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contents 04 Will Linking Your Driving License To Social Media End Online Harassment?


Why You Don’t Need To Be a College Dropout To Become Successful


5 Books You Must Read To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

07 After The Fires In Greece And Amazon Rainforest, What’s Our Future?


Is Indian Football Really Improving Or It’s A Gimmick?


Women In Tech Movement Is Bigger Than Ever –

09 You Won’t Be Able To Use ATM for Any Time Money If This Happens…


Just Amazon Rainforest Is Not In Danger, We All Are!


Will Linking Your Driving License To Social Media End Online Harassment?


You may have seen people demand the linking of driver license with social media accounts. The demand is rising as the more and more incidents of online harassment are happening every day. If you are a football fan, you may have witnessed the incidents happened after Paul Pogba missed one penalty for Manchester United. Manchester United’s fans racially tweeted about the Pogba. Yes, their own fans. Here’s how Paul reacted. "My ancestors and my parents suffered for my generation to be free today, to work, to take the bus, to play football. Racist insults are ignorance and can only make me stronger and motivate me to fight for the next generation." - Paul Pogba on Twitter Along with Pogba, his teammate Marcus Rashford and Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham were also targeted with the racial comments. Twitter says it will now meet Paul Pogba and kick the racism out of their platform. Now, after these incidents, there w.ere some tweets demanding Twitter and other social media sites to take some action. Some of the Twitteratis are suggesting that all the social media platforms must make it mandatory to link the driving license to the accounts.


Will This End The Online Harassment Though? Some people argue that more people now just abuse someone in the name of banter. And they claim that nobody understood their ‘Joke‘. And some are genuine.But the number of genuine people is more and if the linking is done and someone reports the actual joke, then it’s not of any use.Another thing is privacy. Privacy is the fundamental right of any person.What would happen if this linking becomes real? Maybe there will be surveillance on every tweet or post you do.

Yes, the linking will be helpful to bring justice to the online harasser but still, it is not practical as of now.If there is an alternative solution to stop online harassment, it’s the user control. If someone reports the tweet or post, the social media puts down that post or even suspend the account.But if any tweet doesn’t get reported, it doesn’t happen. Also, the privacy policies of social media firms can be updated. For now, it’s still in the hands of users.


After The Fires In Greece And Amazon Rainforest, What’s Our Future? You have seen the fires in Greece and Amazon Rainforest. And most of the articles and reports have covered everything. But how much the fires will affect our lives? After the Amazon fires, news about the fires in Greece broke in. Thousands of tourists were evacuated due to Greece. Have you wondered why the number of fires is increasing day by day?

Greece Fires Are Not Always Because of Nature You may wonder why the fires in Greece are huge in numbers. The answer is people’s ignorance. Sure, there are numerous fires because of the rising temperature this summer. But most of those are just because of people. So, the human is to blame for this type of disaster. SPIDERPOSTS / ISSUE 02 7

According to The Multiple Reports, The Country is always on the danger (Fires occur regularly) because people ignore the safety rules. They throw cigarette butts on the ground or carelessly lights barbecues. Now, understand one thing. Our smallest and negligible (we think so!) things may even destroy our environment.

What’s Our Future? You have seen some movies like 2012. The end is near as shown in the movies. Not that near but we are already seeing some glimpses of our future. Heatwaves are the most common examples to be given. Also, if you have seen the football jerseys or even common T-shirts are made out of ocean plastic. Why this has become a business? Because we made it so. But it is a good thing that it’s useful. Now, if possible let’s reduce the use of plastic.How the future will depend on how we behave in the present. All Amazon rainforest fires were not naturally occurring. Most of them are by people.If we stop doing this, the rate of global warming or climate change will reduce drastically. The future is in our hands. Let’s change it positively. 8


You Won’t Be Able To Use ATM for Any Time Money If This Happens… (India)


Many people call the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as Any Time Money. Now, the main motto of the ATM is the same. Till date, you can withdraw a reasonable amount of money any time of the day. But one decision can change this in the future.

The ATM card you hold gives you the freedom to visit any ATM and withdraw the amount of money (up to the specific limit) for more than once per visit.

But now this may change.

According to several reports, banks are suggesting to limit this to one transaction per visit and then there must be a gap between the visits. The gap is to be of 6-12 hours. This suggestion has come from the meeting of Delhi State-Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC). The suggestion is to reduce the subsequent frauds. Delhi has been facing a number of these incidents in the rush hours of the morning.People who commit this fraud installs the skimmer device on ATMs and then use the copied data for subsequent transactions. This change will make you think what’s the use of ATM if you can’t withdraw money any time. Also, what in case of emergencies?More than this limit of transaction per 612 hours, banks want to secure the transaction using OTP (One Time Passwords) as used in online transactions.

Another suggestion is a possible introduction of voice command of removing the helmet if someone enters the ATM room wearing it.What will be the best solution?


Why You Don’t Need To Be a College Dropout To Become Successful


You are listening to XYZ podcast. That billionaire is telling you to drop out of college to achieve your dreams. But is it necessary to be a college dropout for success? Perhaps some successful millionaires or billionaires are college dropouts. But not the most. If you think you will be the next Bill Gates if you drop out of college, you are wrong.

You can never become the next ‘XYZ’ but yourself regardless you are a college dropout. Now, let us see the reasons you need not be a college dropout even if your aim is a success.

You Don’t Need To Be a College Dropout To Achieve Success Now, you may think even if I am ready to conquer the world, should I continue my college? The answer is in your head. If you have an idea which will help you make millions in no time (and you don’t love your college), drop out of your college. There’s no ‘OR’ here. Either you have a plan in your mind which will not blow in its first year or you are not dropping out. Do Not Drop Out And Use Your Parents Money If you have rich parents, then you can use their money but only if you don’t have an option (mostly you shouldn’t). And if you don’t, then don’t take this step in 5 minutes. If you do not have a defined perspective and you drop out, you will fail.Buy an iPhone using your own money. If you don’t have money, do the job. If you have completed the education, you will get a decent job. Do Not Try To Be A Dropout If You Think Success Is Possible In Days If you think you will work for a few days and automatically you will receive tons of money. It’s not how the world works.And if your thinking is like this, then you won’t be a successful entrepreneur.


Be Ready To Hustle

Sort out your things. Whether you are capable of side hustling or you will focus on your business 24X7. If you are dropping out, make sure you work over 70 hours per week. If we consider statistics, over 90% of successful people around the world have completed their education. They are engineers, journalists, and more such. The bottom line is, you can be a successful entrepreneur even if you complete your education.

The myth of dropout success is much more in this era because nobody will print the failures. If we consider statistics, over 90% of successful people around the world have completed their education. They are engineers, journalists, and more such. You will only read the success stories of dropouts. But that doesn’t mean you should not.You can be a dropout still successful if you are ready to give your all. But do not make your decision based on the stories of the minority.



Is Indian Football Really Improving Or It’s A Gimmick?


Every football fan has a dream. He/she wants his/her team to win the world cup. And if your team has played none world cup match, your dream is to see the team once in the football world cup.

There are some glimpses of positiveness in both the team and the fans. However, the team must show consistent performances. Sometimes the team relies too much on the captain, Sunil Chettri.

Now, as more and more people are The change in the tactics may help with watching them play, is Indian football really introducing the new coach in the summer. improving, or it’s just a gimmick? However, the success would come if it gives the roots a scope to grow. Is Indian Football Improving?

The improvement can be seen, but it’s very slow.

Indian football team ranks at 103 in Fifa rankings and 158 in Elo rankings. Don’t let the rankings fool you. Those were better in 2018.Yes, the number of audiences for this sport is improving.

Other than the team, the fans’ support is increasing. Those people who only supported Liverpool, Manchester United, and some clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, are now supporting Indian clubs and the National Team.

But what about the football team in India? Indian football is improving but at a slow If this stays, the team will play their hearts speed. The team needs a miracle to qualify out in every match. Also, the new for the world cup soon. generation would love to play football as they like cricket now. The current team can win against the opposition in the same range as the So Indian football is improving, but it needs rankings. But they lack in every department pace. With money, the support of people is as they play the better team. what Indian football is missing, and that’s What Can We Expect In Future?

the reason you will watch India’s next match.



Just Amazon Rainforest Is Not In Danger, We All Are!


By the time you are reading this, you might know about the extreme fire in the Amazon Rainforest. It going on for over 2 weeks. And just now there’s some rain at the time of writing.

In 2019, there are at least 75000 fires occurred in the Amazon. 85% more than the previous year. And double than in 2013. This clearly indicates that not all of those fires are a natural disaster (which is common in Amazon in the dry season) The thing is, every media portal is covering rather most are caused because of the just the news and the politics behind this human. disaster. But what about the consequences? What about its effects on As we said earlier, people are playing the humanity? blame-game. Activists are blaming the government and the president of Brazil, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro has said NGOs are doing Just a hashtag #PrayforAmazonas or #AmazonFires is not enough. Don’t say it’s this to damage the government’s image. not in our hands stopping this. We can at least ask the governments [Yes, government’S’] regarding this issue. According to BBC, more than 2500 fires are active in the Amazon Rainforest. People are blaming the government and the government is pointing out to the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Even if you don’t live in Brazil, still you can not ignore this. Because:

One thing is certain that the Brazilian government lacked the resources required to fight the fires. How Bad Is It? The smoke is spread beyond the Amazon Rainforest (up to Sao Paulo) Emitting an excess amount of Carbon Monoxide Other Countries are getting affected

Amazon Rainforest

You can always help by donating to Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Generates 20% of total oxygen on earth Trust, supporting the projects which aware It is referred to as the lungs of the earth the people about global warming, climate or planet’s lungs change, and everything related to the Its importance is vital in slowing environment, signing petitions and down global warming reducing your paper, wood, and meat consumption.



5 Books You Must Read To Become A Successful Entrepreneur


You are an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur. You need more and more success in less time. But there is one thing you don’t have. Experience of successful entrepreneurs, and their knowledge. Here, we have brought you a list of 5 books to read which will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

These books will help you not only in business but also in your life. You will understand where you are lagging and how to get out of that particular situation. Another thing is you will realize what it takes to be successful.

Books to Read For An Entrepreneur Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

This book never gets old. Whether you are a newbie in business or have tons of experience, this book will teach you extremely important lessons. Mr. Robert Kiyosaki describes the situation we have had in our education system and in our mind for a long time. He underlines what should be different than it is already. He stresses the importance of financial education for all.Read this book today and tell us what you learned.


The Power of Broke by Daymond John and Daniel Paisner

The power of broke is an outstanding book for those who are hungry for success but have an empty pocket. This book helps to be up against it when you’re determined to press ahead.Daniel Paisner (Comment on SpiderPosts Instagram Page) This is one of my personal favorite books as I started SpiderPosts with a tight budget and this book inspired me. This book will 100% teach you patience, perseverance, and to be hungry for success.

The Creative Curve by Allen Gennett

One of our authors, Bhairav love this book. Why? because Mr. Gannett explains how to develop the idea at the right time. Exactly what this book is about.The book tells us four actionable items which are consumption, imitation, creative communities, and iterations. What are these? well, read the book. it is worthy of your time.Also, one thing about Mr. Gannett is you can ask him anything online. He’s active on social media.


The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup is a book to develop and manage startups. First of all, Start-ups needs to go beyond standard business practices. They need special policies for their innovations. The book does cover everything which tells about how to develop the startup and how to manage it.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup is one book I would recommend only for the beginners. The reason is the book shows that there is a possibility to start a startup with only $100. But the book does not go into deep. You may want to read this on the weekend. Even if the book does not go into deep telling how should you do everything, it should be read for the inspiration. And yes, SpiderPosts is also a $100 startup. So, in conclusion, these are the 5 books to read to be a successful entrepreneur. There are plenty, but let’s start with these 5 first.


Women In Tech Movement Is Bigger Than Ever –

22 SPIDERPOSTS / ISSUE 02 This is 2019. ‘Women in tech‘ is trending on every social website. More and more women are now becoming an integral part of tech. We have come a long way but still, the number of women succeeding in tech is still less. But this movement started earlier in this decade. One gem of this movement, Anke Horstman, started a tech blog back in 2012. Now, the blog, is the number one tech blog in the Netherlands for women [for women, by women]. This is not a one-night success. It’s never easy to start anything. And for women, it’s still a little difficult.

So, how did Anke Horstman started this blog and made it a huge hit, and what can you learn from this? Read it in Anke’s own words.


Women in Tech: Past, Present, and Future – Views Of 1. How did it come to your mind to start this specific website? After finishing my Bachelor’s degree (Journalism), I worked at a HiFi news site for two years. Hifi stands for high-end audio, most of it is about very expensive speakers. I learned so much about the technology world, but unfortunately, my employer couldn’t keep his head above water during the recession. The company stopped so I had to find a new job. I couldn’t find one, so I built my own WordPress blog, just to keep up my writing skills. That blog was because I liked the technology world so much and during my two years as a HiFi journalist, I noticed as a woman I was an exception at all the press events. People assumed I was one of the PR agents, which made me laugh but also gave me a mission. I wanted to show the world that girls like gadgets too. Why else do ‘we’ all carry our phone with us, like it’s our little precious? Women don’t like specs, but they like to use technology. It’s about the storytelling around it. 2. What were the challenges you faced in the early stages? Or even facing now? To build my first WordPress website was difficult because nobody taught me, but when I achieved it, I was really proud of myself. The more challenging aspects were psychological. In the early stage of, I was really afraid what other people would think about it.


Being one of the first technology blogs for women: what if they think it’s weird, what if they don’t understand why I write for women, what if they laugh about my WordPress design, will there be any visitors, what if I’m a failure, what if there will be someone who’s better than me, etc? And you know what: I still have those feelings about it. Can handle it better, though.

Anke Horstman, Founder of


3. Do you think you have achieved your goal? If yes, how? Unconsciously, I think more women like tech than they did seven years ago. For example, the Women In Tech movement is bigger than ever. And more and more women are posting tech-related stories on Instagram. is still growing, so there’s a market for this kind of blogs. I can’t quantify how many girls like tech because they know about us. But I hope we make a difference in their subconsciousness. 4. Was there a moment in your journey when you thought you should just give up? If yes, how did you manage it? Several times, but I’m too stubborn to do it. Worked too hard to throw everything away. Somebody should buy me out, haha! No, but as you’re looking for the juicy details: I would’ve liked to give up when I organized my first TechGirl Event. Picked the wrong Event Planner and she screwed it up. Real bad: just five weeks before the event started, I had to fix everything. It was an event for 250 people, with breakout sessions, food, a play area, TechGirl of the Year competition, everything… Worked 80 hours a week till the event started. Got a lot of help of the TechGirl volunteers during the event day itself. Almost everybody was happy with the event, but I felt like I’ve died inside and felt depressed. For approximately four months I was absolutely done with being a TechGirl.


5. When did people start to recognize your efforts and realized what women can bring to the tech industry? I think that was two years after I started Since then the blog statistics grew immensely. The TechGirl team grew during that year and we got more and more invites for attending press events. I think that was the beginning of our success. “Women In Tech movement is bigger than ever” Anke Horstman SPIDERPOSTS / ISSUE 02 27

6. We see you are focused on the Netherlands, is there any plan to expand to the other countries? is focused on the Netherlands. But what you probably don’t know, is that I bought in 2017. It’s our international platform.

But I’ve to admit: it is a hell of a job to invest in two content platforms. To let them grow and to make them both to success. I see a lot of potential in our international platform, and I have so many plans for it. But yeah… time is the issue.

7. What would you do to improve the current content?

There are a few things we do: we work with a keyword-based content calendar and with strict deadlines. There are two editors checking every article: if it’s written correctly and if it’s legally okay. We use the Yoast plugin to make sure most of our articles are SEO proof. I would love to upgrade the templates for and to better technical versions. I call myself a ‘code purist’ because I think it’s really important to have as little code as possible in a template. The best websites should be quickly loaded, but also have a high score on accessibility and have a great appearance. I’m not okay with a B+.


8. What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a tech blogger? To experience things in life, that you never thought they would be possible. I feel so lucky every time I see innovations that make our life better, happier, easier.

That are moments that I cheer for others. I’m genuinely happy for the creators at the moment and I can’t wait to see what kind of impact it will have on the world. You should see me then!

9. What advise would you give to all the women who are pursuing their career in tech?

Keep your head up and don’t listen to others or your inner voice if they intend to stop you. I always say: people without digital skills are the illiterates of the future. Make sure you know your way in technology. Then everything will be all right.

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