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BRECKLAND HOMECLEAN DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

Issue 177

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Jonathan Horswell

for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment Quality People continue to provide a recruitment

Administration Luke Keable

service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk.


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The Words That Bind

n a recent Cour t of Appeal decision concerning the sale of a Limited Edition Porche, 911 (Hughes -v- Pendragon), the dealer in question did not have the model in stock but signed an Agreement with the customer described as a “Vehicle Order Form” (“VOF”). The price of the vehicle was not stated but was subject to the terms and conditions in the form. The customer paid a £10,000 deposit. In a separate email the dealer confirmed the order had been placed and that the customer would get the first vehicle which the dealer was allocated by Porche. The dealership subsequently received one of the vehicles but supplied it to another customer.


The customer sued the dealer but the Judge at first instance found there was no contract, only an “agreement to agree” because price, specification and deliver y date had not been agreed. He also found that the customer could not prove any loss as there was no indication of the price he would have

been willing to pay. The customer appealed and the Cour t of Appeal over turned the first instance decision. They held that the terms and conditions in the “VOF” were consistent with an agreement to sell a vehicle. Whilst the vehicle was not specified, it had been described, and there was a process for it being acquired and supplied. Section 5 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 * stated there could be an agreement to sell future goods including goods to be acquired by the seller after making of the contract. There could be a contract for sale of goods even though the seller’s acquisition of those goods depended upon a contingency which might or might not happen, or the price was not fixed, provided the “VOF” stated how the price would be calculated. It was decided also that the email constituted a collateral contract. The dealer was in breach of contract and awarded the customer £35,000 damages.

Rights Act 2015, (discussed in my ar ticle in November 2015 and available on our website -www.jackamans., but the legal principles in this case remain the same. The new Act gives consumer s the right to reject goods within 30 days of deliver y and have a full refund.]

Our expert is here to h

For fur ther infor mation contact Paul Stevens on 01379 643555 or by email at This ar ticle provides only a general summar y and is not intended • Accident Claims to be comprehensive . Special • Clinical Negligence legal advice should be taken in any individual• Commercial situation. • Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment

• Family • Landlord a • Powers of A • Property • Wills, Trus

By Paul Stevens,

[* The 1979 Sale of Goods Act has been largely replaced by the Consumer Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 8544

Our expert team of lawyers is here to help • Accident Claims • Clinical Negligence • Commercial

• Family • Landlord and Tenant • Powers of Attorney

• Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment

• Property • Wills, Trusts & Probate

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

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Basil Abbott On The Battle Of The Somme he first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916, saw the heaviest loss of life in a single day’s fighting in British military history. The entire battle lasted until 18 November and eventually caused over a million casualties.


The battle started with a week-long artillery bombardment of the German lines, with 1,738,000 shells fired. It was thought that the guns would destroy the German trenches and barbed wire. The use of ar tiller y was suppor ted by Field Marshall Haig; but he was mistaken in its effects. The Germans had deep dugouts and all they had to do when the bombardment started was to move their men down into relative safety. When the bombardment stopped, the Germans knew that this was the signal for an infantry advance. They moved from the safety of their dugouts and manned their machine guns to face the British and French. The barrage had not cut the barbed wire. The British soldiers were instructed to walk towards the enemy lines. This astonished the Germans, who said later that, even if the British had come at a canter, they would have stood more chance. But they were mown down in their thousands. A survivor wrote: “The next morning (July 2nd) we gunners surveyed the dreadful

scene in front of us. It became clear that the Germans always had a commanding view of No Man’s Land. The British attack had been brutally repulsed. Hundreds of dead were strung out like wreckage washed up to a high water-mark. Quite as many died on the enemy wire as on the ground, like fish caught in the net. They hung there in grotesque postures.

On the centenar y of the battle, Helen Kennett will give a presentation on Diss Men at the Somme. There will also be a showing of the film made in 1916 about the battle. This was seen by 20 million people at the time. It was a piece of propaganda showing military life rather than an accurate portrayal

“ They hung there in grotesque postures. Some looked as if they were praying; they had died on their knees and the wire had prevented their fall. Machine gun fire had done its terrible work.”

Some looked as if they were praying; they had died on their knees and the wire had prevented their fall. Machine gun fire had done its terrible work.” In the course of the battle, 51 Victoria Crosses were won by British soldiers, 17 of them posthumously.

of the battle. Anyone seeing it would not have guessed that so many had died. Local pianist Carol Moss will improvise an accompaniment to the film to give it the feel of its period. The event will be at St. Mar y’s Hall, Diss, at 7.30pm on Friday 1 July. Admission £5. Diss & Attleborough | 05

Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

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Each Shops Continue To Thrive In Norfolk ast Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) continues to add to their retail por tfolio across Norfolk this year with a new shop already opened in Holt, and plans well underway for a second premises in Norwich.


In March EACH welcomed their Royal Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge to officially open their new shop in Holt. The Duchess became the first customer at the premises on Station Road where she enjoyed a tour, meeting shop staff and longserving volunteers. HRH was introduced to the two local families who receive care and support from EACH before performing the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Since it’s Royal opening the shop has proved to be a great success in the town - so much so the charity is appealing for more donations to keep up with demand! Plans are well underway for a second EACH shop in Norwich at 93 Unthank Road. Signs have already gone up at the new site and the official opening is planned for 29th June. The charity are appealing for good quality donations and volunteers to help make the shop a success.

To put into context the difference just a small donation to the shop can make to the vital work EACH does providing care and support for children, young people and families living with life-threatening conditions, here are some examples of what your donation could pay for :

To make your donation simply pop into your local EACH shop or pick up the phone and call the Retail Distribution Team on: 01842 821620. For a full list of all EACH shop locations please visit our website:

“ Since it’s Royal opening the shop has proved to be a great success in the town - so much so the charity is appealing for more donations to keep up with demand!” • A top, skir t or pair of trousers wor th £5 could pay for ar t supplies for a session of ar t therapy • A tea set wor th £10 could fund a nursing care kit • A nice wedding hat or jacket wor th £20 could pay for a suppor t group for siblings • An item of good quality furniture or prom dress wor th £35 could pay for an hour of specialist care.

EACH’s Ride for Life event is back this June! The event will take place on Sunday 12th June, starting at Mayday in Thetford Forest. The day features a number of different routes to suit all ages and abilities - with three and six mile walks plus on and off road bike rides from 10 to 50 miles. If you haven’t been in the saddle for a while this is the perfect place to start! For further information visit: www. or call the Norfolk fundraising Team on 01953 666767. Diss & Attleborough | 07

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So, the sun finally decided to show its face. That’s great for us, but the sun can cause a multitude of problems for your lawn. he grass plant, just like any other plant, needs water to survive. When the air becomes hot and dry, the grass plant starts to perspire (sweat) at a quicker rate than normal. In order to compensate for this release of water, the plant will want to retain and absorb more water than normal. Unfortunately for your grass, the soil has also started to dry out so it’s usually too late!


There are some tips however to give your lawn the best possible chance through a period of low rainfall: • Don’t cut your lawn during the day. The grass plant holds most of its moisture in its leaves. Cutting into these leaves allows water to escape from the tips. Aim to cut your lawn in the morning or the evening if it needs cutting. During periods of severe drought, your lawn won’t be growing much, so refrain from cutting your lawn until you see some new growth.

nth o m a 6 £ t s u From j

• Make sure your blade is sharp. Lawn mower blades are designed to slice the tip of the grass plants leaves. This allows the cut to heal a lot quicker, preventing excessive moisture loss. If your blade is blunt, it will rip the top of the leaf off leaving the cut open for a long time. • Water your lawn. Watering your lawn is the most obvious way of keeping your lawn looking green through dry periods. However, water costs money. Applying a Water Conservation Treatment to your lawn will mean you can water your lawn for just 20 minutes and get the same effect of watering for two hours. The warm weather can also cause several different fungal diseases to show their ugly faces. Red Thread is the UK’s biggest Lawn Fungal Disease and loves warm wet weather. The majority of UK lawns suffer from this stealth disease, but combatting it is actually quite easy.

The key to any fungal disease control is maintaining the amount of air movement there is around the grass plants and the soil level. Scarification and Aeration in the autumn will give the grass plants a more desirable home to live in, allowing your lawn to thrive in the spring and summer time. Increasing the airflow will also help to distract moss from making its home in your lawn through the autumn and winter period. Insects, such as leatherjackets (crane fly larvae) can also become active at this time of year so keep an eye for flocks of starlings digging at your lawn! If you have brown patches on your lawn, they may be worth investigating. Don’t let your lawn lose the battle this year. Call Tom Thumb Lawn Care today and find out how their team can become your lawn’s best friend. Call 01482 250 026 or visit for more information.

Fertilising Weed Control Moss Control Scarification Hollow-tine Aeration Overseeding Top Dressing Lawn Renovation


Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy really makes a big difference. Find out how Tom Thumb’s seasonal treatment plan can keep your lawn looking lush, green, weed and moss free for less than Doing It Yourself!

telephone: 01842 250 026

Ref: TH10

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New Collections Coming This Month e have some fantastic new collections coming to Sound Sleep this month, with the introduction of the brand new Hilar y Devey Collection from Duvalay and the brand new Platinum Collection from Silentnight Beds.


Many of you may remember seeing the episode of BBC’s Dragons Den back in 2011 when Hilar y Devey bought into Duvalay, since then she has been wor king hard with Duvalay to expand the company and offer a great product range to its customer s. Hilar y has a passion for luxur y interior s and wanted to be right at the hear t of designing the latest sumptuous collection. We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping, which makes your bed the most impor tant piece of furniture you will ever own. The Hilar y Devey Collection allows you to treat your self to affordable , five star luxur y, and spring into a fresh star t ever y day. Restore and refresh your mind and body in luxurious finer y with an amazing bed you’ll absolutely love , hand-crafted in the UK by Duvalay. The Hilar y Devey Collection is lovingly manufactured using the finest mater ials. Duvalay have sourced the most sumptuous mattress fillings, the ultimately luxur ious fine gr ade silk, snuggly soft and war ming wool, incredibly feather-light cashmere , fresh breathable cotton and suppor tive pure latex, combined with nested pocket spr ings and the finest damask to make the most comfor table mattresses. The divan beds have been styles by perfectly complimenting both tr aditional and contempor ar y decor s, the Hilar y Devey Collection of ir resistible centrepieces is created with the finest premium fabr ics. Choose from a r ange of r ich jewel colour s and neutr als; available in plush, dense-piled, silky smooth velvet; lustrous cr ushed velvet, or softly elegant and inviting damask. The divans are available with matching headboards to compliment and make the bed the most inviting place in your home . In the coming week, the Silentnight Platinum Collection arrives at Sound Sleep. This range is exclusive to us in Norfolk and Suffolk and is not available 10 | Diss & Attleborough

from any other stockists in the area. This exclusive bed collection has 12 brand new models, all featuring Silentnight’s patented zoned suppor t system. There is a choice of beds for ever yone’s budget, from the Miracoil spring system, through to Mirapocket zoned pocket springs and then on to the brand new spring free Miraform suppor t system. The pressure relief on the new Miracorm mattresses have been highly tested and have outperformed some of the leading brands, so we are ver y excited to have these models in store. The new Silentnight bed selectivisor will be coming to Sound Sleep in July which will aid help aid our customers in designing their brand new bed so they are able to visualise it before ordering. The range of beds are available on a choice of stylish divan bases along with matching headboards to help make your bed the focal point of the bedroom.

Answer yes or no to the following questions. • Is your bed seven year s old or more? • Would it be embarrassing if the neighbour s saw it without the cover s? • Does it make suspicious noises in the night? • Did you have your best recent nights sleep in a bed other than your s? • Are your waking up more frequently un-refreshed and aching? • Do you and your par tner roll towards each other unintentionally? • Are you too close to your par tner to sleep comfor tably? • Is it sagging? • Does it feel lumpy in the night? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it your bed has FAILED its MOT and a trip to Sound Sleep for some new bed or mattress advice is essential.

“ Our beds are incredibly important to us, and your choice of new bed is incredibly important to us at Sound Sleep. There are far too many people sleeping on old unsupportive beds which is bad for our bodies and in many cases can have an affect on our health.”

Our beds are incredibly impor tant to us, and your choice of new bed is incredibly impor tant to us at Sound Sleep. There are far too many people sleeping on old unsuppor tive beds which is bad for our bodies and in many cases can have an affect on our health. For most of us a third of our life is spent asleep, meaning the wear on our mattress over time is considerable, yet a staggering 25% of people wouldn’t consider changing their mattress – even after more than 10 year s. It is hardly surprising then that 58% of the population complain of waking feeling stiff and achy. Take our Bed MOT (Mattress Obsolescence Test) to find out if you need a new bed.

If you are thinking about just a new mattress, before coming to visit us in store, check what kind of base you have and it’s condition, as some bases may be unsuitable for a new mattress. We will of course be on hand to give you the correct advice and information. All of our divans and mattresses are sourced from National Bed Federation members, so what you are buying is exactly what it says it is, it’s made from new and clean materials and it meets the strict British Standard fire regulations. More information can be found at

Bedtime Glamour DISS

“Everyone should have a Duvalay”

“feels like it should cost three times more than it does”

Richard Branson,


Kate Hilpern,



This exclusive rande of beds from the Hilary Devey Collection are luxuriously handmade in the UK and have been styled by the queen of opulent glamour, Duvalay Partner, Hilary Devey. At Sound Sleep we are proud to showcase these glamourous models and hope you love them as much as we do! introducing

PLATINUM Launches 10/06/16

Visit our showroom at Mile Road - Winfarthing - IP22 2EZ Call us for mattress advice on 01953 861177

Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00


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Retirement Savings: New Options to Consider


he Government has been trying to make us think about our finances in retirement for a long time now.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the State Pension is not going to provide for more than very basic needs, so most of us will need some form of workplace and/ or personal pension to fill the shortfall, if we aspire to maintaining a good standard of living post retirement.

efficient. At the moment, pension savings are subject to income tax when you withdraw them although 25 per cent of your fund can normally be withdrawn free of tax.

The requirement for compulsory workplace pension schemes has helped: an increasing number of workers are putting at least minimum contribution amounts aside and benefiting from both tax relief and employer contributions.

In his March 2016 Budget, the Chancellor announced a new type of Individual Savings Account (ISA) that can be used for pension savings: the Lifetime ISA. This new type of ISA will have all the benefits of normal ISAs with tax-efficient growth and no tax to pay when withdrawn, but benefits from an additional feature: a £1 bonus given by the Government for every £4 saved in the account, provided you use the money for the right purpose – and planning for retirement is one of the two qualifying uses. Savings in a Lifetime ISA can also be used to help buy your first home.

Contributing to a pension scheme is a taxefficient way of saving for retirement. The contributions you make benefit from tax relief, so if you pay in £80, your pension provider will claim back a further £20 on your behalf if you are a basic rate taxpayer. Higher and additional rate taxpayers can claim further tax relief. Growth in your fund is also tax

In order to use a Lifetime ISA with its bonuses for retirement planning, you must wait until at least age 60 to withdraw funds. If you access the money before then – other than to buy your first home – you must repay the bonuses and any growth on them and your withdrawal would be subject to an additional 5 per cent charge.

12 | Diss & Attleborough

The amount you can save in a Lifetime ISA is limited to £4,000 per year and the new accounts won’t be available until April 2017. You can open a Lifetime ISA at any time between ages 18 and 40 and you can get bonuses on money paid into the fund until you are 50. However, it must be remembered that traditional retirement planning through pension savings offers significant tax advantages with tax relief on your contributions and the oppor tunity for tax-efficient growth within the pension fund. What’s more, pension funds can be accessed from the minimum pension age – currently age 55.

By Alison Rudd,



Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Bir thday ome and join in the fun at the Queen’s 90th Bir thday when we will be celebrating the occasion with a ‘Garden Par ty’ on Saturday 11th June from 11am – 3pm. Though you are invited to bring a picnic and sit and enjoy our glorious two acre rose gardens whilst having fun and games, the Tea Room Restaurant will be open and there will also be a BBQ too; kindly supplied by Tony Perkins. There will be lots of activities running over the afternoon, including are Travis’ G Scale Garden Railway Trains, Scratby Donkeys and royalty related games.


The following weekend of the 18th and 19th June is our Rose Festival, now in its 6th year, it has become our most popular event with people travelling from miles around to attend; A Celebration of Roses and ever ything rosy from rose themed refreshments to competitions. There will be a Gardener’s Question Time, so come armed with your questions or poorly plant specimens. Musical enter tainment from

The Bridgham & Harling Band and the D’Capo Choir. New this year a falconr y display and the oppor tunity to hold Birds of Prey. ‘Battle for Gold’ – two staff teams will race against the clock and each other to ‘dress’ a garden arch with roses to win the coveted Gold Medal. There will also be free garden tours,

Barnards Heating Solutions All types of Heating and Plumbing

Wishing Old Buckenham

Airshow Every Success for 2015

craft/charity stalls and our ‘On the Hour, Ever y Hour’ lucky programme draw for a container rose and lots lots more! Open Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5. For both events entr y and parking is free, with donations to our charity of the year, Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


Rose & Plant Centre Gift Shop Gardening Equipment Tea Room Display Gardens Garden Tours

Installations Repairs

01953 860545 Boiler Servicing Oil, Gas & LPG

For your gardening needs...

07912 608267

Attleborough NR17 1AY

01953 454707 Opening Times: Mon-Sat: 9-5; Sun & Bank Hols: 10-4 Diss & Attleborough | 13


ATTLEBOROUGH SUMMER CARNIVAL Plans For This Summers Event Underway he plans for this years Attleborough Town Summer Carnival and Par ty on the Park events are ver y much underway with exciting new acts being booked ever y day. This year the events will be held on the second weekend of July. The Party on the Park will take place on the Recreation Ground in Attleborough on Saturday 9th July and the Carnival Fun Day will also be held on the same site on Sunday 10th July.


Alongside a plethora of other acts this year brings both a Little Mix tribute (Mini Mixx) and a One Direction tribute (Only One Direction) to Attleborough. As one

of the largest not for profit events in the local area it looks set to be as much of a fantastic night as previous years. The gates will open for this event at 14:00 and with admission prices set at £5 for adults 16+ and £3 for 11-15’s it sure is good value. Why not take the little ones along as well as under 10’s go free! On the Carnival Fun Day, the gates to the Recreation Ground will open at 12:30, the same time a procession made up of local schools, groups and businesses will make its way across the town to the site. This year sees the return of judging and prizes for the procession entries so be sure to get out early and secure your

spot to watch the once a year spectacle make its way through Attleborough. Once you have followed the procession to the Recreation Ground you will be in for a full day of entertainment with a large main arena filled with acts such as sheep racing, falconry and a mountain bike display. There is even a rumour there will be high wire tightrope displays and motorbike trials demos! Alongside all of this there will also be a large stage with local bands playing all day. You’ll be spoilt for choice with admittance on the Sunday only costing £3 for adults 16+, £1 for 11-15’s and under 10’s going free. Both events feature a large selection of food vendors, a fully licensed bar and L.Gray and Sons Funfair. As with previous years everyone is permitted to bring their own food and drink to the event but the committee asks that no-one brings any glass or knives please. With regret, bags may be searched on entry to the event to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. If you require more information or would like to be involved with this years events please get in touch with the Attleborough Town Summer Carnival Committee by emailing or by calling 07729 592960.

14 | Diss & Attleborough


for 2 3 on conservatory blinds!

for June only Call 01953 544014 to arrange your free home visit. Terms and Conditions apply

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Norfolk & Suffolk’s Largest Airshow Returns... he Old Buckenham Airshow has grown to become the largest Airshow in Norfolk and Suffolk. The only Airshow to make the Countr y Life list of the ‘100 Events of the Greatest Summer Ever’ in 2012, the show has become a fixture on the calendar. In 2015 movie histor y was made when Hollywood star Honor Blackman was reunited with her James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ co-star helicopter after a 50 year wait.


In 2016 more air display acts than ever before will grace the skies above Old Buckenham over the weekend of the 30th and 31st July. Highlights include the enormous Boeing B-17. Flying For tress “Sally B”, star of Memphis Belle. This 25 ton ‘Castle in the Sky’ is making a long overdue return to Old Buckenham after a 12 year wait. Her last appearance resulted in a sell out crowd and extraordinarily emotional scenes at Old Buckenham which was built as a base for USAAF B-24 Liberators in 1942. Sally B, one of the most famous aircraft in existence will be joined at the show by, arguably, the single most famous 16 | Diss & Attleborough

aircraft in existence, Spitfire MH434 the star of a myriad of Hollywood blockbusters. Cour tesy of the Hardwick Warbirds, another icon will appear in the form of a Nor th American P-51 Mustang. As well as being a highlight of the calendar for aircraft enthusiasts, the

Museum, visit the brand new ‘Attack and Destroy Bar’ which will ser ve a range of one-off real ales, see hundreds of classic cars and other interesting exhibits. In the evenings there is also plenty to do. Friday night will see 1970’s char t toppers Chicor y Tip play a gig in the Blister Hangar, which

“ As well as being a highlight of the calendar for aircraft enthusiasts, the Airshow has also developed an enviable reputation as a great family day out. ” Air show has also developed an enviable reputation as a great family day out. During the day, visitors can ride in a Monster Truck, star t their flying career s, go for a ride in an executive helicopter, enjoy the best local foods from the exclusive Food Village, make the most of the funfair, see a host of trade stands, look round the 453rd

will then play host to the legendar y Scratch Band on Saturday night. Working with Dispatch Magazine, the Airshow is pleased to be able to offer VIP hospitality for two on Saturday 30th July for the lucky winners of this months’ competition. For more information on the show, visit


WIN 2 VIP TICKETS TO OLD BUCKENHAM AIRSHOW! For your chance to win 2x VIP Hospitality Tickets for Saturday 30th July 2016 to the Old Buckenham Airshow Answer the following question and fill in the form below.

How many tonnes does ‘Sally B’ Weigh?

A. 20 ton

B. 25 ton

C. 30 ton

Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms

Name Address

Postcode Email Telephone Please return entries to Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queen’s Square, Attleborough NR17 2AE, United Kingdom

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Photagraph Taken by Steve Moore-Vale


Teddy Bear Festival in Great Ellingham ow in its 13th year, the Great Ellingham Teddy Bear Festival is all set for another successful year of family fun and fundraising! The nominated Charity for this year is East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, a local Charity who provide support for terminally ill children and their families, and for whom the festival team are very proud to be supporting.

to 5pm and promises to be a fun festival of live music, entertainment, activities such as climbing wall, bungee trampolines and rodeo bull, games, Craft Stalls and much more for both children and adults alike. The event will be opened by Mr Tony Perkins, Mayor of Attleborough, and Mr Tim Betts, Chairman of the Parish Council, who will greet and welcome incomers on arrival.

The Teddy Bear Festival is a chance for the villagers to get their creative hats on and make and display life size straw bears with inventive designs and cleverly altered names of cartoon characters, film stars, sportsmen and historical heroes. These are displayed around the picturesque village of Great Ellingham from Saturday 2nd July for the 2 week festival duration. Trail maps will be on sale and a prize and “People’s Choice” Trophy are awarded for the favourite bear, voted for by the public.

The live music is being provided by talented local bands Monroe, Come in Silence and solo artist Danny James. A selection of free activities will be on offer, such as Face Painting, a Circus Workshop and an Acrobatics Workshop. There will also be many interesting stalls and activities such as Airbrush Tattoos, Tarot Card Readings and a Jewellery-making Workshop. For the younger ones, a Kiddies Craft Workshop, Cupcake Decorating and a Teacups Ride, and for the more active, a zany Zumba demonstration which welcomes participants and promises to be great fun! A huge variety of arts and crafts, plants and Awareness stalls of interest ensures that there will definitely be something for everyone.


The Teddy Bear Festival features a host of events, this year opening with a garage sale day on the 2nd July, a Craft Fair at St James’ Church on the 9th July, a Golden Oldies Music Night at The Crown, also on the 9th July, an Evening of Mediumship at the village hall on the 13th July and an Art Exhibition at St James’ Church from the 8th-10th July; with a Preview evening featuring “The Roskettes” on the 7th July. The culmination of the festival is the addition of the most ambitious event to date - “Tedfest”. This is being held at the Great Ellingham Recreation Centre on Saturday the 16th July from 11am 18 | Diss & Attleborough

A spectacle not to be missed is Graffilthy artist “Ruddy Muddy” who will be creating some unique artwork onto the bodywork of dirty vans. Visitors will find a huge range of food from Wood Fired Pizza to BBQ, Curry and Fish & Chips. For the sweeter tooth there will be Dinky Donuts, cakes, ice-cream, Candy

Floss and Popcorn. On site, visitors will also find the owners of The Ox and Plough from Old Buckenham, who will be running a beer tent and a mobile bar offering Pimm’s and Prosecco. Coffee lovers will exult in the flavours of Teddy-Themed Speciality Coffee served from a retro Morris Minor van by the Bitter Sweet Curious Coffee Company. The festival will have a fully equipped First Aid Station with trained paramedics on site, generously supplied by Medsec 7. The event is also supporting the Trussell Trust Food Bank and working in partnership with Sainsbury’s for this cause. Donators of a Food Bank item will be entered into an exclusive raffle to win a hamper full of prizes donated by local companies! Tickets for Tedfest will only be available on the gate and will be charged at £4.00 per Adult, £2.00 per Child and £10.00 for a family Ticket (2 x Adult/2 x Children). Special thanks must be given to the principal sponsors of this event: The Rose of India, Mellor Metals, Kerr y Foods, Finn Geotherm and David Mor ter Car Repairs, without whom this event would not have been possible. For fur ther information about the festival, details of all events, ticket prices and contact details, please visit the NEW website uk, or join in the conversation about the festival on Facebook and Twitter.



Calling All Poets, Stor ytellers And Playwrights ymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper is calling for amateur poets, storytellers and playwrights to participate in a words and music presentation in Wymondham library, as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations in the town.


Coinciding with a national initiative promoted by the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB), encouraging visually impaired people to use their local library, the W A T N organised event is entitled “90 Minutes of Noise in the Library”. Poems, short stories and extracts from novels and plays will be interspersed with music and presented to an audience in the rotunda of Wymondham library, between 2.00 and 3.30pm on Saturday, June 11. For more details, contact Tony Vale on: 01953 605434, e-mail or visit the Talking Newspaper website:

Arron Reed's Unique Personal Training Studio in Attleborough and Online

Personal Training Mobile Personal Training Proven Nutrition Advice Results Group Classes » Bootcamp Mon 7-8PM » BoxItBurn Tue 10-11AM / 6-7PM » Workout Of The Day Wed 7-8PM » Insanity Live Fri 5-6PM Sports Massage

48 Maurice Gaymer Road, Gamers Industrial Estate, Attleborough, NR17 2QZ • 07769 212554

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KERRY BUTCHER Summer Tax Affairs

hope that by the time you read this you have been able some warm and sunny weather. It’s June already and we are looking forward to the Norfolk Show later this month before we move on to Wimbledon and then the Olympics! Not to mention Euro 16 ( Does the football season ever end?)


In addition to these we have my personal summer favourites, picnics and a paddle in the river at Santon Downham, barbecues in the garden and lovely light evenings to sit outside and cool off after a hard day in the office. It would be quite easy to let your tax affairs take a backward step whilst all this lovely summer activity is going on but of course in between the fun of Wimbledon and the August bank holiday we have the thrilling delight of the tax credits deadline, not to mention the second payment due on account for self assessment. So before you make yourself that second glass of Pimms and pull up a deck chair,

20 | Diss & Attleborough

perhaps you had first better check that you have got your accounts in order? I am sure you don’t need me to remind you that if you receive tax credits, you have until 31 July to confirm your award with tax credits. Now of course if you are employed and paid under PAYE this is a nice easy process, a phone call (I won’t say quick phone call) to confirm the details on your P60 and an estimate for next year, job done. If you are self employed or are a shareholder in a company which makes profit distributions each year, this may be a more complicated task. Don’t forget that you can estimate your earnings for your renewal at 31 July each year as long as you confirm the exact amount of your earnings by 31 Januar y, the deadline for declaring your profits and paying tax due anyway. If you would like some help then why not allow us to become your agent for tax credits. We need authorisation but once done, we have a quick dial number to call for renewals and in some cases

we can complete the renewals on line – this worked really well last year. Don’t forget that if you are a self assessment tax payer, you might need to make a second payment on account by 31 July. This date is looming so make sure you know how much you are due to pay in plenty of time. If you are a KBA client, a tax calculation will have been sent with your self assessment return paperwork for 2015 and this will detail any payments due by 31 July 2016 on account. We will also tr y to send a reminder to advise you of the amounts you need to pay if we can. If you are unsure then why not call us or email and ask us to remind you of the payments you need to make. We can even send you a link to pay the amounts due by debit card. We want to make your tax affairs as painless as possible, although sadly we can’t pay the tax for you or abolish self assessment! As I am sure you know HMRC are constantly altering legislation to make


a fairer tax system for ever yone. One of the recent noticeable changes is that HMRC will question the commerciality of self employed businesses. HMRC state that any self employed business must be carried out on a commercial basis with a view to making profit which is regular and ongoing. HMRC advise that they have updated this legislation to crack down on small businesses which HMRC believe are little more than a hobby. Rules now state that a business must be carried out with the intention of making a profit and continued losses over a number of years whilst claiming tax credits will no longer be accepted. The number of hours worked per week in connection with a self employed business is also under review so if your working hours are not clear cut you may want to record the hours worked each week in a diar y to prove your average for the year. Whilst it would be unreasonable to expect a new business venture to make profits in the first few months of its life, HMRC advise that they do expect to see a steady growth in productivity and profitability overall. Finally, HMRC have been sending out a notice to complete a tax return to all self assessment tax registered persons over the past couple of months. If you have been “lucky” enough to receive a notice and are not sure what to do next, why not give us a call or an email. We will be ver y pleased to discuss your personal tax requirements and help you in any way that we can. Don’t struggle alone when you could pick up the phone.

(B.V.S) MOT Testing for Class 4 & 7 Vehicles Temperature Controlled Distribution Vehicles from 7.5 - 44 tons

Your Local Garage For The Last 36 Years! Phone today for further details: 01953 887 275 Banham Vehicle Services Rosary Farm, Kenninghall Road Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HB

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GENERAL back into supporting cancer patients and their families and we constantly strive to increase this figure,” said Dr Bushby. “The open plan space is better suited to modern working and will enable enhanced communication across our teams as well as proximity to the medical and research community which Big C helps to fund.” Dr Sally Ann Forsyth, chief executive officer at Norwich Research Park is delighted that Big C is moving into the Centrum building located at the heart of the Park. “Big C is an excellent charity, held in the highest affection in Norfolk and the Waveney Valley. It is making a real difference in the global battle against cancer and it is a natural progression for its main office to be located here,” she said. “It will be great for the operational team to be close to the researchers and clinicians within the collaborative community here on site.” The move takes the charity back to its founding principles of providing support and care for patients and their families affected by cancer. It is also a “homecoming” as the first project funded by Big C after its formation in 1980 was raising £750,000 for a specialist cancer care unit at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. A decade ago it opened its first Support and Information Centre also on the site following a £1million fundraising appeal.


Big C Moves From City Centre To Norwich Research Park ig C, Norfolk and Waveney’s cancer charity is relocating its operational offices to Centrum on the Norwich Research Park, close to the buildings and facilities that have been recipients of its biggest donations for equipment, research, support and information during its 35 year history.


The move embeds Big C among the academic, medical professional, health and research community in an environment to stimulate conversations and develop more opportunities for par tnership working, which in turn could lead to increased access to funding to benefit cancer patients across the county. The proximity to the most uptodate research and the NNUH will enable Big C to increase the impact of its work across research, education and suppor t and bring increased benefits to patients and their families. “We will be embedded in the place where we can link the findings of research with the continued suppor t and care we offer, increasing the impact,” said CEO Dr Chris 22 | Diss & Attleborough

Bushby. “For more than three decades Big C has been successful in funding equipment and treatment facilities and supporting research into cancer and providing care for those affected by cancer in Norfolk and Waveney. Big C is growing and is dedicated to raising even more money, so it is important for us to be at the centre of where our charitable investments take place. From here we will be able to use our experience to help drive the agenda.” The move which takes place on May 9, is cost neutral. The charity, which purchased its Castle Meadow premises more than 12 years ago, is in the process of examining its options for maximising the returns on the city centre asset. In addition, operational costs of the 2000sq ft offices at the Centrum building are minimised due to greater efficiencies in the build and shared communal facilities. “As a charity we are conscious of ensuring our costs are kept to a minimum. At least 70p in every £1 raised by our loyal and energetic suppor ters goes straight

Big C’s Co-founder and trustee David Moar couldn’t be more excited. “Big C has been successful thanks to the people of Norfolk and Waveney,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to be closer to and benefit from being embedded within the medical and research community and fantastic recognition for Big C to be here. As a charity we need to be progressive and part of the changing medical scene. We have to be in the right place at the right time. There is an awful lot happening in the Research Park. This is a force for good and will project Big C forward for the next 35 years. The people of Norfolk and Waveney have enabled us to be adventurous and progressive.” “The whole medical world has moved on since we started fund-raising. Now hospitals lease most of the equipment and a lot more focus is being put on research, so it is good for us to be in the best place to network with potential partners,” he said. ”At one end Big C is a local community charity,” said Dr Bushby. “It is driven and supported by volunteers who give more than 40,000 hours a year to help out in many different ways. Some give time in the 10 shops that sell pre-loved furniture, clothing, household and electrical goods

GENERAL that are brought in by its supporters. Others help out at fund-raising events and hundreds regularly raise thousands of pounds through many and varied activities. At the other end, our grants are given an international dimension as they are invested in world-class research that not only benefits the local community but far wider afield too. It is a truly unique organisation.” “This relocation enables us to move up a gear and accelerate the incredible achievements of the past 35 years into the next decade and beyond,” said Dr Bushby.

Centrum Q and A On May 9th Big C is moving from its city centre offices in 10a Castle Meadow which it bought in the 1990’s to the new Centrum building at the Norwich Research Park. The staff has outgrown the building and the new open plan offices are more cost-efficient with a variety of facilities and meeting spaces. The move will position Norfolk and Waveney’s cancer charity among the research, healthcare and medical professionals that it works closely with and provide more oppor tunities for developing other par tnerships to benefit the charity.

Big C is continually reviewing its expenditure to ensure that its running costs are kept to a minimum. At least 70p in ever y £1 raised by our loyal and energetic suppor ters goes straight to benefit of cancer patients and their families in Norfolk & Waveney and our aim is to increase this figure year on year. Do you welcome visitors? Yes, visitors are welcome. Has the telephone number changed? No the number remains the same 01603 619900, as does the email address: What is the new address? Big C, Centrum, Norwich Research Park, Colney Lane, Norwich NR4 7UG Where can I collect fundraising items? Fundraising materials will be available from Centrum, or we can arrange for them to be mailed to you or to be collected from your local Big C shop. Which number bus do I take? The number 11/12 (Pink Line) depar ts

from City Centre stops going to the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. The number 26 (Blue Line) depar ts from City Centre stops going to the Norwich Research Park via University of East Anglia. For timetables of services you can visit First Norwich norfolk-suffolk/plan-journey/timetables /?operator=22&page=1&redirect=no Is there anywhere in Norwich where I can drop off my donations? If you wish to drop off donations to Big C, there are now five ways of doing this: • To BACS transfer from your account directly into our account • To pay cash as a deposit into our bank with a paying in slip • To drop off at your local Big C Shop (full details of your nearest Big C shop can be found at • To drop off at Centrum • Post your donation cheque through the post to our office at Centrum. For details of the work of Big C and how to become involved in its 35th anniversar y year visit

It will also give potentially greater access to funds held by national institutions and commercial organisations. Why is Big C moving? We have run out of space! With a growing team and organisational aims the current City Centre office is no longer fit for purpose. When are you moving? Monday May 9 is the official moving in date. There may be a little disruption with telephones, so please bear with us. Our telephone number (01603 619900) will remain the same and our email address also remains the same. ( Why have you moved out of the City Centre? Space on the Research Park where Big C has, and still is, funding research, facilities and equipment suppor ts the aims of the charity moving forward There are good bus routes from the City Centre for all visitors and parking facilities are available at Centrum That sounds expensive. Is it costing more? No, the move will be cost neutral. The funds that will be released from the City Centre asset will enable Big C to move to Centrum with no additional costs. Centrum is state of the ar t standard for efficiency of resources, so more costeffective in ever y day running charges.

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Norfolk Polo Festival Returns For It’s Sixth Year he EAAA Norfolk Polo Festival will be returning for its sixth year to raise funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) on the 18-19 June. Hosted at Langley Abbey by the Norfolk Polo Club; the weekend promises to be a great day out for all the family.


With four polo matches taking place each day, this exhilarating weekend will feature top class polo players battle it out on the field to win one of three trophies. Saturday is ‘Derby Day’ where old regional rivalries take the spotlight, with the thundering hooves of Cambridgeshire vs Bedfordshire and Norfolk vs Suffolk on the Polo field. Saturday night also includes a free after party from 7pm in the VIP marquee. Finals Day on the Sunday will be a special Father’s Day treat with the East Anglian Air Ambulance’s new H145 Helicopter coming along in the morning; giving you the opportunity to see the life-saving equipment on board and to meet the Pilots, Doctors and Critical Care Paramedics who save lives across the region each day. General admission is just £10, with children under 12 going free. It’s not just polo taking place across the festival - free children’s 24 | Diss & Attleborough

entertainment, exclusive shopping, fantastic food stalls and a bar will also be on hand for a fun packed weekend. A limited amount of VIP tickets are also available with canapes, fizz and silver service lunch included. EAAA is a 365 day a year Helicopter Emergency Medical Service serving the people of East Anglia. Our medical teams comprise of highly qualified doctors and critical care paramedics, operating from stateof-the-art helicopters and rapid response vehicles. No other organisation in our region can deliver such enhanced care to patients quickly and wherever they may be. When necessary, we fly patients to whichever hospital in the region is best equipped to continue the life-saving work we have begun. EAAA is solely funded by charitable donations from the people of East Anglia and we are indebted to those who continue to support us. We operate 365 days a year and currently each mission costs on average £3,500. The EAAA Norfolk Polo Festival is one of the charity’s key fundraising events in our diary to help toward this target. Chris Townsend, owner of the Norfolk Polo Club, said “We have seen the charity’s

life-saving work first-hand when a friend suffered an accident, and so we wanted to help raise much-needed funds to keep the charity flying. The Polo Festival is a great family day out and so we hope that people will join us from across the region to support EAAA and enjoy some great polo.” Holly Noon, EAAA Fundraising Officer, said “We are delighted the Norfolk Polo Club have once again chosen to support EAAA, and we can’t wait to see all the ponies and polo players battle it out on the field. The EAAA Norfolk Polo Festival is a day out in Norfolk with a difference, and we want to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters for their help and support with the event. All the monies raised will go directly to continuing our life-saving work across the region.”

For more information and to buy tickets in advance, please visit

MRWIZZ I.T SUPPORT Attleborough : 01953 453103

18 of Experience

Reasonable Rates

We Come to you

Home and Business Support

No Fix No Charge



Honest, Secure and Reliable







East anglia’s highEst pErforming statE school Ofsted "Outstanding" in both Education and Boarding inspections

open days

main school opEn morning SATURDAY 11 JUNE 2016 | 9.00-11.00AM | |01953 609000 | Find us on facebook & twitter.

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Can We Really Afford Not To Take Travel Insurance? ith the recent poor weather and constant rain, we have seen an increase in clients looking for breaks in sunnier climates, but can we really afford to cut corners and not take out Travel Insurance?


Cancelation and Medical cover are no doubt the main areas of concern when looking for a suitable insurance policy. With access to a panel of Insurers, we can find and arrange the policy specific to your requirements. Whether you are travelling in Europe or Worldwide, summer or winter, let us find the cover for you and ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday with the insurance protection and peace of mind needed. Premiums start from as little as ÂŁ57.35 per couple for an Annual European policy. Please feel free to call in to our Wymondham office for a quotation or advice, when we shall be pleased to assist. Alternatively, visit our website:

26 | Diss & Attleborough



Boswells Beards Went Under The Knife To Launch Year Of Fund-Raising For Big C hile most people were making their mark in polling stations today (Thursday May 5, 2016), members of the claims depar tment at Alan Boswell Group used the date to make a statement of their own.


They were launching the first in the company’s year of fund-raising events to raise more than £25,000 to benefit the county’s cancer patients, with a “beard-off ”. Mark Davenport, claims manager and Paul Cole, senior claims adviser, bid farewell to their beloved beards in gentlemen’s grooming barbershop Swagger and Jacks where the traditional method of cut throat shaving took about 75 minutes. Claims handler Anthony Lehman also had his head shaved at the St Benedict’s Street shop, with all tonsorial services donated by owner Mark Young. For Mr Davenport, the loss of his distinctive carefully groomed beard is quite a talking point around the office. One sponsorship is conditional on his being clean shaven for at least six months; while at home, his 12 year old daughter is in for a surprise, when he returns home tonight …she has not seen his chin since she was two years’ old! The idea for the event came from Anthony whose mum Elaine was diagnosed with breast

cancer earlier this year. He saw a leaflet challenging men to shave off their hair and thought this would inspire his colleagues. Asked if his mum approved of the challenge, he said she loved fun and laughter so definitely. The family is awaiting the outcome of the early diagnosis, which comes months after her retirement from Leeway Women’s Refuge, and is optimistic for her recovery. For Mr Cole, he is thinking winter might be a bit chilly! Every one of the 220 employees across Boswells’ six Norfolk and Suffolk offices, has been challenged by the directors to raise at least £100 to suppor t Big C, Norfolk’s cancer charity, who staff voted to be it’s charity of the year. Marketing manager Lee Boswell said: “The company is a big suppor ter of Big C having sponsored both its ladies and gent’s golf days for the past 20 years. “We’ll also look to raise funds though our annual 7-a-side corporate football tournament at Carrow Road, dress down days and other fund-raising challenges for the charity. This year it is slightly different. We will all be taking part. Each member of staff can chose his or her challenge and already

the initiative has become a talking point in the office. The entire staff is linked by a team page on JustGiving which totals the efforts as we go and is stimulating ideas. This way we can all see how much we have made and how far off we are from the target. “Some of the directors and staff will be participating in the Bullards Tour De Norfolk at the Norfolk showground in September, taking up the challenge of the new 35mile circuit whilst a couple of hardy souls are going the full distance and have pledged to ride 100 miles!” he said. If you would like to donate to the Alan Boswell team effort visit teams/ABG-BigC-2016 To find out more how you can get involved with Big C in its Challenge 35 campaign visit

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MOBILITY CENTRE Second Hand Scooters

Get out & about with a scooter!

s well as stocking new scooters, we are delighted to be able to offer a very good range of high quality second hand vehicles. We have 4mph pavement scooters, which come apar t easily to transpor t in the car and 8 mph scooters which are road legal as well as for pavement use.


Our second hand scooters are fully serviced and tested and come with a warranty. If you have been wondering about purchasing a scooter to help with your mobility, we would be delighted to show you what we have available. You will be able to test the scooters outside over rough and smooth terrain, so that you can compare one against another and see which vehicle best suits your needs. So please come and see us and let us work together to help with your mobility needs. Our opening times are Tuesday through to Friday, 9.30am - 5.00pm. Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. We are always happy to hear from existing and new customers alike, so if you would like to contact us please use the details below. Tel: 01953 887777 Email: Address: 22 Oakwood Industrial Estate, Harling Rd, Snetter ton, Norwich, NR16 2JU

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service

Your independence is our passion SCOOTERS Keeping you mobile and able to get out when walking long distances is not possible Boot scooter Comes apart into 4 or 5 pieces for easy transportation in the car/public transport. Top speed 4mph. Battery typically gives a range of 8 - 10 miles on a full charge Road scooter Used on roads or pavements. Ideal when the user wishes to use the scooter from home. Top speed 8mph. Features: Swivel seat, Adjustable tiller, Electronic brake.


Buy local and get the backup you deserve In house repairs and servicing Expertise and in depth knowledge Individual needs put first Get the backup you don’t get with the internet

SOUTH NORFOLK MOBILITY CENTRE 01953 887777 Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-5pm

22 Oakwood Ind. Est. Harling Road, Snetterton NR16 2JU

Providing a

PROFESSIONAL and caring service

Independent Funeral Service serving Eye, Harleston and the surrounding areas

Telephone personally answered 24 hours a day

Eye 01379 871168 Harleston 01379 851253 email Chestnut House, 12 Progress Way, And 31 Redenhall Road, Harleston, IP20 9HL

Susan Whymark Funeral Service is owned and run by the Whymark Family.

A lasting tribute in stone We provide memorials of the highest quality and distinction, combining skills of traditional craftsmen with modern machinery.

Vinces Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4YS 01379 652211 Disspatch Adverts (4) 63x45_Layout 1 11/03/2016 12:0

“The time leading up to the funeral was made bearable knowing that you were at the end of the telephone.” – from a family we have cared for at Rosedale

Victoria Road, Diss High Street, Attleborough

01379 640810 01953 452538

28 | Diss & Attleborough

We are a family business and promise to provide exceptional care and a truly personal 24 hour service, when you need it most.



By Karen Finch, Audiologist and Managing Director of The Hearing Care Centre s National Diabetes Week falls into this month (12th-18th June 2016), I thought this would be a good time to talk about the somewhat unknown connection between diabetes and hearing loss.


Research has shown for a number of years that hearing loss is an under-recognised complication of the condition and while diabetes care includes regular monitoring of blood glucose, having annual eye examinations and foot care, hearing tests are often overlooked. There are a number of ways the ears can be affected by diabetes… KERATIN DEFICIANCY Diabetics tend to have a lack of keratin protein which forms a protective layer within the ear canal, enabling wax to travel outwards, and preventing over stimulation of the ear canal tissue. Absence or abnormal levels of keratin protein can lead to hearing problems.

EPITHELIAL TISSUE Diabetes can also lead to deterioration of the epithelial tissue in the ear canal. This can make the ear canal overly sensitive to types of plastics sometimes used in hearing aids, and can cause yeast, fungus, irritation and infection within the ear. NERVE DAMAGE A third link between diabetes and hearing loss, is neuropathy or nerve damage, which is a common complication experienced by diabetics. High blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can cause chemical changes in the body’s nerves that can impair their ability to transmit signals. When this nerve damage occurs in the ear’s neurological system, people can experience problems hearing and understanding speech. People with hearing loss usually say it has come on so gradually that they didn’t really notice that they had made adjustments to their lifestyle to allow them to communicate effectively. People who are more at risk, such as those with diabetes,

people in high noise employment and the elderly should have regular tests to make sure any loss is detected early. Sadly doing nothing about hearing loss is not really an option. Just as in many cases our eyes slowly deteriorate as we age, making it difficult to read small print, so our ears gradually lose their ability to hear sounds. The difference is that inability to hear can affect people’s relationships with their family and friends and untreated can itself lead to illness. If you have diabetes, I urge you to book a regular hearing check every couple of years as part of your diabetes health check routine. It doesn’t take long and is painless. If you wanted to seek this help privately, I would be delighted to see you. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre. The multi-award winning, family-run company has 20 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. For more information call 01473 230330 or visit

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Need a locksmith? 24/7!!

Kingfisher Locksmiths No call out charge OAP Discount Tel 01953 602255 Mob 07958 315661

A Norfolk Trusted Trader!

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Win A ÂŁ50


Every month* in Dispatch Competition With the funds in all our wallets and purses running dangerously low, a little extra help can go a long way! We are running a monthly competition across all our magazines where you could be in with a chance to win a ÂŁ50 voucher at a selection of major supermarkets. To enter, simply visit and complete the entry form. The winner will be chosen at random on the 30th of each month and will be notified via email. Arrangements will be made for the posting or collection of the vouchers. Spider publishers of Dispatch Magazine, reserve the right to cancel or change the competition at any time without prior notice. Your email address will not be used 30 Creative | Diss &Media, Attleborough for any other purpose other than via Dispatch Magazine. *Entry is for one months draw only. A separate entry would be required to enter each of the following months draws.

Diss & Attleborough - June 2016  

The June 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Diss and Attleborough.

Diss & Attleborough - June 2016  

The June 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Diss and Attleborough.