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Moving Horizons Here i What you are looking for is defined by what you are made of! How you respond is how you choose to feel! Where you are in mind and life is where you have seen yourself! Cheers to them that have settled on the 'right' temperament. This edition is dedicated to you. For you, that arrived with a positive chord and also you that have developed it here. In our quest to form a healthy community at SDA, it is a privilege to dedicate this feature once again to you. With each month, with each edition the importance of you only gets stronger. The existence of that positive chord has allowed you to make an impact in all you do. SDA has found a way to congratulate you for it. In a big way this time. SDA stands to model brands that touch people's lives through your work. Yes, YOUR WORK. YOUR INPUT. The onus of making a brand move the sentiments of a person was and is on you. You have surely done it so far and you may still not know it. Through it, you are accomplishing what most individuals feel incapable of doing. -Moving Horizons. The boundaries that confine your thoughts faintly disappear depending on how much focus you give to it. At SDA, we have emphasized on your talent to think beyond it. As a result, it has bred overwhelming reviews which you will read in the following pages. What you invest in an assignment is not just an idea, design or words; it is a bit of yourself. You are for whatever it's worth sharing a part of you with a brand that is sent out to inspire people. Imagine then, how grateful they must feel about carrying a part of you with them. A part that unknowingly may transfer sense and meaning to their life.

Are you curious to know how your bit has made a brand flourish? Practice the art of patting your back well, for SDA's success is indebted to you!

so what is this all about ?

This is a sacred section. Offer a moment of silence before you take the stage. The brainstorming and execution finally came through. You have delivered your heart's best without rest.

So here you are…….at the brink ……... Face to face with glory dedicated to you.

Well Played Amigos!!!

We completely believe in SDA as our Brand consultants rather than a creative agency that we are in contract with. Through the years of working with them, we have established that any concerns about how we should carry out our business to benefit us as well as the customers we serve; they have a solution to present. Creativity goes further than just good designs; it expects one to have the ability to figure a path that was unseen or a perspective that needed attention. Understanding its crucial nature, helps to solve problems and devise new techniques to win over a loss. SDA is an agency that is fitting to be a brand consultant agency with the potential to ideate and execute the great work and ideas that they suggest. That is one of the main reasons we are in connect with SDA. Every area whether it was the social platform, creatives for out of home media, web designing, etc were handled extremely well. We would like to thank the team for your hard work and consistent creative thoughts that have been instrumental to uplift the company's status and make a difference in peoples' lives. We are grateful to Amita and Manasvita from the social media team, Bhumika for writing heartfelt content, Jagrut from the graphic designing team, Monali who has been an exceptional mediator, Ashraf and Gaurav from the web team. Your work has made a lasting impact on peoples’ hearts. They might not know it but, we believe your abilities have touched and moved people all over to come for pilgrimages and witness God's presence.


group of companies

We at Swarnatara are more than happy to share our experience with Spicetree Design agency. Truth be told, we are extremely pleased with their working style. They definitely have high standards of performance and will surprise you with it. In our dealings with SDA, we have observed potential that is in rising demand especially in the creative industry. For an agency to grow, it is essential that coordination be a priority and norm to function smoothly. This is clearly visible at SDA at every level right from the Director to the team members. We have had the pleasure of communicating with a number of individuals at SDA. We are quite impressed with – Ashraf, Nivida, Neeta and Gaurav for their web designing and IT skills that have given a new face to our website. Jagrut, your graphic designer for fashioning the company logo and, Bhumika for her brilliant content writing. Not forgetting Rekha, Sanju and Monali who were duly responsible for mediating between teams. Lastly, we would like to congratulate Manasvita and Amita, your SMM managers for creating a presence for Swarnatara on the digital platform giving us the edge to survive well in the industry. We have discovered that they are an efficient team possessing the ability to submit work on time. Whether it was quick updating, prompt solutions or IT advice, everything seemed to be on track and in accordance with our requirement. I would like to congratulate the teams that have played a huge role in bringing Swarnatara to the limelight. We thank you team SDA for your relentless efforts to serve us with work that is result producing and effective.

We have been in a working relationship with SDA for over a year now. We have many different creative vendors to choose from. Our best choice is SDA when it comes to fast delivery and response oriented creatives. What sets them apart from other agencies is their commitment for faster delivery with quality. If they do not have what we ask for, they can get it! They make visible efforts to produce extraordinary results. One of the main reasons why we choose to deal with SDA is their staff. It is no doubt; there exists a motivated team who also play the role of consultants when required. Right from the Account Managers Sanju Khan and Rekha Khanna, to their development team includes Ashraf and Nivida have always exceeded our expectations. It has been our utmost pleasure to coordinate with a team that actually cares for the brands they work for. We look forward to working with them for decades to come. All the best!

Team Wedniksha would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to all the team members of SDA. Thank you for the entire fantastic job you have been doing for our company. Your hard work and dedication really helped us out for putting across our brand image and especially our new logo launch. We just want to know how much you are valued and appreciated. We know that you guys have been working tirelessly to keep this launch going without hassles. Please extend ou r sincere and personal appreciation to Amita, Manasvita and Hazel under the guidance of Sanju and Rekha for their outstanding support. The graphics team (Jagrut) has been making some excellent creatives for us over the years, though we have not met them personally, they always put their best foot forward. We are not treated like clients, instead as a part of the same big company. Kudos to all their handwork and a great association for years to come!!!

d we


s nik

Dedicating this to Team SDA, We have the good fortune of assigning an agency such as SDA to hand le ou r brand site and design. Throughout our contract with the team, Rekha and Sanju have been our prime connects with SDA. We are very satisfied and happy with all our interactions with the team, right from the day we met them to creating the website the IIT B Monsoon Run and all the other support we needed for it. Some of the key qualities that I would like to highlight are their Quick turnaround time - whether it is a change request, a quote, inputs for brainstorming, very supportive proactive team. They will question your requirement and inputs to ensure that the end output is good. An enthusiastic workforce has in it the undoubted potential to surpass creative limits and bring about worthy work. Such as it is known, so has it been seen here. Thank you to the entire team –Rekha, Sanju, Nivida, Ashraf for your hard work and willing mind to see the benefit of our brand.

It is rightly said that "Good Work is always appreciated" and why not especially when it comes to Business work. It helps everyone to remain motivated throughout the day. Therefore it gives me immense pleasure to Thank You All on behalf of Antraweb Technologies for your excellent contribution. It is an honour for us to be associated with SDA for past 7 years. Your high reputation and many years' experience means a lot for us. We are sure that our cooperation will lead to the mutual benefits in a long term. Our extended thanks go to Ms Shruti Rajpara for her best creativity and setting standards for Antraweb, Ms Monali Shinde & Hazel Fernandes for being the best supportive coordinators not only during official hours but off official hours as well. Thank you to the entire SDA team, without you guys execution of some crucial projects wouldn't have been possible. Glad to remain connected with you guys and sticking to our principle of Building Life Long Relations", wish to remain connected in future. You Guys are Doing Great!! Stay Blessed!! Thank You once again and our best wishes with you all.

Working with the team at SDA has been an absolute pleasure. Apart from having a good hold on social media for Liberty Oils they have suggested at many occasions some really interesting and innovative ideas on packaging for our new products. Special mention for Manasvita and Amita for displaying good work ethics. From the graphic team, we would to congratulate Shruti and Jagrut for their artistic and designing skills. Who have very appropriately been able to create a stylish frame for Sunday. Not to forget the content writers Bhumika and Hazel who have contributed in our growth. The mediating between two teams must be carried out smoothly in order for flawless work to happen for which we thank, Monali. At SDA, we are rest assured that good work will happen. Valuable inputs and ideas have conferred upon our customers a gratifying experience. Thus, Sunday has been able to make place in peoples’ choices.

Great Work, SDA! We are happy to have worked with your team. From SDA, we thank Stacey and Hazel from the client servicing team. They have excellently mediated between Axis and the graphic team and the SMM team. They have gone out of their way in coordinating with the entire staff at Axis. SDA is a capable agency that has understood what we stand for and created work that represents Axis Multispecialty Hospital in the best light. From your graphic team, we would like to thank Pratik for his creativity and Amita and Manasvita from the SMM team for the right exposure and publicity on social media. Gaurav, thank you for designing and developing the Axis website. We are delighted with the work you all do and wish to take this successful relationship further. Axis has been reviewed positively due to your creatives and great representation.

It has been a pleasant journey with SDA and being assisted by them for our artwork. They provide work that speaks volumes of their capabilities. We at Shivagrico seem to have been thoroughly impressed by their designs and ideas. Shruti from your graphics team is able to deliver with very few instructions. Her follow up and response time is great. Rekha and Sanju from your team have duly helped us and made worthy suggestions when required for our company events, etc. Even though our industry is entirely different from the usual clients you might get, SDA has shown keen interest through research to provide beneficial solutions for Shivagrico. Gaurav from the web team has helped with updating our website whenever the need for it arose. His response time is great and follow up is good. During events or otherwise he has strategically placed and positioned creatives to gather attention on our website. As a team under the guidance of your boss, everyone who has interacted with us appeared to immensely work in the best interests of our company. Indeed, a few agencies would harbour a similar mindset. Thank you, SDA for you posses potential that is worthy and wish you success for the future.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.� - Jimmy Johnson That little extra is what SDA is made of. Impeccable designs and creative thought harbors in that agency. The execution and conceptualizing has been carried out by them for Aishwarya for years now and they never fail to impress us. Though the rigorous process exists in design, they come out with flying colors. For which Monali and Jagrut have to be commended. A sought after quality in any industry. We are proud to associate with SDA, an intelligent creative team that strives for the growth of our brand.

We worked with SDA to revamp our website & our experience with SDA has been amazing. The team at SDA is a perfect mix of aesthetic and artistic. One of the qualities we always appreciate is their willingness to meet our needs – both creative and budgetary. The team Rekha & Sanju are always a pleasure to work with. Also, we would like to thank Shruti and Jagrut from the graphic team, Bhumika from copywriting, Amita and Manasvita from the SMM team. From the web team, we would like to thank Ashraf. Overall, we are glad to have encountered with this team that has exhibited great ideas and work all in the benefit of the brand they undertake.

I am more than willing to share my experiences with SDA. I may not be used to voicing my opinion about reputed companies of Mumbai but my experience so far requires me to compliment their work. Since we are in industrial manufacturing, my language says 3-C experience. Convenience, Clarity and Completeness. We just recently did a website project to improve the look and feel of our website. From the team, Rekha and Sanju were our contact persons, all decisions were documented on email by end of day, meetings at SDA had cross-functional team available & well prepared. Our brochure designed by Pratik who absolutely considered and incorporated our specific requirements. There has been Completeness in the discussions, Timeliness of work using Great Technology & Creative Skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such professional attributes. It is rare that we within organizations have the opportunity of working with creative agencies that are so goal oriented for the client and themselves and clearly SDA is one of the few. Good wishes and Good luck to Team SDA "


We at Children's Hospital Mumbai would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for the many efforts made by the SDA team over the last two years. They took it as a responsibility to devise response provoking solutions for the benefit of our online campaigns and provided solutions that would result in an increase of our scope to become and remain a successful brand. Their unique methods and suggestions have granted us the title of being a trusted brand in child care. Their management of our Search Engi ne Opti mization (SEO) a nd Social Med ia Marketing (SMM) has helped us achieve a wide base of clientele. With the help and work of SDA, we have been able to firmly establish trust in the minds of our patients with our in-house creatives and Facebook posts. Credit must be given where it is due and we are extremely pleased that our brand is guided by individuals with creative perspectives - Gaurav, Bhumika, Amita, Manasvita, Pratik, Shruti, Jagrut and Monali.

I worked with SDA for more than a year for the fulfilment of various creative requirements and I confirm it was a great experience. Technical understandings reside in a few minds and rarely do individuals and companies from outside of that technical industry are seen to possess that kind of acceptance and interest for it. Creating artwork for that industry is another matter. However, we are undoubtedly pleased with SDA for they seem to have hit the bull's eye. Their team has never failed to live up to expectations and ever willing to make amendments when needed. This portrays a spirit that positively accepts criticisms and works towards its betterment. From the SDA team, we would like to congratulate the efforts of Julius, who is outstanding with his creative and turnout time is simply amazing. He is knowledgeable, creative, and innovative with delivering our requirement exactly as described. Along with the graphic designer, Shruti whose great knowledge and sense of design is impressive. And Hazel, for her content that precisely conveys our purpose and thought. Well Done, Team SDA!!!

TO THE WINNING TEAM Success is not the end of a road it is the start of a new beginning. In which you bet your knowledge sees things through, your experiences guarantee a broader understanding of circumstances and situations. For starters in your success story at SDA, some appreciation has come your way. It is meant to be your driving force as you take the wheel every time you do. Reminding you of your in-built capabilities, that is bound to score a goal for you. I would like to emphasize on this appreciation that you rightly deserved. I would like to congratulate you for your painstaking efforts that have reaped sweet fruits. Many moments and much dedication have been submitted into your work. Thank you for taking responsibility. Thank you for striving to give purpose. Thank you for playing your part as you were determined to provide a home for the brand in a consumer's mind. SDA is fortunate enough to have diligent individuals like Amita, Ashraf, Bhumika, Gaurav, Hazel, Jagrut, Julius, Manasvita, Monali, Neeta, Nivida, Pratik, Rekha, Saeed, Sanju, Shruti, and Stacey. Most importantly, a special mention has to be made of those individuals that are unfailingly present to help and devote their time to make sure things go smoothly and excellently well. Deependra, Sanu and Mehtab: thank you tons for being around and ever ready to lend a helping hand. Last but not the least, Mehmood for your presence which has helped SDA to become what it is. I would like to conclude by saying that I believe in what we have at SDA. The potential, the will power, the ideas each are instrumental in making SDA and the team an accomplished workforce who are capable of making brands that influence minds and make lives better.

Here’S SOME momentum Sometimes a Thank you doesn't cover it. Sometimes something more conveys it all. Those late evenings, brainstorming sessions and multiple brain freeze have paid off. You just received praise that was overdue. Reassuring you that your involvement impacted a mind and changed someone's heart. Hence, some surprises in little coupons. You with your innate bubbling potential have caused the tide of success to rise.

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Buzziatives The Powerpuff girls are back! Amita, Bhumika and Manasvita – OUR POWERPUFF GIRLS shared a short video on the 3rd of September that preached a lesson worthy enough to live by. So, how many times have you gone through life wondering why you didn't seize the moment? What holds us back from trying or from experimenting is our mind. The little doubt and fear that has the audacity to change the mind to think like a failure has been awarded extra favor by us by our very own will. The realization of this truth dawned on SDA as the hard hitting motivating spirit took over. In the form of our three Powerpuff girls, the spirit spoke aloud. It caused the slumbering spirit to shiver within us. They awakened our understanding to head in the direction of our calling. To quote our girls, 'For starters allow a dream to envelop you, gracefully accept the mistakes along the way and prepare to embrace success someday, till the end of time thanking our spirit for no regrets. This is pretty much it!' We feel incredibly lucky to have the Powerpuff girls in our midst for providing a revelation. The fire you bring to the SDA community is positively contagious.

ideo V l a n o ati Motiv

Superwoman of the month.

Sh r uti Rajpa ra

People are unique; she is one of a kind. She is a powerhouse of energy and a bank of brains. Her p er s o n a l ity i s u n m at c he d a n d t er r i f ic a l ly k i n d . Her d i s t i n g u i s he d character and self is a wanted being at SDA. Shruti Rajpara is her name, also pronounced as the Superwoman of the month at SDA. Individuals with a mind harboring creativity or making room for it are greeted with open arms here. SDA makes sure, due reward is given for their hard work and perseverance. Our boss Shiraz Khan believes in the spirit and vibes she brings to this place. A great sense of design and content is only part of her wide understanding of things. As she received the title, her joy knew no bounds. More than anything, she seemed thrilled at what her family had to say. Shruti, is truly a blessing to the family. Her humility and diligence has paid off. We are so proud of you Shruti. We officially term you now, 'the girl with magical ways and brains'. And team SDA is overjoyed to have you as our colleague and friend.

Mattar gashti

Welcoming the second edition with open arms! Say hello to our SpiceBuzz's second edition.It represents 'Our rhythm, Our Shade and Our expression'. This edition has made it possible to learn about each of our colleagues, start a relationship of closeness, one where acceptance and understanding reigns. On 1st October there was a short event to unveil our second edition. The whole event was organized by Stacey and Deependra. All the members were expected to assemble on our 4th floor office where everything was set up. There were 24 brown bags on a table with SpiceBuzz's doodle logo. Monali did an exceptional job to customize the logo with her doodle art. As per the plan, each had to pick a chit and the person whose name was announced had to choose a brown paper bag that held the newsletter. This activity had a backhand scheme, Mr. Shiraz announced that there was some surprise in 3 of the copies. Manasvita, Mrs. Rekha and Saeed were the lucky ones who finally found the treasure i.e. Lunch vouchers for Sigree Restaurant. A fancy place to dine in style. Soon it was time to announce the Performer of the Month. And this time, Shruti Rajpara our adorable Graphic Designer earned the golden award. At the end of it all, we are glad to have been a part of this launch party celebrating in style. Our colleagues have done a wonderful job by laying the set for a fun filled time.

! t a e r T t e k Golden Tic

In ou r quest for doi ng somethi ng different, we decided to add a surprise element while distributing the second edition. Not only did every one of us get featured in the edition but 3 people got their Golden Ticket! This golden ticket made 3 lucky people who had the chance to dine at Sigree Global Grill – to relish on some yummilicious food. Manasvita, Saeed and Rekha got the chance to take their family or friends to this lavish restaurant.


Bhu mika The 13th of October saw the birthday of our butterf ly Bub, Bhumika our copywriter and c ol l e a g u e . Ce l e b r a t i n g h e r birthday had to be done in a style that revealed how much we reciprocated the love she shares. Every part of her desk was covered w it h t ho s e t i ny c olo r f u l butterf lies making her all so gleeful. Paper tissue flowers made by the handicraft girl Manasvita were placed around her desk. To top it all, eating the cake made by Stacey's mom could only add more joy to life and the tummy. We wish Bhumika joy and happiness and every birthday be made more special by the people she loves.

Neeta O n t he 26t h o f O c t o b er we celebrated the birthday of our web designer and developer, Neeta. For her bi r thday, we completely surprised her with decorations on the second floor of the office with balloons a nd the tastiest sprinklers cake made by Stacey's mom. We decorated the place with several balloons that had hand written happy birthday messages over it. We are so grateful to have you in our midst dearest Neeta. Your sweet smile and gentle ways have made a mark on our hearts. Happy Birthday!

Pratik On the 28th of October, in the hustle and bustle of the whole Diwali preparations, we made it a point to celebrate our talented graphic designer Pratik's birthday. We decorated his desk w ith balloons and messages all over. He was surprised to see that the first thing in the morning. The yummy Belgium Chocolate Cake that he cut just took our breath away P r at i k , you r ho ne s ty a n d dedication towards your work has always been appreciated by all of u s . Wi s h you a ver y H appy Birthday and thank you for the sweet treat!

Because the Thought counts


SDA had a thought to convey this Diwali. The means were our decorations and silent celebrations as we prepared for the festival of lights. A matchbox and matchstick is the most commonly used item to light a diya or a firecracker especially during Diwali. Our decoration was focused on the use of this medium that ignited light. The twist was to influence people to use its capability for better purposes. One that would truly depict in action the victory of light over darkness and its dim ways. Using a medium that is unmissable to place a message filled creative. To impact minds, make them think of their actions - Does bursting crackers qualify an appropriate method to celebrate the victory of light over the dark? Firecrackers are a temporary entertainment that causes permanent damage. A billion dollars and more are invested in firecrackers by 800 million people. As a consequence of these firecrackers, hundreds and thousands of people have become victims of blindness, deafness and skin related problems. During a joyous occasion such as Diwali, SDA suggests seeking alternative methods to celebrating Diwali. Everyone deserves to experience light in life, whether as a consequence of their own actions or others. SDA wishes that we make light filled choices that add light to life.

#Share YourEars Sometimes it just so happens that social media is treated as a medium where nothing serious happens. This stereotypical thought makes it difficult for any brand to successfully break through the clutter. But, not everything can be turned in to a meme or can be fake or taken lightly as a sarcastic comment. In fact there are companies like Disney & Make-A-Wish ÂŽ's whose team work granted more than 100,000 wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. On Disneyland's 60th Anniversary, fans were invited to share images of Mickey Mouse Ears, or any creative ears at all to help grant wishes. By using the Share Your Ears photo frame on Facebook and sharing your photos with the hashtag #ShareYourEars on Twitter and Instagram, one could unlock a $5 donation from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, up to $1 million. It was that simple! The response from around the world was overwhelming and Disney Parks donated $2 million to Make-A-WishÂŽ, double the original pledge, to recognize the outpouring of public support for the campaign between January 29 and March 14. Think of how many more kids with life-threatening medical conditions will have their lives change for the better because of one photo with Mickey Mouse ears! This extraordinary relationship has touched the lives of millions of people around the world, from wish children and their families to the countless medical professionals, volunteers and donors who help make wishes come true.

Why Doodles for Design? The SDA feature this season has plenty to offer in terms of content more so through design. This time, doodles led the way to design thoughts and convey a message. Doodling comes naturally to many people but, the effort to master what comes naturally exists in a few. Each and every page as you have seen is covered in doodles. Why, you may ask! The best part about doodles is its inclusive quality. Items that are even subtly relatable in spite of their distinguished nature when collectively placed can and have the opportunity to appear as one single concept. It resembles what most people lack – acceptance. The relevance of doodles here is to bring about an understanding of connectivity and acceptance. A different theme has been followed on every page to interest and enthrall. Simultaneously conveying a single message overall to the entire team at SDA. It is vital that content and design are on the same tangent. Content is always known to speak for itself. Design is usually pleasing to the eye; in addition having an engaging concept to it would increase its ability further to last long on minds. Hence, intending to captivate your attention and excite your thoughts. Intensely observe every independent object and thing incorporated within the doodles; you will see on its completion a mesmerizing picture. This design has a subliminal message encouraging all at SDA to bring their uniqueness to the table. Trust that the outcome of such an act could benefit one another and when seen in larger perspective - SDA.

Copyright © Spicetree Design Agency; SPICEBUZZ Feature; 32 Pages; November; 2016

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