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source of the water”). However hackneyed the expression may have become, there is no better way to symbolise how SPGG feels about the Endowment Fund. This prompted me to recall what a small group of former students of my late wife did in 2007. They were from the Class of 1977’s E/6 of New Town Secondary School (NTSS), 30 years before. This small group are no longer students! They are today successful professionals in various fields: University Professor, Anesthesiologist, a Group Director in URA, Human Resource Consultant. Unknown to me, they organised their fellow class mates of 30 years ago and started an award for the students of NTSS in memory of my late wife Mrs Chen Hup Ee. Coincidentally the NTSS today is just next door to SPGG. In her speech at the first award ceremony, the former student Ms Fun Siew Leng, now Group Director of Director Urban Planning and Design of URA, said, “Most of us came from low to middle-income families … It was the teachers who made the difference. They gave so much in making our lessons interesting, pushing and challenging us so that we were inspired to make the grade… It is one of these teachers whom I would like to single out for mention … Our form teacher, the late Mrs Chen Hup Ee, took us for Secondary 3 and insisted with the Principal then, that she be assigned us through Secondary 4 as well. She built confidence and selfesteem in us. She was perceptive and could spot students facing problems either at school or home and went about helping us. Never in an obtrusive way – she was always subtle. Never pushy – she just showed that she cared ... Even today, I remember some of her lessons vividly. I remember her feisty spirit and her love for life and teaching.”

PC: The cause of SPGG’s Endowment has been very well expressed, i.e., to ensure that “needy SP students who are experiencing financial hardship are able to get a bursary – even though they are not academically outstanding.” I was very happy to hear the Principal of SP, Mr Tan Hang Cheong explain to me the selection criteria for recipients of the bursaries that will be given under the SPGG Endowment and some other similar Endowment funds in SP. There is no shortage of financial help for those who perform brilliantly in their academic results. The academically brilliant will be channeled into the numerous scholarships available to them. But what about the less brilliant? They too deserve a chance and it is for them that we can “make a difference” with the financial help they need and the encouragement for them to make the effort to do even better.

F: What do you hope to achieve with your contribution? PC: Each individual’s contribution is but a drop in the ocean, but collectively I hope that it swells into the “mighty ocean” of compassion of care for others and becomes the catalyst that will push and challenge everyone to do better and achieve his full potential. F: Is there anything else SPGG should do to promote this cause? PC: To reach out to more of the SP alumni. Find a way to group smaller donors, if possible. F: Are you looking forward to meeting the beneficiaries of your contribution?

It is my late wife’s life-long pursuit as a teacher, in wanting to “make a difference” in her students and “she just showed that she cared” that have prompted me to make this donation in her memory.

PC: Occasionally, so that I can get a sense of whether the Endowment is achieving its objectives.

F: What do you Endowment cause?

PC: Tell them about the care and encouragement of the donors for the recipients. And the hope of the donors that the recipients too would, one day, stretch out their hand – to give!





“ To give a gift of education to the needy SP students who have fallen through the cracks of existing bursary schemes and are unable to get any other funding”

F: What would you like to say to the bursary recipients of this Endowment Fund?

For more information on the SPGG Endowment Fund, please contact: Mr Jimmy Lim Chairman, SPGG Endowment Fund

Mr Nesh Selvaraj General Manager

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