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Forgive, Forget & Thrive!

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON and the charm of ambition

All about location The real estate paradise of the Greek Riviera

Spetses shopping delight

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of Spetses Mini Marathon 5 Greek champions share their favourite moments

Go for gold

Top-of-the-range Greek

olive oils

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Por tugieser Perpetual Calendar. Ref. 5034: Real icons have a special story to tell. And what was true of the great Portuguese seafarers also applies to IWC’s own Portugieser. After all, the history of its genesis bears the stamp of courageous innovation and watchmaking expertise at its best. Seventy-five years ago, two Portuguese businessmen approached IWC requesting a wristwatch with the precision of a marine chronometer. In response, IWC’s watchmakers took the unprecedented step of housing a hunter pocket watch movement in a wristwatch case. In so doing, they founded a watch family whose timeless elegance, sophisticated technology and unmatched complexity have been a source of wonderment ever since.


The movement itself is visible through a transparent sapphire glass back cover that provides an unimpeded view of the IWC-manufactured 52000 calibre’s impressive precision. The watch’s complexity is eloquently expressed by the perpetual calendar, whose functions can all be adjusted simply by turning the crown. And just as observing the star-studded heavens can guide a ship safely to harbour, a glance at the perpetual calendar and the moon phase display navigate the wearer safely through the complexities of time. This, in a nutshell, is how 75 years of watch making history became an icon of haute horlogerie. And how, thanks to its unique blend of perfection and timeless elegance, it has become a legend in its own time. I WC . E N G I N E E R E D FO R M E N .

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spotlight Spetses SUM M E R 2 0 1 5 I SSUE 3 EDITOR Marina L. Coutarelli -----------------EDITOR-AT-LARGE Stella Lizardi CREATIVE DIRECTOR Lia Galanou -----------------Copy Editor Cordelia Madden Kanellopoulou

Photo: Giorgos Kaplanidis

CONTRIBUTORS Ioanna Alexatou, Amanda Dardanis, Alexandra Gardenioti, Paris Kormaris, Thodoris Koutsogiannopoulos, Isabella Zabetaki

The promise of a perfect summer So far there have been three perfect summers in my life: 1. The endless summer of 1980 spent in Cape Town, where my parents lived at the time, during which we ran around with my younger sister semi-naked like Mowgli, our skin scorched by the African sun and cooled down by diving into the ocean at Cape Point; fishing for sea urchins and abalone, and indulging in fragrant, juicy mangos and raspberries freshly cut from the borders of our garden. (Nowadays there are plenty of foraging trips around Cape Town where one can relive this experience!) 2. My first summer at Brown University, barely eighteen, when I felt I could simultaneously conquer and change the world, achieve anything imaginable and in general embark on a remarkable journey into adulthood. It was during that summer that I first heard Arianna Huffington speak to a packed audience hall, receiving a standing ovation. That speech has remained with me always, and I could barely contain my joy at her acceptance of an interview with Spetses Spotlight for this issue. 3. The summer of 2011, planning the first Spetses mini Marathon, a completely novel project which turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far, filled with tears of laughter and joy, pride and frustration, but above all, memories which will last for a lifetime. Five great athletes, whom it is my privilege to call my friends, share with us their memories of this exciting journey. To paraphrase that laureate of perfect summers, Evelyn Waugh, writing about carefree days at Oxford (my second alma mater) in his masterpiece Brideshead Revisited, “A cloudless day in June, ditches creamy with meadowsweet, the air heavy with all the scents of summer.” Make the most of these summer scents, be it on Spetses, in Athens, or travelling around the globe; stopping for just a moment to take in a breathtaking sunset, the first bite of a chilled, ripe watermelon, or the crystal clear waters of the Argosaronic Gulf. MARINA L. COUTARELLI

FOOD & WINE EDITOR Niki Mitarea -----------------FASHION EDITOR Michalis Pandos MARKET EDITOR Spiros Savvinos CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Alexandros Ioannidis, George Katsanakis, Nikos Karanikolas, Yiorgos Kaplanidis, Panagiotis Mavromattis, Ioanna Roufopoulou -----------------ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Elfi Alexandroglou, Nely Xenaki -----------------Advertising & Media Inquiries Ms Ioanna Kozadinou 210-8015954 -----------------The Spetses Spotlight magazine is published by Communication Lab ( -----------------All rights reserved


Pleated dress, Beatrice (Linea Imports). Cotton fisherman hat, Max Mara (Max Mara boutique). Suede sandals, Miu Miu (Κalogirou). Photographer: George Katsanakis. Photographer assistant: Dimitris Katsanakis. Make up/Hair: Vivian C@-DTales. Fashion Editor: Michalis Pandos. Fashion assistant: George Bollas.

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table of contents SUM M ER 2015


6 EDITORIAL 12 NUMEROLOGY 243 Georges and other surprising SMM statistics. 14 SHOPPING THERAPY From high fashion to handcrafted accessories, this stylish isle’s shops offer something for everyone. 18 EAT & RUN The Spetses mini Marathon cookbook provides a lip-smacking souvenir of the island’s most delicious dishes. 26 BACK TO THE FUTURE Five brands go back to their roots, discovering eclectic Greek products and bringing new life to existing labels. 32 TRENDS Elegance meets summer hedonism. 50 ARIANNA HUFFINGTON How one woman’s “little vanity project” became an online media empire, reshaping the future of newspapers. 58 5 ATHLETES 5 years, 5 moments: Greek champions define what sets the SMM apart – and why they keep coming back for more. 64 ALL ABOUT LOCATION With easy access to Athens, natural charms and upscale tourism, the Greek Riviera is a property paradise. 68 DOWN THE RED LANE Sip your way down the wine roads of Nemea, sampling the region’s robust Agiorgitiko. 72 GREECE, FOUND IN TRANSLATION Entrepreneur Nikos Kakavoulis’ new platform aims to be the local friend who understands visitors’ needs and speaks their language. 74 GOING FOR GOLD Introducing Greece’s olive oils, with a premium selection to sniff, swirl, splash and drizzle.






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guys named "Yiorgos" competing

2 marriage proposals during the 25K route

of the oldest participant

1,234,997 unique users during race time on the site


50,000 plastic water bottles recycled

367 volunteers

3,000 kids


diplomatic missions

84 age

athletes and visitors

3,200 swimmers


17 countries


8 Olympic Gold Medallists participating



Instagram posts (up until the time we went to press!)

1 island!

12 Spetses Spotlight

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Love Boutique

With its retro vibe, Love Boutique combines classic and contemporary fashion, with playful creations by BO2, Paul’s Boutique, Codello, Abbacino and Lollipops. In addition to the stylish scarves, trendy jewellery, shoes and tote bags, one can find street-smart looks that work day-to-night on this sartorially-savvy isle.


The heart of Spetses has already become a shopping destination, with small boutiques and famous brands.

On the Deck

An elegant store with a nautical atmosphere, ‘On the Deck’ is the place to find stylish swimwear by Eres, Gottex and Melissa Odabash, as well as the famous Salty Bag totes handcrafted in Corfu from upcycled sails. The selection of sporty-chic clothing and accessories, from upmarket international brands such as Moncler and Polo Ralph Lauren, offers stylish nautical choices for those with a passion for sailing.


Handcrafted jewellery made of gold, diamonds and other precious materials are among the small treasures found at the Apriati boutique in Spetses. The two designers behind the brand have distinguished themselves with their unique designs and their contemporary approach to fine jewellery, inspired by ancient Greece and Greek mythology.

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“Benaki MuseumE. Athiniotakis - Mati” This beautiful concept store by Stelios Athiniotakis, on Stavrou Niarchou Street, is a definite muststop for the island's cosmopolitan guests. With the ambience of a small gallery, it offers a unique collection of special gifts, classy objects and, of course, outstanding jewellery, promoting Greek craftsmanship at its best. Tel.: 2298075259.

The Closet

Enter ‘The Closet’, a cozy boutique in Dapia created by Christina Joannidis, a retail expert who has worked for major brands including Prada, Tod’s and Hogan. In this elegant concept store, discover a wide range of unique fashion and interior design creations, such as handmade sandals, loafers, colourful swimsuits, printed kaftans and accessories, and beach towels made from organic cotton, as well as Italian bed-linen and scented French candles.

The island's shops offer a mix of high fashion and unique handcrafted pieces, with seasonal trends and all-time favourites.


With boutiques in Athens, Thessaloniki and Mykonos, Maria Nikolopoulou and Bill Sarantaris have now opened their first store on Spetses. Soho-Soho is a shopping destination showcasing handpicked mens- and womenswear from a wide range of fashion brands, as well as elegant jewellery and accessories. The store’s minimalist design sets the perfect backdrop for unique pieces by Free City, Victoria Beckham Sun, Ileana Makri and Ancient Greek Sandals.

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w w


email :

t. 210-8089585

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The profits from the “Spetses mini Marathon Cookbook” will be given to the Women’s Association of Spetses. It is available to purchase from local Spetses newsagents as well as selected hotels and restaurants.

Spetses mini Marathon a culinary celebration

Inspiring and attractive, the Spetses mini Marathon Cookbook is part-travel guide and part-memoir of all the exciting moments shared throughout this great event. And its recipes are simply scrumptious!

This exciting

new cookbook takes a gastronomical tour of the island and its culinary heritage, providing a lipsmacking souvenir of delicious dishes shared by all those who have visited the island for the Spetses mini Marathon. Hailed as a phenomenon by the press, attracting more than 4,000 foreign visitors, Spetses mini Marathon (SMM) celebrates five years this October, having become an integral part of Spetses life and a trademark for the local community. This cookery book features delicious recipes collected from Dr. MarinaLida Coutarelli herself (a keen cook

and founder of SMM), the Women’s Association of Spetses and favourite Spetses restaurants, as well as from SMM friends including the renowned chef Christoforos Peskias and chef-patissier Stelios Parliaros. With its seamless blend of fresh local ingredients, simple traditional island dishes and creative Mediterranean cuisine, complemented by beautiful photographs, this book acts as a creative mood board, highlighting the Greek culinary culture and the warmth of Spetsiot hospitality. From starters to side dishes, pastas, pies, seafood and desserts, more than 30 tried-

and-true favourites give a delightful taste of the island, including smart serving tips and the recipes behind restaurant specials such as the famous Kakavia Fish Soup of “Patralis”, the Octopus with Black-eyed Pea Salad and Squid Ink Taramosalata of “Poseidonion Grand Hotel”, the delectable Red mullet fillets in Feneos Fava Beans Soup served in “Orloff” and Spaghetti with Grouper from “To Nero tis Agapis”. This cookbook for the aspiring chef is unmissable! 

18 Spetses Spotlight

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Greek businesses

“Sailing in high winds” Spetses, from ship to shore

At Tarsanas restaurant, the catch of the day is brought directly from the owners' fishing boat to your plate.

Tzovanna Firfilioni is a civil engineer who first visited the island of Spetses for work seven years ago and loved it so much that she became a permanent resident. She has recently completed the full renovation of Tarsanas, one of the island’s most historic restaurants and, originally, a place where small wooden boats were built. The renovation has incorporated elements of the owners’ family marine legacy – including their old boat. Tzovanna shares some of the details that make the Spetses experience unique for her. Favourite beach: Agia Paraskevi, a semi-organized sandy beach on the island’s western coast that you can reach by boat, bus or bicycle. It is 10km west of Spetses town. Favourite hiking trail: The mountain path that leads to the abandoned Hara Estate, from which you can enjoy great views of the island. Favourite spot: The lighthouse, which affords a panoramic view over Dapia, Hydra and other nearby islands. Favourite dish at Tarsanas: The catch of the day, brought directly from the owners’ fishing boat to your plate. What to take home with you: Amygdalota (almond sweets sprinkled with sugar), as well as soap and wax handcrafted with local herbs.

Elena Stylianou, HR Consulting & Executive Search Department Director of RSM Greece, talks to Spotlight Spetses about why the number of Greek winners in the European Business Awards rises year after year. What is the purpose of the European Business Awards, and how have they evolved in Greece? The primary purpose behind the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. When the economic crisis began in 2009 and we started reading and hearing negative comments about Greece in the foreign press, RSM Greece decided to take action and send a different message about Greek businesses to the European Community. Since then, we carry out extensive research every year and select the companies we wish to nominate for free entry into the Awards. The result of this effort is that Greece has managed to play a leading role in the Awards over the last few years. In 2012/13, Greece won two out of the ten Awards and in 2013/14, Greece won three Awards. This year, we have eight Greek companies competing in the final stage of the Awards. RSM International, the seventh largest Audit, Tax, Advisory global network, has been a sponsor of the Awards since they were founded and RSM Greece is an extremely active supporter of the EBAs. How have Greek businesses responded to the financial crisis? Aristotle Onassis said, “We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.” I think this nicely sums up the way in which Greek businesses have responded to the economic crisis. Which are the traits that make Greek businesses stand out? Greek businesses operate in an adverse environment, full of obstacles and instability. Against all odds, they have managed to garner great results. This is due to vision, optimism and innovation, as well as strength and guts. If many of these businesses operated in a friendlier environment, they would definitely have become global players. * Spetses Mini Marathon was one of the National Champions in the European Business Awards 2014/15

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SHOWROOM T: 210 612 9916 MAGNOLIA GRACE KIFISIA: Kolokotroni 1, T: 210 801 6340 • KOLONAKI: Kanari 20, T:210 363 2353 • GOLDEN HALL: 1st floor, T:210 685 5218

scrapbook Jovial mongrel

Marcos could be considered Porto Heli’s honorary mayor. He spends his days strolling around the town square, socialising with locals and welcoming strangers. He has a bed and daily meals at one resident’s home, but prefers to be out on the streets attending to his duties, rain or shine, summer and winter, a gregarious stalwart of Porto Heli life for the past 4 years. The volunteers at the Friends of Animals Society of Ermionida (FASE) have known Marcos since he was a leggy pup with questioning eyebrows, roaming Ververonda beach. They took him to the vet to be neutered, treated for parasites and returned (as detailed in Greek law for strays), but he soon gravitated towards town. At first, he had a group of canine cronies in the square, all of them, like Marcos, neutered thanks to FASE’s efforts. But they disappeared. This winter, another 10 dogs turned up there, seemingly abandoned. Abandonment, overpopulation and poisoning of stray animals are the main problems in the Ermionidia region, says FASE secretary Vasiliki Giotopoulou. Since the group was set up in 2003, they have been working to humanely reduce the number of unwanted

strays through neutering programmes, and providing vital vet treatment to ill or injured animals. Greek law states that the neutering and care of stray animals is the responsibility of the local authorities, and Ermionida mayor Dimitris Sfyris signed a pre-election pledge to implement this law, upon taking up his post on September 1, 2014. As yet, there is no evidence of this happening, but according to municipal sources, the wheels of bureaucracy have ground into motion. “We are in the process of finding a space where we can set up a small shelter and mini-clinic,” says city councillor Kyriaki Mitsou. “The aim of this shelter is to host those animals that simply cannot survive on the streets, while the clinic would be used for sterilisations of stray animals, and care of the sick and injured.” Given the time it will take to find the right location for the shelter/clinic and to purpose-build the facilities, in the meanwhile the municipality is inviting local vets to submit bids for a one-year contract to provide services including spaying/neutering, vaccination, antiparasite treatment and emergency care for stray cats and dogs. With an estimated 300 stray dogs in the region, and an unquantifiable number of cats, Mitsou says it is the municipality’s

Porto Heli on four paws

A struggling NGO needs all the help it can get with the area’s abandoned and stray animals. By Cordelia Madden-Kanellopoulou

“duty” to set this up as soon as possible. A campaign against poisoning and abandonment is also planned, as is one promoting the sterilisation and microchipping of pets. Until the municipal shelter materialises, FASE has a small network of foster carers who look after some of the most vulnerable animals until they are rehabilitated or rehomed. One such was Agapi, a dog with the tall expressive ears and supermodel limbs of a Pharoah Hound, but the colours of an English pointer. She was found with a burn from hot oil or scalding water down her side, recalls Giotopoulou. After emergency treatment, Agapi was taken into foster care where her wound gradually healed and she regained her trust in humans. She is now named Wilma and lives with her adopter, who is a vet, in Germany. Tiny tabby kitten Kimon, meanwhile, was found in Kosta, with one eye irrevocably injured from untreated infection.

Requiring more specialised equipment than available at the local vet, FASE volunteers took the kitten to Athens for an operation on the damaged eye. Kimon is now fully grown, in perfect health and happily adopted. FASE’s work is crippled by lack of funds and manpower. And until the red tape surrounding the municipality’s plans is untangled, as Mitsou herself admits, the charity is the first port of call for any animal in need. Thus, FASE – and all the strays in the areas they cover – depend on the generosity of donors to continue their life-saving activities. “The situation is very difficult: the FASE volunteers have worked so hard for many years, but they have no money, and few people to help,” says Mitsou. The charity is also in desperate need of volunteers, foster families and adopters. To support their work and find donation options, follow FASE Ermionida on Facebook. 

22 Spetses Spotlight

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Entering the elegant boutique, it feels as if you are entering Cristina’s own closet, where everything is filtered through her personal aesthetic and style.

Secret passage

Cristina Joannidis’ ‘The Closet’ , an elegant concept store in the heart of Spetses, is a shopping destination for fashionable choices and unique gift ideas .

photogr apher : Elias Cosindas


fter 30 years working in the luxury fashion business abroad for famous brands like Tod’s, Hogan, Bruno Magli and Prada, Italian-born Cristina Joannidis moved to Greece and found her sanctuary on the island of Spetses. Combining her love for Spetses, her passion for fashion and her innate Italian taste, Cristina opened ‘The Closet’, a cozy concept store in Dapia, which reflects her creative personality and her eye for stylish creations. Entering the elegant boutique, it feels as if you are entering Cristina’s own closet, where everything is filtered through her

personal aesthetic and style. The space represents her vast experience as product and brand director, with selections that complement the laidback lifestyle and classic elegance of the island itself. In a warm, welcoming space, the shop is filled with handpicked pieces of clothing and accessories, such as handmade sandals, loafers and ballerina flats, light linen and cotton shirts, colourful kaftans, pareos and swimwear,

playful jewellery, sunglasses, totes, hats and summer accessories including beach towels made of organic cotton. One can also find a selection of home accessories and interior design objects (such as scented candles from France, kitchen trays and coffee mugs), a series of beauty products, and delightful clothing creations for babies and young children. The Closet: Dapia, Spetses, tel. 22980 75487

Spetses Spotlight 000


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AdvStresslessSpotlight29x42-C.indd 3-4 DIAFIMISI.indd 4

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Elvira and Emma Papaioannou created their own high-street brands, Milk & Honey and Monochrome.

Creative genes As daughters of high-street staple Anna Riska’s founding family, Elvira and Emma Papaioannou grew up in fashion. So it was only natural that the duo decided to follow the family trade. Their first step was reviving the brand Milk & Honey. “Milk & Honey was already a part of Anna Riska, but it was basically inactive until we took over,” head designer Elvira explains. Her creations for the label, which is known for its colourful designs, are showcased at the Milk & Honey boutique in Kifissia, alongside a series of shoes and accessories to complement each collection. The Milk & Honey collection is also available at various online shops in Greece. This season, Emma, who is in charge of advertising and marketing at Milk & Honey, made her own design debut with ‘Monochrome’, a collection of basics with a twist. “It’s a smaller collection with clean, simple lines, complementary to Milk & Honey’s main collection. It’s about everyday pieces that can be worn from day to

Photo: Yiorgos Kaplanidis


With strong concepts and innovative ideas, five brands represent a fresh start in Greek retail.

night, using unique design techniques and fabrics,” explains Emma. Monochrome’s main characteristic, as the name implies, is its plain colours, a minimalistic contrast to the playful prints that Elvira has designed for Milk & Honey’s spring collection. The sisters attribute their success to their shared passion for fashion and their creativity, as well the different

styles they bring to their designs. Their goal is to find creative ways in order to expand their brand in the future. “Every season we need to bring something new and innovative to our designs, and evolve ourselves through our work,” says Emma. “You need to be able to enjoy the creative process, and what’s interesting is that you never know where you might end up.”

Back to the roots promotes small farmers from all over Greece and their unique, organic products.

Taking the reins of their family business, which first opened nearly two centuries ago in the centre of Athens, Ioanna and Philipos Tsatsos discover small farmers from around Greece, and feature their unique products on Through their online shop, they tell the story of both the products and their origin and introduce each farmer to their customers. Among a wide range of Greek flavours and fragrances, one can also find a selection of unique handmade cosmetics, including Eleni Kartsiotis’ "Beauty Cooking" products. Having inherited what she calls a “therapeutic talent” from her greatgrandmother, Eleni created a small workshop on the foothills of Mount Olympus, where she makes cosmetics infused with essential oils, known for their beneficial properties. Like other small treasures found on, "Beauty Cooking" products are characterized by their artistry, and exude the aromas found in the Greek countryside.

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SPETSES, DAPIA, TEL.: 22980 73922


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scrapbook VERVE's detox packages encourage a new, healthier way of life.

Good press! Twins Martha and Kelly Chatzigianni grew up with a healthy lifestyle, learning the manifold benefits of a nutritious diet. Bringing up their own children, they started blending homemade juices for the kids, rather than store-bought concoctions. Having honed their skills in their own kitchens, the twins were eager to bring their creations to a wider audience. They completed various juicing seminars in London, and consulted with other companies in the sector, before setting up VERVE (Vitality Energy Revitalize Vigor Enthusiasm) Juices, the very first company in Greece to manufacture and bottle

cold-pressed juices from vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as introducing complete detox packages. VERVE’s philosophy is to endorse healthy living by offering raw, organic and non-processed foods. Each detox package (‘Beginner’, ‘Signature’ and ‘Expert’) is carefully designed in collaboration with nutritionist Lisa Blair of the London Nutrition Clinic, and contains nine different VERVE Juices and two vegetable milks, aiming to benefit the digestive system in a natural and healthy way, boosting the system with plentiful nutrients and enzymes. Your very good health!

28 Spetses Spotlight

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4/5/2015 2:34:56 µµ

We run, we walk, we bike…we introduce exercise into our lives for a purpose. To enjoy health, wellness and fitness. Because adopting a healthy lifestyle helps us feel good and look to the future with optimism, free of worries. This is our philosophy and we bring it into life with our Live Well Events. Because living well matters. ING has changed its name to NN and this does not change our relationship. For 35 years, we care about you.

DIAFIMISI.indd 1 AdvYoumatterRun.indd 1

29/4/2015 11:54:23 πµ 4/28/15 6:17 PM


Acting as an ambassador for Greek fashion, showcases handpicked creations by both emerging and established Greek designers.

Nadia Theoharakis created an innovative online fashion destination, which combines fashion blogging and shopping.

Fashion evolution

Made in Greece

Inspired by a high-tech generation and her two teenage daughters’ fashion sense, Nadia Theoharakis set up, an innovative online destination that combines fashion blogging and e-shopping. “The increasing use of e-shopping by young people led me to create an integrated fashion platform, featuring both established foreign brands and emerging Greek designers,” says Theoharakis. This virtual fashion boutique is all about giving its customers a wide range of styling options through looks featured on the site, while updating its readers on fashion’s latest news. Set up in 2012 as one of the first online shops in Greece, features a range of clothing, accessories and beauty products from Greek designers like Zeus+Dione and MI-RO, Korres cosmetics, and international brands Adidas, Superdry, and Molton Brown.

A new online concept store with international standards and a truly Greek identity is showcasing Greek fashion to a discerning global clientele. features unique creations, beautiful jewellery and accessories, including pieces made exclusively for the site. “Our aim is to show the fashionable side of Greece, acting as ambassadors of Greek creativity abroad," says Alexandra Zakka, owner of She explains that Aesthet is not just a fashion e-shop, but a concept store where each piece is handpicked and selected, based on strict quality control and aesthetic criteria. Menswear, art and decorative objects will soon be added to the collection. With creations crafted by established Greek designers, such as Ileana Makri, Nikos Koulis, Zeus+Dione, Angelos Bratis and Ancient Greek Sandals, as well as pieces from upcoming Greek brands, this online boutique embodies quality and elegance, and is already a popular shopping destination for overseas clients. With luxurious packaging and minimalist design, is aiming to introduce guests to a world of taste, sophistication and style.

30 Spetses Spotlight

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Furniture - Lighting - Textile - Decoration

T trends By Spiros Savvinos

Crepe floral dress (BSB). Leather fringed bag Miu Miu (Κalogirou). Leather wedges Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo boutique). Photographer: George Katsanakis Photographer assistant: Dimitris Katsanakis Make up/Hair: Vivian C@-D-Tales Fashion Editor: Michalis Pandos Fashion assistant: George Bollas

32 Spetses Spotlight

BEACH LIFE.indd 26

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5 6

2 1


beach LIFE


Swimwear, beach dresses, bold colours and beach bags that combine style and reckless attitude for our favourite season of the year.



12 10

1. Dress Perdro del Hierro, 2. Swimsuit Paolita. 3. 7-cord bangle Apriati. 4. Everyday Bag Callista bags. 5. Hat Chloe. 6. Earings Dolly Boukoyanni. 7. Sandals Christina Fragista. 8. Jean shorts Rag & Bone. 9. Espadrilles Soho Soho. 10. Skirt Emilio Pucci. 11. Swimsuit Ioanna Kourbela. 12. Backpack Salty Bag. 13. Watch Garmin. 14. Flip-flops Havaianas.

11 13 14 Spetses Spotlight 33

BEACH LIFE.indd 27

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trends Chiffon floral dress, Top Shop (Sotris). Espadrilles, Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo boutique). "Falconera" by Salty Bag . Special thanks to the kids of the municipality of Spetses, for their attendance. Photographer: George Katsanakis, Photographer assistant: Dimitris Katsanakis, Make up/Hair: Vivian C@-D-Tales, Fashion Editor: Michalis Pandos, Fashion assistant: George Bollas

34 Spetses Spotlight

S. FRANCE.indd 26

4/5/2015 2:48:51 ¾¾



1 5




Greek riviera


Spetses is the place where elegance meets summer hedonism. Earth tones, gold touches and genteel jewellery, with matching wedges and sandals.





1. Pendant Zolotas. 2. Hat Ioanna Kourbela. 3. Swimsuit La Perla. 4. Top Theory. 5. Watch IWC, Portuguese Yacht Club. 6. Sneakers Puma. 7. Kimono Athena Procopiou. 8. Skirt Chloe. 9. Perfume Creed, Soho-Soho. 10. Bag MCM. 11. Bracelet Dolly Boukoyanni. 12. Wedges Lanvin. 13. Top Chloe. 14. Ring Imanoglou. 15. Dress Wolford.


13 S. FRANCE.indd 27


Spetses Spotlight 35

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Stepping out in style

Traditional artistry meets contemporary glamour in Christina Fragista’s handcrafted Grecian sandals.


Christina says her designs are inspired by the beauty of the Aegean and Ionian islands.

ach piece in designer Christina Fragista’s unique line of footwear is handmade in a workshop on the foothills of the Acropolis, by artisans using age-old techniques passed down through the generations. The traditional leather flats are given a modern flair by the glamorous detailing, which Christina says is inspired by the beauty of the Aegean and Ionian islands. The premium hide is embellished with luxurious elements, such as Swarovski crystals, colourful semi-precious stones and gold plated chains, radiating Greek style and elegance. Her designs are already showcased in boutiques in the South of France, Corsica, Martinique, St. Martins and St.Barth’s, as well as in luxury hotel resorts and selected boutiques in Greece. 36 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 2:51:27 µµ

Wallcovering Libero. If your wall is white, you’re missing on something.

Auteur & Éditeur. W A L L P A P E R , F A B R I C , W A L L C O V E R I N G , F U R N I T U R E , L’ A C C E S S O I R E


W W W. E L I T I S . F R



09/04/2015 10:34 15/4/2015 1:49:58 µµ


authenticity, cultural heritage and fair play are celebrated once again in the most unique yacht race of the Mediterranean, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Spetses “bogazi” and the lush vegetation of the Peloponnese coast. Skippers, crews, visitors and sponsors will once again gather in Spetses to celebrate five years of SCYR with new yacht categories, new challenges and events and most of all the coveted “Spirit of Chivalry – Chivas Honour Award", which will be awarded to the crew that has best supported the values of team spirit, ethics, fair play, authenticity and team spirit.

38 Spetses Spotlight

REGATA.indd 18

4/5/2015 2:53:13 µµ

From far left: Sailing action during last year's SCYR; IWC has joined the ranks of the SCYR as the official timekeeper; Stratis Andreadis aboard "Stratis"; Alekos Papadoggonas, Commodore of the Yacht Club of Greece; Antonis Vordonis, CEO of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel; Anna Andreadis and Liza Stathatou, flag Officers of the YCG and Members of the Organizing Committee; Christophe Lemarie, CEO of Pernod Ricard Hellas; the majestic Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Grand Supporter of the SCYR; crews and skippers enjoyed 18-year-old Chivas.

Spetses Spotlight 39

REGATA.indd 19

4/5/2015 2:53:57 ¾¾


4/5/2015 12:09:39 µµ

Courtesy of Jitka Hanzlova. Courtesy of Denis Darzacq and Galerie RX, Paris. Thomas Struth. Tina Barney, courtesy of Janet Borden, Inc. Courtesy of Stratos Kalafatis and Agra Publications. Courtesy of Juergen Teller.

Left: Jitka Hanzlová, Untitled ( Julia), 2000. Above: Denis Darzacq, Helmet 02, 2007-2008. Below: Thomas Struth, The Däinghaus/ Schwertlinger Family 1, Düsseldorf 2012.


around the globe By Paris Kormaris

EuroFACES A joint project

of the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels, the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, and the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, the exhibition “Faces – European Portrait Photography since 1990” brings together the work of 32 photographers and visual artists who have approached the genre in an innovative way. “Looking at a portrait is always like glancing into a mirror,” Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy writes in the exhibition catalogue. “Who am I in relation to the subject of the portrait? This book and the exhibition look for a compromise between feelings of understanding and distance, between the community and the individuals.” * Brussels: Until 17 May 2015, – Rotterdam: From 30 May until 30 August 2015, – Thessaloniki: From 11 September 2015 until 28 February 2016,

From far left to right: Tina Barney, The Brocade Walls, 2003. Stratos Kalafatis, Zacharias, a priest-monk from Megisti Lavra, Athos / Colors of Faith, 2010. Juergen Teller, Alex Paton, London, 21st December 1998.

Spetses Spotlight 41


4/5/2015 3:04:24 µµ

Role model

Film star, fashion icon and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn has been one of the world’s most photographed and recognisable women. Her life and career are celebrated in the exhibition “Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon”, bringing to London’s National Portrait Gallery rarely-seen photographs from the collection of her family, along with iconic portraits taken by leading photographers of the twentieth century, including

Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Angus McBean, Irving Penn and Norman Parkinson. A little-known fact is that 65 years ago Hepburn had performed as a dancer and chorus girl in Petite

Sauce Tartare at renowned night club Ciro’s, in the space now occupied by the Gallery’s public Archive. * From 2 July until 18 October 2015,



From left to right: Vincent van Gogh, Blossoming chestnut trees, 1890. Bart van der Leck, Sower, 1921. Vincent van Gogh, Terrace of a café at night (Place du Forum), 1888.

n a short life of just 37 years, Vincent van Gogh had no fewer than 38 different addresses in The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and finally France.

Paying tribute to the 125th anniversary of his death on 29 July 1890, some of those places organise a variety of exhibitions, experiences and events throughout the

year. Apart from the man, his work and his world, curators also showcase the influence he has had on the world of art and design.* www.

Photos: Norman Parkinson Ltd/Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive. Howell Conant. © Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo.

around the globe

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy, 1955. As Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys, on the cover of Jours de France, 26 January 1962.

42 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 3:06:19 µµ


During the first 11 years of her extensive career, Yoko Ono moved between New York, Tokyo and London, serving a pioneering role in the international development of Conceptual art, experimental film and performance art. This period comes into focus at “Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971”, at MoMA, in New York. * From 17 May until 7 September 2015,

From top to bottom: Painting to See in the Dark (Version 1), 1961, installation view with the artist. Yoko Ono and John Lennon, WAR IS OVER! if you want it, 1969. Half-ARoom, 1967.

Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photography © Platon.

© 2014 George Maciunas. © Yoko Ono 2014.

Clockwise from left: Evening dress by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent, F/W 2004–5. Court Robe from the Qing dynasty, 19th-century. Roberto Cavalli evening dress, F/W 2005–6. Chinese Jar with Dragon, early 15th century.

Far East

“From the earliest period of European contact with China in the 16th century, the West has been enchanted with enigmatic objects and imagery from the East, providing inspiration for fashion designers from Paul Poiret to Yves Saint Laurent,” says Andrew Bolton, Curator at The Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. And the flirtation continues, judging from fashion creations by the likes of Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul

Gaultier and Tom Ford, on view at the exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass”, alongside Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelains and other art. As Bolton writes in the related publication, it is “not about China per se, but about a China that exists as a collective fantasy. It is about cultural interaction, the circuits of exchange through which certain images and objects have migrated across geographic boundaries.” * Until 16 August 2015, Spetses Spotlight 43


4/5/2015 3:07:31 µµ

flowers by the world’s most esteemed jewellers.

The elusive beauty

of flowers has been a constant source of inspiration for jewellers, who use noble metals and precious gems to immortalise their fragility. Hundreds such creations are featured in “Floral Jewels – From the World’s Leading Designers”, a book by Carol Woolton, jewellery editor of British Vogue. The images alone are impressive, but what makes it even more interesting is the way they are presented – divided into four seasons, with the flowers that bloom in them. In the text, Woolton offers expert insights into fashion history and trends, enriched with various literary excerpts on flowers. * Prestel Publishing Limited,

Image courtesy of Wartski, London. © Buccellati London. © Christie’s Images Limited (2004). © Bochic. Photo credit: Philippe de Givenchy. © Suzanne Syz Art Jewels. Photo by Thibaut Rondoni and Guillaume Benoit © Lydia Courteille. © Christie’s Images Limited (2010). Photo by Thibaut Rondoni and Guillaume Benoit © Lydia Courteille. Image courtesy of Wartski, London.

around the globe

Full BLOOM A book full of precious

44 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 3:08:26 µµ


1/5/2015 2:13:38 µµ

around the globe AROUND THE GLOBE.indd 6

Haute couture


he Bowes Museum is situated in the picturesque market town of Barnard Castle, County Durham, in the heart of the Pennines in North East England. The magnificent building was built in the 19th century by John and Joséphine Bowes, to house their collection of fine and decorative arts – thousands of predominantly French objects including furniture, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and many other items covering an extensive range of European styles and periods. This will be the venue for “Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal”, the first exhibition in the UK to present a comprehensive display of the French designer’s work and life, highlighting the diverse influences and the different eras and styles of his creative career. The exhibition will present 50 garments, including some iconic pieces from the Russian Collection, the Mondrian Dresses and the Tuxedo, complemented by over 200 stunning accessories. After heading up the Christian Dior fashion house from 1957 to 1960 as Creative Director, Yves Saint Laurent created his own fashion house with partner Pierre Bergé, with its first catwalk show in 1962. For 40 years, Pierre Bergé managed the business while Yves Saint Laurent focused entirely on the creative side. * From 11 July until 25 October,

© Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent / Sophie Carre. © Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent / Alexandre Guirkinger. © Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent / Guy Marineau. © The Estate of Jeanloup Sief f.

Clockwise from top left: Cocktail dress inspired by Pop Art, 1966. Wedding dress, tribute to Shakespeare, 1980. Yves Saint Laurent in his studio, 1986. Marina Schiano wearing evening dress from the F/W 1970 collection. Evening ensemble, tribute to Picasso, 1979.

4/5/2015 3:10:42 µµ

© CORBIS. © Bettmann/CORBIS. © Hoch Zwei/Corbis. © 2015 Andreas von Einsiedel / All rights reser ved.

From top to bottom: John F. Kennedy with Newspaper and Cigar. Grace Kelly in Lifejacket. FIA Formula One World Championship 2014, Grand Prix of Monaco.

Life & Style

Which is your home away from home? For some, it is none other than a yacht, a floating kingdom to travel the seven seas. For others, a house in the countryside, a sanctuary of scenic views, fresh air, silence and comfort. The best of both worlds is featured in two coffee-table books published by teNeues. “The Stylish Life Yachting”, with texts by journalist Kim Kavin, takes the reader aboard some of the finest vessels on earth – a blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and fine materials only a few can afford. Those few, from the crowned heads of Europe and business moguls to Hollywood screen legends and socialites, are seen in a stunning array of photographs from the past and present. Not to mention the dreamy locales such as Monte Carlo, Greece and St. Barths, which have always been ideal destinations for yacht lovers. “Living in Style Country”, with photographs by Andreas von Einsiedel and text by Jean Nayar, has a steadier yet no less impressive base. It is an ode to houses with interiors influenced by their pristine surroundings of untouched nature, majestic mountains and crystalline lakes. From a hypermodern restored English barn and cozy Provençal or Umbrian cottages, to opulent colonial houses on the American coastline, these escapes can only be described as spectacular, appointed with natural building materials to maintain an atmosphere ranging from vintage to cutting-edge modern. A window onto dream locations, as well as a source of interior design ideas for one’s own haven. * Above: Idyllic landscapes and inspired interiors from “Living in Style Country”, photographed by Andreas von Einsiedel.

Spetses Spotlight 47


4/5/2015 3:11:19 µµ

around the globe

Ewan McGregor, in the dual role of Jesus and his demonic tormentor during his time in the wilderness and before his ministry.

THE RESURRECTION OF THE RELIGIOUS EPIC The austere and beautiful drama "Last Days in the Desert" is the last of the religious films that follow a resurgence of an erstwhile popular genre for the believer. The newstyle biblical blockbuster attempts to attract the new-age sceptic. By Thodoris Koutsogiannopoulos


here was a time in Hollywood when anything epic, disregarding subtlety and nuance, was welcome – the bigger, the better! In the early50s, television had just invaded households and the immediate reaction of the so-called silver screen was to take advantage of scale and size, in order to create a sensational diversion. The spectacular extravaganzas followed in a flurry. The technical innovations helped enormously. “The Robe” was the first film to use Cinemascope, an impressive trick that almost doubled the length of the screen, thereby allowing the eyes of the spectators to travel through the images and get swept away in the magnificence of the subject. Emotions were heightened

and senses were stimulated, as the audiences were in deep need of stories that strengthened the faith and encouraged hope, in the aftermath of a devastating world war. "The Robe", starring Jean Simmons and the dashing Richard Burton was not, of course, the first religious drama that ever hit the cinemas. Even before the advent of the talkies, the original "Ben Hur", by Fred Niblo, was shattering box-office records, signifying a movie-going tendency among the faithful masses. However, it inaugurated a decade-long fascination with Hollywood, which lasted till the mid-60s, and that eventually produced variations of the life of Christ, from the pious "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and the straightforward "King of Kings", to the revengeful and cathartic adventure, "Ben Hur" (the famous William Wyler version of 1959, including Charlton Heston and his indelible chariot race), with an honourable mention to Cecil De Mille, the master of the biblical genre, who came back with the highly commercial “Ten Commandments” in 1956, reminding everyone that he was the pioneer of the cinematic divine. Like all things, the fad faded, and with the fall of studios and highbudget films, the Bible was put in the drawer, until the ultra-Catholic Mel Gibson shocked Hollywood with his

persistent and vicious vision, entitled “The Passion of the Christ”. Christian groups and leaders officially endorsed the movie and encouraged people who shunned secular Hollywood films to watch this one, because it was not like all the "sinful rest". The success was universal, prompting the then-reluctant studios to reconsider. And they did: Warner Bros, Sony and Fox have nurtured faith-based audiences, created "faith" divisions and employed Bible scholars to check scripts. Mega-church pastors have been invited to preview screenings months before their release. Apart from strictly Christian-oriented, independent films, such as “Son of God”, that target a specific niche audience in cinemas and videoshops (the same way that foreign language imports vie exclusively for the art-house aficionados), "Noah" by Darren Aronofski and "Exodus" by Ridley Scott, both released in 2014, were the late and costly arrivals that resulted from the Mel Gibson effect. While Sir Ridley actually remade the Ten Commandments in his usual bravura style, revisionist Darren Aronofski opted for a more existentialist approach, presenting Noah as the first environmentalist who ever lived, possibly to justify his intentions, and make a difference from a conservative point of view.

48 Spetses Spotlight

CINEMA.indd 4

4/5/2015 3:13:14 µµ

Cinema il Paradiso, the Greek way Both Christians and Jews who initially watched the film in select early screenings had ontological problems – in Greece, it was wisely decided by the local distributor to be shown in theatres several weeks before Easter Day. Nothing comes near the controversial"Last Temptation of Christ" by Martin Scorsese, which provoked violent riots in countries collectively sensitive in religious matters, but no serious and acclaimed director will try their hand at a literal, neutral and reverent adaptation of the Old or the New Testament, in the style of the Jeffirelian "Jesus of Nazareth", thus tarnishing their reputation, just because of a trend. This Easter, the film “Last Days in the Desert”, by Rodrigo Garcia, the son of the late, great, Nobel-winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, provided an alternative, partly fictionalized view of an unknown, yet crucial, short period in the life of Jesus. Ewan McGregor starred in the dual role of Jesus and his demonic tormentor during his time in the wilderness and before his ministry. The challenge here was the balance between the spiritual elements that may intrigue eternal sceptics or even curious cynics, and orthodox accuracy, which believers traditionally expect from any movie that invokes a holy theme. Rather than the realism in “The Passion of the Christ”, Rodrigo Garcia, who is a tactful and tasteful humanist of a filmmaker, tried to draw compassion in conjunction to sacrifice. The depiction of Jesus and Satan by the same person, in this brief chapter of Jesus's life that clearly departs from the Scripture canon, is a de facto heresy for the narrow-minded, so "Last Days in the Desert" undoubtedly stirred heated conversations and raised interesting arguments. It was also proof that Mel Gibson remains a fanatical and daring loner – since his film was shot with his own money and in Aramaic, defending his personal agenda and beliefs – and that Hollywood in the 21st century, although blasted by the zealots, is disinterested in resurrecting a dead and expensive genre of the past just for the sake of it ("Exodus” being a failed exception), and infiltrates religion only through the condition of the modern man. 

The pervasive smell of jasmine, the salty taste of pumpkin seeds and big-bulb garland lights are three details that make the open-air cinema a genuine Greek summer experience. By Isabella Zampetaki

Watching one of this season’s movies, or an old classic, beneath the warm summer sky is a ritual of its own. The longing for a cinema outing starts early in the day, accompanied by the excitement of discovering which film will be playing that night. It is not rare to indulge oneself with a drink after, or even during, the movie. The intermission, a standard practice in open-air cinemas, is the moment to grab a popsicle and a refreshment, or pasatempo nuts and a beer. Seats are strictly not numbered. It's all very Cinema il Paradiso, with the audience expressing their delight, surprise or compassion for the movie hero’s adventures and mishaps. If the cinema happens to be surrounded by houses, you may witness the silent transformation of their balconies into theatre galleries. It is an experience to be shared! When in Athens… Athens Open Air Film Festival (AOAFF) perfectly matches scenic Athens locations with open-air movie screenings. From June to September, a selection of Greek and foreign films are shown at the foot of the Acropolis, in Plato’s Academy, in museum courtyards and on pedestrian streets. The festival organizers also aim to draw attention to some of Athens’ lesser known, yet beautiful, city squares and public spaces, and to entice Greece’s visitors to spend at least one night in the capital. Orestis Andreadakis, Athens Open Film Festival Director wants the festival to expand beyond the city limits and it is possible that there might even be some screenings in Spetses this summer. Check out the festival’s website for the full programme ( Also, find out what is playing at Spetses’ Cine Marina and Titania Cinema tonight!

Spetses Spotlight 49

CINEMA.indd 5

4/5/2015 3:13:37 µµ

Entrepreneur, mother, author, orator… Arianna Huffington gives a masterclass in the art of persuasion. Huffington photographed poolside in 2005 with her daughters Isabella and Christina.

I am Woman… want to know the simple secret behind the stellar success of Arianna Huffington? Never hold grudges. B y A m a n d a Da r d a n i s

50 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 4:52:17 µµ

Spetses Spotlight 51


4/5/2015 4:52:47 µµ

Top right: A young Arianna read Economics at Cambridge Bottom right: Arianna (left) with her journalist father Konstantinos Stassinopoulos and sister Agapi in Athens. Bottom left: Daughters Christina and Isabella enjoy a close bond with their famous mother. Top left: Sister act: Arianna (right) and Agapi with their father in Paris.

52 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 4:53:11 ¾¾


ack in May 2005, when the world’s first female press baron launched Huffington Post, detractors lined up to ridicule her “silly little vanity project”. “One of the earliest reviews said the site was ‘the newspaper equivalent of Gigli, Ishtar and Heaven’s Gate – some of the worst movies ever made – all rolled into one’,” recalls Huffington now, almost exactly one decade on, with a wry smile. “A year later, when that same reviewer emailed me to ask about blogging for HuffPost, I happily said yes.” Today, Huffington presides over an ever-growing online media empire of 12 international editions, almost singlehandedly re-shaping the future of newspapers. Proceed now to the example of her ex-husband, oil scion Michael Huffington, whom Arianna famously divorced after he announced he was bisexual. She has described the marriage breakdown as incredibly painful. Somewhat surprising then, when, during our interview, Arianna happily reveals that she and her ex, and their two grownup daughters Christina and Isabella, are discussing which of their favourite Greek islands to visit shortly, on one of their regular summer jaunts together. This holiday coincides with Arianna’s 65th birthday. For decades, Arianna even maintained a close friendship with the brilliant British journalist Bernard Levin – her first mighty romantic love (and the man who declined to marry her) – until his death from Alzheimer’s. “Holding grudges is one of the most draining things that you can do,” says Huffington with conviction. We could all benefit from such Zen-like levels of “forgive and forget”. Not too many of us, though, possess Arianna Huffington’s preternatural knack of transforming our most public failures into such resounding successes. Huffington, born Arianna Stassinopoulos, grew up in a onebedroom apartment in Athens and proudly describes herself as “Greek peasant stock”. She has heroically re-invented herself more times than Madonna. From Cambridge conservative (and Student Union President) to feminist author. To Manhattan society queen. To formidable Washington networker. To passionate liberal, culminating in her failed run against Arnold Schwarzenegger for Californian governor in 2003. And now this, her final incarnation – or destiny, she believes – at the helm of the world’s most talked-about online newspaper franchise. Not least because of the highlypublicised battle when 9,000 unpaid bloggers unsuccessfully sued her for a share of the proceeds after AOL bought the company for close to half-a-billion dollars. (Huffington unwaveringly maintains that the bloggers failed to understand the nature of the internet and its platforms). So much has been written of Arianna Huffington, there’s a danger of reputation overshadowing “the woman”. People most often speak of her weapons-grade charisma and charm, coupled with a singular and ruthless ambition (traits she argues are perceived as virtues when ascribed to high-reaching men). But when talking to Arianna one-to-one, it’s quickly apparent that her most over-riding (and perhaps most authentic) side stems from the potent legacy of her late mother Elli – her “Rock of Gibraltar” – who died of congestive heart failure 

People most often speak of her weapons-grade charisma and charm, coupled with a singular and ruthless ambition.

Spetses Spotlight 53


4/5/2015 4:53:28 µµ

in 2000. Even now, the 64-year-old often channels her sense of humour to help “keep things in perspective”, she says. Particularly when faced with the inevitable criticism that stalks those at the top. “My mother used to quote G.K. Chesterton (the prolific English writer),” says Huffington. “She would say to my sister and me: ‘Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.’” You can sense her mother’s tangible presence also behind Huffington’s latest role as cheerleader for “the over-burdened, burnt-out corporate woman” everywhere. “My mother was a towering example of the joys of slowing down. She believed that rushing through life was a sure way to miss the gifts that only come when you give 100 percent of yourself to a task, a conversation, a dinner, a relationship, a moment.” Huffington’s latest book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success challenges our modern conviction that working 24/7, sleepless, stressed and soldered to a Blackberry, was what the ancient Greek philosophers intended in their quest for “a good life”. The trigger for Thrive was Huffington’s own collapse from exhaustion seven years ago, when she fell and broke her cheekbone on the desk of her home-office. She’s now an ardent evangelist for such performance-enhancing cures as 8 hours sleep a night, committed mindfulness, and regular digital detoxes. (Last year, she and close friend Cindi Leive – editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine – survived a oneweek unplugging holiday challenge, Arianna tells me, in which she refrained from “photographing beautiful sunsets or tweeting pictures of her dinner”). It wasn’t easy, she admits. It’s a seminal shift one can also see taking place at Huffington Post, where lifestyle and well-being coverage has now become the second most popular theme, after news and politics. When it comes to Arianna’s own personal well-being, she socializes regularly with her daughters – the undisputed loves of her life – and when not with them, surrounds herself with a high-octane circle of fellow media mavens

including Barbara Walters (godmother to her eldest), Diane Sawyer, Leive, and MSNBC anchorwoman Mika Brzezinski. (Women every ounce as immaculately-coiffed as her; all keen public advocates of the Third Metric Movement.) Last year, Arianna achieved her “ultimate homecoming” with the launch of Huffington Post in the country of her birth. It was a natural fit, she says, since the paper is “very firmly rooted in the Greek tradition of facilitating interesting conversations”. Greeks have a strong affinity, also, to the principles of the Third Metric, she believes. “Nowhere is this more evident than in the Greek concept of ‘philotimo’. Roughly translated, it means rising above trivialities and living not just for yourself, but something larger than yourself.” But just how relevant are these tonics of hers, I ask? These solutions to “first-world” problems like stress and burn-out, when so many Greeks are struggling to put food on the table? “It’s in difficult circumstances – including the kind Greece is facing – that these practices have the most to offer us,” rallies Huffington. “It’s in times of great adversity, when we’re pushed and challenged, that these principles become essential. Because that’s when tapping into our own resilience and innerstrength matters most.” Huffington herself has suffered many bitter setbacks amid the glittering achievements: the still-born birth of her first child; her divorce; numerous rejections from the publishing world; the death of both parents, to name a few. It brings to mind one of the most memorable quotes in Thrive, where Arianna writes: “What I learned is that we aren’t on this Earth to accumulate victories or trophies... But to be whittled and sandpapered down until what’s left is who we truly are.” “That’s right,” she agrees whole-heartedly now, “Because in my experience, this is the only way we can find purpose in pain and loss. The only way to keep returning to gratitude and grace.” 

54 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 4:54:32 µµ

Clockwise from right: Promoting the gospel of Thrive; with her beloved mother Elli; work is where the heart is – at Huffington Post HQ.

“What I learned is that we aren’t on this Earth to accumulate victories or trophies… but to be whittled and sandpapered down until what’s left is who we truly are.”

Spetses Spotlight 55


4/5/2015 4:55:01 µµ


SMM proudly supports Holmes Place initiative #charity4U whereby five non-professional athletes strive for greatness in internationally acclaimed sports events while raising money for charities of their choice. For more information and to support #charity4U visit

Deniz Dimaki, Christos Bofilios

"Inspire and Be Inspired" the motto of the Spetses volunteers

Panos Kontos, Ellie Flenga, Alexandros Patounis, Efi Sipsa and Michalis Tsaoutos (missing from the picture is the 5th protagonist, Mary Liarou).

#2winis2participate Join over

10,000 visitors and participants at the 5th anniversary Spetses mini Marathon! Enjoy a truly family-oriented weekend with races designed for experienced athletes as well as first-timers: experience the thrill of running around the island, following the coastline past the spectacular Spetses beaches, or instead opt to swim across the channel from the mainland port of Kosta, to emerge on the white sandy beach next to the Poseidonion square just in time for a piece of renowned Spetses pie warm from the ovens of the Women's Association of Spetses! Non-sporty types can also participate by joining the team of volunteers, whose motto "Inspire and be inspired" leads the way forward. Register now: Instagram @spetses_marathon

Paralympic Champions Makis Kalaras and Alexandros Taxildaris with Christos Konstanta.

56 Spetses Spotlight

SMM.indd 20

4/5/2015 4:56:47 ¾¾

ΝΝ running team

List of Events Running: 25km, 10km, 5km Swimming: 3000m, 5000m Kids: Running 1000m, Swimming 300m My first Spetses mini Marathon: Non-competitive 500m for parents with babies and toddlers!

Winners of the 1000m kids race

Photos: Nikos Karanikolas, Nikos Zagas, Panagiotis Mavromatis

Scenes from last years' event where more than 10,000 people competed, including Olympian athletes and World Champions, corporate running teams, five hundred kids and thousands of Spetses Mini Marathon fans from across the globe!

Katerina Sapari

Voula Kozoboli, Sophia Bekatorou, Marina Coutarelli, Pericles Iakovakis, Klelia Pantazi Spetses Spotlight 000

SMM.indd 21

6/5/2015 5:06:49 µµ


moments in of the Spetses On the fifth anniversary of the Spetses share their own moments in

Clockwise from left: Kostas Nakopoulos, Greek 800m running champion. Spyros Gianniotis, open water swimming world champion. Deniz Dimaki, Greek Triathlon Champion. Athanasia Tsoumeleka, Olympic gold medallist in race-walking. Ioannis Drymonakos, European swimming champion, 200m butterfly.

58 Spetses Spotlight

5 ATHETES.indd 30

4/5/2015 5:04:56 ¾¾

n the history s mini Marathon mini Marathon, five Greek champions the history of the games. by Isabella Zabetaki

Spetses Spotlight 59

5 ATHETES.indd 31

4/5/2015 5:05:22 ¾¾

Deniz Dimaki

growth in the numbers of competing athletes is more than an indication of the success of the Spetses mini Marathon; it proves that, through sound organization and volunteering, Greece can host athletic events on an international scale." Favourite Spetses spot "I love every single part of this island: from its pine-covered hills to its bays and from riding in a horse and-cart to having coffee by the sea. Everything on Spetses feels like a special treat!"

Ioannis Drymonakos, European swimming champion, 200m butterfly

Deniz Dimaki, Greek Triathlon Champion

“I crossed the finish line with my daughter in my arms. We ran the race together and my son was also there, cheering for us.” "A truly special moment that I cherish in the history of the Spetses mini Marathon is that of crossing the finish line with my daughter in my arms. We ran the race together and my son was also present, cheering for us as we crossed the finish line. It was a great family moment and it is amazing for young children to participate in such athletic events. My son has been racing in the Spetses games since he was six and my daughter started at a similar age. They love Spetses so much that they wish they were permanent residents. Whenever they hear the word Spetses, they clap and cheer. For children younger than ten years old, training should come in the form of play. There is no real need for something more rigid or official. At this age, kids should be left free to feel the joy of participating. Spetses is an event that helps introduce young children to the philosophy of sports and competition." An exponential growth in numbers "Spetses games are all about the people who host and participate in them. The whole island has embraced the Spetses mini Marathon and devotes large amounts of personal time and energy to it. This is the first thing that every participating athlete realizes and the reason why we all spread the good word and bring more of our own friends along at every subsequent mini Marathon. The continuous exponential

“It is not about competing with others; it is about becoming a stronger version of ourselves.” "The first mini Marathon in which I participated was unforgettable for me. Throughout the entire race, I was right behind a world champion hoping that I might find a chance to overtake him. I never made it, but it was a great and exciting experience to be racing with him. The same goes for all participating professional athletes who participate in the games and give it their best. It might not be a professional athletic event, but all those participating treat and respect it as such. As a professional athlete, I have found motivation on Spetses to set new goals and to train harder. The Spetses games are very important in that they draw attention to sports that are typically left in the shadow of soccer and basketball. Spetses mini Marathon offers competing athletes the chance to be recognized for their effort in their sport." Training tips "The Spetses games are about beating your own personal records. We all have to reach our limits and go one step further with every new effort. It is not about competing with others; it is about becoming a stronger version of ourselves. When I train amateur athletes for the Spetses triathlon, I try to prepare them for the fact that they will have to outdo themselves. I want them to have an idea of how they will feel, including both the strain and the satisfaction. The reward that one feels at the end of the day is both physical and mental. And it is exactly the same for professionals as it is for amateur athletes." Favourite Spetses spot "Spetses is a magical island. It is a unique opportunity to combine racing with fun and time out with friends. I never miss the opportunity to mix these two pleasures in Spetses!"

Athanasia Tsoumeleka Olympic gold medallist in race-walking

“In Spetses, I enjoy the great pleasure of participating in the games rather than feeling the pressure to win.” "The mini Marathon was what first brought me to the island of Spetses. I came for the day in 2010 and have been coming back every year. It is also the only athletic event that my kids actually look forward to! The mini Marathon is how I got acquainted with Spetses. I have discovered the island’s beautiful mainland by completing the 25km round in all different ways: walking, running and cycling. My growing love for the island is proof of this event’s success." Spetses has turned sports enthusiasts into friends "A very exciting personal moment on Spetses was when I 

60 Spetses Spotlight

5 ATHETES.indd 32

4/5/2015 5:06:25 µµ

Ioannis Drymonakos

Spetses Spotlight 61

5 ATHETES.indd 33

4/5/2015 5:06:41 µµ

Athanasia Tsoumeleka

Kostas Nakopoulos

000 Spetses Spotlight

5 ATHETES.indd 34

4/5/2015 5:07:04 µµ

Spyros Gianniotis

mounted a racing bicycle. It was my first time ever! Equally special –and of great value – is the fact that Spetses has turned running into a pleasure I share in company of good friends. We run at a comfortable pace and have the time to enjoy the natural scenery – as well as tease each other with a joke every now and then! I enjoy the great pleasure of participating in the games rather than feeling the pressure to win. At the same time, I never cease to be surprised by the growing number of people who come up to me in Athens and ask me to train them for Spetses. There is no other marathon in Greece that attracts so many people’s interest. And this is another aspect of Spetses games’ huge success: they have drawn many people into sports, and motivate them to train with a specific goal in mind – be it running the full round or finding teammates for the group triathlon. I am currently training about 80 amateur athletes for the mini Marathon. At the same time, I am trying to set my own next big goal. It is a common truth for most athletes that we need to set a specific goal in order to avoid getting left behind. Goals work like mind therapy! " Giving it our best "The event’s huge success never stops its organizers from striving for continuous improvement. I would like to thank Marina Coutarelli, along with Spetses’ committed team of volunteers, for their devotion to the games. Their passion inspires all of us competing athletes to contribute even more to each successive Spetses mini Marathon." Favourite Spetses spots "I truly enjoy the serene view of the sea from far above, while crossing the island’s pine-clad hills. In my personal records, I have countless photos of all different views of the island and its mainland."

Kostas Nakopoulos, Greek running champion, 800m

“Spetses is all about every-day people’s love for the games.” "Spetses is all about the people’s love for the event. The volunteers’ energy and enthusiasm is something that cannot possibly go unnoticed. There are, however, some very special moments that remain unknown to most. A unique moment I experienced while running the mini Marathon was one that few people got to witness, as it did not happen near the start or finish line. It was a quiet moment during the race when, passing by some houses in the island’s mainland, people came out onto their balconies to cheer for me. The expression on their faces was so happy and warm that you could tell they were doing it out of pure love for the games. They cheered with passion and love. It’s the best way to encourage an athlete to keep up with his or her effort. Along with the people of Spetses, I would also like to thank my sponsors for their support: Nike Pournaras, Harris Security and Olympos." Athletes of all ages "Also very special to me is the fact that people of all ages participate. I honestly admire them and hope that I myself will continue to be as active when I grow older. At the same time, I also look up to Olympic champions who take part in the Spetses races. Among them, Pericles Iacovakis is a very dear friend who is participating this year." A moment of summer

"One more thing I like about the games on Spetses is that they make you feel that the summer actually lasts longer. With the exception of the first Spetses mini Marathon, all subsequent years have been incredibly warm and sunny." Favourite Spetses spot "When not running, I enjoy cooling down at Cielo Mar all-day bar and grabbing a bite at one of the Clock Square eateries."

Spyros Gianniotis, open-water swimming world champion

“ ’Will you be racing with us?’ they asked me in amazement!” "I will never forget the first reaction of my co-athletes at my first race on Spetses: “Will you be racing with us?” they asked me in amazement. It is a great experience for amateur athletes to have champions participating in the race. The event becomes a fest that encourages all alike to share their love for sports and training. The enthusiasm is so great that it becomes contagious! Spetses mini Marathon is such a unique event. It is impeccably organized and brings together a huge family of sports enthusiasts. It is very different from a championship, it is a sports festival!" It’s not about the ranking "I particularly admire those non-professional athletes for whom the race represents a huge challenge. There are people who strive hard in order to do the full five kilometre swim, and yet they manage to outdo themselves. It’s all about managing to complete the race, rather than the ranking. Each participating athlete, from the one who finishes first to the one who completes the race last, deserves congratulations." A warm-up for the 2016 Olympics "For me personally, this year’s Spetses mini Marathon is a warm-up for the 2016 Olympic Games. My goal is to make it to the Rio Olympics and to have my final big race in Brazil. It has been an unfulfilled dream for me to win a medal at the Olympics and I will be giving it my best. It is an ambitious goal, but one has to keep trying!" Favourite Spetses spot "The entire island is picture-perfect. Both my wife and I are fans of Spetses’ beautiful architecture, its scenic seafront and the warmth of its people. "  Spetses Spotlight 63

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view of the sea, olive trees and a cypress or two, a house (preferably modern), and if possible a little chapel – that’s Greece.” Sitting by the pool of his house in the Porto Heli hills, Greg Birbil can tick the items off his perfect property checklist one by one. The sleek Bauhaus-style house he commissioned by architect Ilias Gamilis nestles in a 4.5 strema (1 acre) estate of soft silver olive trees, interspersed with an occasional solemn finger of cypress. And the view? A peerless panorama across the sparkling straits of Spetses, over the pine-furred rump of the island and all the way down the most easterly leg of the Peloponnese. Greek-American Birbil, formerly head of an international advertising agency, and his wife Jeannine fell in love with the Porto Heli area in 2001, when they were invited to a friend’s house for Easter. “We thought it was so beautiful,” he reminisces. “When we were shown this piece of land, we knew immediately that we wanted it. We bought it that same weekend, found an architect, and by next Easter we were in our house.” Real estate agent Martha Goutou, whose family-run business has specialised in Porto Heli and Spetses for over 50 years, understands the kind of ‘coup de foudre’ that the area can elicit. “It’s close to Athens, it’s green and picturesque, it boasts a very special island full of history and beauty that is directly linked to the mainland, and there is the frisson of celebrity as it attracts famous people and the elite.” Quite simply, she says, “It’s got it all.” “There is a buzz about Spetses,” agrees Agis Hiliarhopoulos, general manager at a shipping company, whose family built a house on the island in 1980. “It has put itself on the map and branded itself differently from other islands that are close to Athens.” During the 80s, “wealthy and cool Athenians with their

Photos courtesy of Dolphin Capital Partners.

Left: The sweeping bay of Porto Heli from the air. Right: The opening of the Amanzoe Resort helped to draw an upscale clientele to the region.

international friends”, as Hiliarhopoulos puts it, flocked to the island. The Niarchos brothers were regulars, gathering nightly at the legendary Figaro club, as were the “princes” – the sons of ex-King Constantine, whose family has such a close relationship with the island that one, Prince Nikolaos, got married there in August 2010. This ‘royal wedding’, splashing photos of Spetses’ Neoclassical mansions and horse-drawn carriages across the globe’s glossies, was one of several notes that raised the area’s buzz to a crescendo over recent years. The reopening of the grande dame of the Spetses seafront, the Poseidonion Hotel, in 2009, was another milestone, as was the launch of the Spetses mini Marathon in 2010 (and its flotilla of attendant sporting challenges), attracting thousands of eager amateur athletes and their families. The Amanzoe Resort, which opened its luxurious doors on

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Location, location, location With its easy access to Athens, natural charms and upscale tourism, the Greek Riviera is a prime destination for real estate – and opportunities abound. By Cordelia Madden-K anellopoulou

a headland not far from Birbil’s villa, followed by the Nikki Beach on the Porto Heli coast, further propelled the region into the big league. Suddenly, Spetses and Porto Heli jostled Mykonos for column inches in the world’s media. And while the Cycladic isle might still lead for tabloid shots of celebrities disporting themselves at beach parties, the likes of Conde Nast Traveller, Monocle and the Gallivanter’s Guide were quietly heaping accolades on the elegant resorts of the socalled ‘Greek Riviera’. “We are firm believers in the added value a brand can bring to a destination,” says Katerina Katopis, director of marketing and sales at Dolphin Capital Partners, whose Porto Heli Collection portfolio includes both the Amanzoe and Nikki Beach resorts, while their third project, the Chedi Beach Resort, is still under development. "[With the opening of Amanzoe and Nikki Beach], we helped Greece

and the area become an ultra-luxury resort destination internationally. We also drew a very upscale clientele to the region, which in the past used to predominantly yacht around the islands, and helped revive the local economy. As a result, the greater Porto Heli area is reinventing itself […] and the area is positioned as a leading destination for Greek luxury tourism and real estate.” Spetses/Porto Heli now rank as the second most popular destination in Greece on the portfolio of prestigious Ploumis-Sotiropoulos real estate agency. As the agency’s Maria Gryllaki points out, “The quality of the villas built in Porto Heli ensures that this is a high-end and luxurious market destination, appealing both to the Greek and international market.” As the area’s appeal grows, the crisis is creating tempting opportunities for potential buyers. A recent feather in the 

Spetses Spotlight 65


4/5/2015 5:10:56 µµ

cap of Ploumis Sotiropoulos (through their affiliation with Christie’s Great Estates) was the sale of Elies, described by Gryllaki as one of the most important estates in the area. A three-villa estate occupying a 35,000 square metre peninsular facing Spetses, Elies was purchased by a Greek who lives abroad, reportedly for somewhat less than the asking price of 40 million. According to Goutou, houses that would have sold for 9 million euros in the 1990s are now on the market for around 2 million. “There are a lot of opportunities on the market, and a lot of interest,” she says. “Unfortunately, though, there have not been many ‘marriages’ between the two.” She says that the elections and subsequent instability caused potential buyers – and even renters – to backtrack. “People are waiting for prices to fall further,” she says. Gryllaki, on the other hand, says that the only way is up. “I believe that prices are at their lowest today and we expect them to increase as soon as the political and economic situation in the country stabilizes,” she says. Although Dolphin Capital had acquired all their real estate assets before the crisis set in, their bold decision to proceed with their development is paying off. “The market embraced our decision,” says Katopis. “The success of both resorts has not been compromised by the uncertain climate. On the contrary, during a very challenging time for the country, we managed to divert international and national attention to something positive.” Watching the sun dip behind the smudged hills of the Peloponnese, Birbil muses, “We’ve lived in 10 different countries over 40 years, and never stayed anywhere this long. There’s a small cove with a lovely pebble beach, a quiet place very near to us where the water is still, beautiful and sweet-tasting. The sea is pristine as you swim out towards Spetses. There’s just something about this place, you never want to leave.” 

“It’s close to Athens, it’s green and picturesque, it boasts a very special island full of history and beauty that is directly linked to the mainland, and there is the frisson of celebrity as it attracts famous people and the elite.” Nikki Beach Resort enjoys a prime position on the Porto Heli coastline.

Photo courtesy of Dolphin Capital Partners.

A breathtaking view from one of the villas of the Greek Riviera designed by Zege Architects.

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the wonderful world of flowers

Coastal Road Porto Heliou-Costa. Porto Heli tel. 2754053483-6983595014 mail. site. w w w.laf facebook . La Fleuriste


3/5/2015 9:25:41 µµ

Skouras Estate

Down the red lane

The road to Spetses is paved with good wine. Most of it is made from “Agiorgitiko”, the reigning variety in the important Peloponnesian wine region of Nemea. Of the plentiful wineries in this area, we recommend three that are accessible and represent the quality of local production. Stop by for a taste of this sturdy red, or schedule a night’s stay for fuller acquaintance. B Y n i k i m y ta r e a

68 Spetses Spotlight


4/5/2015 5:12:47 µµ

Skouras Estate, 10 km Argos-Sternas Malandreni, Tel. (+30) 27510-23688

Poised graciously between the vines, the winery of the George Skouras Estate is an ultramodern unit of simple Greek architectural style, designed to serve two purposes: a) perfecting the wine production process by meeting very high standards throughout production and bottling, and b) receiving visitors, with spaces where they can stay, be educated and entertained. These spaces include highly aesthetic, modern reception areas decorated with works of art by renowned artists, as well as spacious terraces and a welcoming tasting room that can double as a modern bistro. The winemaker himself, George Skouras, is regarded as one of the most important in the field of Greek wine. With years of studies and experience in Greece and abroad, Skouras is among the manufacturers who have played a fundamental role in changing the image of Greek wine since the 1980s.

Palivou Estate

Semeli, Koutsi Nemeas, Tel. (+30) 274 602 0360

In terms of aesthetics, size and efficiency, the Semeli winery is one of the most important Greek operations. It’s located at 600m altitude and it combines natural beauty with easy access to the nearby cultural treasures and historical monuments. Great emphasis is placed on the mild treatment of the grapes and the wine, aiming to achieve the best production quality. Promoting an integrated relationship between consumer, wine and nature, Semeli offers eight exquisite guesthouses where visitors can stay to experience the process of wine-making, the production pace and the progress of the grapes. Semeli winery also boasts a multi-purpose room with fireplaces and lounges that is perfect for wineand food-pairing events, casual or business meetings, corporate events and dinners.

Palivou Estate, Ancient Nemea, Nemea, Tel: (+30) 27460 3 4190

Palivou Estate is situated 800m away from the grandiose archeological site of Ancient Nemea. It’s a small and welcoming winery built inside the private vineyard. The current form of the estate is the result of gradual investments made into creating, extending and upgrading the winery, laboratories and vineyards. In the visitor area of the estate, there’s a wine shop and facilities to accommodate 30 people for wine-tastings and other events. The vineyard is of prime significance for the Palivou Estate, since, according to George Palivos, who was born and raised at the winery, everything about a "great" wine starts there, making sure that the necessary conditions are met to ensure a top-notch final product. 

Semeli Spetses Spotlight 69


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From far left: Wicker armchair “Lounge Gladys”, €450 Ιvy Home Collection. Handmade “Mold Lamp”, €350, Zoumboulakis Galleries. Handcrafted serving plate “Vasileia”, made of Cretan grey marble with cast bronze handle, Two is Company for Zeus + Δione, €178, . Sunshades poufs and side tables by Paola Lenti, John Deloudis. Standing lounger by Dedon, Avax. Hermes printed maxi beach bag “Leopards”, 100% cotton, Hermes boutique. Decorative pillow, Nef-Nef Homeware. Graphic printed cotton sateen fabric by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild, Sylloges.

life pleasures

Natural Bliss

Design a relaxing escape for summer inspired by the richness of nature. By Ioanna Alexatou

70 Spetses Spotlight

DECO.indd 12

4/5/2015 5:15:47 µµ

From far left: Rich cotton velvet fabric by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild, Sylloges. Framed silkscreen “Summer” of the great artist I. Moralis, €1,500, Zoumboulakis Galleries. "Banjooli" small sofa, part of M'Afrique outdoor collection, designed by Sebastian Ηerkner of Moroso, Oikos. Whitewashed furniture “ Μahe” made by solid recycled wood € 1,468, Ιvy Home Collection. Low tables “Butterfly” part of the new outdoor collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, John Deloudis. Tabouret “Trone”, made of solid teak by Hanzel, €360, Ivy Home Collection. Vase “Feuillage” by Athezza, €86.60, Ivy Home Collection. Plate by Astier de Villate, Zoumboulakis Galleries.

Spetses Spotlight 71

DECO.indd 13

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life pleasures Nikos Kakavoulis, entrepreneur and founder of Daily Secret, shares his next big plan. by Isabella Zabetaki

Greece found in translation


aving launched Daily Secret guides for London, Berlin, San Francisco, Istanbul and 27 more destinations, what are you currently up to? "Together with my team, we are building a digital platform that provides multimedia information about top Greek travel experiences in nine different languages. We are taking off with some of the most popular Greek destinations and provide content optimized for the specific needs of each local market. We will be launching our site ( and landmark publication just in time for summer. The idea came to me about a year ago, when friends from New York asked me to recommend sites that would help them plan a vacation in Greece. It was shocking for me to realize that there is no one source that provides thorough (and accurate!) information tailored to the preferences of a foreign audience. A basic problem with Greek tourism

marketing is that it focuses on the product rather than the buyer and thus becomes lost in translation. To make things worse, basic research tools used by trained travellers do not always work in the case of Greece. It is often absurd to see which hotels and restaurants rank top on TripAdvisor, for instance. We are here to change that." What kind of Greek “secrets” will you be revealing? "Greece is a very generous destination. And it is not just the islands and the countryside. Even on my commute from home to work in Athens, I make about three to four daily discoveries. There is so much to share, so many layers of the most amazing reality to explore. But one has to look for them, and plan for all the little details that will make the experience worthwhile. Equally important as sharing a discovery with foreign friends is framing it in a context that makes sense to them. This is a basic truth

that I remembered once again recently, while trying to convince an American friend to try tahini. It helped a lot to focus on its similarities with peanut butter! It turned a weird name into something familiar. It lowered their resistances and when they tried it they thanked me for the recommendation." How will your platform protect its users from getting lost in translation? "Allow me to begin with a stunning figure: according to Eurostat’s recent digital gap research, 75% of those seeking content about Greece fail to find it. This shows that, even in our best tourist season ever, people looking for information about Greece cannot find it. Another common problem is that the information presented is not relevant to what this international audience is looking for. Even the word choice does not resonate with them. Our country’s digital representation simply does not do it justice. We want to be the native friend who understands foreign visitors’ needs, speaks their language and makes the recommendations that are right for them. We want to touch every moment of their trip, from inspiration to farewell, and create experiences that will last for a lifetime - just as they should." 

72 Spetses Spotlight


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Nikos Kakavoulis, entrepreneur, and screenshots of the Sweetlifer digital platform.

Sweetlifer’s favourite spots in Porto Heli

1. Maryvonne Tavern in Illiokastro for the hybrid Greek-French cuisine and the extraordinary - both in size and texture - ‘spalomprizola’ (a large rib-steak for four). 2. Korakia area for snorkelling above the ruins of a clay factory and fishing with deep-diving equipment. Hard to believe it’s not a reef. 3. Kounoupi area (about 1km after Casa Cicale) for the beautiful and secluded beach that few enjoy. 4. Agios Aimilianos church for its stunning view of both Hydra and Spetses. 5. Malindi beach for drinks at sunset.

Spetses Spotlight 73


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life pleasures

Going for gold

The journey into the magical world of olive oil leads past the rustling silverleaved olive trees to reveal the beauty of this beloved Greek product. By Niki Mitarea 000 Spetses Spotlight

OLIVE OIL1.indd 18

4/5/2015 5:21:14 ¾¾


reek civilization and traditions are closely interlinked with the olive tree. It was the Goddess Athena’s gift to Athens, winning her the contest against Poseidon as to who would become patron deity of the city. In the ancient Games, athletes used to rub olive oil all over their bodies in order to relax their muscles, while at the Panathinaia, the oil from the sacred olive trees was the prize. The “kotinos”, a branch from the sacred vineyard of Olympia, crowned the Olympians. Olive oil was a valuable ally of doctors of antiquity and had therapeutic and antiseptic uses for many diseases. And for centuries, the blessed fruit of the olive tree has been the basic foodstuff of the Greeks. These black or green pearls are not only a valuable fruit but a symbol of abundance and wisdom. Today, olives and olive oil can be found on the best restaurant tables around the globe. And more and more producers are putting their all into creating top-of-the-range oils. It’s not just about having a field of trees and a smart packaging idea – as a living product, olive oil requires special care and know-how in order to preserve its taste and quality. Here is our selection of liquid gold to sniff, sip and sprinkle over your meals.

Elaion, Pelanos Agiron,

A. Metaxa, K. Kifisia, tel: (+30) 210 6253887

“Elaion Finest Bio” won the award Best of Greece in the 13th International Olive Oil Council, held in Zurich. It is made of 50% unripe and 50% ripe olives. Five kilos of green olives are needed in order to produce 1 litre of olive oil of low acidity. Elaion producer Konstantinos Skrivanos believed that Greece could become synonymous with olive oil, and he has ceaselessly strived to realize this vision. The “Elaion” company, which is situated in the Peloponnese (not far from Kranidi in Argolida), started to produce and pack exquisite olive oil as well as ‘green olive oil’, from olives

that have not fully matured. The fruity and refreshing scents and the bright colours add an aromatic tone. Tip: Drizzle olive oil over freshly-grilled squid and smoked aubergine to really bring out the flavours. Enjoy!

Moria Elea,

Ermioni Kranidi, Argolida, Tel/Fax: (+30) 27540 21018

Award-winning Moria Elea olive oil has been attracting global attention with its eye-catching bottle and unusual packaging. Behind this stand-out product is Olive Vision, a fast-growing business founded in 2011 by Kostas Balafas and George Dimarakis and specializing in the production, standardization and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. Using the two Greek highquality olive varieties, Manaki and Koroneiki, Olive Vision’s groves are located in Ermioni, Argolida. As champions of the standardization of olive oilmaking, they rigorously follow the Integrated Management System of Production and hygiene stipulations are strictly adhered to, not least during the manual bottling of the product. Upmarket packaging, environmentally friendly, and delicious, this olive oil offers the perfect dining experience.

extra virgin olive oil Altis Chania Crete (PGI)

This oil takes us into the natural world and the precious fruits of its birth place through its unique taste and aromas. It’s an extra virgin olive oil that derives from the finest crops of the region. It has a bright green colour, tangy aromas from the olive fruit and a rich flavour. This special olive oil gives its signature scent to salads and Greek cuisine dishes. You can enjoy its grace sprinkled over a char-grilled slice of rustic bread. As simple as that!


Astros Kinourias, Tel: (+30) 27550 24749

At Livelia, ultra-modern technology meets a deep-rooted passion for the “liquid gold” of 

Spetses Spotlight 75

OLIVE OIL1.indd 19

4/5/2015 5:21:45 µµ

life pleasures

It’s not just about having a field of trees and a smart packaging idea – as a living product, olive oil requires special care and know-how in order to preserve its taste and quality. the olive tree. Following the selection of grapes and standardization at special units, the oil is extracted at a modern olivepress. The olive groves are located in the area of Kinouria, in the Peloponnese, and each of Livelia’s estates meets the requirements of the Integrated Management System (ISO 22000). Their extra virgin olive oil is made from the Manaki variety, which adds to the oil a unique aroma and fruity flavour and a distinctively bitter but pleasant after-taste, due to its freshness.

Gentilini Minies,

Kefalonia, tel: (+30) 26710 41618

Running the Gentilini winery on Kefalonia, Marianna Kosmetatou and her husband Petros Markantonatos have no shortage of fresh ideas. They work loyally with local varieties, especially Robola, and promote these grapes’ distinctive character. They believe in high quality, the culture of taste and the enjoyment of the consumer. The production of the olive oil from their organic grove in Pitata (the olive trees are between 50 and 800 years old) is integrated into this philosophy. The Ntopia, Thiako, Korfolia and Matolia varieties give an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, exuberant, filled with rich flavours and spicy tastes.

G.E.T. Greek ExquisiteTastes,

Vassilis Aivazoglou, Stirfaka, Lamia, tel. (+30) 22310 39166

The G.E.T. extra virgin olive oil sends you on a journey across Laconia through its flavours, its deep green colour and its fruity yet

spicy taste. It is made exclusively from olives of the Koroneiki variety that thrives in Laconia and particularly around Monemvasia. A few drops from the minimalist bottle onto a slice of freshly baked bread are enough to unravel the greatness of simplicity.

Ellion Gastronomy Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

Vlachavas Odysseas, tel. (+30) 6937005242

Acme Biotech , tel. 210-6830796

Apeiron premium organic extra virgin oil is produced in Kolimvari, Chania in Crete and is protected designation of origin (PDO). It’s the result of organic farming and production. For centuries the area has produced olive oil from the Koroneiki olive variety. This olive oil has low acidity, less than 0.5%, with green olive leaf aromas and rich flavour. 

The private olive grove of the Vasiliadis-Vlachavas family is located on the beautiful slopes of mountainous Halkidiki. The meticulous harvest of the fruit and Celebrating wine as a key the oil extraction from the Galano ingredient, Niki Mitarea’s new and Hondroelia Halkidikis grapes cookery book adds a pinch of offer a unique natural olive contemporary flavour to traditional recipes. juice. Ellion Gastronomy is Niki Mitarea’s new cookbook, «Με Κρασί και Ελa high quality extra virgin ληνικά», celebrates the artistry and love involved in olive oil, with a strong, creating delicious meals for family and friends. Using fruity and dense mouth local ingredients and wine throughout her 60+1 flavour reminiscent of recipes, Niki Mitarea emphasizes the authenticity of green tea, artichoke, Greek food and the important role it plays in Greek green olives and bitter culture. In addition, «Με Κρασί και Ελληνικά», which is almond. Its exuberant out now through Patakis Publications, gives an insight taste is noted on into the significance of Greek wine varieties and the the lively presence differences between Greek and international vines, of a spicy note that and explores the use of strongly emphasizes its wine not only as a delicious culinary personality. accompaniment to meals, Ellion Gastronomy but also as a flavoursome Extra Virgin Olive Oil cooking ingredient. This can perfectly serve as a book could be described dressing for red juicy grilled as a manual for future meat or oily fish (such generations, revealing as salmon or swordfish), the secrets of carpaccio or meat and seafood traditional Greek tartare, sashimi, velouté soup cooking and such as sweet pumpkin or mashed its unique legumes. A few drops of the oil on recipes. “kaimaki” or pistachio ice-cream will lead you to a whole new food experience!

Wine and dine

76 Spetses Spotlight

OLIVE OIL1.indd 20

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hat causes the variations in taste and flavour of olive oils from different regions? The taste, flavour and in many cases the colour of olive oil depends on factors such as the soil, the climate conditions and the olive variety. In addition, the organoleptic features of oil are affected by the altitude of the olive groves, the sunshine, the cultivation and harvest, and the degree of ripeness of the fruit. If we compare the quality of Greek olive oil with that of other countries, what conclusions can we draw? It is indisputable that, as far as taste is concerned, we have the best olive oil in the world. There is no reason to envy Spanish or Italian olive oils in terms of physicochemical characteristics. Greek olive oil is filled with earth flavours and rich in antioxidants, which are valuable for our bodily health. The climate and our olive varieties are the elements that set Greek olive oil apart. If we compare a Spanish and a Greek olive oil in qualitative terms, we would get the same features, but the difference in taste would be easily recognizable even by an untrained taster. How is the superiority of Greek olive oil determined? The taste requirements as they appear in the olive oil regulation indicate the following three characteristics: olive fruitiness, spiciness and bitterness. The analysis of the excellent organoleptic profile of Greek olive oil shows that all the taste requirements of the regulation are exceeded, where spiciness is its main feature and the pleasant bitterness takes it to a new taste level. What is extra virgin olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil is what is produced

Taste odyssey

Modern Greek cuisine is returning to its roots, emphasizing its traditional 'weapons' to reclaim its identity. The most important of these is olive oil. It seems so familiar to us, but how well do we actually know olive oil? What do we know of its beneficial properties, and how can we judge and select it? Mrs Lola Kappatou, MSc in Chemical Engineering and Managing Director of ELAIS (Elais-Unilever Hellas SA) takes us on a tour around the world of olive oil. from the extraction of olives only by natural means. The oil is filtered in the standardization units to remove the moisture and any additional materials – should those remain, they spoil the quality of the oil over time. How can you tell if an olive oil is of fine quality? Each time you choose an olive oil, after you’ve made sure it’s gone through all the necessary control checks, focus on the taste. To conduct a simple evaluation test, put a small quantity of olive oil inside a brandy glass and swirl it until the glass is “lubricated”. Smell

it. Discover the natural fragrances of the olive fruit that are similar to the taste of an apple and marjoram. Put a small quantity in your mouth. Keep it on the front part of your tongue, and then move it towards the back. The virtues of a fine olive oil, such as the bitterness, the spiciness and the fruitiness, will awaken your senses. You can describe its taste as rich, mature and fresh. What are the negative features of olive oil that we can detect when tasting? They are numerous. The most prevalent for olive oils are the following. Rancid: An olive oil stales when it comes into prolonged contact with the air. Winy: It has a flavour that is similar to that of wine or vinegar. Metallic: A characteristic taste that is similar to that of metal. “Atrochado”: This is the taste of olives that have been stored in large bags in the field or in the oil mill for a long time. Sediment: When the oil comes into contact with the residue of the tanks. What does acidity mean? Acidity is one of the evaluation and classification indicators. It is usually expressed as a percentage. Extra-virgin olive oil acidity levels range from 0% to 0.8% and represents the percentage of free fatty acids. The acidity is due to factors such as fruit fly (a disease that affects the olive fruit), the method of harvest and storage of the fruit etc. Increased acidity gives an incredibly unpleasant taste. What are the most common varieties of olive oil? And how can we use them in cooking? The varieties of olives used determine the taste of the olive oil, as is the case with wine. The most common varieties are “Koroneiki”, “Tsounati”, “Throumpolia” and “Megaritiki”. There are different ways to use them during cooking and it’s very subjective. I would say that a soft olive oil with distinctive aromas, such as chamomile or marjoram, would go well with fresh green salads, vegetable tarts, original dips and deserts such as olive oil fruit cakes. An olive oil that is dominated by the fragrance of a freshly cut olive is perfect for Greek salads and traditional oven-baked vegetables. The green olive oil that has a strong fruity and bitter taste would taste better when eaten raw in a “riganada” (dry bread slices soaked in water and sprinkled with oil and oregano) or a vegetable salad. Always add the olive oil at the end to get the full benefits of the vitamins. 

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Relax your senses

For more than 80 years, Stressless® chairs combine ergonomics and aesthetics for seats that are as comfortable as they are attractive. Available in a range of styles, colours and fabrics, Stressless® chairs are designed for well-being and support. The designs, from classic to contemporary, are created with attention to every detail, for innovation, durability and appeal., tel. 210 6216210

Grecian beauty

This season, Callista Crafts have created a selection of modern backpacks, elegant clutches and mini tote bags in fresh colours, featuring characteristic fringing and stitched leather details. For the SS15 campaign, Greek beauty Esther Mastroyianni poses for photographer Michel Sedan against the deep blue sea. The simple yet elegant campaign highlights the pared-down design and discreet luxury which have become synonymous with these creations.


Worn by The World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt, IGNITE is PUMA’s most responsive running shoe, optimizing comfort and durability. Designed for a wide range of runners, if you put the energy in then PUMA IGNITE gives it back. Powering every stride is IGNITE foam, proprietary foam that provides responsive cushioning, optimal rebound and comfort. Strategically placed in the heel of the shoe is ForEverFoam - a compound used heavily in the automotive industry. This material creates long-lasting durability and is entirely new to the market. Αs Usain himself stated: “Training every day is pretty tough, I start out with a running shoe to warm up before going into a spike, and I need a shoe that is comfortable and keeps my energy up. I love IGNITE for that, and can feel it make a real difference. It’s a pretty good-looking shoe as well.” No arguments there, Usain!!

Feminine glances

With bold and feminine touches, Jimmy Choo’s collection of sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2015 is created for sophisticated women with a profound sense of personal style. Inspired by the iconic Jimmy Choo sandals, the three new styles, ‘Cindy’, ‘Megan’ and ‘Maggie’, are presented with transparent lenses in a playful colour palette, with glamorous crystal details. Jimmy Choo Sunglasses are distributed in Greece by the Safilo Group.

Casual-chic staples

Vivid colours and flowing silhouettes exude laid-back summer style in the latest Chap’s collection. For men, geometrical and tropical prints appear on linen shirts, to be worn with cargo pants or shorts, while for women, feminine silhouettes, bohemian floral prints, tie-dye tops and summer dresses are this season’s essential pieces for day to night. Complementary accessories, such as colourful scarves, add a romantic and stylish feel to the collection., 80 Spetses Spotlight


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addresses Avax 233 Kifisias Avenue, Kifisia, Tel + 30 210 6236630 60 Poseidonos Avenue, Alimos, Tel +30 210 9853831 Avax Molteni/Dada: 248 Kifisias Avenue, Halandri, Tel +30 210 6720170 Apriati 3 Stadiou Street, Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3229183 9 Pentelis Street &Mitropoleos Street, Athens, Greece, Tel & Fax +30 210 3229020 29 Pindarou Street, Kolonaki, Greece, Tel +30 210 3607878 Matogianni, Mykonos Town, Greece CavoTagoo Hotel, Mykonos, Greece 12 Stavrou Niarchou Street, Spetses, Greece Tel +30 22980 77080 54 rue du Four, Paris, 75006, France, Tel +33 (0) 42221542 Neumarkt 24, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland, Tel +41 43 244 88 33 Athena Prokopiou BSB Callista Crafts Chloe Christina Fragista Deloudis 210 Kifisias Avenue & 2 Parnassou Street, Greece, Tel + 30 210 8061759 358 Kifisias Avenue, Halandri, Greece, Tel +30 210 6847720 5 Alimou Avenue & Nikiforou Vrettakou Street, Alimos, Greece, Tel + 30 210 9851378 Prox. Koromila & Mitr. Iosif, Thessaloniki, Greece, Tel +30 2310 457512 Deloudis Office: 227 Kifissias Avenue Kifisia, Greece, Tel +30 210 6127121 Diva Magnolia Grace 1 Kolokotroni Street, Kifisia, Greece, Tel + 30 210 8016340 20 Kanari Street Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, Tel + 30 210 3632353 Golden Hall 1st floor, 37A,

Kifisias Avenue, Marousi, Greece Tel +30 210 6855218 Dolly Boukoyannis 42 Dimokratias street, Psychiko, Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 6744900 Garmin Digital Tracer Electronics SA 10 Poseidonos Av. Alimos, Greece Tel +30 210 9840144 Havaianas Tel +30 210 8992034 Hermes 1 Voukourestiou Street & 4 Stadiou Street, Athens, Greece, Tel + 30 210 3233715 Imanoglou 24 Voukourestiou & Valaoritou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3646666 20 Grigoriou Lambraki Street & 64 Kyprou Street, Glyfada, Greece Tel +30 210 8980300 Ioanna Kourbela 109 Adrianou Street, Plaka, Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3224591 12 Hatzimihali Street, Plaka, Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3224591 Ivy Home Collection 53A Kapetan Chrona Street, Neo Psyhiko, Tel +30 210 6771800-1 IWC Richemont Hellas: Tel +30 210 6471310 Kalogirou Lanvin 9 Iraklitou Street, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3608315 La Perla Les Fleuriste Paraliaki Porto Heli – Kosta, Porto Heli, Greece, Tel +30 27540 53483 Love Boutique Dapia, Spetses, Greece, Tel +30 22980 73922 Golden Hall, 37A Kifisias Avenue, Marousi, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 6858470 The Mall Athens, 35A Papandreou Street, Marousi, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 6849086 Shopping House, 41

Theomitoros Street, Alimos, Greece, Tel + 30 210 9886820 10C Mnasiadou Street, Nicosia, Cyprus, Tel +357 22 676100 Marco Bicego Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3310601 MCM Boutique 2, Xanthou Street & Anagnostopoulou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 7225910 Nef Nef Oikos 26 Irodoutou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 7231350, 7258586 Paolita Paul Smith Puma PUMA EXCLUSIVE STORES 86-88 Kifisou Avenue, Peristeri, Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 5758450 138 Gregoriou Labraki Street, Piraeus, Greece, Tel +30 210 4224606 242 Kifisias Avenue & Panagitsas Street, Kifisia, Greece, Tel +30 210 8085828 4 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Ptolemaida, Greece, Tel +30 24630-54078 PUMA CORNER STORES Attica, 9 Panepistimiou Street, Syntagma, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 211 1802600 Rag and Bone Salty Bag On the Deck, Dapia, Spetses, Greece, Tel +30 22980 72075 Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique Citylink, 4 Stadiou Street, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3356437 Golden Hall, 37A Kifisias Avenue, Marousi, Greece, Tel + 30 210 3356477 Sebago Attica Citylink , Athens, Greece, Tel +30 211 1802789 Attica Golden Hall, Marousi, Greece, Tel +30 211 1814341 Soho Soho 79 Anonymou Street, Spetses, Greece, Tel + 30

22980 74105 6a Papadiamanti Street, Kifisia (women’s), Greece, Tel +30 210 8016601 6b Papadiamanti Street, Kifisia (men’s), Greece, Tel +30 210 8016603 70 Kyprou Street, Glyfada (women’s), Tel +30 210 8943498 46 Matogianni Street (women’s), Mykonos, Greece, Tel +30 22980 26760 51 Matogianni Street (men’s), Mykonos, Greece, Tel +30 22980 27670 15 Pr. Koromila Street, Thessaloniki (women’s), Greece, Tel +30 2310 260516 Sotris 41 Voukourestiou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3610662 Stressless Tel +30 210 6216210 Sylloges Elitis Distributor: 7A Fokylidou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3632760 The Closet Dapia Spetses, Greece, Tel +30 22980 75487 Mercatopolis at The Closet Lab: 14 Omirou Street, Neo Psyhiko, Greece, Tel +30 210 6773837 Wolford Boutique 20 Kanari Str, 10674 Athens, Greece Tel +30 210 3632353 Shopping Land 1, Kolokotroni Street, Kifisia, Greece, Tel +30 210 8016340 Golden Hall, 1st floor - 37A Kifisias Avenue, Marousi, Greece, Tel +30 210 6855218 Zeus + Δione Zolotas 10 Panepistimiou Avenue, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3601272 9 Stadiou Avenue, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3221222 Zoumboulakis Gallery Art Design–Antiques: 6 Kriezotou Street, Athens, Greece, Tel +30 210 3634454 Contemporary Art: 20 Kolonaki Square, Athens, Greece, Tel + 30 210 3608278 Spetses Spotlight 000


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carnet de voyage By Paris Kormaris

Jean Paul Gaultier first visited Greece in 1978. “I loved the country, the people, the sun, the light, the atmosphere,” says the French fashion designer. “I go to Greece often because I have places and people that I love there. The blue sea of Greece makes me dream.” The “Never on Sunday” bustier he presented in his Greek-inspired Spring-Summer 2006 haute couture collection was an homage to the film that gave Melina Mercouri an award at Cannes, an Oscar nomination and the subsequent “Illya Darling” hit on Broadway. This summer Gaultier expresses his admiration for the actress-turnedpolitician by offering the Melina Mercouri Foundation two limitededition designs featuring photos of her by acclaimed photographers Douglas Kirkland and Bill Yoscary. An obsession of Gaultier, the iconic blue-striped marinière seems the perfect fit for the country’s national colours and the woman who became legendary for her fight to reunite the Parthenon Marbles. All profits will go to the Melina Mercouri Foundation. *

Limited edition mariniere featuring Melina Merkouri's photo, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Photographer GEORGE KATSANAKIS, Fashion Editor MICHAEL PANDOS, Make Up & Hair VIVIAN C @ D- TALES

Gaultier’s Greek muse

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Spetses Spotlight Vol. 3  

The much anticipated summer edition of the magazine about the beautiful island of Spetses. Featuring an exclusive interview of Arianna Huffi...

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