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Laser Surgery for Cellulite Removal Cellulaze is a very effective workstation used for cellulite removal. This treatment has been introduced by Cynosure, is FDA approved, and is an innovative one. The cellulite that is found on the thighs and buttocks of women and which doesn’t go away even after following strict dieting and exercising, can be significantly reduced by this procedure. With the help of this Cellulaze laser device, the trapped fat and cellulite can be targeted in a more effective and quicker manner. Thus, patients can enjoy effective cellulite reduction.

Removing cellulite was considered to be a complex procedure until now. This is because cellulite is not caused by fat alone. This issue is a structural one and the actual causes of cellulite lie beneath the skin. These structural issues are not addressed by cellulite treatment options such as topical creams, lotions and gels available. The problem is made more complex because the fat deposits in the thighs and buttocks don’t respond well to dieting and exercising. However, with this treatment removal of cellulite is safe, hassle free and simple.


Enjoy the Benefits of Cellulite Laser Treatment with Just a Single Session The best thing about this laser cellulite treatment is that only a single treatment session is required to achieve long-lasting results. You benefit from a more youthful, firmer and a smoother skin. This treatment is a minimally invasive one, but should ideally be carried out by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. It doesn’t take more than an hour to perform the procedure. Normal routine can be resumed in a couple of days. An improvement in the results is seen over a period of three to twelve months. Better Cellulite Reduction with Efficiently Delivered Laser Energy Cellulaze cellulite reduction treatment disrupts the fat pockets and helps in building up elastin and collagen. Local anesthesia is sufficient for this procedure. A small cannula is inserted into the treatment area. The cannula carries the Cellulaze laser fiber that delivers potent laser energy to liquefy the fat which is gently removed, with minimal discomfort to the patient. A powerful combination of SideLight 3D TM technology and 1440 nm Nd:YAG Laser technology can successfully target the structural causes of cellulite. Other major benefits include: •

Owing to the tiny proportions of cannula, greater precision is ensured

Minimally invasive treatment

Can treat small as well as large areas • It can treat cellulite on large as well as small areas • Increase in skin thickness and elasticity • No hospital stay required


• Minimal scarring, bleeding, pain or discomfort • Safe procedure because of motion control and temperature control features incorporated •

This cellulite removal treatment offers permanent results.

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Laser Surgery for Cellulite Removal  

Cellulaze laser device enables effective cellulite removal, targeting the root causes of cellulite. This treatment method is a minimally inv...

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