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Friendly Family Business Est. 1978 Non-Electric Block Salt Softeners • FREE Site Survey & Quotation • Purchase or Lease Rental • FREE Block Salt Delivery • ALL Makes of Softener Serviced

Merry Christmas from us all at Patmore Softeners

01728 633007 150 Spring Road, Ipswich, IP4 5NR 01473 713600 6 South Entrance, Saxmundham, IP17 1DQ

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BRECKLAND HOMECLEAN DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

Issue 183

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for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment


Arron Self

Quality People continue to provide a recruitment service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk. Telephone: 0195 3 4 5 3 6 4 4 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

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Buy A Gift You Don’t Have To Wrap This Christmas… uying that perfect gift for your loved ones at Christmas can be a challenge. East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) have taken the stress out of present buying and come up with a special gift - that you don’t even have to wrap.


From specialist nursing kits that can help a family receive care at home to the bereavement sessions that help suppor ts families through an unimaginably difficult time, a Gift of Care will have a real impact on the lives of local families.

“ East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices have taken the stress out of present buying and come up with a special gift - that you don’t even have to wrap.” gift card in the post. You can then wr ite on the tag and give it to someone special.

£35 could pay for an hour of shor t break care for a child at one of our hospices or in the family’s own home.

There are a selection of gift cards to choose from ranging in prices from £5 to £35 and are available to buy online and in all EACH shops. Whichever card you choose to buy, each Gift of Care represents a life changed for the better.

£5 could buy ar t supplies, helping a child enjoy an ar t therapy session.

To buy your gift card visit: www.each. or visit your local EACH shop.

Once you’ve made your purchase the char ity will send you a special

£20 could help fund a suppor t group for siblings.

£10 could pay for an essential nursing kit for our nurses to use when providing care in the family home.

For more information on the event please contact the EACH Norfolk Fundraising Team on 01953 666767, or email

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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Which? have now added themselves to the thousands of customers who recognise that, in Cloudy2Clear you are dealing with a business that you can really trust. Cloudy2Clear who recently celebrated their 10th Birthday, replace misty glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window.

Norwich manager Lee Rixon believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering a trustworthy and credible service at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has steamed up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type

of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. Stephen continues ‘We also GUARANTEE that an average quotation will take no longer than 20 mins, with little or no disruption to your home’. ‘These things seem simple but not enough companies do it and it’s great that someone like

Which? has endorsed our philosophy. Locally Cloudy2Clear service Diss & Attleborough and surrounding areas. So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Lee a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer Than 20 MINS!!!

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By Basil Abbott

It will soon be time for school nativity plays again, with pupils vying for parts as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, wise men and stable animals.


The nativity play may have begun with St. Francis of Assisi. He performed midnight mass on Christmas Eve 1223, using a lifesized stable scene and live animals. English medieval mystery plays also included the nativity, played on wagons in market places. Many older Diss people made their stage debut at Christmas in Nissen huts that were part of the Church School. The huts, on the south side of Rectory Meadow, had been an Italian prisoner-of-war camp. There were no thoughts of escape, as life was good for the prisoners who were often seen around the town.

One hut had a stage, where the prisoners probably held concerts. I made my stage debut there in 1954. It was a nursery rhyme show rather than a Christmas play. I was Little Jack Horner. I had to put in my thumb, pull out a plum and say, “What a good boy am I.”

Mickey Morley, June Garman, Neville Rudd, Michael Potter and others. The plays are part of everyone’s childhood, although the tradition is declining. Many primary schools now perform secular plays to include pupils of other faiths.

The museum has pictures (above) of the nativity plays from 1951 and 1952.

According to a 2012 survey 20 per cent of schools were planning a nativity play. 50 per cent were putting on an updated version, often with new music and extra characters.

I recognised my brother Barry (now a 70 year old man in a home with Alzheimers), June Barnes, Pat Leonard, Brian Chipperfield,

Find out more about Diss Museum by visiting our website:

At least one local girl became pregnant by a prisoner, while a rather grand lady who lived nearby was known to visit the Italians by night. After the war, with a shortage of housing, the huts provided dwellings until new houses, like the Uplands-Willbye estate, were built. The huts were then used as classrooms and a canteen for the school.

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The Truth About Consumer - Business Conracts he Consumer Rights Act (CRA) came into force in 2015 which included an update on the Unfair Contract Terms with a view to improving the balance of power, transparency and fairness in consumer – business contracts.


It has come to light from recent Competition and Markets Authorities research that over half of UK businesses are not fully aware of the unfair contract rules and as a result may be producing contracts that they believe to be enforceable but which are not. Thus it may prove useful to remind ourselves of what the CRA says. There may be an unfair term which the consumer has the right to contest. Even if the consumer has signed the contract, if it is unfair, it may not be legally binding. The Act includes a ‘fairness test’ which aims to encourage equality between the par ties. The Act sets out a list of terms that may be considered as unfair.

Our expert tea is here to help

To highlight some examples of where lack of knowledge is apparent is the use of non-refundable deposits which a business may believe is non-refundable in all circumstances. However, there may be situations where the consumer is entitled to a refund of par t if not all. In addition, if there is an impor tant term inser ted into the contract, this must be clear and transparent to the consumer and if this is not done, it may transpire that the term is ‘unfair’, as it was not clearly explained to the consumer. For example, inser ting a significant term into the small print of the contract may be regarded as unfair.

the ser vice must bring it into line with • Accident Family what was agreed with Claims the customer• or, • Clinical Negligence • Landlord and Tenan if this is not practical, must give some • Powers of Attorney money back. • Commercial

The CRA also brought in new rules regarding digital content to give similar protection to consumers using online ser vices as for those purchasing goods and ser vices on the High Street. There are also clearer rules regarding what should happen if a ser vice is not provided with reasonable skill and care. For example, the business that provides

For fur ther information please contact Howard Wright at howard.wright@ or call 01379 643555.

• Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment

• Property • Wills, Trusts & Prob

By Paul Stevens

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555 A useful guide can be found https:// Felixstowe 01394 279636at Harleston 01379 854455

This ar ticle provides only a general summar y and is not intended to be comprehensive. Special legal advice should be taken in any individual situation.

Better business advice from our team of experts • Buying and Selling a Business • Commercial Agreements • Commercial Property • Business Start-ups • Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

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The Seven Year Itch

ike proper nutr ition, a balanced diet and exercise , sleep plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and happy. We need a good night’s sleep to ensure we are feeling fit, thinking shar ply and to gener ally give us the appetite and enthusiasm to make the most of ever yday living.


What most people don’t realise is that poor sleep and fatigue are the biggest issues that affect millions of people wor ldwide . When sleep depr ivation mounts up, people star t feeling tired dur ing the day time which affects our ability to make decisions and helps us make mistakes, have shor ter temper s and can make us have slower reflexes. With many of us dr iving on the roads, this can have devastating effects. The number one key to a good night’s sleep is ROUTINE. Keeping regular

week of six hour nights could lose you 15 points. Sleep is impor tant for the body and mind! This time of year can be the most stressful time of year, Chr istmas is fast approaching, the mor nings and dar k and the nights even dar ker! With December being par ty season also, the late nights, copious amounts of alcohol and over indulging on food is likely to cause sleep disr uption. It is ver y impor tant to keep that routine all year and even more so dur ing the festive season. If you feel that you are not getting the rest you need, follow these tips and see how much better you feel. Create a restful environment. Keep you bedroom at a comfor table temper ature and as quiet and dar k as possible . Tur n off that iPhone ,

“ Don’t sleep on an argument. Conflicts are not conducive to putting you in the right frame of mind for sleep ”

hour s and going to bed and getting up at the same time ever y day will help progr am the body to sleep better. Research from all over the wor ld, confir ms that a comfor table , uninter r upted seven or eight hour s sleep each night can help reduce stress, boost your mood, your physical and mental perfor mance , cure a wide r ange of aches and pains as well as slowing down the aging process. A lack of sleep suppresses your immune system making you more vulner able to infections and metabolic and hor mone changes which have the same effect on your body as ageing. According to the Univer sity of Br itish Columbia, the aver age per son that requires eight hour s sleep per night, just losing one hour of sleep can lower your IQ by one point the following day. Reduce this to a whole 10 | Diss & Attleborough

vibr ations and flashes through the night will disturb your you and in your subconscious you will think about that message you’ve just received. Exercise . We all hate it, but regular exercise will help relieve the day’s stresses and str ains. Consider taking a walk or going swimming. Cut out stimulants. Tea, coffee and sugar y dr inks in the evening will interfere with you falling asleep. Tr y a nice herbal tea or a milky dr ink instead. Smoking also can take you longer to get to sleep, smoker s tend to wake more often through the night. Don’t over indulge . Too much food or alcohol before bed could disr upt your sleep. Alcohol does help you pass out, but will no doubt inter r upt your sleep dur ing the night. Relax. Tur n off the television before bed and have some relaxation time .

Read a book, have a war m bath or listen to some music . This could help relax you before bed. Remember ing to tur n off that phone! Don’t wor r y. Easily said, but laying in bed wor r ying about jobs you need to do tomor row will keep you awake , tossing and tur ning. Have you considered wr iting a list before bed, all your jobs are on paper and you can cross them off one by one giving you satisfaction. Don’t sleep on an ar gument. Conflicts are not conducive to putting you in the r ight fr ame of mind for sleep. Comfor table Bed. One of the most impor tant factor s in a good night’s sleep is your bed. In Sleep Council research, 79% of people saw a direct link between the way they sleep and how they feel the next day. Astonishingly, only 11% thought that there might be any link between their bed and sleep. It is recommended that your bed should be change at least ever y seven year s, this will ensure you maintain comfor t and suppor t ever y single night. If your bed feels uncomfor table before seven year s, look to change it! Did you know that your bed may have deter ior ated by as much as 70% from it’s as new state after seven year s? Research also showed that beds as little as six year s old could offer significantly less suppor t and comfor t than a new one , thanks to wear and tear, not just from body weight and movement but from sweat and debr is too. A comfor table and suppor tive bed is impor tant to assist in achieving those eight, uninterrupted hours. At Sound Sleep, runner up bed retailer of the year 2016-2017, we are fully trained mattress specialists who are able to give you advice on which mattresses are suitable to your needs. We have over 100 beds on display in store and with all the latest mattress technology available we are best placed locally to help aid a good night’s sleep and hopefully make your dreams come tr ue. Infor mation and research provided by The Sleep Council. www.sleepcouncil.or

Need a new bed this Christmas....? DISS ....then look no further!

Double Divan Beds from only £199

Pocket Sprung Divan Beds from only £289


Beautiful Metal Bedsteads from only £129

Wooden & Oak Bedsteads from only £99

Sound Sleep LTD 0% Interest Free Credit - Credit & Debit Cards Accepted Free Local Delivery - Old Bed Disposal Service Mile Road - Winfarthing - Near Diss - IP22 2EZ For mattress advice or information call us on 01953 861177 find us on the main B1077 between Diss & Attleborough Look out for the bright yellow signs Showroom Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00 Closing for Christmas on Monday 19th December at 4pm Reopen Tuesday 27th December at 10am Open every day 27th December - 2nd January 2018 10am - 4pm

AWARD WINNING Diss & Attleborough | 11 Sound Sleep Dream Team



Accessing Your Investment In Your Home any of us have a large propor tion of our wealth tied up in our home. Equity Release is a way of turning bricks and mor tar into usable cash. Hayley Tink explains.


Equity Release is a term that covers a number of options available to those in later life that allow you to access the money you have invested in your home. Equity release is often misunderstood. However, provided it is properly and safely set up, it can be a really useful tool in later life financial planning. It can be of great benefit, for example, to those whose entire wealth is tied up in their proper ty and who would like to improve their existing income or fund a specific gift or purchase. Other possible uses might include settling an interest-only mor tgage or helping family members while you are there to see the benefits, rather than leaving it to them in your will. Care should be taken if the latter is your objective, however, as it can have implications for the inheritance provided

to your beneficiaries and might affect your entitlement to suppor t in the event of you needing long term care. This is one of those areas where safe, qualified advice is truly impor tant. It is crucial that the arrangement is set up to meet your specific needs and that you – and your family – understand the implications of the contract you are signing. There are two main type of Equity Release arrangement: Lifetime Mor tgages and Home Reversion Plans. In both cases there will be a number of costs involved for the advice you receive including the setting up of the plan. Any interest can either be paid back on a monthly basis or rolled up into the loan, increasing the size of the loan. With a Lifetime Mor tgage, no repayments may be required during your lifetime but both the amount borrowed and any accumulated interest become payable when you die. This may mean that your

home will need to be sold on your death, so it is impor tant that you discuss this with your family to ensure they understand the implications. Ownership of the proper ty stays in your name and when the proper ty is sold, the proceeds are used to settle the loan, with any additional capital raised returned to you or your estate. Lifetime Mor tgages usually offer what is known as a drawdown plan. This is a really flexible option where you are given an overall ‘drawdown facility’ (say £100,000 on a proper ty wor th £250,000) but you only draw money out as and when you require the funds, so you only pay interest on the amount you’ve actually drawn out. You can then go back to the equity release provider when you need more. This solution saves interest and is convenient, so is the most common route we recommend. A Home Reversion Plan involves the transfer of ownership of all or par t of your home to a provider and you

Connaught Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2BW Civil Engineering and Building including - industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic building design/ foundation design and ground improvements/highway engineering/infrastructure planning and design/ design of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS)/anaerobic digestion and waste to energy project design and detail Environmental Engineering including – contaminated land investigation (intrusive & non-intrusive)/flood risk assessment/ environmental impact assessment (EIA)/1D & 2D flood modelling/hydraulic river modelling/tree surveys/landscaping/ environmental permits Structural Engineering including – structural calculations for commercial, agricultural and domestic building design/ structural surveys and structural stability surveys/3D finite element analysis/remedial work/historic building advice/ 3D revit & level 2BIM structural design & modelling Surveying Land & Buildings including – geomatic/topographical site surveys/building, road and earthworks setting out/ measured building floor plans and elevation surveys/land transfer plans to land registry requirements/ boundary disputes/ground penetrating radar

telephone: 01953 452001 email: www: 12 | Diss   & Attleborough

receive an agreed sum for the por tion transferred. Plans var y: some involve paying a nominal rent whilst others provide rentfree occupancy. When the proper ty is sold – either during your lifetime or on your death – the provider will receive the value of their share of the proper ty at that time. Equity release may involve a lifetime mor tgage or home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, please ask for a personalised illustration. Typical equity release advice fees will be £2,000. Check that this mor tgage will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or you want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt seek independent advice. To discuss any aspect of your financial well-being, contact Hayley at hayley.tink@almar or call her on 01603 706740.

By Hayley Tink,

Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Free Survey and Quotations Tel: 01953 459778 Owl Barn, Norwich Road, Besthorpe, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2LA

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

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ello and Seasons Greetings! We have had a busy couple of months here at KB A and we hope that you might have missed our chatty ar ticles in the last couple of (fabulous) editions of Dispatch! But here we are again r ar ing to go and ready to pass on all kinds of hopefully useful infor mation.


We would like to star t by welcoming two new member s of staff who joined our team back in ear ly October – Sean and Joe have settled in br illiantly and we are thr illed that they decided to join our team. We hope that you have already had the chance to speak to them and know that they are going to be a big asset to our hard wor king team. Welcome Sean and Joe . As we r apidly head to the season of goodwill, we thought you might appreciate some guidance on tax r ules relating to staff gifts and enter taining. All you hard wor king employees out there will be pleased to know that that your employer can purchase gifts for you but for an easy (tax efficient) life , better keep the cost to £50 or less including all deliver y and postage char ges. That way your gift will be 100% tax deductible – go over this amount and national insur ance contr ibutions are payable . If the employer doesn’t pay the 13.8% NIC due , then the employee has to! Not quite such a welcome gift if you have to pay NIC at 13.8%. Sadly you can’t give your employee the cash either since cash is not covered by the “tr ivial benefits” exemption r ules - so don’t get caught out.

Finally as we move into the New Year, more and more small employer s are reaching their staging dates for autoenrolment. If you are receiving letter s from the Pensions Regulator don’t panic – auto enrolment and pensions needn’t cost you near ly as much as you may think. Why not come and speak to KB A and let us guide you through the process. We can’t choose your pension provider for you but we can suppor t you and make you aware of the choices and once you have made that all impor tant decision, we can help you ever y step of the way. This can be anything from assessment of duties including which of your employees are eligible for joining a pension scheme , register ing you as an employer on a scheme , through sending out letter s, calculating the deductions and finally or ganising the payments to the pension scheme . Why not get in touch and we will gladly suppor t you through the process ahead. Whatever you are doing this Christmas and New Year – we hope that you have a wonderful time. If New Year’s resolutions are your thing, why not decide to make 2017 your best year yet – Merr y Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you are a VAT registered business, you may be tempted to tr y and claim back the VAT on gifts you bought for your employees – this is completely allowable as long as the usual VAT r ules apply and the gift value is below the £50 limit. Exceed the £50 limit and when you pass on the gift to the recipient, these count as supply – with VAT due . So the main r ule of thumb is – keep your gifts for employees under £50 and you will stay tax efficient! Many businesses small and lar ge alike believe that you can claim back tax on the purchase of business gifts for customer s regardless of their cost or value . Sadly this is not the case – no gift purchases for customer s are tax deductible . The only exception to this is if the gift can be considered as adver tising – to qualify the gift must be a clear adver tising tool in its most obvious for m and again must be below £50 in value . You must not give more than one gift to each per son in each accounting per iod and the gifts must not be type of food, dr ink or tobacco. So don’t get car r ied away this Chr istmas or it could be ver y costly! Now of cour se with Chr istmas approaching fast, this also means that the deadline for submitting your self assessment tax retur n is also looming. Don’t for get to pay all tax due as well by 31 Jan. If you haven’t got this underway yet – then maybe it’s time to make a star t – the easiest way to approach this? Call us of cour se!

14 | Diss & Attleborough

based in attleborough, our distribution areas cover the whole of norfolk, particularly north norfolk, norwich, attleborough, diss, wymondham and dereham, as well as bury st edmunds and the county of suffolk we print over 50,000 local interest magazines each month

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our magazines are delivered door to door, and can also be picked up from one of our distribution points

dispatch, fine city, norfolk on my mind and suffolk on my mind are some of the most well-respected magazines throughout norfolk and suffolk

Merry Christmas to all our Readers and advertisers



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(B.V.S) MOT Testing for Class 4 & 7 Vehicles

Reliable Quality Service One of the longest established taxi firms in Diss

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Temperature Controlled Distribution Vehicles from 7.5 - 44 tons


Your Local Garage For The Last 38 Years!


Phone today for further details: 01953 887 275 Banham Vehicle Services Rosary Farm, Kenninghall Road Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HB


Local, reliable & constantly recommended Competitive and fairly priced Complete bathroom design supply and installation Including plumbing, tiling, heating and electrical work For Fast Reliable Attention From Your Local Tradesman Call

01953 603 308 | 07879 472 334

Plumb Right Bathrooms |



PattersonDESIGN is an RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice based in Norfolk with local, regional and national coverage. Our clients are our first and foremost concern. We believe that each project, regardless of its size, should be designed maintaining our high level of service and skill. We have specialised staff and resources to ensure that every project receives the right level of expertise throughout the project.

Tel: 01953 456 722 Suva House Queens Square, Queen’s Square, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AE, UK

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Christmas has arrived at • GARDEN CENTRE •

Christmas Shop

Trees Lights Gifts Ornaments

Late Night Christmas Experience 16th December until 9.00pm Father Christmas St Mary’s Church Choir Craft Stalls Mulled Wine Mince Pies

London Road Attleborough NR17 1AY

Come In And Try Our New Special Hot Chocolates &Festive Ciabattas Wishing All Our Customers A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE Tel: 01953 457 766

Opening Times: Mon-Sat: 9-5; Sun & Bank Hols: 10-4

KISSINGER ESTATE AGENTS Exchange Street, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AB T: 01953 454272

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year From All At Donna Kissinger Estate Agents

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GENERAL 31-33 Maurice Gaymer Road, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2QZ

A new modern training facility for all ages, a range of classes available, resident therapists, supplements and much more.

n Ope idays l o kH Ban Too!

Call Us : 01953 453 049


To suit most styles, Beginners welcome! Contact Paul: 01953 888 193

Call 01379 641400 Open 7 days a Week

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Your independence is our passion Get out & about with a scooter! SCOOTERS Keeping you mobile and able to get out when walking long distances is not possible Boot scooter Comes apart into 4 or 5 pieces for easy transportation in the car/public transport. Top speed 4mph. Battery typically gives a range of 8 - 10 miles on a full charge Road scooter Used on roads or pavements. Ideal when the user wishes to use the scooter from home. Top speed 8mph. Features: Swivel seat, Adjustable tiller, Electronic brake.

a g you Wishin ristmas h C Merry py New & Hap r Yea


Buy local and get the backup you deserve In house repairs and servicing Expertise and in depth knowledge Individual needs put first Get the backup you don’t get with the internet

SOUTH NORFOLK MOBILITY CENTRE 01953 887777 Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-5pm

22 Oakwood Ind. Est. Harling Road, Snetterton NR16 2JU Fine City ad:Layout 1 15/11/2016 12:27 Page 2

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WAT T O N wroxham WYMONDHAM c ec i la m ey.c o.u k

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Can We Really Afford Not To Take Travel Insurance ? ith the recent poor weather and constant rain, we have seen an increase in clients looking for breaks in sunnier climates, but can we really afford to cut corner s and not take out Travel Insurance?


Cancelation and Medical cover are no doubt the main areas of concern when looking for a suitable insurance policy. With access to a panel of Insurer s, we can find and arrange the policy specific to your requirements. Whether you are travelling in Europe or Wor ldwide, summer or winter, let us find the cover for you and ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday with the insurance protection and peace of mind needed. Premiums star t from as little as £57.35 per couple for an Annual European policy.

Please feel free to call in to our Wymondham office for a quotation or advice , when we shall be pleased to assist. Alternatively, visit our website www.prior

Call Us Today (01379) 651 541 (01953) 887 246

Free ns tatio Quo

IMPROVE THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY LANDSCAPE AND GARDEN DESIGN Water Features • Planting • Patios • Brickweave • Driveways Tree Surgery • Garden Design • Fencing • Ponds & Lakes Email: Address: 17b Stanley Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4BN

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Homeless man finds success, and launches charity - for the homeless once-homeless man from Staffordshire has launched a charity to help those sleeping rough on Britain’s streets, after finding success in business.


Chris Haycock, Managing Director of digital publishing company CliqTo Media has a real rags-to-riches story, with the experience from his own story of homelessness inspiring him to start his own charity. KipBag ( was launched at the beginning of September 2016 to raise money to buy essential items that would help those unfortunate enough to find themselves living on the streets. Each KipBag contains one sleeping bag, toiletries, thick socks and hat, first aid kit and homeless information pack. The packs are then distributed to homeless charities across the country to provide warmth, comfort and dignity to those with nowhere to sleep. Once par t of the Britain’s growing number of ‘hidden homeless’, Haycock knows how difficult life can be without anywhere to sleep. In his mid-20s he suffered the same fate as thousands of other homeless people across the country, finding himself

with no money, food or shelter after leaving the armed forces. Chris fought back adversity and turned his life around. Selling toys door-to-door in London, he eventually raised enough money to turn his life around, find success by learning about digital publishing, and putting his new-found skills into practice. Today, his company owns a portfolio of more than 30 websites, used by almost 1 in 7 of the UK population. Homelessness has been an issue that’s been close to his hear t for many years. The idea for KipBag came from a flash of inspiration whilst helping feed the homeless in Birmingham alongside ‘Help the Homeless and Needy in Birmingham’, a charity that distributes food every weekend in the city centre. Haycock, along with co-founders Eric Farrow and Amy Wood, aim to raise enough money to distribute 3,569 KipBags in the next 12 months - one for each of the estimated number of people that slept rough on any one night across the country. The will be visiting major cities across the UK each month, and during this December, they will be in Norwich delivering 25 Kip Bags.

Whilst the team know that KipBags won’t eradicate homelessness, their goal is to provide immediate relief for those who are sleeping rough on the streets of Britain, and to reduce the number of deaths associated with sleeping rough. As the rest of us welcome in the Autumn and Winter, switching up the central heating, snuggling under thick-tog duvets and donning thermal clothing, it’s easy to forget about those who are left out in the freezing cold. For them, the seasons are the ultimate test of sur vival - staying alive. The char ity are encour aging people to donate a KipBag to the homeless. Each KipBag costs just £15, with ever y single penny going towards helping the homeless.

Donations can be made at Diss & Attleborough | 21



2017 Ford Kuga180PS

• Max speed: 124 mph

By Tim Barnes-Clay – Motoring Journalist, @carwriteups

• 0-62 mph: 10.1 secs • Combined mpg: 38.2 • Engine: 1498cc four-cylinder 16-valve turbo Petrol • Max. power (PS): 182 • CO2: 171 g/km • Price: £30,180

PROS ‘N’ CONS • Handsome√ • Comfortable √ • Kit √ • Space √ • Noisy Engine X

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he new Ford Kuga is a delight to drive. I should know, as I spent 24 hours in one motoring from Warsaw in Poland to Vilnius in Lithuania. And let me tell you, Eastern Europe’s roads are not as kind to cars as Britain’s are – and that’s saying something.


Many of the roads in Poland and Lithuania are peppered with potholes, broken up by the odd stretch of motorway, but often with roadworks. The new Kuga made light work of the potholes, due to its excellent suspension and well-padded seats. The only real grumble came from the car’s petrol engine. My Kuga was fitted with the 1.5-litre Ecoboost engine, in four-wheeldrive 182PS guise. It returns 38.2mpg and 171g/km of CO2, and it’s quite noisy when you put your foot down for over takes. That said; the melodramatics are soon

over, and the car is happy to settle into a less raucous cruise when it sees the open road ahead. Although Ford is billing the latest Kuga as ‘new’, it’s more of a face-lift, with the design taking its influence from the new Ford Edge. On the outside, the modernised Ford Kuga now has a more profoundly fashioned bonnet. This gives the car a ruggedly handsome look, but it’s not been done for pleasing aesthetics alone. The bonnet has also been produced to offer improved pedestrian protection in the event of a car vs person collision. One of the most obvious Ford Edge styling cues in the fresh Kuga is the fitting of a trapezoidal grille. Additionally, the model now benefits from LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, and up-to-date fog-lights. The rear of the Kuga

MOTORING hasn’t been left out either. Here, there are redesigned tail-lights and an electricallyoperated tow bar that stores itself out of view when not being used. The tailgate can also be released by you doing a little kick under the new Kuga’s back bumper. And, while you’re doing that, you’ll see the Kuga’s alloy wheels are different. They are now obtainable in 17-inch, 18-inch and 19-inch sizes. Step inside, and the Kuga’s cabin is cleaner – in the sense that there aren’t as many buttons littering the dashboard as there were before. An electronic parking brake has also joined the par ty. Ford’s new Sync 3 system is responsible for doing away with many of the switches. It consists of a large touchscreen and comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. It also enables you to control functions using voice instructions. For instance, by saying “I need a fuel station”, the sat-nav will find the nearest fuel pumps for you. While it’s really a face-lift, the new Kuga does have some new stuff going on underneath the bonnet, too. There is a new 120PS 1.5-litre TDCi diesel unit with front-wheel-drive, which delivers up to 64.2mpg and 115g/km of CO2. If you prefer more clout, there is a 2.0-litre TDCi engine with 150bhp, and you can choose to have it with all-wheel-drive or frontwheel drive. This variant will return up to 60.1mpg, while emitting 122g/km of CO2. If you want even fur ther power, there’s an Intelligent All Wheel Drive version with 180PS. This does 54.3mpg on average and CO2 emissions are135g/km. The 1.5-litre Ecoboost petrol engine stays, and comes in two states of tune – 120PS or 150PS. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the fourwheel-drive 182PS variant of this petrol engine, driven here, returns up to 38.2mpg and emits171g/km of CO2. All-wheel-drive Kugas, like the one I drove, also include semi-autonomous Perpendicular Parking tech. This helps you to park, without using your hands, in tight spaces alongside other vehicles. I found this par ticularly useful when trying to park up in a congested area of Warsaw – as you do. The new Kuga can be bought for £20,845 in entr y-level Zetec trim, and the Titanium model is priced from £24,245. The ST-Line model is on sale from £25,845, while the more luxury oriented Kuga Vignale comes in at £30,745. The new Kuga is an affordable car, if bought at the lower end of the range. It comes well equipped and has enough space for a family of four. The car is comfor table and makes mincemeat out of

long trips. The six hours I spent travelling from Warsaw to Vilnius would be gruelling for any car, but the new Kuga coped well, and, more impor tantly I did, too. Ever ything in the car is simple to use, and there are lots of handy storage compar tments for things such as cash for toll booths, and cupholders for bottles of water and mugs of coffee. The boot is also a good, square size, and you can load things in easily due to the low load lip. While the new Kuga isn’t as refined as some in terms of engine noise, wind and tyre roar is suppressed well. The car is also a doddle to park, with or without parking aids – and visibility is ver y good. All in all, the new Ford Kuga offer s good value for money. It is cer tainly wor th buying or leasing if you need a main car that isn’t too big, yet is large enough to cope with a family of four. In four-wheel-drive guise it also turns into a useful tool for the winter months – something many parents, like me, will find invaluable on frosty schoolr uns using ice-rink-like rural routes.

Although Ford is billing the latest Kuga as ‘new’, it’s more of a face-lift, with the design taking its influence from the new Ford Edge.

” Left: Tim with the new Ford Kuga 180PS in Poland, Right, Top: Tim talking to Ford at the media launch event, Middle: The Kugas ample boot with a low load lip. Diss & Attleborough | 23

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