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Thank You Thank for the award of Cancer tonight... I am speechless at the honor so I count my lucky stars. To encourage each and every one of you that you too can win this wonderful honor I want to tell you my journey to become so successful. At eleven I was introduced to my first teacher Who gave me the confidence that I could succeed. At first I was naive – couldn't drag Without a cough. But then little by little, with much diligence, I got more and more adept. Soon I, myself, became a teacher. What a proud day that was for me – To be able to show a novice, a beginner, The proper way inhale the draw to look cool too. Then with the finish of each month and every year I got a certificate more advanced and prestigious than the last Until I was thirty-two – the disastrous year that almost ended my illustrious life... I quit...left the smoke filled poser rooms. But thanks to the universal goodness I was spared, I was saved Before the finish of the twelfth month...rejoined the elite and lit up again. So what I'd like to leave you with tonight... Although it's hard and takes lots of work If you are diligent you too can be rewarded, you too can be honored With the certification of Lung Cancer give to the cause at least part of a lung and maybe a few ribs. Don't give up, I know it's hard, but I encourage you That you can have your own night in the spotlight And be proud of the work you did to get

Thank You  

Poem to the smoker

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