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Issue 31 April 2015

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2015 April | 03


Cadbury Which Wood and Why Waveney Tree Specialists look at the difference between wood and timber What’s the difference between wood and timber?

and woodworm and therefore prized in cabinet making.

None really; we usually refer to a standing, growing tree as ‘wood’, when it is felled and sawn as ‘timber’ and when we make things with it as ‘wood’.

Walnut The heart wood is warm greyish brown timber with a hint of chocolate and pinkish hue and incredibly stable and durable. It is prized as a veneer and for making gun stocks and wood sculptures

If you look round your home you will see many things made of wood. Obvious things like wood panelling, furniture, door and window frames; but the less obvious include paper, photographs and toothpaste. Toothpaste contains carboxymethal cellulose which is basically pulped up wood. In Africa, sticks of Diospyros are used for cleaning the teeth as it contains antifungal bacteria, which combat gum disease and tooth decay. From the very earliest times, man has used wood for tools and weapons, buildings, furniture or fuel for his fires. Archaeologists often date primitive cultures by the material men used for the cutting and shaping of timber – stone, bronze and iron axe heads. The axe head may have altered but the shaft has been the same for thousands of years – tough and supple ash. Mahogany Mahogany was first brought to Europe by the Spanish from Central and South America in the C16 and is the collective name from several species. It has a distinctive red-brown colour with dark figuring. As well as being beautiful it is impervious to rot

Teak Originally from India, Burma and Indonesia, it now is widely planted in Central America. It has golden brown heartwood and is extremely strong and durable. Teak is used in all manner of things including furniture, boats, staircases and sea defences, as it is resistant to fungal decay and even to termites and marine borers Ebony There are two main types of ebony; African which comes from West Africa and Madagascar and East Indian Ebony which comes from Sri Lanka and southern India. It is used in furniture and sculpture but probably best known for making the black piano keys, castanets and chess men. Oak There are more than 450 species of oak. The most popular are known as the ‘white oaks’ and come from Britain, America and Japan. It has creamy sapwood, yellow brown heart wood with silver grey veining and is one of the world’s most popular timbers. Because of its strength and straight grain, it is used in construction – most of the tithe

Twirls... barns, churches and cathedrals have oak beams. Once, oak was the mainstay of boat building resulting in huge areas of oak woods being felled Beech Beech wood is hard strong and heavy but lacks toughness and is therefore rarely used outdoors. It is excellent for mass produced goods as it is easy to work in any direction. It is versatile wood for furniture, short tool handle and flooring. Is easy bent after steam treatment and suitable for laminating – when rotary peeled it yields large sheets of attractive veneer.



Spruce This is a group of 20 evergreen conifers from the northern hemisphere. The 2 most popular are Norway spruce from northern Europe and Sitka spruce from North America. Both are used widely for interior building work and pallets. Sitka is favoured for pulp for newspapers. Pine Pinus sylvestris occurs right across Eurasia and is one of the heaviest softwoods. It is often used in the manufacture of economy furniture and for general building work. In Britain it is the main timber used for railway sleepers and telegraph poles. Elm Elm occurs right across northern temperate regions. The heartwood is dull brown with reddish tinge and irregular growth rings. It is water resistant and the Romans used elm for water conduits. The Rialto Bridge in Venice stands on Elm piles. Sadly because of Dutch Elm disease the timber is now in short supply.

Whether you’re popping to the Co-op for well-known brands or locally made treats you’ll also be popping a little bit back into the community. Last year alone, thanks to you, we were able to invest over £500,000 in local projects.


Willow The light weight, long fibres and straight grain of the willow is put to good use in making cricket bats. The ‘cricket bat’ willow, Salix alba, is grown mainly in Norfolk, Suffolk and Sussex. The basket willow, osier or withy is grown mainly in Somerset and is coppiced every year to make long straight lengths for basket weaving. Hazel is sometimes woven in to give extra strength. Expert advice is a phone call or e-mail away T: 01379 668 636 M: 07990 801 388 Free estimates Realistic, competitive prices Check us out on our website



*From Monday 6th April -Sunday 28th June 2015.

Another good reason to

pop to the co-op


East Anglian Brass Band Association Leyland band to perform in Norwich On Sunday 10th May 2015, the East Anglian Brass Band Association is proud to present its 77th Annual Gala concert. In 2015 the Association welcomes the famous Leyland Band, who are currently ranked 13th in the world, to St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich. For over sixty years the Leyland Band has been performing quality entertainment across the United Kingdom and abroad.

are now on sale. For more information and tickets email either the Association Chairman or the Association Secretary administration@eabba7. or telephone the Association Secretary on 01473 626986.

East Anglian Brass Band Association Presents

Leyland Band Sunday 10th May 2015 St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich, 6.30pm Box office 01473 626986 Charity number 1062760

Leyland has won the “Brass In Concert Championships” five times which reinforces the band’s first class reputation on the concert platform. The band’s repertoire is extensive and broad to appeal to all tastes. The concert commences at 6.30pm. Tickets costing £14.00, £16.00 and £18.00

2015 April | 07

GENERAL Make a choice to change if you want a better life! Isn’t it great knowing that you are totally responsible for how you live your life. We are not animals that have keepers. Where you live, what you do, the money you earn, the job you have, the people you associate with, are all your choice and your doing. There are some things that are learned behaviours that perhaps we don’t like, but you have a choice to change that; Who called it a monthly income when it lasts just 2/3 weeks for most people? How about earning more than you can spend? Who said weekends had to be restricted to two days? Why can’t they be 3, 4 or 5 days?

08 | April 2015

Who said you can only have two weeks holiday a year? Why can’t you have two weeks every month? If you’re happy existing, that’s great. If you’re not, you have to change something before it’s too late, but firstly you have to choose to make that change. What I find fascinating is just how many people do choose…. to do nothing! They just accept that that’s the way it is, what’s my lot, these are the cards I have been dealt, I just have to accept this is the best it’s going to be.

But why? Why don’t you choose to be better, earn more, spend more time with your family and friends, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Time is only a one time experience when it’s gone it’s gone forever. Be very careful how you either live or waste each day. If something is not quite right change it, even if it’s only a small thing. The first sign of insanity is to do the same things everyday and expect a different result. • If you choose to want more time freedom, you can have it. • If you choose to want to earn more money this year than last, you can have it. • If you choose to want to better your life, you can do it. • If you choose to want to make a difference, you can do it. You just have to choose to do it first, then you’re halfway there. So if you have made a choice

that you want things to be different / better, what next? Well, I am looking to expand my already successful network by working with a just a few key people who are looking for change. Whilst no promises are made, because in the end your success depends on you, if you are in the market for an extra income, and you’re a person who wants personal development, wants to grow and wants a better life, then contact me. Ask Yourself This: If you have no time now how is that going to improve? If you do not have enough money now how will that change? Here is the answer. Create a Financial safety net for you and your family. Choose to Beat the Bills or become Extremely Wealthy - The choice is yours. So don’t delay. You will start the rest of your life one step at a time. Make sure your heading in the right direction.

GENERAL East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) Ride for Life launched to support nook appeal and Quidenham hospice East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) largest and longestrunning fundraising event ‘Ride For Life’ returns for the 22nd time this summer. This year it’ll be in a new location, with new routes and is taking place in aid of both the nook appeal and the charity’s existing hospice in Quidenham. Cyclists and walkers are being encouraged to dust off their saddles and clean up their walking boots for the event which takes place on Sunday 14th June. Mayday in Thetford Forest is the new venue, having been previously hosted in Santon Downham, and participants can

take part in 3, 6 or 12 mile forest walks, 5,10 or 25 mile off-road cycle rides and 16 or 38 mile onroad cycle rides. The 5 mile off-road cycle ride and the 12 mile walk will raise funds for the nook appeal, while funds raised from the other events will support the charity’s Quidenham hospice and current services in Norfolk. There will be stalls, activities, live music and well-earned refreshments available; making it a great day out for all. Green Ventures Bikes in Brunel Way, Thetford, which is a social enterprise run by Keystone Development Trust, will be at the event to offer cycle repairs and adjustments and will be asking

for donations to EACH. They will also be selling bike accessories and parts.

something new, please signup for a great day out with a charitable cause at its heart.”

Mark Loades, EACH Norfolk Partnerships Manager, said: “We’re really excited about this year’s Ride for Life which is going to be bigger and better than before. We’re at a new location at Mayday in Thetford Forest so there’s more space and the routes will de different, which is especially important for many of our supporters who attend every year.

Registration opens later this month, but you can register your interest now at EACH supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk.

“The event will raise funds for the nook appeal to build a new children’s hospice and will also raise funds to support our current services in Norfolk and this is a vital message we need to get across to our supporters that we need to keep our current services going as well as raising funds for our exciting new project. “Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or rambler, or want to try

We rely on voluntary donations for the majority of our income and need to raise almost £6 million to deliver our services this year – £16,000 a day, every day of the year. EACH Royal Patron – Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. For more information about EACH, including forthcoming events and how you can help raise funds, visit uk or call the Norfolk fundraising office on: 01953 666767.

2015 April | 09

GENERAL East Anglian Game & Country Fair The 2015 East Anglian Game & Country Fair will take place on Saturday the 25th & Sunday the 26th April, at The Norfolk Showground, Norwich. There will be lots of new displays including The Essex Dog Display Team which is generally accepted as the premier and longest established dog display team in Great Britain and Europe. The team appeared at Crufts for a record breaking eleven years and they were also invited to display at the Five Nations Rugby Tournament at Twickenham for the Calcutta Cup, England – Scotland match. They are the only civilian dog display team ever to be selected to appear at The Royal Tournament in front of Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Phillip and the Royal Family. Working with many different breeds of dogs (the majority of which have been rescued); the team produce a professional highly entertaining, action packed and informative display. The central feature of the display is a 100ft long by 8ft high ramp, which the dogs negotiate at high speed through hoops of fire. There are excellent equestrian displays and workshops at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair. UK Horseboarding Arena Demos “somewhere between scurry racing and wake boarding” describes Arena Boarding. Teams take on the clock around a course of gates, set to challenge the best boarders and horse riders, from long straights into sweeping bends and ninety degree turns. In terms of motorsport it is more like rallying or Formula 1. Teams have to work together to achieve the right racing line to take the bends and complete the course. New board technology has meant that board riders can get 10 | April 2015

more grips in the corners, but as the track gets scrubbed out, you will still see them power sliding round the bends kicking up dust like a rally car. This part of the sport has become so technical that board set-up, and even tyre choice has become critical. The teams push their boards to the limit as they fight it out, trying to shave 100ths of a second off their times. As will always happen, when sportsmen push themselves and their equipment to the limit, sometimes they find the edge. Crashes are frequent, - with the teams’ motto seeming to be “we will not win by going slower.” An absolute must-see spectacle - you will not be able to take your eyes off it, as teams achieving already unbelievable speeds, get faster with each race. Richard Maxwell, our Horse behaviourist, was in the Household cavalry with “Monty Roberts” and he will be demonstrating twice daily in the round horse pen, where you will be able to see the special understanding and training techniques that Richard uses to help horses overcome some of their fears. This is a fantastic opportunity to see Richard using traditional and natural techniques on horses that have been brought to the game fair by their owners for Richard to work on and this will be the first time that Richard will have seen the horse he is going to be helping. N & J Heavy Horses is a family run business which has been running for around 10 years, performing horse drawn carriage work up and down the country, such as weddings, proms, fetes

and carriage rides in the town of Southold. Their two Perchons aged 7, three Shires aged 9 to 11 and one Clydesdale aged 6 will be performing musical demonstrations which are fun for all ages with all different types of music; modern and oldies and is set to be enjoyed by all in both the Main and Countryside Arenas Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation (Sat) present an invitation to see working equitation ridden by the riders who have represented Great Britain in the European and World Working Equitation Teams. These fine horses will demonstrate the grace needed to be at the top of their sport. The quest of lightness on their hooves, no involuntary movement, any direction easily and the art of doing nothing will all be demonstrated during their arena time. We have a fantastic line up of more free events to watch in the Main and Countryside Arenas. Ring displays also include 6 times FITASC Sporting World Champion, European Champion and English Open Champion John Bidwell performing his world famous off the hip trick shooting with an automatic and pump action shotgun shooting from the hip over his shoulders and from between his legs, this is a rare opportunity to see John’s display. West Norfolk Hunt will be taking the hounds for a parade of the ring, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Flight of the Falcons, Ferret Racing, Fly Fishing, Berkley Owls, Sheep Dog and Duck Display, Lurcher Displays, Gun Dog demonstrations and much more. The Mid-Norfolk Gundog Club has been providing its members with training and competitions for 30 years and this year the Club celebrates its 25th anniversary as a Kennel Club Registered Society. The Countryside Arena demonstrations illustrate the stages of training for spaniels and retrievers as they are prepared to become working gundogs. Trained gundogs have a vital role in any form of responsibly conducted game shooting.

In the Main Ring, the roles and work of spaniels and retrievers are demonstrated in the context of the shooting field. Mid Norfolk Gun Dog Club will be running the Gun Dog Scurry competitions and a Team Gundog Working Test - a competition for trained gundogs that simulates the problems the dogs will encounter when working. The competition, introduced to the East Anglian Game and Country Fair last year, is an ‘Open’ standard competition for teams of three experienced dogs and handlers representing clubs and societies from across East Anglia and takes place over both days of the fair. Expect and enjoy first class work and a keen but friendly competition from some of the best gundogs and handlers in the region. Whether you are a practicing falconer, nature enthusiast or not the falconry village is sure to keep you entertained. There will be mini events going on all day in the arena, lure swinging competitions, talks on hunting and a chance to practice you skills at catching a ‘wild injured owl’ plus several stands to browse along with expert advice from falconers. The Forestry Villages hosts The East of England Cutters & Climbers Competition and Pole Climbing Competitions. The forestry arena will be a buzz of activity with chainsaw carvings, felling demonstrations, tree climbing and pole climbing competitions. Tree workers from around the UK will be competing at this rare opportunity to see a working forestry village. If Bear Grills is your thing then Woodland Ways Bushcraft & Survival will be demonstrating their vast knowledge of bushcraft & survival techniques. There will be opportunities throughout the day to get ‘hands on’ and learn some skills for yourself. They will also be running ‘Pigeon Plucking’ competitions on their stand over the weekend. Find out how quickly you can prepare a pigeon for the table without using a knife.

GENERAL Norwich Vikings Trials Motorcycle Display will have a range of riders from those on modern bikes to those who prefer the classic bike and classes for all abilities. Riders will be taking their bikes around a purpose built obstacle course from old oil drums to large tree trunks. This will all take place within the forestry arena. Our game fair country kitchen has a great new line up with a variety of cookery workshops and demonstrations taking place over the weekend from a selection of local chefs, including Celebrity Chef Chris Coubrough, Roger Hickman, Andy Snowling, Eric Snaith and Na Hansell plus many more. The Cookery Theatre is housed in the centre of the busy food hall where you will find a wide variety of exhibitors from Norfolk and across the UK bringing unusual and mouth watering food and drink to the show for our visitors to sample, enjoy and purchase.

great selection of stands selling antiques, collectables, vintage and retro goods. They are the oldest, biggest and best monthly antiques fair in Norwich. Children of all ages will be able to take part in countryside activities and meet several animals. Stands at the event for little ones include Red Barn Farm, Woodbine Alpacas, Scratby Donkey Rides and of course Heart Radio. Join in and ‘have a go’ at a range of country activities from clay shooting with John Bidwell’s High Lodge instructors or enter the 40-bird re-entry shooting competition for men, women and juniors. Fly fishing with the Salmon and Trout Association, ferret racing and archery to paintballing and crossbows. Take a helicopter pleasure flight over the showground, try the air rifle range, hold a bird of prey or take a ride in a Landrover on the off road 4x4 course.

what is happening next in the Main Arena during the weekend or to save your car park location, the Game Fair app is your essential guide to a great day out for all the family, available to download FREE from ‘The App Store’. Ticket Information:

Fine & Country Educational Zone: - A wide variety of some of the best Independent schools from across the region will be on view in the New Fine & Country educational zone. This large marquee gives all the visitors the opportunity to meet some of the staff and pupils from these schools and see some of the teaching and learning environments in a friendly environment. Come & join the Fine & Country team in the marquee for a complimentary hot drink. There are over 300 shopping stands with a wide variety of products from fashion and footwear to gun makers, eco products, fishing products and home improvements. Plus craft halls and gift marquees. The main bar will be serving a great selection of local beers and drinks over the weekend and the Sheringham shanty men will be performing during the day. We are delighted to announce that Norwich Antiques Market has again been added to the line up for this year’s show. Visit their stand on Avenue E for a

K9 Aqua Sports© will be holding its ‘K9 Jump Jet©’ Competition, which is the Long Jump for dogs into water, with Heats at 12.00pm (Midday) & 2:30pm on both days (Saturday & Sunday) of the show and the K9 Jump Jet© Finals will be held at 3.30pm on the last day (Sunday) of the show with the top Teams Dogs that have jumped the furthest distance within the 4 Heats Dogs, Fly ball Dogs, Gundogs, Obedience Dogs or even the Families Pet Dog are welcome, as long as they are over 6 months old and healthy. All K9 Jump Jet© Heat Participants will receive a Participant Rosette with Placement Rosettes for Top 6 Teams in each Heat. Enter your dog into the Dog Agility and Jumping competitions and ‘have a go’ arenas, the Pet Dog Show or even the popular Terrier & Lurcher Show which takes place on Sunday at 11am. This will be a qualifier for all major championships as well as the East Anglian Championship. Whether you want information about the Game Fair prior to buying tickets or want to know

Advance discounted admission tickets are available now online at or by calling the ticket hotline number 0871 230 1102 Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline plus standard network charges. Adult £13.00, Children (5-16 Yrs) £5.00 and Family (2 Adults & 3 Children) £36, (offer valid until midday 20/04/14 and a small booking fee applies). Under 5’s are Free and Car Parking is Free for all. On the gate prices: Adult £17.00, Children (5-16 Yrs) £6.00, Family (2 Adults & 3 Children) £46, under 5’s are Free and Free Car Parking for all. Become a member of the show. Priced at a very attractive £26 per adult, £11 per child (5-16 yrs) or £76 for a family (2 adults & 3 children) its great value! Beat the queues with prioritised car parking & admission to the show plus entry into the ringside Members’ enclosure with luxury loos! Membership tickets, gift packages, experience days and

lunches are also available to book online at or call 01263 735 828 for more information. Camping Weekend Tickets - Set in glorious parkland, The Norfolk Showground is a fantastic place to visit and camp for the weekend, conveniently situated just 5 miles from Norwich city centre. Just bring your Caravan, Camper or Tent and enjoy a fun filled short break in Norfolk with your friends and family! The Norfolk Showground provides excellent camping facilities plus you can enjoy two whole days at one of Norfolk’s most talked about family days out. Well behaved pets are most welcome too. Book early and save money on Camping weekend tickets visit for prices and full details. Keep up to date with all the latest game fair news and offers at Subscribe to our e-newsletter and join us on our social networking sites, or call 01263 735828 for more information.

2015 April | 11

GENERAL The Government is URGING you to switch your Energy provider Dual-fuel customers of the big energy firms have missed big savings by not switching suppliers, early evidence from a competition inquiry suggests. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been investigating the energy market since last summer. It says that from 2012 to 2014, more than 95% of dual-fuel customers of the big firms would have saved money by switching tariffs or suppliers. The savings they missed ranged from £158 to £234 a year per customer. Richard Lloyd of consumers’ association Which? said the energy industry had failed its customers and the regulator would have to be much tougher. “Politicians and regulators have put too much faith in competition driving keener prices for

12 | April 2015

consumers - this simply hasn’t worked,” he said. The investigation by the CMA was formally launched last July in response to an earlier referral from the energy regulator Ofgem. Ofgem had been concerned because of widespread disquiet at the dominance of the industry by just six big operators. Currently the “big six” energy firms - SSE, Scottish Power, Centrica, Npower, E.On and EDF Energy - together account for about 92% of the UK’s energy supply market. Consumer groups and politicians have frequently accused the firms of using their

position to raise customers’ prices swiftly when wholesale energy prices go up, but being slow to cut them when their costs have come down. Poor customer service by the big six firms is highlighted by the CMA. It says the number of complaints recorded against them rose fivefold between 2007 to 2013. These were mainly about problems concerning billing, customer service and payments. If you are looking for an alternative supplier, you might like to consider Utility Warehouse – The Discount Club. Utility Warehouse Guarantee savings on your household bills via their unique Price Promise: They guarantee you’ll save money when you switch all your services to them, or they’ll give you back ‘Double the Difference’. The Utility Warehouse provide over 600,000 customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including

landline phone, mobiles, broadband, gas and electricity. You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse before; that’s because they don’t spend money on expensive advertising like other companies. This saves them millions of pounds a year — savings they pass on to you! They rely completely on recommendation from happy customers and a network of Distributors to spread the word about the great savings they offer compared to their competitors. Even if you haven’t heard of them before, you can be completely confident in their services. They are a Which? Recommended Provider and scored five out of five for customer service. If you’d like to save money, get in touch. I’ll explain how you can benefit. I look forward to talking to you. Jonathan: 07802 690589, please feel free to call me anytime!


14 | March 2015


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Keeping it in the Family It’s not just about the numbers

An innovative and forward thinking firm of chartered accountants which has been helping families preserve and grow their businesses and wealth for over 150 years. For a free consultation contact: Brian Floringer | 01284 337070 |

Bury St Edmunds - April 2015  

The April Edition of Dispatch Magazine for Bury St Edmunds.

Bury St Edmunds - April 2015  

The April Edition of Dispatch Magazine for Bury St Edmunds.