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PYS at a Glance: PYS, Planeteers Youth Symposium, was a project executed by Planeteers Youth Based Organization which is an effort to give platform to the youth for their skills for a better cause. PYS comprised of skill-oriented activities, fruitful and interactive sessions, aiming to unleash each individual’s potential and providing them with career boost up tool kit by exposing them to intense learning experience. It involved four major phases namely; Bond, Grow, Lead and Accomplish. Venue for first three phases was Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS), whereas final phase took place at Beaconhouse National University, at its event Bestival. Students from leading institutes of Lahore like Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, COMSATS, Punjab University, LUMS and Beaconhouse National University were a part of symposium. Symposium also included youth training and lasted for about a month.

Master Mind behind PYS Haider Haseeb– Story of Dreams Ambitions and Goals Haider Haseeb, Founder and CEO at Planeteers Youth Based Organization is a story of dreams, ambitions and goals-Currently an engineering student, Haider is a researcher, debater, writer, youth activist, young trainer and a philanthropist. Founding Planeteers at an age of 18 reinvigorated his identity, which is an effort to give platform to the youth for their skills for a better cause. Besides founding Planeteers, Haider had served thousands of students as youth trainer, activist and philanthropist. Haider is a young trainer; consultant and mentor with his affiliations with world largest organizations such as AIESEC, 180 Degrees International and various youth led organizations. His current projects include PYS (Planeteers Youth Symposium, Meals on Wheels, Heal a child and Training Workshops for youth. He serves many organizations and students like himsef as a mentor on “Setting and Achieving Goals”. His past projects and services include teaching mentally handicapped children at Special Training and Education Centre, “Funfair for a cause” , “Enigma-In Youth We Believe” and his work as a talent promoter of cancer patients.

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PYS’ 13 Trainers Haider Haseeb CEO and Founder at Planeteers Youth Trainer, Mentor

Haider Miraj

Tanzila Khan Optimism Expert

Uzair Yazdani

Youth Trainer

Faisal Imtiaz CF leader local representa-

Consultant at 180 Degrees

tives global network

Youth Facilitator

Entrepreneurship Expert

Shamaoon Ahmed

PYS Phase 1: Bond Phase bond was in fact, an induction conference and an interactive workshop, engrossing fun filled ice-breakers, energy boost-up activities and interactive sessions to form a “bonding” within the core team and recruits, and among the recruits themselves. It was a great opportunity for recruits to meet Planeteers, AIESECERS and 180 Degrees Consulting International under one roof. Orientation begun with a short opening speech by Planeteers’ CEO, Haider Haseeb who briefly introduced Planeteers to audience and delivered an in-

It was followed by an interesting brain storming activity of “Thought A, Thought B”. Furthermore, recruits were welcomed by energetic AIESECERS who delivered a presentation about AIESEC and My World, My Choice’ Lastly, Uzair Yazdani’ an emerging youth trainer and a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting International’ took charge and energized the recruits with an enthralling game which he called “Mirrors”.

PYS' 13 (slight changes)  
PYS' 13 (slight changes)