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9 A total of 17 vendors visited the Club during the Request for Proposal site briefing on 5 September. Seven keen vendors submitted their proposals on tender closing dateline. After an intensive review of all proposals by the Task Force, it was decided to award the contract to X-Treme Design & Associates for its concept and design that closely matched the Club’s Vision and Mission. The new lobby will feature a brand new SPGG history wall, a new display of the Vision and Mission statements, and two specially installed LED panels to keep members updated on happenings, ongoing promotions, functions and activities at the Club.

Front Office The Lobby with enhanced features and an enclosed front desk will create a distinctive Club experience for members and their guests that we all can be proud of.

Study Room A modern and contemporary study room with increased capacity for members will sit nicely behind the waiting lounge at the lobby area, next to the new reception. Brightly designed with refreshing dĂŠcor, it will give an energised feel and inspire your creative juices.

DEC 2012 - FEB 2013



Fission Dec - Feb 2013  

Fission Dec - Feb 2013