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Six Figure Shortcut Review

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by tandk | on October 4, 2013

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Six Figure Shortcut – a Video Review

Six Figure Shortcut Review Online Profit For Dummies Reviewed

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Do not spend your money on ‘Six Figure Shortcut’ or any product like it. You can make money for FREE Here: I made $1000 my 1st 14 Days. See Video Proof HERE – Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with SIX FIGURE SHORTCUT in any way. I am not a business affiliate and I do not sell SIX FIGURE SHORTCUT. You will find nothing in this article that will cost any money. This is an unbiased review of SIX FIGURE SHORTCUT and the SIX FIGURE SHORTCUT business model. I will highlight the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to invest your time, money and effort on this product and whether or not it will help you make money. I am here to just give you an unbiased review and my opinion. I am reviewing SIX FIGURE SHORTCUT based on whether or not I feel that a beginner will be able to make at least some money once inside the program and if the content of the program is worth the money, time and effort.

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My Review Criteria for Six Figure Shortcut I am reviewing Six Figure Shortcut based on whether or not I feel that a beginner will be able to make at least some money once inside the program and if the content of the program is worth the money, time and effort.

What is Six Figure Shortcut? Six figure Shortcut is being released on Oct 15, 2013 by James Francis. Francis has a good reputation as an honest person and is a good marketer. It is well known that his income comes from what he teaches. This product is about affiliate marketing and he stresses building long term, sustainable income. The question that many I am sure that have on their mind is will it work for beginners. James promises that the course starts at the very beginning with the process of how money is made online, then how to set up your own profitable sales funnel, all the way to making six figures online with your own products – and everything in between. The Six Figure Shortcut promises that it is “everything people need to generate a six figure income online with information marketing.” The program contains 3 modules of step-by-step video tutorials, totalling over 9 hours and 30 minutes of training. The content of the videos are how to create a successful online business, starting from the very beginning (setting up websites, creating sales funnels to promote affiliate offers, etc) to creating the foundations for a six figure yearly income (creating low-ticket, midticket, and high-ticket products, and more).

How Do You Make Money With Six Figure Shortcut? One of two ways. 1. Selling it as an affiliate -1st you purchase the product then try to sell it to earn a commission 2. Using it - Purchase it was the intent of learning something and hopefully duplicating someone else’s results. That’s very often easier said than done.

I would like to talk about selling it as an affiliate 1st.… This will be a successful launch. The developer is well known and knows what he’s doing. Hence, there will be a lot of professional affiliate marketers that will sign on to sell this product. Therefore there’s going to be a lot of competition marketing six figure shortcut. So, if your intent is to resell the product for commission that’s going to be very difficult because of that competition. I would not recommend trying to sell this product unless you really know what you’re doing. Let’s talk about the second way to earn money with this product. Actually using it. Well this product is all about affiliate marketing and James knows what he’s doing in this arena. Actually you reproducing his results will be difficult. This success comes from years of knowledge, in years of trial and error. Affiliate marketing is not easy and you cannot cram all those years and knowledge into a short course no matter how many videos is as. There is a lot of good valuable content within this system. Much of the information is actually very good for beginners. It teaches about about the basics of affiliate marketing and a business model.. .

My Conclusion of Six Figure Shortcut? I think it’s probably very good to the product however I don’t think it would be good for the converted by

beginner. If you are not new to the world affiliate marketing I think it might be good. It would never hurt you have to look over the shoulder of someone highly successful. But, I don’t believe the beginner is going to buy this course and make money in affiliate marketing based solely on the content of this program. There may be a lot of valuable information but you do not need to buy this course or any product like it to make money on the Internet you can do that for a free especially if you are newbie. Save your money.

DO NOT spend money on this or any other product to make money online! I would ask…why invest money in this product or any other product like it? You do not have to? There are simply easier and better ways to make money from home and it can be done for FREE right here: I made $1000 my 1st 14 Days and I WAS JUST GETTING STARTED. See Video Proof HERE – This is a completely free marketing system. You get a the following and we will show you how to use it: FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE


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SixFigureShortcut - Review  

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