keep on top of your tax returns and keep track of your turnover. Don’t forget the turnover threshold for VAT is a rolling threshold.

was due to be submitted make sure that this is done and that your payment is set up and ready to go – you have until the 7th of each month to make an online payment for VAT and if you pay by direct debit, you have a further 3 days to play with since your payment won’t be collected until the 10th. The same applies with PAYE payments, again make sure that these are set up and ready to go. You have until the 22nd of each month to make these payments if you pay online. If you need help with how to make any of these payments, then why not contact us. We can send you easy links to the correct page of the tax website, or we can even make the payments on your behalf (prior authority and pre payment are required). September is often the start for many people, new terms for students at schools, new jobs for teachers and new names to learn, new evening classes and courses, so many new

things to try. While you are busy getting ahead, don’t forget that all important tax return. The tax office have been a bit slower at getting the notices out this year, but be rest assured the chances are, if you usually complete a tax return and you haven’t received a letter telling you that you don’t have to – you will need to complete a return! Finally – I never really know how to finish my editorial – so this month I thought I would compose a little verse for you - who said accounting was boring! The year is passing in a flash; there is so much to be done, Should I sit and write a list whilst I sit out in the sun. Wherever I sit, whatever I write, the chores they still are there. The worst ones really stress me out and make me pull my hair Some jobs are easy; some less so, some take time to learn But worst of all the things to do, must be my tax return!

Don’t get caught out! Of course it goes without saying, if you are concerned and need advice on starting a new business or just need help with your current business, why not come and see us here at KBA – we can still offer you a free initial consultation of up to an hour and hope that you would be glad you came along. Don’t forget that your local Citizens Advice can also help you with tax credits if you prefer. Now of course September is still a popular time to go away on holiday, especially if you are not governed by term time dates and school holidays. If you are going away in September, make sure that you plan for all important dates whilst you are away. Don’t forget to organise making your payroll payments and submitting that all important real time summary – fines are now in place so make sure that you don’t get caught out. If your VAT return 2015 September | 13

ATTLEBOROUGH Priory Insurance A look at Buy-to-let’s Making sure you have adequate Landlords Insurance is essential, as a buy to let property is a substantial investment. Priory Insurance Brokers specialise in arranging insurance cover for all types of property from Blocks of Flats to standard Private Dwelling Houses. We deal with many leading UK Insurers and Lloyds Underwriters to provide the best possible quotation and cover for our clients, regardless of the risk. Being totally independent means we are not tied to a single provider and this allows us access to a range of insurance policies from our panel of carefully selected Insurers.

the most suitable policy for your specific requirements. In addition to cover on Buildings, policies can be extended to include: • Property Owners Liability • Loss of Rent cover following an insured Peril • Accidental Damage Cover • Cover for Landlords Contents With no Call Centres, you can be assured of a personal and friendly approach by our fully trained staff. We will help you to find the best policy at the best price for your individual needs. For more information or advice, please feel free to call in to our Wymondham Office.

Our trained and experienced staff members are able to find

THE GOLD SHOP Attleborough

we would like to buy

GOLD & SILVER All your travel needs under one roof

Come and see our quallity Gold & Silver Jewellery for sale. Coins, Curios,

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and much much more!!

Gold & Silver Scrap or Items Always Wanted CASH PAID - COMPETITIVE PRICES

THE GOLD SHOP Bush House, Queen’s Square, Attleborough NR17 2AF


Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

01953 455003 ABTA No.P5356

14 | September 2015

Tel. 01953 458030 or 07855 402562



ATTLEBOROUGH Tour of Britain Attleborough gears up for bike fest idea and before we knew where we were we have 100 bikes signed up for the trail. This is way more than we ever thought possible.

With the tour of britain coming through the town of Attleborough on the 12th September, some of the business community decided to form a group and try and get the fun spirit back into the town. Tony Perkins of Tony Perkins butchers, Tim Cobb of The Bakery, Anna Lancaster and Paul Goldsmith of A W Myhill, Nigel and Vanessa Howes of Cranks Cycles and also Valerie Watson-Brown got together and came up with an idea of getting businesses to donate money to decorate a bike and have outside thier business, all for what is now known as bike fest.

The sense of community spirit has lifted and it seems as if the whole town has pulled together to make this event a huge success. People are stopping us in the streets to congratulate us on the amazing success we have achieved. Yes it has been hard work getting bikes collected, flowers sorted, bikes delivered and trying to make sure bikes are out and where they should be.

When we first brain stormed the idea we thought we would be lucky if we got 20 bikes out. After a slow start, the local businesses got on board and embraced the

A trail map is now available for people to walk around the town and try and find all the bikes. We have had people contact us on our Attleborough Business Bike


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 VSRUW    Â?Â? Â?  )UHHHQWU\  )UHHSRROÂ?          ­ €    ‚   ƒ      ƒˆ‰ƒ ƒ



Fest Facebook page saying how excited thier children are every day walking around the town to see what new bikes that have gone out. Trail maps are available from Myhills, The Bakery, Cranks, ESSO garage and Tony Perkins. We are asking for a donation for the maps which wil go to our chosen charities. Our chosen one’s are two Attleborough Organisations. Club 99 and Attleborough Day Centre. We are also organising a fundraising, family fun day on 31st August 1pm-4pm where we will have tea on the green, Hosted by Feline Care Cat sanctuary. Lots of stalls, fun fair, food and also the wattbike simulators set up to try. Anyone wanting a stall please contact one of the businesses above who will be more than happy to let you know all about having one.

We are also planning a Ghost Walk round town on the evening of October 31st to celebrate Halloween. So if anybody knows and spooky facts, or stories we can use, please let any of us know. We would like to say a huge thank you, to everyone who has got involved with bike fest. It has been a bigger success than anyone of us ever thought it would be. The town looks amazing and people have worked so hard on their bikes. Although it has been alot of hard work we are all really proud of what we have achieved and how the town seems to have pulled together. We are hoping to make this a regular thing, try and do something in the town at various times of the year. We want to try and keep the towns spirit high and keep working together.


LondonTavernQP_NN155:Layout 1 16/11/2010 16:08 Page 1

The London Tavern Free House

Great real ales, fine wines and spirits. A large Home-Made selection of traditional food served daily, Main meals, Set menu deals, Light lunches, Specials & Childrens menu. Roast Dinners Sundays 12-3pm Chilled bar rolls made daily only ÂŁ1.00

Attleborough’s only current Good Beer Guide pub 2010 & 2011 Camra Discount Scheme & Local Ale Breckland Council Rating Level 5 Parking, Disabled facilities, Baby changing, Smokers sheltered garden, and Beer garden. Well behaved dogs on leads welcome. Christenings, Funerals, Intimate Weddings / Civil Ceremonies catered for

Church St, Attleborough Tel :01953 457415

ATTLEBOROUGH All about how the Tour of Britain began This month the Tour of Britain returns to the East of England as it passes through Norfolk and Suffolk for the first time in three years. The Tour of Britain originally started at the end of the Second World War in 1945 when it was dubbed as the “British version of the Tour de France” before coming to an end in 1999. It originated through a dispute between cyclists as the National Cyclist Union, which was the British administrative body, had banned massed racing on public roads. The British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) was formed as a protest who not only wanted a mass version of road racing but also a British version of the

Tour de France. After 5 years, it returned in 2004 as a 5 stage race and later expanded to an 8 stage race come 2008. The 12th edition of the UK’s largest professional bike race begins on the 6th September and ends on the 13th September as it features 20 of the world’s top men’s cycling teams which have previously included 2013 winner Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. Both men are expected to return for this year’s edition. “This is undoubtedly the strongest lineup of teams to have appeared in the Aviva Tour of Britain,” said the race director Mick Bennett. On the 12th September, the Tour of Britain’s penultimate stage will start in Fakenham and 225km

(139 mile) course will come to its conclusion in Ipswich. The race will set off at Fakenham at about 10:00am, racing through onto Aylsham, Norwich, Wymondham, Attleborough and Thetford before they enter Suffolk. Norfolk and Suffolk last hosted in 2012 and is returning after a three year hiatus. It had previously hosted the race for three years in a row from 2010 to 2012, with both the 2011 and 2012 races brining in an economic boost of more than £3 million to the counties. The race didn’t pass through Attleborough in 2012 so there is a certain excitement about it passing through this time round. The cyclists will enter Attleborough on Besthorpe Road at approximately 12:06 and leave from Station Road at 12:08. Yes, that’s right, blink and you’ll miss it.

Suppliers of Fine Printing Pleased to Support the Tour of Britain 7 Station Road Trading Estate, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2NP

tel: 01953 453846 e: w:

The History

The route will look like: Besthorpe Road Exchange Street Connaught Road Station Road This is likely to be the biggest Tour of Britain in its history. Cycling has risen rapidly in popularity and more people are cycling now than ever. At the beginning of 2012, British Cycling had 42,500 members and by the start of 2015 it had risen past 100,000. The likes of Bradley Wiggins and other successful cyclists as well as the popularity of such events at the London Olympics and the Tour de France is a key factor in the accelerated growth of cycling in the UK. 380 sportive were registered with British Cycling last year where more than 100,000 people will take part in what will be a 240% increase over the past

ATTLEBOROUGH five years. The Tour of Britain is likely to help build on the growth of cycling in the UK with more people expected to turn out to watch the event than ever before. Chairman of the Communities Committee at Norfolk County Council, Paul Smyth, said “We are the only east of England stage and as well as giving a boost to Norfolk’s profile and businesses, it may also lead to increased cycling among residents, with consequent health benefits”. Crowds are likely to be bigger than ever before. Race director Mike Bennett said Suffolk and Norfolk, had become known for the “tremendous support” shown by spectators lining the streets. Around 150,000 people lined the streets to cheer on their cycling heroes and that number is likely to be even bigger this time around. Mr. Bennett then added “In the past we have

seen some of the race’s biggest ever crowds in the two counties, so are sure this September will prove no different”. A spokesman for Norfolk County Council added: “in previous years the Tour of Britain has brought significant economic investment into Norfolk and proved to be a hugely popular event, so the route returning to the county is a huge boost to Norfolk residents and businesses alike”.

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World Leaders in Classic Roses

We sell more than just roses... See our vast range of perennials, climbers, trees and shrubs too! • Tools • Compost • Specialist & Seasonal Plants • Bistro/Coffee Shop • Ceramic Pots • Gift Shop • Display Gardens • Experts on Hand Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 9-5 Sunday & Bank Holidays: 10-4

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2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the untimely and controversial death of Edith Cavell. How did this dedicated Christian and remarkably talented nurse come to be mixed up in charges of treason and subsequently shot by the Germans? STEPHEN BROWNING takes a look at her life, the events leading up to what the Allies saw as an act of barbarism, and her legacy today.


Birth and early life Edith Cavell was born in Swardeston, a village near Norwich, on December 4th 1865. Her father, the Reverend Frederick Cavell, something of a puritan, was vicar there for 45 years. She was the eldest of four – her siblings being Florence, Lillian and Jack. Edith grew up in the Christian faith, although reputedly finding her father’s Sunday sermons boring. The rectory was, however, far from humourless, as her father had the Dickensian knack of entertaining his children by dressing up, memorably as a bear, and there was much laughter in the house. Revd Frederick was very much a man who followed up his Christian convictions, paying for much of the rectory - in which they finally settled - out of his own wages and insisting that half of Sunday lunch, following the family’s trip to church, was for them and the other half for the needy of the parish Off to Norwich for schooling Edith was initially educated at home but then attended Norwich High School in Theatre Street. At age 16 she was sent away to be educated, notably to Kensington 24 | September 2015

and then Bristol, and it is at this time that she discovered the talent for foreign languages, especially French, which was to have a crucial bearing on where she went in her subsequent life. After spending some time as a governess in Brussels, she returned to Swardeston in 1895 to nurse her sick father, and many believe that it was this experience that convinced her that she had a vocation for nursing. In 1896 she enrolled in a nurses’ training course in London. Once qualified, she worked at several hospital institutions for the poor in England before being asked, in 1907, to go to Brussels where she set up and ran a course for nurses at the famed Berkendael Institute. ‘Her’ nurses become well-known and much sought after. It is here that we find her upon the outbreak of the Great War. Hiding soldiers Initially, whilst supervising the nurses here, she was asked to hide two Allied soldiers in the Institute prior to their escape back to England, a request to which she agreed, successfully keeping their existence secret

for two weeks. What happened next is still open to debate. Some claim that she was approached by the English Secret Services, while others claim that her actions were simply the result of compassion. At any event, she subsequently hid and helped 200 soldiers to return home. Disaster struck on July 31 1915 when two members of her ‘escape team’ were captured by the Germans. Five days later, Edith was arrested and underwent several days of intensive interrogation. This period, too, is still shrouded in mystery, as some claim that her subsequent ‘confession’ was the result of a trick as she was told that her friends would receive a degree of leniency if she wrote down all she knew. It is possible that the Germans actually had no hard evidence up to that time and that by filling in details of her actions in a mistaken attempt to help her friends, she actually signed her own life away.

She was kept in solitary confinement before being tried. The main language of the court was, of course, German, a language Edith did not understand. Her own choice for someone to represent her was denied and the representative for her defence appointed by the enemy. She was convicted of treason, which many considered laughable in itself: a much more credible charge would have been espionage, which carried considerably lighter penalties. She was sentenced to be shot, a pronouncement that horrified neutral powers, like America, and many were the frantic efforts to negotiate with the occupying Germans, all to no avail. ‘Patriotism is not enough…’ On the night before her death, she famously remarked that ‘Patriotism is not enough’, as she would willingly have helped a soldier from any country. She was shot at dawn on October 12 1915 and hurriedly buried near to the prison by local Belgian

‘There are two sides to War.… the glory and the misery’ Edith Cavell 1915


women. Her last words are given above. Memorial Home A very proud day for Norwich was when Queen Alexandra, accompanied by Princess Victoria, came to the city on October 12th, 1918. She opened the Cavell Memorial Home and unveiled a memorial, the same one which can be seen today, although at the time it was situated in what would be the middle of the small roundabout at the front of the Maids Head Hotel. It was subsequently moved a few yards to the position it occupies today. Bringing her back to Norwich After the war, moves were made to bring Edith Cavell back from Brussels to England. Her family were offered the option of burying her in Westminster Abbey in London but this was turned down in favour of the Fine City. Exhumed on March 17th, 1919, her body was found to be well preserved and the features still recognisable. On May 13th, it was taken to the station, escorted by British troops on the initiative of a certain Major B.L. Montgomery (later Viscount Montgomery of Alamein), then

to Ostend and from there was taken by HMS Rowena to Dover, where a peal of grandsire triples was rung with all bells muffled bar the tenor. With 5,040 changes, it took three hours and three minutes. A special railway carriage bore the coffin to London on May 15th, accompanied by members of the Cavell family, and a horsedrawn gun carriage took it through streets lined with spectators to Westminster Abbey, where a funeral service was attended by George V. Thence it travelled to Liverpool Street Station and then by train to Norwich, where the coffin was placed on another gun carriage and escorted to the cathedral by soldiers of the Norfolk Regiment for burial outside the south transept, after a service with a sermon by the Bishop of Norfolk. Memorials London has a memorial to Edith Cavell, designed by Sir George Frampton and unveiled in 1920, near Trafalgar Square. There is also a Cavell Street in the East End. She is credited with making Edith a popular name for girls and, indeed, it was very common for a while, one of the most famous perhaps being Edith Piaf.

There is a memorial to her just outside the Erpingham Gate which leads into the Anglican Cathedral ( the gate is named after another Norwich hero, Sir Thomas Erpingham who led the victorious archers at the Battle of Agincourt: look up to see a statue of him in prayer, thanking God for having saved his life ) and, almost opposite, a pub bearing her name. The legacy During the Great War itself, she is credited with encouraging tens of thousands of men to sign up. The press was incandescent in its rage and posters appeared asking who would avenge the brutal murder of this English sister of mercy by the barbarous Hun. Many enquiries about her life were directed to Swardeston including one, reported by the Eastern Daily Press, from an overseas admirer requesting the exact specifications of the rectory in which she was raised in order to build a replica in tribute. She is very much still a figure of discussion today, partly because a legend has grown up around her. As already mentioned there are question marks as to exactly why she did what she did and how she did it. In addition, why,

ask some, when caught did she attend court in day clothes, not in nursing uniform – which may have elicited sympathy - and why did she tell the truth so readily, making no attempt to be what we call today ‘economical’ with it? Why was she not more careful? Today, there is a campaign to issue a note of the Realm – possibly a £20 one – to commemorate her courage. Whatever the whole truth may be and whether or not it will ever be fully revealed, it is fitting that we pay tribute to a remarkable, unbelievably brave, and dedicated nurse who died for her country exactly 100 years ago this year. This article is based on material from ‘Norwich in the Great War’ by Stephen Browning which will be published shortly by Pen and Sword Books, paperback, priced at 9.99 Please visit Stephen Browning’s webpage stevebrowning books

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GENERAL Twitter is not about birds! A look at how to use the social media platform, twitter When I first heard about the then new social networking phenomenon ‘twitter’ a few years back, the first hurdle I had to overcome was the name. Twitter? So do you twitter people? No you tweet them. Of course, I thought although the whole thing sounded completely confusing. I decided to join up anyway and gave myself a fancy twitter name ‘Real Marie Blake’ – well if celebrities can, why can’t I? I then wrote a few words about myself on my bio…. Note to self must be witty and intelligent (Although I think I seriously failed to be either of those things) I was on the twittering and tweeting world. Yes, I was a little white egg with a blue back ground…. Mainly because I had no idea how to change my profile picture

let alone make a ‘tweet.’ In time I started getting the hang of it and even started using ‘hashtags.’ So what is twitter, tweeting and hashtags? Twitter actually has nothing to do with birds, not at all. In short it’s a social media platform to promote you, your business, connect with other people who share the same interests all over the world or stalk every member of the Kardashian family… which I of course never do. (much). If you make a tweet (or in facebook language write a status) on twitter everyone can see it, for example – ‘I really love chocolate biscuits.’ Your followers would read but seldom people would care. HOWEVER if you tweet ‘I really love chocolate biscuits’ followed by a hashtag #biscuits

Spiritual Flow We are now fully prepared for the big Kings Lynn Festival at the Corn Exchange on Saturday 12th September. This will be our third consecutive year in Kings Lynn and it certainly plans to be another wonderful event. At the time of going to press we had 62 exhibitors offering a broad range of services, including healers, readers, massage, remedies, therapies, crystals, spiritual gifts and more. As tradition dictates, during the day there will also be a number of workshop demonstrations to whet your spiritual appetite, including a Gong Bath with local Paul Gant, the ever popular mediumship demonstration with Dave Summerton, a fully interactive Pilate’s session with Sarah Broadway plus a not too energetic session of Zumba with Trisha Mills. You will have a workshop opportunity to understand the unique insight 26 | September 2015

into the simple care using Bach flowers with Lisa Preston. For the massage fans amongst us, we have got Rachel Nicolle demonstrating techniques used in Shiatsu. The inner guidance workshop with Richard Abbott will explore the subject of the Inner Guide and offer hints and tips on how to develop your relationship with him. Have you ever wondered why ‘Selenite crystal’ is now so important well Jackie Arnett will introduce you to Selenite and its very special spiritual properties and you will get to see how Jackie makes those very special wands out of a piece of raw Selenite crystal. Claire Manion will offer her astrological workshop about Saturn’s astrological meaning

#chocolate etc etc ….. Other people would ‘connect with you and potentially ‘follow’ you. Before you call the police, let’s talk about following. ‘Following’ is not literally people walking around behind you in life, which is different, and very wrong. Following on twitter is essentially a person who is interested in what you have to say, digitally book marking you so they can see your updates. One of the main pros of twitter is the amount of celebrities on there, when you are as devoted to pop culture as I am it becomes very exciting, looking at twitter rows between celebrities and also the random tweets in rage before their agent gets the chance to advise them against it! Hash tags are what connect you to all the other people on twitter. If I tweet #LittleBottleOfPinkShampoo it would connect me to everyone tweeting about that.

and its transits, including the Saturn return. Claire will also give suggestions of how to work with its serious, responsible energies. Finally the ever bubbly Adrienne Green will guide you through a demonstration using ‘The Balance Procedure’. For the small one off entrance charge of £2.50 you can gain free access to all these demonstrations plus the 62 exhibitors. Doors open from 9am till 5pm. Fast approaching is next year’s comprehensive programme and already some of these events are near full with exhibitors. One or two of you may have noticed we are planning to present a Spiritual development weekend in West Lexham. If you are wondering where this is, wonder no more. West Lexham can be found just off the A1065 road about four miles out of Swaffham. This very small village has a wonderfully unique, spiritual centre built around a renovated farm house that is nestled

If a hash tag gets a lot of tweets it then starts to ‘trend.’ The biggest ‘trend’ so far this year was #AlwaysInOurHeartsZayneMalik when the horrendous, world shaking news broke that Zayn had in fact called it a day and left one direction. The tweets of heart break were full of emotion (not to mention a bit of theatrics) but what connected all these tweets was the beautiful and heartfelt hashtag #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMailk *sad face*…..sniff. So that’s the basics of twitter as well as the celebrity and social side of it, many employers post jobs there now so it’s always worth a look, don’t forget if you do approach a potential employer on there make sure your twitter page is appropriate, i.e no drunken pictures of you kissing your life size cardboard cutout of Zayn from One Direction #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik.

amongst 21 acres of protected land, teaming with wonderful wildlife, including floating water meadows, ancient trees, lakes and formal gardens. This area also features the UK’s cleanest chalk stream, with the fresh water from the chalk aquifer providing a mineral rich water that tastes delicious and I should not forget the renewable energy supplying the vast majority of the complex. So the opportunity to have a small group of like-minded people up for a long weekend, enjoying workshops and demonstrations couldn’t be overlooked. Join me, Shirley Cimelli and a handful of special guest presenters as we host this exclusive opportunity in the heart of Norfolk and at a very affordable fully inclusive investment. Further information can be found on our website www. or by contacting Steve Hudson - 07932 012262


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Installation service & maintenance of all type of security and communications systems, covering East Anglia

INTRUDER ALARMS (WIRE FREE) + CCTV + FIRE ALARMS + ACCESS CONTROL + SECURITY LIGHTING Call for a no obligation quotation for an installation of wire free intruder alarms, providing very high specification without the disturbance and damage to decor running cables would create.

Please Call 01379 890 606 or

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ELDERLY The Hearing Care Centre How does your untreated hearing loss affect your family and friends? Untreated hearing loss does not simply affect the sufferer – it also impacts upon their family and friends. If you have a hearing loss and haven’t yet sought help, it’s important to be aware of the potential effects of your hearing loss on others so that you can maintain relationships and ensure frustrations don’t grow into larger issues. Many people are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help. Perhaps they don’t want to acknowledge the problem, are embarrassed by what they see as a weakness, or believe that they can “get by” without using a hearing aid. And unfortunately too many wait years and in some cases the strain on

30 | September 2015

family and friends can become untenable. Below, I’ve outlined how untreated hearing loss can affect important relationships in your life Partners People with hearing loss often feel isolated and frustrated, and it’s not uncommon for their partners to echo these feelings. The spouses of people with hearing loss frequently report that a hindered ability to communicate has left them feeling lonely. This situation is exacerbated if the partner with hearing loss begins to lose confidence and withdraws from others. Hearing loss also affects practical aspects of a relationship. Partners of people with hearing

loss often grow tired of being asked to repeat themselves or of being misunderstood or not heard at all.

untreated hearing loss. Their frustration may be increased if their parent ignores suggestions they seek help.

When communication breaks down, small annoyances and frustrations can build up over time and create bigger problems.

Grandchildren Leaving hearing loss untreated can have significant effects on a sufferer’s relationships with their grandchildren.

Leaving hearing loss untreated also increases the risk of a dependency developing in the relationship, where the hearing partner is relied upon for tasks and communication. This uneven balance of responsibility can eventually cause resentment on both sides. Adult Children The adult children of people with hearing loss can also feel frustrated by their mother’s or father’s untreated condition. They might find it hard to stay in touch with their parent, as communicating on the phone can be difficult for people with

Children generally have higher pitched voices, making it even harder for people who are hard of hearing to understand them. Very young children are unable to understand the concept of hearing loss, and are therefore less likely to make a special effort to communicate. This can unfortunately prevent a close relationship developing between grandparent and grandchild. Friends Socialising in groups can be overwhelming and isolating for people who are hard of hearing. Even talking one-on-one can be

ELDERLY hard. Even though they might have the best of intentions, friends may not understand how best to communicate with someone with hearing loss. This may cause awkwardness, disconnection and change the dynamic of the friendship. Take Action! If you are living with untreated hearing loss, don’t wait any longer to seek help. Hearing aids can make your life a lot easier and they will go a long way towards preserving your relationships with the people you love most. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre in Ipswich.

step, Karen and her team have organised a series of special Open Day events at their practice across Norfolk – Monday 5th October Wymondham, Tuesday 6th October Dereham, Wednesday 7th October Attleborough, Thursday 8th October Harleston and Watton, Friday 16th October Thetford. They are offering free hearing assessments and professional advice, with absolutely no obligation to purchase. To book an appointment please call 01473 230330.

The multi-award winning, familyrun company has 20 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. To encourage those affected by this article to take the first

Manorcourt Homecare provide exceptional care and support services to people living in the community. We encourage service users to make their own decisions care from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

T: 01953 451541

We welcome clients who are in receipt of direct payments or individual service funds who wish to use us on a full time basis or when their regular care worker takes a holiday, ensuring that their care needs are still being met.

Now Recruiting for Home care workers required in Attleborough, Thetford, Wymondham and surrounding villages. No experience is needed as full training is given. Car drivers preferred. Duties may include, supporting individuals in their own home with their personal care, meal preparation, shopping and house keeping duties and social activities. Weekdays, evenings and weekend hours available.

We will offer you:Competitive rates of pay, 28 days paid holiday. Mileage and travel allowance paid. Free induction training, and specialist training leading to recognised qualifications, and uniforms provided.

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Be part of the family

Attleborough’s family-run care home Caring l


Specialists in dementia care

Highly-trained & dedicated staff

l l

Warm, clean, safe and relaxing

CQC Inspection Report, May 2015

Ground floor purpose-built accommodation



Support for relatives

Double rooms for married couples


West Carr Road, Attleborough NR17 1AA Call 01953 455 427 to arrange a visit or email

South Norfolk Mobility Centre A local, small independent company, making customer service their top priority We’re busy with servicing work, keeping our customers’ scooters in tip top shape.

protectors, shower stools, raised toilet seats, bath steps and much more.

We service and repair scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs and rise and recliner chairs. So, if your scooter is not performing quite as well as it used to, give us a ring and we will be very happy to help you.

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Our range of rise and recliner chairs has now grown to 14 models for you to come and try. We will make sure that the chair you choose is the right size and fit for your height and build. We offer same day delivery wherever possible. Don’t forget, we stock walking frames, 3 and 4 wheeled walkers, bath lifts,commodes and a host of daily living aids such as cushions, beakers, cutlery, cast 32 | September 2015

ELDERLY Able Community Care The Alternative to Moving into a Care Home Getting older sometimes means that a person needs to be cared for twenty four hours a day. Such care can be provided in a care home or in a person’s own home. Given the choice, many people would prefer to stay in their own home and Able Community Care has enabled thousands of people to exercise this choice. Our experience has shown that having a regular rota of experienced carers in your own home is often a much happier alternative than moving into a care home. Able Community Care has been providing an alternative choice to moving into a care home since 1980 by providing Live-in Carer Schemes throughout the UK. Our live-in care staff have enabled thousands of disabled and older

people to remain happily within their own home. The role of our live-in carers is to provide domestic, personal and social care tailored to each individual’s needs and wishes. One of our clients is Kate. Kate was born in 1919 and in 2006 as a result of arthritis and too common falls, Kate and her family had to make a decision as to how Kate wished to be cared for. Her own wish was to remain living in her own bungalow, to keep up her social activities and to maintain her hobbies. Kate and her family decided to try a Live-in Carer Scheme and since 2006 a continuous, regular, rotational system of liked live-in care workers have supported Kate, now aged 95, and who

Kate wrote the following comments with reference to the care she received in 2014 on our Customer Satisfaction Form:

visit relatives. • Long term care to a person who wishes to share the care. For example, Able can provide one or two weeks of care, then the family the next period etc. on a flexible, rotational basis.

• “The live-in care workers carry out the tasks that are important to me.”

• A “Home From Hospital” care package offering convalescent live-in care at home.

• “I feel comfortable about contacting my Care Manager” (whom she has met).

Able Community Care currently provides Live-in, Carer Schemes in over 50 counties and our clients range in age from early twenties to over one hundred years of age.

continues to live happily in her own home.

• “I am happy with the service I am receiving.” • “The responsiveness to ‘out of hours’ contact is satisfying and responsive.” Live-in Carers are special people. Whilst living for weekly or fortnightly periods in a client’s home they provide domestic support, personal care and offer companionship. Each of our clients has an individual ‘job description’ and it is the objective of our Care Managers to provide our clients with a regular rota of liked live-in carer workers and also to find for our care workers, clients for whom they have the skills to care for. One of our live-in care workers is Lorna who has been with us since 2011. Before joining Able Community Care, Lorna was a care worker for her County Council where she gained experience and care certification including attaining NVQ Level 3 in Social Care. Lorna is one of Kate’s two regular live-in carers and is a driver and non-smoker. In addition to providing professionally managed live-in care at home on a long term basis, Able Community Care can also provide the following care packages: • Respite care for family carers who need a well-earned break. • A Carer to accompany a person who wants to go on holiday or to

Some of our clients have been with us since the 1990’s and their care packages have been continuous. As a result we have a reputation for reliability. A large number of our care workers have been with us for over ten years and some for over fifteen years. Able Community Care’s website provides comprehensive information, including many moving and heartfelt client comments. There is also an option to sign up for our free email Newsflash, written by the MD. Angela Gifford each week, to keep up to date with the latest care information and news which may affect you or your family. Angela Gifford formed Able Community Care in 1980 and as Managing Director she continues to benefit this successful company with her long experience of the care sector. Angela is highly regarded as an expert in the field of home care and also consults at an international level on many aspects of care provision. If you have any questions about our Live-in Care Schemes please contact us on 01603 764567 or email to For a Free Information Pack, please don’t hesitate to contact Able Community Care on 01603 764567 or email ablemg@aol. com. Alternatively you can visit our website for more information 2015 September | 33


Quality TREE SURGERY at affordable prices Tree felling, dismantling, pruning and pollarding, stump grinding, hedge trimming and reductions.

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Providing the very best care. We have established our reputation by providing an exceptional service at an affordable cost. • BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP • ADVICE ON FUNERAL GRANTS A family business – we believe it makes a difference 34 | September 2015

Yard House High Street Attleborough 24 Hr Tel:

01953 452538

Rosedale House 63 Victoria Rd Diss 24 Hr Tel:

01379 640810


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Diss & Attleborough - September 2015  

The Diss & Attleborough edition of Dispatch Magazine for September 2015

Diss & Attleborough - September 2015  

The Diss & Attleborough edition of Dispatch Magazine for September 2015