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Know about Cellulite Treatment and Its Benefits

The latest cellulite treatment available is that using Cellulaze. This FDA approved treatment has already received a great deal of media attention with both doctors and patients coming forward to discuss its benefits. This innovative laser cellulite treatment is now acknowledged as the most effective way of eliminating cellulite, with the results lasting for more than a year. Women troubled by cellulite should ideally know about Cellulaze cellulite reduction and its benefits.

Cellulaze Treatment – a Unique Approach Cellulite is caused by fat deposits pushing up against the skin creating a characteristic cottage cheese appearance. These fat cells are trapped between fibrous bands of tissue that pull down the skin creating a pitted appearance. Cellulite is most commonly seen on the thighs but can appear on the breasts, lower belly, and upper arms as well. If you have thin skin, then cellulite will be more visible. Thus the actual causes of cellulite are structural and Cellulaze cellulite reduction treatment successfully addresses these causes. The device utilizes a cutting-edge laser fiber that delivers laser energy to melt the fat deposits, while also thermally subscising the tissue bands. At the same time the treatment stimulates collagen production that helps to improve the elasticity of the skin as


well as its thickness. The incisions made on the skin to insert the laser fiber are very small, and the procedure can be done under local anesthesia, which makes it very safe.

Benefits of Cellulite Treatment There are many benefits that Cellulaze cellulite removal offers: • It is a really effective treatment, which is proved by the many positive reviews the treatment has received. Almost all patients that underwent the procedure are willing to recommend it to their friends. •

Cellulaze treatment provides lasting and more permanent results. Just a single session itself ensures excellent aesthetic results. Patients say that the results last for a year and more.

• No over-treatment or uneven results. • It is a convenient and safe treatment that can be completed in an hour or an hour and a half. You just need to stay away from strenuous exercise for a week. • Minimal discomfort, bleeding, scarring or pain. The treatment is not associated with risks or complications. • Patients can get back to normal activities within a few days. It is best to have the procedure done by a plastic surgeon who is trained in


providing Cellulaze cellulite treatment. Ideally, you should undergo this treatment at an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility that has all advanced equipment and provides the service of experienced surgeons and caring support staff.

Contact Details 128 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019 Phone:212-265-2724

Know about Cellulite Treatment and Its Benefits  

Laser cellulite treatment is considered the most effective way of eliminating cellulite. Women troubled by cellulite should ideally know abo...

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