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The winner was from Kings Lynn in Norfolk

BRECKLAND HOMECLEAN DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

Telephone: 01953 458447 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

Issue 178

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Jonathan Horswell @JonathanHorswel

for Permanent & Temporary Recruitment Quality People continue to provide a recruitment

Administration Luke Keable

service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk.


Arron Self Telephone: 0195 3 4 5 3 6 4 4 Email: Find us at: Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE

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Localised Compaction... It’s A Vicious Circle! small seed spikelets; a sign that the grass plant is going in to survival mode. During this period, do not attempt to cut your lawn, as the growth of the grass plants will slow down considerably, and your lawn will need to retain as much moisture as possible. Grass is a hardy plant, so as soon as the soil is saturated again, the plants will start to produce new leaves, and your lawn should start to be green again. However, this is not always the case.

ou’ve probably seen it many times before. Your lawn slowly turns from a lush green carpet of grass in to a dried out bed of what looks like hay. So what’s caused this, and how does it affect your lawn in the long run?


As the soil beneath your lawn starts to dry out, so to do the grass plants. With less water to keep their leaves green, you may find your lawn will suddenly start to produce

t n o m a 6 £ t From ju s

that penetrates, the more compact the soil becomes. To help these areas absorb water, give them a spike with a garden fork the next time you’re doing some gardening. That will help water reach the root zone so those parched little grass plants can get a much needed sip of the good stuff.

It’s common for soil to remain compact in some areas more than others. As your lawn starts to green up again, you may find areas that simply aren’t recovering as fast as other areas. These are referred to as areas of localised compaction.

To help relieve compaction in your lawn, Hollow-tine Aeration in the autumn is the best solution. This process removes small cores from the entire lawn, allowing the soil to naturally de-compact during the cooler, wetter seasons. There are several other methods that can help relieve the effects of localised compaction such as topdressing.

The problem is no matter how much rain falls, these areas will repel water, which means it soaks in to areas around it. This is the start of a vicious circle. The drier and more compact the soil is, the harder it is for water to penetrate, and the less water

Don’t let your lawn lose the battle this year. Call Tom Thumb Lawn Care today and find out how we can improve and maintain the condition of your lawn from just £6 a month. Call 01842 250 026 or visit for more information.

Fertilising Weed Control Moss Control Scarification Hollow-tine Aeration Overseeding Top Dressing Lawn Renovation


Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy really makes a big difference. Find out how Tom Thumb’s seasonal treatment plan can keep your lawn looking lush, green, weed and moss free for less than Doing It Yourself!

telephone: 01842 250 026

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By Basil Abbott

n the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, Helen Kennett gave a presentation on Diss men who served at that time. Two of them, a 2nd Lieutenant and a Private, died in the same action at Delville Wood.


There was also a showing of the film made in 1916 about the battle, with an improvised piano accompaniment by Carol Moss at St. Mary’s Hall. Rifleman Albert Bayes was born in Diss in 1888. His family lived on Park Fields Road and then moved to Croydon. He served in the 8th Battalion, The Prince Consort’s Own Regiment (The Rifle Brigade). On September 16th 1916 Albert was seriously wounded in the chest during the battle of Flers–Courcelette. He was taken to the 1st Canadian General Hospital in Etaples, where he died of his wounds on the 26th of September. He was buried in Etaples Military Cemetery in France. Private Albert Chileston was born in Diss in 1892 and lived with his parents Daniel and Emma, brothers, sister and nephew in Mount Street. He was a pupil at the Diss Secondary School. Later he was employed by Messrs. T. A Nice and Co., Cycle Agents, Market Place. By 1911 he was living in Camberley, Surrey. He enlisted with the 13th Battalion Durham Light Infantry in Warwick and died on the 3rd August 1916 at Cotalmaison, Fricourt on the Somme. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

2nd Lieutenant Sydney Bennett was born in 1899. He was the son of a Methodist Minister. His parents lived at Albion Villas, Victoria Road. He was a teacher in Ipswich and gained a scholarship to Downing College, Cambridge. He was an athlete who played football, cricket and tennis for Diss when visiting his parents. He taught in Egypt until the war. After enlisting as a Private Soldier with the Royal Fusiliers

Private Benjamin Adams was born in Diss in 1881 and lived off Mount Street Road and later in Victoria Road.. He was educated at the Diss Secondar y School and then worked as a bricklayer’s labourer. He was in the General Army Reser ve, so probably ser ved in the Boer War (1901-1902). He would have been re-called to the Army when the Great War began. He ser ved with the 2nd

“ On the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, Helen Kennett gave a presentation on Diss men who served at that time.”

he transferred to the Second Battalion Suffolk Regiment. After several months in the trenches he was promoted to Second Lieutenant in April 1915. His battalion was a part of the 3rd Division of the 73rd Brigade. During the attack on Longueval, (Battle of Delville Wood) par t of the Somme offensive, he was killed on the 20th July 1916. Private Benjamin Adams was killed in the same action. Bennett was 28 and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial in France.

Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, par t of the 3rd Division of the 73rd Brigade. The brigade was in action there between the 14th and 21st of July and suffered 132 fatal casualties. Benjamin was killed in action on the 20th July 1916 during the Somme offensive in the attack on Longueval, (Battle of Delville Wood). [See 2nd Lieutenant Sydney Bennett.] Adams was buried in The Delville Wood Cemeter y in Longueval.

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Love Ar t Competition

ast Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) are inviting local ar tists to take par t in the LoveAr t Competition this year. The theme of the competition is love, a topic bound to inspire some ver y interesting pieces. An auction of ar t showcasing all the entries will take place at the beautiful Mannington Hall on the 4th September.


All funds raised will go towards the nook appeal, which aims to launch and facilitate a brand new hospice for children with life threatening conditions in Norfolk. This is a much needed facility and it will be able to offer ser vices that are currently limited or unavailable. the nook appeal is our vision to transform children’s palliative care in Norfolk, and we simply couldn’t do it without the suppor t of the community. The competition will be judged by three big names in the ar t-world. Judges include Amanda Geitner, former Chief Curator of the Sainsbur y Centre for

Visual Ar ts and current Director of East Anglia Ar t Fund, Lucy Lovehear t, internationally-renowned ar tist, illustrator and designer, and Simon Finch of Voewood, a book dealer, organiser of the Voewood Festival and suppor ter of the Ar ts. To enter, ar tists will donate a piece of their ar twork. The winning entr y will be hung in the nook hospice with a plaque inscribed with the ar tists name. There will also be prizes for those finishing first, second and third in the competition. The competition is open to adult amateur and professional ar tists and also to children aged 11 years and over who are from Norfolk and the immediate surroundings. Picture entries can include mixed media and must be over 50cm x 40cm with a maximum thickness of 5cm. Picture entries should be unframed and include eye and wire hangers. Photography can be included but only as a small par t of a mixed media entr y.

Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome. This year the competition also extends to include sculptures. Please note that entries with a completed entr y form must be received by 15 August 2016

For all the details please visit events/lovear t-competition. Or you can contact Peter Herring 01603 432094 or 07876 508747

Competition to raise funds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices invites Norfolk artists to give their LoveArt competition to help raise heart to Art by entering funds to build Hospice in Framingham Earl. An auction of donated art will take place at Mannington Hall, Norwich, NR11 7BB 4th September 2016 at 3pm Entry forms and competition rules available at Entries to be received by 15th August 2016

or contact Peter Herring ~ 07876 508747 Registered Charity No. 1069284 HRH Royal Patron The Duchess of Cambridge

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“I can only give away £3,000 a year without paying inheritance tax” his depends upon your circumstances. If you are married couple or in a civil partnership you and your spouse or partner currently have inheritance tax free allowances of £650,000. If you are single your allowance is £325,000. Any gift over £3,000 is called a Potentially Exempt Transfer. If you live more than seven years after the gift, then it will be exempt from tax. If you die within 7 years it will count towards your taxable estate. But if your estate isn’t large enough to be taxable then the amount you give away is not relevant.


There is also a ‘normal gifts out of income’ allowance. In a nutshell, provided that you are not using all your income each year, you can make regular gifts out of the surplus income. In order for your executors to make use of this provision though you must keep a record of your income and expenditure showing that you do not need it. “We own our house jointly” There are two ways in which property can be owned jointly. What matters is

whether you own your house as “Joint Tenants” or “Tenants in Common”. If you are joint tenants, then when the first person dies, the second person inherits the house automatically. You don’t have a specific share and you are not free to leave “your share” (because you don’t have one) in your will. If you are Tenants in Common you have “your share” whether it be 1% or 99% and may leave it to whomever you like in your Will. Choosing which status of ownership should apply when you are buying a property is important and you should seriously consider making Wills or reviewing existing Wills during the property purchase. This way, you can avoid making the wrong choice. “I’m young. why do I need a Power of Attorney?” Like with wills, people often think they can leave Powers of Attorney until they are older. However in order to complete a power of attorney, you must have mental capacity. Life can be unpredictable, anyone can have a sudden and debilitating stroke, or be involved in a car crash or some

other unforeseen event. At that stage, having Powers of Attorney in place can be of great benefit for your relatives and friends who can immediately set about looking after you and your affairs. Without it, the Court of Protection may have to become involved and that is often a stressful inconvenience for those seeking to look after you and your interests.

Powers of Attorne Trusts & Probate

For further information please contact Lorna Denton-Cardew call 01379 643555 or at

personal attention This article provides only a general summary and is not intended to be comprehensive. Special legal advice should be taken in any individual situation.


By Lorna Denton-Kardew

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts & Probate personal attention guaranteed

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

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Silentnight Sleep Centre Comes to Sound Sleep t is with great pride that one of Silentnight’s new Sleep Centres opens inside Sound Sleep on 7th July. Silentnight have selected us to become the latest bed store to gain the prestigious title of Silentnight Sleep Centre. We are the four th Sleep Centre to open in the UK and will be the only store in Norfolk and Suffolk to feature the brand new and exclusive Platinum Collection. This collection consists of three different types of mattress suppor t systems, Miracoil – Silentnight’s zoned coil spring system, Mirapocket – Silentnight’s zoned pocket spring system and the brand new Miraform – Silentnight’s unique spring free zoned foam suppor t system. All of these mattresses are coupled with the latest mattress fillings including wool and silk, latex, memory foam and geltex to give you the best comfor t and suppor t. In our brand new Silentnight Sleep Centre you will find a Bed Selectivisor which can be used to custom design your own bed by choosing the suppor t system, along with the type of mattress firmness you require, the style of divan base and colour that you like and even add on a matching headboard so you can see what your new bed looks like before you even place an order. Obviously we have a depar tment full of beds to see and try out, so you can still buy your new Silentnight bed the old fashioned way. To celebrate the brand new Platinum Collection beds, we are offering up to £250 off marked prices, this is a genuine discount and is available until 31st August.


As par t of our brand new showroom updates, you will find our stylish Rest Assured depar tment featuring traditional pocket sprung beds with luxury fillings including cashmere, silk, wool, latex and memory foam. These beds are tried, tested and loved by our customers and are great value for money. Along with our brand new Silentnight and Rest Assured depar tments, we are also very proud to be East Anglia’s first stockist of the Hilary Devey Collection by Duvalay. Hilary Devey, one of the Dragons from the BBC’s Dragons Den, invested in Duvalay five years ago and has helped the company develop it’s range of products which now includes a brand new range for the retail market simply called the Hilar y Devey Collection. The mattresses feature nested pocket springs, the most luxurious of natural fillings including wool, 08 | Diss & Attleborough

silk and cashmere, all finished with the finest damask covers and glamorous divan base covers and headboard designs. The three models that we are showcasing look absolutely stunning and feel amazing, so amazing that the price tag could easily be double. Come and try these brand new models in store today.

this allows the foam to breathe and be completely free of heat, as well giving great pressure relief to aching joints and muscles. Slumberland couple the Affinity foam with their unique spring systems which add to the suppor t and comfor t required to give you the best nights sleep possible.

Pressure relieving mattresses are becoming the way forward for many people these days. Whether you have a manual job, spend a lot time sitting in

With a slightly different style of suppor t, the new Miraform from Silentnight is a uniquely spring free foam, which has tear drop channels

“ Along with our brand new Silentnight and Rest Assured depar tments, we are also very proud to be East Anglia’s first stockist of the Hilary Devey Collection by Duvalay.” a car or at a desk, play spor ts or just quite frankly have a bad back, a mattress with pressure relieving proper ties could help you sleep better which in turn helps you perform better day to day. These days you don’t have to rely on memor y foam for that. We have a huge selection of natural latex and latex gel, as well as the brand new affinity foam from Slumberland. Affinity foam is the first foam where ever y single cell is opened allowing air to pass through,

strategically placed to give the foam a zoned suppor t, this is then topped with either memor y foam or Silentnight’s exclusive geltex. These mattresses are designed to align the spine, provide optimal body suppor t and prefect pressure relief in such a way that, tests show, is superior to that of the leading brand of suppor t foam mattresses. Visit us in store today and let us talk you through the huge choice of mattress options we can provide you with.


SLEEP CENTRE opens 7th July within up to


OFF the brand new Silentnight Platinum Collection*

Sound Sleep LTD



Come and try the brand new Silentnight Platinum Collection in store today and get up to ÂŁ250 OFF marked prices across Miracoil, Mirapocket and Miraform models. These models are exclusive to Sound Sleep in Norfolk & Suffolk * Discounts vary from model to model - see instore for more details Mile Road - Winfarthing - Near Diss - IP22 2EZ For mattress advice or information call us on 01953 861177 find us on the main B1077 between Diss & Attleborough between Diss & Attleborough - Look for the bright yellow signs

Showroom Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

Sunday 10:00 - 1:00

0% Interest Free Credit - Credit & Debit Cards Accepted Free Local Delivery - Old Bed Disposal Service

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Self Assessment Tax Payers - Don’t get Caught Out! f you read my ar ticle last month then you will know that I was waffling about the self assessment payment on account that is due by 31 July 2016. If you are a self assessment tax payer – don’t get caught out – reminders and statements from HMRC can seem a bit hit and miss but if online is the answer and you are not a fan of online – then we here at KBA can help. Why not pop in and we can help you pay with your debit card – happy to help.


31 July is also the deadline for the renewal of your tax credits claim – make sure that you have renewed your claim or have asked your friendly accountant to do this for you (authority needed) – if you don’t yet have actual figures, an estimate is ok but be sure that you submit your actual figures by 31 Januar y 2017. Now that the new tax year is well under way, many of the KBA clients are

10 | Diss & Attleborough

asking about the main changes in last year’s budget that affect them either now or in the near future. The main changes affecting KBA clients are: 1. Dividend Allowance – each individual can receive up to £5,000 of dividends tax free in each tax year. You will then pay 7.5% tax on dividend income up to around £43,000 or the bottom of the 40% bracket. Dividends over this will then be taxable at 32.5%, increasing to 38.1% in the additional rate band. This is a big change from the previous rules on dividends so make sure that you don’t get caught out. 2. Implementation of the National Living Wage – make sure that any persons over the age of 25 are paid at £7.20 per hour. Don’t get caught out by the other rates for the minimum wage either. If you are unsure, ask your advisor.

interest will be restricted to basic rate relief only from April 2017. If you are worried about any of these changes, why not speak to your advisor – or us here at KBA. Whatever you are doing this summer – enjoy the light sunny days and make the most of all free time. Like most offices we have staff on holiday in July and August but there will always be someone here if you have a quer y. So please feel free to call us or email and most of all we hope you get to have a lovely summer holiday and get some much needed down time! See you in September

3. Restriction on finance costs for landlords – tax relief on mor tgage


A CATCH UP WITH... We Catch Up With Jeremy Bur ton As Attleborough Welcomes His Return As Mayor eremy previously ser ved on the Attleborough Town Council as a town councillor for 6 year s from 2002 – 2008, one of which being Town Mayor back in 2005/06.


Jeremy decided to stand for election again in May 2015, and was elected as councillor for Attleborough’s Queens Ward, assuming the role of Vice Chairman and Deputy Mayor in the autumn of 2015 following the resignation of Cllr John Taylor, at which time Cllr Tony Per kins took the reigns as Town Mayor. Jeremy was elected as Chairman and Town Mayor at the recent AGM in May 2016. Councillor Vera Dale was elected as Vice Chair and Deputy Mayor.

Asked why he decided to stand for election he replied, that he enjoys making a difference, getting involved in Town and Public Affairs, organising things for the betterment of the town and giving something back to the community. Jeremy looks forward to the completion of the neighbourhood plan, driving forward with Highways Issues, Car Parking and the regeneration of the

Town Market and ensuring openness and transparency. Outside of his daily Work and Town Council, Jeremy enjoys his role at the Boxing Club, MC for Eastern Counties Boxing, following Norwich City FC who he has suppor ted for 50 years and riding around locally on his Vespa Scooter. Jeremy is also keen on running and will be entering the Norwich 10k in August.

Jeremy, a married man, with three grown up children and two grand children has lived in the town for over 30 year s, in which time has actively been involved in voluntar y activities and organisations, which included the Town Carnival Committee, Christmas Carnival, School Governor, Attleborough In Bloom Project, Attlebororough Boxing Club, Attleborough Football Club, Connaught Hall Tr ustees, and Attleborough Town Charities.

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Interest on Savings No Longer Taxed at Source pril 2016 saw the introduction of the new Personal Savings Allowance which led banks and building societies to stop deducting tax before paying interest on deposit accounts. Alison Rudd explains the changes.


Many savers with deposit accounts will have received a notification from their bank or building society advising that the bank will no longer be deducting basic rate tax from any interest earned on the account. This is as a result of a fundamental change in the way savings are taxed. Starting with the 2016/17 tax year, most of us will have a tax-free Personal Savings Allowance. The level of Personal Savings Allowance will depend on the tax bracket into which you fall: if you are a basic rate taxpayer or a non-taxpayer, you get an allowance of £1,000; if you are a higher rate taxpayer, the allowance is £500. Additional rate taxpayers, however, are excluded from the Personal Savings Allowance regime and get no allowance at all.

Before April 2016, anyone who had cash savings would have seen basic rate tax deducted from any interest payments before they were paid. Any additional tax due on the interest paid to higher and additional rate taxpayers was then collected via the selfassessment tax return. Non-taxpayers had to register to have their interest paid gross. Under the new rules, no tax will be deducted and all interest will be paid gross. Banks, building societies and other savings providers will report the levels of interest paid to HMRC and anyone who has earned interest in excess of their allowance will normally pay the additional tax through an adjustment of their tax code. There may be a need for advice if your savings income pushes your total income through the ceiling for a tax bracket. For example, if you have £42,500 in earned income and £1,500 in savings interest, then your total income of £44,000 takes you into the higher rate tax bracket. You would then only have a Personal Savings Allowance of £500, resulting in a tax liability on the remaining £1,000 of savings income. If your savings income is likely to tip you into a higher tax rate, it may be

worth looking at measures to reduce your total taxable income, such as pension contributions. The Personal Savings Allowance covers savings income from a range of sources including interest-paying accounts from banks and building societies, accounts from NS&I and other providers such as credit unions, income from Government or company bonds, interest distributions from authorised unit trusts and most types of purchased life annuity payments. However, it doesn’t cover income from dividend distributions from unit trusts. Interest from ISA investments won’t be counted towards your Personal Savings Allowance as this is already tax free. It’s worth noting that dividends are getting a new tax treatment in the 2016/17 tax year too. The old system of dividend tax credits has been abolished and a new Dividend Allowance of £5,000 has been introduced. Any dividend income over £5,000 will be taxed at 7.5% for basic rate taxpayers, 32.5% for higher rate taxpayers and 38.1% for additional rate taxpayers.


Function Room Available For Birthday Celebrations, Christenings, conferences, Wedding Receptions, Funeral Teas & Much More. For more information visit

T: 01953 454 363 | E: 8 Norwich Road, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2JK

12 | Diss & Attleborough


These changes will mean that the vast majority of the UK’s savers will no longer pay any tax at all on their savings. The Chancellor clearly hopes that this will encourage us all to save – and presumably then to spend – all of which should help to stimulate the UK’s economy. It’s impor tant to remember that this allowance relates specifically to savings income. It should not be confused with the Personal Allowance for income tax purposes, which currently stands at £11,000 for the 2016/17 tax year. The tax treatment of savings and investments depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change. To discuss any aspect of your financial well-being, contact Alison at alison.rudd@almar or call 01603 706740. Alison can be found at the offices of M+A Par tners, Cyprus Close, Attleborough most Wednesdays and is happy to arrange appointments there or in clients’ own homes.

By Alison Rudd,

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NORFOLK KITCHEN DINER All Change At Local Attleborough Diner ell, 2016 has seen some real changes for us at the Norfolk Kitchen Diner, Attleborough. Earlier this year we launched our Mega Breakfast to our already popular menu. A challenging and hear ty breakfast for just £7.95. The new addition has been well received by our regular and new customers alike.


and delicious sausage which have been ver y well received by our customers.

We constantly review our menu and are always open to feedback from our customers on changes and new ideas. That’s what makes us continue to strive in a competitive world.

The biggest news of this year has seen a huge addition to our business. In April of this year we decided to broaden our horizons and take on the running of the café at the Thetford Norfolk Kitchen Diner. A big but exciting adventure for us both. A new café to manage has meant big changes not just for Thetford but also for Attleborough. Jenny has moved over to Thetford to manage the day to day running of the café, leaving Samantha to focus on Attleborough.

We have also introduced new products to our menu. One par ticular is our sausages. We like to pride ourselves as a local business on using locally produced ingredients when we can. As such this year we have changed our sausages and are proud to be working closely with Geoff Ellis, who has taken on board our specific requirements and produced us a unique

If you are ever visiting Thetford please pop by and say hello to Jenny, she loves seeing familiar faces. As such Attleborough café has seen some new faces join the team to fill the void left by Jenny. Charlotte has moved from cleaner into the kitchen, Teresa joined us in April to add suppor t to Samantha and the team in the kitchen and front of house, and Stephen joins

us as our new cleaner bringing the dedication and willingness to make sure our customers enter a nice clean and fresh café ever y single day, and not just your typical ‘greasy spoon’. We are hopeful the rest of 2016 will bring more exciting news, one of which will hopefully come in the way of the café refit. We realise we need to change, to modernise and keep our café relevant. For some it’s not just a place to eat a meal, but also a place to socialise, meet with friends over a coffee, and get out of the cold and rain. And to make it the best possible environment for you all we hope to be able to make internal improvements. Watch this space! Well that’s about it from us for now. Thank you for reading and we look forward to your next visit. Samantha, Jenny and all the staff at Attleborough and Thetford, Norfolk Kitchen Diner.



MOT Testing for Class 4 & 7 Vehicles Temperature Controlled Distribution Vehicles from 7.5 - 44 tons

Your Local Garage For The Last 36 Years! Phone today for further details: 01953 887 275


14 | Diss & Attleborough

Banham Vehicle Services Rosary Farm, Kenninghall Road Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HB

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THE GOLD SHOP Attleborough

we would like to buy

GOLD & SILVER Come and see our quallity Gold & Silver Jewellery for sale. Coins, Curios, Metail Detector Finds and Antiques Bought and Sold. Anything Considered.

Gold & Silver Scrap or Items Always Wanted CASH PAID - COMPETITIVE PRICES

THE GOLD SHOP Bush House, Queen’s Square, Attleborough NR17 2AF


Tel. 01953 458030 or 07855 402562

16 | Diss & Attleborough



Attleborough Carnival and Par ty on the Park – 9th and 10th July he Attleborough Carnival and Party on the Park are upon us, and this years event promises to be the best yet!


The Party on the Park will take place on the Recreation Ground in Attleborough on Saturday 9th July and the Carnival Fun Day will be Sunday 10th in at the same place. Alongside a plethora of other acts, this year brings both a Little Mix tribute (Mini Mixx) and a One Direction tribute (Only One Direction) to Attleborough. As one of the largest not for profit events in the local area it looks set to be as much of a fantastic night as previous years.

Once you have followed the procession to the Recreation Ground you will be in for a full day of entertainment with a large main arena filled with acts such as sheep racing, falconry and a mountain bike display. There is even a rumour there will be high wire tightrope displays and motorbike trials demos! Alongside all of this there will also be a large stage with local bands playing all day. Admission on Sunday is £3 for adults 16+, £1 for 11-15’s and under 10’s go free.

Both events feature a large selection of food vendors, a fully licensed bar and L.Gray and Sons Funfair. As with previous years everyone is permitted to bring their own food and drink to the event but no glass or knives please. Bags may be searched on entry to the event to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. See you there!

The gates for Party on the Park will open at 14:00 with admission prices of just £5 for adults & 16+ . £3 for 11-15’s. Under 10’s go free! On the Carnival Fun Day, the gates to the Recreation Ground will open at 12:30, the same time a procession made up of local schools, groups and businesses will make its way through the town. This year sees the return of judging and prizes for the procession entries so be sure to get out early and secure your spot to watch the once a year spectacle make its way through Attleborough.

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Attleborough Architects Move To Larger Premesis atterson Design Ltd is delighted to announce that due to its continued growth and success in providing excellent architectural services, it has now moved to larger premises just 50m away from its previous location in Attleborough.


its Attleborough base and provides architectural services across East-Anglia, the Home Counties and London. The practice operates across all work sectors from the very smallest domestic extension through to one-off houses and all the way up to multiple house developments,

“ Within the practice, Patterson Design Ltd has, between its core design team, over 130 years of experience and knowledge that can be applied to any project�

Its new offices are at Suva House at the very heart of the town from where it will continue to provide a friendly, efficient and professional service from a vastly improved base. Patterson Design Ltd is now in its 10th year of operation operating from 18 | Diss & Attleborough

commercial premises, restaurants, medical facilities and even swimming pools. In addition, the practice has considerable experience working with heritage buildings and delivering successful barn conversions. The practice has considerable success in obtaining planning permission for challenging projects such as where these

are outside of the defined settlement boundaries and is also able to advise on and undertake planning appeal work. Patterson Design Ltd is an RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered Practice which means that it has to fully comply with the rules, regulations and codes of conduct that only this accreditation provides. Patterson Design Ltd offers a completely free-of-charge, no-obligation 30-minute initial consultation where we are able to visit you to discuss your particular project. During this consultation, we will endeavour to provide you with advice regarding planning permissions, timescales and budgets. Following the free consultation, Patterson Design will provide a full written fee proposal settingout the basic scope of the project together with the extent of the architectural service provision required for your particular job. As an RIBA Chartered Practice, Patterson Design Ltd is able to provide



PattersonDESIGN is a RIBA Chartered Architects in Norfolk, with practices in Suffolk and London. Our clients are our first and foremost concern. We believe that each project, regardless of its size, should be designed maintaining our high level of service and skill. We have specialised staff and resources to ensure that every project receives the right level of expertise throughout the project.

Tel: 01953 456 722 Suva House Queens Square, Queen’s Square, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AE, UK

a full architectural service at all stages of any architectural project from initial advice through to concept design, outline proposals, full design for planning permission and then on to Building Regulation and Construction drawings/ documentation. The practice is further able to oversee the contract tender process where contractors quote to undertake the building work. Lastly, the practice can administer the actual building contract to ensure that you receive what you’re paying for with the work being to the required standard. Integral to the contract administration

service is Architect Certification during and at the end of the project which carries a great value in terms of obtaining mortgages and selling-on. Following very careful, protracted negotiations and perseverance with the planning authority, the practice has recently successfully completed a modern, one-off house for private clients in Briston, North Norfolk. Other recent projects and successes include obtaining a difficult planning permission at committee, split over two

applications, for 9 large modern houses on Long Street, Great Ellingham for which we are undertaking construction drawings with Phase 1 recently breaking ground. The practice also recently completed an oak, brick and glass garden room for private clients in Kenninghall and is undertaking contract administration for a large refurbishment project including a loft conversion and extension in Hingham. The practice has been retained as lead architect to undertake planning, construction drawings and contract administration for several large-scale housing projects in Norfolk/Suffolk each involving in excess of 100 new dwellings of various sizes and types. Within the practice, Patterson Design Ltd has, between its core design team, over 130 years of experience and knowledge that can be applied to any project so there’s not much that we have not encountered before thereby allowing the practice to work with you deliver a successful project from start to finish. If you are thinking of any type of project where you think Patterson Design’s services and experience may be brought to bear, please do call and book your free, no-obligation consultation.

Diss & Attleborough | 19

Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

“the local experts� Bring your home to life with our fabulous range of quality blinds and curtains.

Call 01953 544014 for a free home visit, book online or call into our shop.

20 | Diss & Attleborough


OLD BUCKENHAM AIRSHOW Get Ready For The Air show 30 th & 31 st July he biggest Old Buckenham Airshow yet takes place at the end of the month, over the weekend of the 30th and 31st July.


Now the biggest Airshow in Norfolk and Suffolk, Old Buckenham was the only Airshow to make the Country Life list of the ‘100 Events of the Greatest Summer Ever’ in 2012. Since then the show’s reputation has grown, providing unforgettable memories. One such happened in 2015 when movie history was made when Hollywood star Honor Blackman was reunited with her James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ co-star helicopter after a 50 year wait, something that other, far larger, shows had attempted for years. Over the years the Airshow has not only become an essential part of the calendar for aviation enthusiasts; year after year it is referred to as a great family day out. Accompanied kids under 12 always go free at Old Buckenham and there is plenty for all

the family when they arrive. A large funfair is complemented by Monster Truck and Tank rides. Only the best quality, reasonably priced local foods are available, thanks to the exclusive Food Village. The show also offers a unique mix of ways to take to the sky; choose from a first flying lesson aboard a Piper PA-28 (one of the most highly regarded and popular light aircraft in the world) or an icon in the form of a 1940’s Boeing Stearman Biplane. Slightly more sedate, but no less fun, is the chance to take a ride in an executive helicopter. New for 2016, you can go flying but keep both feet on the ground with a session in the latest, state of the art, simulator. In amongst all this are trade stands, hundreds of classic cars, the new 453rd Museum, war memorial and a host of other exciting distractions. Every year one-off real ales are brewed to celebrate the Airshow. Only available at the show, the range

will be larger than ever this year and all served from the brand new Attack & Destroy Bar, named for the motto of the 453rd Bombardment Group for which Old Buckenham was built in 1942. The bar will be open all weekend, including the evening entertainment; this year in the Blister Hangar two unmissable evenings will take place. On Friday the 29th July 1970’s chart toppers Chicory Tip will play an evening of their greatest hits. Saturday night will see the return of the legendary Scratch Band. In the air more displays over the weekend than ever before. Many will be delighted to hear that, after a 12 year wait, the unique and iconic ‘Sally B’ Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress will return. The star of Memphis Belle is an extraordinary 25 ton castle in the sky and her visit marks one of only a handful of times that a four engined US bomber has come back to Old Buckenham since World War 2. Her last visit resulted in a sell out crowd.

Diss & Attleborough | 21


Whilst Sally B is one of the most famous aircraft in the world, arguably the single most famous will return to the show for a record fifth time. Spitfire MH434, star of a myriad of Hollywood blockbusters and the only flying Spitfire to have never been fully restored, will come back for another unforgettable display. She’ll be joined by yet another icon in the form of a p-51 Mustang courtesy of the Hardwick Warbirds. Their Russian equivalent, a 1300hp Yak 3 will display for the first time, neatly ensuring more horsepower on display than ever before.

hands of the best pilots in aviation will also display including the T-6 Texan, Pitts S1S, Bucker Jungmann and RV8. One final mystery act will be announced soon. Buying advance tickets online is strongly advised. Not only is there a

saving on the gate price, but ticket holders are guaranteed entry for a show which is predicted to be a sell out. More information:www.

One of only three Beechcraft Staggerwings in the UK will also perform. The Staggerwing, one of the most distinctive designs in aviation, is a regular in the top ten lists of the most beautiful aircraft of all time. The Wildcats duo of Willie Cruickshank and Al Coutts will amaze with their formation aerobatics. The only Teddy Bear parachute team in the world, the Ted Devils, will appear for the first time and local schools are providing the team members. Other icons, in the 22 | Diss & Attleborough


WIN 2 VIP TICKETS TO OLD BUCKENHAM AIRSHOW! For your chance to win 2x VIP Hospitality Tickets for Saturday 30th July 2016 to the Old Buckenham Airshow Answer the following question and fill in the form below.

How many tonnes does ‘Sally B’ Weigh?

A. 20 ton

B. 25 ton

C. 30 ton

Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms

Name Address

Postcode Email Telephone Please return entries to Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queen’s Square, Attleborough NR17 2AE, United Kingdom

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A FUN, FULL, FAMILY DAY OUT! The Wayland Show, Sunday 7th August 2016 he Wayland Agricultural Show, one of the UK’s longest running traditional agricultural shows in the UK, returns to Watton in Norfolk, from the new time of 9am on Sunday 7th August 2016, to provide families with a fun-filled, dynamic and educational day out in the Norfolk countryside.


“With a packed schedule of entertainment there’s something for everyone. This is countryside entertainment and education at its best - and even better, this family day out raises money for local charities in the area,” says Chairman Adrian Soskin. He continues; “For our 2016 show, gates will be open from 9am to 5pm, which is an hour longer than in previous years. This provides more time to enjoy yourselves and even better value too!” He adds: “Our highly successful and traditional agricultural and rural show continues to get better each year. You will able to get close to all the livestock that are competing on the day, and in addition enjoy the ever-growing equestrian sections, not to mention lots of entertainment in the main ring with all the exhibitors and shopping opportunities you could imagine. It will be a full day’s enjoyment for visitors of all ages, whatever your interests!”

event where the band are playing with highland dancers and are very much looking forward to bringing this aspect of cultural difference to Norfolk. Since forming in Watton in early 2015, the Phoenix Pipes and Drums have gone from strength to strength within the local community, giving its members lots of opportunities to play all over the country and beyond.

offer five zones which will include health, spiritual, active, creative and performance.

The Kangaroo Kids. This stunt show is presented by Australia’s Matt Coulter and Paul Hannam, famous for breaking many Guinness Book of Records stunts on their quad bikes. The show will include stunts using specially fitted quad-bikes and will finish the show with a spectacular jump over anything that is put in their path, be it cars, trucks or tractors.

Don’t miss the unique end-of-show competition between the champion pig, horse, sheep, rabbit, cattle and fowl Champion of Champions which will receive the Norman Sculfer Memorial silver salver, plus £250 kindly sponsored by Wayland Farms Limited. (The 2015 Champion of Champions prize was won by Hope, a Lincoln Red owned by Emerson and Loveday).

The Shopping Village. For 2016, this has replaced the Arts and Crafts Marquee and will provide an array of retail therapy from local producers.

NEW for 2016

The traditional livestock competitions will be taking place with sheep, pigs, fur & feather and cattle all lining up to be judged. Animal lovers are in for more treats with appearances from the Mid Norfolk Gun Dog display and also the West Norfolk Fox Hounds. Also look out for the equestrian competitions throughout the day including the unique and very exciting Allen & Page Inter-team Relay.

The Phoenix Band of Pipes and Drums. The 2016 Wayland Show is the first public

The Health & Wellbeing Marquee, supported by Total Health Pharmacy will

24 | Diss & Attleborough

Look out for the annual Taste of Norfolk, Fur & Feather, Horticulture and Home Crafts and Baking marquees, vintage tractors and classic car vehicles and the many trade displays will ensure an unmissable day out.

Prices: Ticket prices are: Adults (17+) £15 or £11 online. Children (5-16) £5 or £4 online. Under 5s free. Concessions £12 or £9 online. Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) £35 or £26 online. Car parking is free. The Wayland Show takes place at Brandon Road, Watton in Norfolk. SatNav users should use IP25 6NG. For more information visit www. or follow @ WaylandShow on twitter.



Stand Together Against Domestic Abuse omestic abuse can affect anyone and takes all kinds of forms – physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or sexual. Much of it goes unreported.


A campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse and increase reporting and referrals to agencies that can help is being held this month (June). It aims to reach those responsible for abuse, those who experience it and friends and family members who may be aware of it. Posters, magazine articles, social media, advertising, street graffiti and other methods are being used to spread the word and reach the target groups. Former Norwich City and Northern Ireland footballer Paul McVeigh has become a white ribbon

ambassador and is backing the project. Laura McGillivray, chair of the County Community Safety Partnership (CCSP), said: “Anyone can be affected by domestic abuse, it may be you, or a friend or a member of your family. “Don’t sit on it or keep it quiet, please seek help. There are agencies you can go to for help in turning your life around.” In March this year there were 1,115 domestic abuse crimes and incidents reported to Norfolk police, of which 407 were crimes and 72 deemed of significant risk to be referred to the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

Norfolk are uniting for the initiative led by the CCSP, which aims to encourage earlier intervention, reduce stigma and minimise harm. For more information about domestic abuse and the campaign, visit and look out for the hashtags #IWalkedAway and #IsItYou? You can also call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247 (24 hours).

Councils, health services, police and other public and voluntary sector organisations from across

Diss & Attleborough | 25



A Look At Home Insurance our most valuable asset is likely to be your home. Have you ever considered what would happen in the event of a serious fire, flood or theft ?


With access to over 200 Insurance Schemes, our fully trained staff will search our panel of carefully selected Insurers to ascer tain the correct levels of cover and protection required for your individual circumstances. We can provide cover for just Buildings or Buildings and Contents combined. In addition to standard cover, we can arrange to include Accidental Damage , together with Per sonal Possessions cover for items away from the home . If your proper ty is of non standard constr uction, or you wor k from home , we can cater for these difficult and sometimes expensive policies, with our exper t knowledge and under standing

26 | Diss & Attleborough

of your individual circumstances. With over 35 year s experience in providing Home Insurance at all levels, we would welcome your enquir y and would be pleased to provide quotations or advice.

For more information or quotation, please contact Miss Lucy Moy on 01953 602866 or you can email Lucy at lucy@prior



If you want things to be different, YOU have to do it. Life doesn’t have a remote control, you have to change it! re you looking for a change? Looking for something different? Need more money? Want to take control of your life? Or perhaps you’re bored or broke?


If that sounds like you, and if you really want to create a better life for yourself and your family, I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic opportunity that you can work around your other commitments, like your current job or childcare etc. Just choose one of the following which is most important to you? • Extra income • Financial freedom • Get out of debt • More free time • Have your own business • Personal development • Help others • Early retirement

Now, just ask yourself these few questions, and be completely honest with yourself; Why did you pick that one? Why is that important to you? What are the consequences of not having that opportunity? And Why would that worry you? Do you fancy earning ‘Residual Income’ with my full help and support and the backing of a fast-growing FTSE 250 PLC, which provides the opportunity to build a substantial longterm “Residual Income” alongside your other commitments? Residual income is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been made. Compare this to what most people focus on earning: linear income, which is “oneshot” compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission or salary which is directly proportional to the number of hours invested in it - 40 hours of pay for 40 hours of work.

Here’s an example of Residual Income; In 1998 my college spent 35 minutes showing a friend of his how this business works. Last month he got paid for that conversation for the 216th time for that 35 minute chat, 18 years ago. That’s Residual Income explained! So… how soon can you spare 10 minutes so I can answer all the questions I know you’ll have, and explain how this award-winning and trusted company can help you achieve what you want? Remember this: “If you think it’s too good to be true, I still get paid. If you take a look and join me, we BOTH get paid. If you don’t join me, well I still get paid!” I can help you, but you have to take the next step, which is call or text me now: 07802 690589 or visit my website for more information:

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FORD FIESTA ST200 A Potent Hot-Hatch From Ford FAST FACTS • Max speed: 143 mph • 0-62mph: 6.7 secs • Combined mpg: 46.3 • Engine layout: 1596cc 4-cylinder 16v turbo petrol • Max. power (bhp): 197 • CO2: 140 g/km

he Blue Oval’s Fiesta ST200 is a more potent version of the automaker’s existing small hothatch - the Fiesta ST.


The ST200 has only one power unit – and it’s exactly the same 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine found under the bonnet of the ‘ordinary’ Fiesta ST. The big difference is that Ford has given it a shotin-the-arm so that it has 17 more horses

than usual – producing 197bhp rather than 180bhp. You can ratchet clout up even further, albeit briefly, to 212bhp. It is only enhanced for 15 seconds by utilising the Fiesta ST200’s overboost feature, but, behind the wheel, it’s noticeable – and huge fun. As with the regular Fiesta ST, the ST200 comes equipped with a six-speed manual

• Price: £22,745

PROS ‘N’ CONS Stylish √ Powerful √ Handling √ Fun √ Pricey X

28 | Diss & Attleborough


transmission. The gear shift action is smooth and positive, and the quick changing cogs help to propel the car from zero to 62mph in just 6.7sec. Top speed is a sizzling 143mph.That makes the ST200 0.2sec quicker than the normal Fiesta ST on the 0-62mph dash and 4mph faster at the top end of the dial. Official fuel economy is 46.3mpg, with CO2 emissions of 140g/km. The standard ST’s figures are 47.9mpg and 138g/km. Aesthetically, the Ford Fiesta ST200 radiates masculinity with a special grey paint job – or ‘Storm Grey’ to give it its sexier moniker. The spicier than usual hot-hatch is also furnished

with smart brightware in the cabin and it comes fitted with 17in matt black alloy wheels and sporty red brake callipers. Other factory-fitted kit comprises semi-leather front sports seats and an infotainment system that can be operated with your voice. As with the Fiesta ST, Ford’s ST200 provides optimised cornering and dexterity using up-tothe-minute technology.This includes: Enhanced Torque Vectoring Control and three-mode Electronic Stability Control; unique front and rear spring and damper settings with a 15mm lower centre of gravity; a sharper steering ratio and an enhanced braking system. The Fiesta ST200 can be ordered now and

is making its way to UK Ford showrooms as you read this. Pricing for the ST200 starts off at £22,745. That’s £5,000 more than the standard Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST is still up there with the best in the hot-hatch segment, making it a tough car to beat. The ST200 is the one enthusiasts will go for – if they have the cash. It brings a grin to your face when it accelerates and embraces corners warmly and tightly. What’s more, the Fiesta’s spor ts seats keep you in place securely when tackling the bendiest bits of blacktop. Other competitors are the Volkswagen’s Polo GTI and Suzuki’s Swift Spor t. These cars are nowhere near as performance proficient, though they are significantly cheaper to purchase. The Fiesta ST is truly beloved by owners and critics. The ST200 takes this special drivers’ car to a new level of power and performance,” said Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “I think it’s a future classic in the making.”

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist Twitter: @carwriteups

Diss & Attleborough | 29

30 | Diss & Attleborough



Overcoming the stigma associated with hearing loss hances are you know someone with hearing loss. In the UK over 11 million people, roughly 1 in 6, have some level of hearing impairment. Hearing loss not only affects the individual who has hearing loss but those around them as well. Hearing loss can adversely affect your ability to interact with the world around you, leading to embarrassment, social isolation, negative workplace outcomes and relational stress.


The study found that hearing loss stigma is directly related to three main factors:

The good news is that 95 percent of hearing losses can be treated with hearing aids. Yet only a small percentage of people with hearing loss choose to correct it. So why don’t more people seek hearing help?

1. Alteration in self-perception 2. Ageism 3.Vanity Unfortunately, just the idea of wearing hearing aids was found to negatively change self-perception for participants in the study. Participants perceived themselves differently and worried about how they would be viewed by others if they wore hearing aids before they actually tried them. The study also found that the negative associations were markedly diminished if the hearing aids were discreet and unnoticeable.

People usually suffer needlessly for several years before they look for hearing help. A study published in 2010 by Margaret I. Wallhagen, Ph.D., found that the perceived stigma associated with hearing loss negatively impacts an individual’s initial acceptance of it and whether or not they choose to wear hearing aids.

The stigma associated with hearing loss and hearing aids often prevents a person from seeking hearing help. Typically the same people that worry needlessly are pleased to eventually find that there are many discreet, customisable options that greatly improve quality of life. Hearing aids are now even becoming cool gadgets with

features such as bluetooth connectivity (which make it possible to connect your ears to your phone, music device, TV or tablet) or built in GPS to help you find the hearing aid if you misplace it in the home. Don’t let the stigma prevent you from living life to the fullest. Sharing ideas and participating in activities depends greatly on your ability to hear. Investing in better hearing should be a priority. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing difficulties, don’t wait.You owe it to yourself and to those around you to hear to your full potential. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre.The multi-award winning, family-run company has 22 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. For more information call 01473 230330. or visit

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Attleborough Town Carnival


e are delighted to announce that First Choice Home Care are participating in this year’s Attleborough Town Carnival on Sunday 10th July 2016.

We will be holding a tombola amongst other things and all proceeds will be going to our local Dementia Café and Alzheimer’s Society. If you have any prizes and/or donations you wish to contribute towards the tombola, please bring them into the Wymondham Branch (11 Market Place, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0AS) Donations may include: • GIFT SETS • Toiletries • Soft Drinks (In Date) • Tinned Food (In Date) • Confectionery (In Date) • (Or Anything Similar)

MRWIZZ I.T SUPPORT Attleborough : 01953 453103 Email:

All Computer Repairs

Virus Malware Removal

Internet & Wireless Problems

Web Design

Computing Consultancy

And Much More Wuthering Heights Burgh Common Attleborough NR17 1QF

32 | Diss & Attleborough

We can provide support in your own home enabling you to retain your independence.

We can provide support in your own home enabling you We canHome provide in your own you First Choice Caretoissupport an established business thathome has beenenabling providing quality retain your independence. We can provide ininyour own for home enabling you domiciliary care and supporting people their homes the past 3 years. We have to support retain your independence. First Choice Home isretain an established has been providing quality tomarket your independence. two offices based inCare the towns ofbusiness Diss andthat Wymondham, covering a variety

domiciliary care and supporting people their Suffolk. homes pastproviding 3 years. We have ofFirst areas throughout South Norfolk andinNorth Choice Home Care is an established business thatfor hasthe been quality twoChoice officescare based the ismarket towns of Diss Wymondham, variety First Home Care an established thatfor hasthe been providing quality domiciliary andin supporting people in business theirand homes pastcovering 3 years.a We have •domiciliary Peace of mind for you and your family • Attention to detail • Caring local staff of areas throughout South Norfolk and North Suffolk. care and supporting peopleofinDiss theirand homes for the pastcovering 3 years.aWe have two offices based in the market towns Wymondham, variety Care workers are fully trained and hold a fully enhanced DBSa variety • based two offices the towns of Diss and Wymondham, covering of areas throughout South Norfolk and North Suffolk. • Peace of mind in for youmarket and your family • Attention to detail • Caring local staff • CQC and local Authority registered. of areas throughout South Norfolk and North Suffolk. Care workers are fully trained and hold a fully enhanced DBS • Peace of •mind for you and your family • Attention to detail • Caring local staff • CQC and local Authority registered. We deliver flexible, person centred care including; • Peace of mindworkers for you and your family • Attention to detail • Caring are fully trained and hold a fully enhanced DBS local staff • Care • Personal care and support • Meal • Shopping and are fully local trained and hold apreparation fullyincluding; enhanced DBS • Care •medication CQC and Authority registered. Weworkers deliver flexible, person centred care housework • Attending socialand events and appointments • Hospital discharge CQC local Authority • Personal care and•medication support • Mealregistered. preparation • Shopping and and We deliver flexible, person centred dependency carecare•including; housework • Attending socialhigh events and appointments Hospital discharge and We deliver flexible,support person •centred care including; • Personal care and medication Meal preparation • Shopping and high dependency care • Personal care and FREE medication support • discussion Meal preparation • Shopping and For a confidential, obligation contact us on housework • Attending socialno events and appointments •please Hospital discharge and housework • AttendingFREE socialno events and appointments • Hospital discharge high dependency care For a confidential, obligation discussion please contact us on and 667950. 01953 high dependency 01953 For a confidential, FREE no obligation discussion please contact us on For a confidential, FREEWe no 01953 obligation discussion please contact us on are recruiting; 667950. We 01953 are recruiting; 667950. Wymondham, Hethersett, Attleborough, The Ellinghams, Rocklands, Wymondham, Hethersett, Attleborough, The Ellinghams, Rocklands, WeThetford, are recruiting; The Buckenhams, Hingham, Watton and ALL surrounding areas.

We are recruiting; The Buckenhams, Hingham, Thetford, Watton and ALL surrounding areas. Wymondham, Hethersett, Attleborough, The Ellinghams, Rocklands, Various positions available Full time, Part time, Evenings & Weekends. Various positions availableThetford, -Attleborough, Full time,Watton Part time, Evenings & Weekends. Hethersett, The Ellinghams, Rocklands, TheWymondham, Buckenhams, Hingham, and ALL surrounding areas. *Weekend working is either every weekend (if desired) or alternative weekends in a rota. *Weekend working is either every weekend (if desired) or alternative weekends in a rota. The Buckenhams, Hingham, Thetford, Watton and ALL surrounding areas. Various positions available - Full time, Part time,to Evenings &company. Weekends. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals join our We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our company. Various positions available Full time, Part time, Evenings & Weekends. *Weekend working is either every -weekend (if desired) or alternative weekends in a rota. *Weekend working is either every weekend (if desired) or alternative weekends in a rota.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our company. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our company.



Summer seems to have arrived at last, thank goodness! e are passionate about keeping you mobile and independent. The solution we can offer may be something simple such as a walking stick, a walking frame or a 3 or 4 wheeled walker. We can help with all of these products. We will help you to decide what may suit you best, based on your abilities and preferences. You can try our products inside and out of doors so that you can get the true feel of how an aid could assist you.


A mobility scooter may be an option for you to consider. We have a large range of new and second hand scooters which we would be delighted for you to come and try. We are in the season of fetes and fairs and county shows, so please come and see us and challenge us to make a difference to your mobility! We look forward to seeing you. We are always happy to hear from existing and new customers alike, so if you would like to contact us please use the details below. Tel: 01953 887777 Email: Address: 22 Oakwood Industrial Estate, Harling Rd, Snetter ton, Norwich, NR16 2JU

Your independence is our passion Get out & about with a scooter! SCOOTERS Keeping you mobile and able to get out when walking long distances is not possible Boot scooter Comes apart into 4 or 5 pieces for easy transportation in the car/public transport. Top speed 4mph. Battery typically gives a range of 8 - 10 miles on a full charge Road scooter Used on roads or pavements. Ideal when the user wishes to use the scooter from home. Top speed 8mph. Features: Swivel seat, Adjustable tiller, Electronic brake.


Buy local and get the backup you deserve In house repairs and servicing Expertise and in depth knowledge Individual needs put first Get the backup you don’t get with the internet

SOUTH NORFOLK MOBILITY CENTRE 01953 887777 Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-5pm

22 Oakwood Ind. Est. Harling Road, Snetterton NR16 2JU

Rosedale Advert 110x85_Layout 1 11/12/2014 11:56 Page 1


Yard House High Street Attleborough 24 Hr Tel:


01953 452538

Providing the very best care. We have established our reputation by providing an exceptional service at an affordable cost. • BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP • ADVICE ON FUNERAL GRANTS A family business – we believe it makes a difference

As we walked through the bluebell woods, I thought he’d like this

Rosedale House 63 Victoria Rd Diss 24 Hr Tel:

01379 640810

When arranging a funeral, we know it’s the details that make the difference.

Here for you every hour of every day call our 24 hour careline on

0800 0744362 It’s the little things that count

34 | Diss & Attleborough

visit for your nearest funeral director

Need a locksmith? 24/7!!

Kingfisher Locksmiths No call out charge OAP Discount Tel 01953 602255 Mob 07958 315661

A Norfolk Trusted Trader!

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service

Providing a

PROFESSIONAL and caring service

Independent Funeral Service serving Eye, Harleston and the surrounding areas

Telephone personally answered 24 hours a day

Eye 01379 871168 Harleston 01379 851253

Susan Whymark Funeral Service is owned and run by the Whymark Family. email Chestnut House, 12 Progress Way, And 31 Redenhall Road, Harleston, IP20 9HL

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The July 2016 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Diss and Attleborough

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