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Peter Chen Contributes In Memory of His Late Wife

Endowment Fund

Interview with Mr Peter Chen, our Honorary Member Mr Peter Chen, who was the former Senior Minister of State for Education, has just contributed $40,000 to the soon-to-be launched SPGG Endowment Fund. Fission caught up with him recently to find out about what had motivated him to support this cause.

Fission (F)

Peter Chen (PC)

12 < DEC 2012 - FEB 2013

F: What prompted you to donate to the SPGG Endowment Fund? PC: My association with SPGG goes back to the beginning of 1997 when I assumed the office of Senior Minister of State for Education. Ever since my retirement in late 2001, I have maintained contact with you and was honoured with an Honorary Membership. I first heard about the idea of SPGG starting an Endowment Fund for SP students from Mr Jimmy Lim, who was then the SPGG President, almost two years ago. Quite fittingly, he is now the Chairman of the SPGG Endowment Fund. The initiative coming from SPGG is a really meaningful act of kindness, care and compassion, but more than that! It is a touching expression of gratitude, appreciation and thanks for what the alma mater SP and what Society have done for all of you. There is a well worn Chinese expression 饮水思源 (“When you drink, you always remember the

Fission Dec - Feb 2013  

Fission Dec - Feb 2013