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Past Events

Jin Yong our Ninja Warrior in Sasuke Singapore SPGG member Chan Jin Yong recently participated in the much talked about Sasuke Singapore. Fission caught up with him to hear all about his experiences.

Jin Yong trying to clear the obstacle

Fission: Give us a recount of your experience in Sasuke Singapore – describe the fun, challenges you faced.

Jin Yong: There were three (3) rounds of competition in the Sasuke Singapore. • Qualifying Round 1: It was more of a physical

endurance test to see who were the fastest few to grab the flag.

• Round 2: We had to clear Obstacles which required special techniques and strength within two minutes. • Round 3: We had to scale a 20-metre

tall Tower. It required very good arm strength to scale all the way up. With a time limit of just one minute, only the fastest participant was given the honour to represent Singapore in Japan. Round 2 was essentially the essence of Sasuke Singapore. It was very challenging as it required both techniques and physical strength to get through. As I had experience with the trampoline during my secondary school days, this gave me the advantage over the many other competitors who failed at this obstacle. The main challenges I faced was the Wrap Wall and the Tower. I was not able to find the right time to jump and ended up sliding down twice, but still managed to get up with my third try. However, during the scaling of the Tower, I climbed up in a spiral movement which caused my safety rope to entangle with the climbing rope and when the safety rope was pulled to tension; my climbing rope got pulled up as well. When my arms got tired, I wanted to use my legs to help, but by then, I had no ropes beneath to support me. During this struggle, I exceeded the time limit of 1 minute. There were only two finalists who didn’t complete this rope within the time limit and I was actually the worst!

Fission: Did you complete the obstacle to go to the next round? What was your timing & how far did you complete?

Jin Yong: I went all the way to the last round, but failed to complete it within time limit. The Qualifying round was carried out in batches of 8 and I was the first to grab the flag. During Round 2, my timing was 1 min 25 sec, together with 3 others. The main objective was to complete it so as to proceed to the Tower challenge, so timing wasn’t our main concern. But there were confident people who dashed through the obstacles and completed it faster than us. Fission: What did you learn from all this?

Jin Yong: Being physically ready and confident to complete the course is not enough! There are always stronger and faster competitors around. I did not expect the Tower to be so taxing on the hands and arms. 18 < DEC 2012 - FEB 2013

Jin Yong (in black, 3rd from left) with his supporters

Fission Dec - Feb 2013  

Fission Dec - Feb 2013