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Senior Project “Suggested” Topic List (in case you don’t know where to start)

Adoption Advertising Affirmative Action Age Discrimination AIDS Alcoholism Animal Experimentation Animal Rights Antiwar Movement Arms Control Assisted Suicide Athletes and Steroid Abuse Bilingual Education Bioethics Biological Weapons Birth Control Body Image Body Piercings and Tattoos Campaign Reform Capital Punishment Censorship Character Education Charter Schools Chemical Weapons Child Abuse Child Custody and Support Child Labor Civil Rights Cloning Corporal Punishment Cosmetic Surgery Creationism vs. Evolution Crime Cults

Cybercrime Defense Spending Disaster Relief Divorce Domestic Violence Drug Abuse Drug Testing and the Workplace Drug Trafficking Eating Disorders Education Reform Emigration and Immigration Endangered Species Environmental Policy Ethics in Politics Ethnic Relations Euthanasia Extraterrestrial Life Family Relations Federal Budget Feminism Flag Burning Free Speech Gambling Gangs Genetic Engineering Genocide Global Warming Gun Control Hate Crimes Hazing Health Care Reform Health Insurance Holistic Medicine Home Schooling Homeless People Homosexuality Human Rights Identity Theft

Illiteracy Immunization Incarceration vs. Rehabilitation Income Tax Reform Intellectual Property Intelligence Tests Internet Safety Interracial Relationships Islamic Fundamentalism Juvenile Offenders Labor Unions Learning Disabilities Legalization of Marijuana Male/Female Roles Media Ethics Media Piracy Media Ratings Systems Media Violence Medical Care Middle East Militias Minimum Wage Multiculturalism National Security Nuclear Energy Nuclear Weapons Obesity in America Online Schools Organized Crime Paranormal Phenomena Parents - Rights and Issues Patriot Act Peer Pressure Plagiarism Police Brutality Political Action Committees Political Correctness Political Corruption

Pollution Population Growth Pornography Poverty Poverty Prayer in Schools Propaganda (Media's Use of) Prisons Public Assistance Race Relations Racial Profiling Racism Rape Reality TV Recycling Renewable Energy Rights of Privacy Rights of Students Right to Die Sales Tax Same-Sex Marriage SAT Tests School Uniforms School Violence Separation of Church and State Sex Education Sexual Behavior Sexual Harassment Smoking Social Security States Rights Stem Cell Research Strikes Suicide Surrogate Motherhood Teen Pregnancy Terrorism U.S. Election System

Victims of Crime Video Game Violence Violence Violence in Rap Lyrics Voting Rights War Crimes Welfare Reform Women in the Military Women's Rights Working Women


Senior Project “Suggested” Topic List (in case you don’t know where to start) Victims of Crime Video Game Violence Violence Violence in Rap...

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