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Past Events

Mid-Autumn Fun at SPGG

Our Guild was buzzing with Mid-Autumn Celebration activities on Saturday, 22 September. There was a mini bazaar, great music by the Singapore Polytechnic students of Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) and most important of all – great company! The mini bazaar started off the celebrations at 4pm with booths dealing with clothes, IT accessories, face-painting, aura reading and manicure and pedicure. DMAT students filled the air with evergreen mandarin and English tunes while the gorgeous Chang Er met and greeted everyone who attended the party. An entertaining Puppeteer Show by Mascots & Puppets Specialists, Streets of Singapore, wowed everyone present . Games were also not left out of the celebration! The children’s lantern making competition was particularly a hit, with the kids coming up with many creative designs. The little ones all went home happy as each and everyone of them were rewarded with at least a consolation prize. The adults had their share of the fun too, participating in a Pomelo Peeling competition! The fastest pomelo peeler was timed under a minute and he walked away with a bottle of wine as the top prize. The celebration came to an end with a lantern walk around the SP Sports Complex. With the children lighting up the traditional lanterns provided in their goodie bags and walking together as one big SPGG family, SPGG achieved its aim of reminding the young of the importance of celebrating such festivities.

Happy Children’s Day It was all grins at this year’s Children’s Day weekend from 5-7 October at SPGG! Our Events team went up to all the children that were in the premises to present them with balloons and goodie bags to make their day!

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