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May 2013


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May 2013

 Bury st edmunds

This Month We Look At The Case For A Spring Clean! Everyone feels a little sluggish this time of year – after the long winter months and then eating all that chocolate over Easter!! So why not try giving your system a light detox and clean, to give yourself more energy.

• Meat (a little fish is fine - especially the oily kinds like mackerel, tuna, salmon)

Before you switch off and think I am going to suggest you starve yourself for days and then only eat lentils and lettuce - don’t worry, it’s really not that severe! In fact, you can do yourself harm if you suddenly fast and live on rabbit food at this time of year! My suggestions are simple and will have the effect of giving you more energy, helping you to sleep better and improving your digestion and elimination.

• All processed foods (something that you bought in a packet that needs re-heating!)

The main things to cut out for 1 week are: • Wheat products (cakes, biscuits, bread, pastry, pasta etc) • Dairy products (butters, margarine with buttermilk, cream, yoghurts, ice cream)

May 2013

• Eggs

of dairy free spread ( “Pure” is good ) and then cover with water, add a couple of organic veggie stock cubes and simmer for an hour, puree it in a liquidiser or with a hand blender. If you want a broth type soup instead then cut your veg up into little cubes or slices and add some beans, pearl barley or rice with your stock cube and simmer for an hour as above.

• Tea, coffee and alcohol.

Once you’ve made your soup - you live on that for the first 2 days. Soup for lunch and tea and snacks throughout the day should consist of rice cakes, dried and fresh fruit. You can then introduce some other light foods, like fish, nuts, pulses and loads more vegetables and fruits. Wheat free bread and crackers are allowed too.

Good combinations are: Start your day with a little lemon juice in a mug of hot water (cleanses and detoxifies the liver and gall bladder) Followed by a bowl of freshly made porridge using water or soya milk and a little honey if needed. On the first day of your detox make yourself a very large pot of vegetable soup. You can choose whatever your favourite veggies are. Quick method is to cut them all up into medium chunks and sauté them in a large pan in a tablespoon

Carrots, lentils, squash and parsley. (puree) Fennel, potato, courgette and rosemary. (puree) Tomatoes, cannelloni beans, leeks and carrots, with olive oil and basil (Italian broth) Leeks, peas, grated carrot, pearl barley (scotch broth)

Drink loads of water (at least 2 litres a day) and be brave and try some of the more palatable herbal teas! (Peppermint is great for detoxing and settling the stomach) They say a week is a long time in politics, but it’s even longer when you are on a detox! Just pace yourself, if you have the odd slip up, don’t crucify yourself over it, but try and be strict with yourself and give

@Dispatch_Mag your digestive system a chance to have a good clear out.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose Benefits

Our western diets can be very heavily dependent on dairy foods and together with animal protein in the form of meats, these can be quite mucus forming in the digestive system and other areas of the body. If you are prone to coughs and sinus problems – you will find they improve greatly if you cut out dairy products a little. At the risk of sounding “oh so way out and controversial!” cows milk is designed for baby cows, and not humans! Don’t rely on it for your calcium - where do all other animal species (especially cows) get their calcium from? - vegetable sources. Anyway, just have a go and I am certain you will feel lighter and more energetic at the end of your week and you may even find that you go off the taste of some of the things you used to eat. Don’t be surprised if the first couple of days you have a headache from the caffeine withdrawal - it will pass - just drink loads of water! Here is a simple yoga twisting posture you can be practising to help work your digestion and keep the whole abdominal region in good shape.

bury st edmunds 

Step the right foot over the left leg and stand it on the floor outside your left hip. The right knee will point directly up at the ceiling.

Be sure to distribute the twist evenly throughout the entire length of the spine; don’t concentrate it in the lower back.

• Stimulates the liver and kidneys • Stretches the shoulders, hips, and neck • Energizes the spine • Stimulates the digestive fire in the belly • Relieves menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache • Therapeutic for asthma and infertility Contraindications/Cautions • Back or spine injury: Perform this pose only with great care not to twist too far. Step by Step 1. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, buttocks supported on a folded blanket. Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, then slide your left foot under your right leg to the outside of your right hip. Lay the outside of the left leg on the floor.

2. Exhale and twist toward the inside of the right thigh. Press the right hand against the floor just behind your right buttock, and set your left upper arm on the outside of your right thigh near the knee. Pull your front torso and inner right thigh snugly together. 3. Press the inner right foot very actively into the floor, release the right groin, and lengthen the front torso.

Stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then release with an exhalation, return to the starting position, and repeat to the left for the same length of time. For further information on yoga, pilates, tai chi. meditation and complementary therapies please visit

Lean the upper torso back slightly, against the shoulder blades, and continue to lengthen the tailbone into the floor. 4. You can turn your head in one of two directions: Continue the twist of the torso by turning it to the right; or counter the twist of the torso by turning it left and looking over the left shoulder at the right foot. 5. With every inhalation lift a little more through the sternum, pushing the fingers against the floor to help. Twist a little more with every exhalation.

May 2013

 Bury st edmunds


Simonds Drivers

The Smart Way To Repair Minor Bodywork Damage.

Are some of the best in the world - it’s official!

Fed up with a scuff or scrape on your car bodywork or alloy wheels but don’t want to claim on your insurance or be without it while it is at the garage?

to suit you. Your no claims bonus will be unaffected and the job can be done without the hassle and inconvenience of having to take the vehicle to the garage.

Six of Simonds drivers, Steve Cutting, David Elliott, Dale Evans, Michael Gardiner, Andrew Gorringe and Samuel Spinks achieved GreenRoad Fleet Elite status for their safe, smooth and fuel-efficient driving.

Then why not call out local technician David Dunn from Revive! to fix it quickly and cost effectively at your home or place of work?

If the area of damage is the size of an A4 sheet of paper or smaller, then smart repair is the most appropriate way to tackle the job. For more extensive damage David will always recommend that owners take their vehicle to a reputable bodyshop as SMART repair is only intended for those minor yet annoying scuffs and scrapes.

David’s company is based in Suffolk and he is a fully Institute of Motoring (IMI) qualified SMART technician. ‘SMART” is a term used in the car bodywork profession. It stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique. What’s more, all work is fully guaranteed. Since setting up his business, David has built up an excellent reputation for quality and delivering tip top service to a growing list of satisfied customers. Using the same techniques and professional paint as bodyshops, David can repair small area paintwork and wheel damage for far less that the cost of most insurance policy excesses at a location

May 2013

He’s happy to come out to give you a noobligation consultation and quote before carrying out any work. Revive! is the preferred supplier of SMART repairs to major car dealerships and fleet operators in addition to private owners who want to keep their cars looking pristine. Current customers include Alfa Romeo Fiat, Lex Autolease and Mercedes. David Dunn can be contacted on 01787 372058 or on 07815 692233 or email:

GreenRoad is a technology-based device installed in the vehicle to improve driving behaviour as the telemetrics measure corner and lane handling, speed, acceleration and braking patterns which all contribute to passenger safety and comfort and also fuel efficiency. The entire company fleet of passenger carrying vehicles is equipped with the GreenRoad driver performance management system and all staff participate in GreenRoad safe driving strategy. Martyn Simonds, Managing Director of Norfolk-based Simonds Coach & Travel said, “We are extremely proud of our “Fleet Elite” drivers who have consistently applied GreenRoad principles and on behalf of Simonds we extend our thanks and congratulations to them. To qualify for this award the drivers have had to log 500 driving hours over a 12 month period and

maintain a safety score of 5 or less which is a fantastic achievement. GreenRoad says that in 2012 less than 5% of their drivers worldwide achieve this so to have 6 drivers, representing 12% of Simonds driving staff, is very pleasing and a welldeserved honour. It certainly distinguishes Simonds drivers as being amongst the best in the world and also means that they are contributing to a greener, cleaner environment. Simonds believes firmly in the value of technical advancement and driver training, contributing to the development of our drivers to deliver safe and fuel-efficient driving standards with the emphasis on passenger comfort.” A presentation was made to the elite drivers in recognition of their achievements.

Capital Gains Tax Tax Man to Get Tough on Buy-to-let Landlords and Second Home Owners who sell without Declaring the Tax. Last month HM Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’) announced a crack down on those who sell residential property other than their main home and do not comply with their tax obligations. In this article Colin Chamberlain of Lovewell Blake LLP considers HMRC’s Property Sales Campaign (‘PSC’), looks at what the tax implications are when you sell a property and what reliefs are available to help reduce the amount of tax payable. Property Sales Campaign I have often wondered how many people such as buy-to-let landlords and second home owners sell residential property but then fail to declare the tax. Clearly HMRC think that this is an area worth pursuing as they recently launched the PSC to encourage people to ‘come clean’ about any unpaid capital gains tax (‘CGT’) liabilities which may be lurking in the closet. The PSC allows people who have sold, or disposed of, second or additional residential properties, either in the UK or abroad, but who have not paid the associated CGT to receive lenient treatment with regard to penalties and payment terms. But to take advantage of this, HMRC must be notified by 9 August and a full disclosure has to be made by 6 September. The PSC is not relevant for those who buy and sell property as a business. These sales are subject to income tax rather than CGT. CGT on the Sale of a Residential Property The amount of CGT which is payable on the sale of a residential property is dependent upon a number of factors.

The gain has to be disclosed in the 2013/14 self assessment tax returns and the CGT is payable by 31 January 2015. As you might expect, the above is an example of a straightforward case. Sometimes there may be further computational complexities, for example, requiring a valuation of the property or accounting for improvement costs. As I mentioned earlier, CGT is not relevant to those who buy and sell property as a business or who are property developers. The business profits are subject to income tax which means that the CGT annual exempt amount is not available and the rate of tax is at 20%, 40% or 45% depending on your level of income. The business profits are also subject to national insurance. CGT Reliefs Probably the most important CGT relief in relation to residential property is Principal Private Residence Relief (‘PPRR’). This relief serves to effectively give an exemption from CGT for periods when a property was occupied by the owner as his or her main residence. This is why, if you buy a house and live in it throughout your period of ownership, when you sell the house you do not have to pay CGT. But the relief is also proportionately available if the house was only occupied for part of the period of ownership and, as long as the property was a main residence at some stage, the last three years of ownership will always qualify for the relief. A further relief is available for periods when the property was let. This is known as lettings relief which, broadly speaking, doubles up on the PPRR up to a maximum of £40,000 per person. This relief is only available as long as the property was a main residence at some stage during the period of ownership.

A simple computation would be as follows: Bill and Betty sell their joint buy-to-let property in May 2013 for £150,000. They had acquired the property in June 1990 for £60,000. The estate agent’s fees and the solicitor’s costs on the sale were £2,500 and £500 respectively. The solicitor’s costs on the acquisition were £300 and the stamp duty was £600. Bill is a higher rate income taxpayer and Betty is a basic rate income taxpayer with £15,000 of basic rate band remaining.

The PPRR would be 8/23 x £86,100 = £29,948 The lettings relief would also be £29,948

Bill and Betty’s CGT computations would be as follows:

Total £

Bill £

Betty £

Sale Proceeds Estate Agent Solicitor

150,000 (2,500) (500)

75,000 (1,250) (250)

75,000 (1,250) (250)




Cost Solicitor Stamp Duty

(60,000) (300) (600)

(30,000) (150) (300)

(30,000) (150) (300)


If we take Bill and Betty from earlier and say that between June 1990 and May 1995 they occupied the property as their main residence before letting it out for the remainder of their period of ownership. Bill and Betty will get PPRR for the first five years of ownership plus the last three years of ownership and they will get lettings relief as well based on the amount of the PPRR.









The taxable gain would be calculated as follows: Gain as before PPRR Lettings Relief

Total £ 86,100 (29,948) (29,948)

Bill £ 43,050 (14,974) (14,974)

Betty £ 43,050 (14,974) (14,974)









Annual exempt amount Taxable Gain


Bill’s CGT would be £617 (£2,202 at 28%). Annual exempt amount Taxable Gain


Bill is a higher rate income tax payer so all of his gain is taxed at the higher CGT rate of 28% - ie £32,150 at 28% = £9,002. Betty is a basic rate income tax payer with £15,000 of her basic rate band remaining. Therefore the first £15,000 of Betty’s gain is taxed at the lower CGT rate of 18%, the rest is taxed at the higher CGT rate of 28% - ie : 15,000 at 18% 17,150 at 28%

£ 2,700 4,802


Betty’s CGT would be £396 (£2,202 at 18%). There are also various rules to cover more unusual scenarios with regard to PPRR which are beyond the scope of this article. Conclusion In this article I have touched upon some of the tax issues with regard to selling residential properties. The article is based on current legislation, rates and allowances. Different tax years have different rules to negotiate. In particular there were some major changes to CGT introduced in 2008. Tax legislation is complex and it pays to work with a professional adviser. I would be happy to advise on any tax issues. I can be contacted at or on 01842 755032.

May 2013

 Bury st edmunds

Whitsun Fayre Stalls from all around the region come to sell their produce on 26th and 27th May 2013. The Whitsun Fayre will be held on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May and is a two day event in Bury Town Centre. It incorporates a flower and plant market, a farmers market, the ever popular mini-farm, a cosmopolitan variety of craft and food stalls from across the globe, and this year there will be a beach situated in the

Traverse. Street entertainers, musicians, and a face painter will also be present. The event runs from 10.00am to 4.00pm each day. A great day out for the whole family... Highlights.. Flower and plant market, Farmers Market, Mini-farm, Beach in the Traverse, Variety of craft and food stalls from across the globe, Street entertainers, Musicians and Face painter. The details... Sunday 26th May and Monday 27th May 2013, Bury St Edmunds Town Centre, 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Bio: Bespoke ecommerce solutions, mobile app development and web design from a creative agency based in sunny Southwold, Suffolk.

@creativeintent Bio: Are you enthusiastic & outgoing? Want to run your own business & work from home? For great cosmetics & fragrances Call: 07946 364462


May 2013

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10 Bury st edmunds

Tuesdays ‘free after 3’

Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds. get new East of England Co-op food store.

Parking in Bury St Edmunds is now ‘Free from 3’ on Tuesdays, and on Wednesday morning, market goers can use Lower Baxter Street car park for free between 8am and 10am.

and cultural events that visitors will travel some distance to enjoy. They will feel even more welcome when they can park for free and spend a leisurely Tuesday afternoon and evening here.”

The ‘Free after three’ on Tuesday parking offer was agreed by St Edmundsbury Borough Council in their off-street car parks and by Suffolk County Council, for their on-street parking. The offer includes the £1 evening charge, so visitors can stay longer and enjoy the entertainment the town has to offer.

Being closest to the busy historic Bury Market, the free Wednesday parking period from 8am to 10pm at Lower Baxter Street car park is a chance for shoppers to pop in for their fresh produce.

Andrew Speed, Chair of Bid4Bury, the town centre management organisation, said, “Bury has a wonderful balance of independent retailers, high street names

The East of England Co-operative Society is set to open a food store in Bury St Edmunds, creating around 20 new jobs. The 3,000sq ft store on Out Risbygate is set to open soon, and will be the first East of England Co-op food store in the town.

St Edmundsbury will continue to offer free late night shopping after 4pm on Thursdays in the run up to Christmas.

The new store, formerly the site of a car showroom, furniture showroom and recruitment office, will stock a wide range of food, drink and groceries, including the East of England Co-op’s Sourced Locally range from local farmers and producers.

More information

The East of England Co-operative is the largest independent ethical retailer in

East Anglia, and currently operates a funeral branch on College Street. It also operates food stores nearby at Elmswell, Woolpit, Haughley and Long Melford. Roger Grosvenor, Executive Officer - Retail for the East of England Cooperative Society, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our food store network further into West Suffolk by opening a food store in Bury St Edmunds. “We are excited about the new opportunity of opening a store in Bury St Edmunds, and this will also create new job opportunities for around 20 local people.”

St Edmundsbury Cathedral Alongside the Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, visit: We offer all who come to St Edmundsbury Cathedral a very warm welcome. Suffolk’s Cathedral, in the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds, only became a cathedral in 1914 but nevertheless has a long and rich history. Once part of the great Abbey of St Edmund, a major centre of pilgrimage in medieval England, the Cathedral has developed from the parish church of St James to the inspiring building it is today, which sits at the heart of the community with the iconic Millennium Tower dominating the skyline of the town. Situated alongside the award-winning Abbey Gardens, a visit to the Cathedral and the town of Bury St Edmunds offers the perfect mix of heritage, retail and relaxation for the discerning visitor. Guided Tours of the Cathedral are available daily (except Sundays) at 11.30 am Just turn up and meet the guide near the font. The Cathedral boasts an impressive Shop, which is open 7 days a week and a wonderful café/restaurant, known as the Refectory, which offers locally sourced food at affordable prices. Tours are also available for groups. They are led by a knowledgeable volunteer guide, who will tell the history and stories of this fascinating place, including options of themed tours on stained glass, needlework, the Ancient Library, the Treasury, Tudor or American connections.

May 2013

A range of refreshment options are available, such as tour, tea/coffee and biscuits for £6.75 per person. If you would like to talk about a possible visit, find out more about the tours on offer and other refreshments options, please contact the Visitor Officer, Margaret Lambeth, on 01284 748721 or email

Sunday 19th May Bury Festival Concert: The Tallis Scholars. 7.30 pm. Tickets £5-£23 from or 01284 758000 Wednesday 23rd May Concert: Kirbye Voices with cellist Yalda Davis. 7.30 pm Tickets £5 from the Cathedral Office or on the door

Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th May Michael Hillier and Colin Burrows Edmund Centre for Arts and Theology Nature, Art and God - monthly study days in the Cathedral Lecture Room from 10 am to 4 pm. Cost per session: £25

Events at the Cathedral in May

Lunchtime Recitals

Saturday 11th May Nature, Music and God : Learning from Bach Jeremy Begbie

The Cathedral hosts a number of events in May including events which are part of the Bury Festival.

The Friday lunchtime recital series takes place from 1.10 to 1.50pm.

Saturday 1st June Sounding the Seasons Malcolm Guite


Free admission with a retiring collection. Bring your lunch or buy a snack from he Refectory.

Saturday 15th June Riddled with Light Susie Hamilton

Saturday 11th May Organ Festival Recital: Katherine DienesWilliams, Guildford Cathedral. 5.00pm Free admission with a retiring collection

10th May County Upper School, mixed recital

Thursday 16th May Bury Festival Concert: Late Night Organ Recital by Cathedral musicians James Thomas and Dan Soper. 10.00pm. Tickets £6 available from or 01284 758000 Saturday 18th May Bury Festival Concert: Bury Bach Choir with guests perform Verdi’s Requiem8.00 pm. Tickets £10-£23 from or 01284 758000

For more information on any of the above, please contact Sharron Stowe, Arts Co-ordinator on 01284 748730 or

17th May Chris Parsons, trumpet, Alex Berry, organ

Tuesday Evenings at the Cathedral

24th May Sam Corkin, saxophone, Samuel Rathbone, piano

Lectures and discussions are held on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm in the Lecture Room. Admission free, donations welcome.

Art Exhibitions

14th May A Visual Meditation on the Parable of the Prodigal Son: Dr Nicola Slee

Exhibitions in the Edmund Gallery in May 2013: Saturday 11th to Thursday 23th May Constance Stubbs

11th June Sex, Gender and the Churches: Are we asking the wrong question?: The Revd Professor Sarah Coakley.


It’s time... be inspired


he all new Toyota Auris is designed to inspire on the outside and delight on the inside. It looks amazing, performs brilliantly and has exceptional new technologies to make your driving experience as exciting as it is stylish. From the aerodynamically modelled ‘keen look’ grille, enhanced by striking LED daytime running lights, to the optional sweeping panoramic roof (designed to let daylight flood in), back to the wrap-around combination lamp design and new back bumper profile, this low and lean, confident new Auris is a car that will turn heads.

see the difference with contemporary silver highlights, clear instrument design and cockpit style console. And if you can bear to leave the comfort of the new Auris, when you reach your destination, parking’s no problem with the invaluable Park Assist system. be individual N ot only are there a range of clever technology solutions to make your Auris all your own, there’s also a choice of engines. These include our world famous full hybrid, the advanced petrol and diesel options.

You’ll feel the difference with soft touch materials used throughout and the addition of a luxury leather steering wheel. You wil

to be informed

All models are intuitive and easy to drive and deliver a great balance of performance and fuel economy. With four specification levels available, there’s sure to be a model to suit your very individual driving needs. be ingenious F be inquisitive A or every beautifully styled detail on the outside the Auris has been equally well thought out on the inside. You begin with the effortless Smart Entry system then turn on the DAB radio and appreciate your favourite stations in crystal clear quality.


s with all our models we offer an exceptional 5 year warranty and accessible finance, so a new intriguing, inspiring and individual Auris could be yours from just £199 per month^ with 0% APR Representative*.

Find out more at: Dingles, Buckenham Road, Attleborough Norfolk, NR17 1NB. Tel: 0845 1240786 (local rates apply)

Time …to be informed Bold new look, aerodynamically designed with a powerful road presence Bright LED daytime running lights DAB radio, Park Assist and smart entry available Choice of engines, including our world leading full hybrid or advanced petrol and diesel options Fuel economy up to 74.3mpg

Terms & Conditions: New Auris Icon 1.33 VVT-i 5DR manual £17,145. Offer excludes metallic paint extra £495. Prices correct at time of going to press. *0% APR Representative only available on new retail orders of New Auris Icon (excluding Hybrid) when ordered between 1st April 2013 and 30th June 2013 and registered and financed through Toyota Financial Services, Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5UZ before 30 September 2013 on a 3 year Access Toyota (PCP) plan with 0-25% deposit. ^Payment shown is based on a 3 year Access Toyota contract with £4100 deposit and Guaranteed Future Value/Optional Final Payment. Indemnities may berequired. Finance subject to status to over 18s. Other finance offers are available but cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. Excess miles over 30,000 charged at 8p per mile. Toyota Centres are independent of Toyota Financial Services. Terms and conditions apply. Affordable finance through AccessToyota. 5 year/100,000 mile manufacturer warranty subject to terms and conditions. New Auris Icon 1.33 VVT-i 5 door manual. Official Fuel Consumption Figures in mpg (l/100km): Urban 42.8 (6.6), Extra Urban 60.1 (4.7), Combined 52.3(5.4). CO2 Emissions 125g/km.

14 MOTORING review

Subaru XV 2.0D SE Lux Premium By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist, Follow Tim on Twitter: @carwriteups or visit THE DOWN-TO-EARTH Subaru XV unites city style with urban and off-road ability. It also has another ace up its sleeve - it’s the safest model in its class for child occupant protection. Every XV is equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a Boxer engine - ensuring an engaging and dependable drive in all conditions. Despite a ground clearance of 220mm, the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) offers

a low centre of gravity, which aids its “on-road” grip, and helps it to achieve 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds. The 2.0 diesel XV, on test here, is likely to be the best-selling model, offering class-leading fuel economy of 50.4mpg on the combined cycle, while emitting 146g/km of CO2. The car comes fully loaded with a standard kit list sure to make many premium compact SUV makers feel embarrassed.

You can expect to find traction control, Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control (SVDC), front, side, curtain and knee airbags, 17-inch alloy wheels, daytime LED running lights and automatic air conditioning. The flagship SE Lux Premium model also comes with cruise control, a rear-view camera, Bluetooth functionality and USB/iPod connectivity. And if that’s not enough, a sunroof, Keyless Smart Entry, pushbutton start, leather seats and satellite navigation are thrown in too. If SUVs do it for you, this could be one to consider. A couple of things let the Scooby down though: some cheap interior plastics and a heavy clutch, but it’s a realistic choice if you’re keen to keep your family safe. Pricing for the XV range starts at £21,295 for the 1.6i S model and rises to £29,995 for the range-topping 2.0D SE Lux Premium.

May 2013

PROS • 4x4 traction • Safety • Lots of kit • Economical CONS • Interior plastics • Heavy clutch FAST FACTS • Max speed: 120 mph • 0-62 mph: 9.3 secs • Combined mpg: 50.4 • Engine: 1998 cc 16 valve 4 cylinder turbo diesel • Max. power (bhp): 145 at 3600 rpm • Max. torque (lb/ft): 258 at 1600-2400 rpm • Max. towing weight (braked) 1600 kg • CO2: 146 g/km • Price: £29,995 on the road

Wiltshire Farm Foods


Spring & Summer 2013. Our brand new Spring & Summer Brochure contains over 260 delicious frozen meals and desserts. After the cold and dark of the winter months, spring brings the anticipation of warmer weather and lighter evenings, but more importantly it’s the sight of things starting to grow again and for us that means food. We’ve created 17 new dishes, including a Roast Chicken with Lemon & Herb Stuffing, Breaded Cod Topped with Tartare Sauce and some delicious additions to our Hearty and Mini Meals. We cater for all appetites - our Mini Meals are a great option when you’re after a lighter meal or snack, and our Hearty Meals are perfect for when you fancy a larger portion. We also cater for a wide range of special dietary needs, including low fat, gluten free, low salt and a range of ‘free from’ options. All our main meals are suitable for people with Diabetes, and our range of Diabetic Hot Desserts allows you to enjoy tucking into something sweet-tasting they just contain less sugar to help your diabetic diet. Meals are delivered free of charge and direct to your door by our caring, CRB police-checked drivers and if you wish, your driver will even pop the meals in

the freezer for you. Whenever you’re ready, you can simply heat your meal from frozen in an oven or microwave and enjoy. So a piping hot meal is only ever minutes away! Our chefs have also developed a new Extra Tender range which offers you delicious dishes containing melt-inthe-mouth, bite-size pieces of meat, fish and vegetables - perfect for those times when you just fancy something easier to eat. Gail Rowley from Wiltshire Farm Foods comments: “We’re so pleased with all our new meals and desserts and they’re perfect for the winter months. If you can’t decide what to choose, try one of our menu packs, offering a selection of our most popular meals and desserts - it’s the perfect introduction to our range. Ordering is easy on the phone or online at and we’ll deliver to your door free of charge. Give my team a call on 01362 699049 we’re happy to take your order or answer any questions you may have.” With 21 years experience, Wiltshire Farm Foods has earned a reputation for delivering quality meals and outstanding customer service, so you’ll be guaranteed tasty, nutritious meals whatever the weather.

May 2013

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