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 Dispatch March 2012

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Editors Note Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of Dispatch!

March 2012 Issue 126

As you know, Dispatch prides itself on being a community magazine. Not only do we keep you informed of everything that’s happening in the local area, we also love getting involved ourselves. At the moment, nothing’s quite as exciting as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June, and the celebrations that our towns are putting together.

Dispatch Magazine Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE Tel: 01953 456789

There have already been a number of meetings to discuss a programme of events for each town and how each and every resident can get involved. I can tell you that it’s shaping up to be really varied and exciting!

Editor In Chief: Jonathan Horswell Advertising Manager: Jayne Ashby Advertising Sales:

So, you can imagine how pleased we were when the event organisers in Diss and Attleborough asked us to be their official publicity sponsor! This means that over the next few months, we’re going to be dedicating a number of pages in Dispatch to helping promote the fantastic array of events, concerts, competitions and parties that will be taking place near you over the Jubilee celebration weekend. In May, we’ll also be producing the official programme guides for each town to make sure you all know exactly what’s happening and where... we don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun!

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Be sure to read Dispatch every month to keep up to date with all the latest news about what’s happening and how you can get involved. Jonathan Horswell Editor In Chief

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March 12th 2012 Dispatch March 2012

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Diss Decorative & Fine Arts Society Wigs, Waistcoats and Weepers. Accomplished expert, Mary Alexander, maintained the very high standard of presentations to Diss Decorative & Fine Arts Society [DDFAS] with her comprehensive lecture on “Power Dressing” in the Eighteenth Century.

A key element was men’s wigs which remained a vital part of dress and fashion statement for more than a century.

In a time when we might have expected fashions and styles to develop more slowly than today, Mary showed how very important it was to be “a la mode” and how opinion as to your importance and social position depended on your clothes and their cut, style and accessories.

The same applied to the way you carried your hat or the number and style of your waistcoat buttons. In fact the whole “look” was vital if you wished to succeed or influence.

 Dispatch March 2012

Your wig conveyed your position, power and how seriously others might take you. Out of Date in your headgear and you were not taken at all seriously!

Women in society also conformed to the key statements of fashion including wigs, hats and, of course,

shoes. Fashionable ladies also wore “saque backs” – gowns which flowed from the shoulders and a favourite of Hollywood in the 20th century to convey 18th Century glamour. The latest trends could quickly travel across Europe and new trends were detailed and illustrated in Fashion Dolls – Barbies for the discerning follower of fashion. Good Tailors would advance your social position. If we had thought that Power dressing, image consultants and rapid fashion changes were a current matter, Mary was able to expertly show us we were wrong. Today’s more casual codes together with our larger and more athletic

shapes mean we are less likely to judge someone’s position or status just by their clothes and fashion. More than 100 DDFAS members enjoyed this dramatic lecture and we look forward to the March presentation on Matisse and Picasso, 50 years of friendly rivalry at Royden Village Hall from 1.30pm on Tuesday 20th March 2012. Potential members are always very welcome. ….and weepers? - These were fashionable mourning accessories, usually white but only seen today in black as arm bands or ribbons on undertakers’ hats.

News from across your region

Norfolk Family History Society Diss Group. The first talk of 2012 at the Diss Group of the Norfolk Family History Society was given by Group Member Gillian Brown and was entitled “From Hackney to Princetown and back”. Whilst Gillian based her theme on her family, it included an explanation of the treatment of Conscientious Objectors during both WW1 and WW2, though it is impossible in this short summary to repeat much of that detail. She and her father had saved a very great many items relating to the family over the course of years, which she was able to incorporate into the talk. It was not until 1916, with the coming of the Military Service Act, that conscripts were required to serve in the British Forces. Application could be made to a Local Tribunal for a certificate of exemption and there were various grounds for this being granted: importance of the work being done by the applicant, exceptional financial hardship to the individual or

his family, ill health, or conscientious objection to becoming a combatant. Some 16,000 men were recorded as Conscientious Objectors, many being Quakers. Some were sent to Princetown (Dartmoor), where life was somewhat less rigid than in other prisons in the UK. Gillian’s grandfather, Harold John (Jack) Brown was one of those whose conscience did not allow him to take part in the activities of the forces. At the end of WW1, many conscientious objectors found that they could not easily obtain employment, although Gillian’s grandfather did find work, and also became a member of the Labour Party and the T.U.C. and was awarded the M.B.E for his services. In WW2 his son, Harold Godart Brown followed suit, having already (in June 1936), joined the Peace Pledge Union, and in 1940 also became a Conscientious Objector. Because he was working as a film projectionist for the British Film Archive, he was not

required to change his job or work in agriculture or forestry. In 1942 he decided that he should become involved in more active work and joined the Friends Ambulance Unit and spent some time on the continent. On release at the end of the war he went back to his film work as Film Preservation Officer at the BFI’s Archive in Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire.

Gillian’s talk was very well supported by photographs and newspaper cuttings and gave us a great insight into a subject that we had not previously encountered. We all learnt a great lesson on the necessity of retaining material that could be used for the construction of a family tree and the social history of the times in which our ancestors lived. Report by Tony Blackburn.

Diss W.I. Well, we moved into our new premises in January and the feedback from members was great. We had room to move around and socialise. Our speaker Basil Abbot, Historian and Manager of Diss Museum entertained us with 4 murders dating from 1213 - 1910. They were gory and scary and some places in Diss certainly took on a new light!!!.

Our Area Exhibition, due in April, was discussed in length, tea and coffee was served and the mood was light and warm. In January we had the Bonus Ball instead of a Raffle and the lucky winner won £10. New members are always welcome.

Dispatch March 2012


Stacey & Partners Do you have anything to declare? We would associate these words with Customs and Excise, but increasingly HM Revenue and Customs are asking individual taxpayers this question, says Mark Wallace from Stacey & Partners.

Examples of task forces and campaigns include:• Private “at home” tutors and teachers • Hobby income, such as EBay traders

They have launched “taskforces” to route out individuals not paying or declaring income tax on casual earnings, and are becoming increasingly active in this area. If you receive any income, which is not taxed, then it needs to be declared to HM Revenue and Customs, usually by completing a self-assessment tax return. Tax returns for the year ended 5th April 2011, containing income to that date, are due to be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs by 31st January 2012. If sent into HMRC late, substantial fines can be incurred, and so it is important you contact H M Revenue and Customs now if you think you have anything to declare. There could be fines of approximately £1,200 for returns submitted very late, and then interest on top of that.

 Dispatch March 2012

The Importance Of Making A Will Making a Will enables you to provide for specific intentions that you have for the division or disposal of your property, money and possessions upon your death. A Will is particularly important when you need to:

• Dentists, doctors commission income • Plumbers, builders and subcontractors • Restaurants • Scrap Metal merchants. Mark Wallace can be contacted at the firm’s Thetford office, 01842 826100, There are also offices in Bury St Edmunds (01284) 73400 and Newmarket (01638) 564200.

• Provide for your children • Provide for an elderly or disabled relative • Make provision for a friend • Make a gift to charity • Minimise administration costs • Minimise tax liabilities If you die without a Will that is valid you will be regarded as having died ‘intestate’, which could mean that matters are not handled in the way that you would have wished. With our ‘In Home’ service you do not need to take time off work to visit the solicitor. A trained Estate Planning Consultant will take your Will instructions in the comfort and privacy of your own home at a time to suit you. All documentation is drawn up by Overburys Solicitors, a long established local solicitor’s practice,

who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This ensures that you receive the best possible protection and know that your Will has been correctly prepared to the highest possible standards. Here at Overburys In Home, our experienced team will ensure that your Will expresses your wishes in a clear and concise manner and is legally valid. We can also advise you on related matters such as: • Inheritance and taxation laws • Appointing executors and guardians • Making gifts and setting up trusts • Marriage and separation • Changing and updating your Will To make an appointment contact our Diss office on 01379 641221 quoting Dispatch or email dispatchenquiries@

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The personal injury lawyers.

You are invited to the next 4Networking Diss breakfast meeting which is on Thursday 15th March or Thursday 29th March at the Angel Café in Fair Green.

Your questions answered…… Question: I recently had a car accident when another vehicle drove into the rear of my car when I was stopped at traffic lights. My back has been really bad since the accident. I had a problem however with my back before the accident, although not at the time and not as bad. Will this prevent me from making a claim for compensation? Answer: The fact that you have had back problems in the past will not prevent you from claiming compensation. It may however have an effect on the extent to which you can claim compensation for your back injury. As essential part of valuing a personal injury claim involves obtaining a report from an independent medical expert. The medical expert will be asked to provide an opinion as to the extent that you would have suffered problems with your back even if the accident had not occurred. This is because you will not be able to claim compensation for symptoms that you would have had with your back in any event. The fact that you may have suffered a more serious injury

because of a weakness in your back is not in itself a problem. This is because you look at the individual person and their specific symptoms as opposed to symptoms that someone else might have suffered. Where someone has pre-existing problems with for example their back, medical experts often talk in terms of acceleration or exacerbation of symptoms. Exacerbation refers to preexisting symptoms becoming worse as a result of an accident. Acceleration on the other hand may apply to a situation where someone was likely to have problems with their back in the future, but those problems have been brought forward in time. Your solicitor will be able to advise you specifically as to the extent that you can claim compensation once medical evidence has been obtained.

We meet up every other Thursday at the same location. Why 4Networking? 4Networking really is a different way of doing things. You have three one-to-one appointments at every meeting and members can attend any one of almost 300 groups across the country. This is your chance to become part of a 50,000 strong network sharing information, solving problems, building relationships and doing real business.

How to Book your place To join us at the next Diss 4Networking event, simply email me: and I will book you in or please go ahead and book yourself in at: Group/Diss Need more convincing? Head over to where there’s plenty of information about the club and why it could prove so valuable to your business. Don’t forget to email me and I will book your place. jonathan@DispatchMagazine.

The details: I look forward to welcoming you to 4N. Time: 08:00am - 10:00am

If you have a question for our legal advice team you can submit it by email: or in writing to: Chancery House, Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4HZ.

Location: The Angel Café, Baldrys Yard, Fair Green, Diss, IP22 4BQ Price: Just £10, to cover entry and a cooked or continental breakfast

Dispatch March 2012

An interview with...

Louise Moore of ‘LifeMatters’ Can you tell us when LifeMatters began and about the different aspects of your business now.

Above: Louise Moore of ‘LifeMatters’ Louise you are the Director of LifeMatters can you tell us a little about your background and what you do now. I work as a practitioner in my two LifeMatters Clinics based in London’s Harley Street and here locally in Redgrave, Suffolk. I am qualified to an advanced level in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP, and Nutrition Life coaching and Family Therapy. I work with clients from all walks of life both nationally and internationally along with the medical profession. My knowledge now allows me to work with any issue my clients may present however my specialist fields are: Anxiety and Depression, Weight Loss and Eating Disorders, Relationship and Family issues. I am a Tutor for ‘LifeMatters Training College UK’ on the Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma course, and Director of all other aspects of ‘LifeMatters’.

LifeMatters originally started out as one therapy clinic over 10 years ago, 5 years later we opened our Clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street. Then just over two years ago we launched ‘LifeMatters Training College UK’ an independent complementary therapies college. Most recently we have launched our Hypnosis Program and our Family Dynamics program. What courses are ‘LifeMatters Training College UK’ currently running and who can apply? As an independent training college for complementary therapies we run professional qualifications courses and introductory courses in Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Anatomy and Physiology. Our courses are fully accredited and validated; we will take students from the age of 20-65 and support them on their journey from student to professional practitioner. We also teach a variety of Workshops as a taster to the certificates plus other complementary subjects. Tell us more about your Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy ‘LifeMatters Clinic’s in London’s Harley Street and Redgrave in Suffolk

visiting one of my LifeMatters Clinics in London’s Harley Street or Redgrave in Suffolk. I offer private consultations, couple or family therapy on a private basis. Usually clients can be seen quickly if the situation is of an urgent nature. I can work on any issue presented offering full support for as long as is necessary. Can you tell us about why Hypnotherapy is such a beneficial treatment? Hypnotherapy is a wonderful relaxing experience that taps into your natural Alfa brain state, the one you enter into when you day dream or focus intently on a particular task like reading, there are no side effects other than positive ones and a hypnotherapist cannot make a person do anything against there own will. It can help a person to quickly resolve many difficult issues deep down in the subconscious where the problem lies from fears and phobia’s, anxiety, depression, panic attacks to giving up unwanted habits like smoking, dealing with weight loss, eating disorders to insomnia. Hypno-analysis which is a combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is an advanced therapeutic technique that is beneficial for those with unresolved past crisis, loss and trauma in their lives. You should always make sure that the therapist you see is registered with an appropriate governing body like the GHRGeneral Hypnotherapy Register.

This highly successful system includes the latest techniques in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Motivational Coaching to help you achieve your goals. This is not a diet but a change of lifestyle that my client’s embrace it. The HypnuSlim program is a proven success that is recommended by top celebrities to doctors within the medical profession. What do Family Dynamics have to offer the community? Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families by providing access to child and family counselling and coaching around East Anglia. To offer education and support to parents on our Family Dynamics local Programs and to offer support packages for schools to helping teachers, children and parents. Using proven models of therapeutic techniques, up to date research and above all else a fully qualified team of experts in this field. Are you looking for help? Yes if there is anyone reading this who may feel they have the right experience to bring to any of our expanding ‘LifeMatters’ programs or training and would like to look into the possibility of joining us then i would be keen to hear from them. For further details contact:

Many people would benefit personally from taking up a therapy such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy or Personal Development Coaching by

You can check this out on line or ask to see a person’s qualifications and registration certificate.

Louise Moore 01379 897007

You specialise in Weight Loss can you tell us about your new HYPNUSLIM Hypnotherapy, Nutrition and Motivational Weight Loss Program?

07970 834446

Our HypnuSlim Programs comes in five different packages you can choose from Private consultations, Shared consultations for couples/friends, the HypnuSlim Virtual Gastric Band program; Classes that run over 8 weeks soon to commence around East Anglia or Workshop days with a cook and dine experience in London. All of the programs are headed by me both locally in Redgrave and in London; other professionals join me for the classes and workshop days.

 Dispatch March 2012

News from across your region

The PIP Scandal – What If This Involves Me? James Feltwell - Trainee Solicitor. There has been much coverage in the media over the past few weeks about ‘Poly Implant Prothese’ or PIP implants. It is thought that 40,000 women including breast cancer survivors could have received PIP implants in the UK which were filled with an industrial gel designed to fill mattresses, instead of medical grade silicon. Medical devices and products such as the PIP implants all receive a ‘CE’ marking under the European regulatory system. The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) allows any products with a CE marking to be used and sold in the UK, and is only able to issue product examinations or safety tests when an alert is raised. Professor Toft, safety expert at Coventry University, has criticised this method of certification and called it “a smokescreen for faulty and dangerous devices”. Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) who made the PIP breast implant were given a CE mark but it was later discovered that, prior to being examined for certification, PIP concealed the use of non medical grade silicon. This has triggered the Health Secretary to request a review of the regulatory system in the UK. Whilst the French medical authorities are advising women with PIP breast implants to have them removed, the UK government is advising women in the UK with PIP breast implants that there is no need for routine removal, and they only need to be removed if the implant has ruptured. The Royal College of Surgeons contradicts this by insisting that all patients should have

access to an assessment and be given the opportunity to have the implants removed upon request. This conflicting advice only confuses women who have the PIP breast implants. If you believe you may have PIP breast implants, you should firstly contact the clinic where your surgery took place or your GP. A scan should then be arranged which would ascertain whether your PIP implants pose an immediate risk to your health. If your scan shows your implants are ruptured you will need to speak to the clinic where your surgery took place and discuss your options. Women who have had PIP implant surgery on the NHS should be able to have these replaced under the NHS. Unfortunately, the French company PIP, has gone into liquidation, and therefore is not in a position to satisfy any judgments made against the firm. According to a recent article in the New Law Journal however, breast augmentation surgery can be classified as a works and materials contract, because the service, namely, the surgeon’s skill and the operation itself, is so substantial that it is the substance of the contract, whereas the goods (the implants) are secondary. Under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, goods supplied under these contracts must be of satisfactory quality, which means that the goods must meet “the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of

any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances”. To succeed in a claim, it would need to be shown that the implants were of unsatisfactory quality. The questions to be asked are: Would a reasonable person either buy, or regard as satisfactory, implants containing nonmedical materials? Would a rational person take a gamble with unknown and untested fillings? The article goes on to mention that if goods are of unsatisfactory quality, then the consumer is entitled, within a reasonable time, to a repair or replacement (in accordance with section 11, Sale of Goods and Services Act 1982). When pursuing claims resulting from PIP implants, claimants would seek to recover the cost of any removal/replacement surgery. It would not be necessary for the implants to have ruptured; if the goods are of unsatisfactory quality the consumer is entitled to a repair or replacement. We believe that anyone who has had implant surgery within the last six years would be entitled to compensation. Women who have had their implant surgery pre-2006, but who have suffered ruptured/leaked implants within the last 3 years, are also likely to be entitled to compensation. Jackamans Solicitors are an Association of Personal Injury Lawyers accredited firm with membership of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.

We would be happy to discuss any potential claim under our 30 minute free interview scheme. Please do not hesitate to contact Chris Moffat or Beverly Phillips on 01379 643555 if you would like an informal chat. Or email

Chris Moffat Legal Executive Clinical Negligence

Beverly Phillips Legal Executive Litigation

Dispatch March 2012


Fuel Costs And Hassle Gives Coach Holidays New Customers A new generation of holidaymakers are discovering the total relaxation offered by coach touring, says a local travel company. Plush modern coaches, all-in bargain prices and imaginative destinations are casting off the old image of bluerinse ladies on charabancs, according to Simonds Coach & Travel, based in Diss: “Not only that, but we’re finding more and more ‘empty-nesters’ are fed up with airport delays and turning to the door-to-door comfort of coach holidays,” says Andy Burrows, Commercial Manager at Simonds. The company is seeing demand growing for holidays as varied as visiting Spanish vineyards and Highland safaris. With holidaymakers turning away from flights to the sun to avoid twohour check-in queues and poor Euro exchange rates. Instead, they’re taking a leaf out of their parents’ book and opting for UK holidays where they can put their feet up.

10 Dispatch March 2012

“They are starting to realise that you meet more people travelling with a group and get great value for money,” said Mr Burrows.

and a Christmas cruise up the Rhine. Call 01379 647300 for a free brochure, or visit and book on-line.

“Most good coach holidays include a taxi from your front door to the coach so there’s nothing to do except chat, snooze and watch the scenery go by.”

Coach holiday facts

Simonds uses 3-star and 4star hotels, includes dinner and excursions in the price and – unlike national operators – heads straight for the hotel after local pick-ups: “It removes all the stress of travelling so you get to your resort relaxed.”

• ����������������������������������� Many coach holidays include a pickup - often by taxi or minibus - from your front door. Simonds provides this service

Among holidays offered this year by Simonds are trips to Northern Spain’s vineyards and beaches, a holiday to Floriade 2012 - the gardening festival held in Holland once every ten years - a Scottish ‘Lochs and Isles’ tour with a lovely rail journey,

• ���������������������������������� Coach travel is seven times safer than going by car

• Per passenger, coaches use around half the amount of fuel used by trains and a quarter the fuel used by a car

• ������������������������������ Many modern coaches have more legroom than planes

• ��������������������������������� Research which saw holidaymakers going to Paris fitted with heart rate monitors found that those going by car, Eurostar and plane were much more stressed than coach passengers [Travel Trade Gazette/ Leger Holidays, 2008] • ������������������������������������ Within reason, there are no luggage weight limits on coach holidays • ������������������������������ Simonds has pick-up points in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Beccles, Norwich, Diss, Bury St Edmunds, Thetford, Newmarket and Ipswich, among other East Anglian towns and villages. For further details and interviews, please contact Andy Burrows on 01379 647300.

Don’t forget to check out Your Local Vouchers on Page 32

News from across your region

Mobile Home Selection Diss Museum Service Will Come Directly To You!

Among the new displays in Diss Museum is one commemorating the 150th anniversary of Diss Church Junior School.

Save yourself valuable time and the effort of visiting many carpet showrooms, let us take away the pressure off selecting a carpet by coming to you at a time that suits you. County Carpets Direct are a local family run mobile carpet store covering Diss, Attleborough, Eye, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds, Banham, Stowmarket, Debenham, Ipswich and all surrounding towns and villages We offer free fitting, free estimating, no obligation quotes. Robert has 30 years experience in the flooring trade and along with his top team of fitters who have vast experience; you can trust us to offer our customers the

best professional, friendly and personal service around. County Carpets Direct, Never beaten on price! Now available a great range of memory foam Mattresses at amazingly low prices with free local delivery. We also offer a fantastic range of rugs from contemporary to traditional including kitchen rugs, with prices to suit all. Appointments available 7 days a week

A study of the school records has shown the length of service given by many of the teachers.

Miss Alice Jolley was a kind of classroom assistant and then a teacher from 1887 to 1934, a total of 47 years. Miss Ellen Cocksedge taught the infants at the school for 42 years, from 1908 to 1950. Miss Cissie Smith began as a monitress in 1918, later moved to Roydon School and was still teaching Sunday School in Diss Church in the late 1960s. Mr. Reginald Cubitt was Headmaster for 19 years (1917-36), succeeded by Mr. Harry Pursehouse who was Head for 26 years until 1962.

Contact Robert today Tel: 01379 897007 Mob: 07972 582598

Mr. Henry Denny was a pupil at the school in the 1930s, returned as a teacher and succeeded Pursehouse as Headmaster. Miss Mary Powell taught at

the school for 30 years (1942-72). In Mr. Cubitt’s time 30 children gained scholarships to the Secondary (later Grammar) School in 10 years. At that time you either paid to go, got a scholarship or went to work at 14. Being a Church School, the Manning rectors (commemorated by the museum last year) were very active in the early years. The rectory was nearby, so Canon Charles Robertson Manning and then his son the Revd.Charles Upwood Mannning were frequent visitors to test the children. The museum re-opens on 14th March until the end of October. Opening times are: Wed & Thurs afternoons, all day Fri & Sat and Sunday afternoons from May to August. Admission is free. Basil Abbott

Dispatch March 2012 11




Diss Jubilee Celebrations Full Programme Of Events For The Queen’s Jubilee As we look to 2012 it is set to be a year of celebration, there are so many different events happening over the year that will look to build on the prime ministers dreams of a big society. My name is ‘Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt’ and I am the organiser of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Diss. For the past five months I have been working tirelessly to bring together plans for the Jubilee Celebrations in Diss; however the only problem has been that I have been working alone. Up until last week I was working solely to bring together my ideas and turn them into reality so that Diss can celebrate this special event in style. Recently however I have managed to entice a few members of the public to give up their own time to help me make my Jubilee plans a reality and this has meant that we are now able to look at making our event amazing. We have a full program of events planned in Diss on the park over the Jubilee weekend, on Saturday 2nd June 2012 we are going to be hosting a party in the park, this will involve local bands and performing groups that will show their talents on two stages in the park. There will be a craft fair and lots of activities for both young and old to take part in and we would welcome anybody who wishes to perform on this day.

On Sunday 3rd June 2012 we will be hosting a big lunch event in the park, the big lunch is a nationwide project set up by the Eden project back in 2009, the aim of the project is to bring together as many people to eat lunch as possible, we are hoping to fill the park with catering stands with foods from around the world and lots of different cultures. We will try to bring in local people offering local products and services to our big lunch participants; we are going to have bands, raffles, races and games for all in attendance. This whole day should be jam packed with fun for all and attract hundreds. On Monday 4th June 2012 we are going to be holding a fireworks display over our wonderful mere and beacon lighting on the park, there will be hot food, music and fun.

Community groups in Attleborough have put together a full and varied programme of events to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. The Attleborough Jubilee Partnership, a community group made up of town councillors and representatives from various community organisations in Attleborough has been working closely together over the last few months to produce a programme of activities to appeal to all ages in the town.

Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists Car Treasure Hunt - Rotary Club Open Gardens - Attleborough Horticultural Society Play - Connaught Hall - Attleborough Players

Full details of the events and timings for the weekend are still to be finalised but the provisional programme will be: Saturday 2nd June Flower festival - St Mary’s Church Craft Fair - Connaught Hall - Macmillan Cancer Group

Bell Ringing - St Mary’s Church Evening picnic with an old fashioned Sports Day and Children’s Entertainer, leading into the Jubilee Beacon Lighting Recreation Field. Tuesday 5th June Flower festival - St Mary’s Church

Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists Children’s story telling - Library

We are going to light up the skies with what promises to be a wonderful fireworks display, this will hopefully be a great ending to a weekend of Jubilee Celebrations. Obviously this does not just happen overnight and we are looking for the support of businesses and the local community to help with the organisation and funding of the events, obviously you don’t have to be able to give a lot to take part, it can be anything from spreading the word via Twitter or Facebook, to coming to one of our fortnightly meetings where you can get involved and support our events.

Coffee morning and display of old photographs - St Mary’s Hall Attleborough Heritage Group Over 60’s Afternoon Tea Party - St Mary’s Hall - WI Party In the Park - evening - Carnival Committee (Queen Tribute Band, hog roast, possibly a rock choir) Sunday 3rd June Flower Festival - St Mary’s Church Carnival (including Procession & Recreation field events) - Carnival Committee Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists

Anybody who wishes to take part can come along to our regular meeting at DC3 in Vince’s Road contact me for details.

Open Gardens - Attleborough Horticultural Society

Monument unveiling and burying a time capsule - Queen’s Square Attleborough Celebrates - St Mary’s Hall Attleborough Heritage Group Many other groups not mentioned against specific events, including all 3 schools, the Probus Club, the Lions, the Conservative Association, Attleborough Writers and Guides have nevertheless been fully supporting the Partnership. The design for the permanent monument for the Jubilee, which will go in Queen’s Square, will be decided via a competition. Details were sent to the schools and other youth organisations and the competition was open to all young people in the town. There was a very good response and the winning design will be featured in next month’s edition of the Dispatch.

Play - Connaught Hall - Attleborough Players Any support would be more than welcome, should you not to be able to attend our meeting but still wish to get involved, you can contact me via email at

12 Dispatch March 2012

Evening Church Service – St Mary’s Church. Monday 4th June Flower festival - St Mary’s Church

If your organisation would like to be involved with the Jubilee, it is not too late; please contact Marjorie Clementson at the Town Council Office by email

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Attleborough Town Council Noticeboard Monthly Update. Tree Estate The Council has an extensive tree estate which numbers over 400 trees, located in several different locations in the town. It was recently agreed to undertake a professional survey in order to determine the condition of trees and thus allow the planning of a future work programme based on priority action. The survey actually indicated that over 100 trees require action on a priority basis and the Council has now arranged to engage a contractor to carry out this most urgent work, which is commencing imminently. In order to restore tree stocks and provide an enhanced amenity value the

Council is looking to maintain tree stock through re-planting where possible.

17th March at Connaught Hall from 10am until 4pm.

On a related matter it has been discovered that Queens Square contains widespread honey fungus which is a disease afflicting many types of tree.

Cost is ÂŁ15 per person with all profits going to her chosen charity which is the Attleborough First Responders.

Already one mature tree has been removed and it is likely that in the months and years ahead that further removal of trees will unfortunately be needed. The Council naturally will be taking advice on re-planting in order to maintain the amenity value in the town centre.

Price includes lunch plus all materials and tools needed on the day.

If you have any of your own tools or embellishments you are most welcome to bring them along and use too.

The idea is to get people together who like to do crafts and give them a chance to learn some new skills and most important of all just to have fun.

There will also be a free raffle on the day of craft supplies.

Craft Making Day Mayor of Attleborough Karen Pettitt is holding a Craft Making Day on Saturday

During the day there will be 3 different types of craft on offer, you can just do one craft or try your hand at all three from Card making to Scrap booking to jewellery making.

We will show you how to make earrings and bracelets and if you want to try your hand at scrap booking just bring along a few photos and we will supply everything else you need .

Anyone wishing to book please ring Karen on 01953 455755. Everyone welcome of any age and level even people coming for the first time.

Dispatch March 2012 13


Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club

Bursaries On Offer For Aspiring Sports Coaches

Club’s rising star.

In a year when British athletes will compete with the best in the world, a new scheme will raise sporting standards locally by helping sports coaches improve their skills and knowledge.

Emma Dolan has won A Gold Medal at the “Golden Girl Tournament” in Boras, Sweden at the 45kg weight limit. This competition attracts Female Boxers from across Europe and was held on the 14th and 15th Jan 2012. Emma flew over to Sweden to compete in the tournament with Attleborough Coaches Jon Dennis and Clare Judge. Emma boxed a Danish boxer, Amahlie Boving,

in her 1st bout which she won 2-1. Then due to the running order Emma then had little time to rest before she had to go into the final with a local Swedish boxer, Liv Carazo Zeter. Because of the difficulty in finding high calibre English Boxers Emma’s next competition bout is lined to be the Pirkka tournament in Finland which she competed in and won last year.

From Left To Right: Attleborough ABC Coach Clare Judge, Emma with her Gold Medal & Attleborough ABC Coach Jon Dennis.

14 Dispatch March 2012

The Breckland Sports Coach Development Bursary scheme, designed to celebrate London 2012, will help aspiring sports coaches to gain qualifications in a number of sports disciplines. Those who wish to obtain a coaching qualification in a ‘priority sport’ can obtain funding for 75% (up to £300) of the cost of the course; those applying for qualifications in other sports can receive 50% (up to £150). Lynda Turner said: “Sports of all kinds are a really positive interest for young people to pursue. Breckland values the many clubs in the district run for our younger residents and we want to support club coaches who wish to improve their skills. We are running the scheme now so that applicants can take advantage of the Active Norfolk Coach Education Week at the UEA Sportspark where there will be many excellent sports coaching courses on offer”.

‘Priority’ sports include basketball, tennis, archery, badminton, dodgeball and gymnastics. Applicants must be resident in Breckland and, after completing their qualification, must deliver a minimum of six hours of coaching free of charge to help the Council deliver their Sportivate and holiday activity programmes. Applications cannot be retrospective, should be received by Breckland by March 10th and should be made a minimum of four weeks before the course is due to begin. Applications will be assessed by the Council’s Sports Development Team and a decision made within two weeks. For more information contact Stefan Clifford on 01362 656870 or email

News from across your region

Attleborough Bible Society

From Me To You Visit from the ‘Fizzy Moon’. A colouring & spot the difference competition, Goody bags & balloons for children.

Verse and Thought for the Month, March 2012. “Dear friends, I urge you, as pilgrims and strangers in this world to abstain from all sinful desires which war against your soul” 1 Peter 2:11

their fellow men and women while confidently pointing them to Jesus who died and rose again, pardoning their sins and giving them new life in their hearts.

The Christian Pilgrimage On their journey through this life, Christians set their hope for the future not on the passing pleasures and pursuits of this world but on their ultimate destination: the glorious reality of heaven. Their prime aim in this life is to love and serve their Maker and

For this reason, the Christian pilgrim has a sure hope of his future guaranteed by God’s unshakable promise of eternal life with Him. The Christian pilgrim is wise: he gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!

From Left To Right: Mrs Janet Marshall (shop manager) Jack Marshall, Karen Pettitt (Town Mayor), David Marshall (owner) and Fizzy Moon. On Saturday 14th January We had a visit from the ‘Fizzy Moon’ character (who features on our newest card & gift range) and our Town Mayor Karen Pettitt who came to cut our Birthday cake.

Town Mayor Karen Pettitt said “it is great that in these hard times small local businesses seem to be going from strength to strength. Attleborough is a thriving Market Town and there are lots of different small local businesses in the Town which cater for most peoples needs. We are very lucky to be in this position and I feel this is part of what makes Attleborough such a special place to live”.

Macmillan Cancer Support Easter fayre, 31st of March 2012. The Attleborough Fundraising Committee will be holding their Easter fayre on Saturday 31st of March 2012 in the town hall, Queens Square, Attleborough from

9:00am-12 noon. There will be lots of interesting stalls displaying a variety of wares, including craft, books, cakes, tombola, raffle and Easter eggs so please come along

and support this worthy cause. Our events aim to raise money to enable Macmillan Cancer Support to improve the lives of people affected by cancer and their carers by providing practical,

medical, emotional and financial support. This year we have sent £20,000 to Macmillan’s Norfolk Project.

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Anglia Computer Solutions

The Best Of British Film At A Venue Near You

Offers computer repairs, sales and services.

Cult classics, black & white greats and BAFTA winner Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Breckland’s second Festival will bring the best of British film to a venue near you!

We are a computer company based in Norfolk with three branches who offer a personal service to businesses and the public. We have many products and services available. Our aim is to provide you with high quality low priced products that will allow you to have reliable systems at a competitive price. PC & Laptop Sales: New and reconditioned units available at all stores. Reconditioned units start from £99 and new from £329, various makes and models. Upgrades \ Repairs & Virus: We offer virus, malware and spyware removal, setting up new software, reinstall or upgrade Windows, recovery of lost data, hardware faults, basically

16 Dispatch March 2012

anything from with equipment, we can help. Home & Business Support: Our fulltime onsite engineer is on hand to resolve your issues at your home or business premises whether it’s simply plugging a new printer in the home or disaster recovery when the server in the office has failed. We offer one of charges or support contracts. We are Cisco qualified for all your network and phone needs whatever the scale, please call for quotes. For all your home and business computer needs call Anglia Computer Solutions on 01953 859753.

Beginning on 3rd March the ‘2012 Breckland British Film Festival’ will celebrate the quality, unique humour and diversity of the great British film industry from the 1950’s to the present day. Organised by Breckland Council in partnership with Creative Arts East (CAE), the Festival will bring a range of films to villages throughout the district. Timeless favourites such as ‘The Railway Children’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ will feature in the line-up together with Ealing Studios classic ‘The Lavender Hill Mob’ and cult comedy ‘Withnail and I’. Using the model that proved so successful in the 2010 Festival, the council recruited ‘voluntary promoter groups’ last year to help roll out the Festival at a local level. Through CAE’s ‘Village Screen’ community film scheme, these promoter groups booked British films at a reduced cost to show at their local village halls and community centres. Groups received

support and training covering aspects such as promotion, pricing and ticket sales. Lynda Turner, Breckland Council Executive Member for Localism, Community and Environmental Health said: “We are fortunate to have so many enthusiastic and energetic individuals and groups in Breckland - seven new voluntary promoter groups came forward to support the 2012 Festival. We have found that local involvement makes all the difference to turnout so I’m sure that we’ll have another blockbuster on our hands this year”. Programmes giving details of the nine films to be screened at rural venues throughout the district can be picked up at libraries, council offices, tourist information centres and from the local promoters of each screening. Alternatively, look on the Breckland website, or call Sam Dawson 01362 656870 for more details.

News from across your region

Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club Tickets for Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club’s 1st home boxing show of the year, Saturday 10th March 2012, are now on general sale. Another full house is expected for this eagerly awaited show which is being held at Attleborough’s Connaught Hall Attleborough ABC’s competition squad for 2012 has recently been increased to 25 local boxers is looking very strong and it is hoped that most of these will be featured on the packed card. Tickets, priced @ £12.00 each are available from the Clubs reception (telephone 01953 457329) or from the Club’s principle sponsor Donna Kissinger Estate Agents, Exchange Street, Attleborough (01953 454272). To promote the Club Gym being recently refurbished and the Clubmark accreditation being awarded, the club is currently offering free taster sessions for all classes ( including Ladies keep fit & mixed work outs ) For full details contact the club on 01953 457329 or use the free voucher on page 32. With this £20k refurbishment, which was raised via fund raising and grant applications, the gym is a fantastic facility

for the town of Attleborough and surrounding area to use and enjoy Get fit & in shape in our fantastic newly refurbished Gym

Sundays Mixed Fitness Session (18yrs+) : 9.00am-10.00am Mixed Open Session (18yrs+) : 10.00 - Noon.

Attleborough Boxing Gym Wood Farm Gym, Deopham Road Attleborough, NR17 1AJ Training Timetable included (details below) Mondays Juniors (11yrs-17yrs) : 6.15pm - 7.30pm Seniors (Aged 18+) : 7.30pm - 8.45pm Tuesdays Ladies (aged 18+) : 6.15pm - 7.30pm & 7.30pm - 8.45pm Thursday Juniors (11yrs-17yrs) : 6.15pm - 7.30pm Seniors (Aged 18+) : 7.30pm - 8.45pm Saturdays Youngsters (8yrs–10yrs) : 9.30am -10.15am Juniors (11yrs – 17yrs) : 10.15am - 11.30pm

Santon Downham (Between Thetford And Brandon) Car Boots For 2012. Every first Sunday of the month 4th of March 1st of April 6th of May 3rd of June (Special Jubilee car boot). These events will be held inside the hall and therefore tables will need to be prereserved on 01842 815213. For those who have come before it is important to

note we are reverting to the old opening times: 8am to 2pm due to popular demand. Outdoor Car Boots start Sunday the 1st of April, Sunday the 3rd of June and thereon every first Sunday of the month until November 8am to 2pm. Plenty of car parking available, plenty of space, disabled facilities and a Cafe on site.

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Attleborough High School Attleborough Town Twinning Members from Attleborough High School visited the Town Council on 10th January 2012. The students held a mock planning meeting and had an opportunity to ask lots of questions. Town Mayor Karen Pettitt said it was a pleasure to have the School visit the Council and to give them a chance to see how things work.

which set out the terms and conditions of work for apprentices back in the 1800’s, this showed the students just how much things had changed over the years.

They asked some very interesting questions and I hope they got alot out of the visit as well. One of the most interesting parts of the visit was a talk from the Towns Archivist Barbara Waters who had some dentures

Sainsbury Charity Gig After huge success and sell out performances at Connaught Hall, The Jam drc are back in Attleborough. Sainsbury’s Attleborough presents The Jam drc, the premier Jam tribute act. Support will be by Second 2 None as The Blues Brother’s. The concert will be held on the 14th April 2012 at Connaught Hall Attleborough. Doors open at 7.30

18 Dispatch March 2012

and tickets are priced at £7.00 each. Tickets are available from Sainsbury’s, at Customer Service or from the Petrol Station. They can also be purchased from DCR Music Attleborough. All proceeds to go to Quidenham Hospice.

Members of the Twinning Association met at The Gamekeeper in Old Buckenham on Friday 3rd February 2012 for the annual dinner. This was a super evening, spent in a warm and welcoming atmosphere on a very chilly evening. The Twinning Association will be holding a Cheese and Wine Evening on Friday 16th March in St Mary’s Church Hall, Attleborough. Tickets at £10.00 are available from the Secretary - 01953 455995. Members, guests and non-members will be most welcome.

The planned visit by our friends from Nueil-Les-Aubiers to Attleborough in May of this year will not now take place but we very much hope to see them in the Summer of 2013. Further details of all the above or how to join us are available from the Secretary on 01953 455995.

Girl Guiding Wayland Welcomes Friends Family & visitors to the Girl guiding Wayland Easter & Olympics Craft Show, Saturday 24th March 2012, 1.30pm - 3pm, Connaught Hall, Attleborough. It is an opportunity for all our members to show off their craft skills and the standard of entries is usually very high. The event is open to all in the afternoon to view the entries. Refreshments are available along with the Easter Egg raffle, tombola and a number of different stalls and games.

Come and see the craft show entries of Girl guiding members across the district. Join in the fun! All proceeds to Wayland District Girl guiding. We are also looking for volunteers - particularly for our Rainbow age group on a Tuesday, from 4.45pm. Please contact me for more information - 01953 456525.

Synergy Solar Systems Ltd The directors of Synergy Solar Systems both had been concerned for some time by the selling techniques and the quality of work seen from some of the companies in the industry. They both knew there was a need for an ethical company that would guarantee their customers a high quality installation without costing the earth and between them they had the skill, knowledge and resources to be that Company. So Synergy Solar Systems Ltd was born. Operating from the premises of their sister company, the long established Yare Electrical Services Ltd, Synergy Solar Systems Ltd provide high quality Solar PV panel installations throughout Norwich, Norfolk, and East Anglia. Why choose Solar Energy? • Fuel is free • It produces no noise, harmful emissions or polluting gases • PV solar systems are safe and highly reliable • Requires very little maintenance • Saves using electricity and earns you money The government estimates a Tax Free return of up to 10% on your investment, compare that to your current savings! The company is an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer and takes their accreditation seriously and are happy to abide by the code of conduct that our membership of the MCS requires. You won’t find them using high pressure sales tactics or any of the other issues people experience. Synergy Solar Systems Ltd’s commitment to you is simply to give you

a quality service at a fair price for a solar PV system that is appropriate to your needs. Some companies offer a ‘rent a roof’ scheme. Synergy do not offer this scheme as responsibility of your own roof becomes a huge issue, especially if you intend to move or pass your property on. This system could be riddled with legal complications and is only offered so they can receive the lucrative FEED IN TARRIFF for 25 years instead of you. Because of the ownership complications of this scheme, the authorities are now looking into stopping it. Their in house design engineers use Amtech and Auto Cad the industries leading design software. All projects are designed to the latest British standards and CDM regulations. With a wealth of experience in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Environments they can offer solutions to all your electrical requirements. Please call 01603 605542 for further information or visit for your Free No Obligation Quote. As well as being a director of Synergy Electrical, Shaun is also Director of Yare Electrical Services and coming soon Yare Decorators Ltd providing project management and installation services throughout East Anglia. Please telephone 01603 626400 or visit for further information of the services on offer.

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Established Family Business Has IT Covered South Norfolk based IT Services Company Bailiwick IT Ltd is a small family business whose prime objective is to provide a personal, reliable, efficient and professional service to its customers. They have been continually striving to deliver this high level of service since their establishment in 2006 and are proud to say they have attracted a loyal customer base along the way.

Bailiwick IT is headed by Joe Richards, who has 8 years’ experience in the IT industry as a Network and Hardware Engineer. He works alongside his son Christian who is also an IT professional.

Satisfied customer Tom Browne of Beccles recently endorsed the business, saying that he found using Bailiwick IT “the most helpful PC experience to date” and went on to say “it’s just the sort of thing SMEs need without being blinded by science or sales patter”.

Joe’s wife Wendy is the Company Secretary.

The company has an impressive list of satisfied customers from a wide range of industry sectors including finance, logistics, agricultural, engineering and manufacturing. The team also boasts considerable experience in assisting home users and it prides itself on its flexible approach when it comes to delivering not only an impressive toolkit of skills and experience but also a range of products straight to customers’ desks, whether in the boardroom or the spare room.

20 Dispatch March 2012

Joe says “I am very proud of the fact that much of our work is through referrals. Six years down the track and we still get a real buzz when we exceed customer requirements to the extent that they recommend us to others. We are a small family business and it’s thanks to this that we can offer a personal, customer-focused service. When customers contact us they know they are going to speak to an actual person, one who makes it his business to fully understand exact IT requirements. We know the importance of getting IT issues sorted quickly and can normally respond to calls within 24 hours”.

The year has started well for the business with their customer base having grown since Christmas. The Company is now looking to extend its offering by providing a new repair service for Apple products including iPhones, iPods and iMacs. With Apple product users increasing every day the Company have recognised a need for these users to have a reliable and locally based service. Joe and Christian are fully aware of how dependent users have become on Apple devices and know the importance of a fast response as well as efficiency of repair. The team are also starting to explore opportunities within the education sector locally. Joe is CRB registered and is looking forward to the challenges of working with colleges and schools to provide a

fully mobile, reliable, cost effective IT service. The business plans to replicate the quality of service already being provided to small businesses in terms of commitment to supply the most relevant solutions to meet the needs of the organisation coupled with a rapid response service. The ever-changing world of IT product supply, repair and servicing is competitive and one in which industryrecognised training is vital. Bailiwick IT Engineers are fully certified by Microsoft, A+ Hardware and Network +. Christian is currently furthering his knowledge by undertaking Apple technical training. The Company’s expertise also stretches across all versions of Windows from Win95 right up to Windows 7, Windows Server products, Sage Line 50/100, QuickBooks, Farmplan, Sum-It and Apple OS X including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Membership Numbers Set Record - Again Attleborough Heritage Group held its AGM on Tuesday 24th January 2012 at Attleborough Fire Station. The formal business, during which officers and committee members were elected and the audited Financial Statement accepted, included informative reports by officers of the Group.Membership is increasing year on year due, in no small part, to the enthusiasm engendered by the activities of the Group and now stands at more than 150. Members were reminded of the successful ventures undertaken during 2011, including the illustrated talks “150 Years of Schools in Attleborough” and “Attleborough Shops over the past 120 Years” - the latter being so popular it needed a repeat performance - coffee mornings, town walks and talks to other groups and societies. Further, and of enormous importance to the Attleborough’s heritage, the Group has been instrumental in obtaining Grade II listed status for the Railway Signal Box and Station Buildings and has also worked in conjunction with the Norfolk Record Office in preserving the records of William Gaymer & Son, a company which operated in Attleborough for

nearly a century. Alan Sparrow, President of the Group, in bringing the first part of the meeting to a close said, “there is growing proof of the service that is given to the heritage and community of Attleborough by the Heritage Group.” In the lively open forum following, members learned of plans for further themed evenings, the Group’s input into the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the continuing progress of the Graves Project, work on identifying photographs and further collaboration with the Norfolk Record Office. The Chairman, Cliff Amos, reviewed the achievements of the Group and said “2011 was the second full year of opening at the Heritage Centre. Visitor numbers have increased by a third to over 800 and the Group has continued to help members and visitors who are researching local or family history.” ‘preserving yesterday’s and today’s memories for tomorrow’.

Focus ON Harleston

Harleston Jobs Club Every Wednesday, drop-in 10am - 12pm. Are you looking for work? Then come along to the Jobs Club for friendly and informal support.

and information to parents/carers with children age 0-5 who are looking to return to work.

We can help you with your CV, covering letters, application forms, job searches, local courses, training and volunteering.

This is a great chance to discuss job opportunities and childcare options.

What’s on in March NHS Health Trainer Service Wednesday 7th March 10am-12pm Do you want to do more exercise, make healthy food choices, stop smoking, drink less alcohol or improve your general health and wellbeing?

Don’t miss our seminar on applying for jobs and interview tips and techniques being held at the Sancroft Centre at the end of March. For more information please contact Lucy Marjoram, Jobs Club Co-ordinator on 01379 851920 or email

Then come along to the Jobs Club where the NHS Health Trainer Service will be giving a talk about the free services they offer. Careers Advice Tuesday 13th March 9.45am-3pm A professional Careers Advisor will be holding 1:1 appointments offering additional support if you are looking for work, thinking about a change of career or seeking training/learning opportunities. Sure Start Children’s Centre Wednesday 28th March 10.30am11.30am The Children’s Centre Manager will be attending the Jobs Club offering support

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Buckenham Arts New Buckenham Art Exhibition 2012 Preparations are under way for the New Buckenham Art Exhibition. This well established event has become very popular over the years and hosts artists from both Norfolk and Suffolk. Now in its seventeenth year there has been a good response from both professional and semi professional artists to exhibit their work. The artwork is of a high standard and a variety of styles and mediums can be enjoyed. There are the traditional landscape painters often showing scenes from local areas and then you can find a more modern or abstract interpretation. Sandra Derry is an artist whose work can be seen regularly at New Buckenham She paints old farm machinery her

22 Dispatch March 2012

favourite subjects you see here tractors and traction engines. Growing up on a farm kindled her love for these subjects. She told me she once sold a picture of a traction engine to a man who used to follow it as a child on his bicycle. These country scenes are popular with the visitors and many come from all parts of the county to view and buy paintings. Our records show people come back year after year. The Opening Night is on Friday 6th April Good Friday from 7.30pm to 10pm admission £3.00 including wine and nibbles. Last year people were queuing to get in so if you wish to buy a picture it is advisable to come early.

However the exhibition is open over the Easter Weekend on the Saturday 7th April Sunday, 8th April and Monday 9th April from 11am to 4.30pm admission £1.00 and there are refreshments available all day. With time on your hands this is an excellent event for your visitors and family. All proceeds from this event go to the Village Hall and St.Martin’s Church New Buckenham.

SPRING Homes & GARDENS Let J&S Homeworks Transform Your Garden As Spring is fast approaching, it’s a good time to create your perfect outdoor living space. Garden patios and decking have never been more popular. There are now an increasing number of styles of garden paving and garden products dedicated to help you gain the maximum amount of use and enjoyment from your patio garden. The biggest impact on patio gardens has undoubtedly been decking which is an easy to maintain area that provides an ideal surface for summer as the wood is near cold but at the same time never becomes excessively hot like some natural stone and manmade paving products. Whether you choose decking or a cement, stone or paving slab patio depends on your site & style.

When creating any area in the garden one of the first aims must be to add interest. Building a pergola in your garden can in its simplest form provide a focal point, however it can also provide an effective soft screen from the neighbours, additional shelter for a walkway or it can frame a view to another feature within the garden.

combination. Wood fencing helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and garden as well as adding essential privacy. The garden fence may be the first thing people see when they come to your house.

Custom made garden sheds are a perfect way to utilise an area within your garden that otherwise would be wasted.

Garden fencing needn’t be boring and can really add character, whether it be traditional or contemporary it can be in a range of styles and materials. Screening can be used to hide an unsightly area - bins compost etc.

By having a garden shed made to suit the area, you are turning a once useless space into a useful storage or work area - half for storage and half as a summer house or maybe a shed and green house

For more information or a free no obligation quote please contact Jason of J & S Homeworks to transform your garden. On 01953 451169 or 07747 847606.

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Fresh New Ideas This Spring

Getting A New Shower Installed?

Your garden should be a real asset to your home and be considered as an additional room for al-fresco dining and entertaining or as an airy extension continuing the indoor theme. However many gardens are wasted space, never achieving their full potential.

Whether you are thinking of just updating your existing shower or contemplating taking out your old existing bath and replacing it with a good sized shower enclosure and new shower, Supreme Bathrooms can take care of it all for you.

Why not consider having your garden redesigned and constructed by our expert, award-winning design and hardlandscaping team to incorporate current contemporary trends or traditional classic features in a garden to love and tend or one that is easy to maintain. Let our imagination do the hard work for you to create a garden that suits your lifestyle and budget. Whether it is a small patio feature or rolling acres, we offer the skills and service to provide everything you need. At Georgina Read Design & Landscaping we specialise in transforming gardens and our flexible approach means we can always meet your requirements for all aspects of landscaping. As we are also the driving force behind Paving Superstore ( and Anglian Garden & Building Supplies (, both

24 Dispatch March 2012

selling huge volumes of hard landscaping materials across the UK, including paving from Marshalls, Bradstone, Brett, Stonemarket, Pavestone, Global Stone, Strata and Natural Paving, decorative stone, sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, garden features, hot tubs, pergolas, fencing, water features and lots more, you can be sure all our materials are at online prices, offering great savings! So why not let our award-winning, fully qualified landscaping professionals encompass your needs by creating a garden to match your lifestyle - whether you prefer modern and contemporary or timeless and traditional, we can fulfil your requirements. Contact Us Today On 01953 850802 To Discuss Your Landscaping Requirements See examples of our work at:

From the plumbing to the tiling, or wetwall panels in the shower enclosure instead of wall tiles to the floor covering and all fixings, you just have one person to deal with to get all work carried out ready for you to use. With all work carried out to a very high level by our very own experienced installers, Supreme Bathrooms is the place to visit. Here are a two examples of the showers and shower enclosures available from Supreme Bathrooms.

• The shower has a Eco setting built in to save water! The Kudos shower enclosure is an ideal replacement for a bath as its width is only 700mm but with the curve of the tray means it gives a internal depth of over 800mm. This allows for a shower seat or grab bar to be fitted without taking up valuable showering space. The enclosure is available in two lengths of 1400mm or 1700mm. The latter being the size of a standard bath. Shower enclosure features,

Digital showers are a great investment if you require the most simplest of showers to use but with all the very best features built in, • Modern looks but easy to use and a doddle to install! • Power shower performance that is compatible with nearly all domestic plumbing systems!

• 6mm toughened safety glass • Lifeshield applied to all enclosures to repell limescale • Lifetime guarantee on all enclosures Visit our showroom now on the Wymondham business park to pick out your new shower!!

Breckland Windows With Breckland Windows ltd all sales either windows, doors etc and conservatories will be conducted by Ray which cuts out the time consuming process of the salesman! The company was started in 1988 by Ray Harman and has traded from the Dereham location covering all of Norfolk. The company specialise in PVCu windows, doors conservatories, fascias gutters and now the very fashionable composite door range. Breckland Windows ltd has been installing quality home improvement products in Norfolk for over 23 years, and we take pride in consistent levels of real customer service. We have seen over the years many changes in the industry which has benefited the house holder enormously such as the introduction of Fensa to regulate the industry in 2002, and now the introduction of the minimum C crafted window. We have made the decision to only fit A rated products as standard. BRECKLAND WINDOWS ENERGY RATED WINDOWS will reduce heat loss and therefore save money every year on fuel bills, and all BRECKLAND WINDOWS doors and windows carry the official Police Security Accreditation-‘SECURED

BY DESIGN’ and have full 10 year etc insurance backed guarantee. Why not take advantage of our TRADE IN OFFER on any older style PVC or Aluminium windows and doors, secondary double glazing or even that old conservatory. You may have brought your property with windows, doors etc that you do not like or sealed units or hinges may be worn out. With this unique opportunity, I can offer you a discount on any old PVCu or aluminium because I have contact with a national company to re-cycle waste products from out industry, which means you save MONEY! Last but not least, have you got CONDENSATION inside your sealed units and your frames are still in good condition, then we are here to help with a great range of products to choose from. For further information, or a noobligation quotation, call Breckland windows on 01362 698035.

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Legal & Financial Services Make The Best Use Of Your Tax Allowances! It is important to make sure that you make the best use of your tax allowances. This is especially relevant if you receive pension income from multiple sources, as these can often be missed and if you pay into a pension and are also a higher rate tax payer. If you are married, where possible, you should attempt to make sure that your income is spread between both individuals to ensure that you both use your allowances to help towards avoiding paying to much tax. If you are married and one of you is over 65 years of age, the allowances increase so try to utilise the older spouse’s allocation to its full limit. It is important that you make use of tax efficient investments, such as ISA’s and pensions.

ISA allowances have increased over time and are planned to increase again in the next tax year.

For more information contact us:

The rules can be confusing and with the interest rates quite low you may wish to speak to someone about all your available options.

T: 01953 711123.

We can advise on the most appropriate type of ISA dependent on your needs and circumstances.


David, Simon & Craig

W: www.mlfinancialassociates.

Pension rules have also changed and we can also help with these. The Capital Gains Tax allowance is currently £10,600 each and most people do not use it. It is an allowance that you ‘use it or lose it’ so please speak to us about the options available.

Kerry Butcher Were you busy in January? We were, we completed lots of self assessment tax returns. We helped our clients get organised and filed their tax returns before the deadline. The reason why? Because this year HMRC got tough! Although 2 days were added, if you submitted your tax return even one day late, the fine was £100. Plus there are no refunds even if you owe nothing. Don’t put your return off because the penalties get worse. Leave it till after

26 Dispatch March 2012

30 April and you get charged £10 per day, up to 90 days, and then more penalties apply. It could all get very expensive. Plus if you are an employer did you know that PAYE is also changing? You will soon have to provide more information and pay sooner. If you want more information or are concerned please email or give us a call, we want to help you save money and get things right.

An interview with...

Minette Capper of Candii Clouds the detail had to be spot on. What people don’t realise is that there’s an awful lot of research and ‘behind the scenes’ hours that goes into making cakes. It was a very challenging project, but I do love a challenge. What, in your opinion, are the biggest NO-NO’s in cake decorating?

Above: Minette Capper of Candii Clouds Tell us how you got into cake decorating? And how did it lead to starting a business? I made my son’s first birthday cake 13 years ago, and received endless compliments from everyone at the party. Needless to say, orders started flooding in. After years of pestering by family and friends to start a business, I went on a Business Course, did about 6 months’ worth of market research, and took the plunge. It was certainly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I enjoy every day at work…. What is the most cupcakes you’ve ever made in one day?

• I cringe every time I see a cake with the board left uncovered (e.g. leaving the silver boards to show) and without a ribbon around it. It is especially bad when it is a wedding cake, which is the bride’s most special day of her life. It makes the whole cake look cheap and unfinished. • Putting wires directly into the cake. Any decent cake decorator will know that there are more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing ways to put wires into cakes.

How long on average does it take to put one of these cakes together?

• To ensure you choose the right wedding cake for you, select a supplier who can bring your ideas and inspirations to life.

Last July, the Museum of East Anglian Life ordered 6 historic building cakes, one from each of the 6 regions in East Anglia. Each of the cakes were about 2ft x 2ft and it took me 249 hours over 3 weeks (excluding the baking). Since it was going to be part of a feature film,

messy corners and sloppy piping. With a cake from Candii Clouds, you know that when I work on your cake, I give it all the attention it deserves. I am very critical of my own work, and could never let a sub-standard cake leave my premises….

Lastly, in your opinion, what makes Candii Clouds unique? My motto is Quality, not Quantity! I know of some cake makers that seem to churn out cakes as if on a conveyor belt. Doing too many cakes per week mean quality is sacrificed in order to get them out in time. You can usually see the effect in the cakes, e.g. uneven sugarpaste,

Do you have any tips for brides looking for a wedding cake decorator? The wedding cake is often seen as the second most important visual of a wedding, and should be as stunning as the bride herself!

What’s the biggest decorating challenge you’ve ever had?

I have been doing cupcake workshops for over a year now, and they have become very popular. I am offering Mothersday cupcake workshops on 15th & 16th March, and Easter cupcake workshops on 1st and 2nd in Sheringham and 3rd and 4th April in Attleborough. I also do kids cupcake parties as well as hen-parties etc, where I come to your house. I also offer oneto-one workshops, so please just check with me for availability.

• Over-use of edible glitter. I have seen cakes which are covered in it. Glitter should be used sparingly and as an accent point for a cake - not to hide the cake in it.

I once had to get over 300 cupcakes out for a corporate order for Britvic in Chelmsford. I had to finish these by the evening, as I had to deliver it to their offices the next morning, a 2 hour drive away.

This is a difficult question to answer. Excluding baking, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours for a simple round or square cake, to over 50 hours for an elaborate wedding cake.

What do you have planned for the next few months?

• If you have a small wedding with very few guests, consider having a “dummy” tier or two. I always suggest brides have the top tier as a dummy, which means they will be able to keep it forever. • On the other hand, if you have a large wedding, with a lot of guests, have a sheet cake or two at hand which can feed some of the guests once the main cake has been served. This is a lot cheaper than feeding the entire bridal party from the decorated wedding cake.

Dispatch March 2012 27

Health, beauty & wellbeing Camberwell Dental Practice Camberwell Dental Practice - serving the community since 1987. SInce 2009, Camberwell Dental Practice has been under the new ownership of Mr Alek Missankov. Alek, a graduate from South Africa in has been working in the United Kingdom since 1997, both in Hampshire and London. The Practice, renovated in 2009, boasts a comprehensive and high standard of private dental treatment, including advanced root canals (endodontic’s) and a wide range of cosmetic treatments such as beautiful white filings, veneers and cosmetic crowns. Camberwell Dental Practice is also committed in encouraging preventative techniques to keep your mouth free from gum disease and tooth decay. We would be pleased to welcome

28 Dispatch March 2012

you in our Practice so please feel free to contact our friendly staff for any information on dental treatment you may require. Call Wendy or Hannah on Tel: 01379 652 580 to book your appointment.

Two Marketing Is rewarded with double digit growth. Two Marketing of Attleborough recorded double-digit growth in 2011 and has had a great start to the third year of trading. New client’s including McDonald’s, iPatter and a host of local businesses have turned to Two Marketing for graphic design, web and photography services to help them raise their business profiles and acquire new sales. Jonathan White, Director of Two Marketing said, “It has been a difficult time for many businesses, but it is vital that companies continue to market themselves. Over the past 12 months we have worked with Britannia Fire to help them launch their new P50 Self-Maintenance Fire Extinguishers and we created the £50,000 McDonald’s Chapelfield Norwich sales campaign, which delivered excellent results.” Another local business that is delighted with Two Marketing’s results is Abate Pest Management from Morley. Two

Marketing is delighted with the continued growth and their success mainly comes from referrals and business networking. Jonathan is a regular on the Norfolk networking scene and is an Area Leader for 4Networking and a member of the Norwich Business Club. Now into the third year of trading TWO Marketing has had a great start to 2012. They have secured new work for a branding and web project in Oman, a branding and web project for a Norfolk Estate Agent and a branding project for a financial crime company in Hampshire. In addition to the new work they have recruited an office manager. For more information you can visit Two Marketing’s website at

News from across your region

What is Pilates And Zumba...?

Mick Glynn’s Health And Fitness Column

A floor based exercise class offering complete body conditioning comprising slow controlled, flowing movements targeting the key postural muscles of the torso.

GET FIT and keep COLDS at bay.

You will develop and improve mobility, flexibility, core strength, muscle tone, balance and so help to reduce stress and enhance emotional well-being. Pilates is a ‘commonsense’ mind-body approach to functional fitness. Penny’s friendly style of teaching makes this class a very enjoyable experience, although this class is a focused exercise program and a good workout penny injects her own energy and fun to make it an overall enjoyable experience.

dance - fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movement. The Zumba Fitness - Party ™ combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using an aerobics fitness approach to achieve a blended balance of cardio and muscle toning benefits. It’s dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective! Penny adds her own flavour to the class creating a fun and energising programme; so why not come along and “Party yourself into fitness”.

Step aerobics… Penny’s step aerobics class in east harling is a fun fitness class for all. An effective cardiovascular and toning class that uses the current chart toppers and classic pop hits. This class will not disappoint. So bring your friends, be prepared for a good time and a great workout.

Please wear appropriate work out clothing and footwear and don’t forget your water bottle!

What is Zumba Fitness….? Zumba is a Latin inspired, easy to follow,

For further information and details of any of my classes please contact Penny Crook on 01842 815074 or 07796 603643 Email: Prices start from £4 per class!!

Fed up with sniffles, sneezes and forever running out of tissue? Hitting the gym could be the answer. New research published has shown that those who are fit and active have fewer and milder colds.

1. Mix it up! Take up a new activity, get a re-programme or have a Personal Training session. Its easy to fall into a training rut and see your results plateau, so adding variety will help

The study of over a 1000 adults took other influential factors into account, such as diet and stressful events that can affect the immune system, and found that the most significant factors in catching a cold were perceived fitness and amount of exercise taken. Plus the more active people were the less severe the symptoms of colds became, indicating that exercise has an immuneboosting effect.

2. Lift Weights! Weight training is the perfect way to support your fitness regime, by allowing your body to become stronger and more powerful. It’ll also up your percentage of muscle tissue so you’ll be able to burn more calories per minute If you would like more information on Gym Memberships, Personal Training or Exercise classes.

The number of days that very fit people or (those that were active 5days aweek) suffered from cold symptoms was roughly half that of those who exercised on one or fewer days of the week. HELLO GYM, GOODBYE KLEENEX..

Please do not hesitate to contact Mick Glynn fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer on 07879 455966. Or web site: or

A couple of ways to improve your fitness for 2011

The only number you’ll need for a healthier, fitter, lifestyle and body.

Dispatch March 2012 29

CARING FOR THE ELDERLY From The Field To The Freezer How Wiltshire Farm Foods’ carefully prepared frozen meals are helping people stay independent. For those who’ve worked hard all their lives, maintaining independence is particularly important - especially when it comes to mealtimes. Wiltshire Farm Foods is one company that’s keen to help those who can’t get out and about as much, so they can eat well and look after themselves. Established for more than 20 years, Wiltshire Farm Foods creates and delivers

a delicious range of frozen meals that can be cooked in minutes. From the field, to the freezer, every detail is considered in order to offer nutrition, value, flavour and award-winning personal service. Ingredients are selected from carefully approved suppliers and are then prepared by a team of nutritionists and awardwinning chefs in their Wiltshire kitchens.

Once cooked, the meals are placed into handy trays that fit easily into the freezer, then frozen almost immediately to lock in the freshness. Convenience is a key part of the Wiltshire Farm Foods offering. All meals can be ordered over the phone or online. They’re then delivered by a friendly, local delivery driver, who is always happy to put meals away in the freezer if preferred. With the freezer stocked up, you know that a hot meal is only ever a few minutes away. Most dishes take 8-12 minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes in the oven. As they are cooked in their trays, there is no preparation, no pots and pans, just delicious meals that you can enjoy in your

30 Dispatch March 2012

own time. Maintaining independence has never been easier. Recently, national treasure Ronnie Corbett joined Wiltshire Farm Foods for a TV and magazine campaign promoting the delicious meals - and the independence they bring. The TV adverts also feature Edith and Eric, who talk to Ronnie about the benefits of the service. If you’ve not seen them yet, keep a look out. For more information about Wiltshire Farm Foods in Norfolk and North Suffolk, you can call 01362 699049 or visit for a free brochure.


Able Community Care

NBR Scooter Brokers is a family run business which prides itself on their commitment to their customers (existing and new!!)

Is a Norfolk company which has been providing live-in care services since 1980.

Their main objective is to provide impartial advice together with a friendly and efficient service!! They offer the service of a free, no obligation, home demonstration for all of their products to ensure they are suitable for your needs. Whilst their core business is the supply of new mobility scooters, they also have a selection of pre-owned scooters as they offer a part exchange service. In addition to mobility scooters, they can also supply the following: • Stairlifts • Powered wheelchairs • Powerchairs • Rise & recline armchairs

• Adjustable beds • Bathlifts • 3 & 4 wheel walkers • Attendant and self propelled wheelchairs Apart from selling, they also offer a hire service, together with repairs, servicing and insurance work. NBR scooter brokers are accredited with Norfolk trusted traders which is organised by Norfolk County Council.

Our services are provided to people of all ages who want to remain living in their own homes and community rather than moving into a residential care setting. Over the past 31 years we have provided over 50 million hours of care in people’s homes from the North of Scotland down to The Channel Islands. In addition to providing care on a long term basis, we also provide respite care for family carers who need a wellearned break, for people who want to go away from home, on holiday or to visit relatives. We provide care to people with a terminal illness who want to stay at home and run care schemes for families who wish to share the care; for example, we can provide one or two weeks of

care, then the family the next period, on a regular basis. In 2012 the social care situation is hard to understand. Every day another news item complicates the issues and many people lose sight of their entitlements and become anxious and worried. The Able Community Care website at provides comprehensive information and there is an option to sign up for our free, weekly care Newsflash. Approximately 1000 people have already signed up to receive this each week in order that they can keep up to date with information that may affect them or their family.

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Cut out and use these great value vouchers NOW! CALL 01953 456789 NOW! We all know that times are tough these days. Everything seems to cost more and paying the bills can be a real struggle. So here at Dispatch we’ve found a way to help everyone cut a little off their costs each month, and as they say, every little helps! Introducing “Your Local Vouchers.” Every month we’ll publish a selection of vouchers offering a discount from a wide range of local suppliers. All you need to do is cut out the voucher and present it to the business, when you buy whatever you need. Remember, cut out “Your Local Vouchers” and save a little every month!

32 Dispatch March 2012

Reach over 61,000 potential customers HERE! CALL 01953 456789 NOW!

Dispatch March 2012 33

The Dispatch Business Directory

34 Dispatch March 2012

Motoring Advertising Check the Dispatch Online Directory for more motoring related, local businesses.


Or email:

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