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Issue 179 August 2016



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BRECKLAND HOMECLEAN DOMESTIC CLEANING SERVICE We provide the following services: Regular Weekly or Fortnightly Cleans Home Shopping • Preparation of Light Meals Laundry Service • Gardening

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Issue 179

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service for the towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Thetford, Watton & Wymondham plus the surrounding areas throughout Breckland & South Norfolk.


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Will “Brexit” impact on your right to bring a claim if you are injured? The simple answer is “no”, at least not at present. urope” has imposed on national governments a duty to give citizens cer tain rights which then allow them to bring claims, covering such matters as road accidents whilst abroad, package holidays and health & safety at work. These do underpin a significant propor tion of claims made in this countr y. However, claims can only be brought in the UK because our Parliament has brought those rights into UK law.


It is thought that Brexit will not take place for at least 2 years and, until then, the UK will be obliged to comply with its obligations. By itself, Brexit will not lead to any changes in UK law so any rights which exist at present will not automatically cease. It will need a positive decision by Parliament to affect the existing rights. If we were to leave the EU, it would be open to Par liament to amend our

Powers of Attorn Trusts & Probate uncer tain. However, nothing should

legislation. It is then a political question as to whether the current rights should change for the next two yearattention s so, if you guara personal be changed. Some commentators say have been injured through no fault of that being in the EU has created much your own, you should consult a solicitor red tape and that many regulations to see what your options are. provide unnecessar y “gold-plated” protection for workers and consumers Our expert team of lawyers which stifle competition and growth. is here to help By Paul McGrath There may be pressure to change this. The current UK government has, for instance, already stated that it wants to reduce existing EU protections such as removing the requirement for employers to provide eyesight tests for display screen Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555 equipment users, or be required to For fur ther information contact Paul 01379 854455 Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston produce written risk assessments McGrath at paul.mcgrath@jackamans. for small, low-risk businesses. Some or call 01379 643555. commentators, however, believe that EU-led employment protection is a This ar ticle provides only a general vital cornerstone of our current labour summar y and is not intended to be laws and would be reluctant to see this comprehensive. Special legal advice changed, at least significantly. should be taken in any individual What will happen in the future is situation. • Accident Claims

• Family

• Clinical Negligence • Commercial

• Landlord and Tenant • Powers of Attorney

• Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution

• Property • Wills, Trusts & Probate

• Employment

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555 Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

Our expert team of lawyers is here to help • Accident Claims • Clinical Negligence • Commercial

• Family • Landlord and Tenant • Powers of Attorney

• Debt Recovery • Dispute Resolution • Employment

• Property • Wills, Trusts & Probate

Ipswich 01473 255591 Diss 01379 643555

Felixstowe 01394 279636 Harleston 01379 854455

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By Basil Abbott


ome diehards think that the museum should be a collection of interesting things in glass cases and nothing else.

If they had to fill in the Accreditation document they would realise otherwise. We are asked what tourism initiatives we have been involved in, what partnership schemes, what community projects? And you can’t say Not Applicable; you have to come up with answers. I have always had a vision of Total Museum. Yes, we have a terrific collection and striking displays and exhibitions. But the museum is also a raft of other things - cultural, heritage, local history, educational, promotional, with talks, tours, presentations, publications, projects, festivals. We got front page coverage when Rick Wakeman opened the museum this year. In one recent week I gave a tour to a Swedish group, a talk to the U3A History Group and another to a partially sighted group, including objects for them to handle, described by the Collections Manager. Then there was the Battle of the Somme evening, with a speaker and an improvised 06 | Diss & Attleborough

piano accompaniment to the 1916 film of the conflict.

the box. If we persist with that kind of tunnel vision we will not survive.

This received prior coverage in the local and regional papers and magazines, on social media and websites. It also made £380 for the museum.

Last year visitors put about £1,100 in the donations box, which is about 30p each. But the insurance premium is £1,200, so that money is gone in a moment.

Earlier in the year a concert of Tristram Cary’s electronic music made nearly £250. In September I will be at the Burston Rally with a stall from which I can bring home another £250.

We have to have money coming in all the time. The dribs and drabs are fine, but will not sustain the museum. Commemorating famous people has proved lucrative. Celebrating John Betjeman (2006) made £1,300, Thomas Paine (2009) £2,400, the Manning family (2011) £1,700.

So the museum is being constantly promoted, seen to be doing lively things, playing its part in the community and funding itself. With the spectre of funding cuts I had the idea of a museum membership. For a £10 online payment you can become an Angel. For this you get prior notification of events, a special regular newsletter and free talks and tours for small groups of your family and friends if you wish. In a couple of weeks I had made over £300. See Considering that we may lose £1,000 of local council funding next year, this has more than made up for it. And none of this has involved getting people to come to the museum and put money in

The local, regional and national awards won by the Paine Festival have helped gain subsequent funding for repairs etc, including £37,000 from the District Council and other bodies. One local funder asked what did the museum do for the town? So the Chairman came in and asked me. I gave a list, about a page and a half, which was sent off. A few weeks later we got £5,000. Picture: Rock star Rick Wakeman opening Diss Museum last March, with the help of the Cub Scouts, whose centenary is featured in the museum. (Picture: Lucy Kayne)



EACH challenges Norfolk businesses ast Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) is challenging local businesses and organisations to make as much money as they can from an initial stake of just £50.

across East Anglia and suppor ts their families. For both families accessing care, and those who have been bereaved, EACH is a lifeline at an unimaginably difficult time.

The challenge is sponsored by local company ML Financial Associates, who have offices in both Wymondham and Nor thampton, and who won the scheme in 2015 by raising the most money.

Carol Plunkett, EACH Norfolk fundraising Manager, said: “We’re really


Businesses and community groups across Norfolk are being encouraged to sign up to the £50 Challenge which will see them handed a £50 note by the charity. Par ticipants will then be given a 12 week period to invest the money in fundraising initiatives to generate the highest possible amount for EACH. ML Financial Associates raised an impressive £2362.29 for the charity in 2015, decided to back this year’s event by sponsoring the challenge and encouraging other businesses, organisations and community groups across the county to take par t and tr y to break their record. EACH cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions

local businesses and colleagues to raise as much money as possible.” The £50 can be invested in any legal and safe fundraising initiatives and is a great way to have fun, challenge yourself, inspire creativity and a great oppor tunity to build up team spirit. As par t of the

“ We’re looking forward to hearing about the many weird and wonderful ways par ticipants will use their £50 and hope it inspires healthy competition” excited about the launch of our £50 Challenge and would like to say a big thank you to ML Financial Associates for suppor ting the event. “We’re looking forward to hearing about the many weird and wonderful ways par ticipants will use their £50 and hope it inspires healthy competition between

initiative, a minimum of £50 has to be raised within the agreed time or the initial £50 returned to the charity. For more information on the EACH and to sign up for the £50 challenge please contact the Norfolk Fundraising Team on 01953 666767 or email

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Silentnight Sleep Centre is now open in store. ilentnight have selected us to become the latest bed store to gain the prestigious title of Silentnight Sleep Centre. We are one of only 13 Sleep Centres in the UK and will be the only store in Norfolk and Suffolk to feature the brand new and exclusive Platinum Collection. This collection consists of three different types of mattress support systems, Miracoil – Silentnight’s zoned coil spring system, Mirapocket – Silentnight’s zoned pocket spring system and the brand new Miraform – Silentnight’s unique spring free zoned foam


it’s range of products which now includes a brand new range for the retail market simply called the Hilary Devey Collection. The mattresses feature nested pocket springs, the most luxurious of natural fillings including wool, silk and cashmere, all finished with the finest damask covers and glamorous divan base covers and headboard designs. The three models that we are showcasing look absolutely stunning and feel amazing, so amazing that the price tag could easily be double. Come and try these brand new models in store today.

“ Remember, if you are waking up with a bad back or you don’t feel refreshed in the morning, it could well be your mattress is past it’s best” support system. All of these mattresses are coupled with the latest mattress fillings including wool and silk, latex, memory foam and geltex to give you the best comfort and support. In our brand new Silentnight Sleep Centre you will find a Bed Selectivisor which can be used to custom design your own bed by choosing the support system, along with the type of mattress firmness you require, the style of divan base and colour that you like and even add on a matching headboard so you can see what your new bed looks like before you even place an order. Obviously we have a department full of beds to see and try out, so you can still buy your new Silentnight bed the old fashioned way. To celebrate the brand new Platinum Collection beds, we are offering up to £250 off marked prices, this is a genuine discount and is available until 31st August.

Pressure relieving mattresses are becoming the way forward for many people these days. Whether you have a manual job, spend a lot time sitting in a car or at a desk, play sports or just quite frankly have a bad back, a mattress with pressure relieving properties could help you sleep better which in turn helps you perform better day to day. These days you don’t have to rely on memory foam for that. We have a huge selection of natural latex and latex gel, as well as the

brand new affinity foam from Slumberland. Affinity foam is the first foam where every single cell is opened allowing air to pass through, this allows the foam to breathe and be completely free of heat, as well giving great pressure relief to aching joints and muscles. Slumberland couple the Affinity foam with their unique spring systems which add to the support and comfort required to give you the best nights sleep possible. This August all king size Slumberland beds and mattresses are priced as a double, so great savings to be made in store. With a slightly different style of support, the new Miraform from Silentnight is a uniquely spring free foam, which has tear drop channels strategically placed to give the foam a zoned support, this is then topped with either memory foam or Silentnight’s exclusive geltex. These mattresses are designed to align the spine, provide optimal body support and prefect pressure relief in such a way that, tests show, is superior to that of the leading brand of support foam mattresses. Visit us in store today and let us talk you through the huge choice of mattress options we can provide you with. Remember, if you are waking up with a bad back or you don’t feel refreshed in the morning, it could well be your mattress is past its best. If it is over 7 years old, then it is definitely not giving you the suppor t and comfor t you require, so maybe it’s time for a change..

As part of our brand new showroom updates, you will find our stylish Rest Assured department featuring traditional pocket sprung beds with luxury fillings including cashmere, silk, wool, latex and memory foam. These beds are tried, tested and loved by our customers and are great value for money. Along with our brand new Silentnight and Rest Assured departments, we are also very proud to be East Anglia’s first stockist of the Hilary Devey Collection by Duvalay. Hilary Devey, one of the Dragons from the BBC’s Dragons Den, invested in Duvalay five years ago and has helped the company develop 08 | Diss & Attleborough




Sound Sleep




OFF the brand new Silentnight Platinum Collection*


Come and try the brand new Silentnight Platinum Collection in store today and get up to £250 OFF marked prices across Miracoil, Mirapocket and Miraform models. These models are exclusive to Sound Sleep in Norfolk & Suffolk * Discounts vary from model to model - see instore for more details - offer ends 31/08/16 Mile Road - Winfarthing - Near Diss - IP22 2EZ For mattress advice or information call us on 01953 861177 find us on the main B1077 between Diss & Attleborough between Diss & Attleborough - Look for the bright yellow signs

Showroom Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 Sunday 10:00 - 1:00 Bank Holiday Monday 10:00 - 4:00

0% Interest Free Credit - Credit & Debit Cards Accepted Free Local Delivery - Old Bed Disposal Service

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ATTLEBOROUGH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Reaches Critical Stage fter seven years of planning, researching and at times soul searching the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) has reached the point of no return.


A first for the Breckland area and probably one of the most complex market town neighbourhood plans the country has seen to date, the ANP is now at the statutory ‘Regulation 14 stage’ of a sixweek public consultation, after which it will go forward to the District then to formal examination before we can vote on whether to suppor t it in a referendum. A group of like-minded residents star ted the process in 2009 as the Attleborough Community Team (ACT), then the group formed to work on the now shelved Attleborough and Snetter ton Heath Area Action Plan (ASHAAP). Since then it has morphed into the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering group to oversee to completion.

The plan incorporates seven themes. The vision of the overall plan has always been to grow the local economy and ensuring more access to jobs (employment) and skills is a main driver of that. With fur ther focus on the right type of housing mix and the suppor t services such as the schools, transpor t and doctors, the view has always been to ensure the town does not become a commuter belt for Cambridge and Norwich. Seven Themes: 1. The Local Economy 2. Housing 3. Transpor t and Communication 4. Education 5. Health and Social Care 6. Spor ts and Community Facilities 7. Environment, Sustainability, and Design Quality The ANP has come together in parallel with early stages of Breckland’s

“ These are exciting times for Attleborough. Whether the community likes it or not we are witnessing an expansion of our Town the like of which has not been seen since the early 1900’s.” With 4,000 new houses stated in the Breckland Core Strategy and an estimated actual total of nearer 5,500 new houses (taking into consideration those already built in the last couple of years) it is imperative that local residents, businesses and others engage in the next six weeks of consultation and formally register their comments and approval. Never before has the community been asked to get involved in such an impor tant challenge for the town. Many groups and organisations, both locally and fur ther afield, have been consulted on par t or all of the plan. The document now with us to approve has several themes all of which have had professionals in their par ticular field assigned to them to oversee technical and legislative specific to the themes and areas. The steering group in itself was brought together with a view to having exper ts in par ticular fields championing their area. 10 | Diss & Attleborough

emerging Local Plan. Working together the town and the district council have set out their individual strategic goals but in collaboration as both plans will complement each other and be linked in many different ways. The next step of the plan is vital to seeing it through to be examined and made par t of the development plan, with equal status to the district Local Plan and this can only happen if the community come out and suppor t the plan by formally commenting: either suppor ting the content to take forward or giving clear pointers to amendments suppor ted by evidence. This needs to be received by the town hall in writing by the 17th August and needs a good age spread from representatives of the many different demographics that make up the local community. From Thursday 7th July until Wednesday 17th August displays and

copies of the plan will be available to view electronically on line at Copies of the published plan can be seen at various public places in town including the Librar y, Doctors Surger y, Town Hall, Heritage Centre and the Tourist Information Board. Pop up displays will appear at events and other places during the consultation period and there will be a special ANP weekend at the Town Hall 13th/14th August where members for the public can drop in to view large scale maps and meet some of the ANP steering group face to face. Feedback forms will accompany any display and are also available to be downloaded from the website and from any of the public places mentioned earlier. Ever y effor t will be made to reach ever y single person living and working in the town and surrounding villages. This is the one time the local community will have the chance to help shape the future of the town and in a timely fashion as it moves to nearly doubling the residential areas over the next 20 years. Elizabeth Burrows, ANP Steering Group Member for Health and Social Care in the neighbourhood plan we have a unique an exciting oppor tunity to shape and provide for the future for all of Attleborough and for generations to come. To provide a wide range of health and social care needs-making our town a good place to grow up and grow old in. Projects promoted and suppor ted by local initiatives invariably are the ones most needed and best suppor ted. Tony Perkins, Chair of the ANP Steering Group and Town Councillor “These are exciting times for Attleborough. Whether the community likes it or not we are witnessing an expansion of our Town the like of which has not been seen since the early 1900’s. Developments are already taking place and more are planned. We could well see the town double in size over the next decade or so. This leads us to face challenges on an enormous scale. When talking to residents there are many concerns and comments such as “What about the Doctors Surger y, there aren’t enough places now”, “The town is gridlocked already”, “there aren’t enough school places”, “Where are the kids going to play?” All these comments and questions need answers. The Neighbourhood Plan


hopes to address some of these issues. It’s a fantastic oppor tunity to shape the town by influencing planning policy, within cer tain parameters of course, and deliver some much needed infrastructure”. “There is much work to do, the projects that have come to light through the research and repor ts from consultants, highlights a shor tfall in facilities and infrastructure. Some of these projects are already being worked on by various groups within the town”. “As you will see in the plan the topics and policies are wide ranging. The scope of work that has gone into the document to date is huge and thanks must go to various individuals for the countless hours, emails and meetings attended. The plan would not exist without this input. Thanks must also go to Attleborough Town Council for suppor ting the plan through the democratic process. I hope that these hours of input will be appreciated in the years to come”

Jeremy Bur ton, Mayor, Attleborough Town Council. To get to this final public consultation stage of the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan it has taken many years and investment in terms of time and money. With the housing allocation of 4,000 plus over the next 20 years Attleborough needs to be in a position to fulfill expectations of those moving into the area, making it an attractive place to work rest and play. Whilst also reassuring those already living in the town that any growth will see the necessar y investment in schools, doctors, transpor t, leisure and employment areas. Attleborough is an attractive place to live as it stands, the neighbourhood plan needs to be accepted by the local community over the next six-week period, so we can take it forward and ensure the town prospers and grows for future generations.

consultation. It is now your chance to have your say on how your town grows and to hopefully approve the plan. Want to see where the future schools, doctor’s surger y’s, care homes, spor t facilities, road ways, open space, industr y, new homes etc are all going to hopefully be built… if yes please take this oppor tunity to take a read and let us know your thoughts” Contact: Valerie Watson Brown The Lively Crew Tel 01603 702374 Email

Colin Kilby, General Manager of Breckland Lodge and founder member of the ANP Steering Group “Finally after hours and hours of hard work the ANP is ready for

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ALMARY GREEN Saving For School Fees

arents who want to give their children the benefit of private schooling are having to dig deep to meet the growing cost of school fees. Alison Rudd looks at how planning can help.


The average cost of a day school place last year was reported to be over £13,000 per child per year. Even if fees stay stable, any child starting public school now is likely to cost parents in excess of £180,000 by the time they finish their A-Levels – and then there’s the cost of any higher education to factor in. It’s undeniable that public schooling can deliver in terms of class sizes and exam grades and many parents believe it is worth the investment. However, ensuring the availability of funds to meet school fees can be a challenge for young families with heavy mortgages and other demands on their pockets. If you have more than one child, the problem is exacerbated. That’s where planning can play a key role... Our best advice for families wanting to ensure they are able to meet school fee

t n o m a 6 £ t From ju s

bills is to start planning as early as possible. Those first few years before the child starts school can provide a key time to begin to accumulate an investment pot. By understanding the size of the commitment you will need to make, you can begin to plan to balance your income and expenditure to allow for the necessary investment. A really useful tool that financial planners use is lifetime cashflow planning. This is a software package that allows us to quickly and clearly work through a range of scenarios, allowing you to see the future impact of any changes that you make or additional costs you incur. There are many different types of investment options that you could consider to help you save for school fees. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of each route when considering which would be most suitable for you. Firstly, it is important to ensure that your chosen investment options are tax-efficient: there are a number of different allowances that you can apply to keep your tax liabilities as low as possible, such as your annual ISA allowance and personal savings allowance.

Another factor to consider is the accessibility of your funds. Investing in something that locks in your funds for a fixed period of time might deliver higher returns, but if you can’t access them when the fee invoice comes through the letterbox, they may not be suitable. It’s impor tant to understand what penalties or losses would be incurred if you have to access your savings at the wrong time. In many families, the cost of private education is suppor ted by grandparents and other family members. This can be achieved as par t of an Inheritance Tax planning strategy through the use of tax-exempt gifts. Ever y individual can gift up to £3,000 per year tax-free and any unused allowance can be carried forward for one year as long as you use up the current year’s exemption first. In addition, if grandparents have surplus income, they can take advantage of the regular gifts from surplus income exemption. The rules of this special exemption state that the gift must be from unused income rather

Fertilising Weed Control Moss Control Scarification Hollow-tine Aeration Overseeding Top Dressing Lawn Renovation


Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy really makes a big difference. Find out how Tom Thumb’s seasonal treatment plan can keep your lawn looking lush, green, weed and moss free for less than Doing It Yourself!

telephone: 01842 250 026

Ref: TH10 12 | Diss & Attleborough


than from savings or capital and there must be a pattern of giving. If you want to take advantage of this exemption, it is critical that you keep good records to suppor t it. The value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up. The return at the end of the investment period is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you originally invested. The tax treatment of savings and investments depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change. To discuss any aspect of your financial well-being, contact Alison at alison.rudd@almar or call 01603 706740. Alison can be found at the offices of M+A Par tners, Cyprus Close, Attleborough most Wednesdays and is happy to arrange appointments there or in clients’ own homes.

By Alison Rudd,

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The Attleborough Fun Fest Team are tr ying to recreate the fun from last summer by putting on an Olympic Trail. or those of you who remember, we did a bike trail which was a huge success with over 150 people getting involved.This was so successful that we had people coming from other towns to take part in the trail and everyone said how great it was. We even made it onto Mustard TV twice for the trail!! To coincide with the Rio Olympics we have asked businesses to take part, with a minimum donation of ÂŁ10.00. 100% of the monies raised will be going to two charities, Attleborough Scouts and Star Throwers in Wymondham.


How it will work is the businesses let us know they wish to take part and we then allocated them with a sport that is in the Olympics. They then have to recreate this either in there shop windows or around the town. It can be as big a display or small as they want it to be. The whole emphasis is fun and just getting our lovely town to join in. We will then be selling trail maps throughout the Summer Holidays for families to get involved as last

14 | Diss & Attleborough

year and try and find all the Olympic sports that will be out and about. We will ask them to vote for their favourite display as well, and a prize will be given to the display with the most votes! The trail maps that get handed in will then be checked and the person who has found the most displays will also get a prize. We are then going to host an Olympic Fun Day at the Connaught Hall, Attleborough on Monday 29th August, 11-3, where there will be lovely

stalls to look around, and some fun events will be going on throughout the day. More details on this day will be announced nearer the date. The team are working really hard to keep the momentum of last years fun activities moving and appreciate everyone taking part and finding the time to do the displays. Without the support of the town and residents of Attleborough we wouldn’t be able to put on the trails and events.

Award Winning Landscaping and Design

Paving and Pathways Ponds and Water Features Lawn Laying Walls and Brickwork Timber and Decking Driveways, Fencing and Screening Garden Design by Georgina Read

T: 01953 852139 E: W:

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home visits quotation measuring ďŹ tting

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uffolk Libraries have announced the dates of their second book festival which will be taking place across the county this October.


Suffolk Libraries Bookfest will take place during the half term week from Friday 21 to Sunday 30 October and will involve a range of talks and workshops by authors and poets with events for younger and older readers. All the talks will take place in libraries or nearby venues. Events confirmed so far include an afternoon tea with James Runcie, the creator of the Grantchester TV series; a magic act launching the new murder myster y from Elly Griffiths; music and readings with renowned poet Liz Lochhead; and conversation with best-selling novelists including Barbara Erskine, Chris Cleave, Gavin Extence and Erin Kelly.

16 | Diss & Attleborough

Politician Alan Johnson will talk about the third in his series of memoirs and historian Sian Evans will present her new book ‘Queen Bees’, an account of society women in the 1920s. Fur ther events will shor tly be confirmed. Children’s activities and events will also take place at libraries throughout the county and on 28-29 October, the village of Lavenham will hold its first Children’s Book Festival, in association with the librar y. Included in its programme is a visit from Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell. In addition to various ‘meet the author’ sessions, events at Lavenham will include stor ytelling for children of all ages and workshops on drawing and book illustrating.

holding throughout the county this year. There’s something here for ever yone, we hope, and an atmosphere that shows the excitement and thrill we feel from reading and books. 2016 is our Year of Reading so we’re hoping this year’s Bookfest will be really special.”

Alison Wheeler, Chief Executive of Suffolk Libraries, said: “We have some excellent authors visiting us and a true festival feel to the events we are

More events are still to be confirmed across Suffolk and for more information on events or to buy tickets, visit:

Events confirmed so far : Tuesday 25 October Gavin Extence at Bury St Edmunds Library at 7.30pm. North and south: poetry with Liz Lochhead and Tiffany Atkinson – at Beccles Library at 7.30pm. Wednesday 26 October James Runcie on writing for TV at Southwold Library from 3pm. An evening of poetry and music with Liz Lochhead and band at Woodbridge Library Meet the author Barbara Erskine at Sudbury Library Thursday 27 October Tea and cake with James Runcie at Lavenham Library from 3pm. Meeting Queen Bees with Historian Sian Evans at Haleswor th Library Saturday 29 October The magic of Elly Griffiths at Felixstowe Library where local author Elly will be launching her new book


FULLY INSURED & PART P ELECTRICIAN Fuse board upgrades, rewires additions/alterations to existing circuits, DOMESTIC, & INDUSTRIAL inspect & test certificates +COMMERCIAL many more jobs. Friendly, reliable & trustworthy. WORK UNDERTAKEN 01842 337801 / 07725 658 924 | Fuse board upgrades, rewires additions/alterations to existing circuits, inspect & test certificates + many more jobs. Friendly, reliable & trustworthy 01842 337 801 / 07725 658 924

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Students Are at the Heart of Everything We Do world of oppor tunities opens up with a course at West Suffolk College. There is something for everyone, whether you are practically minded or academic or want a bit of both in your studies. The College offers so many oppor tunities for school leavers to develop their talents in a supportive environment that breeds success.


We specialise in courses that are directed towards different career or job types. All our courses include work-related activity or a work experience placement. Our staff have direct, relevant and recent experience of the workplace. A major strength of West Suffolk College is its links with employers – currently we work with over 1,700 businesses.

“ Even though our courses are full time some only need you to be in College three days a week or fewer.” Got your GCSE or A level results? Then you can take the first step on your career path with a vocational course, an Apprenticeship, BTECs and NVQs, a degree level qualification or an Access Course that will get you to University. Our Level 3 courses are equivalent to A Levels and gain UCAS points for entry to university. This year more than 500 of our Level 3 student are progressing to universities throughout the country including Bristol, Edinburgh and UEA. Many have chosen to study their degree with us at the University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College. 18 | Diss & Attleborough

Even though our courses are full time some only need you to be in College three days a week or fewer. There’s a huge variety of courses available at our Bury St Edmunds campus for students who are 16+. They include Business, Bricklaying, Computing, Construction, Graphic Design, Fashion, Performing Ar ts, Engineering, Media Production, Spor t, Music, Science and many others. More courses mean more oppor tunities and our students study a single subject rather than three or four, immersing themselves in their chosen subject from day one.

If you want to earn money and learn at the same time why not go for an apprenticeship in Construction, Hairdressing, Plumbing, Hospitality, IT or Accountancy among others. Many employers are actively seeking school leavers to begin training. They believe that younger recruits who gain industry experience early on are more likely to progress quicker. If you are 16 to 24 and you don’t feel ready for an Apprenticeship yet you could try a Traineeship which is an education and training programme combined with work experience. In recent years the College has invested in its buildings and infrastructure and, more impor tantly, its teaching facilities. We have created a learning environment that gives students a much better idea of what it might be like to work in their chosen field. We have workshops, construction sites, a fully functioning performance theatre and recording studios, a licensed restaurant serving the public and a hair and beauty salon. We have great plans for the future too including a £9 million Engineering and Innovation Centre. Over 19s can get help with the cost of our courses by applying for an Advanced Learning Loan. If you want to discover more about the amazing opportunities available at West Suffolk College you can visit our website at



PattersonDESIGN is a RIBA Chartered Architects in Norfolk, with practices in Suffolk and London. Our clients are our first and foremost concern. We believe that each project, regardless of its size, should be designed maintaining our high level of service and skill. We have specialised staff and resources to ensure that every project receives the right level of expertise throughout the project.

Tel: 01953 456 722 Suva House Queens Square, Queen’s Square, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 2AE, UK

“It prepares you for what’s out there.” Stevie Squirrel, Vehicle Maintenance


Apply online or come in and see us on Thu 25 or Fri 26 Aug, 9am – 4pm

01284 716333

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A Look At Home Insurance our most valuable asset is likely to be your home. Have you ever considered what would happen in the event of a serious fire, flood or theft ?


With access to over 200 Insurance Schemes, our fully trained staff will search our panel of carefully selected Insurers to ascer tain the correct levels of cover and protection required for your individual circumstances. We can provide cover for just Buildings or Buildings and Contents combined. In addition to standard cover, we can arrange to include Accidental Damage , together with Per sonal Possessions cover for items away from the home . If your proper ty is of non standard constr uction, or you wor k from home , we can cater for these difficult and sometimes expensive policies, with our exper t knowledge and under standing

20 | Diss & Attleborough

of your individual circumstances. With over 35 year s experience in providing Home Insurance at all levels, we would welcome your enquir y and would be pleased to provide quotations or advice.

For more information or quotation, please contact Miss Lucy Moy on 01953 602866 or you can email Lucy at lucy@prior



SMG ARCHITECTS Free initial consultation

Introduction SMG Chartered Architects started as a small practice in 1980 and began life as David Stead & Associates. In 2000 the current Managing Director, Ian Mutton joined and the practice has steadily grown in all aspects of its work, knowledge, scope of design and architecture. Operating from two offices in Norwich & Sheringham, SMG can now boast 3 RIBA Architects, 11 technical staff and a knowledgeable support team. Providing a wealth of experience in all fields of architecture & design, SMG has built a reputation for quality, integrity, service and an eye for detail. SMG prides itself on providing a service from start to finish, where you have the personal contact from a member of staff to guide you along the way. Covering the whole of East Anglia and beyond, SMG is able to offer the complete package for your building design requirements.

Capabilities The practice offers clients the capabilities and experience to see the projects through all stages from inception, planning, construction and beyond. Through our employment of experienced and professional personnel with a diverse range of experience, we are able to provide a co-ordinated design role to our clients, offering a single point of contact for a completely integrated design service.  SMG Architects has developed a completely integrated design service for our clients covering;                 Architectural Design Full Project Co-ordination                 Master Planning Listed Building Work                 Technical Services Conservation Work                 Project Management

cow hill

wil low SMG lan e upper st giles road st giles nd la ve cle st pe ter's road

l grapes hil

Get in touch potterg ate

et tre hs urc ch SMG railwa y app roach crom er ro ad

Norwich Willow House, 9 Willow Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1EU 01603 614422

Sheringham The Studio, St. Peters Road, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8QY 01263 824422 Diss & Attleborough | 21


ALL NEW RENAULT MÉGANE GT NAV 1.6 TCe 205 Reviewed by Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist - tweeting @carwriteups FAST FACTS • Max speed: 143 mph • 0-62 mph: 7.1 secs • Combined mpg: 47.1 • Engine layout: 1616cc 4-cylinder 16v turbo petrol

he all new Renault Mégane GT 205 is a frenetic French fiend on the straights and on twisty turns of tarmac, too.


Like many warm-hatches, this car can actually be used as family motor, although the rear seats are perhaps better for the short of leg or for the kids. The boot is top-

notch, though, and will fit a pram and the shopping in, no probs. Priced at only £25,500, Renault is bound to attract punters to this four th generation of its 20-year-old Mégane range. Highpoints include a 1.6-litre petrol-turbo power unit, derived from Renault’s Clio RS 200. It produces a muscly

• Max. power (ps): 205 • CO2: 134 g/km • Price: £25,500

PROS ‘N’ CONS Performance √ Handling √ Price √ Kit √ Rear legroom X

22 | Diss & Attleborough


205PS and 207lb-ft of torque. Just like the Renault Clio, it comes with a factory-fitted EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) seven-speed auto gearbox. The Renault Mégane GT 205 is buttressed by the French manufacturer’s four-year-old CMF (Common Module Family) platform. However, Renault Spor t has sprinkled magic dust over the dampers, springs, engine breathing and steering ratio to make everything feel very 2016/2017. And you can let Renault off for sticking a fake tailpipe on – the twin exhaust look does work very well indeed.

The automaker’s Sport division has also tweaked the Renault Mégane GT 205’s 4Control four-wheel steering. Shift it into RS mode and sub-50mph the car’s rear-wheels steer 2.7 degrees in the other direction to the front-wheels, honing turn-in on the bendier bits of bitumen. Beyond 50mph the front wheels operate 1.0 degree in the same direction, encouraging high-speed plantedness.

the bar even higher. Kit includes traffic sign recognition, launch control and attractive LED headlights.

The Renault Mégane GT 205 is one of a kind when it comes to its interior touchscreen. It’s the only car in its segment to house a vast portrait oriented 8.7-inch screen. This is accompanied by other tech that raises

The seven-cog auto ‘box is smooth and kicksdown nicely when you press on for pace. The gear selector paddles work well for manual shifting and look the business. You won’t use them though; I did for about five-minutes, but soon left it to the capable EDC transmission to do its job.

The Renault Mégane GT 205 sounds as awesome as it performs. Although, like the dummy exhaust, the sound isn’t all real. Some of the racing refrains are cleverly fed into the cabin through the car’s speakers.

Zigzagging my way across some of Britain’s rural routes, it became obvious just how capable the all-new Renault Mégane GT 205 is on corners. There’s little, if any, body lean and it’s all very comfortable, regardless of the stiffer, sportier suspension. That only becomes noticeable if you hit a particularly large rut – but then pothole-peppered roads affect the ride in any car. There are lots of things to love about the all-new Renault Mégane GT 205. It’s a fun, energetic, agile and relatively practical five-door hatch – it’s also a handsome beast.You can’t go wrong with the £25,500 price-tag either.

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When was the last time you had a hearing test? an you remember when you last had your hearing tested? If you can’t remember or have never had one, you cer tainly are not alone. A recent study* highlighted that in the United Kingdom over half the population (53%) have never had a hearing test carried out.

- it’s often an easily solved problem. A large par t of the problem is that many of us presume, wrongly, that it isn’t something that could affect us. In fact, it’s thought that 18,000 of us are experiencing noise-induced hearing loss caused by or exacerbated by our workplace environment or hobbies.

If you asked yourself when was your last dental check-up or visit to the opticians, you would probably say in the last 2 years. So why do we not take the same care with our hearing?

If you suspect you or a friend is experiencing difficulties with their hearing consider the list below:


There are currently 10 million people in the UK who are hard of hearing and our lifestyle means that the condition is becoming increasingly prevalent. Once an issue associated with old age, now anyone can find their hearing isn’t what it used to be. Thankfully, with the use of accurate diagnostics and fantastic hearing assistive technology

24 | Diss & Attleborough

• Do you ask others to repeat themselves? • Do friends complain that the TV is too loud? • Does it become difficult to follow a conversation in background noise? • Does it seem to you as if people are mumbling? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have a hearing loss. If you have yet to have a hearing

assessment, do not suffer in silence with an issue that can be readily addressed with hearing technology. If you are feeling hesitant about taking the next step remember that you are not alone. Consider the improvements in quality of life experienced by individuals who take action and address their hearing loss. The experience can be life changing - hearing aid users say they grow in confidence, communicating in groups becomes easier and less stressful and they begin to enjoy life again. Our hearing allows us to connect with our surroundings and communicate with our loved ones. The ability to hear properly can go along way in helping to stay active. Correct communication with family and friends can mean the difference between a fun and enjoyable day out or a confusing and frustrating day.

Book a hearing test with me or one of my colleagues at The Hearing Care Centre and star t your journey to better hearing. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre. The multi-award winning, family-run company has 22 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. For more information visit www.hearingcarecentre. or call 01473 230330. *The study which was carried out by EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association), focused on the UK, Switzerland and France, with over 43,000 people sur veyed.

    

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Your independence is our passion


Get out & about with a scooter!

Summer Mobility

SCOOTERS Keeping you mobile and able to get out when walking long distances is not possible

ith summer well under way we are here to give you the best assistance we can when it comes to choosing either a mobility aid or daily living aid. We hold a large range of items such as walking aids, bath lifts, sock aids, cushions and bathroom and toilet aids such as raised toilet seats and padded toilet seats.


Our larger items include wheelchairs, powerchairs, mobility scooters and rise and recline lift and tilt arm chairs. We aim to help you to keep independent and mobile at an affordable cost. With 10 years experience behind us, we would love to show you our range of products and let you experience for yourself how you could benefit from the help an aid could offer. Come and challenge us to help you!

Boot scooter Comes apart into 4 or 5 pieces for easy transportation in the car/public transport. Top speed 4mph. Battery typically gives a range of 8 - 10 miles on a full charge Road scooter Used on roads or pavements. Ideal when the user wishes to use the scooter from home. Top speed 8mph. Features: Swivel seat, Adjustable tiller, Electronic brake.


Buy local and get the backup you deserve In house repairs and servicing Expertise and in depth knowledge Individual needs put first Get the backup you don’t get with the internet

SOUTH NORFOLK MOBILITY CENTRE 01953 887777 Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-5pm

22 Oakwood Ind. Est. Harling Road, Snetterton NR16 2JU

Susan Whymark

Funeral Service

Providing a

PROFESSIONAL and caring service

Independent Funeral Service serving Eye, Harleston and the surrounding areas

Telephone personally answered 24 hours a day

Eye 01379 871168 Harleston 01379 851253

Susan Whymark Funeral Service is owned and run by the Whymark Family. email Chestnut House, 12 Progress Way, And 31 Redenhall Road, Harleston, IP20 9HL

We stopped to look at our favourite view It’s the little things that make a funeral special Here for you every hour of every day

0800 0744362 for your local funeral director

26 | Diss & Attleborough

Need a locksmith? 24/7!!

Kingfisher Locksmiths No call out charge OAP Discount Tel 01953 602255 Mob 07958 315661

A Norfolk Trusted Trader!


We are qualified teachers holding open days in our beautiful setting between Wymondham and Attleborough next door to Hullaballoos. Summer Childcare available 8am-6pm. To register or visit call us Mon-Fri 10am-2pm Join us and we will guarantee your child’s 30 hours for September 2017!

01953 603 333 |

Plastering, Artexing & Coving

Reliable and professional plastering service. Plastering



New Builds


Artex skimmed smooth

Free Quotes Fully Insured Competitive pricing


For more information contact Andrew Tel: 01842 558546 Mob: 07769946950 Email: Visit:

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Norwich Masters Darts Tournament 2016

Adrian Lewis

Dave Chisnall

Jelle Klaasen

Wayne Mardle

Steve Bunting

Terry Jenkins

Eric Bristow

Keith Deller

Russ Bray

Paul Booth

Thursday 20th October 2016

Doors open at 18:00 | Tournament Starts 19:30

EPIC TV Studios

Magdalen Street, Norwich NR3 1JD


Tel : 0800 564 2220

Diss & Attleborough August 2016  

The Diss & Attleborough edition of Dispatch Magazine for August 2016

Diss & Attleborough August 2016  

The Diss & Attleborough edition of Dispatch Magazine for August 2016