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SM Goh highlights the 5 challenges and 7 strategies needed to secure our future

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07 2 Engaging Talks on Technology Trends


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What is Singapore’s Future

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We are pleased to announce that so far more than 80 SPGG members have taken up the offer to convert their Non-Transferable (NT) memberships into Transferable (T) ones at the promotional Conversion Fee of $200+.

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For those who wish to take up this one-time payment offer, we urge you to do so by the end of Jun 2011 or you will end up paying $500+ for any conversion thereafter until 31 Dec 2011. Please take note that from 1 Jan next year, no more conversions will be allowed until such time the Executive Committee of SPGG deems necessary to conduct such an exercise again. Please contact Ms Fiona Low at or at 6796 9988 if you have any queries or if you need the Conversion Form.

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More Good Things to Come!

Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild

President’s Thoughts Dear Fellow Member, Our inaugural SPGG Dialogue – “What is Singapore’s Future?” – was an overwhelming success with our Guest-of-Honour, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, delivering a very enlightening speech on the 5 Challenges and the 7 Strategies needed to secure Singapore’s Future at SPGG on Friday, 1 April.


SM Goh was most candid in the dialogue which followed, enthralling the 350-strong audience of members and guests with his spontaneous replies to questions raised.

Mr. Lim Chin Aik Mr. Peter Chen Dr. Khoo Kay Chai

We wish to once again thank Mr Goh for spending his time with us on this evening, making it a most memorable occasion for all of us!

The Executive Committee

With Mr Goh indicating to us that we should consider organising more of such dialogues on national issues with our other cabinet ministers, we are now looking forward to hosting our next SPGG dialogue! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and their guests for making the dialogue session lively, and also the local Media for all the publicity they had given us in the newspapers, television and internet. One thing’s for sure, more Singaporeans are now aware that there is a Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild at 1010 Dover Road! Moving over to membership matters, we are glad to announce that the response to the Membership Conversion Scheme, launched on 18 April, has been most encouraging!

Mr. Chan Soo Sen

Honorary Members

President Mr. Jimmy Lim 1st Vice-President Mr. Hoe Lye Soon 2nd Vice-President Chairman, Corporate Communication & Marketing Mr. Ng Hoo Yin Hon Gen Secretary Mr. Tong Kok Yeo Hon Treasurer Mr. Chee Kim Wui

Eighty eligible members have already taken up the opportunity to convert their nontransferable memberships (Life, Ordinary Non-Transferable and Associate Non-Transferable) into Transferable ones at the promotional Conversion Fee of $200+ and we are now looking forward to even more signing up before the promotion ends on 30 June.

Hon Asst Gen Secretary Chairman, Member & Student Welfare Mr. Vincent Lim

Our membership strength at SPGG has also been on the rise, with about 200 new members joining us in recent times. We are now stepping up the marketing campaign and by the end of July we will be advertising in the local newspapers to attract more people to join the Graduates’ Guild.

Chairman, Lifestyle, Sports & Wellness Mr. James Chua

Our present Member-Get-Member scheme is very attractive, rewarding you up to $600 of Member’s Credit for every successful introduction! So please take advantage of this and introduce your friends to join us as Ordinary, Associate or Corporate members!

Chairman, Membership Services Mr. Henry Yeo

Another piece of good news is that we have recently tied up a Reciprocal Arrangement with the University Club of Western Australia and are now negotiating with 3 other overseas alumni clubs regarding a similar arrangement. We will keep you posted on the development of the negotiations through our regular e-mails. Till then, have a great time at SPGG! Together, we can make SPGG a Club of Distinction!

Honorary Assistant Treasurer Mr. Christopher Soh

Chairman, Membership Strategic Planning Mr. Lawrence Kim

Chairman, Food & Beverage Mr. Willy Wong Chairman, Facilities Management Mr. Wong Kian Keong

Co-Opted Members Mr Alex Neo Teck Kwee Mr Chow Wai Weng Mr Gerald Ng Ti Lui Ms Lily He Su Ling


Jimmy Lim President

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Commemorative Book & You From the Honorary General Secretary’s Desk From the dawn of humanity, people like to find reasons to celebrate anniversaries. The most important lesson learnt from history of anniversaries is that the reasons that started out was to relieve the stress of daily life. They are a way to remember, reflect and rekindle the purpose, bonds and outlook that gave them cause to celebrate and commemorate. This year marks the 40th anniversary of SPGG. Celebrating and commemorating anniversaries are two different things altogether. We can either celebrate or commemorate this 40th anniversary or have both. We have plans to have both – organise activities to celebrate the occasion and produce a book to commemorate it. As far as organising of activities are concerned, we have the means and resources to do so. This is evident in the many activities that we had organised, in particular and of significance were the Annual General Meeting and the 10th anniversary celebrations of the SPGG club house in October 2010; and the latest SPGG Dialogue with Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong in April 2011. However, the production of a book to commemorate SPGG’s 40th anniversary has different demands and poses new challenges to us all. What prompted us to embark on these new challenges was that despite SPGG’s rich history over the last 40 years, not much of it has been documented, in particular the staunch support of Members coupled with the profound and painstaking efforts taken by pioneering members of SPGG. They had done arduous work to realise the early years’ dream of having a club house of our very own.

Commemorative Book. We appeal to all members to contribute any amount that they are comfortable with. No amount is too small as it would only help to push us that much closer to our target. A complimentary copy of the book will be given for contributions of $1,000 and above. Besides monetary contribution, we would like to invite members to share with us their personal experiences of SPGG over the years. Members can put it in writing in about 50 words or more if they have more to share and email to Alternatively, members may wish to grant us an interview. Please call Ms Roopy at 6796 9988 or e-mail roopy@spgg. to arrange for an interview. Space permitting, we intend to publish all experiences shared in the book. From social values and norms, the old cliché and adage that “It’s better to give than to receive” appears to hold true. Scientists, like Jordan Grafman, chief of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section of America National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke tell us that “giving and receiving”, releases chemicals in our brains that trigger positive feelings of well being; with “giving” triggering more. Indeed the endorphin effect! We earnestly look forward to members’ continuous support as we move forward to unfold a new chapter in the history of SPGG – to make it a Club of Distinction.

The production of this SPGG 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book is estimated to cost $30,000. We envisaged it will be a book funded by “members for members” so as not to strain the financial resources of SPGG as it embarks on its next phase of renovations. Since the idea was mooted in March 2011, as at April 2011, ten members have contributed a total amount of $5,000, ranging from $50 to $1,000. Their spontaneous support and generousity have indeed touched us and we are grateful to them for bringing us a step closer towards our targeted sum of $30,000. We therefore need and appeal for members’ support towards funding the production of the SPGG 40th Anniversary

Tong Kok Yeo Honorary General Secretary

Guild News

You Can Play Your Part IN Our SPGG SPG Story! G4 0 th A


ver sa ry




ti ora

o Bo


e mm


s d r a e 40 yiction an v ence n o c of ersist p s rhood r a e 40 dy Brothe n a y it n U f

of bu40 yea ilding rs SPG G of sh 40 ye aring ars a Dr eam


It’s time to put it all in a BOOK We invite you to contribute your warm memories, comments and thoughts for the SPGG BOOK.

Alternatively, you may wish to grant us an interview at a date and time at your convenience.

Make it about 50 words or more and e-mail it to

Please call Ms Roopy at 6796 9988 or e-mail to to arrange for an interview.

APPEAL Help us make this book a reality by donating towards the production costs, estimated to be around $30,000. Any amount will be appreciated. Please make your cheque crossed and payable to “Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild” and mail to: SPGG 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book, Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild, 1010 Dover Road, Singapore 139658

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Maintenance of Facilities Wellness Centres & Gym Kindly take note that on every 1st Sunday of the Month, both the Male and Female Wellness Centres and the Gym will be closed for Maintenance from 8pm to closing time. Towel Counter will issue last towel at 7.30pm. Scheduled dates for the next 3 sessions:

3 Jul, 7 Aug & 4 Sep.

Spa Pools & Swimming Pool Regular cleaning works will be carried out at the Spa Pools and Swimming Pool by our vendor on every Tue, Thu and Sat

from 7.30am to 10.00am.

However, the rest of the facilities of the Wellness Centres will continue to be in operation.

What It Should Have Been We would like to apologise for a misprint in our last issue, Fission (Mar-May’11) – Lessons & Values of Yesteryears, pg 10-11. Under the “(11) Wedding poem admonition to Mei Yu (1957) lines 13-20, the second line should read as ..”We do not seek wealth or glory” instead of “We do not seek work or glory.” (11) Wedding poem admonition to Mei Yu (1957) lines 13-20

“Although we come from a poor family We do not seek either wealth or glory. If my daughter is not a lady of leisure, That’ll be an honour of great measure. You’re born with a pair of hands and a brain. How could you and a man be not the same? There’s no gender difference in the workplace Inferiority complex you should all erase.” Another misprint was at the last paragraph of the article :“More importantly, they show his pure and irrepressible joy when indulging in Chinese poetry.”



2 Engaging Talks on Technology Trends 7th SPGG-IET Networking Night

The recent Networking Night, themed ‘Trend of Tomorrow’, held on Fri, 15 Apr featured 2 speakers and was well received by the 45 participants. Jointly organised by SPGG and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the night started out with Associate Professor and Researcher, Prof Ian McLoughlin from the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, sharing his vast experience on the challenges ahead for the technical industry and the things to look out for in 2011. Prof McLoughlin highlighted 3 areas of growing trends: (i) Growing cyber security threat (ii) Future of computation (iii) Energy & sustainability Sharing some tips with the participants on how they can safeguard themselves against the growing cyber security threat, he urged participants to be careful when surfing the internet, be it online shopping or as simple as accessing their e-mail accounts. Citing an example on the future of computation, Prof McLoughlin talked about the transition of computers from being quite big in size to that of miniature notebook. He shared that computers are set to get bigger with the advent of serious “cloud computing”. Wrapping up his presentation, Prof McLoughlin shed light on a very interesting fact on the future of bicycles – Electric Bikes! As part of Energy & Sustainability in Singapore, he shared how he spearheaded a research team of 5 NTU students who worked on the best way to “electrify” normal bicycles and hopes the Government would pave the

Prof McLoughlin sharing on Energy & Sustainability in Singapore

way to having electric bikes as a mode of transport in Singapore as a move on going green.

8 simple steps towards online security (i) Ensure all your passwords are different (ii) Ensure all your passwords are difficult (iii) Ensure that you passwords regularly


(iv) Don’t use Microsoft Windows for anything important. But if you are forced to, then don’t use Internet Explorer (instead download Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome) (v)

Try to use a different Computer for E-banking than you use for downloading applications and playing games.

(vi) By all means, use antivirus software – but NEVER rely on it. (vii) Don’t visit dodgy sites (viii) Never, ever, reply to spam e-mail. Use a good e-mail system that catches SPAM (such as Google Gmail). If you don’t know who a message is from, just delete it without opening. Be careful with “official” looking e-mails – check first.

Our 2nd speaker, Mr Jason Poh, a Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneur introduced his start-up company - The Mestic Company - which invents and modifies bicycle motocross parts with the aim to provide cyclists with a better

Jason sharing more about his company to a participant

riding experience. These parts improve the comfort and control of the bicycle, making it more favourable for the rider to do tricks and travel around. The event ended with a token of appreciation to both Prof McLoughlin and Jason. Mr Nazir (Tan) Amir, our lucky draw winner walked away with a trolley bag and some vouchers! The event would not have been successful without the participation of IET and we send our thanks to them. We hope that all participants managed to expand their contacts, and will join us for the many more networking nights to come!

IET & SPGG members seen networking



A Big warm welcome to the SP Freshies! At a fun-filled 3-day Freshmen Orientation Camp for Singapore Polytechnic Freshmen from 11-13 April, SPGG interacted with over 4,000 students at SPGG and Singapore Polytechnic’s Auditorium and Convention Centre! While some of the SPGG team were at Singapore Polytechnic introducing the Guild via a short light-hearted presentation showcasing the Guild’s facilities and its benefits to Singapore Polytechnic Students, the Guild too was all hustle and bustle with a huge crowd of freshmen. For those freshmen who were over at SPGG, they had the opportunity to explore SPGG through a guided tour conducted by the Staff. This year, SPGG had a chance to present itself to 6 Schools: Schools of Electronic & Electrical Engineering (EEE), Communication, Arts & Social Sciences (CASS), Business, Architecture and the Built Environment, Chemical and Life Sciences, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) and Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA). Along with some lucky draw prizes, every batch from the 6 schools received a $30 M1 voucher that could be used to offset a new handphone purchase and a $30 shopping voucher for those who sign up for a M1 broadband deal. On behalf of SPGG, we wish the freshmen a splendid 3-year tertiary life at Singapore Polytechnic!



Alumni Gatherings Fission brings you yet another feature on celebratory alumni gatherings held over the past few months! If you had recently organised an alumni reunion, we would love to hear you tell us about it with absolute glee! Send in your candid pictures and a short description of the fun times to & you will see it featured in the next issue ☺ We are all Stars!

School of Communication, Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) On 25 February, the School held their very first Commencement Dinner for their first batch of graduating students. And what a night it was! A night of diva-licious pomp and pageantry, happy tears amidst the laughter, not to mention the whistles and cat calls for the most divalicious among the students. The theme: CASS All- Stars. And the dress code? You guessed it. Diva-licious, of course! CASS didn’t want the usual farewell dinner for their first graduating batch from two of their three diplomas – Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology (DADP) and Diploma in Media & Communication (DMC). Rather than marking the end of their journey at CASS, the CASS team of lecturers and Directors wanted to give them a rousing send-off to mark the beginning of greater things to come for them. Posing with a ‘V’

Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) It’s said that music can bring people together. That was certainly the case with the Diploma In Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) Alumni Gathering cum Post Gradshow Party. The reunion was held right after the Graduate Show for the 2011 graduating cohort! Graduates from 2008, 2009 and 2010 as well as graduating class of 2011 students got together for a jamming good time. Held at SPGG’s Rooftop Terrace on 12 March, the reunion was not just a simple dinner with accompanying performances. Staff, alumni and students alike got a chance to mingle, with the alumni sharing their experiences since graduating from Singapore Polytechnic (SP). There were even ad-hoc musical performances from the current cohort of DMAT students. No doubt, the reunion was a high note for all involved and a fitting finale for the class of 2011 as they got ready to go out and compose their own futures.

All smiles



What is Singapore’s Future? SPGG Dialogue with Guest-of-Honour, Senior Minister Goh Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong highlighted 5 challenges and outlined 7 strategies to secure Singapore’s Future at the inaugural SPGG dialogue, moderated by our 1st VicePresident Hoe Lye Soon, on Friday, 1 April at our premises. SM Goh, who was the Guest-of-Honour, highlighted to the 350-odd crowd at the Grand Ballroom and Carnation Room that preparing the fourth generation leadership team for Singapore “is even more crucial than previous ones because Singapore’s future depends on what Singaporeans themselves make of it”.

Mr Goh explained that unlike earlier generations of leaders, they would also not have had direct experience of the struggles of the country, or how Singapore became a developed country in the last 45 years. “It’s much more difficult to lead because whatever you do, people will question you,” he said. One more reason why the task will be even more daunting: The next generation of leaders will be without the benefit of experienced people like Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

“This leadership transition is even more important than previous transitions... third to fourth is a watershed transition. The new leaders will lead a more educated and more questioning Singaporean population,” he stressed.

Mr Goh said he himself had benefited from MM Lee’s experience. In the next decade, though, both he and MM Lee will be less active. “It’s very comforting to have somebody behind you with all the experience of the past, and having the ability to look way into the future,” he stressed.

SPGG Member, Mr Ang Swee Tiong asked Mr Goh to elaborate on the watershed areas that he was concerned about so as to help his, and the younger generation to appreciate what it was like to continue being successful and keep Singapore together.

The new leaders will lead a better educated and more questioning Singapore population in a developed, prosperous city-nation and like the majority of the population; most of the leaders would not have experienced first-hand Singapore’s struggles for a survival.

Audience at the Grand Ballroom

Mr Ang with a question on watershed areas



Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at the SPGG Dialogue, moderated by 1st Vice President Hoe Lye Soon

To secure both the country and citizen’s future, he emphasised that the most important strategy is to invest heavily in Singaporeans. According to Mr Goh, this is why Singapore will continue to improve its strong education system at all levels, from pre-school to universities. Citing an example, he mentioned that the government will be expanding capacity at polytechnics and universities. Mr Goh also added that Singapore must also be positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities in growing Asia because this is where the global economic centre of gravity is shifting to. As China and India develop, he believes these countries will invest outside their own countries; stressing that Singapore must aim to be the natural destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Another strategy is to restructure Singapore’s own economy and improve productivity Fourthly, the country will maintain high standards of leadership in politics, Civil Service, Armed Forces and Home Team departments. Staying open to international talent is another critical advantage but this will be done judiciously to benefit Singaporeans. Mr Goh said the final strategy is to create an inclusive society, with a Singaporean core, even if the income gap widens. Concluding, Mr Goh said that Singapore’s combination of strengths and strategies has enabled it to succeed. “Good governance brings about growth; growth brings about social and political stability; stability enables us to plan for political succession, think and act long term and avoid short term populist policies. This has been our strongest competitive advantage over other countries.”

“To navigate the unpredictable world, we need to have the best crew we can get, the competencies, the strategies, the unity, and the will to overcome crises. How successful we will be depends on how we respond to challenges and how we seize opportunities. If we adopt a passive approach, we will be like a man lost in the wilderness without a compass – we will end up walking in circles, going nowhere.”

Audience at the Carnation Room



SM Goh with a group of SP students

Young Singaporeans “Not Hungry” Enough

SPGG President Jimmy Lim asked Mr Goh about his views on the perception that young Singaporeans are “soft”, compared to their peers from other countries, such as China. Mr Goh said the more appropriate description for the younger generation is perhaps, that they are “not hungry enough” and that is due, in part, to the fact that Singapore has been successful, over the years. The solution - to keep with the right strategies, go back to increasing productivity and to improve pay.

“It’s a matter of market forces. Supply and demand. In China, that man has no other job to go to. There are 600 million people competing with him for jobs. In our case, because we have done so well, every year we are creating 50,000 jobs. We only have 20 to 30 thousand inflow into the workforce, people have choice. So what is the solution? He said:

President Jimmy Lim (left) presenting a token of appreciation to SM Goh (right)



SM Goh interacting with the crowd at the cocktail reception

“Well, maybe just a bad dose of government and you have unemployment for five, six years and Singaporeans will feel hungry! Do you want that? (The) answer is no! Because it’s our job to make sure that we continue to grow and if we do so, they got a choice. What can we do? We all have a problem because people have a choice! So you just cannot compare the problem with China? What is your solution? Then you have to go back to productivity, to paying them well and so on.” What of the future for Singapore women; asked one participant who had difficulties juggling work and family commitments and her aspirations. “This will depend on society’s attitude”, said Mr Goh. While there is no glass ceiling in the public service, most men would expect women to do the bulk of the housework in an Asian country such as Singapore, he noted.

Singapore Polytechnic student Mr Dennis Chia, raised concerns on how the government would help younger Singaporeans with the rising cost of living, in particular, housing to which Mr Goh replied, “Rendering assistance to Singaporeans when it comes to tackling the increasing cost of living in Singapore is a challenge”. He pointed out that “the government will ensure housing will remain affordable. “ Rounding off the interesting and enlightening 2-hour dialogue, SPGG President presented a token of appreciation to the Senior Minister before leading the way to the Carnation Room for Mr Goh to meet up with the other participants. Light refreshments were then served at Aster and Bluebell Room where Mr Goh interacted with some more of our Members, Students and the Alumni of Singapore Polytechnic.

Participant asking “What is the future of Singapore Women?”



Latest Merchant Partner

You May Find Your Nirvana in Nirwana Gardens! Caressed by lush tropical greenery, Nirwana Gardens is a divine paradise that is nestled away in the northern coast of Bintan. The island is ornamented by trimmed emerald grass, pristine beaches and clear waters where tired souls seek refuge and recuperate themselves in fine dining, spa pampering and abundant adrenaline rushing activities.

SPGG Members can now enjoy great deals at Nirwana Gardens till 23 Dec 2011 from just $65 for the Cabana at the Nirwana Beach Club to $220 for a seaview chalet at Mayang Sari Beach Resort!

Getting there

Getting there is easy, via a 55-minute ferry ride from Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and followed by a 10-minute coach transfer from the ferry terminal to the resort ground.

5 Unique Living Experiences

Nirwana Gardens is famous for its different beachfront resorts that caters to every

travelers budget and need. The resort has over 340 rooms and villas comprising of Nirwana Resort Hotel – a sun kissed paradise for fun seekers; Mayang Sari Beach Resort – a reclusive getaway for the urban weary; Nirwana Beach Club – a haven for sea-sports enthusiasts; Banyu Biru Villas – homes for cosy reunions and the magnificent Indra Maya Villas – when ultimate privacy and luxury is a priority.


Bask in the Jacuzzi pool or pamper yourself in the peaceful and quiet environment at Kedaton Tropical Spa, well known for its traditional Javanese massages and aromatherapy treatments. Satiate your tastebuds with a variety of cuisines available at Nirwana

Gardens. Business travelers will find more than welcome with the free WIFI accessibility within the proximity of all the five resorts.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

If you are craving for an all adventure feel, ascend the TeamChallenge Hourglass and zip down by the Flying Fox. How about buckling up for a race through the jungle and sand dunes on a quad bike or a dune buggy! Or pick up the snorkeling gear and dive into clear ocean. For a more relaxed moment, you can hop onto a buggy and explore the lush greenery, cooling breeze and fine sandy beaches of Nirwana Gardens.

For more details on deals on Nirwana Gardens, kindly log on to and look under Members’ Benefits!




Our 1st Overseas Reciprocal Club

The University Club of Western Australia We are pleased to introduce The University Club of Western Australia (UCWA) as our first overseas reciprocal club! Established in 2005, UCWA offers graduates, alumni and corporate organisations the opportunity to continue their strong association with the University, and utilise the Club’s facilities for their professional and social needs. UCWA now has a strong base of 4500 Members. Idyllically situated on the historic grounds of The University of Western Australia & just 8 minutes from Perth CBD on the banks of Swan River, the breathtaking views of Matilda Bay and the Perth city skyline make the Club the perfect place to relax or entertain in style. If you are planning your next trip to Perth and wish to visit UCWA, please collect a “Letter of Introduction from SPGG” before you go. Kindly contact Ms Fiona Low at or at 6796 9988.

Terms & Conditions: (i). A member of either SPGG or UCWA will be identified by a Letter or Card of Introduction and Membership card issued from their club for presentation at the host Club.

The Club Restaurant

(ii). The Letter or Card of Introduction shall be valid for a period of 4 weeks from the date of issue and shall be limited to 4 times per year for each Member.

(iii). Only SPGG Members who are non residents of Australia can enjoy the facilities at UCWA & only UCWA Members who are non residents of Singapore can enjoy the facilities at SPGG.

Lounge Bar

(iv). Guest privileges are subject to the Constitution, Rules, Regulations & Policies of the Host Club. Privileges extended may be cancelled without notice for failure to comply with the Constitution, Rules, Regulations & Policies of the Host Club.

(v). All reciprocal club guests must settle their account by cash coupons, cash or credit card under the personal name of that Member or his guest account.

The Case Study Room

More Tie-Ups To Come! We are now negotiating with 3 other overseas alumni clubs so as to widen your scope of global networking. We will keep you posted on the development of these arrangements by end July through our regular e-mail blasts!!

Theatre Auditorium



Chill out with DMAT! Since April, the Piano Lounge has been buzzing with life every fortnight on Friday and Saturday evenings with live music, provided by the talented students of the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT). The budding musicians of DMAT have been crooning popular hits, and much to the delight of our members and guests, have been playing their requests as well! These talented students have a fanfare following them too, and they are there at every showcase to show their tremendous support!


As one DMAT student put it,









showcase our talents. It has in fact helped us to create

much enthusiasm and has brought out the creativity in us.


Schedule of upcoming Live Performances JUNE

3rd (Fri), 4th (Sat), 17th (Fri), 18th (Sat)


1st (Fri), 2nd (Sat), 15th (Fri), 16th (Sat)


5th (Fri), 6th (Sat), 19th (Fri), 20th (Sat)

For details, Please call 6796 9988 or e-mail to



Chill Out with DMAT!

Live Music @ Piano Lounge Presented by Diploma in Music & Audio Technology

Hatha Yoga With Vanda

Gain inner vitality to compensate for adverse effects of stress so that you can excel in life! Trial Class Sat, 11 Jun 11am – 12nn Aerobics Room Member: $2+ / Guest: $3+

7.00-7.45pm - Fortnightly

Actual Class Starts Every Tue from 14 June, 7-8pm!

JUN 3 (Fri), 4 (Sat), 17 (Fri), 18 (Sat)

Member: $160+ / Guest: $170+ (For a series of 10 Yoga Classes)

JUL 1 (Fri), 2 (Sat), 15 (Fri), 16 (Sat) AUG 5 (Fri), 6 (Sat), 19 (Fri), 20 (Sat)

Cook Off SPGG Competition & Afternoon High-Tea Your chance to showcase your culinary skills! Sun, 26 Jun, 2-5pm SPGG Poolside Café

Shiatsu Therapy Workshop Gain insights on how you can rejuvenate yourself through DIY acupuncture methods!

Workshop Schedule: Wed, 22 Jun, 7-8pm

Kranji Children’s Educational Tour An educational tour for everyone! Join us on this fun-filled adventure! Thu, 16 Jun 8am-12pm

Below 16 years old Children (Member) $15+ Children (Guest) $18+

Farm visits to: *Hay Dairies *Hausmann Marketing Aquarium *Jurong Frog Farm

Price includes Transportation, Entrance Fee, Lunch & a Gift Pack!!

8-ball pool

tournament Get ready to battle out your wit and analytical skills to win the championship title!

Sun, 3 Jul, 1-2pm Sat, 23 Jul, 3-4pm Registration Fee: (Per workshop) Member: $2+ / Guest: $3+

Highlights: Registration Fee: Member: $12+ / Guest: $15+ Afternoon High Tea @ $8+ per person

r Hands-on physio / light practical showing acupoints on participants r Pick up some finger tips to rejuvenate & achieve a healthy body through natural treatment methods.

Sat, 9 Jul Sun, 10 Jul Sat, 16 Jul Time: 10am-6pm Fee: Member: $11+ / Guest: $16+

Highlights: t Top 3 winners’ dishes maybe included in the Poolside Café Menu! t $330 worth of Prizes

For details, Pls call 6796 9988 or e-mail to



The Restaurant’s Promotions JULY

Penang Delights A la carte Menu Lunch & Dinner: Weekends & PH Appetizers Pie Tie (6 pcs) Po Piah (1 roll) Lor Bak with Century Egg (1 roll)

$7.50 $2.50 $5.50

Soup Pig Stomach Soup


(With Sea Cucumber, Pork Ball, Carrot, Gingko Nut, Mushroom & White Pepper Corn)

Pig Tail Soup


(With Chinese Herbs, Lotus Roots, Peanuts and Rose Wine)

Main Course Penang Laksa


(Garnished with Pineapples, Mint leaves, Ginger Flower, Cucumber, Sliced Onions & Prawn Paste)

Penang Prawn Noodles Soup


(Yellow Noodles in Prawn Stock with Pork Ribs & KangKong, topped with Fried Shallots)

Penang Lam Mee


(Yellow Noodles with Prawn Meat, Pork Belly, Beansprouts, Crab Meat & Julienne Egg, topped with Ku Chye, Fried Garlic & Dried Sole)

Penang Hokkein Char


(Wok-fried flat Yellow Noodles with Prawn, Pork Belly, Soft Cuttlefish, Beansprouts, Egg and Green Chives, Fried Garlic with Prawn Stock)

Penang Curry Chicken


(Served in Claypot with Traditional crispy Hard Roll)

Sotong KangKong (Soft Cuttlefish Salad with Spicy Sweet Sauce, topped with Grated Prawns and Sesame Seeds)





More F&B Perks @ The Restaurant! June

Family Set Menu

A Enjoy



discount on weekdays, except PH (Dinner only) with minimum spending of $50! *Member’s 15% F&B Discount Applies!


Lunch & Dinner: Daily SOUP Double Boiled Huai Shan Chicken Soup MAIN COURSE 2 pax ($26.80+) A Tom Yam Stingray A Golden Crispy Pork Chop A String Bean with Garlic A Red Bean Paste with Gingko Nut.

4 pax ($30.80+) A Tom Yam Stingray A Golden Crispy Pork Chop A Deep Fried Beancurd with Chicken Cubes & Water Chestnut A String Bean with Garlic A Red Bean Paste with Gingko Nut.

6 pax ($36.80+) A Tom Yam Stingray A Golden Crispy Pork Chop A Deep Fried Beancurd with Chicken Cubes & Water Chestnut A Stir Fried Prawn Meat with Celery A String Bean with Garlic A Red Bean Paste with Gingko Nut.



2 Bottles Johnny Walker Black Label @$198 nett 2 Bottles Chivas Regal 12yrs

@$218 nett

3 Jugs Tiger Beer

@$50 nett

15% Member’s Discount is not applicable for this promotion. All Prices are subject to 7% GST. The 15% F&B Discount is Not Applicable for these Promotions




We Have Your Preferred

Celebration Package! Whether it’s a Corporate Event, Birthday Bash, Wedding Anniversary or your Solemnisation, our Banquet Team is ready to make it a memorable occasion for you and your loved ones!

Get Rewarded with a $200 F&B Voucher for Dining at The Restaurant when you spend a minimum of $4,000 at any of your functions here!

Wedding Package + + + + + + + + +

Buffet line Setup from $50++ / Chinese sit down dinner @ $500++ per table of 10. Usage of Function Room (4 hrs) One Wedding Arch with Artificial Flowers Red Carpet for March-in One Champagne Fountain for toasting session with two bottles of Sparkling Wine Fresh Flower as centre piece for each table 6 x Fresh Flower stand along the Aisle Packages only applicable for minimum of 100 persons Free flow of soft drinks


Asian & International Buffet line Setup from $42++ per person. Usage of Function Room (4 hours) Fresh Flower as centre piece for each table Birthday Cake (5kg) Packages only applicable for minimum of 100 persons Free flow of soft drinks

& much more!

+ + + +

+ + + + + +

& much more!

Birthday Party Package +

Anniversary Package Asian & International Buffet line Setup from $42++ per person. Usage of Function Room (4 hours) Fresh Flower as centre piece for each table Anniversary Celebration Cake (5 kg) Packages only applicable for minimum of 100 persons Free flow of soft drinks

& much more!

Corporate Event Package + + + + + +

Buffet line Setup from $38++ per person. Usage of Function Room (4 hours) Fresh Flower as centre piece for each table Event Cake (5kg) Packages only applicable for minimum of 100 persons Free flow of soft drinks

& much more!

Call Banquet at 6796 9988 or e-mail James Cook Australia Institute of Higher Learning 600 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574421 Hotline: (65) 8222 6833 | Email: CPE Registration No. 200100786K | Period of registration: 13 July 2010 to 12 July 2014



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