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Planeteers Youth Symposium Report

Contents:-Introduction PYS -Phase: Bond -Phase: Grow -International

Conference on Social Innovation by 180 Degrees Consulting Pakistan -Phase:


-Phase: Accomplish

Introduction PYS: Planeteers Youth Symposium was a program organized by Welfare Organisation Planeteers for their Lahore recruits of year 2013. Basically, PYS was an internship comprising of skill-oriented activities, fruitful and interactive sessions, aiming to unleash each individual’s potential and providing them with career boost up tool kit by exposing them to intense learning experience. It involved four major phases

namely; Bond, Grow, Lead and Accomplish. Venue for first three phases was Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS), whereas final phase took place at Beaconhouse National University, at its event Bestival. Students from leading institutes of Lahore like Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, COMSATS, Punjab University, LUMS and Beaconhouse National University were a part of symposium. AIESEC team was a significant partner of this internship program. PSY lasted for a month.

Phase: Bond Phase bond was in fact, an induction conference and an interactive workshop, engrossing fun filled ice-breakers, energy boost-up activities and interactive sessions to form a “bonding” within the core team and recruits, and among the recruits themselves. It was a great opportunity for recruits to meet Planeteers, AIESECERS and 180 Degrees Consulting International under one roof. Orientation begun with a short opening speech by Planeteers’ CEO, Haider Haseeb who briefly introduced Planeteers to audience and delivered an inspiring message of realizing our value to achieve self-actualization, which was followed by an interesting brain storming activity of “Thought A, Thought B”. Furthermore, recruits were welcomed by energetic AIESECERS who delivered a presentation about AIESEC and My World, My Choice’ a welfare organsitaion. Lastly, Uzair Yazdani’ an emerging youth trainer and a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting International’ took charge and energized the recruits with an enthralling game which he called “Mirrors”. The game required each recruit to sit beside an unfamiliar individual and act as a reflection of their actions and movements. It was

indeed crazy yet amusing and aided bonding among the recruits. Uzair Yazdani engaged himself immensely in all the events throughout PYS and soon he became the most favorite trainer of all recruits.

Phase: Grow - Day 1 Phase Grow begin with an awe inspiring session conducted by a well-known youth trainer, Haider Miraj. He is a spiritual trainer who has the electrifying power to pick an individual from deepest of despair and lift them up to make them “Grow” to the most zealous and impassioned form of their selves. Haider’s session, ‘GLI’ i.e GrowthLearn- Innovate was all about self-development’s evolution. The finest part about the session was the way Haider Miraj encouraged the recruits to participate in the session by maintaining an informal and casual environment to ease the audience. He communicated the most thoughtful lessons of life and unfolded the secrets of inner-self while cracking hilarious jokes to amuse the gathering. His down to earth approach and lively attitude won the hearts of entire crowd.

Energizer! Second activity of the day was a problem-solving energizer initiated by Uzair Yazdani. Recruits were randomly allocated into two teams and were given an “imaginary” limited budget to purchase few pages and a scotch tape’ and their assumed cost was determined too. They were asked to construct a tower with the

purchased material in 10 minutes. The tower shall stand firmly on the ground for 20 seconds, in order to win. Both teams brain stormed and generated innovative ideas to achieve the target. However, one team managed to complete the task successfully on time. Both the teams were appreciated for their prominent efforts, flaws were discussed in order to overcome the short comings in future activities.

Thirdly, Haider Haseeb enlightened the audience on “10 bits of success”, which are as follow:1- Never give up. 2- Change your circumstances. 3- A little push to drag you to achieve your goals! 4- No excuses! 5- Don’t wait for opportunities. 6- Keep a journal. 7- Make your each day the best day. 8- Expand your mind. 9- Paint a picture in your mind (vision). 10- Just do it! Lastly, all the recruits were divided into groups’ with each group comprising four members. Each group was assigned a topic to prepare a small speech and one member from each team was required to speak on the given topic in front of the audience. The activity aimed to develop thinking and public-speaking skills.

Phase: Grow- Day 2 Day 2 opened up with a session directed by Uzair Yazdani. His presentation was entitled as, “Topak Zamaan Qanoon De”, a Pashto phrase meaning “Gun is my law”. The phrase has a vast meaning to it instead of just the literal meaning. It is interpreted as “My law is my weapon”. The presentation guided the recruits to take control of their circumstances, to recognize their weapon (strength) and remember to use it. Uzair inspired the audience by motivating them to make a commitment and honor it and going for the things they love, instead of waiting for the “right” time and opportunities. He further quoted a beautiful dialogue from a movie, “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it”. This thought provoking and galvanizing session got imprinted on everyone’s heart. Next session was conducted by Haider Haseeb who addressed a knowledgeable and insightful presentation about “achieving goals and objectives”. The comprehensive session clearly illustrated the characteristics of goals and objectives and broadcasted the SMART criteria to assist an individual to attain their objectives and goals. S- Specific M- Measurable A- Attainable R- Relevant T- Time-bound This presentation was followed by an activity in which recruits were divided into groups and in sub-groups later. Each person was required to present three objectives leading to one goal, which they plan to accomplish in year 2013. SMART

criteria needed to be applied on the goal and objectives chosen. It was a highly beneficial activity to test each recruit’s understanding of the session and to nourish their organisational abilities, enhance their communication and public speaking skills. It aided to boost up their confidence level as well. Last but not the least, guest speaker for the grow phase day 2’ was Faisal Imtiaz’ the president of 180 Degrees Consulting Pakistan. He conducted an exceptional and a wonderful session, “Let’s begin with ourselves”. He asked the audience to note down three qualities of any personality they idealize, within 30 seconds, which most of us easily did. Next, he asked the audience to write at least three qualities of themselves in 30 seconds. Surprisingly, 97% of the audience failed to do so. Faisal Imtiaz then pointed out that we don’t know ourselves well because we are too busy idealizing others. He inspired the gathering by his words, “I’ll rather be the first great version of myself than being the second great version of someone else”. He further encouraged the recruits to believe in their selves and do something worth remembering. He concluded the session with an invitation of “International Conference on Social Innovation” for the entire Planeteers family.

International Conference on Social Innovation International conference on Social Innovation was a two day event organized by 180 Degrees Consulting International, Challenge: Future, Development Dimension Society and numerous youth-based organisations. Venue was University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. The aim of this two day conference was to introduce the talented youth of Pakistan with Social Entrepreneurship and its growing importance in developing countries. The event was a complete package containing motivational speeches by notable speakers, innovating group activities, Skype sessions with Nat Ware (CEO, 180 Degrees Consulting International) and Bistra Kumbaroska (Community manager of Challenge Future) energetic session by Abdus Samad Khan (CEO, Youth Impact) and Innovation jam, a group activity. It was a great learning opportunity which helped the gathering to think out of the box and experience something new. Planeteers recruits were certainly lucky to be a part of this event and enjoy the protocol of tagging themselves as Planeteers.

Phase: Lead- Day 1 The starting of Lead phase couldn’t have been any better, as the phase was opened by the guest speaker Tanzila Khan, C.E.O’ Creative Alley Production plus a prominent Youth trainer. Her fabulous session, “Let’s Get Mad” began with an energizing ice-breaker followed by a series of fun filled energizers which continued throughout the session. She opened a new phase of mind about how we see ourselves and our exceptional abilities which we take for granted. She introduced the recruits with their “invisible bags” which contain all their hidden talents but a little

effort is needed to find them within ourselves. Tanzila encouraged the audience to expand their horizons and look above the caverned walls of narrowed and shrunk thinking, and get MAD!

She added to the knowledge of recruits about the difference between a teacher, trainer and facilitator. The most important lesson she taught the audience was to live in the moment and cherish every precious second of life. Tanzila communicated the importance of asking questions and discussed clever techniques to phrase our questions smartly and efficiently. The activities she held were really interesting and fascinating but what more motivating was the deep hidden reason behind them. For instance, audience was allocated in a two-member teams and each member got a turn to control their partner’s body movement with the movement of their hand. After which Tanzila explained the reasons why we enjoy the power of controlling others and dislike being

controlled. Another activity required to maintain eye contact with the partner while another person tried to distract. This activity was aimed to test the concentration abilities.

Tanzila enlightened the crowd about the secrets of mind and our sub conscious, and how important it is to keep our mind alert all the time to avoid the danger of getting unwanted ideas getting in our sub conscious. Tanzila was very friendly throughout the session and encouraged honest feedback during the session. She talked about human psychology that we are the one who choose the hard way out in life, instead of identifying a problem and then solving it. It is the main reason why people end up ruining their lives by developing addiction to drugs. Her words had a powerful impact on audience’s mind, heart and soul. It was indeed the best session of all sessions which was proved by the recruits’ feedback. Everybody wanted the session to continue for indefinite time as they were having a great time, and were sad when time came to say goodbye to Tanzila.

Phase: Lead- Day 2 The second and final day of Lead phase introduced the recruits to different organisations. Presentations were delivered by representatives of two NGOs and a well-known entrepreneur. House was opened by a voluntary youth organisation that aims to promote independent and critical thinking through educational camps, bringing students and mentors from different classes of society in an environment free of judgment and control, introducing new fields of knowledge and broadening the scope of future possibilities for students. Rabtt’s Marketing Director, Taseer Raza Hassan’ oriented the audience about the mission of Rabtt, its past achievement and future plans. He also informed about the opportunity to volunteer for this noble cause, which PYS recruits willingly welcomed. Next presentation was conducted by a representative of “Zimmedar Shehri” a youthbased organisation committed to create a sense of social responsibility and bringing tangible changes through efforts, rather that complaining about the wrong. He shed light on organisation’s past projects which were quite interesting and attention grabbing, such as “take out the trash”, “Flood relief missions” and the most appealing one’ “Made of Pakistan”. He too offered the PYS family to avail the chance to volunteer and do something for the betterment of society.

The most remarkable session of the day was initiated by a recognized entrepreneur and innovator Ahmad Shamoon. He delivered and impressive lecture about making use of information, business rules, effective decision making and innovative thinking, few of which are as follow:-

-Play with someone else’s investment. No risk, nothing at stake. -Business runs on favors, to cash them later when needed. -Share information but keep your part safe. -Always have a plan B. When things don’t work according to your plan, change rapidly, it’s the most important survival secret. -Gather information and start reading between lines. Ahmad Shamoon’s whole session was profoundly knowledgeable and recruits were really glad to have him as a speaker.

Phase: Accomplish The accomplish phase was the most jubilant one. Recruits were provided with the platform of BNU Bestival to exercise their creativity, marketing techniques and leadership qualities. The three day phase was intended to raise fund for Beaconhouse National University’s Student fund by setting up stalls. Recruits were divided into teams and each individual had to deal with a great amount of responsibility, Planeteers core team co-operated a lot, of course. Every team consisted a leader, a marketing vertex, a social butterfly and a project manager. Teams were asked to practical execute their ideas now and whatever they had learnt

during all the previous phases. All the teams tried their best and put in great efforts to achieve the targets and pass through the accomplish phase. All those beautifully designed posters, decoration and arrangement of stalls, creative and profitable ideas painted a quite clear picture of their hard work and dedication.

Stalls set up by PYS recruits exhibit a vast variety and were unique in their own way. They offered Tattoo making, Face art and paintings, Nail art, the highly innovative “Masked messages” service, “Minute to win it” games, Dart game, the creative “DPBooth” etc. The recruits were “young experts” in the services their stalls displayed.

The task of managing stalls for hours, dealing with customers and whole process of from thinking ideas till executing them’ demanded a lot of time, devotion and energy and recruits were able to prove them successful in the accomplish phase; as they were able to raise a handsome amount of money for the BNU student fund, by

setting up stalls for two days.

The accomplish phase was not just about working tirelessly for setting up stalls and carrying on the defined activities to achieve the pre-set goals. In fact, it was a lot more than that. Planeteers recruits who now became a family and knew each other well, found it very exciting to work together at Bestival as they helped each other with generating ideas and marketing stalls. There were moments of chaos and disruption when they offered support to their fellows and there were times when they laughed their heads off. While discovering one’s own potential and talent, it was a chance to live in the dreams’ for instance of being a leader or a project manager and to show

the world our capabilities and the height to which we can rise. All these moments created ever lasting memories which we willcherish, all our lives.

The PYS journey ended at the closing ceremony of BNU Bestival where recruits got Bestival’ 13 certificates and were recognized’ as their efforts were acknowledged at the award ceremony. CEO Planeteers’ Haider Haseeb delivered a short speech at the event, “The caliber of this work is exceptional, and will have a major impact in guiding our unit’s work in the year ahead. Thank you for inspiring this team to such a successful outcome. Thank you!” With that, house of PSY’13 was declared closed.

Planeteers Youth Symposium Report by:Mahnoor Khan, Naila Nasir, Salva Fayyaz, Shifa Nazir, Eisha Tahir, Maria Liaqat. Institute: Beaconhouse School System, Canal Side Campus.


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PYS' 13  

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