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10th GuildHouse ANNIVERSARY Join us for our 101010 Celebrations * 10-Year Walk * Kiddy Party * Cosmic Bowling * Gala Dinner

Wellness Centres Are Getting A Facelift Renovation has begun and is expected to complete by Nov

Former SPSU Iron Lady joins us

Christie had the honour of being the only other lady in the history of SPSU to be its President

39Togetherness years of

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Club Directory Front Office

Main Line: 6796 9988 Fax: 6796 9989

Sports & Wellness Facilities

Bowling Centre Tel: 6796 9964 10am – 11pm (Sun – Thur & PH) 10am – 12mn (Fri, Sat & eve of PH) Wellness Centre (Closed for renovation) Daily & PH 8am – 10pm Swimming Pool Daily & PH 8am – 10pm


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SEP - NOV 2010

02 Notice of the 31st Annual General Meeting 03 5 Good News 04 Wellness Centres Are Getting A Facelift 06 SPGG – For Generation XYZ

Editor B. Kula Writer Roopinder Kaur

Tennis Courts Daily & PH 8am – 10pm Pool Room Daily & PH 8am – 11pm

Recreation Facilities

Jackpot Room Tel: 6796 9967 9am – 12mn (Sun – Thur) 9am – 1am (Fri, Sat & eve of PH) Karaoke Rooms Tel: 6796 9967 12pm – 1am (Sun – Thur) 12pm – 2am (Fri, Sat & eve of PH)

Food & Beverage Outlets

Networking 07 • How To Invest And Make Million$ In the Property Market 08 • New Members Get A Warm Welcome • Camaraderie On The Green

Prince Edward Lounge Tel: 6796 9962 3pm – 1am (Sun – Thur) 3pm – 2am (Fri, Sat & eve of PH) The Restaurant Tel: 6796 9961 Daily & PH Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm Dinner: 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Mon – Fri) The Poolside Café Tel: 6796 9960 Daily & PH 11am - 10pm FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ADVERTISEMENT ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT THE PUBLISHER Contact Tel: 6796 9988 Website: Email: Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild publishes Fission quarterly. The Guild and the Design Agency accept no responsibility for any unsolicited manuscripts, illustrations or photographs. No part of this publication may be reproduced and/ or by any other means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed or implied in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Although every effort and care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication, neither the publisher nor the employees of Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild can be held liable for any errors or omissions for any consequences of reliance on this publication. MICA (P) 180/06/2010

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Activities 16 Red & White Affair 17 SRC host SPGG to a Snooker Friendly 18 • SPGG Annual Bowling Championships • Perfecting Communication Workshop 19 • Island Hopping • Countdown 2011 Country Style


Red & White Affair 13

Former Iron Lady of SPSU Joins SPGG

Entertainment 20 The Restaurant’s Promotions


Guild News


STAFF DIRECTORY Loon Yeong Tai General Manager Stella Tan Finance Manager Ong Chin Seong Asst. Finance Manager Fiona Low Acting Head, Membership Services Charlie Lee F&B Manager Azlan Md Noor Banquet Manager Shasa Chang Banquet Sales Executive Kristine Chelladurai Banquet Sales Coordinator B. Kula Marcom Manager Eugene Quah Information Technology Executive Roopinder Kaur Public Relations Executive Elaine Lim Senior Membership Sales Executive Ann Ani Acting Head, Lifestyle, Sports & Wellness

Notice of the 31st Annual General Meeting The 31st Annual General Meeting of the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild (SPGG) will be held on Friday, 29 October 2010 at 7.30 pm at the Grand Ballroom of SPGG. Members who require the Annual General Report or information pertaining to the AGM can retrieve it from our website; from 25 October onwards.

New Managers On Board Mr Charlie Lee, who has more than 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, specialising in Food & Beverage Operations, Administrative and Development Projects, has joined us as our F&B Manager recently. Charlie has vast overseas exposure as General Manager in Phuket, Thailand between 2002 and 2004 and as Director of F&B in Beijing, China in the late 80s.

Left, Mr Azlan with Mr Charlie, right.

Charlie’s goal for the Guild is to “enhance excellence in food and beverage services with quality food menu and beverages, yet with reasonable pricing, for members and guests to come together to relax and enjoy.” Mr. Azlan Md Noor joins us as Banquet Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience garnered from his 12 years of service in the hospitality industry. Azlan specialises in Banquet and Silver Service along with other components of the full spectrum of Banquet functions. According to Azlan, “My goal is to help SPGG to be one of the best clubs in Singapore.”

Your Family Can Enjoy Membership Privileges Too! For just $10 per month, your entire family can now enjoy the same Membership Privileges as you do under the Family Privilege Scheme! Apply now for a supplementary card for your spouse and children who are between 16 and 21 years old!

Maintenance Dates

Kindly take note that on every 1st Sunday of the month, the Gym will be closed for maintenance from 8pm to closing time. Towel counter will issue last towel at 7.30pm. Schedule dates for next 3 sessions are as follows: 3 Oct, 7 Nov and 5 Dec.

Guild News


5 Good News President’s Thoughts Dear Fellow Member, It gives me great pleasure to announce not 1, but 5 good news to you in this issue of Fission! First and foremost, let me remind you that we will be celebrating our 10th GuildHouse Anniversary on 10 October 2010 in a big way! Many interesting programs have been planned and we urge you to participate in them. By now you must have read the details of the Celebrations which we had sent through e-mail and your Statement of Account in August, and we hope that you have found them exciting enough to entice you to join us. We will very much appreciate your support, especially for the grand finale of the celebrations which we call the SPGG 101010 Celebration Dinner to be graced for the very first time by Principal Mr Tan Hang Cheong and Former Principals Low Wong Fook and Dr Khoo Kay Chai as our Guests of Honour. Together, let’s reminisce the goodold-days and have a jolly good time at our Poolside, with adrenaline rushing entertainment being provided by our SP students and graduates! Secondly, we wish to let you know that we are working towards making SPGG a Club of Distinction with a Diversity of Activities! The words for our new Vision & Mission have already been crafted, but they are being fine tuned and will be revealed to all at our 101010 Celebration Dinner. Thirdly, in conjunction with our 10th GuildHouse Anniversary, we have just launched a new membership promotion

to attract the young graduates who had graduated from the Year 2000 onwards to join the Guild at a very special Entrance Fee of just $750. Please let your friends know about it and urge them to join us! We need more ‘young blood’ to rejuvenate our ageing population. Fourthly, I am glad to say that the muchawaited 1st Phase of our renovation plan for the Guildhouse has commenced, with upgrading work beginning at the Male & Female Wellness Centres last month. When upgrading is completed by 12 Nov, you will have a revitalised, rejuvenated and chic Wellness Centres you can be proud of! In the meantime, please bear with any inconvenience which may arise because of the renovation. Though our swimming pool will be closed to facilitate it, we have made alternative arrangements for you to continue enjoying the sport at SP, Ngee Ann Alumni (NAA) and NUSS Kent Ridge. And lastly, we are pleased to announce that the 31st Annual General Meeting of SPGG will be held on Fri, 29 Oct at 7.30pm at the Grand Ballroom. Details on the agenda of the Meeting will be disseminated to you by late Sept. Till you hear from me again, have a great, fun-filled time at your Guild. Remember, make your booking now for our upcoming SPGG 101010 Celebration Dinner! Cheers!

Jimmy Lim

Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild


Mr. Chan Soo Sen

Honorary Members Mr. Lim Chin Aik Mr. Peter Chen Dr. Khoo Kay Chai

The Executive Committee President Mr. Jimmy Lim 1st Vice-President Mr. Hoe Lye Soon 2nd Vice-President Chairman, Corporate Communication & Marketing Mr. Ng Hoo Yin Hon Gen Secretary Mr. Tong Kok Yeo Hon Treasurer Mr. Chee Kim Wui Hon Asst Gen Secretary Chairman, Member & Student Welfare Mr. Vincent Lim Honorary Assistant Treasurer Mr. Christopher Soh Chairman, Lifestyle, Sports & Wellness Mr. James Chua Chairman, Membership Strategic Planning Mr. Lawrence Kim

Notice Just Swipe It! The Management strongly urges Members to swipe their Membership cards and sign in their Guests at all times.

Chairman, Membership Services Mr. Henry Yeo Chairman, Food & Beverage Mr. Willy Wong Chairman, Facilities Management Mr. Wong Kian Keong

Guild News


Wellness Centres are getting a facelift Male & Female Wellness Centres and Swimming Pool will be closed during the renovation period

You will soon have a brand new Wellness Centre to revitalise and rejuvenate your body after a tiring day! Upgrading work has already begun at the Centres, and the expected completion date is 12 November when you will be rewarded with a cosy, chic and inspiring Wellness. Till then, we urge all members to be patient. Please bear with the temporary inconvenience as we will try to minimise the disturbances and noise level during this period.

Guild News


Closure of Pool To facilitate the renovation, we have closed the Swimming Pool, but alternative arrangements have been made for you to continue to enjoy swimming at the Singapore Polytechnic (SP), Ngee Ann Alumni (NAA) and National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) at Kent Ridge. For the details on the arrangements, please refer to the tabulation below.

Swimming Timings at SP, NAA & NUSS Venue


Terms & Conditions


SP Swimming Pool

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: 9am – 5pm Wed: 9am – 12nn Sat & Sun: 3 – 7pm

Member: No Charge Immediate Family Member: $2 per person (Payment to be made at the swimming pool)

SPGG Membership Card

Ngee Ann Alumni

Daily, 7am – 9pm

Member: No Charge Guest: $3 per person (Inclusive of 1 towel)

SPGG Membership Card

NUSS Kent Ridge

Daily, 7am – 10pm

Member: No Charge ($1 for towel)

SPGG Membership Card

Makeshift Shower Facility

Swimming Lessons for Children

For those who wish to have a bath after a tennis game or gym workout, please use the makeshift shower facility at the Handicap Toilet on level 1.

Alternative arrangements for swimming lessons for children have been made. Swimming lessons will still be on every Sunday, at 4 time slots: 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm and 5-6pm at Singapore Polytechnic’s swimming pool (Gate 3 of SP).

Towel Counter With the closure of the Swimming Pool, the Towel Counter will only issue towels to gym users.

This is just an artist impression of concept & mood, real product may vary.

For enquiries, pls call Ms Fiona Low at 6796 9969 during office hours or e-mail to: For more information, log on to The Guild wishes to thank SP, NAA and NUSS for supporting us through our Renovation Period.

Guild News



New Merchants

From the Honorary General Secretary’s Desk In the last issue, I commented on “Who We Are Makes a Difference”. Upon reflection, it certainly became more meaningful when Singapore celebrated its 45th National Day. Singaporeans from all walks of life, being who they are, made a difference to what Singapore is today. They dared to be bold and different and to be who they are. Similarly, SPGG with its Members, being who they are, can make a difference to SPGG in its journey to be a Club of Distinction. One obstacle that will retard this journey will be our membership strength. SP graduates are not joining SPGG as fast as the number graduating yearly from SP permits. Is it a question of “What’s in it for me?” versus “How can I contribute?” Or did we fall short of meeting the needs and expectations of the Generation Y? For all intents and purposes, SPGG has over the years continuously formulated many membership recruitment strategies and schemes. This is one arduous and onerous task that any membership-based organisation like SPGG can ill-afford to be complacent in. For this year, we will soon launch our revised membership schemes and have formulated new strategies to attract a good cross section of our potential membership into our fold, from Generation X – Z. Towards this end, we seek Members’ help and networking to value-add and enhance our reach out. Also for this year, the renovation of both the Male and Female Wellness Centres will commence soon. This renovation constitutes phase one of the overall plan to renovate the facilities in SPGG. This is the first phase of our journey to be a Club of Distinction - where Members, their family members and friends can make SPGG as a place to meet, exchange ideas, innovate, learn and relax – a place they can call home.

SPGG Members enjoy 20% off a la carte treatments at Body Contours. Enjoy another 10% discount with successful introduction of one additional friend.

Sea-Land Sports is offering a 15% discount for diving & snorkeling equipment.

10% discount on nett bill (Mondays to Fridays, dinein only)

Iz Pet Grooming is offering 15% off storewide (excludes science diet products and promotional products) & $7 off full grooming services.

As aptly put by Bryan Dyson, former CEO of Coca Cola, in his famous 30-second speech: “Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them - Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the Air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four Balls - Family, Health, Friends and Spirit - are made of glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it.” WORK EFFICIENTLY DURING OFFICE HOURS AND LEAVE ON TIME. GIVE THE REQUIRED TIME TO YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS & HAVE PROPER REST.

Tong Kok Yeo Honorary General Secretary

(i) Complimentary Birthday Treat Voucher • Back Spa Classic (30 min Indulgence worth $108) Available at Spa Wellness @ The Adelphi, The CHEVRONS & Marina Square (ii) Welcome offer @ a privilege rate of $48 only • Derma TrX or Lymph TrX (45 min Indulgence worth $180) Available only at Inner Harmony @ The Cathay For appointments, please call 68419926 (quote Y200)




on Board!

How To Invest And Make Million$

Enjoy the following when you pit your creativity at CANVASS Art Studio with your family & friends! - 2 for the price of 1. Bring a friend in for free. - Enjoy 15% for 5 sessions during the first month. - Free parent’s art session worth $55 for every sign up of a child. Discounts only valid for courses in the following categories: (i) Parent & Child sessions (ii) Youth & Adult art jamming sessions “CAN’T PAINT WHO CARES” (iii) Children art sessions (2-9 years old)

SP Toastmasters Club representative Mr Ang stressing on the importance of Communication

Discounted price of S$85 (Newsstand price: S$118.80) for a 12-month subscription with one free gift.

Dine in this exclusive North Indian Cuisine restaurant and take your tastebuds to a gourmet venture. - 25% off Lunch - 15% off Dinner Discounts are for food only. Only valid at Kinara Holland village and Kinara Cuppage Terrace.

Speaker Patrick Liew presenting the ways to prosper in the property market

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award Winner, Mr Patrick Liew, touched on a subject close to the hearts of many Singaporeans at SPGG’s 5th Networking Night on Fri, 7 May at the Grand Ballroom. The Director of HSR Property Group spoke on ‘How to Invest and make Millions in the Property market’. His hour long talk proved to be very informative and entertaining, and drove home his point that ‘anytime is a good time to buy as long as one is able to secure a good value buy.’ Patrick said ‘A good value buy is always out there! You just have to do a lot of market research and leg work to get one.’

Pamper your spouse or girlfriends with an irresistible offer of $88 3-in-1 Package at Ucara Spa! Package includes the following:• Youth Secrets Facial (UP $188) • Tummy Slimming & Detox ($128) • Silky Neck (UP $88) Services can be utilised on separate visits, subjected to appointment availability.

*Available at Ucara Bukit Merah, Ucara Chinatown, Ucara Chua Chu Kang, Ucara Jurong West and Ucara Novena Square 2, Ucara West Coast and Ucara Tampines For full details, pls log on to

He stressed, “Always buy cheaper from distressed sellers, work with bankers on pre-foreclosures, buy at Auctions (but do your homework first) and also work closely with reputed housing agents who will work tirelessly to spot good buys available in the market.

SP Toastmasters Club Another highlight of the evening was a short presentation by the some of the members of the Singapore Polytechnic Toastmasters Club. They shared that the keys to success are communication and listening. “We communicate everyday, 7 days a week. Our lives are an endless exchange of ideas, messages, and information. How well we communicate often determines just how successful we are.”



New Members Get A Warm Welcome Twenty-one Members gathered at the Grand Ballroom with their family and friends for an evening of casual talk and networking at the New Members’ Night on Friday, 6 August. Chairman, Membership Strategic Planning, Mr Lawrence Kim gave a warm welcome to the new members and shared on how glad he was to see more students joining the fold.

Mr Kim also highlighted on the upgrading of the Guild’s facilities in phases, starting with both the wellness centres in late August. A half an hour performance by duo D Hantazz entertained the crowd crooning to a few jazz numbers with everyone’s favourite, Michael Buble’s ‘Quando’ as the final number.

Chairman, Membership Strategic Planning Mr Kim (extreme left) with new members

Members and Guests were treated to a Mini Western buffet, free flow of beer and soft drinks. The evening continued with more friendly chats as the Executive Committee, the Management and Staff took turns to introduce themselves to the new members.

New member Prof Khong with GM, Mr Loon

D Hantazz

The night ended with Members in all smiles as they received the Engraved pewter name cardholders as souvenirs.

Member A.R. Balamurugan. receiving a souvenir

Camaraderie On The Green President Johnny Tan (NUSS), President Jimmy Lim (SPGG) and President Anthony Loke (NAA)

eventually cleared, rewarding the anxious golfers for their patience.

Dinner From left: NTUA President R Sinnakaruppan, NUSS President Johnny Tan, NUSS Chairman, Sports & Recreation, Siva S Retnam, NAA President Anthony Loke, SPGG President Jimmy Lim, NUSS Honorary Secretary Lai Kim Seng, NUSS Honorary Treasurer Wong Peng Meng & SPGG 2nd Vice-President, Ng Hoo Yin

It was a historical moment for the alumni clubs at SPGG’s golf friendly at Keppel Club on 9 June. For the first time ever, 4 clubs’ officials (SPGG, NAA, NUSS and NTUA) teed off together to have a jolly good game. In all, 14 golfers joined in the game which proved to be a

challenge for many as tropical showers paid an unexpected visit when flight number 2 was about to take off. This, however, did nothing to dampen the spirits of our golfers who took the opportunity to take a short break to unwind and get to know each other better. The skies

The game was followed by a gastronomic dinner at the SPGG’s Aster Room. The participants were treated to a much-deserved and scrumptious feast where they dined, mingled and discoursed about the day’s earlier events and their golf game. Friends who could not make it to the golf game in the day joined in the rest of the fun at the dinner. It was indeed a great time for friends of SPGG to get together to establish lasting bonds of mutual interests.









Let’s Celebrate Our Journey Through Time All Facilities To Close From 3pm Sun, 10 October 2010 The GuildHouse will be operating from morning till 3pm. All facilities to close from 3pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

date: 10/10/10 (sunday) time: 1.30-3.00pm 1.30-3.30pm participation charges: waived Sign up now! Limited to 30 participants! Attractive prizes to be won!

For Registration, please call 6796

9988 or e-mail to



Former Iron Lady of SPSU Joins SPGG Former Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union President, Iee Phyoe Htet alias Christie Thane, joined us as a Member on Convocation Day when she graduated with a Diploma in Maritime Transportation Management at SP. The 22-year-old, who was the second lady in the history of SP to head the Students’ Union, ruled with a gentle but firm approach during her reign from 2009-2010 to win the hearts of many.

Christie at SPSU Reunion Dinner

Today, Fission talks to Christie about the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

Fission: How has SPSU helped to shape your life? Christie Thane: I have learnt to pay attention to details, make decisions and plan far to achieve results. When making compromises during my time as President, I learnt that one has to favour the majority, and yet not neglect the minorities. I learnt to motivate my members and harness their abilities throughout our work. I believe that these qualities are important and will definitely be useful in the future. Effective problem management stems not only from the ability to see a situation on its own but also its effect on others. I have to make right choices instead of popular choices. Being actively involved in Co-curriculum activities has allowed me to gain essential skills. When setting directions for SPSU and other Council clubs, I learnt to be flexible in my decision. Doing community service in China has taught me that even when we are providing a service for the community, excellence is paramount too. I believe that all these skills that I have learnt while being a member of SPSU will help me in many ways. Fission: What was your principal contribution to the Student Union? Christie Thane: I oversaw all the events that were organised by the Students’ Union as well as the council which is made up of academic clubs and constituent clubs. I looked after the welfare of my members and the student body.

Christie, 2nd on the right from front row at Poly 50

Fission: How do you find the SPGG Fresh Graduate Scheme? What made you join us? Christie Thane: I believe that SPGG will not only give me a chance to keep in contact with the fresh graduates but also the alumni. I thought that the SPGG membership fee of $500 was very reasonable and thoughtful. SPGG even has a place for an entrepreneur to start a business! Fission: What was the main reason for you to join the SP’ Students’ Union? Christie Thane: I was in Student Council in Secondary School so I wanted to join something different in Poly. I went for SPSU freshmen orientation camp and the camp bonded me really well with my family (SPSU has this tradition of

having groups as families and the members are brothers and sisters). With lots of encouragement from my “family”, I went for the interview and surprisingly I got into the executive committee. I decided to stay on to find out what’s SPSU like since I was told that the way council functions is different from secondary school. Fission: Moving forward, what are your future plans? Christie Thane: I will be going to UK in Sept to study Politics and International Studies at the University of Exeter. Fission: If you could give young graduate students one piece of advice, what would it be? Christie Thane: If you really want something in life, just go out there and get it!



Our Pride, Their Joy

Hearty congratulations to our 3 Student Members who have done SPGG proud by Graduating with a Diploma in their respective courses with Merit! Fission speaks to them and gets to know what keeps them moving and their future plans.

Lee Yuan Fu Richmond, 21, Graduated with a Diploma in Mechatronics with Merit Fission: What made you choose this course? Richmond: My interest to explore more about electronics and mechanical engineering. Fission: Who/What motivates you? Richmond: My parents and Friends.

Liyi, 21,

Fission: Share with us your proudest achievement to date during your poly days, be it studies or CCA. Richmond: Participating in Science Busker’s Festival with my friends and won the second prize.

Graduated with a Diploma in Aerospace with Merit

Fission: 3 favourite memories at SPGG. Richmond: • Dining at the restaurant with my friends • Relaxing at the wellness centre after a tiring day or exercise • I absolute love swimming at SPGG, especially when the therapeutic waterfall is on. Fission: Share with us your thoughts on the SPGG Membership. Was it worth signing up for? Richmond: Definitely worth it. We can enjoy and use the facilities at a reasonable price. Fission: If you could give young graduates one advice, what would it be? Richmond: Play hard and work smart Fission: Describe SPGG in 5 words. Richmond: Modern, Relaxing, Full of enjoyment, Entrepreneur Hub & Vibrant Fission: Moving forward, what are your future plans? Richmond: Complete NS & further my studies Fission: Give a shout out to fellow SPGG Members! Richmond: You’ve made a right choice! SPGG’s a great enjoyment place.

Fission: What made you choose this course? Liyi: I always wanted to be in the Aerospace industry. Fission: Who/What motivates you? Liyi: My parents motivated me the most! Their selfless sacrifices strengthened my will to achieve my goal. Fission: Please share with us your proudest achievement to date during your poly days, be it studies or CCA. Liyi: I’m really proud of the 2009’s SP Guitarist concert, “come play with us”, where my committee successfully organised a full house concert at the SP Auditorium. My juniors made me proud too, it feels so wonderful when you can watch your club grow, and your juniors taking over you and did a good job at the SP Guitarists concert 2010. Fission: 3 favourite memories at SPGG. Liyi: • Working out in the Gym with fellow Guitarists. • CCA Conference 2009 when I signed up for a SPGG membership.



A.R. Balamurugan, 24, Graduated with Diploma in Biomedical Science with Merit Fission: What made you choose this course? Balamurugan: My interest and passion for the Medical sciences. Also, I felt that this course would be a good foundation for doing medicine, which I plan to pursue in the near future. Fission: Who/What motivates you? Balamurugan: The thought of being successful in life motivates me every day and knowing that I am going to contribute to science in a very significant way, motivates me on. Fission: Please share with us your proudest achievement to date during your poly days, be it studies or CCA. Balamurugan: A proud achievement is to have definitely graduated from my course, Diploma in Biomedical Science. My other achievements would be to be part of the inaugural SP SIFE TEAM.

The SPGG open house 2010 is the event I enjoyed the most! My band Vio (used to be known as “Genesis”) performed some of our favorite songs that rocked the roof off!

Fission: Share with us your thoughts on the SPGG Membership. Liyi: SPGG membership is really worth signing up. SPGG organises various interesting events to meet all its members’ business and personal needs. Fission: If you could give young graduates one advice, what would it be? Liyi: Use your time wisely, and remember result is not the only thing in life; there are so much more wonderful things to achieve! Fission: Describe SPGG in 5 words. Liyi: Vibrant, exciting, happening, friendly, and relaxing. Fission: Moving forward, what are your future plans? Liyi: For now, I’ll want to further my studies and get a degree. Fission: Give a shout out to fellow SPGG Members! Liyi: Hey! Any musicians there?

Fission: 3 favourite memories at SPGG. • Where I almost drowned in the pool (laughs) Pardon me for my poor swimming • The bowling centre, where I got 8 strikes in a row • My first dip into the cold pool... (SHIVERSSSS) Fission: Share with us your thoughts on the SPGG Membership. Was it worth signing up for? Balamurugan: Yes, it is definitely worth signing up for in terms of membership fees. The gym facilities are good. However, I certainly feel we can do better in upgrading some of our SPA facilities. Fission: If you could give young graduates’ one advice, what would it be? Balamurugan: Whatever you do, wherever you go, be sincere, respectful and humble. A Diploma is just the first hurdle. There is more to life. Do not be afraid of new ventures. Go forth and Win!! Fission: Describe SPGG in 5 words. Balamurugan: Peaceful, white, small, fun and nostalgic (reminds me of SP days) Fission: Moving forward, what are your future plans? Balamurugan: I am going to NTU, to pursue a Degree in Biological Sciences (2nd year Direct Entry) on a full Nanyang Scholarship. My aim is to be a clinician scientist. Fission: Give a shout out to fellow SPGG Members! Balamurugan: Thanks for welcoming me into the FAMILY!!! Hope to meet u all soon.



Red & White Affair Members were seen dressed in Red and White to celebrate National Day at the Prince Edward Lounge (PEL) on Friday, 6 August. The event, themed Red & White Affair, was a first at PEL and pulled in a good crowd. The spontaneous crowd joined in the fun games such as ‘Know your pledge’ and ‘Get-the Colours & Win’, charging up the event with lots of support from the floor to the participants. The most enjoyable game of the evening was Rod Steward’s “I don’t wanna talk abt it” whereby a participant with the help of another had to act out in sign language as per the lyrics! In-house live band entertained the crowd with their showcase of hit songs all evening.

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

A cake cutting ceremony was done for participants who were August babies towards the end of the evening. Some participants also walked away with Lucky Draw Prizes. It was indeed a night celebrated with lots of joy and entertainment! Beautiful ladies in a pose

August Birthday Participants

Movie under the stars The Guild’s inaugural movie screening at the Rooftop over two Saturdays on the 12th and 26th of June, during the School Holidays, was a hit with our members and their guests! The first night screened the action flick Sherlock Holmes while the second featured The Tooth Fairy – a favourite among the kids! Participants were seated on mats and treated to a wide canvas screen and good quality sound system at the Rooftop with a “drive in movie’ atmosphere!



SRC host SPGG to a Snooker Friendly

Exchange of plaques between SRC & SPGG

Singapore Recreational Club (SRC) played host to SPGG in a snooker friendly at their premises on Sunday, 4 July. The players were treated to a scrumptious lunch buffet spread and took the opportunity to mingle over lunch and share some tips on Snooker. Plaques were exchanged between the 2 teams before the game cued off with 7 SPGG team members playing against SRC’s highly experienced players over a game format of 5 Singles and 2 Doubles. Some matches got very intense but the overall score saw SRC defeating SPGG 5:2. Group Shot of 2 teams

TCM in Health and Beauty A group of over 20 participants attended the Traditional Chinese Ms Teo on how to detect the meridian lines

Medicine in Health & Beauty Talk on Sat, 22 May. Ms Bernice Teo, Operations Manager of TOUCHE™ introduced the Chinese healing therapy on how one can detect the meridian lines and acupoints before following it up with a demonstration of a few self destress tips. The workshop also comprised an interesting “live” demo on the Guasa techniques for face and it covered the essential acupoints of TCM to rejuvenate oneself. Participants walked away with freebies and some tension relief hand treatment!

Demonstrating Self de-stress tips

Live demo on Guasa Techniques for face




SPGG Annual Bowling Championships The annual is on! Team up with your family & friends for this year’s challenge and have a great time! Registration Fees:$15 for Youth category $25 for all other categories

6 – 17 Sept

6 – 17 Sept

6 – 17 Sept

6 – 25 Sept

6 – 25 Sept 18 Sept FINAL 18 Sept FINAL 19 Sept FINAL 26 Sept FINAL

Senior Mixed Qualifying entry: Male & Female bowlers 50 years old & above @ 1 Sept 2010. Youth Mixed Qualifying Entry: Male and Female bowlers 25 years old & below @ 1 Sept 2010. Graded Mixed Qualifying Entry: Male and Female bowler with accredited average of 173 & below. Men’s Open Qualifying Entry: Male bowlers regardless of average Women’s Open Qualifying Entry: Female bowlers regardless of average Senior Mixed Age 50 and above @ 1 Sept 2010 Youth Mixed Age 25 and below @ 1 Sept 2010 Graded Division Male and Female bowler with accredited average of 173 & below Men’s and Women’s Open

Victory Dinner will be held on Sun, 26 Sept at 7.00pm

Have you thought about how you can make communication work for you? Want to improve the way you relate to those around you? Fri, 17 Sept 7.30 – 10.00pm $12+ (Member) $15+ (Guest) *Refreshments provided

Join Perfecting Communication, a , workshop by and uncover the art of communication! Learn about making real conversations, building rapport and relationships that you want, focusing on others, and public speaking and presentation skills. conducts corporate training and workshops in the areas of Communication, Sales and Customer Service to organisations and individuals, helping create positive change in relationships.

Mid-autumn Festival Celebrate MidAutumn Festival with family and friends through fun games and lantern procession.

Sat, 18 Sept, 7pm onwards


$12+ (Member – Adult) $14+ (Guest – Adult) $ 7+ (Member – Child) $ 8+ (Guest – Child)

+ Chinese Acrobats + Chinese Orchestra + Best Dressed + Goody Bags + Lucky Draw

Cash Prizes to be won and lots of attractive lucky draw prizes! For details and registration, please contact: Bowling Alley – Mr. Wong @ 6796 9964 For details, please call 6796

9988 or e-mail to



Basic Wire Wrapping Sat, 6 Nov 3 – 5pm Charges: $53+ (Member) $55+ (Guest)

Make Your Money Work Fri, 8 Oct 7.30 – 9.30pm

Charges: $3+ (Member) $5+ (Guest) Refreshments provided

Let your money work harder for you by investing in high dividend yield stocks while riding on their growth potential. Speaker Max Lee, a qualified accountant and a remisier will share with you some high dividend yield stocks with good potential for capital gain that could boost the return on your investment.

Refreshments provided Learn how you can use basic wire wrap techniques to make your very own Jewellery collection! Highlights: + Demonstration on how to use wires to make a loop and wrapped down will be done + How to use a beading board + Learn the basic names of the types of materials they need to use

Island Christmas Hopping Light up Sun, 26 Sept Time: 9am - 3pm Charges: $17+ Member Adult $14+ Member Child $20+ Guest Adult $16+ Guest Child *Charges are inclusive of Ferry Tickets Venue: Singapore - St. John’s Island - Kusu Island Singapore Experience adventure when you hop Island to Island all in 1 day!

Potluck picnic lunch! Let us sample delicacies from all participants!

Celebrate the Christmas spirit with us & have a good time! Sat, 18 Dec 7.00 – 9.00pm Charges: $3+ (Member -Adult) $5+ (Guest - Adult) $2+ (Member - Child) $3+ (Guest - Child)

Highlights:* 2 piece Strollers * Santa Claus the Juggler * String Ensemble * Children’s Magician * Santarina and Elves * Dinner * Presentation of SPGG Bursary Awards 2011

For details, please call 6796

Nail Art Workshop Sat, 13 Nov 3.30 – 5.00pm Charges: $15+ (Member) $20+ (Guest) Refreshments provided Ladies, have you always wanted to know how to achieve and maintain a perfect set of polished nails? Now you can! Attend Fun hands-on workshop on various DIY methods of doing nail art guided by the friendly instructor.

UN CO TDOW N 2011 Country Style

Fri, 31 Dec 7.30pm onwards Early Bird Rates: $45+ (Member) $50+ (Guest) From 13 Dec Onwards: $50+ (Member) $55+ (Guest) Children below 12: $20+ Highlights: + Country Band Mathew and The Mandarins + Sumptuous Dinner + Party Packs + Lucky Draw

9988 or e-mail to



September & October

Red Garoupa Steamboat Teochew Style Enjoy the popular Red Garoupa Steamboat Teochew Style with assorted ingredients on the side.

Sat, Sun & PH Lunch and Dinner Medium (2 pax) $28.80+ Large (4 pax) $38.80+


Malay Kampong Family Set

Enjoy these simple yet authentic dishes & reminisce those balik kampong days.

Sat, Sun & PH Lunch and Dinner 2 pax @ $24.80+ 4 pax @ $45.80+ 6 pax @ $68.80+

Soup Kupang Masak Assam or Soto Ayam Main Course

2 Pax ($24.80+) Ayam Panggang Assam Pedas Ikan Pari Sayur Lodeh

4 Pax ($45.80+) Ayam Panggang Assam Pedas Ikan Pari Udang Goreng Achar Sayur Lodeh

6 Pax ($68.80+) Ayam Panggang Assam Pedas Ikan Pari Udang Goreng Achar Ikan, Udang Otah Sayur Lodeh

Dessert Hot Bubur Chacha

Coffee / Tea




An exclusive membership offer to Graduates of the New Millennium on our 10th GuildHouse Anniversary!

C ard, Has It All!


• Access to 4 local clubs • Merchant Discounts • Personal Accident Insurance Coverage • Golf Specials

Our facilities in a nutshell

Enjoy a 62.5% Discount Off Entrance Fee of $2,000



Offer is open to all Diploma / Degree Holders who had graduated from the year 2000 onwards.

PLUS $200 Member’s Credit


Karaoke Rooms

Free form Swimming Pool

Function Rooms

Arcade Games


Steam Rooms

Cascading Waterfall

Mahjong Rooms

Jackpot Machines

Pool Room



Study Room

Entrepreneurial Hub

Poolside Café


Tennis Courts

Sign Up Now!

Meeting Rooms

For more information, contact Elaine at 9066 8818 / 6796 9988 or e-mail us at website: 1010 Dover Road, Singapore 139658 (We are at SP Gate 4) Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild

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10-Lane Bowling Centre

Fission Sep-Nov 2010  

Fission Sep-Nov 2010

Fission Sep-Nov 2010  

Fission Sep-Nov 2010