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April 2012 Issue 127

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April 13th 2012 Dispatch April 2012

Welcome to


Diss Museum

Diss U3A

There have been Freemasons in Diss since the 18th century, with many prominent citizens being ‘on the square’.

At the March meeting we welcomed David Eddershaw who gave a most enjoyable talk on the life of Flora Thompson author of the ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ trilogy, her semi - autobiographical account of living and growing up in a small Oxfordshire hamlet in the late 1800’s.

The original Lodge was called the Royal Alfred. My Dad said that the Freemasons used to meet where Woolworths later stood, now a carpet shop. There had been a public house called the Cross Keys there. The current Masons of the Montgomerie Lodge recall meetings in the old King’s Head Hotel, next door, but not on the Woolworths site. Since the 1950s they have met in the old Unitarian Chapel on the western edge of the park. The board of Past Masters shows names like Chitty, Lyus, Taylor, Bobby, Bryant, Bardwell - all part of the town’s business history. The new displays in the museum feature the history of local Freemasonry and the Church Junior School. There are firm links between them, with successive headmasters Reginald Cubitt, Harry

 Dispatch April 2012

Pursehouse and Henry Denny all being Freemasons. Cubitt and Denny became Worshipful Masters, as did Harry’s brother Eric, then Geography master and later headmaster of the Grammar School. Henry Denny was also a Knights Templar. Few people know that two Templar preceptories meet at the Montgomerie Hall, plus numerous other side branches of Freemasonry, like Rose Croix. Like the non-conformist churches and mission halls dotted around the town, Freemasonry is part of the hidden history of Diss, continuing unchanged and almost unknown to the public for centuries. Basil Abbott.

Many of the characters who inhabit these books were drawn from real life; friends, family and neighbours many of whom lived in the hamlet of Juniper Hill where she was born in 1876. Receiving only a basic village school education in Cottisford, Flora then aged 13 was fortunate in obtaining a position at the local post office where she met Kesia Whitton the larger than life post mistress and blacksmith where she was able not only to further her post office career but also her writing ambitions. In 1911 she won a prize in an essay writing competition which heralded the start of her literary career. In 2008 her

work received a much wider audience when the BBC’s television adaptation of ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ became popular Sunday night viewing. Although much romanced and sanitised by television her books remain much closer to the truth providing a contemporary account of the lives and times of those living in rural communities in late Victorian era. The next meeting of Diss U3A will be held at the United Reformed Church on 5th April commencing at 10.30am. For further information on Diss U3A please visit the Diss U3A website or telephone 01379 642674.

News from across your region

New Book Of The 1637 Diss Map A new book about the History of Diss is launched this month with a fortnight of celebrations starting with an exhibition of local history items at The Stables Gallery at Diss Corn Hall. In 1637, John Duke, Lord of the Manor of Diss, commissioned a map of Diss detailing over 200 plots of land, their area and the names of each tenant. The map was probably compiled for the purpose of determining the rents payable to the Manor. This map, almost as big as a double bed and constructed by gluing together parchment made from six sheepskins, is a work of art in its own right as well as telling historians much about the town in the time of King Charles 1 The map was ‘lost’ for many years. When it re-surfaced, Diss residents contributed to buying it for Norfolk and it is kept in the Norfolk Record Office, where some conservation and repair work has been done to it and it can now be seen by the public. The Map has inspired the production of a book reproducing much of the map, listing all the names inscribed on

the map and briefly describing what life was like in the year 1637. While it is true to say that life has changed beyond all recognition for the people of the town, it is surprising how little the town itself has changed in almost 400 years. Activities at The Stables will include free activities for children on Thursday 5th and Thursday 12th April at 11am and a lunchtime talk for adults by Norfolk Archivist Dr Alban on Tuesday 3rd at 1pm in the Waveney Rooms at the Corn Hall. Tickets for the talk cost £4.50, including a light lunch, and are available from The Stables. Copies of the book will be on sale at The Stables gallery during the exhibition and at the library in Church St, Diss Museum and the Tourist Information Centre in Mere Street.

Irish Software Company Invests in Diss development hub. Omnisoft Services, one of the largest software development companies in Northern Ireland has chosen Diss in South Norfolk as its location for a new software development hub.

office, servicing a range of clients in social media marketing, app development, web design and game development. “We envisage in time to recruit a team of around 15 local QT programmers, lead and junior programmers, copywriters, games The new hub, situated in Diss Business Park, developer, graphic designers, illustrators, will be working on developing a new range multi-media videographers, which will work of online games, web services and design, on a number of projects including our Game social media management, education to Change products and training tools and software development education website.” services for private, public and 3rd sector organisations. Formed in 2010, the company provides support for over 30 companies worldwide and has become an exporter of IT Services The new Omnisoft development hub is being led by Nathan Flatman, who internationally with sales across Europe, recently returned to his home county after America and Australasia. spending 18 years working in Ireland and Founder and chief executive Andrew London within various high profile I.T, training and regeneration organisations. Cuthbert said the firm has grown rapidly “Bringing Omnisoft Services to South with new business wins both locally and Norfolk has been a key strategic decision across the UK and Ireland. “It’s a really for the organisation and I believe shows exciting time to open the Diss office and we a strong commitment to developing East are committed to developing this hub into a Anglia as a hotbed of talent for leading IT major player within the South East.” companies” commented Omnisoft’s local For further information on Omnisoft hub representative, Nathan Flatman. The company currently employs just over 60 Services visit or full-time staff at its County Down Head call 01379 651 462.

Dispatch April 2012


Men And Machines by Joan Garnham, Waveney Tree Specialists. Or, if you prefer……‘Boys and their toys’. Until fairly recently, tree surgery (known locally as tree falling), was a somewhat basic affair. All you needed was a good saw and strength. There was a local tree faller who used to strap a 2 man hand saw on his back and cycle to work, tie one end of the saw to a stake with a tyre inner tube and cut trees down by himself. There was no thought of safety gear, indeed my father in law thought gloves and helmets were for the weak; this goes a long way to understand why my husband is a little deaf and has some impressive scars! Chain saw trousers and boots had yet to be invented. Now you cannot move without HSE considerations. Typically a tree surgeon will wear chainsaw trousers and boots, high Vis coat, helmet with ear defenders and visor, a climbing harness and chainsaw gloves. His gear will contain ropes, lanyards, cambium saver, a hand saw and a whole range of shackles, karabiners and, of course, a first aid kit; not forgetting a knife – to cut the ropes if he gets in a muddle (falls out of the tree). He will

 Dispatch April 2012

carry a topping saw. These can be used one handed and are quite light and are suspended at the end of a rope from his harness. To buy one you have to prove you have passed the exam as they are dangerous in inexperienced hands. He will also have a range of different chain saws for different sized trees, hedge cutters, pole saws and loppers. The big machinery needed to do a proper job includes chippers, stump grinders, hoists and lorries. All terrain vehicles are essential; otherwise you find that the range of work is limited. Waveney Tree Specialists have 2 chippers, one tracked for all terrain work; 2 stump grinders, one which will tackle any size stump and is also tracked; a small cherry picker for ornamental trees and hedges, a 20m hoist for the bigger trees; a 7 tonne lorry for carting away the timber and 2 tipping trucks for the chippings and other waste. As you will imagine the insurance is high; we work in public places so we have £10 million cover. Our garage for all of this is more secure than Fort Knox! Tree surgery is the second most dangerous occupation; deep sea Atlantic fishing is only just

worse. This means that proper training is a must. All of our men have been to college and gained many certificates. All the kit is checked and certificated every 6 months, any worn or dangerous item is destroyed and replaced.

and rated 8th in the UK. Kristian Garnham is a Junior UK Champion. If you would like to see some of this equipment, please come to Diss Rugby Club on April 26th; we will have a stand at the Trade Fair, all are welcome.

Beware of untrained men with chainsaws – ask for proof of ability and insurance. Work time can be limited as they cannot climb in wind more than 30mph or if there is heavy rain or frost. We avoid working in heavy snow as we are not able to clean up properly. We rarely start the machinery before 8.30am as it can be noisy and of course in the winter we finish at 4pm when it’s dark. Tree surgeons are extremely fit and strong, and regularly eat more than 5000 calories a day! Their protective clothing and kit weighs about 20 kilos and is carried around all day. Keen tree surgeons enter both local and National competitions where they are challenged on accuracy, precision and speed in all aspects of tree falling. Alan Garnham is the East of England Champion

Expert advice is a phone call or e mail away Tel: 01379 668 636 Mobile: 07990 801 388 Email: Website: Free estimates Realistic, competitive prices Check us out on our website.

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The New Cost of Unfair Dismissal Employment Law Specialist Priya Nainthy of Jackamans Solicitors discusses changes to the Employment Tribunals and unfair dismissal claims. Employment Tribunals play an essential role in the employment arena. Employmentrelated claims are made to Employment Tribunals by individuals in order to enforce their various employment rights. Employment Tribunals have always been seen as a relatively cheap and quick option but that may all now change. At the moment, pursuing any sort of claim in the Employment Tribunal is free - that is to say there are no fees to be paid to the Tribunal itself. However, the government is currently consulting on the introduction of fees for claims in the Employment Tribunal. It is important to note that the consultation is not on whether or not fees should be introduced, but instead on how fees should be structured. It is therefore inevitable that fees will be introduced. The only question is the level of those

fees. It is anticipated that the new fee structure will commence in either 2013 or 2014, depending on the complexity of the structure itself. Changes to unfair dismissal claims are also being made with effect from 6 April 2012. In order to bring a claim for unfair dismissal, employees must currently have at least one year’s continuous service with that employer. However, for new employees starting their employment after 6 April 2012, they will need to accrue at least 2 years’ continuous service before acquiring unfair dismissal protection.

to play an important role in enforcing rights for individuals, fewer employees may acquire those rights and enforcing them will come at a cost. Priya Nainthy has acted over a number of years for employers involved in a wide range of businesses from small companies to large plcs.

The Tribunal that hears unfair dismissal claims has always been made up of an Employment Judge and two lay members, each of whom has experience of employment relations. The lay members have always been seen as being able to contribute real life experience in to the decision-making process. However, from 6 April 2012 the general rule will be that unfair dismissal claims will be heard by an Employment Judge sitting alone.

Chairman David Emerton was pleased to report that the branch continues to grow and flourish with a membership of around 250 and a regular monthly meeting attendance which averages around 100, an indication of Sarah Cameron’s success in booking popular speakers. The number of interest groups continue to increase, particularly with new members joining to start new groups.

happening within the branch. The chairman also paid tribute to the work of the executive committee and paid special thanks to treasurer John Scott who was standing down following his three year tenure in office, Peter Fleckney was elected to succeed as treasurer and was duly welcomed on to the committee, the remaining members were elected enblock to serve for a further year.

The Diss U3A newsletter accessed via the website is also proving a popular way for members to keep in touch with what’s

For further information on Diss U3A please visit the website or telephone 01379 642674.

It is therefore clear that, although Employment Tribunals will continue

He also regularly advises and represents employees. For further information about this article or any employment law services provided by Jackamans contact Priya Nainthy on 01379 643555 or at

Diss U3A AGM held 1st March 2012.

Dispatch April 2012


Comercrawley The personal injury lawyers. How This

Led to This…

When Graham Cross , Chairman of Eastern Counties Rugby Referees Federation was involved in a head on crash whilst travelling to work one morning, the last thing on his mind was securing a sponsorship package with a local firm of Solicitors. Graham, who was trapped in the car for two hours , was eventually cut free and taken to hospital

 Dispatch April 2012

with no lasting physical injuries. As part of the personal injury claim, Graham was put in touch with Ian Comer, a Partner in comercrawley , specialists in Personal Injury Claims, based in Diss, Norfolk . During the first meeting the subject inevitably turned to rugby and it transpired Ian’s son played rugby for North Walsham whilst at Norwich School where he was selected to play in the final of the Daily Mail Cup at Twickenham last season. The subject of shirt sponsorship was floated and Ian agreed to support the Referees’ Federation. The photo shows the presentation of the second years kit , in front of the framed first years shirt which sits proudly in the reception area of comercrawley’s Diss office. Said Ian, “We like to get involved and support local sport. We sponsor a football and hockey team as well as the comercrawley Diss 10km run and were pleased to help the Referees Federation because without the officials the matches wouldn’t happen.”

Diss Decorative & Fine Arts Society English Art Deco Ceramics. Diane Lloyd – renowned expert on ceramics and interior decoration – gave a lively presentation on English Art Deco pottery to a full house of more than 100 members of the Diss DFAS in February. After setting the context of the Art Deco movement with its strong colours, shapes and classical design, she concentrated on the lives and works of the leaders of English pottery design of the 1020’s and 1930’s – Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper Born in Tunstall in Staffordshire at the close of the 19th century, Clarice Cliff went to work in the local pottery at 13.

in Hanley as an apprentice designer. From 1922 both worked in hot competition and influenced each other. Although clearly different in style, they covered the spectrum of English Art Deco ceramic development to be beloved of collectors today. Cooper perhaps the more serious and Cliff the more flamboyant. Diane Lloyd took the members through the development of these styles of the inter-war years with many examples and always with the design and art context.

Her knowledge and clear style enthralled her audience showing the similarity When still only 17 she recognised her and important differences of these very talent for pottery design and joined A J successful designers. She spoke also of Wilkinson’s, the Newport Pottery in Burslem. the other key influences such as HowsonThey also saw her skills and ultimately sent Taylor’s Ruskin Pottery and through to the her to the Royal College of Art [RCA]. At that Studio Pottery movement. On Tuesday time it was only possible to study ceramics 17th April 2012 at Royden Village Hall at design at RCA if you worked in the industry 1:30pm the subject will be The Story of and Clarice’s contemporary, Susie Cooper, St Pancras Station - From Gothic did not attend as she was from a farming Revival to International Terminus with background. Susie got a job with A E Grey’s Lauce Gribbiand.

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Do You Have Anything To Declare?


Asks Mark Wallace of Stacey & Partners.

More and more business people are finding that attending business networking groups has a real positive effect on the growth of their business, however large or small.

HMRC are asking electricians to come forward under a new scheme to declare any income which they may have omitted in the past as a part of a new campaign.. The Electricians’ Tax Safe Plan (ETSP) is aimed at anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliances. Campaigns are designed to tackle tax evasion by encouraging people with undeclared tax to bring their affairs up to date. Each campaign focuses on a particular group, eg a trade sector or people with money in offshore accounts. Those who come forward and make a full disclosure can make a settlement on favourable terms - those who don’t come forward can expect tough compliance action from HMRC. The ETSP is the first of HMRC’s campaigns to be launched this year. It has others in the pipeline.

Electricians can come forward at any time between 14th February and 15th May 2012 (inclusive) to notify HMRC they want to take part. They then have until 14th August 2012 to make their disclosure and arrange for payment. If they make a full disclosure, most face a penalty rate of only 10%, with a maximum of 20%. Those who are not electricians are not covered by the ETSP campaign. But if they want to come forward with undisclosed income they can phone the HMRC Campaigns Voluntary Disclosure Helpline on 0845 601 5041. Mark Wallace is willing to offer assistance in this area. He is a partner at the firm of Stacey & Partners, with offices in Thetford, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds. His phone number is 01842 826100 or email

Business networking, an essential way to build contacts and grow your business.

By attending regularly, relationships are built and the network of contacts expanded. One such networking group is 4Networking which started 6 years ago. The groups meet fortnightly for breakfast meetings from 8am - 10am at venues across the country on various days of the week and plans are underway to introduce evening meetings giving even more flexibility to those who want to increase their business contacts. In Norfolk, there are currently 4Networking groups in Norwich, Diss, Dereham and Swaffham with plans underway for additional clubs in other parts of the county. 4Networking is the only truly joined up national business

network with almost 300 breakfast groups and on-line membership and a total membership of 56,000. The real appeal is that when you join as a Passport member you can visit any of the groups giving you the opportunity to build your network of contacts across the county or beyond as well as enjoying the social side. Sharon Hulbert, member of 4Networking in Norwich said, “I started my own PR business last year and have found that by attending networking events, I have met businesses who have become clients but also those with whom I can work in partnership with on specific projects. Building relationships with others is crucial and well worth making time for.” For anyone wishing to find out more about where and when groups meet, visit Visitors are always welcome.

Dispatch April 2012

WIN Competition EGAP Win Easter Eggs Enter our competition and...

Can You Find The Hidden Easter Egg? Search through the pages of this months Dispatch Magazine to find the hidden golden Easter Egg. To win this delicious Easter egg, find the golden egg as shown below...

‘Egg-Sample’ of what you need to find within the pages of Dispatch Magazine.

Your Contact Details... Location Of Golden Easter Egg: Name: Address:

Telephone Number: Please send your entry to:

Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE. Usual Dispatch rules apply. The winning entry will be drawn on 11th April 2012.

Diss & Attleborough

Win Body Shop Products Extra Indulgent chocolate inspired, Body Butter, Shower Gel and limited edition heart soaps from the Chocomania Range.

For further details, to book a party or order Body Shop products please contact Holly Carter 07580 791364.

Your Contact Details... From What Range Is The Prize From: Name: Address:

Telephone Number: Please send your entry to:

Dispatch Magazine, Queens House, Queens Square, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2AE. Usual Dispatch rules apply. The winning entry will be drawn on 30th April 2012.

10 Dispatch April 2012

Diss & Attleborough




Diss Jubilee Celebrations Full Programme Of Events For The Queen’s Jubilee As we look to 2012 it is set to be a year of celebration, there are so many different events happening over the year that will look to build on the prime ministers dreams of a big society. My name is ‘Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt’ and I am the organiser of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Diss. For the past five months I have been working tirelessly to bring together plans for the Jubilee Celebrations in Diss; however the only problem has been that I have been working alone. Up until last week I was working solely to bring together my ideas and turn them into reality so that Diss can celebrate this special event in style. Recently however I have managed to entice a few members of the public to give up their own time to help me make my Jubilee plans a reality and this has meant that we are now able to look at making our event amazing. We have a full program of events planned in Diss on the park over the Jubilee weekend, on Saturday 2nd June 2012 we are going to be hosting a party in the park, this will involve local bands and performing groups that will show their talents on two stages in the park. One of the bands being Cataclysmics.

On Sunday 3rd June 2012 we will be hosting a big lunch event in the park, the big lunch is a nationwide project set up by the Eden project back in 2009, the aim of the project is to bring together as many people to eat lunch as possible, we are hoping to fill the park with catering stands with foods from around the world and lots of different cultures. We will try to bring in local people offering local products and services to our big lunch participants; we are going to have bands, raffles, races and games for all in attendance. This whole day should be jam packed with fun for all and attract hundreds. On Monday 4th June 2012 we are going to be holding a fireworks display over our wonderful mere and beacon lighting on the park, there will be hot food, music and fun. We are going to light up the skies with what promises to be a wonderful fireworks display, this will hopefully be a great ending to a weekend of Jubilee Celebrations. Obviously this does not just happen overnight and we are looking for the support of businesses and the local community to help with the organisation and funding of the events, obviously you don’t have to be able to give a lot to take part, it can be anything from spreading the word via Twitter or Facebook, to coming to one of our fortnightly meetings where you can get involved and support our events. Anybody who wishes to take part can come along to our regular meeting at DC3 in Vince’s Road contact me for details.

There will be a craft fair and lots of activities for both young and old to take part in and we would welcome anybody who wishes to perform on this day.

Any support would be more than welcome, should you not to be able to attend our meeting but still wish to get involved, you can contact me via email at

Community groups in Attleborough have put together a full and varied programme of events to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. The Attleborough Jubilee Partnership, a community group made up of town councillors and representatives from various community organisations in Attleborough has been working closely together over the last few months to produce a programme of activities to appeal to all ages in the town.

Play - Connaught Hall - Attleborough Players 7.30pm

Full details of the events and timings for the weekend are still to be finalised but the provisional programme will be:

Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists

Saturday 2nd June Flower festival - St Mary’s Church

Open Gardens - Attleborough Horticultural Society

Craft Fair and vintage car and tractor display - Connaught Hall - Macmillan Cancer Group

Play – Connaught Hall - Attleborough Players 7.30pm

Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists

Bell Ringing - St Mary’s Church

Evening Church Service - St Mary’s Church Monday 4th June Flower festival - St Mary’s Church

Car Treasure Hunt - Rotary Club

Children’s story telling - Library

Evening picnic with an old fashioned Sports Day and Children’s Entertainer, leading into Coffee morning - St Mary’s Hall - Attleborough the Jubilee Beacon Lighting - Recreation Heritage Group Field. 10 am - 11.30 am. Display of local photos Tuesday 5th June Over 60’s Afternoon Tea Party - St Mary’s Flower festival - St Mary’s Church Hall - WI Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists Party In the Park - evening - Carnival Committee (Queen Tribute Band, hog roast, Monument unveiling and burying a time possibly a rock choir) capsule - Queen’s Square Sunday 3rd June Flower Festival - St Mary’s Church Carnival (including Procession & Recreation field events) - Carnival Committee. Fancy Wheels Parade (non motorised with the exception of mobility scooters and wheelchairs) - Attleborough Writers’ Club, Queens Square 12.30pm to join in the Carnival Parade Attleborough Writers’ Club is organising a Fancy Wheels Event to tie in with the Carnival Parade Art Displays - Town Hall - Attleborough Artists

Illustrated talk on past events and celebrations in Attleborough - St Mary’s Hall - Attleborough Heritage Group. 7pm. Attleborough Writers’ will be running a short story competition; the Probus Club will be providing a Town Crier; the Lions Club have offered help and funding and the Conservative Association are offering assistance. If your organisation would like to be involved with the Jubilee, it is not too late; please contact Marjorie Clementson at the Town Council Office by email

Open Gardens - Attleborough Horticultural Society

Dispatch April 2012 11




Attleborough High School Student Wins Jubilee Competition. Oliver Grantham, a student at Attleborough High School has won a competition to design Attleborough’s

permanent monument to mark the Queen’ Diamond Jubilee. Oliver, 12, was one of many young people to submit

entries to the competition sponsored by the Attleborough Jubilee Partnership, a community group made up of town councillors and representatives from various organisations in Attleborough set up to organise events to mark the Jubilee in the Town.

the finished design and will now work with Oliver and hopefully some local artists and craftsmen to bring the design to reality so that it can be unveiled officially on 5th June as part of Attleborough’s Jubilee celebrations.

Mayor Karen Pettitt announced the winner at a school assembly and said that Oliver’s design was ‘the unanimous choice of the judges.

The number and standard of entries for the competition shows not only the enthusiasm for the Jubilee but also the talent in the town’

We were taken with the simplicity of the design and its link with the Town’s past. Oliver had put a lot of thought and effort into his submission and we were amazed to discover he was only 12 years old.’

The memorial unveiling will be the culmination of 4 full days of activities planned by the Jubilee partnership.

She added that ‘we would like to have a working fruit press incorporated into

12 Dispatch April 2012

The outline programme is on page 11 and more details will be added about individual events in the next edition of Dispatch.

Welcome to


Attleborough Town Council Noticeboard Monthly Update. Annual Town Assembly The Annual Town Assembly was held on 5th March at the Town Hall and was well attended despite the inclement weather. Representatives from the Town, District and County Councils attended, as well as the Police and enabled townsfolk to put their questions and concerns to the panel. The Community Awards were also presented by Town Mayor, Karen Pettitt, and the Community Cup was presented to Gill Rule, for her long service in 1st Attleborough Brownies. Expansion of Attleborough Cemetery Burial space at the town cemetery is rapidly heading towards capacity and

the search for a new cemetery remains ongoing. In the meantime, the Council is looking to expand from the existing cemetery into part of the adjacent open space area known as The Dell. It is hoped that this will give a breathing space of perhaps five years during which a site for a new cemetery can be sourced. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Annual Carnival The Town Council is working closely with the Carnival Committee to co-ordinate events for the Town Carnival in early June. This year the Carnival co-incides with the celebrations for the Queen’s

Diamond Jubilee and many events are being planned for the extended holiday weekend. Keep up to date with all the news and events by visiting the Council’s website

supplying an LCD colour television. We will also have a cash flyer plus lots of other great prizes. Everyone is welcome.

Following the success of her prize bingo in October Mayor of Attleborough Karen Pettitt will be holding another Prize Bingo on Wednesday 4th April at Connaught Hall. Eyes down at 7.30pm.

We are once again keeping costs as low as possible to make this accessible for everyone, each book costs just 50p which equals 5p a game and you have a chance to win 3 prizes per game as we will play any line any 2 lines then the full house it will only cost £3 if you want to play all six books to give every number. There will be a raffle so please come along and support this event.

There will be lots of fantastic prizes and once again A W Myhills have stepped up to the mark and will be

All money raised will be going to the Attleborough First Responders which is the Mayors chosen charity.

Mayors Prize Bingo

Attleborough Town Council

Attleborough Town Council has been made aware of some funding that may be available for us to bid for. The money is available for Outdoor sports facilities/equipment and also for children’s play equipment. We need your help! Please let us know what sort of equipment you would like to see. Thank you for your help with this. Once we have enough replies we will apply for the funding and then let you know how we get on. Please return completed form to:- Town Clerk, Town Hall, Queens Square, Attleborough, NR17 2AF. Or complete online at:- What type of outdoor sports would you like:-


What type of children’s play equipment would you like:-


Dispatch April 2012 13


Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Attleborough & District Horticultural Society

Fancy dress competitions, races and good old fashioned tea parties will all be the subject of a special exhibition marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

There was a good turnout for the February meeting of the society which featured a very interesting talk from Ian Limmer on ‘The Best of our Ramblers and Climbers’.

The Festival of Breckland Jubilee Memories Exhibition will open at Thetford Library on Monday 30th April. Marking the past 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is something that has clearly captured the imagination of residents eager to pay homage to Her Highness. The exhibition explores how people have celebrated Jubilee events over the past 60 years. Everything from feasts and festivals have been held in honour of Coronations and Jubilees over the years and the exhibition will cover these momentous occasions by displaying photographs and memorabilia from past celebrations. Lynda Turner, Executive Member for Localism, Community and Environmental Services said: “The

14 Dispatch April 2012

exhibition looks at how local people have celebrated royal events over the past 60 years, using memorabilia and documents. In other words, there will be many and varied souvenir items on display. “I think the exhibition will bring back memories for many people and, as we are coming up to date with the Diamond Jubilee, it can bring back memories for people of all ages. Breckland does seem to enjoy royal celebrations.” The exhibition will be visiting each of Breckland town’s libraries on the dates below and will stay for one week. Thetford on 30th April, Swaffham on 7th May, Dereham on 14th May, Watton on 21st May and Attleborough on 28th May.

Ian, who has travelled all over the country and further afield on behalf of his employers, Peter Beales Roses, took us through the differences between Ramblers and Climbers, and suggested situations where each would be the preferred choice. He backed this up with a galaxy of colourful slides illustrating some of the best of the huge range of varieties that are available. We also learned that roses from Attleborough are now being exported across the globe and in the last year success has been achieved in breaking into the notoriously difficult Chinese market. In the Table Show Ron Brewer struck gold twice as his leeks won the “any vegetable” category and he was also placed first with his “photo of a rambler or climbing rose”. Joan Allen was successful with her “three stems of heather”, Jan Delaney took the honours with her “foliage pot plant” and John Frost, last year’s overall winner, won

with his “three stems of flowers”. The next meeting takes place on Wednesday 18th April at the usual venue, Attleborough Junior School, starting at 7.30pm. The meeting will include a talk by Hilary Reid on “Making a Wildlife Pond”, and nonmembers will be most welcome on the evening. April is a very busy month for the society for in addition to the usual monthly meeting we have our Spring Show and also the annual plant sale. The Spring Show takes place on Saturday 14th April at the Connaught Hall in Attleborough, commencing at 2.00pm, whilst the plant sale is held on Saturday 28th April in St Mary’s Church Hall in Attleborough between 10am and 12noon. Both these events are open to all and we hope to see many members of the general public coming along.

News from across your region

Attleborough Bible Society

Volunteers Needed!

Verse and Thought for the Month, April 2012.

There are various roles available, from collecting cheques, all the way to speaking in public about the charity’s vital work.

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God” 1 Peter 3 verse 18 The BBC’s quiz “Perfection” challenges the contestants to answer correctly six questions. Answer all six perfectly and win the prize. Fewer than six right, no prize! The greatest prize for everyone is to gain heaven; but we too will face God’s questions on Judgement Day.

To gain the prize, we must show that we have lived a perfect life. Sadly, we have all failed to reach perfection in our lives, so we are all naturally barred from heaven. Thankfully, that first Easter, God provided the answer. Jesus Christ took on Himself our sins on the Cross, so that, repenting of these and putting our trust in Him, we will be welcomed into heaven.

Craft Sale

If you are looking for a bigger challenge, the charity is looking for people to take on fundraising in the area and even possibly forming a Fundraising Group. Being part of a fundraising group is a big commitment but the rewards are wonderful. You would be the ambassadors for Macmillan and also responsible for the fundraising in that patch. You will be kept up to date with all the incredible work Macmillan is doing locally and nationally and also be offered regular training.

Saturday 2nd June 2012. At Connaught Hall. 10am – 3pm Organised by Macmillian Cancer Support as part of the Attleborough Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Lots of craft stalls, Vintage

Macmillan Cancer Support is looking for volunteers in the Bury St Edmunds and Diss areas.

cars & Tractors outside and refreshments available. All proceeds to Attleborough Jubilee Fund.

You will be assigned a Fundraising Manager, who will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best possible support.

Paul Fleet, Fundraising Manager for Macmillan says “We have wonderful opportunities for people who really want to make a difference in their local area. By volunteering for Macmillan or starting a fundraising group, you will be helping people who are living with cancer both locally and nationally”. He adds “There are currently 2 million people living with cancer in the UK and this figure is set to raise to 4 million. Macmillan’s aim is to reach all these people. We can only do this with help from volunteers and fundraisers”. If you would like to hear more about how you can support Macmillan, please contact Paul on 07779 286 650 or

Dispatch April 2012 15


MP Visits Attleborough High School. MP George Freeman met with the Headteacher Mr Neil McShane, observed an assembly, and was interviewed by a Year 8 student for Radio. During the assembly Acting Head of Geography, Mr Joel Rodker, along with staff and students who he had led on a trip to New York presented their thrilling experience through drama and film.

Mr Freeman was interviewed by student Zoe Arnold about how young people could become more involved in politics and she also questioned him about being an MP in Norfolk. This interview took place as part of the preparation for the school’s involvement in the BBC School News Report project.

Priory Insurance Brokers LTD Priory Insurance Brokers are a locally owned, independent, professional organisation who have been based in South Norfolk for over 35 years. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to solving your varied insurance issues and provide a dedicated Account Handler to all commercial policies.

give you their personal attention. This is surely a ‘must’ in this increasing technology driven age, particularly when dealing with what can be complex and confusing covers.

Please feel free to call into our Wymondham office, telephone or e-mail us and one of our fully trained local customer advisors will be pleased to

We feel it important to guide our customers rather than be at the mercy of a call centre operation, either in the UK or abroad.

16 Dispatch April 2012

Calling All Businesses! Are You Up For A Challenge?? Macmillan Cancer Support is challenging businesses in Suffolk and Norfolk to raise money in 2012. Following on from the successful ‘Centenary Challenge’ in 2011, where the charity asked 100 businesses to raise £1,000 each. This culminated in raising almost £200,000. Macmillan is looking for companies to take on this challenge in 2012. Either businesses that did it last time to push themselves to raise more or new ones to get involved. There are many easy ways to get involved; from having regular dress down days, putting on a coffee morning or even supporting Macmillan for a whole year. You will be assigned a local Fundraising Manager to ensure you receive the best support possible to make your fundraising is a success. You will be kept updated on Macmillan’s work and also invited to various Macmillan networking events.

Paul Fleet, Fundraising Manager for Macmillan says “We understand that times are difficult for local businesses but truly believe that working with Macmillan can help. It is fantastic for team building and morale. Also, being associated with Macmillan has proven to help business”. He adds “There are currently 2 million people living with cancer in the UK and this figure is set to raise to 4 million. Macmillan’s aim is to reach all these people. We can only do this with help from support from local people and local businesses”. If you would like to hear more about how you can support Macmillan, please contact Paul on 07779 286 650 or

News from across your region

Breckland Flower and Garden Club The AGM was held at the March meeting. Club membership had increased during the year and all had enjoyed a mixed programme of flower arranging and garden demonstrations and talks. Pat Wells had completed her three year term of office as chairman- and handed over to Sally Westrup and Olive Heppel passed on the president’s badge to Pat Wells. Pat, Olive and Ann Norris who also stepped down from the committe

were thanked for all their hard work for the Club. Janet Skidmore gained most points during the year in the New Hands Class with Alison Walker second and Shirley Penfold gained the most points in the Old Hands class with Sylvia Briggs second. The President’s cup for overall points for flower arranging was won by Shirley Penfold

The Civil Service Fellowship Attleborough Meet on the third Thursday of the month from 10am to 12am at the Methodist Church Hall, London Road, Attleborough. On the 16th February the A.G.M. was held when officers were re-instated for the year, followed by a quiz which was won by Michael Clements. On the 15th March Mrs. Sylvia Bennett will be entertaining the members with a talk on “Curios” and at the April meeting Mr. David Tickner will be

telling us about the Avanti Magazine. The Fellowship is open to former Civil Service and Post Office employees. Further information can be obtained from Mrs. Doreen Parker (Secretary) on 01953 456958.

who also accumulated the most points in the table show. The AGM was followed by a workshop led by Christine Hewson who showed how to make a design - twigs and tulips - with very colourful results. The next meeting is the Club’s Pearl Anniversary (members only) which will be held at Old Buckenham Village Hall commencing 10.30 am for a welcome coffee. There will be a talk on the history of pearls in the morning. A buffet lunch will be served and Nick Grounds will be demonstrating in the afternoon followed by afternoon tea. The competition title is ‘Celebration Cocktail’ and the table show is for a vase of spring blooms from the garden. The March competitions table show - first Alison Walker; New Hands - Alison Walker and Old Hands - Pat Wells.

Dispatch April 2012 17


It’s A Matter Of Trust

Mayors Tea Dance

Many of you may already have Financial Advisers and as you will be aware it is important that there is a high level of trust between you and your adviser.

As part of her year as Mayor Karen Pettitt is organising an over 60’s tea dance.

You will want to believe what they tell you and have faith that they are acting in your best interests. These are key fundamentals when we come to talk to our clients. Yes, we believe that face to face advice is important and like to talk and keep our clients informed about their pensions and investments. We also believe that being independent is also important so that we can offer clients solutions from the whole of the market place.

So when it comes to trust hopefully you have this with your adviser, if not please speak to us to see what we can offer. We can also advise on tax planning issues and this may involve another form of Trust! The Financial Services Authority does not regulate tax and trust advice. For information contact us: David, Simon & Craig T: 01953 711123

All three of ML’s advisers (who are also the principals) have the Diploma qualification because we also believe qualifications are important so that clients can get the right advice. We also have a ‘Client Charter’ where we outline in writing the service that we will provide to our clients and this includes an annual review and half yearly valuations.

18 Dispatch April 2012

Anyone aged 60 and over is welcome to come along. The event is being held at Connaught Hall on Saturday 21st April from 12 noon onwards. There will be a light lunch with entertainment from the Attleborough

Players. This is a free event for the residents of Attleborough but we will need to know numbers for catering so please can you book your place by ringing Karen on 01953 455755. Everyone welcome just phone to book your place your place then come along and join in the fun.

Breckland Flower & Garden Club March AGM.

W: E:

The AGM was held with Pat Wells retiring as chairman, also the committee would like to thank her for all she has done while on the committee and as chairman. New chairman Sally Westrup is taking over for the next 3 years. Pat Wells has agreed to be the President for 2012/13 and for the clubs 30th

anniversary year. Ann Norris also retired from committee and we thank her for all work with publications and sales table. This was followed by a workshop by Christine Hewson, from a design in the NAFAS spring magazine with Twigs and Tulips. Everyone was different using various colour twigs and colour tulips.

News from across your region

Party In The Park & Carnival Day

Anglia Computer Solutions

Rose Queen & Prince & Princess competition is being held in May, more details next month.

Offers computer repairs, sales and services.

Party In the Park is on Saturday June 2nd 2012. The gates will open at 5.30 with the entertainment starting at 6pm, with local bands performing. Headlining the evening is King of Queens, (Queen tribute act). There will also be the fun fair to enjoy. Food concessions will include BBQ, Hog Roast, Fish & Chips Ice Cream plus a licensed bar. On Sunday June 3rd its Carnival day. We shall have the procession starting from Fairfields at 12.30pm, making its way through the town. Leading our procession will be the Norwich Pipe

Band. There will be various floats, some motorised & some walking. At Queen’s square the procession will meet up with the Fancy Wheels Parade & Fancy Dress entrants. Once on the recreation ground there will be lots to do with water zorb balls, bungee run, Hairy chairs, Chainsaw woodcutting, Norfolk Military Group, Newfoundland dogs, face painting, bouncy castle & the fun fair,plus lots lots more, including various stalls for you to enjoy. If you would like to take part please contact Liz Holmes on 01953 452657 or

We are a computer company based in Norfolk with three branches who offer a personal service to businesses and the public. We have many products and services available. Our aim is to provide you with high quality low priced products that will allow you to have reliable systems at a competitive price. PC & Laptop Sales: New and reconditioned units available at all stores.

Kerry Butcher

Reconditioned units start from £99 and new from £329, various makes and models.

Here at Kerry Butcher Accountancy Services we have been very busy over the last few months.

Upgrades \ Repairs & Virus: We offer virus, malware and spyware removal, setting up new software, reinstall or upgrade Windows, recovery of lost data, hardware faults, basically

Hopefully you have admired our smart new signs which we have put up. We hope that these will remind you where we are and services we offer.

of the hassle out of being an employer. Of course this time of year also brings tax credit renewals and the need to file a tax return.

Now that spring is here this also brings the end of the tax year and with it the need for all employers to complete their end of year returns.

Although the deadline is months away, it can help if you submit your return earlier, not only will it provide you with a good idea of how much tax you need to pay, but also help you with your tax credit claim.

If you are an employee you probably don’t realise just how much goes on behind the scenes to ensure that you receive your P60 by the deadline. If you are an employer and would like some help this year, why not give us a call. We offer a full range of payroll services, not just year ends, we can also take some

anything from with equipment, we can help. Home & Business Support: Our fulltime onsite engineer is on hand to resolve your issues at your home or business premises whether it’s simply plugging a new printer in the home or disaster recovery when the server in the office has failed. We offer one of charges or support contracts. We are Cisco qualified for all your network and phone needs whatever the scale, please call for quotes. For all your home and business computer needs call Anglia Computer Solutions on 01953 859753.

We can help you with all of these and even offer a free first meeting. So why not give us a call and start off your tax year the way you mean to go on. Enjoying the sunshine and leaving the chores to someone else.

Dispatch April 2012 19

Synergy Solar Systems Ltd The directors of Synergy Solar Systems both had been concerned for some time by the selling techniques and the quality of work seen from some of the companies in the industry. They both knew there was a need for an ethical company that would guarantee their customers a high quality installation without costing the earth and between them they had the skill, knowledge and resources to be that Company. So Synergy Solar Systems Ltd was born. Operating from the premises of their sister company, the long established Yare Electrical Services Ltd, Synergy Solar Systems Ltd provide high quality Solar PV panel installations throughout Norwich, Norfolk, and East Anglia. Why choose Solar Energy? • Fuel is free • It produces no noise, harmful emissions or polluting gases • PV solar systems are safe and highly reliable • Requires very little maintenance • Saves using electricity and earns you money The government estimates a Tax Free return of up to 10% on your investment, compare that to your current savings! The company is an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer and takes their accreditation seriously and are happy to abide by the code of conduct that our membership of the MCS requires. You won’t find them using high pressure sales tactics or any of the other issues people experience. Synergy Solar Systems Ltd’s commitment to you is simply to give you

20 Dispatch April 2012

a quality service at a fair price for a solar PV system that is appropriate to your needs. Some companies offer a ‘rent a roof’ scheme. Synergy do not offer this scheme as responsibility of your own roof becomes a huge issue, especially if you intend to move or pass your property on. This system could be riddled with legal complications and is only offered so they can receive the lucrative FEED IN TARRIFF for 25 years instead of you. Because of the ownership complications of this scheme, the authorities are now looking into stopping it. Their in house design engineers use Amtech and Auto Cad the industries leading design software. All projects are designed to the latest British standards and CDM regulations. With a wealth of experience in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Environments they can offer solutions to all your electrical requirements. Please call 01603 605542 for further information or visit for your Free No Obligation Quote. As well as being a director of Synergy Electrical, Shaun is also Director of Yare Electrical Services and coming soon Yare Decorators Ltd providing project management and installation services throughout East Anglia. Please telephone 01603 626400 or visit for further information of the services on offer.

Coffee lounge AT the BRECKLAND LODGE Ambitious Expansion At Breckland Lodge The quality and value offered by The Breckland Lodge in Attleborough has proven to be a recipe for success and with the current expansion having reached completion, and more UK families looking at ‘staycations’ during tough economic times, 2012 is set to be a record breaking year. January 2012 saw one of Norfolk’s most distinctive family owned businesses, Breckland Lodge, launch eleven stylish new premier bedrooms as well as an impressive new coffee lounge ideal for meeting, dining and socialising. Owners Mervyn and Graham Negus explain the rationale behind this important expansion: “We are a family owned business that strives to serve the local and wider communities of Attleborough, Wymondham, Thetford,

Norwich and beyond, as well as offering an individual and comfortable rest stop for those travelling along the A11. We have made a significant investment in two new building projects knowing there is local demand for the kind of high quality and value for money that Breckland Lodge offers.” The circa £1,000,000 investment has provided short-term as well as long-term opportunities for the local economy as Mervyn Negus goes on to explain: “The economic climate isn’t easy at the moment but we have continued to fill

the bedrooms and are regularly fullybooked in the restaurant, particularly at the weekends. There is nowhere in the area offering the kind of facilities that The Breckland Lodge does, so this was a logical expansion for us at a time when customers who are looking to go out for anything from a coffee to a family meal want to be sure of a quality experience. With these additions, which

have all been built by local contractors, we have created 15 new full and parttime jobs for local people who will be trained to offer the high standard of welcoming service that Breckland Lodge prides itself on.” What’s New? In addition to its existing single, twin, ➔ double and family standard rooms, ●

Dispatch April 2012 21

Coffee lounge AT the BRECKLAND LODGE Breckland Lodge launched eleven brand new premier bedrooms priced at very competitive price of £69.95, bringing the total to 33 bedrooms. Each has stylish contemporary decor, air-conditioning, fresh white linen, flat screen televisions, free wi-fi access, radio, telephone, toiletries and a hairdryer as well as tea and coffee making facilities for all guests. The addition of a light and airy oak framed coffee lounge has been designed to enhance the stay of hotel guests wanting to relax in the evening in a quieter environment with a coffee and brandy after a meal in the restaurant, or to maybe grab a light snack or a lovely English cheese board. The Coffee Lounge is promising to be a popular venue for a cross section of the local business and social community. The lounge is perfectly suited for friends of all ages to catch up in a relaxed,

22 Dispatch April 2012

sophisticated and friendly space or for informal business meetings in a convenient location. With a menu that includes Chef’s hot sausage rolls, Panini’s, sandwiches, seasonal soups, and tempting light lunches, the efficient friendly service and tempting selection promises to make a visit to Breckland Lodge a regular diary date. It will also provide a great venue in the evening for a glass of wine and a few nibbles as an alternative to the busy bar. Open until 11pm and serving food from 9am until 9pm, the coffee lounge also has a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits served all day, including the chef’s excellent warmed fruit scone with cinnamon butter, or clotted cream and jam. With home made shortbread starting at just 45p and scones at £1.75 Breckland Lodge is keen to

provide affordable choice for all guests. A Traditional Welcome for Families Breckland Lodge is already a favourite destination for families looking for a relaxed environment to enjoy a meal together.

homemade chocolate brownies and a variety of ice-creams. Food is served all day seven days a week in Breckland Lodge’s cosy Stag Bar and Restaurant with its traditional beams and open fires.

Opening for breakfast at 7am, the quality Carvery restaurant suits diners of every generation, whether they love traditional roasts with all the trimmings or light pasta dishes and salads.

Breckland Lodge sits on the outskirts of Attleborough and is conveniently located just 2 miles from Snetterton, 12 miles from Thetford, 15 miles from Diss, 17 miles from Norwich and 45 miles from Cambridge.

With the additional offering of a ‘smaller’ portion on some dishes there is something to suit every appetite and budget. The children’s Menu includes a range that will keep under 9s and their parents happy including burgers, pasta and fish dishes. Puddings include traditional favourites such as hot rice pudding, along with

Local attractions include Snetterton Race Circuit, Beales Roses, World Horse Welfare, Banham Zoo, St Georges Whiskey Distillery, Wymondham Abbey as well as the many sights of Norwich. For special offers visit For more information contact Katy Negus at ● DM

Coffee lounge AT the BRECKLAND LODGE

Proud To Be Promoting The Breckland Lodge IN PRINT



Dispatch April 2012 23


Key Education

Yaxham Waters

Key Education Services provide quality, local teachers, to local schools.

After a turbulent start, which was soon overtaken by the global economic meltdown, Yaxham Waters have grown from strength to strength and is now approaching its 5th birthday with real vigour.

We offer a first class service making sure that each teacher is placed appropriately, and whenever possible, with the necessary subject specialism.

independent schools please contact Debby on 01440 764430 or email for a registration form.

We are passionate about education and offer an exceptional service to schools, and a supportive and effective service to teachers.

If you are looking for a new job, relocating to the area or would like to be kept up to date with long term or permanent vacancies, please send us your CV and a brief summary of what you are looking for and we will inform you of any suitable vacancies.

Key Education Services was established in April 2006 and in July 2009 were awarded the DFE/REC quality mark and are audited annually so far achieving 100% each year. For schools it provides both assurance and official recognition that the highest standards of recruitment practice are being adhered to; and Teachers will be confident that they have selected an accredited and reputable service that will add value to their experience as supply teachers. If you are a qualified and/or experienced teacher currently looking for teaching positions in and around Norfolk/Suffolk, in a variety of schools/PRU units/

24 Dispatch April 2012

Current vacancies are updated daily so please visit our website or check our facebook page. Supply teachers are crucial to the day to day running of a school. You will never be considered as just a number if you work with Key Education Services! We also give back to schools in the way of book tokens which has allowed the schools to give as prizes for competitions or to reward good behaviour etc.

Timothy Hay and Pablo Dimoglou, the owners started with just one employee, Sylvia, in 2007. This has rapidly grown and now 22 full and part time staff are employed. At a time when other business people were freezing or reducing expenditure, Timothy and Pablo continued to invest over £2million in Yaxham Waters and have now established a thriving Holiday Lodge business, with private owners and buy to rent investors, camping, touring, caravan sales, fishing lakes, farm shop and wonderful farm café. “Each business is growing incredibly quickly”, said owner Pablo Dimoglou. “It is difficult to keep up with the demand in so many different sectors. Our only limitation to the expansion of our business is time. Consequently, we are currently recruiting three apprentices to learn

different aspects of the business. We are especially proud of our Farm Café, which cooks daily specials and a small range of fresh local produce. Our big all day breakfast is made with our own free range eggs, local premium sausages and produce from our Farm Shop. We have just been rated “Excellent” by Breckland Environmental Health for our food hygiene standards, scoring a maximum five out of five for the third time in a row since the scores on the doors scheme started, where all food retailers must show their hygiene rating.

First Impression Limos Are you looking for a vehicle that will leave you with lovely memories of a special occasion? Do you want to arrive in style on a night out? Is your daughter looking for the perfect transport to Prom? Well First Impression Limos now have a brand new Pink Limo that will fulfil any girls dream to arrive in style at her Prom, wedding or even a girly night out. Fully licensed limo company First Impressions Limos are here to make any occasion a memorable one, they

are fully CRB checked with uniformed drivers. First Impressions Limos cater for weddings, hen/stag nights, birthdays, race days, proms, any special occasion that you require, plus airport transfers and business meetings. At First Impression limos they offer a Personal friendly service and make sure that any occasion is met to a high standard.

Focus ON Harleston

Harleston Jobs Club New opening hours 10am-2pm every Wednesday. At the beginning of March the Jobs Club extended its opening hours in order to help more jobseekers in their search for work. The Jobs Club has seen weekly numbers increase significantly over the last few months, with some weeks seeing over 20 members in one coffee morning. They are hoping that by extending the length of time they are open, they will be able to offer more support to their members, old and new.

Above: New Pink Limousine

The Jobs Club offer friendly and informal support if you are looking for work.

You can drop in anytime in between 10am-2pm to carryout job searches and find out about local jobs. You can get help with your CV, covering letters, application forms, tips and advice for job interviews and information on courses and volunteering. They also hold various activities including regular visits from a professional careers advisor. For more information please contact Lucy Marjoram on 01379 851920 or email

Dispatch April 2012 25

Homes & Gardens Are You Ready For The April Showers? Isn’t prevention so much better than a cure? JC Homeworks will clean, inspect & if necessary replace your Fascias and Gutters. It doesn’t really matter what type of roof you have, whether it is flat or sloped, it is crucial that the guttering system allows water to drain down and away from the structure. Pooling water on the roof can cause tiles to be lifted and warped which results in leaks creeping down into the structure itself. From there, not only will the soffit become damaged, but so too will the framework within the building. In effect, guttering is an integral part of any roofing system because it directs water away from the building to a collection point where it can cause no harm. One of the most obvious problems you will notice with

26 Dispatch April 2012

leaky guttering is that the soil around your home will become eroded. As water spills out through leaks in the gutter, it splashes against the ground causing that erosion.

weatherproof and easier to clean. There are many benefits to having UPVC fascias and soffits including:

Soffits and Guttering; however they are able to undertake all general property maintenance.

• They need no painting and are easy to clean

Being fully insured and holding a CSCS health and safety certificate enables them to do all jobs big or small, from repairing a gutter to a full house renovation.

This is a danger on a number of levels, but most importantly it can cause damage to the very foundation of the building.

• They are tough and hard-wearing

You would also want to keep in mind that the pools of water and mud around your home do nothing for the aesthetics of your property.

• They are defiant against pollutants

This can also reduce your asking price if you have your home listed on the market.

• There is no peeling, cracking or warping

• They are completely weather proof

• They are hardy against vermin and insect attack

They pride themselves on their competitive prices and high level of service, take a lot of pride in their work and hope their customers can see this in the end result. J C Homeworks offer a 12 month call-back service on all fitted fascias and soffits, which includes an inspection and clean.

• Instantly improves the look of your home Because of this we always recommend UPVC fascias and soffits as they are tough,

J C Homework’s speciality is Fascias,

Call Jason of J C Homeworks on 01953 451169 or 07747 847606.

Breckland Windows With Breckland Windows ltd all sales either windows, doors etc and conservatories will be conducted by Ray which cuts out the time consuming process of the salesman! The company was started in 1988 by Ray Harman and has traded from the Dereham location covering all of Norfolk. The company specialise in PVCu windows, doors conservatories, fascias gutters and now the very fashionable composite door range. Breckland Windows ltd has been installing quality home improvement products in Norfolk for over 23 years, and we take pride in consistent levels of real customer service. We have seen over the years many changes in the industry which has benefited the house holder enormously such as the introduction of Fensa to regulate the industry in 2002, and now the introduction of the minimum C crafted window. We have made the decision to only fit A rated products as standard. BRECKLAND WINDOWS ENERGY RATED WINDOWS will reduce heat loss and therefore save money every year on fuel bills, and all BRECKLAND WINDOWS doors and windows carry the official Police Security Accreditation-‘SECURED

BY DESIGN’ and have full 10 year etc insurance backed guarantee. Why not take advantage of our TRADE IN OFFER on any older style PVC or Aluminium windows and doors, secondary double glazing or even that old conservatory. You may have brought your property with windows, doors etc that you do not like or sealed units or hinges may be worn out. With this unique opportunity, I can offer you a discount on any old PVCu or aluminium because I have contact with a national company to re-cycle waste products from out industry, which means you save MONEY! Last but not least, have you got CONDENSATION inside your sealed units and your frames are still in good condition, then we are here to help with a great range of products to choose from. For further information, or a noobligation quotation, call Breckland windows on 01362 698035.

Dispatch April 2012 27

Homes & Gardens “Bring Your Garden To Life” With Tiffey Valley Garden Services. Now Spring has finally sprung, our thoughts turn from short, cold days sat indoors, to longer, milder evenings,

perhaps entertaining in the garden. But, chances are your very own green space has been left to its own devices

over winter. Lawn in need of some attention, beds need some TLC, hedges and shrubs could do with a trim? Or if you have grand designs but just don’t know where to start?

• ������������������������������������� If required, I can offer a no-frills design service (I will not baffle you with technical drawings, just straight forward what you want and where you want it!).

If you just can’t manage your garden anymore, never seem to have the time or just need a helping hand, then Tiffey Valley Garden Services can help.

• ��������������������������������� Full disposal of green waste (if required)

Fully insured, I use my own tools and if required can dispose of any green waste. I offer competitive rates for regular visits and for OAP’s so please call for a no obligation quote. A former police officer who can offer a one-off garden tidy or regular garden maintenance, please contact me to discuss your requirements. • Lawn / turf mowing and maintenance including scarification, aeration and seasonal fertilisation • �������������������������� New lawns and over seeding • ������ Edging • �������������������������������� New flower beds / veggie patches • ������������� Hedge pruning • ��������������� Leaf collection • ��������������������������������� General garden tidy and spruce up

28 Dispatch April 2012

• ������������������������������������� Incentives for multiple calls in one area (speak to your neighbours and family!) • ���������������������������� Commercial / contract rates. Call Tiffey Valley Garden Services on 01953 603220 or 07584 994396 or see our main advert below.

News from across your region

A C Washing Machines Put A Spring In Your Step This Spring Now stocking Freeview TV’s and Freeview Boxes. The Digital switch over has happened in this area.

If you already have Freeview TV you would have had to re-tune your TV and/ or Box or purchase new to keep receiving channels and services. If you need to purchase new digital equipment to either upgrade or replace your existing Analogue TV we now have a selection in stock. TV’s ranging from 15 inch to 32 inch all with integrated Freeview and DVD players. Prices start from just £89.99.

Or to upgrade your analogue TV we have Freeview Set top boxes starting from just £16.99. 32inch LCD TV with Freeview £239. Of course we still have a huge range of Washing Machines, Cookers, Dishwashers, tumble Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwaves, small electrical appliances and a wide variety of electrical parts.

If you require any further information please call into our showroom at Spur Road Industrial Estate, Wymondham or call us on 01953 606688.

Whilst the beauty of a lush green lawn cannot be denied, the up-keep and maintenance often results in a less than satisfactory appearance with brown patches and threadbare, worn sections. Why not consider replacing your lawn with stylish artificial grass offering a hardwearing, low-maintenance evergreen version of the nation’s favourite weed. Our artificial grass projects have a natural appeal and the grass is so realistic it is difficult to tell it apart from a healthy green sward. At Georgina Read Design & Landscaping we specialise in transforming gardens and our flexible approach means we can always meet your requirements for all aspects of hard- landscaping. As we are also the driving force behind Paving Superstore ( and Anglian Garden & Building Supplies (, both selling huge volumes of hard landscaping materials across the

UK, including paving from Marshalls, Bradstone, Brett, Stonemarket, Pavestone, Global Stone, Strata and Natural Paving, decorative stone, sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, garden features, hot tubs, pergolas, fencing, water features and lots more, you can be sure all our materials are at online prices, offering great savings! So why not let our award-winning, fully qualified landscaping professionals encompass your needs by creating a garden to match your lifestyle - whether you prefer modern and contemporary or timeless and traditional, we can fulfil your requirements. Contact Us Today on 01953 850802 to discuss your Landscaping requirements See examples of our work at:

Dispatch April 2012 29

Homes & Gardens Supreme Bathrooms

Myhills Pet and Garden

Getting that new bathroom installed?

Myhill’s have been established as a major supplier of pet and garden products in Norfolk’s market towns for 75 years.

Whether you are thinking of just updating your existing bathroom or contemplating taking out your old existing bath and replacing it with a good sized shower enclosure and new shower, Supreme Bathrooms can take care of it all for you. From the plumbing to the tiling, the plastering and any electric’s, our installers take care of it all,and we can now lay our superb range of Karndean floor covering for all rooms in your house, with tile effect or wood floor effect, if you do not fancy ceramic floor tiles. With all work carried out to a very high level by our very own experienced installers, Supreme Bathrooms is the place to visit.

30 Dispatch April 2012

With over 70 suites and showers to choose from,our showroom is one of the finest in Norfolk. So what are you waiting for,visit our showroom now on the Wymondham business park to pick out your new bathroom or shower!!

They aim to offer a blend of competitive prices with great service. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff are always pleased to help you find what you are looking for, and if it is something that they do not already have in their extensive stock they will always do their best to obtain it for you. With the main garden season just around the corner, they are already gearing up to have everything that you may need ready for when you may need it. This years “Top 100” garden offers, which they have run every spring for over 20 years, are available now and cover a wide range of products from chemicals to compost

and wire netting to wheelbarrows. All of the products are at discounted prices and many have extra multibuy discounts as well. Myhill’s have branches at Attleborough, Dereham, Diss, Swaffham, Watton and Wymondham and their offers are available at all of their stores.

PETS and Equestrian Considerations When Choosing A New Pet What do you expect your pet to contribute to your life? For example, do you want a running and hiking buddy, or is your idea of exercise watching it on TV? If you are thinking of getting a young animal, do you have the time and patience to work with the pet through its adolescence, taking house-breaking, chewing and energy-level into account? Have you considered your lifestyle carefully and determined whether a younger or older animal would be a better match for you? Size Considerations (for Dogs): What size dog can your home accommodate? Will you have enough room if your dog grows to be bigger than expected? What size pet would suit the other people who live in or visit your home regularly? Do you have another pet to consider when choosing the size of your next pet? How big a pet can you travel comfortably with? Remember to take into consideration expenses for all

pets, including: Food, Routine veterinary care, collars, leads and identification tags, cat litter and box, basic grooming equipment and supplies, beds and toys. Insurance for unexpected accidents and illnesses to cover costly veterinary care. Other expenditures that are highly recommended: Permanent identification, such as a microchip or tattoo, training classes, additional grooming supplies or professional grooming.

playing or, with cats, may just be lap time on the couch. Dogs will need to be let out several times a day.

to keep them entertained. Pets with long coats need 20 minutes a day of grooming to prevent matting.

A pet with an abundance of energy needs more time to exercise and interactive toys

Pets with certain medical conditions may need additional attention.

Dapper Dogs Dapper Dogs is a friendly, spacious, air conditioned salon.

Consider the time required, pets need to be fed two to three times a day, more often in the case of puppies, and need a constant supply of fresh water. A responsible pet owner should spend at least one hour per day giving direct attention to his or her pet. This may include training, exercising, grooming, and

Which is open Monday - Friday 95ish and occasional Saturdays to suit everyone’s needs. We have a lot to offer whether it’s just anal glands/nails clippings/ a brush or just simply a soothing bath; we are here for your dog and you. We groom all breeds and cater for all temperaments and style to your

dogs requirements. So if you have any questions or queries call us on 01953 453459 or just pop in. We are located in the centre of town in between The Flower Box and the Griffin. We look forward to seeing you!

Dispatch April 2012 31

Out & About Norwich Puppet Theatre There’s an abundance of stuff to do and see at Norwich Puppet Theatre over the Easter Holidays! With workshops for pre-schoolers to budding film-makers and a choice of puppet shows for babes-in-arms to

older children, you will not be stuck for something to do with the children or grandchildren!

Our workshops offer the opportunity for creativity and cater for all ages. Preschool workshops are for age 2-5 and the children learn through play with a parent or other adults. The children’s sessions are for age 5+ and film-making is for those aged 10 and over. All of these options are available over Easter. See www.puppettheatre. for more information. On the 5th of April at 2:30pm, Idol rich Theatre presents: Forest of Fables, a collection of fables by Aesop which help children make sense of today’s world. For families with children age 4 and over. On the 7th of April at 11am and again at 2:30pm, Sea Legs Puppet Theatre presents: Little Bo Peep, a gentle little show for the very young age 2 and up, featuring magnificent puppets, fantastic scenery and lots of music and singing - this show is a delight. From the 10th to the 14th of April, Little Angel Theatre will be performing Goldilocks, another show for the very young age 2+. There are performances at 2:30pm each day from 10th to 14th of April and performances at 11am on 11th, 13th and 14th. The performances at 11am on 11th and 14th are baby friendly, you are welcome to bring babes-in-arms and only those aged 2 and over have to pay. Tickets for shows cost: £5.50 (child),

32 Dispatch April 2012

£7.50 (adult), £6 (concessions), £22 family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children). Workshops are priced at £7.80 per participant except for the film-making workshop which takes place over two days and costs £55. Check out our website:

News from across your region

Sparkle & Flair

The Pelican Inn

More than just beads!

Tacolneston Grand Open Evening.

Since opening in July 2011 we have been overwhelmed by the response from our customers both young and old. Nestled in a back road of Harleston in Norfolk you will find friendly, helpful staff, a wealth of colour and choice, inspiration and advice. You are welcome to browse at your leisure, choosing your own beads from the large array or maybe helped in your choice should you find the inspiration eluding you. We offer restringing and repairs wherever possible and undertake commissions to your requirements. Pre-made jewellery and kits are available, great if you are rushed for time, these also make fabulous gifts. We hold a variety of workshops in both beading and non-beading crafts and run regular school holiday workshops for all ages. Our beginners beading workshop is very popular and for two hours of your time

and a cost of £8 you will learn the basic techniques needed to make a necklace and earrings which you then take away with you. Birthday bead parties are great fun too. The birthday child chooses up to three things they wish to make, from a variety of items. Boys are also catered for as we make beaded creatures - our spiders and octopi were received with great enthusiasm! Also along the party theme we run hen parties allowing the brideto-be and her hens to either make the jewellery for their special day or make something more general if they wish. For the special occasions in life we offer tailor made, bespoke jewellery and endeavour to colour match wherever possible. Excellent service, competitive prices, wonderful choice. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Pelican Inn, Tacolneston is ‘more than just a pub’. On Thursday 26th April, we are holding our Grand Open Evening 7pm. “Come and enjoy a complimentary drink and canapés, whilst having a nose at our facilities”. We would warmly like to welcome old, new and current customers to our relaxed, sociable and informative open night; where you can meet us, our team, as well as our local food and drink suppliers; including local Norfolk brewers.

summer events pack, as well as a bundle of promotional vouchers for your return visit, send us your email address, and you will receive an E-ticket to the first of many of our exciting events throughout the year. If you would like a sneak look before you attend our grand open evening please visit our regularly updated website, this will give you a good indication of who we are and what we can offer you!

You will be able to see the full package The Pelican Inn can offer; from our ensuite bed and breakfast rooms, award winning garden and events marquee, to view our main restaurant, future seasonal menus, sample products from our real ale and local produce shop, view our new corporate facilities and 2013 wedding packages. Come and sample our food offering, experience our quality and discuss our fresh food philosophy with our chef, to experience all this and receive our

Dispatch April 2012 33

Health, beauty & wellbeing Camberwell Dental Practice

Crackers & Chaps

Camberwell Dental Practice - serving the community since 1987.

The salon has expanded and now includes a first floor extended hair salon and also a beauty treatment room.

SInce 2009, Camberwell Dental Practice has been under the new ownership of Mr Alek Missankov. Alek, a graduate from South Africa in has been working in the United Kingdom since 1997, both in Hampshire and London. The Practice, renovated in 2009, boasts a comprehensive and high standard of private dental treatment, including advanced root canals (endodontic’s) and a wide range of cosmetic treatments such as beautiful white filings, veneers and cosmetic crowns. Camberwell Dental Practice is also committed in encouraging preventative techniques to keep your mouth free from gum disease and tooth decay. We would be pleased to welcome

34 Dispatch April 2012

you in our Practice so please feel free to contact our friendly staff for any information on dental treatment you may require. Call Wendy or Hannah on Tel: 01379 652 580 to book your appointment.

Have been trading successfully now for over 11 years, with steady growth from the start.

We have 11 staff members in total. Every member of staff completed their apprenticeships here, so we all know each other and work closely as a team. We find training gives us an incentive, which keeps us evolving and passionate towards our work.

for clients to pop in for a coffee, chat, fringe trim, consultation, product advice or any other excuse, which is what we aim to achieve. Many of our clients have been coming to our salon for over 10 years, which speaks for itself. We stock Wella and Tigi colour and find cutting and colouring go hand in hand complimenting each other.

We feel the key to our success is the motivation we have for each other by sharing our ideas.

We are now offereing the new HD eyebrow treatment which we are very excited about, already we have had great response to this and we hope for this to carry on.

To be the best you can, you need to live and breathe hairdressing, and make the salon a welcoming environment

If you would like any further information or prices please call 01379 651660.

Dancing & Performing Arts Green Award for Norwich Theatre Norwich Theatre Royal isn’t just up there with the likes of international venues Glyndebourne and The Sage Gateshead for their quality of performances. They are now matching them and other top UK venues by winning rave reviews for their environmental credentials. The venue has just been given a 2 Star Industry Green Award by the international environmental body Julie’s Bicycle which gives organisations green advice and support. The accolade puts Norwich Theatre Royal on the same eco level as the likes of Wembley Arena and The O2. This also puts Norwich Theatre Royal ahead of Southampton Guildhall, The Royal Opera House in London, and Theatre Royal Plymouth who have all been awarded 1 star. Some of the improvements highlighted by the judges were: A cooling system which controls the timing and duration of the heating in the auditorium. Push taps in the toilets to prevent water wastage. Specially designed recycling containers which have helped the Theatre recycle 60% of all waste. The Theatre is also doing their bit to support local suppliers and cut down on food miles by buying as much locally sourced produce as possible.

Staying with lighting, motion sensor illumination has been put in quieter areas of the theatre and energy efficient light bulbs have also been used throughout the building. This accolade comes after the theatre was awarded a Highly-Commended certification at the Norwich City EcoAwards 2012. To keep the Theatre on track, frontof-house manager Helen Tully is spearheading the initiative. She monitors progress and actively encourages recycling with staff and volunteers, whilst putting together an action plan for future improvements.

Children Actors Needed! Spaces currently available in the under 10’s & the youth group. Budding actors in South Norfolk can now enjoy the art of theatre and the thrill of the stage at Slow Theatre Company at Wymondham High School. Weekly classes are open for children, teenagers and adults of all levels as well as workshops and a holiday club during the school holidays. Founded on an ethos of cooperation and team building, Slow Theatre combines laughter and fun with concentration and group work to help actors develop expert performance skills, confidence and selfesteem. The Youth Performance Group (ages 13-18 years) performs in regional and national festivals as well as the prestigious National Theatre Connexions Festival by the National Theatre. This opportunity not only helps young actors to advance their acting skills but will also give them the chance to perform in London. Are you looking for a different type of birthday

party? Slow Theatre Company offers Children’s Birthday party workshops for children under 12. So if you or your children like acting, and investigating different characters, or if you would like to gain confidence whilst having lots of fun then do get in touch with Slow Theatre and find out more about their classes. With competitive prices and reductions for families on low incomes there really is no reason not to! Slow Theatre is a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres and Safer Norfolk, regulated by Norfolk County Council. All terms and conditions are on the website. Visit the website for more information Follow on Twitter: slowtheatrecompany or like them on Facebook: slowtheatrecompany.

Helen says, “The Industry Green Award enables us to benchmark ourselves against other venues. It shows the staff that all their hard work is paying off and we are thrilled to know that we are doing as well as Glyndebourne and The Sage Gateshead.” She adds, “It also shows our artists, the audience and suppliers that we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and shows our staff that all their hard work is really paying off”. Norwich Theatre Royal chief executive Peter Wilson said this will be an ongoing project. He said:

Their fish comes from Lowestoft, their meat is from Harleston, ice cream is from Chedgrave near Bungay, and some drinks are supplied by the Suffolk based brewery Adnams. It’s not just about the interior of the Theatre.

“I never regard the green agenda as a destination but as a work in progress.

Energy-efficient LED lighting has been put on the theatre facade, because unlike standard bulbs LED’s use considerably less electricity and last ten times longer than standard lamps.

For further information, please contact John Bultitude, Theatre Royal press officer, on 01603 598521 or

We will always aspire to make this building as environmentally friendly and as energy efficient as we can.”

Dispatch April 2012 35

CARING FOR THE ELDERLY From The Field To The Freezer How Wiltshire Farm Foods’ carefully prepared frozen meals are helping people stay independent. For those who’ve worked hard all their lives, maintaining independence is particularly important - especially when it comes to mealtimes. Wiltshire Farm Foods is one company that’s keen to help those who can’t get out and about as much, so they can eat well and look after themselves. Established for more than 20 years, Wiltshire Farm Foods creates and delivers a delicious range of frozen meals that can be cooked in minutes. From the field, to the freezer, every detail is considered in order to offer nutrition, value, flavour and awardwinning personal service. Ingredients are selected from carefully approved suppliers and are then prepared by a

team of nutritionists and award-winning chefs in their Wiltshire kitchens.

minutes in the microwave or 35 minutes in the oven.

Once cooked, the meals are placed into handy trays that fit easily into the freezer, then frozen almost immediately to lock in the freshness.

As they are cooked in their trays, there is no preparation, no pots and pans, just delicious meals that you can enjoy in your own time.

Convenience is a key part of the Wiltshire Farm Foods offering. All meals can be ordered over the phone or online.

Maintaining independence has never been easier.

They’re then delivered by a friendly, local delivery driver, who is always happy to put meals away in the freezer if preferred. With the freezer stocked up, you know that a hot meal is only ever a few minutes away. Most dishes take 8-12

Recently, national treasure Ronnie Corbett joined Wiltshire Farm Foods for a TV and magazine campaign

For more information about Wiltshire Farm Foods in Norfolk and North Suffolk, you can call 01362 699049 or visit for a free brochure.

South Norfolk Mobility With Easter here and hopefully some Spring weather, getting out and about might be on your priority list. If walking is difficult, then we have a range of products to help. We stock simple folding walking sticks, patterned and plain, tri walkers and 4 wheel rollators. The tri walkers and rollators fold easily to take in the car, can be used indoors and outside and the rollators also

36 Dispatch April 2012

promoting the delicious meals - and the independence they bring. The TV adverts also feature Edith and Eric, who talk to Ronnie about the benefits of the service. If you’ve not seen them yet, keep a look out.

feature a seat. Wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters are also available from the leading brands. Take a look at We look forward to seeing you.

News from across your region

‘Take A Seat’

NBR Scooter Brokers

The Friends of Diss Health Centre (FDHC) is a registered charity set up to provide equipment and amenities not normally supplied by the NHS for the benefit of patients and staff of Diss Health Centre.

NBR Scooter Brokers is a family run business which prides itself on their commitment to their customers (existing and new!!)

Following a patient’s suggestion, FDHC purchased new seating for all waiting areas of the Health Centre and these were officially ‘handed over’ to the Health Centre represented by Simone Johnson (Parish Fields) and Ann Steele (The Lawns). The chairs were purchased locally from Hillside Office Supplies and owner Darren Maskell was supportive in storing the 80 new chairs and delivering them in several batches over a period of weeks for minimal disruption to staff and patients. Nick Woods (Building Maintenance Manager) was the co-ordinator on behalf of the Health Centre and Nick did not want the redundant chairs to go to landfill and managed to find them new homes - the high back chairs have been taken in by Central equipment for refurbishment and onward loan to patients in the region who are recovering from knee and hip replacements. The other chairs are

going to the Philippines along with unwanted walking sticks, walking frames etc due to be shipped out in the Spring. FDHC’s finance comes principally from donations by those who wish to show their gratitude for the care and attention they, or those close to them, have received from the Health Centre Doctors and Health Professionals. If you would like to become a ‘Friend of Diss Health Centre’ (yearly membership £1 or more by choice) please ask for an application form from Judy in Community Health or contact the FDHC Secretary on 01379 642572.

Their main objective is to provide impartial advice together with a friendly and efficient service!! They offer the service of a free, no obligation, home demonstration for all of their products to ensure they are suitable for your needs. Whilst their core business is the supply of new mobility scooters, they also have a selection of pre-owned scooters as they offer a part exchange service. In addition to mobility scooters, they can also supply the following: • Stairlifts • Powered wheelchairs • Powerchairs • Rise & recline armchairs • Adjustable beds

• Bathlifts • 3 & 4 wheel walkers • Attendant and self propelled wheelchairs Apart from selling, they also offer a hire service, together with repairs, servicing and insurance work. NBR scooter brokers are accredited with Norfolk trusted traders which is organised by Norfolk County Council.

Manor Court Day Care Manor Court Day Care Centre for the elderly is based in Griston, Norfolk. It is open 5 days a week Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm. We have around 36 guests per day all aged 55+, with social services funded and private places available. Our service provides transport either by social services or our own transport for our guests. We specialise in Dementia care, with quality specialist care delivered by a

fully trained staff team who believe in promoting independence in all individuals. Reminiscence activities are available for individuals with dementia. Extend exercise classes, musical entertainers, singing, dancing, quizzes, table top activities. Freshly cooked meals which are cooked on the premises are also provided to our guests.

Dispatch April 2012 37


Walcot Hall Nursing Home

Upper dentures and upper partial dentures are specialised dentures made specifically for an individual’s upper portion of the mouth.

Choosing a care home, either for yourself or a relative, can be difficult and we believe it is important that you choose a place that is right for you.

Depending on the circumstances there are wide varieties of dentures including:

At our two nursing homes, Saxlingham Hall and Walcot Hall, you can be relaxed in the knowledge you have chosen somewhere which offers the highest standards of nursing care and support in a warm, friendly and safe environment.

• • • • •

Partial upper dentures (Cu-Sil dentures) Over dentures Implant retained dentures Mini implant retained dentures Duplicate dentures.

While having lower dentures is preferable to having none at all there are many issues that can occur with the fitting and wearing of lower dentures. Lower dentures can prove troublesome to the wearer. These problems include; • Lower dentures interact with more movable mouth surfaces than an upper denture.

38 Dispatch April 2012

• The lower denture has fewer surfaces to rest upon. There is no roof of the mouth to rest against as in an upper denture. • Loss of jawbone over time brings a lower denture into closer contact with tissue extensions called fraenum attachments, which create dislodging forces. Inserting dental implants into the jawbone and wearing implant retained dentures will help stabilise the lower denture, while still allowing for comfortable and easy removal for cleaning.Partial dentures or bridges are used to fill in any gaps left by missing teeth. They are generally constructed from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and light alloy. Partial dentures are securely attached to your remaining teeth with metal clasps or flexible tooth coloured clasps.

Our team of experienced registered nurses and care assistants provide a high level of care, comfort and support where needed, as well as helping residents maintain their independence and enable them to view their stay with us as a time to realise new opportunities. Fees include 24 hour nursing care, accommodation, full board and laundry. Please contact either of our homes for

more details on fees and the cost of any extra services we offer. Come and visit us at either of our two locations, Saxlingham Hall Nursing Home - 6 miles south of Norwich (just off the A140) or Walcot Hall Nursing Home centred on the outskirts of the market town of Diss, where we would be delighted to meet you.

Cut out and use these great value vouchers NOW! CALL 01953 456789 NOW! We all know that times are tough these days. Everything seems to cost more and paying the bills can be a real struggle. So here at Dispatch we’ve found a way to help everyone cut a little off their costs each month, and as they say, every little helps! Introducing “Your Local Vouchers.” Every month we’ll publish a selection of vouchers offering a discount from a wide range of local suppliers. All you need to do is cut out the voucher and present it to the business, when you buy whatever you need. Remember, cut out “Your Local Vouchers” and save a little every month!

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Reach over 61,000 potential customers HERE! CALL 01953 456789 NOW!

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S R U O Y Advertise YOUR Company HERE for only £20* per month 01953 456789 * If taking one advert in 3 issues for 12 months.

Find The Businesses You’re Looking For Here, Or Online @ The Dispatch Directory. Businesses - Reach New Customers HERE AND ONLINE For Only £30.00 Per Month For Both.


Or email:

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Motoring Advertising Check the Dispatch Online Directory for more motoring related, local businesses.


Or email:

How To Check Your Tyre Pressure Checking your tyre pressures is simple, and you can do it yourself for free. It takes just a few minutes. First, find your recommended pressures. You can find these in several places: 1) Your vehicle’s handbook 2) Stamped into the sill of the driver’s door 3) Inside your fuel cap. Your recommended pressure is set by the vehicle manufacturer so will vary depending on the make and model

42 Dispatch April 2012

of your car. Once you’ve found your recommended pressure table, you will see that different pressures are recommended for different loads - for example if you’re driving on your own to work, the pressure setting will be different to your family holiday when the car is weighed down with extra bodies, luggage, pets etc. You will need a pressure gauge to check your tyre’s pressure.

Remove the valve cap, attach the pressure gauge and check the reading. If you require more air, you can top up for free or a small charge at lots of filling stations.

If your pressure is too high, air can be allowed to escape from the tyre while the valve cap is removed. Once you have the correct pressure reading, remove the air hose, check the valve area is clean, and re attach the tyre valve.

An interview with...

Karl of Breckland Tyres

What would you say has been your best achievement?

Great, having been here for many years we see the same loyal customers using our services time and time again.

I think the fact that we’re not only still here in the current climate, but in a position to expand is a positive achievement. We aim to stay competitive and maintain our high levels of service to keep it that way.

We’ve built up a strong relationship with the residents of Attleborough and surrounding areas.

Above: Karl of Breckland Tyres

Have you been wishing to expand the business for a long time? Yes, for a few years space has been a noticeable issue for us. When unit 9 previously occupied by Colin Webster became available it was an obvious move for us. How have you found expanding the business? The extra space gained in the expansion allows us to have seperate Tyre and Exhaust bays. This allow us to carry more stock, providing a more efficient and professional service to our customers. How long has Breckland Tyre Services been around? We have been trading in Attleborough for 14 successful years now.

How do you find working in Attleborough?

A very basic but productive “Treat as you would like to be treated” attitude works for us. This is also reflected in the fact that a majority of our trade comes to us through recommendation. You have mentioned Tyres and Exhausts are there any other services you provide? We carry good stocks of Bosal exhaust and various brands in popular tyre sizes and yes Tyres & Exhausts are the main area of our business. However we provide steering service in the form of 4 wheel laser alignment, Hold a healthy stock of both 2 year budget and 4 year Bosch batteries, Wheel balance including closed face for certain French made vehicles, Puncture repairs, Bosch wiper blades, bulbs and more. It is worth mentioning that we specialise in high performance/run flat tyres. If there is a specialist tyre you need it’s very likely we can supply and fit it for you.

Dispatch April 2012 43

Dispatch Magazine, Diss & Attleborough April 2012  

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