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Face Reading Master Emily from New Trend Lifestyle shared her knowledge about Facial Analysis – The Art of Face Reading – with 33 participants at the Aster Room on Tuesday, 25 September.

Eyebrows shaped like willow leaves * She has a heart of gold and is kind-hearted.

Defining face reading as “what’s hidden in you can be shown on your face”, she spoke on how one can judge a person’s character, thoughts, and good or bad intentions just by looking at a person. According to Emily, an important tool to face reading is “Wu Guan” or facial features. She gave insights on how one is able to foretell a person’s fortune just based on the following features:

thoughts. They are cheerful and nothing seems to worry them. Such ladies always face the world with optimism.

• Eye-brow: corresponds to health and social status. • Eye: corresponds to a person’s will power, good or bad personality. • Nose: corresponds to a person’s wealth and health. • Mouth: corresponds to a person’s luck and chances of meeting a benefactor. • Ear: corresponds to one’s life span and karma. The Master went on to say that our face has three sections which depict our fate at a certain age frame. For example, the upper section (from the forehead to the eye-brow), it governs the fate from age 15 to 30 while the middle section (eye-brow to the nose) reveals our fate from age 31 to 50 and lastly, the lower section (nose to the chin) tells about the fate from age 51 and beyond! She ended the evening with tips on how single men and women can look out for suitors based on their facial features. Some of the great illustrations were:

Good Wife Features

* A face shaped like the character“田”

She is meticulous, open-minded and popular. She likes to make friends and help others and if her friends are in trouble, she will do all she can to help them.

Here’s how you can analyse a person’s face with the help of this diagram >>

Clear eyes * Ladies with such eyes are usually innocent with pure untainted

Red lips and white teeth * Such ladies do not throw tantrums and prefer a more stable

lifestyle. All she enjoys is a peaceful life. She takes care of her husband and has the strength to keep the family together.

Good Husband Features High and broad forehead * The forehead indicates a person’s career fortune. A high, broad and full forehead indicates a smooth career. Not only will you have good fortune but it will also benefit your loved ones.

Upright gaze with eyes that are full of life * The eyes are the window to the soul. If the heart is righteous, the eyes will be upright. Those with an upright and commanding gaze, with a good contrast in the eyes, are usually kind-hearted.

Flat and full temples, without wrinkles and spots * For gentlemen, the area at the temples is referred to as the

Wife’s Palace, and represents marriage. Flat and full temples are favourable for the wife, while sunken temples are bad for marriage.

* Round and fleshy nose, with eyebrows that extend to the side of the eyes A fleshly nose means one is generous, forgiving, kind and trustworthy. For men, the nose is a part that supports the Wife’s Palace.

The ”12 Palaces” in Face Reading

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