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ISSUE 005 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012


Merry s a m t s i Chr And A ew N y p p Ha Year


Is Your Leisure Time Being Taken Over By The Housework?

Remember Electrical Safety This Christmas

Would you like an honest, reliable and affordable cleaner to clean your home for only £10 per hour?

We all take for granted the wiring in our houses, but each and every year the condition of the wiring degrades through use. It’s up to us to find out what condition its in, if it’s safe, and if it needs any repair work says Paul from Auber Electrical. At Christmas time, we consume more electricity than at any other time of the year, Perhaps you will be entertaining lots of family and friends, that’s lots of extra cooking, extra heating, lots of extra showers, not to mention all those Christmas lights!. When do you think the most electrical appliances are switched on at the same time?...... Christmas Day.

We can provide you with a cleaner that has been vetted in their own home and is insured against accidental damage. At Time For You our priority is to improve your quality of life, by giving you back the time you need to enjoy it. We operate locally, enabling us to offer a reliable, effective and reasonably priced regular domestic cleaning service. You get the same dedicated cleaner each week. Time For You domestic cleaners are: • Fully vetted • Insured • Reliable • Honest • Friendly Good cleaners are hard to find but we will not use anyone who doesn’t meet

our high standards. We believe it’s important for you to feel comfortable with your cleaner - that’s why we arrange for you to meet informally before any cleaning commences. You will have the same cleaner every week so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Time For You cleaners will clean what you want (you specify the tasks), when you want (you choose the day and length of visit). They will take care of everything from cleaning, dusting, polishing, vacuuming and ironing, to changing bed linen and cleaning window interiors. Please call your local office direct on 01359 250677 where you can to arrange an appointment or have a chat regarding our services. Or email us at

Don’t let Christmas go up in smoke.

Generally speaking, the wiring in our houses heats up and cools down due to such things as, the weather, our central heating or whenever we switch on a light or a socket. Over several years this continual heat cycle will degrade the cables and insulation eventually causing a fault or incident. Historically, its at this time of year where we see many faults due to the high loads we place on our wiring for example each year there are approximately 19 deaths and over 350,000 serious injuries every year due to faulty home electrics* many at Christmas. So when was the last time you had your electrical installation checked over by a qualified electrician? We all know that our gas or oil boilers should be serviced every year, but did you know that an electrical installation needs to be tested at least every 10 years. Look at the fuse box, is there a label showing when it was last tested? An NICEIC approved electrician will conduct a full inspection of your wiring in less than a day, giving you a comprehensive report on its condition, recommendations for improvement and giving you confidence that

your wiring is safe and ready for whatever demand you place on it over the Christmas period. So remember, Check your wiring isn’t tiring, Get it checked and don’t be next! Finally, If you are planning to turn your home into a mini-Blackpool illuminations, here’s some tips to stay safe this Christmas. Paul’s Top 10 safety tips for a great Christmas: 1. Always check that your Christmas lights are not damaged or broken before use and look out for loose or burnt wires. 2. Check that all plug fuses are the correct rating as per the manufacturers instructions. 3. Put the Christmas tree near to a socket to minimise the length of the cable. 4. Check that decorative lighting has a safety transformer. This reduces mains voltage to a safe level of about 12-24 volts. Check the transformer carries a CE mark, if not don’t use it. Also check that it doesn’t get too hot! 5. Even Christmas lights need a break – switch all lights off when you go to bed or head out. 6. Give your sockets a break this Christmas – overloading them causes fires! 7. Don’t use extension cables – get extra sockets installed by an NICEIC-approved electrician. Never run extension leads under the carpet. 8. Make sure there’s no risk of plugs and sockets left outside getting wet – the risk of serious injury is far higher in wet conditions. Ensure the lights you use outside are designed for that purpose and that they are plugged into a correctly installed outdoor weatherproof socket. Do not put plugs or sockets into plastic bags, this does not provide protection! 9. Ensure all outdoor lights are connected to a 30mA RCD protected mains. The RCD will provide added protection against electric shock. 10. Make sure you know where your fuse box is located so you can reach it quickly in emergencies. Here’s to a safe and a very Merry Christmas to all. For further information, call Paul at Auber Electrical on 07850 675941 or 01953 453096 or visit *Figures from 2007 Electrical Safety Council Statistics

 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

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Catherdral Christmas Concert Announces New Sponsor.


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January 9th 2012 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

Christmas IN


Free Christmas Shopping Bus Bury St Edmunds Town Council, in partnership with Mulleys of Ixworth, will be funding two FREE Christmas shopping buses looping round the estates in Bury St Edmunds and into the town centre on an hourly service on four Sundays (27th November, 4th December, 11th December and 18th December 2011). Route 1 - First pick up at 9:35am.

Route 2 - First pick up at 9:42am.

Tollgate Lane Prince Charles Avenue Gloucester Road Clay Road Hunter Road Oakes Road Western Way (Asda) Out Risbygate Street (Falcoln Pub) Town Centre (St Andrews Street South) Glastonbury Road Abbot Road Ashwell Road Park Road Gainsborough Road Ridley Road Out Risbygate Street (Falcoln Pub) Town Centre (St Andrews Street South)

Tassell Road Appledown Road Airfield Road Primack Road Bedingfield Way Symonds Road Mount Road Eastgate Street Town Centre (St Andrews Street South) Southgate Street Caie Walk Southgate Street Town Centre (St Andrews Street South) N.B. The bus will stop on request anywhere along the route (hence ‘hail and ride’).

Bury St Edmunds Town Council 7 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1UZ ( 01284 725111 * 8

The Members Of Staff Are: Town Clerk: Julia Dyball Tel: 01284 757139 Email:

Assistant Town Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer: Sue Hindry Tel: 01284 757157, Email:

Allotments & Administration Assitant Gill Cook Tel: 01284 757158, Email:

How To Make Contact All Town Councillors can be contacted via the telephone numbers below (all numbers have 01284 as their dialling code unless specified otherwise), or by e-mail. Some have mobile or business telephone numbers as shown on 1

Patrick Chung


Bob Cockle


Quentin Cornish


Paul Farmer


Jonathan Hartley


Cliff Hind

7 8 9


10 Stefan Oliver


11 Nicola Ridgeway



12 Richard Rout




13 Paul Simner



14 Clive Springett



Kevin Hind


15 Ross Taylor

07794 881672

Neil Moffat


16 Alan Turner


David Nettleton


17 Patricia Warby


 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

The last pick up for each bus would be approximately 5pm. A full timetable for each of the routes will be available shortly.

The cost of providing this service is £2,200 and Bury St Edmunds Town Council is very grateful to Suffolk County Councillor Stefan Oliver for donating £1,000 from his locality budget.

In addition each bus will carry a charity collection ‘bucket’ with all proceeds going to St Nicholas Hospice.

Please make periodic visits to for up to date information.

News from across your region

Bloody British History: Bury St Edmunds

Santa’s Hospice Jingle

The lurid history of Bury revealed—focusing on only the most gruesome and grisly events

Well that’s what St Nicholas Hospice Care is hoping as it launches its annual Santa’s Hospice Jingle, to be held from Friday 9th December 2011 throughout the festive season. Last year hundreds of people from all over West Suffolk donned the famous red suit and raised over £5,000 for the Hospice.

The market town of Bury St Edmunds, although seemingly quiet from the outside, has played host to some of the most gruesome and bloody events in history. From Viking attacks and the Black Death, to Bloody Mary and grisly deaths at the Abbey, Bury St Edmunds is a town with a rich but brutal past. Filled with battles and beheadings, hauntings and hangings, witchcraft, scandals and murder, Bloody British History delves into this gruesome past in ways like never before.

• The dark side of Bury’s history in one handy-and extremely horrible-volume. • Aimed at those interested in the dramatic, bloody and thrilling events of Bury’s past. • Looks at every brutal happening between 500AD and 1945 including twenty one Tudor martyrs and riots in the Buttermarket. • More than 70 illustrations including rare historical images and a gruesome eight page colour section. Robert Leader, who lives in Bury, served in the Merchant Navy, and was for 20 years a retained fire-fighter with the Suffolk Fire Brigade.

Starting with the Saxons and moving swiftly on to the vicious murder of King Edmund by a Viking horde, the attack on Abbot Lofestan and a whole host of battles, riots and plagues, Robert Leader explores the bloody and often bizarre bits of the town’s history.

The author of more than 200 published articles, 50 novels and three local history guides to date, his adventures include two overland trips across the Middle East, India and South East Asia, the overland trans-Africa trip from Tunis to Capetown and a recent round-the-world trip with his wife.

You’ll never look at local history the same way again...

Published 26th November 2011, £9.99 Paperback Original.

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Clause is coming to town!

This year the Hospice would like people of all ages and professions to help them raise even more, so why don’t you spread some festive cheer this Christmas and become St Nick for the day to support this great cause? You and a group of colleagues could wear your suit to work as a team of hairdressers did last year or grab some school mates and be Santas for the day at school or college.

charities. So what are you waiting for? It only costs £5 to enter and you will be supplied with a Santa suit which you can keep and a bucket for you to store your donations. But if all of that wasn’t persuasion enough, just remember the real Santa is making a list and checking it twice and he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice so make sure you’re in his good books this year and take part in this great event! To get your hands on one of these wonderful Santa suits for you to keep and for more information contact the Fundraising Department on 01284 766133 or email:

You could even get your teachers involved! Remember, whatever your profession, from a builder to a chef, to an office worker to a gardener this event is a fabulous, fun and festive way of supporting one of the region’s best-loved

Dispatch December/January 2011/2012


Cathedral Christmas Concert Announces New Sponsor

Introducing The New Face Of

One of Bury St Edmund’s premier festive events has today unveiled its latest sponsor.

Having worked for four years within the business, Melissa Stannard has become the new owner of the local Printing.Com franchise.

Organisers of Handel’s Messiah Christmas Concert, at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, have worked very hard to secure the sponsorship from local, private hearing care specialists, The Hearing Care Centre. The Hearing Care Centre, who are fronted by multi-award winning entrepreneur, Karen Finch, have a successful hearing centre locally at, Mount Farm GP Surgery, on the Morton Hall Estate in Bury St Edmunds. The company will be taking on the sponsorship of the performances programme, alongside other local sponsors. Karen Finch said, “We are very proud to be one of the main sponsors for this year’s concert. St Edmundsbury Cathedral puts on some magnificent events for everyone to enjoy, and at The Hearing Care Centre we try very hard to get

involved with the local community.” Music and Arts assistant at the Cathedral,Jayne Whiteman, who was pivotal in securing the new sponsorship said “Concerts like these rely on the generosity of our sponsors and we are very lucky and are delighted to have The Hearing Care Centre on board this year”. Handel’s Messiah is being performed on Saturday 10th December 2011, at 7:30pm, at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds. The performances is being directed by James Thomas and features The St Edmundsbury Singers, The Suffolk Handel Players and The Choristers and Lay Clerks from St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Tickets are available from the Box Office by calling 01284 758000 or by visiting

 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

A new, but familiar face is now at the helm of an established Bury St Edmunds printing company.

Deciding whether to move the shop from an existing but expensive town centre location with its natural footfall, to a cheaper but out of town alternative,was one of Melissa’s first challenges. Having made the decision to move, the business is now housed in new premises off Eastgate Street, Bury, with free parking for customers. Says Melissa, “When the opportunity to purchase the business arose I jumped at the chance. So far moving premises has paid off and people are beginning to find me in Eastgate Street. It’s always a risk taking over a business and moving just out of the town centre, but the support and feedback I have received so far from customers has been brilliant. I am keen to put my own stamp on the business whilst maintaining the high standards already

established by the concept.” With a degree in Graphic Design and a background of having worked with local businesses for a number of years, Melissa (31) is well equipped to offer creative solutions to companies looking for a costeffective way to promote themselves. She is keen to grow the business by nurturing existing business partnerships and hopes that her professional but friendly approach will help to attract new ones. “It’s challenging, but so exciting” says Melissa, “I have always wanted to run my own business whilst at the same time helping other local businesses to grow. Being able to pass on the benefits of the franchise’s collective buying power to my customers, to support them and to play a part in their success stories is very rewarding.” For further information please contact: Melissa Stannard, Store Director, Printing.Com, 40 Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Tel: 01284 722931 or email

News from across your region

New Fundraiser Has The Peelability Factor A new, local initiative aimed at raising money for good causes, whilst increasing custom for Bury St Edmunds businesses has just been launched. businesses. Offers featured on the card total over £300 and include deals from national chains like Strada, Café Rouge, Pizza Hut, Cineworld and Tony N Guy, to exclusive offers from independents like the LP Bar, Curve Motion, Zen Noodle Bar and Valley Connection, any of whom previously have not offered discounts.

Above: From left Mark Cordell of Bid 4 Bury, Miriam Watson, Mayor of Bury St Edmunds, Michele Bailey.

The scheme called Peel2Save aims to raise £50,000 over the next year for local good causes. The Peel2Save card is a credit-card sized card that contains 64 peel-off discount offers with Bury

The card is sold by any non-profit organisations, charities, sports clubs, schools or churches as their fundraiser for £10 and they get to keep £5 from every card sold. It is free for local businesses to advertise on the card and the scheme is being replicated in over 400 towns and cities throughout the UK, each

Santon Downham Village Hall Up and coming events.

with their own exclusive card and with the national aim of raising £2.7 million. The Bury card was unveiled at a Launch party hosted by Strada, Bury with representatives from businesses featured on the card, Bid 4 Bury, the Mayor and interested good causes. It can be purchased from the Tourist Information Centre and over ten local outlets aswell as participating charities.

Call to Action: If you would like to find out more about whether Peel2Save could work for your organisation, school or sports club and for a full list of Bury outlets, please call Michele on 07807 982746 or Miriam on 07732 669077. For general information visit

Local businesswomen Michele Bailey and Miriam Watson are co-ordinating the scheme and would be pleased to talk to anyone trying to raise money for a good cause or looking to raise sponsorship money to take part in a fundraising event. Michele said “this is a total community effort, the consumer wins, local businesses benefit and we get to raise significant and much needed money for local good causes. It’s win, win all round.”

Saturday 3rd of December - Xmas Bazaar - Admission is 50p for adults, children are free. Starts at 10am and goes on until 4pm. Come along and do some Christmas shopping, buy some home made cakes and bring the children to see Santa at 1pm. Lots of other great things will be on sale, Café shall be open (Bacon Rolls, Homemade Cakes, Teas, coffees and cold drinks shall be available). New Year’s Eve; 60’s and 70’s Disco & buffet, Tickets are just £12 per person, (inclusive of buffet), Starts at 7:30pm-1am. See the New Year in with a great bunch of people, dance to Mindy’s Roadshow and enjoy an absolutely fantastic buffet. 60’s and 70’s costume is optional. Prize for the best costume! For information on the above, please call 01842 815213.

Dispatch December/January 2011/2012


Saving Tax Using Foreign Christmas Considerations Script Dividends For The Hard Of Hearing Can you save tax on dividends? Sometimes you can, says Mark Wallace of Stacey & Partners! Some companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Rolls Royce, Standard Life and Bank Santander, offer shareholders the ability to receive shares instead of cash dividends. In the case of these companies and a few others, because of the arrangements they have, the shares received are not treated as income and dividends, as in the bulk of such script dividend schemes, but as capital transactions. This has the benefit for higher tax payers of saving them the liability on the tax. The tax situation is somewhat complicated and we would advise that before any tax payer relies upon this as a way of minimising tax, they contact a qualified accountant. Mark Wallace and his team would be able to assist further. Deeds of Variation When an individual dies, they can sometimes leave a Will that is not tax efficient or in accordance with the wishes

of the members of the family. In such circumstances, a Deed of Variation can be drafted by a solicitor and be effective. For the variation to be effective, the variation must be:(a) made in writing; (b) not be made by any of the persons who benefit or will benefit from the disposition; (c) made within two years of death. The Deed of Variation must not be made for any consideration of money or money’s worth, except in relation to the matter of varying the Will. Mark Wallace is a partner at Stacey & Partners in Thetford is able to advise on a number of taxation and accounts issues. He can be contacted on 01842 826100, or by email at His firm has offices in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, and thetford.

By Karen Finch RHAD FSHAA FRSA. As the festive season approaches we all look forward to sharing quality time celebrating the Christmas festivities. BUT for someone with a hearing loss this can be the most difficult type of listening environment to cope with. The constant chitter chatter, the excessive background noise, music and loud voices, all make hearing clear speech very challenging. A normal hearing person doesn’t have to consider these issues, as the brain has more ability to discriminate and pick out the required speech naturally. At times it’s easier for a hearing impaired person to decline an invitation to a social event as they know just how difficult and isolating such an occasion can be. If you are aware that a family member or a friend is experiencing difficulty with hearing clearly, help them to be included in the celebrations by ensuring you look at them whilst in conversation. Raise your voice only slightly but project it more clearly, excess volume does not make speech clearer it only distorts the signal. Guide the group to talk one at a time rather than all at once; provide good lighting, seat the hard of hearing person with the background noise behind them or better still remove all unnecessary

 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

background noise if you can. Hearing problems can lead to isolation, lack of confidence, strain on relationships and lots more; may I ask if you notice a member of your family or a friend struggling with their hearing please encourage them to have their hearing tested? The average hearing-impaired adult waits over 5 years beyond the first signs before seeking help!! The longer a hearing loss is left; the chances are it will decline further. As a routine everybody over the age of 65 should have their hearing tested at least every two years by a qualified professional, just as we do with our eyesight. With today’s digital technology, it is no longer necessary to struggle with hearing problems; the latest micro automatic digital hearing aids are making vast differences to lives especially in social environments. Karen Finch RHAD FSHAA FRSA – Independent Hearing Aid Audiologist & Managing Director of The Hearing Care Centre Ltd 5 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3JZ Tel: 01473 230330

News from across your region

Nest Residential Lettings And Management Rental Prices Rising due to Limited Supply. If you are considering putting your property on the market for rental now is a good time. Due to the high deposits required by mortgage lenders this is preventing people from purchasing, therefore demand has increased for rental accommodation.

As well as a healthy price being obtained the limited supply also means that properties are rented a lot quicker, meaning that void periods are kept to a minimum.

This was let on the first viewing and achieved the full asking price of ÂŁ750pcm without a problem.

This sized property is extremely popular for families and couples at the moment; Nest Residential Lettings and Management therefore if you have a 2 or 3 bed house have recently let a 3 bed semi-detached with a garden, then you could expect a house in Southwold. rapid let for a healthy rental figure.

Nest Lettings are always looking for new properties to let out in order to meet increased demand; and due to their independence are able to dedicate time to providing each property with the attention it requires to secure a quick and successful let. Therefore, if you have a property to let and would like any advice then please contact the team at any time on 01603 621180 or

As this greater demand is met with a limited supply of rental properties available, this has resulted in a dramatic rise in rental prices in the last few months. In East Anglia specifically they rose 2.75 per cent in June, taking the average rents in East Anglia to ÂŁ581 per month. Although this is a negative for applicants searching for rental accommodation, this is good news for potential landlords looking to put their property on the open lettings market.

Above: Outside of Orchard House, Southwold.

Above: Recently let Orchard House, Southwold.

Dispatch December/January 2011/2012


Heritage Festivities At West Stow and Moyse’s Hall, Bury St Edmunds. The Christmas ‘magic’ continues at Moyse’s Hall, Bury St Edmunds during December with the opportunity to enjoy another two M.R. James stories, widely appreciated at this time of year.

The cost is £5 per child which includes a small gift.

On Sunday 4th December at 2pm, the Victorian gentleman will be reading ‘Martin’s Close’ and ‘The Treasure of Abbot Thomas’ in an atmospheric area of the museum, washed down with a warming seasonal drink.

Moyse’s Hall opens from 10am to 5pm (last entry 4pm) Mon - Sat, 12 noon to 4pm on Sundays (variable), closed Bank Holidays. West Stow is open daily between 10am and 5pm.

Suitable for Adults, tickets cost £10 per person + your Heritage ticket.

Don’t forget that both West Stow and Moyse’s Hall have shops that may have that special something you are looking for, including gift Heritage tickets, and West Stow is the ideal place to go for a breath of fresh air before the festivities get going.

For further details contact Moyse’s Hall on 01284 706183 or or call in for a leaflet.

Santa will be taking time out on Saturday and Sunday 11th & 12th December to meet the children of Bury St Edmunds in his forest home at Moyse’s Hall. Do come along and let him know your wishes for Christmas.

10 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

A Service Of Remembrance In Bury St Edmunds is being organised by St Nicholas Hospice Care. The annual Light up a Life service on Sunday 11th December, combines a church service with a moving ceremony on Angel Hill, where the names of loved ones lost will be read out.

volunteers. Following the Songs of Praise service, there will be an eyecatching candlelit procession from St Mary’s Church to Angel Hill for the Light up a Life ceremony at 7:30pm.

Last year’s touching event saw hundreds of people take part in the procession and hear from people whose lives have been touched by the Hospice.

Anyone wanting to take part will be offered a candle to carry from the church as well as have the name of loved ones read out by Hospice staff, volunteers and supporters.

The event will start at St Mary’s Church at 6pm, with a Songs of Praise service including prayers, readings, hymns and interviews with Hospice staff and

There is no charge for the Light up a Life event but donations to the Hospice are welcome.

Welcome To Our Competition Page!

Competition EGAP

- Fun For All The Family! -

Find The Snowmen Competition

Wordsearch Competition

WIN A £20


Gift Card For Sainsbury’s

A Tub Of Celebrations

Can You Find The Snowmen? Find The Hidden Words... The Naughty Elves Have Been Building Snowmen!

Get in to the spirit of Christmas and find all the Christmas words listed below and enter our competition to win a tub of Celebrations to eat over the festive period.

Can you find all the Snowmen? There’s lots of them, in fact even Dispatch Magazine don’t know how many there are! The Elves have built them and hidden them, so you are going to have to look hard to find them all peeking around corners and hiding behind adverts... They are all lurking in the pages of Dispatch Magazine - can you find them all and let us know how many of them you could find? The lucky winner can spend their £20 Sainsbury’s gift card on electrical goods, toys or put the money towards your Christmas food shop.






C K W W Best Of Luck..,. Santa Q V










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Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE.

Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE.

Usual Dispatch rules apply. The winning entry will be drawn on 19 December 2011.

Usual Dispatch rules apply. The winning entry will be drawn on 19th December 2011.


Bury St. Edmunds

Bury St. Edmunds

Dispatch December/January 2011/2012 11

CARING FOR THE ELDERLY From The Field To The Freezer How Wiltshire Farm Foods’ carefully prepared frozen meals are helping people stay independent. For those who’ve worked hard all their lives, maintaining independence is particularly important - especially when it comes to mealtimes. Wiltshire Farm Foods is one company that’s keen to help those who can’t get out and about as much, so they can eat well and look after themselves. Established for more than 20 years, Wiltshire Farm Foods creates and delivers a delicious range of frozen meals that can be cooked in minutes. From the field, to the freezer, every detail is considered in order to offer nutrition, value, flavour and awardwinning personal service. Ingredients are selected from carefully approved suppliers and are then prepared by a

team of nutritionists and award-winning chefs in their Wiltshire kitchens.

Most dishes take 8-12 minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes in the oven.

Once cooked, the meals are placed into handy trays that fit easily into the freezer, then frozen almost immediately to lock in the freshness.

As they are cooked in their trays, there is no preparation, no pots and pans, just delicious meals that you can enjoy in your own time.

Convenience is a key part of the Wiltshire Farm Foods offering. All meals can be ordered over the phone or online.

Maintaining independence has never been easier.

They’re then delivered by a friendly, local delivery driver, who is always happy to put meals away in the freezer if preferred. With the freezer stocked up, you know that a hot meal is only ever a few minutes away.

12 Dispatch December/January 2011/2012

Recently, national treasure Ronnie Corbett joined Wiltshire Farm Foods for a TV and magazine campaign promoting the delicious meals - and the independence they bring. The TV adverts also feature Edith and Eric, who talk to Ronnie about the benefits of the service. If you’ve not seen them yet, keep a look out.

For more information about Wiltshire Farm Foods in Norfolk and North Suffolk, you can call 01362 699049 or visit for a free brochure.

CARING FOR THE ELDERLY Stay Warm In Your Home Able Community Care There are some simple tips to stay warm and safe in your home during the winter.

Has been providing live-in care services throughout mainland UK and the Channel Islands since 1980.

A warm home during the day

Our clients, who range in age from their early twenties to centenarians, have all chosen to remain living in their own home rather than moving into a residential care home. When we ask our clients why they have chosen to have a live-in care package rather than move into a home where they could also have 24 hour care, we receive comments such as:

To keep warm at home during the day try to: • heat your main living room to around 18-21°C (64-70°F) and the rest of the house to at least 16°C (61°F)

• make sure your loft has at least 10–11 inches (270 millimetres) of insulation - any home with 4 inches (100 millimetres) or less should have it topped up • make sure wall cavities are insulated

• heat all the rooms you use in the day • make sure you keep your living room warm throughout the day and heat your bedroom before going to bed • set the timer on your heating to come on before you get up and switch off when you go to bed In very cold weather, set the heating to come on earlier, rather than turn the thermostat up. This means you won’t be cold while you wait for your home to heat up.

• insulate your hot water cylinder and pipes Dress warmly You can help keep warm by: • wearing plenty of thin layers, rather than one thick one • putting on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and warm shoes or boots when you go outside

I can have independence in my own home. I can be spontaneous, if the sun is shining and I fancy being pushed round the park I can go. Having 1:1 care means that no day is the same. When I was more able I could choose how to spend my days. Having live-in care means I can still do that.

My family wanted me to stay in my own home, but they were worried about me on my own in case I fell. Having live-in care in my home eliminates their worries. I look forward to the same carers returning to me on a regular basis. My carers shop for the foods I like and cook them well for me. Able Community Care has provided just under fifty million hours of care and we have been able to help thousands of people and their families. If you would like our information pack or want to find out more about our care provision, please give us a call on 01603 764567 or visit

• wearing clothes made of wool, cotton or fleecy synthetic fibres

A warm home at night To keep safe and warm at home during the night you should: • try to keep the temperature above 18°C (65°F) in your bedroom overnight • open the window or door a little at night for ventilation if you use a fire or heater in your bedroom during winter

• wearing bed socks and thermal underwear at night Stay healthy in winter There are things you can do that will reduce the risk of illness and protect you against the cold. Get an annual flu jab

• never use hot water bottles in the same bed as an electric blanket, even if the blanket is switched off • unplug blankets before you go to bed, unless they have a thermostat control for safe all-night use

You can get a free jab if you: • have serious heart, lung or kidney disease or diabetes • have a weak immune system, caused by disease or medical treatment

• get your electric blanket tested every three years for safety – Age UK or your local fire and rescue service may be able to do this for you

• have had a stroke or TIA (transient ischemic attack)

Keep the heat in with insulation

• are pregnant.

• are aged 65 years or over

Insulation makes your home warm and healthy and will also help to keep your heating costs down. It’s a good idea to: • fit draught-proofing to seal any gaps around windows and doors

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