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CASE STUDY ARENA CENTER Answer the demands of modern construction

Customer Mucic&Co d.o.o. ---------------------

Country Croatia ---------------------



Mucic & Co d.o.o. is the construction company that won a contract for building of Arena Shopping Center in Zagreb because of their past construction projects and innovative approach. This was one of the largest construction projects in this part of the region in 2009/2010. The requested system of employees and vehicles presence control needed to support the requirements for superior site organization. Requests that the system had to fulfil were: registering employee entry without the classic identification cards, exact number of employees present at the site at all times, daily reports on the number of sub-contractors work-hours, mobile identification of workers inside the construction site, and monitoring entries of vehicles with scanning of their identification documents.

Market SPICA Solution Construction ---------------------

Integrator Spica Sustavi d.o.o. Zagreb -----------------------

Products : Time&Space system for access control and management of working time

Every day, 1500 employees registered their arrival using 8 DOX controllers, 6 entry/exit barriers, 3 ramps, 14 UHF readers and two portable handheld computers. Technically complex, but user friendly, simple and reliable administration system that meets requested requirements was designed using TIME & SPACE solutions. The integration of UHF RFID technology enables monitoring of the employees without the need for their activity during identification. Identification equipment consisted of a UHF RFID reader located on each side of the entry/exit barriers, and UHF labels placed on protective helmets. UHF labels are used for verification of identity within the construction site with a portable handheld computer. Entry/exit of cargo and passenger vehicles was monitored with similar process using UHF technology. TIME & SPACE system, in addition to identifying the vehicle, enabled scanning and saving of documents for delivery and dispatch.

Accurate records of hours spent on the site Reducing terms by 5% Reducing the number of hours spent Supervision of entrances to the site Records of vehicle entrances to the site

Mobility equipment (disassembly and assembly to another site) Electronic records of visits

TIME & SPACE has collected and processed reports in real-time, generating customized reports that were automatically delivered to managers by e-mail. Reports also contained number of work-hours of employees and subcontractors for specific time intervals. Analysis and monitoring of these reports enabled the management higher degree of control, easier fulfilment of planned work-hours and budget savings. Arena Shopping Center was completed on time and it is successfully used. Spica company has confirmed the ability of system integration and customization of TIME & SPACE solutions, which has contributed to the quality of construction site organization and fulfilment of project deadlines.

Access Control

Workforce Management

Case Study Arena Center  

Every day, 1500 employees registered their arrival using 8 DOX controllers, 6 entry/exit barriers, 3 ramps, 14 UHF readers and two portabl...

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